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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@electronic messages warning @drivers of the heavy volume. @here in nashua at ward 4, @turnout was a little lower than @expected, many of the voters @here are over 60. @p>> as an urban, i do have more @republicans. @i don't think the democratic @side as been as exciting as the @race on the republican side. @certainly bernie sanders is @doing very well, but just @personally i think he is @motivated more for younger @voters rather than older voters. @reporter: if you are still going @to vote, many of the polling @places close at 7:00, @organization close at 8:00, and @of course bring your i.d. @roantree, wmur news 9. @tom: two years of hard work on @the campaign trail, all comes @down to tonight. @jennifer: these candidates have @been crisscrossing new @hampshire, meeting as many @people as possible. @we begin our coverage with adam @sexton, live with the sanders @campaign in concord. @reporter: jen and tom, already a
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@outside the concord high school @gymnasium. @some sanders people predicting @this is going to be an early @night on the democratic side. @only one event for the @74-year-old vermont senator in @concord, he visited the ward 5 @polling locations. @sanders ran a gauntlet of sign @waving volunteers and media and @kept right on walking, he ended @up leading a parade of cameras @and reporters down capitol @street and state street before @returning to the polls and @leaving in his motorcade. @sanders is riding a big wave of @enthusiasm in this election, but @it's clear this is a guy who @does not like the spotlight that @brightly. @let's head over to amy coveno in @manchester. @reporter: the s and h field @house is primary headquarters @for the hillary clinton @campaign. @tonight this campaign is hoping @history will repeat itself. @new hampshire voters have handed @the clintons some great primary @moments, one in 1992 earning
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@moniker, although he did come in @second. @and a win to hillary clinton in @2008 who came into the new @hampshire primary trailing @barack obama. @senator bernie sanders has a @sizable lead tonight, according @to the polls, but those @undecided voters that new @hampshire is so very famous for @could be a real game changer. @clinton has been tempered in her @optimism, but regardless of the @result she says she loves new @hampshire and has great respect @for the primary process. @that's the latest from the field @house at snhu, back to you. @tom: thank you. @turning our attention now to the @republican race, there has been @a clear leader on this ballot. @jennifer: with plenty of @candidates to choose from, it is @expected to be an exciting @night. @our live coverage continues now @with the trump campaign. @reporter: after more than seven @months on the campaign trail, @here in new hampshire, it all @wraps up tonight at the donald @trump primary watch party here @at the executive court in @manchester. @can you see a screen has been @set up outside for any overflow @supporters or press.
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@made a stop at the polls, @visiting voters and supporters @at the webster elementary school @on elm street. @he also dispatched his sons, don @jr. and eric to diners and @downtown businesses, his @daughter ivanka made the round @too, thanking volunteers in @manchester. @trump has told his supporters @over and over in new hampshire @he does not want their money, @but he is counting on those @votes. @so that he can retain the @frontrunner g.o.p. status in new @hampshire. @now let's go live to jennifer @crompton, she's covering marco @rubio's campaign. @reporter: senator marco rubio @hopes that that bounce he got @from iowa translates into a @strong finish here in new @hampshire. @he's been working hard all day @today, trying to get every last @bit of face time in. @he would hit the poll s bright @and early before 8:00, visiting @polls in manchester, bedford, @salem and derry. @senator rubio says his @experience on the senate @intelligence and foreign
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@the best national defense choice @for commander in chief. @he also says he's the best bet @to take on the democrats, @certainly senator ted cruz may @take issue with that. @tonight wmur's shelley walcott @with the cruz campaign. @shelley: jen, thank you very @much. @senator ted cruz might take @issue with that indeed. @we're here at the alpine grove @convention center in hollis @where senator cruz is holding @his watch party tonight. @in fact not too long ago they @fired up the country music in @anticipation of the texas @senator's arrival later tonight. @earlier today we caught up with @cruz as he spoke to a huge crowd @of reporters in manchester, and @we asked him how he hopes to win @new hampshire tonight. @he won the iowa caucuses with @the help of evangelical voters, @but that's not a huge @constituency here. @cruz says he's counting on the @votes of libertarians and reagan @democrats tonight. @we also asked the senator about @a pretty vulgar term that donald @trump used last night in
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@cruz said he would not even @dignify that with a response. @for now, live the hollis, i'm @shelley walcott, wmur news 9. @back to you. @tom: thank you. @three republicans are trying to @why their leadership experience @as governors to set themselves @apart in the race for president. @jennifer: our live team coverage @continues at their campaign @headquarters now, beginning with @heather hamel who is covering @john kasich tonight. @reporter: governor kasich was @out and about this morning going @to several polling places, we @caught up with him in nashua @where he says he's feeling @great. @the ohio governor has put a lot @of emphasis on new hampshire, @holding more than 100 town @halls, a setting he told us he @feels most comfortable in. @he says the voters are hungry @for authenticity, and his @positive genuine approach seems @to be resonating with them. @kasich says the conservative @message is important, but he @says there's another element @that he focuses on as well, @relating to people and letting @them know that he cares. @kasich is very confident right
