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tv   Commitment 2016 New Hampshire  ABC  February 9, 2016 7:30pm-11:00pm EST

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p tom: today' s first in the pnation primary has set a new pstandard for presidential pelections. pright now, we are counting down pto the first big wave of presults. pthank you for joining us for pthis special edition of news pnine, new hampshire votes. pi' m tom griffith. pjennifer i' m jennifer vaughn. p: this primary has been packed pwith energy, but also brought lenty of surprises. ptom: it has been 322 days since pthe first major party candidate pdeclared his run for the white phouse. pthe field grew to 23 contenders pand right now, 11 are still in pthe running. pjennifer: let' s begin with a
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pit was expected to be big. pit could end up being huge. pin keene, officials had to make pcopies of democratic ballots, pafter supplies ran low. pand in merrimack, polling hours phave been extended, after ptraffic at the polls backed up pfor miles. pthe moderator there will decide phow late to keep the polls open. ptom: now, we want to join adam pto begin our coverage tonight at pthe campaign headquarters. psanders campaign headquarters at pconcord high school. padam? padam: it looks like it' s going pto be a pretty good night for pbernie sanders, just based on pthe early results we have so pfar. reliminarily. pthey still have to do a hand pcount, but bernie won fairly
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pif that holds up in hopkinton, pthere are a lot of progressive pdemocrats there, but that is pcertainly not a good sign for phillary clinton moving forward. pmany campaign volunteers think pwe might have an early night. pthat could be the case. pit' s not common at all to have plarger margins in the democratic rimary in the first in the pnation, new hampshire. pit' s rare to get into double pdigits, but it' s very possible ptonight that we could see a pdouble-digit victory for verney p-- for bernie sanders. pjennifer: these are very tenuous phours, of course. pif you are in a campaign and pwaiting for the numbers to start pto come in. pyou can bet that hillary clinton pis keeping a close watch on pspecific communities.
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pwaiting for the tally to come pin. pwe will watch as you do. pjennifer: let' s check in with pthe hillary campaign pheadquarters -- actually, we are pgoing to stand by on hillary' s pcampaign headquarters and check pin at the donald trump pheadquarters. preporter: you can see that many pof these supporters are just pfiling and, some wearing the phats that say make america great pagain. pwe caught up with donald trump a plittle earlier, a couple hours pago. phe stopped by the webster pelementary school on elm street pto thank voters and supporters pat the polls tonight. phe had his son out talking to pvoters today. phis daughter made the rounds. pshe stopped by trump campaign pheadquarters and told supporters pthat yes, she is biased, but she pthinks her father is the best
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pwe talked about donald trump pbeing a gop front runner. phe has told us over and over pagain that he does not want to pcount on the polls ringing true. phe wants voters to do the ptalking today, and he is urging pthem to come to the polls on rimary day. pwe want to show you an aspect of pthe room tonight, to give you a psense of the attention this race pis getting. pmembers of the media from around s campaign rally, pand they will be here throughout pthe night. pjennifer: as we talk about this otentially historic turnout, of pcourse, donald trump was really phoping to do well here, too pcertainly stop the discussion pthat had started to turn that he phad underperformed in iowa. pthey are looking for a big pturnout. pin the on decided -- and decided
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pnot decided to block, they are pwell. ptom: ted cruz is looking for the pmomentum out of iowa to pcontinue, right, shelley? pshelley: he sure is, tom. phe won the iowa caucus and is phoping for a strong turnout here pin new hampshire. pi just grab somebody important pto the ted cruz campaign, psenator bob smith. ptonight? pis he worried that he didn' t phave the evangelical base here pin new hampshire? p>> he is feeling great. pand the answer is no. pthere are evangelicals here in pnew hampshire, but there are palso pro-life, pro-gun, pconservatives. pthere is a huge coalition of
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pthink the evangelical issue is pas serious as people make it out pto be. p>> i have to ask you one more pquestion. pthe remark by donald trump last pnight sent shockwaves across panyone paying attention. phow did senator cruz react? p>> he has said in the past that phe finds it amusing. phe wakes up every morning and plooks at his press reports to psee what donald trump said ptoday. pi will let donald trump answer pthat question. pi will say that' s a word i phaven' t heard since about the pseventh grade. p>> exactly. pfrom here in hollis, you can psmell the food cooking. pthey have the country music, and pa load ted cruz' s texas roots. pwe send it back to you.
