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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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p breaking news tonight as we pcome on the air. pwhat the exit polls are already ptelling us, right here in new phampshire. pthe first primary in the nation. pvotes being tallied. pfor some, a make or break pmoment. pafter months of attacks, neck pand neck battles, it all comes pdown to this. p>> polls are open! olls are open! p>> our political team out in pforce tonight. pwe're one-on-one with donald ptrump. p>> is tonight your night? p>> we're with marco rubio. pwith jeb bush. pdoes he need a strong showing phere to survive? pand john kasich. pdoes he have late momentum? p>> we're getting pounded by peverybody. p bernie sanders and hillary pclinton battling it out. p>> i love this process.
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pbackyard. pand we're with the voters ptonight. pthe late deciders revealing to pus who they chose and why. p"world news tonight" starts now. p good evening from new phampshire, where every four pyears, the nation watches and pwaits for the results from the pfirst in the nation primary. andidates have packnowledged already, if they pdon't do well here tonight, it pcould spell the end. pthe stakes could not be higher. pyou are looking live at pictures pfrom across new hampshire ptonight. pvoters lining up. pthe first exit polls coming in pright now. pmore than 9 in 10 republican pvoters saying they are, quote, pangry or dits satisfied with the pway the federal government pworking. pand they are looking for a pcandidate, quote, outside the olitical establishment. pwe are one-on-one with donald ptrump tonight, and the new pcontroversy over something he prepeated at a rally here povernight. pand then calling hillary
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peven bernie sanders' wife pdefending clinton tonight. pwe're also one-on-one with marco prubio, with jeb bush. pabc's political team spread out pacross new hampshire at this phour, and we begin tonight with pabc's tom llamas. p>> reporter: tonight, a trump ptakeover of the granite state, pand we are right there with him. pis tonight you're night? p>> well, we'll find out. pyou tell me. pi think we have certainly big pcrowds. pi'm hearing good things, but you pnever know. p>> reporter: trump taking no pchanges, visiting with voters in pmanchester. p>> very excited, huh? p>> i love it! p>> reporter: i van ka greeting psupporters in windham. pfather. p>> thank you for saying that. pand thank you, you're right phere with us. p>> reporter: the whole family phere, sitting down to dinner at pa manchester steakhouse. ptrump begging voters to make him pa winner. p>> your wife is disgusted with pyou, she said, i'm leaving. pno matter what, she says, pdarling, i love you, but i've
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pi don't give a damn. pyou got to get out to vote. p>> reporter: in the final hours, pthe billionaire turned reality pstar turned politician putting pthe full trump on display, when pa supporter mocked senator ted pcruz using a word we can't sail pon television. p>> you're not allowed to say, pand i never expect to hear that pfrom you again, she said, i pnever expect to hear that from pyou again. phe said he's a [ bleep ]. pthat's terrible. pterrible. p>> reporter: cruz not amused. p>> donald does not handle losing pvery well. phe didn't like that he lost in piowa. p>> reporter: do you regret the -comment? p>> no, we had 5,000 people, the lace was going wild. pi didn't say it. pthis was a repeat of a woman who pwas screaming it from the paudience. p>> reporter: but closing in on ptrump? pohio governor john kasich. ptoday, pouring coffee at the red parrow diner. p>> let me warm that up for you. p>> reporter: he spent more time pin new hampshire than any other pcandidate. p64 days.