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@great time campaigning, and he's @already talking about come back @more. @for now over to governor chris @christie's campaign, where @kristen carosa is. @reporter: governor christie is @hoping that his recent @performance at the g.o.p. debate @land him a win in new hampshire. @we caught up with the governor @early this morning, as we hit @the campaign trail, he spent the @day connecting with people, both @voters and his campaign staff. @at a stop in salem he thanked @people that have worked hard to @make his campaign successful in @the granite state. @christie says he's ready to @become president and he's the @best candidate to take on the @democratic nominee. @now let's head over to the jeb @bush campaign, andy hershberger @race. @reporter: not much activity here @right now, but that is going to @change in the next couple of @hours. @jeb bush spent the day at @polling locations talking to @potential voters and thanking @volunteers and supporters. @bush says he didn't know what to
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@he has fall then love with the @process. @he says he's glad of the team @he's put together, no matter @is. @bush has always said a win here @would be nice, but he's moving @on no matter what happens. @overall bush says he's @comfortable with where his @campaign is and hopes to @surprise a few people tonight @with a strong showing. @jennifer: thank you. @our coverage of the research @race continues now. @tom: we go live to manchester @where wmur's stephanie woods is @covering the campaign @reporter: that's right. @right now it's pretty quiet at @the derryfield restaurant. @but in a few hours fiorina will @kick off her primary night watch @party. @after a disappointing 7th place @finish in the iowa caucus, she's @hoping to gain more votes in the @first in the nation primary. @the former heul hewlett-packard
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@today. @she says she feels good about @her chances today. @and fiorina's campaign says that @their candidate's name is on the @ballot in 26 different, and @haul. @tom: dr. ben carson toured the @southern part of the state @today. @jennifer: he caught up with @voters at the red arrow diner in @manchester, telling news 9 the @number of undecided republican @campaign. @carson says he believes he will @exceed expectations here in new @hampshire, and then will have @some momentum heading into south @carolina. @and republican presidential @candidate jim gilmore is holding @a primary watch party in @manchester. @tom: it tarts at 7:00, the @former virginia governor says @he's the only veteran running @for president and calls himself @a mainstream conservative. @earlier today he met voters at @polling places in manchester, @merrimack and bedford. @straight ahead on this primary @night, lines right from the @moment polling places opened
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@which candidate benefits from @this turnout and a lotioner look @at why. @jennifer: it's all part of our @team coverage, and it continues @next. @mike: in weather, the next @system means snow showers for @some on wed, but all will feel a @blast of frigid air before the
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@ @tom: now we continue to follow @that breaking news on what's @expected to be a record turnout @in the new hampshire primary. @right now town officials in @merrimack and the secretary of @state are discussing the long @lines of people still trying to @get in to vote. @jennifer: they're talking about @whether or not to extend voting @past the scheduled 7:00 closing @time. @we do have a crew headed to @merrimack right now, we'll keep
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@in other polling location as @cross the state, all night long. @tom: so the big question, which @candidates does this turnout @help. @jennifer: our political director @josh mcelveen is live to break @it all down. @josh: if you're already in line @by the time the polls close, @they will keep it open, you'll @get your ballot. @and we'll see what happens down @there. @secretary of state gardner @projected last week that the @turnout for the primary would be @in record breaking territory. @the final numbers won't be in @for a while obviously, but the @precincts are reporting numbers @that are so heavy that some @polls are even worried about @running out of ballots. @so who benefits from all this? @in theory that would be bernie @sanders. @much of his support is the @younger first-time voters and if @he can deliver them to the polls @he can beat expectations of what @the surveys have suggested @should be a landslide victory @over hillary clinton here in new @hampshire to. a lesser degree @the same goes for donald trump. @it would seem that there's so @much interest in the @nontraditional candidates this @time around. @but the republican side has a
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@kasich, bush, rubio, cruz are @all closely packed together. @so it could be one of those @names that emerge could @challenge trump's top spot if he @underperforms. @and also remember one category @trump lead in is the number of @republican voters, at least @according to our latest poll, @who say they won't vote for him @under any circumstances, so @perhaps part of the turnout is @driven by voters seeking an @alternative to donald trump. @one guarantee, there's a lot of @interest in this election, and @in a cycle unlike any other, @even educated speculation @amounts to little more than a @guess. @it is clear that the first in @the nation primary state is @engaged and taking their @responsibility seriously. @so good job, new hampshire. @back to you. @tom: thank you. @our coverage of the first in the @nation primary is just getting @started tonight. @at 6:30, david muir will host @"world news" live outside @manchester city hall. @a special edition of "chronicle" @airs at 7:00, and we'll be back @here at 7:30. @make sure to follow the live
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@app, happening right now. @and our crews are posting live @updates from all the campaign @headquarters that you've been @seeing throughout the night @tonight. @big night tonight. @jennifer: did you have to climb @over a snow bank to get to your @polling place? @tom: oh, boy, good sized crowds. @mike: it really dried up nicely @mid morning on, so fairly @pleasant on this primary day. @but we've got the coldest air so @far of the season on the way.