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pcampaign. pcampaign many years ago. pcruz. pjennifer: he brought up the pissue of ted cruz coming out of pevangelical heavy iowa. phow could he translate that to phampshire? phe was hoping, as bob said, to pgrab as many religious people as phe cut, and then grab the plibertarian voters who may have pbeen thinking -- as he could, pand then grab the libertarian pvoters who may have been pthinking rand paul. ptom: chris christie has held a pton of town halls. pkristen is at the campaign pheadquarters. phow are things down there? pkristen: we are live at the pchris christie campaign pheadquarters where sentiment is pbuilding. pi will take a step aside so you
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s going on. pin. pduring christie' pnumerous town halls. pchris christie had quite the pground game during this pcampaign. phe says he has been here more pthan any other candidates. phe held at least 70 town halls, pwhich was important to him. phe wanted to connect with eople. pafter the gop debate, one of his pmain talking points has been pthat he has the experience to plead and other candidates do pnot. phe also says he is focused on psouth carolina. pwe will have to see what happens ptonight as primary day comes to pa close. ptom: chris christie has said he pwill go on to south carolina no pmatter what, but there is pconcern if he doesn' t do well
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pjennifer: he had a huge role in pthe debate, but was that in pshifting the focus onto himself por onto marco rubio? pwe will find out tonight. plet' s go to rubio headquarters. p>> senator rubio is hoping to ptake that bounce from iowa and pturn it into a strong showing in pnew hampshire. pat 44, he is the youngest of any pof the candidates in either arty. p2010. phe is a conservative. phis tickets rallying cry on the pcampaign trail has been reserving me -- biggest prallying cry on the campaign pamerican dream. phe believes he is the best bet
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phe has been talking about punifying the conservative pmovement and the republican arty, bringing in young people erhaps, in reference to his page, deflecting comments about phis inexperience and talking pabout his work on the senate pmaking him the best potential pcommander in chief. phe is certainly watching all of pthis and hoping, as i said, that pthe bounce from iowa will help phim get enough out of new phampshire to take this all the pway. phe will be here tonight with his pwife and four children. pthey have been here since iowa phoping that their prayers for psnow that turned out well will pturn into prayers for a positive poutcome tonight. ptom: rubio had the momentum pcoming out of iowa, but then the pdebate might have been a pstumbling block and a slowdown
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p>> he was accused of using too pmany talking points. pbut if you talk to marco rubio, phe says these are the points i pbelieve then i will let voters pknow what i believed by saying pthat all the time. pit has been a chance for him to pexplain that in these days pleading up to the primary, but pwhether that took the wind out pof his sails, we will have to psee. ptom: part of the story tonight' s pvoter turnout, so much so that pthey had to ask then the opening pof the polls -- extends the popening of the polls. pthe moderator has the pdiscretion, right, about how plong to keep the polls open? psuzanne: yes. pthey have been having issues pwith traffic coming into the phigh school. pwhen we came in, it was a tool pmile backup. pit took forever to get in. p-- two mile backup. pit took forever to get in. pthe police chief had come to the pmoderator earlier in the week
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pdifferent traffic plan into the pschool, and that is the problem. pthat is what backing up traffic. pvoter turnout, while a little pheavier, is not completely punusual. pagain, they are going to be plooking at that traffic pattern pand trying to make it a much pnext poll. pwe do have word up in the sky proadways, the traffic is pwon' t be looking at that two pmile backup anymore. psuzanne rowntree, wmur news 9. ptom: that is breaking news. psuzanne is giving us her traffic pexpertise. erhaps a new traffic pattern pdeveloping. pjennifer: the returns are pstarting to come in. pwe have another 20 minutes or so
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pjennifer: welcome back, peverybody. pit is primary night in new phampshire. pwe can give you the update out pof merrimack where you can see pthe line of cars. pthe good news is the line is pgetting in. pthe moderator is still deciding phow much longer they will keep pthose polls open. pwe understand it wasn' t pnecessarily a rush of voters so pmuch as a traffic pattern into pthe polling place that everybody pwas trying to work through. pthe good news is it' s moving. pwe will keep you posted when we pget the official word from the pmoderator about how long they pwill keep those polls open. ptom: we want to go to the bernie psanders headquarters, concord phigh school, where adam sexton pis standing by.
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pi think that might be one of the pbig stories tonight. p>> that' s correct. pit looks like that will be the pbig story tonight. pwe bring in josh hamilton. pit' s almost hard to imagine that pa year or so ago, nobody would phave predicted that bernie psanders would have come over pfrom vermont and possibly pknocked off the front runner, phillary clinton. pjosh: his campaign a years of -- pa year ago was little more than pa token campaign. plittle did we know that he had pidentified a large pool of pvoters who are frustrated and pwere looking for something pdifferent, something pantiestablishment. pwithin a couple of months, he pturned a deficit in the polls pinto a lead. psuddenly, he is a global figure pand everybody knows his name. pit' s a remarkable story.
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pthe polls as much as he was, the ressure was on him tonight pbecause if he didn' t meet or pbeat expectations, or really pfell short, then the attention pturns to hillary clinton. pthe numbers are good for bernie psanders. pturnout is key. pso much of his support is based pon younger voters and first-time pvoters. pleading them to polls is a ptricky thing to do. phe has some good guys around phim, but at the end of the day, pthis is bernie sanders campaign. padam: it could be his state ptonight as well. pi am not sure how long we get to pkeep you here because we have pinteresting stories on the prepublican side as well. pjennifer: we understand that pbernie sanders did not talk to a pwhole lot of reporters today as phe made his way out, but he did pwant to get out there and speak pto new hampshire voters. pyou could argue that he had the pharder sell.
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plarge group of people who really pdidn' t know who he was, but he ushed the idea of a political prevolution. phillary clinton had strong psupport here in 2008, and she preally just had to push the pstatus quo. pif you like how things have been punder president obama, we will plike that -- we will build on pthat progress. ptwo different campaigns and the pmotivation they had. ptom: bernie sanders was able to pget to the notion of feeling the pburn going. pjeb bush is expected to be the prepublican front runner. phe' s had a bit of a rocky pcampaign. plet' s go to his headquarters. pandy: good evening, tom and jen, pand good evening, new hampshire. pwe are here in manchester.