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plast night, hundreds of kasich psupporters rallying out in the pbitter cold. ptoday, kasich telling me, his popponents see him as the real pthreat. p>> we're getting pounded by peverybody. pi would love to know how many pmillions of dollars have been pspent in negative advertising. p>> reporter: today, abc news pobtained this script. psome of his volunteers are using pit in their phone calls to pvoters, reminding them that, pquote, jeb bush is trying to pkeep the family business up and prunning. psaying you don't want jeb bush pto keep running the family pbusiness. pis this kind of the same thing? p>> i mean, come on. pthat's a pat on the hand pcompared to the anvils they've plast two weeks. p>> reporter: tonight, senator pmarco rubio is struggling to pcome back from that dismal pdebate performance. p>> let's dispel once and for all pwith this fiction that barack pobama doesn't know what he's pdoing. phe knows exactly what he's pdoing. p>> reporter: minutes later. pfiction. p>> reporter: and later still, pwhen asked about immigration, he pwent back to the president yet pagain. p>> anyone who believes that
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phe's doing on purpose doesn't punderstand what we're dealing pwith here. p>> the governor wasn't talking pabout the president. p>> no, he talked about barack pobama. p>> reporter: rubio today, ptrailed by a pair of robots, pclashed with supporters. pin manchester, rubio telling me, phe's staying the course. pgoing to stick to the lines, peven in the debate they're pcriticizing you for? p>> we're not going to change our pmessage the entire campaign. p>> reporter: tonight, chris pchristie, the man who took rubio pdown in the debate, hoping it pwill pay off. phe may need a new hampshire pmiracle to keep his campaign palive. p>> and tom llamas is live with pus tonight from outside trump's pheadquarters. pand tom, donald trump so often ploves to talk about the polls, pbut today, he was sounding a bit pmore cautious. p>> reporter: that's right, pdavid, and for two reasons. olls in new hampshire phistorically sometimes are way poff. pand, also, the trump campaign plearned their lesson after iowa. psome polls there had them pwinning and trump came in second lace. pdavid, i can tell you this, pthough, the donald trump i pencountered after the iowa pcaucuses clearly wounded. pbut tonight, donald trump, full
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pdavid? p>> all right, tom llamas, pleading us off again tonight. ptom, thank you. pmany believe it is make or break pfor governor jeb bush tonight. pspending more than any other pcandidate here in new hampshire, p$30 million. pand tonight, abc's jonathan karl pon the campaign trail, finding phimself suddenly driving behind pjeb bush's bus. pand jon had a few questions for pthe candidate, counting on new phampshire to survive. p>> reporter: we're driving pthrough manchester and, of pcourse, run into the jeb bush pbus. pwe're going to follow along pbecause i bet he's going to a olls station. pand sure enough, he was. pbush wading through a sea of pcameras to make one last pitch pfor votes. psomebody who is still undecided p>> what have you been doing, pman? pno, look, what i say is, i've pgot a proven record of paccomplishments, the most reform pconservative record of anybody prunning. p>> reporter: once the front prunner, he's now fighting for psurvival.
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p>> reporter: even bringing his p90-year-old mother to campaign pduring a snowstorm. pthat prompted a withering pwho's been his nemesis from the pstart. p>> poor, poor jeb bush who pbrings out his mother because he pneeded help. pmommy, please come, walk in the psnow, mom. p>> i know jeb. p>> reporter: bush's superpac has ptapped his brother for a tv ad pduring the super bowl, no less. p>> experience and judgment count pin the oval office. p>> reporter: jeb bush bet the pranch on new hampshire. phe and his superpac spending palmost $30 million just on tv pads. pmore than any other candidate. pten times as much as donald ptrump. pand now he is predicting a pcomeback. p>> i've been written off, which pis great. pi always like that. pi love the fact the pundits may pnot have gotten this right. pmakes me feel good. p>> and jon karl is live with me ptonight. pclearly there's a lot at stake pfor bush tonight. phis aides telling you that no pmatter what happens in new phampshire, the campaign moves pforward? p>> reporter: that's right.
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pin fact, they have eight events pscheduled over the next few days pin south carolina, where they pwill also be campaigning with pformer president george w. bush, phis brother, and they have one pbig advantage, still, david, pthey have more campaign cash pthan most of his rivals. p>> all right, jon karl with us ptonight. pjon, thank you. p meantime, on the democratic pside tonight, an uphill battle pfor hillary clinton, who did pwell here eight years ago. pnew hampshire voters gave her pnew life after iowa, but this pin. ptrailing bernie sanders by pdouble digits going into the rimary. phere in his own backyard. pclinton has struggles to engaj pyounger voters, where sanders phas excelled. pand here's what we're learning pfrom the exit polls coming in pright now. p3 in 10 voters saying honesty pand trustworthiness are the pcharacteristics most important pto them. p7 in 10 voters describe pthemselves as liberals. pthat's higher than in the past. pand more saying that income pinequality, the economy and jobs pare their top issues.
