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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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@we'll be tracking the campaign's @final push all night long. @reporters covering candidates @around the state, and we are @live at the polls. @jennifer: new hampshire's @secretary of state expecting @this primary to set a report @turnout. @right now there are still plenty @of granite staters who are @trying to pick a candidate. @josh: we're going to begin our @live team coverage tonight with @adam sexton. @reporter: bernie sanders stand @on the cusp of what could be one @of the most improbable first in @the nation primary victories of @all time. @and they are getting ready for a @very big crowd tonight in the @concord high school gym. @the vermont senator made only @one stop today in concord at the @ward 5 polling location, and it @was a memorable one. @senator sanders attempted to do @an interview while also greeting @supporters waving signs, but @there were so many people he @didn't really succeed at either @of those. @he ended up leading a hoorld of @of cameras and reporters down
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@past the state house and back to @the polling location. @he refused to take questions @from anyone other than the @national media, but sounded @optimistic about tonight. @p>> well, what i think is if @there is a large voter turnout, @if a lot of folks come out to @vote, we're going to do just @fine, and it looks like there is @going to be a lot of turnout. @reporter: we tried to ask @senator sanders about the @journey here, going from 3% in @the polls to being again on the @cusp of what could be an @incredible victory in new @hampshire. @he didn't really respond to any @local questions. @in many ways the senator is @treating like like any other @election, but he could very well @be on the stage tonight @declaring victory. @let's go over to amy with the @clinton campaign. @reporter: thank you, tight @security here. @secret service is inside that @building doing a sweep before @allowing the crush of media and @hillary clinton supporters
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@clinton saw her 40-point lead in @new hampshire last april vanish @to what she calls the back yard @advantage of vermont senator @bernie sanders. @issues of trustworthiness @surrounding those unreleased @e-mails and paid speeches to @wall street banks have daunted @this campaign for self month @now. @clinton perhaps hoping for a @comeback kid miracle like her @husband enjoyed here back in @1992. @p>> i love this process, i love @this primary. @i so respect the people of new @hampshire and the role that you @play and how serious you take @it. @i'm feel great. @reporter: so you her there, @tempered enthusiasm from hillary @clinton. @she won in iowa by a razor thin @knowledge. @razor thin edge. @she's hoping to close that gap. @jennifer: he entered the race @with people having low @expectations for his candidacy, @now republican frontrunner @donald trump will try to meet
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@have been set for him over the @last several months. @let's check in with wmur's jean @mackin who is at trump @headquarters tonight in @manchester. @jean: donald trump's primary @watch party will take place here @at the executive court in @manchester. @they set up a screen outside in @case there's an overflow of @supporters. @trump telling his supporters @that he'd like his last event on @the campaign trail in new @hampshire be a celebration. @he's kept a relatively low are @file today, except for about a @half-hour ago where we caught up @with him stopping by a polling @play in manchester. @he showed up to growth voters @and supporters to say thank you, @he's been telling them all along @that he does not want their @money, but he does want their @votes. @the whoa trump family is in new @hampshire, his sons and @daughter, they all made the @round today at restaurants and @polling places. @even at campaign headquarters. @that's where we did catch up @with the state director of the @trump campaign.
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@out the vote? @p>> certainly. @just anecdotally i know that @turnout is very high and @everyone feels like it's a e @very pro trump crowd at the @polls. @reporter: donald trump said last @night in manchester that he just @is not banking on the @frontrunner status, he wants to @see it translate into votes at @the polls today. @jean mackin, wmur news 9. @josh: thanks, jean. @assuming those poll numbers hold @true for donald trump, there's a @crowd fighting for second place @on the g.o.p. side. @right now one candidate hoping @to repeat his caucus success @here in new hampshire in the @primary is marco rubio. @wmur's jennifer crompton has @more on his campaign. @reporter: tonight senator marco @rubio is taking every @opportunity to see and shake @hands with as many new hampshire @voters as possible. @he started bright and early this @morning of before 8:00 at the @polls.