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pwe are in the early stages of pthis campaign event. pthey are hoping for a big psurprise tonight. pthere is probably about three ptimes the number of media here pright now as there are people pactually supporting the former pgovernor. phe had some stops today in pmanchester where he actually psaid that he wanted to thank his pvolunteers and the people who phave supported him, not really ptalking to voters. phe said he wanted to respect the rimary process and shut it down pby 3:00 this afternoon. pthe primary process is something phe has grown to embrace. phe got a bit of a late start phere because he said he didn' t pwant to keep coming here amid pspeculation of whether he was pgoing to run. phe said once he decided to run, phe would go all in. phe is hoping the voters have pembraced his message.
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ptom: thank you.
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pjennifer: welcome back to our pcoverage of the new hampshire rimary. pit could turn out to be of very pkasich. ptom: the ohio governor brought pearly. pthis is a serious deal for him, pwell tonight. pwe go to the john kasich pheadquarters. pheather? pheather: people are starting to pfilter into the watch party pevent. pas for the candidate himself, paccording to the campaign, he is ptaking it easy. phe has gone out to dinner with phis wife and a couple of pfriends. pthis is a man who has certainly pworked very hard in new phampshire.
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psomething no other candidate had pdone. phe said he feels most pcomfortable talking directly to pvoters and he certainly was pgetting support early today. pin nashua, people were chanting phis name as he and his wife pwalked over to the voters and pshook hands. phe said he is feeling good about phis chance is. p-- chances. pwhen the iowa caucuses were pgoing on, he was here instead. pit' s a race he feels is paying poff. phe has also focused on running a pvery positive campaign. phe has not had a much criticism pof his opponents. pin the past few weeks, he has pasked that they take down their pnegative ads and focus on the pissues, and that' s what they are pdoing. pjennifer: the carly fiorina pcampaign says they are happy and psatisfied with their effort in pnew hampshire.
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pher to beating a couple of plet' s check in with her pcampaign. p>> we are here for carly pfiorina' s watch party. pit is kicking off now, but the psoon. pi am here with a huge name in pnew hampshire politics. phow do you think it' s going so pfar? pi think it' pnight for carly. pthis room. pthis is the way and new phampshire primary is supposed to pbe run. pcarly is a fighter. pshe is unflappable. pshe will be the root -- the next resident of the united states. pshe has a national expect campaign prunning. pshe has to exceed expectations pto night, and i think she will pdo that. p>> it was like christmas morning
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p>> i got up at 3:00 a.m. and pclear the driveway. pi cast the first ballot this pmorning for carly. pit has been a great reception by pthe media and the people here in pnew hampshire. pi think this is going to be, plike you say, and historic night p. pcarly fiorina is the first pcredible female candidate on the pgop side. pwe should give her good energy pfor the rest of the campaign. pstephanie: thank you so much. preporting live in manchester, pstephanie woods, wmur. pjennifer: very enthusiastic. plet' s get you updated on the psituation in merrimack today. pvoters were waiting in their pcars in a line that was about ptwo miles long to get into the olling site. pthe moderator was still trying pto figure out how much longer pthey needed to extend the polls pto make sure everybody who had
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pit was not necessarily a crush pof voters. pit was more a traffic pattern pthat everybody was trying to get pused to. pin any case, we are just a pcouple of minutes from all of pthe polls closing in the new phampshire primary. ptom: it' s one of those things pthat happens. pyou change the traffic pattern pand nobody in town knows what pit' s going on. pthat' s going to do it for right pnow.
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p the voting continues tonight in ptom merrimack. p:thank you for joining us again pfor coverage of the new
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pjust 2% reporting right now and pthose are very early numbers. p>> let' s get a look again with pthe same 2% of precincts preporting, we have some early pnumbers. phere you can see donald trump, pthe front runner here in new phampshire holding up 41%. pted cruz right now positioned in psecond place again with these pearly numbers with 11%, followed pby john kasich. pthen jeb bush is rounding out pthe top four. ptechnically you' re looking at pthe top three as it stands right pnow we just 2% reporting. p>> chris christie at 7%, ben pcarson with 2%. pvery early numbers in this race. pwe will continue to keep you pup-to-date. px you can see those scrolling at
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pwhere we understand now trending pon twitter. pat one point today there was a pline about two miles long of pvoters trying to get into the olling places and they were pstuck in line for a long time. pit is a big voter turnout but as pit stands now, it turned out to pbe more of a traffic issue with pthe pattern enforced tonight to lace. pthey were going to play it by pear to see how much longer they pneeded to ask end the polls down pin merrimack. eople are getting the chance to pvote but it has been a slight ickup down in the community of pmerrimack. ptom cole it now you' re beginning pto see those numbers come in pwith 2% of the vote coming in it pwe will continue to keep you pup-to-date and we will bring in pour analyst throughout the night pto talk about those numbers. pjennifer: let' s take you back to pmerrimack. pdo you have any updates for us,
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psuzanne: yes, indeed. pbecause of that traffic problem pfrom years past, the police pchief recommended making a new ptraffic pattern for folks pgetting to the polls this year pand that turned out to be a pmistake. pthat' s what caused all the roblems here in merrimack today p. pbecause of that they did extend pthe hours at the polls here and ptechnically at this point the olls have closed. panybody that is in the parking plot right now that has made it pto the high school will be able pto vote. pthe town moderator said she' s pvery sorry for any of those pstuck in traffic that may decide pto turn around, that was not her pintent at all. plive in merrimack, suzanne proantree. pjennifer: breaking news, abc has pjust called the new hampshire rimary. pon the republican side, abc news pcalling the race for donald
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phampshire primary. pon the democratic side, abc news pis calling the race for bernie psanders. ptom: if you stick with us, we pwill continue to watch and talk pabout the numbers as they come pin. pon the republican side, with pdonald trump ahead, it was pexpected but now a question is pthe second, third, fourth spots. pjennifer: it was a very tight pthird place right now so we will pwatch as that develops. plet' s check in with adam sexton pand josh mcelveen. p>> a big cheer went up about 30 pcalled the race for bernie psanders. pa good night for him. pthe margin be. pjosh: it would have been a ptremendous shock for a lot of eople if hillary clinton had
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pwe just talked about this a pmoment ago. pright now he has a double-digit plead. phe needed that momentum. pa lot of people back and i would p-- back and i would -- looking pahead to south carolina right pnow. robably not expected, we punderstand she' s going to go pdown there and re-examine her pcampaign structure and see if pany changes are made. pa good night for bernie sanders. padam: we been putting it in erspective all night long, but phe used to be the guy you would pinvite down here to fire at the plabor crowd. pi don' t think anyone in new phampshire thought of him as a residential candidate or the pwinner of the first in the pnation primary potentially by pdouble digits. pthat' s not something that has
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pdukakis. pit' s been close every election psince then. phe' s done something rare in the pdemocratic primary. pjosh: it was reflected by the pactions of hillary clinton and pthe democratic party. pearly on, hillary clinton never pmentioned the name bernie psanders. pshe had started addressing pbernie sanders more. pit became a situation where pmaybe we should re-examine our pmessage in terms of the hillary pclinton campaign. phe was talking about income pinequality, closing the gap, pthings along those lines. pbernie sanders, this is a premarkable story. padam: a celebration for the pvermont senator tonight. pthe crowd is ready to go wild phere.