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psanders team and one-on-one with pclinton tonight. p>> reporter: hillary clinton's psprint to the finish line today pstarted right here in pmanchester. pwhat is your prediction for ptonight? p>> it's -- i just love the way pnew hampshire does this thing. pthey focus in on the issues and pthey keep coming back. p>> reporter: those supporters pcheering outside polling pstations. p>> thank you, all! p>> reporter: bernie sanders pfeeling like a rock star in his pown backyard. pthe vermont senator swarmed by psupporters when i caught up with phim today. psenator sanders, your prediction pfor tonight? p>> if there's a large voter pturnout, we're going to do just pfine. p>> reporter: now, in the final phours, the race comes down to pthis. p>> go out the door and -- p>> reporter: volunteers hitting pthe streets -- p>> all right, here we go! p>> reporter: these clinton psupporters planning to knock on p50 doors today alone. phave you been able to change any pminds? p>> we took two people and got
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p>> reporter: but will it be penough? phere in this state that has pbrought the clintons so much. pin 1992 -- p>> new hampshire, tonight, has pmade bill clinton the comeback pkid. p>> reporter: and again in 2008. p>> i listened to you, and in the rocess, i found my own voice. p>> reporter: this year, new pchallenges. ptoday, donald trump piling on, pwhen asked what comes to mind pwhen he thinks of hillary pclinton. p>> she went to your wedding. p>> she did. pshe did. pshe did. pin a certain way, evil. pin a certain way, evil. p>> whoa. p>> reporter: but coming to pclinton's defense? pnone other than her own rival's pwife, jane sanders. p>> that has no place in politics ptoday. pwe're not going to play that pgame. p>> reporter: tonight, a new pquestion -- can the clintons ull off a comeback once again? p>> and cecilia vega is live from
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pcampaign sources telling you, pcecilia, they are bracing for a ptough night? p>> reporter: oh, they sure are, pdavid. punlike before the iowa caucuses, pwhat's happening here tonight is pnot being billed as a victory arty. pthey have been long bracing for pan upset here, in fact, today, pclinton's team sent around a plist of her endorsements for psouth carolina, a sign, david, pthey are already looking to move ast this state. p>> all right, cecilia vega on pthis campaign every step of the pway. pthank you. pand a telling number tonight, by pone estimate, 44% of voters here pin new hampshire saying they pcould still change their minds pin the hours leading up to the rimary. ptoday, i met some of those late pdeciders who told us which way pthey went and why. pacross new hampshire today, pvoters determined to have their pvoice heard. pwe take you inside bartlett pelementary school in goffstown. psee the activity right in here. pvotering including pmichael clark jr., a veteran pbringing his son and his mother. phow important is this day in new phampshire? p>> very important. p>> reporter: he told us, he pvoted for hillary clinton, pbecause of her experience. phis mother says clinton hasn't
6:42 pm
p>> because we have a lot of vets pthat are coming home. pgoing over and coming home pand -- p>> forgot about when they come pback. p>> yeah, so, that's a very, very pimportant thing. pfor all of them, not just my pson. p>> reporter: it was not clinton pfor jean claude laroche, who pnever misses the new hampshire rimary. phow important is the new phampshire primary day? p>> it's a must. p>> reporter: he said trump, pchristie and rubio topped his plist. pand today, he decided -- donald ptrump. pand to the people who might say phe uses colorful language from ptime to time? p>> i'm the same way. p>> reporter: he got your vote ptoday. p>> i tell it like it is. p>> reporter: vincent smith, a pveteran, came all the way from pohio to rally supporters for pgovernor kasich. phe says they're seeing late pso you came all the way from pohio to get out the vote? p>> oh, yeah, we got an ohio pbrigade. p>> reporter: and meredith phungerford, a junior in college, pstudying education. pher first vote. ptorn between bernie sanders and phillary clinton. pher decision? p>> bernie sanders.
6:43 pm
p>> him. p>> i just think he's very prelatable. phe knows what people want. pand for me, climate change, he psupports that, and he supports pthe middle class. pi support hillary clinton, too, pso, it was a difficult choice. pi think i just resonate a little pmore with bernie. p>> reporter: how you doing? p>> good, how are you? p>> reporter: primary day is phere, huh? p>> primary day is here. p>> reporter: and outside, we met psome long-time new hampshire pvoters, who take pride in their prole. pyou love your role as first in pthe nation primary? p>> of course. p>> reporter: why is that? p>> because we get to vote. pwe set the pace for country. p>> some of those late deciders pand conflicted voters deciding pbetween candidates at the last plet's get right to george pstephanopoulos, who will lead pour coverage of the results ptonight as they come in and pgeorge, first off, the prepublicans. pwhat are you watching for? p>> can donald trump close the pdeal? phe's led in new hampshire for p200 straight days. pmost of those days in double pdigits. pbut we saw, as tom llamas pmentioned before, that in iowa, phis performance didn't match his oll numbers.