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@bedford, salem and derry. @the florida senator on point @with his major themes of @national security, building the @military and saving the american @dream. @he says he will unify the @conservative movement in the @republican party and says @despite being called @inexperienced, is the most @qualified to be commander in @chief because of his role on the @senate intelligence and foreign @relations committees. @at this hour just hoping voters @agree with him that he is the @best candidate to take on the @democrats. @p>> people have to remember that @the delegates, this is in a race @like this with so many people @running, delegates will be @really relevant. @reporter: senator rubio says he @plans to leave with more @delegates than he came with and @hopes to build on that. @meantime tonight, senator ted @cruz drawing a crowd of @reporters outside manchester's @red arrow diner. @shelley walcott with the cruz @campaign tonight. @reporter: thank you very much, @jen, we're here at the alpine @grove convention center in
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@will be holding his primary @night watch party tonight. @this is what it looked like @earlier in manchester, just a @few hours ago we were crammed @together with a huge crowd of @reporters looking for cruz' @reaction to an insult by donald @trump last night. @trump referred to cruz by a vile @name that we actually can't use @on camera. @trump was actually repeating @something that one his @supporters said about cruz, but @today the senator from texas @decided to take the high road in @response to trump. @p>> i'm not going to insult @donald. @i think the people of new @hampshire deserve better, than @someone just throwing mud and @insulting the other candidates. @and my focus i going to be on @record. @listen, is there a reason donald @trump engages in profane @insults, because he can't defend @his own record. @reporter: cruz also responded to @questions about what he thinks @his chances are in new hampshire @tonight. @we'll tell you more about that @coming up at 6:00. @for now, i'm shelley walcott,
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@back to you in the studio. @jennifer: thank you. @new hampshire's secretary of @state expecting this primary to @set a turnout record. @right now there are still plenty @of you trying to select your @candidate. @josh: we'll continue our team @coverage tonight with suzanne @roantree in nashua. @suzanne? @reporter: for the most part @voter turnout has been pretty @steady throughout the state @today. @you see this, this is an aerial @video at merrimack high school @earlier. @the cars were lined up down the @street and there were lines @already as the polls opened at @6:00 this morning, and at some @manchester polling places the @lines were out the door. @and the voters kept coming @throughout the day. @but in nashua at the ledge @street elementary school ward 4 @moderator says voter turnout has @been a bit slower than expected. @he says democrats make up the @majority of his ward and he @believes the excitement in the @democratic race is coming from @the younger generation.
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@think prevented some people from @coming out. @my particular ward is in the @middle of the city. @i have large apartment houses @that have elderly, i also have @three veterans homes in the @area. @reporter: if you haven't voted @yet, you may want to check your @polling times, because some of @the polls close at 7:00 and some @close at 8:00. @of course bring your i.d. @jennifer: thank you. @we're just getting started with @tonight's coverage of this @historic primary. @we'll have more ahead at @5:00 and 6:00. @josh: david muir will host @"world news" outside city hall. @and we'll be back with you at @7:30. @we'll take through the final @ballots through the election @returns to make sure to follow @the live wire up on and @our mobile app right now. @our crews are posting live jump @dates from all over the state
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@to pick the next president. @we'll check in with the rest of @the candidates in just a few @minutes. @jennifer: also still ahead @tonight, a parole hearing today @for the man who killed a local @college student. @the condition given to seth @mazzaglia. @mike: dry for many right now, @but a weak system could trigger @more flakes for some on @wednesday, plus when the coldest
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they're one ofr the wall street banks p that triggered the financialr meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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` @jennifer: let's get a look at @traffic. @you're looking live at 293 north @in manchester, both sides seem @to be moving along okay. @josh: peggy james joins us now @with a live look at the road @home on primary night. @hi there, peggy. @peggy: hi, josh, good evening. @we do have hudson police on the @scene of a vehicle into the @water at greeley street at @barrett hill road, it's not @causing major issues on the @roads, but use caution through @the area. @coming up on the border of 93 @north no problems from @massachusetts all the way up to @manchester.