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pcan fit in the gymnasium, maybe pless because of the massive pmedia present. pjosh: on the republican side, phow much new hampshire voters preally wanted something pdifferent. pthe nonestablishment candidate, pa reality tv star, real estate pmogul, coming out of the gates. phere he is already declared the pwinner by some media outlets, psanders. pno one would have guessed that a pyear ago. pthese two guys. re both getting up there in page and they both speak their pminds. pjosh: on the republican side, pthe way the numbers are coming
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pflorida governor jeb bush. pright now the gap between john pkasich and donald trump is psignificant. pit will likely be donald trump pand the victory. padam: you cannot have two more popposite candidates in terms of pstyle and the way they campaign. pjohn casey did it the pold-fashioned way, doing a lot pof town halls and really pinvesting in the state. pdonald trump sharing so much of phimself on the stump, going up pand just speaking his mind for pan hour. pi think people underestimated phow much voters really like phearing someone speak in a way pthat has nothing to do with ptalking points and everything to pdo with just spouting off what' s
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pjosh: he was taking a lot of phits for not doing the retail pthings, and then he picked up in pthe campaign evolved. phe did take part in a lot of pevents. phe did interviews when he wanted pto. pdefinitely a contrast with john pkasich. phe didn' t pay much attention to piowa and said point blank, if pnew hampshire doesn' t give me a pboost out of here, it is over. pmaybe he will change his pstrategy for south carolina. ptonight it' s about doing well in pnew hampshire.
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re only talking about 5% or p6% of the precincts coming in so pwe will see. padam: the headline, new phampshire fires a shot across pthe bow of the establishment. ploud and clear the message being psent to washington that people pwant something very different. panother storyline is the front prunner status, bernie sanders pdeclared victorious and on the pother side, nontraditional pcandidate donald trump who said phe really wanted to win new phampshire. pjean: the cheers erupted when pwinning the new hampshire rimary went over the tv sets phere at trump headquarters in pmanchester at 8:00, as soon as pthe polls closed across new eople were cheering and hugging pand waving signs and their hats pagain.
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pthe crowd by surprise that pdonald trump would be declared pthe winner so quickly. phe has never fallen behind it pthe polls since he entered the prace. pit was a good sign for the truck pcampaign that people were pgetting involved in the race, psending a clear message that pthey wanted donald trump to be pthe front runner. pthis would be his first official pbecause he came in second place pin iowa. phe did not want to count on all pthose votes coming through. phe wanted to watch the returns pwith his family in the state of pnew hampshire. phe promised voters that if and pwhen he won his last event on pthe campaign trail it would be pright here in the state of new
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pit looks like he will be doing pthat with his supporters here ptonight. ptom: jean mackin, thank you very pmuch. plet' s go to rick klein who is pwith us tonight, located here in pmanchester. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pthe winners of the new hampshire rimary. pabc has called that race. pwhat happens to this campaign pmoving forward? prick: two earthquakes that will pblow up the nomination contest pon both sides. eople thought things would be retty orderly on the democratic pside and they got a huge wake-up pcall with the bernie sanders pvictory. pno one thought that was possible p. pon the other side, donald trump pof his big win. pthe real story might be who is pin second place.