6:44 pm
phe reverse that? pif he reverses it, he is the pstrong front runner again. pand then, secondly, do the presults on the republican side pforce people out of the race or pgive them more incentive to stay pin? pand those governors, jeb bush, pjohn kasich, chris christie, if pthey either go ahead of marco prubio or stay close to him, pthey're going stay in this race, pno matter what. pand that could be good news for pdonald trump, if he's got this psplit field. p>> and george, on the dimmic ic democratic pside, bernie sanders way ahead. pso, what does hillary clinton phave to do here? p>> what they were hoping for pcoming in tonight was pulling pwithin double digits. pthe other number to watch for, pdoes she have a clear win over pbernie sanders. premember, 4 in 10 of the voters pare going to be independents. pmost of the big contests, those pare open only to democrats, if pshe has a clear lead among pdemocrats, that's a sign of hope pfor her. pif she falls short there, it's
6:45 pm
pher and a real long fight ahead. p>> all right, we'll be watching pright along with you, george, pthank you so much. pi'll see you as the results come pin. pstay with abc news throughout pthe night. pgeorge stephanopoulos and our owerhouse political team will pbreak in live as the results pcome in. pand as we watch for the results ptonight, we are also watching a pmajor storm brewing. p18 states from georgia to maine pseeing snow. pa system from the midwest, all pthe way to the east. pa blast of cold air behind it. pnew images tonight, a dangerous pcome mute in harrisburg, ennsylvania. pcars sliding off the road in pdayton, ohio. pso, let's get right to rob pmarciano with the new track ptonight. prob? p>> reporter: good evening, pdavid. pa little fresh snow on the pground in new hampshire. pwasn't enough to stop the voting rocess there. pwe have p p pwmur p bringing snow squalls from the pgreat lakes into central georgia pand see some random paccumulations from one to four pinches. pso, be aware of that. pbehind that, we have big-time pcold air. pthese are wind chills wednesday
6:46 pm
pit does get to the northeast. pminus teens and minus 20s over pthe weekend, so, snow does fall, pdavid, will stick around. p>> brutal cold. prob, thank you so much. p still much more ahead on p"world news tonight" this ptuesday. pwe have new images coming in of pthat cruise ship, filled with pamericans trying to get back to pthe u.s., hit by hurricane pwinds. pvideo of passengers rocked by pmonster waves and the outrage ptonight. pthe captain didn't avoid the pstorm. ptonight, how that captain is now presponding. p then, the head-on diseaster. phow did two passenger trains end pup on the same track? p and, one of america's pbest-known athletes, speaking pout tonight about the zika pvirus. pwill it keep her out of the psummer games? pwe'll be right back. shall we say, unnecessarilypcomplex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... lease. pit's time you got the quicksilver card frompcapital one. quicksilver earns youpunlimited 1.5% cash back
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. p next tonight here, new image pimages coming in after that high pseas nightmare, and the captain pnow speaking out. assengers furious with him pafter the ship was hit by phurricane-force winds. pabc's linsey davis on how the pcaptain is now explaining phimself.
6:49 pm
paccounts tonight about these pterrifying hours at sea. p>> probably the biggest scare pthat i've had so far in my life. p>> reporter: shara strand tells pus she was so fearful for her plife sunday night, she called pher mother, just in case she pdidn't survive. p>> i just wanted to call and say pthat i loved her. p>> reporter: tonight, this royal pcaribbean cruise ship is on its pway back to new jersey after phurricane-force winds, over 100 pmiles per hour, and 30-foot pwaves, prevented it from making pit to its final designationle of pthe bahamas. pcell phone video captures flying pfurniture and shattered glass as pthe ship moved right into a prough storm off the carolina pcoast. pthe captain tells the cruise pdirector in a video, he didn't prealize the magnitude of the pstorm ahead of time. p>> the whole thing was not pbigger than this and it was up phere and it just exploded. p>> yeah, the storm did explode. pbut that was forecast. pthis captain should have known pwhat he was sailing into. p>> reporter: the ship is going
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pnow isn't expected to rush back phere until tomorrow night. pdavid? p>> linsey, thank you. p when we come back here ptonight, the new safety warning pfor airlines about lithium pbatteries carried on board. p the deadly collision on the ptracks. ptwo passenger trains going head pto head. phow did they end up on the same ptrack? p and, hope solo making pheadlines tonight. pher new concerns over the zika pvirus outbreak, and what she's
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pthe risk of birth defects only pif you are already pregnant. p the ntsb now warning pairlines that transporting pbatteries as cargo could cause a pfire. pofficials believe a fire caused pby lithium battery mace have pbrought down an asiana airlines lane back in 2011. p when we come back, new clues pcoming in right now. pwhat the exit polls are already ptelling us tonight, and which pcandidates could be helped most pby what you're about to hear. r it's my job and it'sr but with my back painr i couldn't sleep... so i couldn'tt r then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the a safe sleep aid pain relieving strength of aleve. r and now... i'm back.
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pnew hampshire, waiting to get to pthe polls. pand exit polls coming in palready. p3 in 10 democratic voters saying phonesty and trustworthiness are pthe cast ickes most important to pthem. pmore than 9 in 10 republican pvoters saying they are angry or pdits satisfied with the way the pfederal government is working. pand nearly half of republican pvoters saying tonight, they are plooking for a kpd, quote, poutside the political pestablishment. pand one other number. p46% of republican voters saying pthey decided in the last few pdays. pthank you for watching here on a ptuesday night. pwe'll break in live with results pfrom the new hampshire primary pthroughout the night. pi'm david muir. pi'm be joining george a little plater here. puntil then, have a good evening. pthanks for watching.
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