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@it's fine up to hooksett and @bow. @minor slowdowns threw concord @this evening. @the everett turnpike start @forget busy northbound. @101 west bunching up through @bedford. @from the wzid traffic network, @i'm peggy james. @ @mike: thankfully the weather not @getting in the way for anyone @wanting to hit the polls, @whether it was early in the day, @maybe a little slick for some, @but the rest of the day has been @fine. @the roads drying up nicely. @in warner we have quite a few @cloud, but for the most part it @is on the dry side and @temperatures have come up @niecely into the upper 20's @today, very close to the norm @for this time of year. @notice on doppler radar more @changes coming in, a few @flurries in the great north @woods and parts of the white @mountains. @back to the west another system @is approaching and this will not
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@disturbance may trigger snow @showers and squall as cross the @granite state during the day @tomorrow. @a scattering of flurries in the @mountains right now, outside of @that mainly dry through the @course of the night. @but notice a lot of action back @to the west. @not all that organized, a @scattering of snow showers, @flurries and even a couple of @squalls. @those quick hitting snow showers @that drop visibilities down @under a half mile from about 10 @to 15 minutes and could deposit @a quick inch of snow, that's @what this disturbance could do, @late morning and afternoon @tomorrow, so just be aware of @that. @good part of the day storm-free, @but there could be that quick @bout of snow that drops @visibility. @temperatures starting off this @evening lower to mid 20's, five @atop mount washington. @not all that frigid for this @time of year. @overnight tonight seasonably @chilly, near 10 far north. @upper teens to around 20 in @central and southern new @hampshire.
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@temperature department tomorrow, @even a little warmer than today. @having see that, big trough, @which is a big dip in the jet @stream, over the eastern half of @the country right now, which is @driving very cold unseasonably @chilly air as far south as @florida. @right now readings only in the @40's in parts of northern @florida and lower 30's hitting @the freezing mark in atlanta. @again this is the early evening @temperature. @so they're heading much colder @tonight, and eventually even @colder air makes its way in @across new hampshire starting @thursday and especially friday @and over the weekend. @why? @arctic air to our north and west @later thursday begins to move on @in, and take a look at this deep @shade of purple and almost black @here, indicating very cold air. @the coldest so far of the season @will move in later friday into @saturday, and on sunday. @again scattered snow showers and @squalls are in the forecast for @tomorrow, although the morning @commute should be mainly dry. @the exception, great north woods @and far western parts of the @state, nainly upper valley,
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@morning and afternoon, as that @disturbance moves in, you'll @notice these bands of showers. @mainly in the form of quick @hitting snow showers and @isolated squalls. @another break, maybe another one @moves in sometime during the mid @to late evening and then it will @tend to dry up later tonight and @another round on thursday. @each one of those bands will @tend to reenforce colder air @that moves in by the end of the @week. so that by friday, @saturday and sunday the focus is @strictly on the bitterly cold @air. @but not tomorrow, very pleasant @day temperature wise. @anywhere from 30 to 35, north @and central. @generally mid 30's south. @and again snow showers, isolated @squalls can't be ruled out and @readings for the most part @running at or slightly above the @average. @now, that changes as we go into @thursday, as could see @temperatures in the upper 20's. @on friday the average high, @around 20 degrees. @and the wind will start to pick
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@early morning flurry, the high @temperatures on average lower @teens. @wind chills at or below zero all @day long. @and temperatures may struggle to @hit zero in parts of northern @new hampshire. @so not really sure about that @ground hog thing, but -- @for now. @we'll eventually get there. @jennifer: still aahead tonight, @the man convicted of murdering a @u.n.h. student could meet parole @conditions, but seth mazzaglia @won't be getting out of prison.
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@ @josh: the man serving a life @sentence for the murder of a @teen-age college student are not @be getting parole for one of the @lesser charges tied to the @crime. @jennifer: seth mazzaglia went @before the parole board today, @and as andy hershberger tells @us, the victim's family was also @there to make the case of why @parole should be denied. @p>> seth mazzaglia is a disturbed @individual. @reporter: the father of murder @victim lizzi marriott told the @state parole board tuesday that @his daughter's killer needs to @stay where he is to protect @others. @p>> i'm here to ask that he be @denied parole on his witness @tampering conviction. @during his sentencing i asked @judge rand to protect more @innocent victims and i bring the @same request to you today.