8:07 pm
pdonald trump the winner tonight, ptwo different winners in the two pcontest but still an pestablishment roiled by who to pcoalesce behind. pyesterday that hillary clinton pmight be taking an internal look pto see if there is the need for psome reshuffling to go on. pmoving into south carolina might pbe friendlier territory down pthere. pdo you expect to see any changes pin the coming days? prick: a memo just out for the pclinton campaign manager poutlining why they still think pthey have a solid case for the pdomination -- for the pnomination. pthey say they will have an pinsurmountable delegate league pof the -- lead by the end of
8:08 pm
pthere is zero margin for error. pdo not underestimate the power pof this victory. pbernie sanders is poised to have pa couple of record fundraising pdays, given his online army. pi think the democratic race presets this evening. ptom: does john casey cap what it ptakes to take the momentum and erform down in south carolina? pwhat does he need to do their? prick: he would be the story if phe finishes second. s radar pscreen despite more than 100 ptown halls right here in new phampshire. pnext contest in south carolina por nevada. phis people have said we can pbring in a lot of money between
8:09 pm
phowever, the establishment has pnot cast its total vote yet. pi don' t think the people on the psidelines are likely to cast ptheir lot with john kasich just pyet. phe will have to prove a lot more pto be a serious contester for pthe nomination. pjennifer: chris christie' s been pa whole lot of time here and was preally hoping for a strong pturnout. phe has said he is planning to go pto south carolina. pdo you think we will see him plast much longer? prick: he will have a hard time pmaking the argument if he comes pin third among the three pgovernors who have spent psignificant time and resources phere. phe will have a hard time making pthe argument, and his money is pgoing to dry up. phe is already seeing the
8:10 pm
phe may not be allowed on the pdebate stage this saturday in pthe next debate. phe will have to make some tough pchoices. pa lot of people are skeptical pabout his ability to carry on. ptom: we hope we will talk to you pagain later on. pjennifer: the update from pmerrimack, the polls did close pand the traffic situation was presolved. plet' s check in with suzanne proantree to see if there is any presidual impact going on down pthere. psuzanne: things are packing up phere. pyou can see behind me that they pare closing things up here in pmerrimack. pthere had been a problem with pthe traffic earlier today, not pbecause of heavy voter turnout pbut because this year they used pa new traffic pattern getting pvoters to the polls. pthey say that' s a mistake and pthey will take a look at that. pthe polls technically closed at
8:11 pm
pafter the designated 7:00 pclosing time, that was with ermission from state officials. pthey will be looking at new ptraffic patterns for the state pelection. pjennifer: as quickly as they set pit up, they take it down. ptom: let' s talk about the early pnumbers. ptonight, here are the numbers pfor the top and bottom parts of pthe republican field. pted cruz at 10%, chris christie p8%, carly fiorina 5% and ben pcarson with 2%. pthis is about six of the 12 pwards reporting. pjennifer: it gives you a hint as pto why you can call the races
8:12 pm
pinteresting to bring them back pto john kasich because he is the pcandidate that spent so much ptime here, really hoping to pclose the deal with these pundecided voters in the last few pdays. p106 town hall meetings, and he psays he' s learned more about
8:13 pm
p ptom: welcome back. pclinton in a race that has been pcalled by the networks, sanders pahead with about 13% reporting. pjennifer: the republicans, with p10% reporting, donald trump the pdeclared winner in the new phampshire primary 34%. pjohn casey coming in at 16%,
8:14 pm
phim. pmarco rubio at 10%, chris pchristie at 8%, carly fiorina at p4% and dr. ben carson rounding pout the group with 2%. plet' s take you to jennifer pcrompton at marco rubio pheadquarters. phe was riding a strong support pout of iowa that did not pnecessarily translate here ptonight. p>> often -- they' re looking at pthe returns and saying with 10% pof the vote being in, they are pnot hanging their hats on this pnumber yet. pthey think the night is young pand they are going to watch the preturns. pmarco rubio was hoping that pbounds from iowa could put him pin the second or third position. phe said he is in it for the long phaul. phe knows he has been hammered by pchris christie for what chris pchristie called lack of pexperience because he is a
8:15 pm
pon the other hand, he talked pabout his age as being a ositive, as being someone who pcan unify the conservative pmovement. phe does not see it as a negative pat all. phe talked about how deep the prepublican bench is. psomeone said if you make it, who pwill you have is a running mate? phe would not go there but he ptalked about the republican pbench as being full of potential pand members. pthen he turned the tables and psaid, how many young democrats pdo you see, promising residential hopefuls in the p40-50 range? phe said there are not any. phe sees himself in this for the plong haul, no matter what phappens tonight. pthere has been a lot of pspeculation that the debate may
8:16 pm
phe said that his campaign raised pmore money during the debate pthen at any other debate in this pcycle. plet' s check in with shelley pwalcott over at the ted cruz him p-- campaign headquarters. pshelley: just like the christie pcampaign, the rubio campaign, pthe ted cruz campaign said they pare in this for the long haul as pwell. pthey came into new hampshire pknowing it would be an uphill pbattle. peven though ted cruz was the pwinner of the iowa caucuses, his pbase is not a true constituency phere in new hampshire. phe had the strong support of pevangelicals. pthere is not a strong pevangelical base here in new phampshire. phe was counting on the votes of plibertarians and reagan
8:17 pm
psomeone told me it' s a strong pshowing because they were not psure how well they would be pdoing here considering that ptheir core constituency was not phere. pi was told that ted cruz is lanning on getting on a plane ptonight possibly to south pcarolina. phe' s hoping for a better showing pin the so-called bible belt pwhere more of his true pconstituents may be. pthat is the scene from here. pwere hoping that ted cruz will pshow up soon to speak to his psupporters here. pif he comes in we will certainly pbring him to you.
8:18 pm
p pjennifer: welcome back to our pcoverage.