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@ @tom: the man serving a life @sentence for killing a @university of new hampshire @student will not get parole for @another charge associated with @that crime. @jennifer: seth mazzaglia is @serving a life sentence for the @murder of 19-year-old lizzi @marriott. @today he asked the state parole @board for parole on the lesser @charge of witness tampering. @the board said mazzaglia needs @to be reclassified to a lower @security level and be on good @behavior for six months before @that parole would be granted. @lizzie's father says mazzaglia @needs to stay where he is. @p>> the underlying crimes that @led to witness tampering were @severe, disturbing, and showed a @disdain for the basic rights of @other people. @jennifer: mazzaglia could be @classified to a lower security @level this month, and this order @will have no effect on his life
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@mike: a general two to five-inch @snowfall yesterday and last @evening. @a couple spots, especially near @the coast, up to a half foot. @you see some of that fresh @fallen snow up there in the big @lake at the weirs and a couple @snow showers moving through @around 10:00. @more dry air building in during @the afternoon and now into the @early evening with the clouds @breaking and making for @beautiful sky cover in some @parts of new hampshire. @thicker cloud cover moving in @means a few flurries up north. @tonight. @as we move into the next couple @days, however, no organized @storm. @but there will be bands of snow @showers, flurries, even a brief @squall, you see them setting up @shop back to the west. @this is fairly ill organized @here. @you see the breaks, then bands @of snow, more breaks, and the @same story extends back into the @midwest and this has to move @through tomorrow and thursday. @so at times we'll see periods of @snow showers and even a brief @snow squall. @as for temperatures right now, @they're lining up very close to
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@of the evening and this time of @year, maybe a notch or two below @the norm. @overnight tonight not a big @temperature fall. @we'll hold several degrees above @normal overnight lows. @and tomorrow we get back into @30's. @so not all that bad in terms of @wednesday. @notice cold air ben traiting all @south. @big trough of cold air setting @up shop in the eastern part of @the country right now, and @eventually that will lead to a @surge of arctic air that is @north of the border. @that moves in by friday, @saturday and sunday with the @coldest air so far of the @season. @but up until that point, couple @of transitions marking cooler @air for thursday, the first one @comes in tomorrow with snow @showers and a few squalls. @another repeat performance on @thursday with snow showers and @squalls before it turns colder @friday, and then temperatures @even lower by the weekend. @in terms of the timeline and @snow, just a few flurries early @tomorrow morning for the morning @commute, then scattered snow
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@during the afternoon and early @evening. @then dry air builds in later @tonight except for up north @where more showers move in. @then focus after that on the @bitterly cold air. @be the not that bad, light @winds. @days. @notice we're slightly above @normal tomorrow. @watch out for that snow shower @or brief squall, could make it @slick on area roads and drop @visibility for a short period of @time. @same story thursday. @then the coldest air so far of @the season friday, and @especially over the weekend. @notice the highs, that's in @southern new hampshire, a @struggle to hit zero up north. @win chills sub-zero all weekend @long. @then it warms up slightly early @next week with another system @likely on tuesday. @tom: sports? @p>> a couple more candidates and @i might have had day off, but we
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@ @jamie: 25 years ago on this day @in 1991 the celtics d brown won @the slam dunk contest and did it @with a signature dunk. @he covered his eyes with his @right hand, threw it down with @the left hand, no look, a couple @of extra pumps in his rebuck @only knee pump sneakers,
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@boston sports moment. @recently he was an assistant @coach with the sacramento kings. @celtics have two games before @the all-star break, tonight at @the milwaukee bucks at 8:00. @host the l.a. clippers tomorrow @night. @u.n.h. basketball team picked up @another nice one last night, @they beat the maine black bears. @it was a whiteout event for the @crowd. @jordan came up big. @wild cats are 14-9. @they play thursday at home @against albany. @also in action tonight, the @boston bruins, they skate @against the l.a. kings at td @garden at 7:00. @there are all kinds of former @manchester monarchs on the kings @roster including leading scorer @tyler, and the garden will love @this, milan lucic will be back @on the ice at td garden, even if @it is with the visiting los @angeles kings. @he scored 139 goals with the @bruins, nearly 800 penalty @minutes, a fan favorite for @sure, especially on that stanley @cup winning team. @and we leave you with this, it's
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@and they had a rally there, @peyton was in his glory. @didn't say if he's coming back @next year or not. @big parade through downtown @denver. @jennifer: thanks for that. @tom: more on that breaking news @out of merrimack, town officials @and the secretary of state are @discussing the long lines of @people waiting to vote. @jennifer: what they are working @to decide right now is whether @or not to sten voting past 7:00. @we'll keep you updated on that. @and we've also just learned from @the city clerk in keene that @they are making copies of @democratic ballots there, as @well. @tom: our coverage of the new @hampshire primary continues on @get live updates from polling @places and the campaigns on our @live wire. @jennifer: we're celebrating the @100th anniversary of the first @in the nation primary, you can @take a look back at some of the @moments from elections past the @our primary vault. @tom: tune in for a special @primary night edition of "new @hampshire chronicle," @immediately following "world @news," which is coming to you @live from manchester tonight.
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@bringing you the results from @the first in the nation primary.
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