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@convicted for the 2012 murder of @the 19-year-old university of @new hampshire student, and is @serving a life sentence for that @crime. @the witness tampering charge was @tied to the murder, but any @parole associated with it will @not impact the life sentence. @p>> the underlying crimes that @led to witness tampering were @severe, disturbing, and showed a @disdain for the basic rights of @other people. @reporter: the board denied @mazzaglia's parole saying he @needed to be reclassified as a @lower risk inmate and be on good @behavior for six months before @it will be granted. @p>> he's a manipulative animal @and does not deserve to be in @public. @reporter: mazzaglia said little @during the hearing. @marriott's body has never been @found. @andy hershberger, wmur news 9. @jennifer: the trial for the man @accused of trying to kidnap a @teenager at the merrimack outlet @mall began today. @police say the victim screamed @and the stranger scared off
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@he was later arrested in the @parking lot. @a jury found mighty guilty on @several charges including @kidnapping, that trial expected @to continue through thursday. @and there are some new details @in the investigation into that @missing el faro ship. @josh: next tuesday the coast @guard will hold its first @hearing into the loss of the @steamship, it will focus on a @number of things including @preaccident historical events, @and crew member duties and @qualifications. @the ship sank after it was @caught in hurricane joaquin, @kill all 33 people on board @including several with ties to @new england. @and the mbta police officer @injured following the marathon @bombings is retiring. @officer dick donahue was @critically wounded in the @shootout in watertown. @he says he is not 100% and must @do what's right for himself and @his coworkers and the department @of he and his wife kim though @are expecting a baby girl in @april. @and a golden retriever
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@trapped in icy water for nearly @an hour. @images from hudson, as fire @crews rescued the dog this @morning. @jennifer: the dog fell through @the thin ice about 20 feet from @shore on robinson pond. @firefighter managed to pull him @out of the water and warmed him @up with some blankets. @for months now voters here in @new hampshire have had lots of @interaction with the candidates. @but they're not the only ones. @josh: a lot of people come to @granite state just to check out @the presidential race. @i ran into a few of them today @and any koa killion has more on @what these folks are called, @political tourists. @reporter: here not your typical @new hampshire voters. @p>> we're here because basically @all the campaign action is @happening here right now. @reporter: sandy and her son @drove all the way from boston @for an up close look at the @candidates. @p>> we've been to see fiorina, @cruz, who else have we seen. @rubio. @christie. @reporter: this time it's donald @trump. @p>> i think that he would get a @lot of deals done because he's a @businessman, i think he would do
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@reporter: consider them @political tourists. @p>> come here if you are a @political person that's really @interested in seeing things, can @you get within 30 feet of every @candidate, where on earth can @you do that. @reporter: dan is a political @scientist from maryland, @checking out hillary clinton. @p>> i teach courses that are @relevant to the event here, so @i'm going from campaign to @campaign to get direct contact @with the candidates. @reporter: silvio is a former @mayor of manchester who is used @to the campaign curiosity. @p>> the special place about new @hampshire is that you can really @see the candidates, can you hear @them, go to as many forums as @you want to. @reporter: how many people @actually come here to observe @the presidential race? @we really don't know. @the new hampshire division of @travel and tour imtold me it @really doesn't track political @tourists or market the primary. @in manchester, new hampshire, @i'm nikole killion reporting. @jennifer: you never know what @you're going to see during the @new hampshire primary, that's @for sure.