8:19 pm
pdeclared winner in this race at p56 are sent to hillary clinton pat 42%. ptom: donald trump has been pdeclared the winner on the prepublican side. phis nearest contender, the story pis who comes in second through pfifth. pjohn kasich holding the second pbush and ted cruz. pon the lower end of the field, pmarco rubio not far behind and pchris christie not far behind. pthey are very jumbled up and pclose to one another. pthen carly fiorina and ben pcarson following after that. plet' s go to andy smith. pwhat do you think so far? phow are these candidates erforming in the city and what
8:20 pm
pandy: let' s talk about the pdemocratic side. phillary clinton would have had pto win manchester by 55% of the pvote. pto do ok she would' ve had to get pabout 50% minimum of the vote in pmanchester. pshe' s well under that right now pand we don' t have all the wards pin, but she' s not in a strong osition at all. pthat tells the story, looking at pmanchester. pon the republican side, things pare really interesting. pdonald trump is doing especially pstrong in the more blue-collar ptowns across state. pjohn kasich is doing well. pit' s not surprising, the overall pthing is the numbers are not too pdifferent than the pre-election olls we have seen. pit is an interesting race,
8:21 pm
pbounce from iowa or an impact pfrom the debates, it was largely pflat. pjennifer: in the past couple of pdays there were signs pointing pto this race with the spread pmaybe holding. pandy: what i was looking at was pturnout. pamong first-time primary voters pand young people, those people pthat were least likely to show s pmargins could get quite big. pthese numbers don' t include any pof the college towns. pi' ve heard there were record pturnouts in places like durham pand keen. pthese are towns that should be pvery good to bernie sanders. pi think we can expect to see pthat lead increase as the night pgoes on. ptom: let' s talk about the psenators and governors on the prepublican side. pthere must be a coalescing of pcandidate somewhere along the
8:22 pm
pandy: the elders in the prepublican party are hoping one pof these candidates can lausibly claim they are the pnumber two person. pi put ted cruz off to the side pbecause he has his own block of psupporters he will have in the psouth regardless of what he does phere. pthey will hope that kasey kahne por rubio or bush bubbles up so pthey can claim they are lausibly the establishment pcandidate. pjennifer: we know that jeb bush lans to be in myrtle beach, psouth carolina as early as ptomorrow. pyou must look at this now and psay if we pull out third place
8:23 pm
pandy: i agree, he has the presources. pmoney is what causes candidates pto drop out. phis brother did quite well in psouth carolina. pthat was the state that stopped pjohn mccain back in 2000. pi would imagine some of the premnants of that bush campaign pin 2000 are still there in 2016. pit' s a long time between, and pstates to change somewhat but i pthink south carolina might be a lace that bush could surprise psome people. ptom: there' s no sign that pchristie or rubio or any of pthese folks are ready to drop pout. pandy: i think they will wait to psee what the results are ptonight. pthey will reassess what kind of pmoney they have left, should pthey be able to go on. pi' m sure they will all get some pconference calls from party
8:24 pm
pstrategy not only for the pcandidates but for the party pitself. pjennifer: the day of reckoning pand regrouping. pthank you, andy. ptom: we' ll be back with more
8:25 pm
p peveryone. pbernie sanders has been declared pthe winner of the new hampshire rimary with 56% over challenger phillary clinton, coming in with p42%. pwe are at 13% of precincts preporting. ptom: and a big night for donald ptrump who has been declared the pwinner by the networks. pa strong showing by john kasich po far with 10% reporting, as 16% pof the vote. pright behind him florida
8:26 pm
pcruz not far behind, all of them pbunched up for the number 2, 3, pand four spot. pmarco rubio and chris christie pstill not far behind them. pit' s a close race and we will pwatch the votes being counted ptonight. pjennifer: let' s go to manchester pand check in with andy phershberger. pandy: at manchester community pcollege with the jeb bush pcampaign. pa few more people are here than pwhen we checked in about an hour pago. phere right now. pthat is a little hard to punderstand, we' pformer florida governor is pchecking in around third, still psecond-place. phe may be close to being tied
8:27 pm
pthis is much better than he pcould have ever conceived of pdoing six or eight weeks ago. phe said he did get a late start phere in new hampshire and did pnot want to fuel speculation he pwas going to run so he did not pshow up very often in the early pstages. pbut when he came up, he was all pin. pwhy they may be disappointed pwith a third-place showing is punclear. phe has been going so paggressively after donald trump pand donald trump appears to be phaving such a big lead and pshould pull a decisive victory pif you believe the early results pso far. phe said you are looking at the pguy who is going after donald ptrump. pnow he may be wondering if that pis a strategy that has worked. pin any event he is moving
8:28 pm
pwhen he will come out and s pguess. pmaybe sooner than later because phe says he does have a campaign pstop tomorrow morning and will phead to south carolina. pjennifer: he needed a big pshowing tonight and he may have pgotten it. plet' s check in with heather pkasich headquarters. pheather: it' s a battle for psecond and it looks like john pkasich may be pulling it off. pjosh: he said i need to do a pstory coming out of new phampshire. phe is a candidate who is totally pat peace. phe has done everything he could ossibly do, over 100 town phalls. phe is having dinner with his pwife and close campaign pstaffers.
8:29 pm
phe has stopped to smell the proses every once in a while. pit' s easy to get caught up in it pand it goes by in a flash. pno matter what happens, he can pconsider that he won dixville pnotch. pjust staying out of the fray. pright now he' s just watching the presults come in and hopefully it ays all. pheather cover -- heather: two pother governors are vying right pnow. pjosh: chris christie and jeb pbush both wanted to finish in psecond place. pjeb bush has more legs. phe can go on to south carolina, phe is well-funded and has some psupport down there.
8:30 pm
psupporters but he continued to pdrop in the polls for no papparent reason. eople are just saying i don' t pget it, why can he not pick up ptraction? phe has the gift of gab, no doubt pabout it. phe just could not seem to get pout of the mud and it appears pthat way right now. pchris christie' s campaign is in pa lot of trouble unless there is pamazing couple of hours ahead. plike john kasich he put in a lot pof time here. phe did not finish well in iowa pand new hampshire is a state phe' s sorely needed to do well pin. pyou think about john kasich pgoing to south carolina against
8:31 pm
pdonald trump obviously very phappy tonight. pdonald trump. pof 25%-20 8%. phe has exceeded expectations. s send it back to pyou in the studio. ptom: carly fiorina has entered pher campaign headquarters to pgreet supporters. pshe is around 4% of the vote, paccording to our numbers with p13% in. pshe has run a vigorous campaign pand was outspoken about not pbeing included in the last they. pshe has promised that she will pgo on. pjennifer: according to her she
8:32 pm
pshe said she has been pinvigorated by the response she phas seen in new hampshire. pcoming in as a complete unknown pand getting a good turnout at pthe town halls. pshe said the election is pbasically about the integrity of pthe country. pshe is not necessarily brand-new pto politics. pshe was an advisor to john pmccain in the past. pshe said it was her business pexperience that would make her pready to lead on the world pstage. pshe said that built up her pmanagement chops so she was pready to lead coming into pwashington on day one. ptom: she won the endorsement of pa well-known political figure pand conservative in new phampshire, a gubernatorial pcandidate most recently.
8:33 pm
pcampaign that her supporters are pdogged in their respect for her pand her message, saying she' s pthe only one that could have a preal one-on-one debate with phillary clinton. pjennifer: we will dip into the paudio as senate she gets over to pthe podium. pa lot of folks who started to ay attention to carly fiorina pduring the setting of the pdebate, she is a ferocious pdebater, as you mentioned. pshe said that was one of the pobjectives, to get her on a pstage with hillary clinton. pa lot of people started to preally pay attention. pshe has been well advised and pwell-traveled with the task of pbeing a manager and a presence. pshe did pick up support after pturning in good debate erformances, but as you said, pshe was concerned that not pappearing on last saturday' s pdebate stage could have hurt her
8:34 pm
ptom: she did so well in the pfirst debate of the season that pit elevated her to the main pstage for a debate and did well pthere as well. pher numbers spiked significantly pand then began to fall off as pother candidates also performed pwell. pthe only people holding the lacards and my location were pcarly fiorina supporters today. pshe does have a hard-core pgrassroots level of support and pit made play better down in psouth carolina. pjennifer: let' s check in with pstephanie woods. pstephanie: cnn is projecting the pwinner of the new hampshire prepublican primary to be donald ptrump. pyou could not tell that to this pgroup here in manchester.
8:35 pm
pshe is making her way through pthe crowd shaking hands with a plot of people. pthe projections are showing she pis coming in seventh in the new phampshire primary, which was the psame as her disappointing finish pin the iowa caucus. pwe have no word from her pcampaign, everything we' ve been phearing so far has suggested she pis on the ballot in 26 states. pthey have the funding and the pwillpower and are going to stay pin it for the long haul. pshe has run her campaign on the pfact that she has business pexperience, that she has the pblueprint for america and this pkind of financial expertise and olitical outsider quality is pwhat would make her such a
8:36 pm
resident of the united states. pthat' s what we are hearing from pa lot of her supporters here in pmanchester. pthey like that she is an poutsider, that she has new and pfresh ideas. pthe sentiment here is that a pstrong showing is more about pambition and sentiment and assion than about actual votes pand delegates. pcnn is projecting donald trump pis the winner of the republican rimary in new hampshire and reliminary results are showing pcarly fiorina coming in seventh lace. pwe only have a limited number of recincts reporting so time will ptell if that is the case. pshe is shaking hands with all
8:37 pm
pwe will have to see if she will ptalk about the campaign to come por if she' s betting out for now. pjennifer: we will go back to you pif we hear that she is making a pspeech of some sort. plet' s check in with kristen pcarosa at chris christie' s pheadquarters tonight. pkristen: you can see behind me eople have been trickling in pall night and supporters are pwaiting to hear from governor pchristie. pwe don' t know when we will be phearing from him. phe had a busy day on the pcampaign trail. phe met with voters in bedford, pmanchester and salem. phe wanted to say thank you to peveryone who worked hard during pthis campaign. pwe keep talking about his
8:38 pm
phe attacked marco rubio saying phe is unfit to lead. pi guess the question now is, he phas been saying all week he' s pheading to south carolina. pwill he still had their? pwe will have to find out. pwe' re still waiting for chris pchristie to get here to speak pwith supporters. pkristen carosa, wmur news 9. ptom: chris christie won the pendorsement of the union leader pnewspaper and had the backing of pa number of common people in the pstate. pthe margins between second, pthird, and fourth-place pfinishers on the republican side pare miniscule. pwe will see how it ends up at
8:39 pm
pfinishing anywhere near he pwanted to tonight. phe said new hampshire was where phe wanted to make a stand. pnow he' s coming in at about 8%, pso not where he wanted to be. pyou have to ask if he has the pinfrastructure and organization pthat remains to be seen tonight. ptom: chris christie had a psignificant amount of support in pthe state and he said new phampshire owes him nothing, that phe has enjoyed every second he phas campaigned in the state. phe played the political game
8:40 pm
pexpects it to be late, had tons pof town hall meetings, so he pwill be watching for the final
8:41 pm
p pjennifer: welcome back to our pcommitment 2016 coverage. pbernie sanders declared the pwinner of the new hampshire rimary. pwith 17% of precincts reporting, phe is at 57% with hillary pclinton at 41%. ptom: the gap beginning to widen pa little bit. pdonald trump is been declared pthe winner: behind him john pkasich, then bush and then ted pcruz. pfirst a look at the bottom of pthe field, rubio, christie pfollowing the top three.