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@straight ahead tonight at 5:30. @josh: this could be the make or @break moment for several @campaigns, still struggling to @get traction, we'll check in @with them. @jennifer: and some communities @have already declared their @winners, who won the historic @midnight votes, just ahead. @now to our u local hot shot, @many people making voting today @a family affair, and why not @because you know you get a @sticker. @2-year-old eric enjoying his
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rin the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. p republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-livingpadjustments for social security. we said, "it will ber over our dead bodies p if you cut social security." as president,ri will do everything i can to extend the solvencytof social security and expand benefits for peoplerwho desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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` @p>> i've learned a lot from @granite staters for sure. @p>> people in new hampshire have @lifted me from the longest of @long shots. @p>> this is going to be @incredibly close, everybody. @p>> time is running out to cast @your ballot in this @extraordinary election. @candidates are making their way @to election night parties, as @the final voters head to the
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@welcome back, vup, good evening @to you. @i'm jennifer vaughn. @josh: i'm josh mcelveen. @jennifer: it is decision day for @new hampshire voters and tonight @there are eleven major @candidates, at one point this @field was twice that size. @but this race has certainly @energized voters. @and tonight big crowds of @granite staters are turning out @to vote. @early this morning voters in @merrimack were already lined up @even before the polls opened at @6:00 and there were significant @lines in manchester, some out @the door. @but at the ledge street school @in nashua, voter turnout was a @little lower than expected. @however there has been a @constant stream of voters @throughout the day at other @polling locations in that city. @p>> voter turnout has been @excellent. @we had 32 people in line at @quarter of six, and it's been @like two or 300 people every @hoyer. @very busy the next few hours, @because people will be getting @out of work. @it was a little slow this
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@cleaning off their cars and @doing their driveways and stuff @like that, but it's been very @steady. @jennifer: she also says that new @voter registration is consistent @with past presidential primaries @and things to remember too, @7:00. @make sure have you your i.d. @ready to go. @back to the candidates now. @on the ballot today, ohio @governor john kasich says he is @most comfortable talking to @people one on one. @josh: he started his day early @meeting with voters, and heather @hamel is live with john kasich's @campaign tonight. @reporter: governor kasich says @that he really wants voters no @not only know what's in his head @but his his heart and he's @hoping it resonates with voters. @we caught up with kasich in @nashua today, supporters @chanting his name as he and his @wife arrived. @he has put a lot of focus on the @granite state, even spending his @time here during the iowa @caucuses.
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@nonconfrontational. @p>> the people behind me of an @example of the grass roots, and @i think the positive message has @worked. @you win dixville notch, there's @nowhere to go but up from there @what a great win. @i saw trump, by the way, i said @i crushed you. @reporter: always joking. @and he called each and every one @of those dixville notch voters, @all nine of them and says he's @thrilled with the support he's @receiving. @heather hamel, wmur news 9. @josh: thanks very much. @an early frontrunner has been @criticizing the current @frontrunner for months. @jeb bush. @reporter: jeb bush says he's @comfortable with where his @campaign is and he's moving on, @no matter what happens tonight. @the former florida governor
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@locations this morning. @first he was at bedford high @school, then it was onto webster @elementary in manchester. @bush was on the campaign trail @last night, holding a final town @hall meeting in portsmouth. @overall he says he's truly loved @the primary process. @p>> i'm exhausted physically, but @excited in every other way, i'm @proud of the team we put @together here. @we've worked really hard. @i don't know what the outcome @will be, but i'm proud of the @effort. @reporter: bush says he expects @to surprise people here with a @strong finish, but either way he @says he's moving on with his @first campaign stop tomorrow @morning in hilton head, south @carolina. @in manchester, andy hershberger, @wmur news 9. @jennifer: new jersey governor @christie is making one final @push for votes on the campaign @trail, he made stops in @manchester, bedford, derry @'salem, to connect with voters @one last time. @wmur's kristen carosa live now @from christie campaign @headquarters in nashua. @reporter: jen, this is where @governor chris christie will be @spending the night as the
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@he says he isn't sure what's @going to happen, but also says @anything can happen 'new @hampshire and he's not giving up @hope. @earlier he was in manchester at @a polling location to greet @voters, then was onto bedford to @visit his campaign headquarters. @there the hopeful thanked dozens @of supporters for their hard @work. @christie was accompanied by his @wife and four children. @he calls his wife mary pat his @secret weapon and admits he @couldn't have gotten here today @without her. @he says he feels good about what @his campaign has been able to do @in new hampshire, but is @maintaining a positive attitude @and open mind about the results @tonight. @and he wants granite staters to @remember this, as he heads out @of town tomorrow. @p>> somebody who came here and @did it the way new hampshire @wants you to do it, which is to @meet people on a one to one @basis, to listen to their @questions and answer them @directly. @and to meet them. @in their homes, in their town @halls, and all over the state.
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@somebody who did real well here @too. @reporter: and as we wait for @results, governor christie says @carolina. @kristen carosa, wmur news 9. @josh: another presidential @candidate hoping to get momentum @coming out of new hampshire @would be carly fiorina. @she's holding her primary night @watch party in manchester, and @stephanie woods is there as @things are getting set up. @reporter: josh, right now there @are just a few campaign workers @setting up at the derry field. @but they do expect a big crowd @tonight, and are hoping for a @few more delegates than fiorina @got in iowa. @the former heul it packard @c.e.o. spent the day @campaigning, she visited some @polls in manchester, bedford, @goffstown and londonderry. @according to the lieutenants @poll, just 5% of likely voters @say they will support fiorina in @the first in the nation primary. @but fiorina says she feels good
5:31 pm
@p>> the people of new hampshire @have lifted me from the longest @of long shots, 17 out of 16 @candidates, to standing here, @one of eight left, and i've @already beaten a couple of these @governors. @reporter: fiorina's campaign @says that their candidate will @join the watch party sometime @later this night within the next @few hours. @whether or not she has a strong @showing here in new hampshire, @fiorina told news 9 earlier this @week that she's funded up and is @in this the race until the end. @stephanie woods, wmur news 9. @jennifer: dr. ben carson spent @this primary day making several @stops. @in the southern part of the @state. @one of those stops included the @red arrow diner in manchester. @before he went in, he told us @the large pool of undecided @republican voters is a very good @sign for his campaign. @p>> because it means that they're @seriously considering what's
5:32 pm
@listening to the pundits, @because that's what got us where @we are, listening to the @pundits. @reporter: carson placed fourth @in iowa but says he believes he @will exceed expectations in new @hampshire. @right now former governor, @virginia governor jim gilmore @visiting some polling @locationings in bedford and @earlier in manchester, @londonderry and merrimack. @gilmore says he's a mainstream @conservative who will do more @for veterans. @p>> it's about the international @crisis we're facing, and that i @have the credentials to do it as @a former army intelligence @agent, as the chairman of the @former commission on homeland @security and terrorism for the @united states. @jennifer: tonight gilmore will @hold a primary watch party at @frateh will lo's in manchester.
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@if your friend, neighbors knew @whether you voted and claims to @list the names of neighbors and @says you'll receive a followup @letter stating whether or not @these people did vote. @the attorney general's office @says the letter is not illegal @because voting is public @information, and the a.g. will @not be taking any further @action. @now, right now polls are still @open across new hampshire, of @course, but results are already @in for three towns. @continuing a long standing @tradition, dixville notch, @hart's location and mills field @voters cast their ballots at @midnight a. random drawing @determined who would go first in @dixville notch, and the luck @voter was jeff stevens, said it @was a surreal moment and he @considers voting a privilege. @p>> to me it feels special every @time i vote, because i know that @nobody is preventing me from @doing that. @josh: in all there were nine @ballots cast in dixville notch, @eight voters were present and @there was one absentee. @less than a minute after the @polls opened, they closed. @on the republican side, john @kasich came out on top, beating
5:34 pm
@on the democrats it was a clean @sweep for bernie sanders, all @four votes going to him. @in hart's location on the g.o.p. @side, kasich got five votes, @once again beating donald trump, @who had four. @chris christie had two. @jeb bush, carson and rubio each @got one. @for the democrats, bernie @sanders got 12 votes to hillary @clinton's seven. @and in millsfield, the last town @to vote at midnight, ted cruz @got nine votes, trump three, the @rest each got one. @hillary clinton got two, bernie @sanders got one. @jennifer: we'll have all the @returns on air, online, and for @those of you on the go, polls @will close at 8:00, we'll be @live on wmur and we'll be @posting the numbers on our @website and our mobile app, the @very moment they are released. @so you talk about instantaneous @information on primary night. @josh: you can fine it right @here. @we have much more ahead. @jennifer: still to come, some @unexpected rival tess polls
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@what that means, in case you @can't see it right there, just @ahead. @mike: okay. @seasonably chilly for now, but @an arctic blast is on the way @soon. @when temperatures crash, plus
5:36 pm
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` @josh: what kind of of day was it
5:38 pm
@not a lot of movement, dow jones @dropping a dozen, s&p 500 down @just over a point and nasdaq @down 15. @gas prices, 1.73 in new @hampshire, four cents higher. @so congress is now reviewing @president obama's final budget @proposal of his administration. @jennifer: today the president @sent his 4.1 trillion spending @plan to capitol hill. @it would increase taxes over the @next decade. @the republican controlled @congress can advance parts of @this budget without approving @the entire plan. @well, there are a few things @besides politics, believe it or @not, going on in new hampshire @today. @josh: really? @jennifer: so they say. @josh: next in sports, the @broncos had some kind of parade.
5:39 pm
@ @jennifer: a number of properties @being added to the new hampshire @state register of historic @places. @the properties include seven @buildings in the hebron village, @some dating back to the early @1800s and they include the town @hall. @josh: also on the list is the @village store in freedom, which @was built right around the time @of the civil war. @and springfield's wonder well, a @summer residence built between @1911 and 1912. @so new hampshire isn't the only @state filled with high energy @levels today.
5:40 pm
@better known as mardi gras in @new orleans. @jennifer: thousands gathered in @the french quarter to see @elaborate floats and eccentric @costumes, families lined up @early to get a good spot for all @the action. @this year though they had to @bundle up. @they had some cold winds @blowing, the fun end at @midnight, that's when lent @begins. @mike: all relative, i guess, @temperatures a little lower than @they might want in the deep @south. @around here not all that bad @today. @the winds fairly light and @temperatures lining up close to @average. @take a look at some of of the @photos up there, the live web @cam network, to guilford. @ice beginning to form, but still @some big open water out there on @winnipesaukee. @market square, the roads are @dry. @could be a few slick spots @redeveloping as any of the snow
5:41 pm
@tom. @tom wants to do the weather at @five, we'll let him do it. @here we go, right now on @satellite, snow showers moving @through yesterday, some of that @depositing from two to as much @as six inches in parts of the @state. that pulling away from @the northeast, and what it left @behind is some additional snow @to add to the total in concord. @so far this year as we add it @all up, 20.3 inches in the state @capital. @yes. @well above where we were a short @week or two ago, but nowhere @close to the average, which is @about double that at 39.5 and @nowhere close to where we were @last year at this time, @64.8 inches of snow. @so even though it has turned @more wintery in the last couple @weeks, no where close to where @we were at this point last year. @we may add for snow over the
5:42 pm
@as we go into wednesday we'll @see another band of snow @showers, squalls late morning @and afternoon. so be on guard @for that, even though a good @part of the day will be dry. @it will be like summer @thunderstorms, where it's mainly @quiet a good part of the day, @then you get hit with a snow @shower or isolated squall. @same thing on focus, then the @focus all on the cold air. @most of the action we're @tracking for the next couple @days sitting back to our west. @plenty of breaks here, this is @not a big storm. @but there are bands of snow @showers and squalls back to the @west that tend to move on in @over the next couple of days. @temperature wise, southeastern @zones, mid to upper 20's. @the monadnock region similar @temperatures, some of the higher @terrain a little cooler. @same story in the mound sunapee @area through the lake sunapee @zone, down through newport and @enfield, lower to mid 20's. @lakes region lower to mid 20's @on average. @center harbor through tilton and
5:43 pm
@upper teen as long the canadian @border, and 20's for many @through the heart of the white @mountains. @where do we end up overnight @tonight? @not a big temperature fall, @teens to around 20, that's due @to an increase in cloud cover. @acts as a blanket and protects @the warmth from escaping into @the atmosphere or prevents it. @so we're not talking about a @major cooldown until later on @this week. @again snow showers and squalls, @here's a look at the timeline @tonight, it's dry outside of a @few flurries up north. @for the morning commute, best @chance of any flakes will be in @the upper valley, lakes region @and points north. @best shot, snow showers and @squalls midday through the @afternoon. @that will tend to move on @through and there are more back @to the west that may arrive on @thursday before it dries out and @really cools down. @beyond that we've got @temperatures that will be @running well below the average, @and colder than we've seen at @any point so far this season, as @we go through friday and the @weekend. @here we go for tonight, mostly @cloudy, could be a flurry up
5:44 pm
@beyond that time frame we've got @sunshine, but plenty of clouds @for the next couple days, watch @for a brief squall during the @afternoon tomorrow, same story @on thursday, bright, colder @friday, but that's nothing @compared to the chill that moves @in over the weekend. @jamie: happy voting day, new @hampshire. @if you're watching the polling @numbers come in tonight, you can @also check out the bruins and @the celtics, they both have @games tonight. @the bruins will skate at home @against the l.a. kings, at 7:00. @celtics take the court at @8:00 in milwaukee, that's @against the bucs. @denver celebrated their super @bowl championship today. @first there was an outdoor @concert near city hall and then @the players rode on fire trucks @along the parade route. @peyton manning was atop engine @18 after his jersey number. @denver schools offered students @excused absences if their @parents let them know ahead of
5:45 pm
@p>> we were so sure of our game @plan, we came into the game with @confidence and energy and came @out with a win. @p>> we got a great culture in our @locker room and guys fight for @each other, guys want to win for @each other, i think that was @evident all season long. @jamie: i guess so. @broncos super bowl champs. @jennifer: thank you. @being first in the nation is a @badge of honor, but it also @comes with some quirky moments. @josh: we'll look at today's more @memorable poll visitors when we @come back.
5:46 pm
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` @jennifer: breaking developments @in the new hampshire primary. @right now the secretary of @state's office is in merrimack @and that's where there are @significantly long lines at one @polling place in town. @josh: officials are discussing @the likelihood that it would @have to extend voting past the @7:00 cutoff time. @but if you're already in line at @the time the polls close, you're @going to get a chance to cast @your ballot. @while we've been covering the @new hampshire primary for over a @year now, reporters from all @over the world are now in the @state for our big night. @jennifer: hundreds of media @professionals are hard at work @at the radisson on elm street. @wgbh out of boston is one of the
5:48 pm
@from the hotel lobby. @p>> i fine that every four years @manchester. @i think there's a different @level of excitement about the @primary, as evidenced by the @voter turnout which they're @saying could be record. @p>> it's very important in new @hampshire, the primary result. @so we are making a big effort to @come here for the primary. @jennifer: interest all over the @world. @journalists coming from as far @away as tokyo, japan. @also in new hampshire tonight, @david muir, the anchor of "world @news tonight," we spoke to him @about why he thinks the first in @the nation primary is so @important. @p>> i know that voters take it @very seriously and the whole @country is watching this @tonight. @so for all that talk that @perhaps new hampshire shouldn't @be as relevant as it is, i don't @buy it. @jennifer: we don't buy it @either. @and muir will be anchoring world @news tonight live from
5:49 pm
@voters aren't the only ones @headed to the polls today. @josh: there was a pig in pelham. @wanted to get in on all the @primary action, so he did. @the pig apparently escaped from @a nearby farm and trucked @through the snow to get to the @polling station, not sure which @canidate he was supporting, but @he's participating. @then there was this protester @who went to a polling station in @robot. @the hash tag is referenced to @criticism of marco rubio's @performance at saturday's @debate. @so thank you very much for @joining us for news 9 at 5:00. @our coverage for this primary @night is just getting warmed up. @jennifer: we'll be back in two @minutes with a special primary @edition o p
5:50 pm
p hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marryr our fortunes together t [ cheering ] i've got some real estatet here in my bag counting the carsp on the new jersey turnpike they've all comer to look for america r [ cheers and applause ] all comer to look for america all comer to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
5:51 pm
` @tom: tonight there's record @turnout at the polls, lines @stretching out the door and cars @lining the streets. @each person trying to have their
5:52 pm
@november. @jennifer: we have live team @coverage of all the campaign @headquarters and how the @day. @tom: good evening, i'm tom @griffith. @jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. @history in the making in new @hampshire tonight. @we're also following breaking @developments right now in @merrimack. @get a look at this birds eye @view, voters there have been @facing long lines all day. @the town is speaking with the @secretary of state right now to @see whether or not the polls @should be kept open beyond the @scheduled 7:00 closing time. @suzanne roantree is at a polling @location in nashua. @reporter: yes, it's been a very @busy day all throughout new @hampshire at the polls. @the voters in merrimack were @already lined up to vote even @before the polls opened at 6:00, @and there is still a traffic jam @outside the school as voters @cast their ballots in @manchester. @lines were out the door. @traffic in goffstown busy enough
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