8:42 pm
pheadquarters. pwhat is the mood there tonight? pshelley: a huge cheer erupted pfrom the crowd here at alpine pgrove a few minutes ago. pone of the networks put ted cruz pin second place. pagain the numbers have been pflip-flopping back-and-forth but pa lot of people here are excited pand optimistic about the strong pshowing they feel the senator pfrom texas is showing. plet' s bring in senator bob psmith. pwhat is the feeling here right pnow? p>> the started with just a few re pgetting up to 15% or 20% in. pa lot of conservative is out in pthe rural areas and were just pno predictions, we' re just in ptheir competing, as i said. pwe have the greatest grassroots pteam i'
8:43 pm
ve been in politics, pthey worked their hearts out. plet the voters make the decision p, but i' m hearing sounds that i pi can' t wait to get back there pand find out what it is. pshelley: we will let you get pback there. pthat' s the scene from here. pcruz headquarters. phe won the iowa caucuses, on the pback of evangelicals there. pthe evangelical constituency is pnot a strong one here in new phampshire. psenator cruz had been counting pon reagan democrats and plibertarians to carry the day pfor him here in new hampshire pand he' s having a strong showing phere. eople hoping that when all the pnumbers even out it will put psenator cruz in second place, pbut of course that remains to be pseen. pi' m told he is expected to show
8:44 pm
pfirmer idea of how he will lace. pbut again, lots of optimism here pat ted cruz headquarters in phollis. ptom: that would narrow it down pmoving into south carolina. pjennifer: live pictures inside phillary clinton' s campaign pheadquarters at southern new phampshire university. pwe don' t have a hard time for pwhen she will or should be pappearing but as you can see pwith these live pictures, it pdoes appear the crowd is pbuilding some momentum. pwe will go to her remarks live pas soon as they happen. pnot tonight that she had hoped pfor or experienced back in 2008 pwe new hampshire had been so pgood to her and she had come pfrom behind to be a barack obama pwho had just won the iowa caucus
8:45 pm
pshe was able to evaporate that plead and make a real stand here pin new hampshire. pit was not the same kind of plandscape for her this time paround. phopefully we will be hearing pfrom her in the very near pfuture. ptom: let' s bring in josh pmcelveen to talk about the pclinton campaign. pi guess they expected this from pthe beginning and the question pis how wide the margin might be. pjosh: i' m not sure they expected pthis to occur a year ago. phillary clinton started her pcampaign very slowly on a bit of pa listening tour. pthey thought there was no one pout there that could really beat pthem. pobviously that strategy was pturned on its ear by bernie psanders mania.
8:46 pm
pbecause no one would expect, pjust like on the republican side p, no one would have expected pdonald trump or bernie sanders pto emerge like they did. psuddenly she found herself in a pbattle with bernie sanders. pyou have to credit the campaign pfor not giving up on new phampshire. pa lot of people told the clinton pcampaign, that state is lost. pfight it out in iowa. pwhen that is move on to south pcarolina because there' s nothing pto be gained by staying in new phampshire because bernie sanders phad too much of a leap. pbut you came anyway -- she came panyway. pjeanne shaheen, governor maggie
8:47 pm
phillary clinton here, but the panti-establishment fervor is out pthere on the side of bernie psanders. pjennifer: with bernie sanders pwith a narrow loss to clinton pout of iowa and now a resounding pvictory in new hampshire over pclinton, does that solidify him pas a major player moving pforward, and does the clinton pcampaign a just for that in psouth carolina where they were panticipating moving forward? pjosh: from what we understand, pshe will re-examine her campaign pstructure. pchanges need to be made as some pof the reports are coming out, pwhat those changes are, we don' t pknow yet.
8:48 pm
rogress. pthey are adjusting to a game pan p-- game plan they did not think pthey would have to deal with. pnow it' s about surviving bernie psanders. erception is everything. p>> a total and complete panic pfor clinton supporters around pthe country. pno doubt about it there is real pconcern. pcouple of weeks ago bernie psanders had a meeting with resident barack obama. plikely that ami -- that meeting pwas about, you have a chance to ull this off.
8:49 pm
pfor and you are a major player. pcertainly here in new hampshire. pwe will see what happens in psouth carolina but it' s pidentified as a challenge and pthreat to hillary clinton. ptom: josh mcelveen, we will be pback to you shortly. pwe want to look at the derry pfeel country club where carly pfiorina has been meeting with pher supporters tonight. pshe' s expected to come up to the odium right now. pher campaign managers getting pready to announce the candidate. pjennifer: carly fiorina spending pa great deal of time in new phampshire, thanking all this up porders giving her a shot at pthis. pshe is taking the stage right pnow so let'
8:50 pm
pcarly fiorina: thank you so pthank you. p[applause] pthank you, everybody. pthank you so much. pyou know, frank and i have to ptell you the truth, we have sort pof fallen in love with new phampshire. p[applause] plive free or die, exactly. plet me begin by thanking ovid pand betty. pwe could not have asked for a pbetter state chairman and pcochairman.
8:51 pm
pshe brought ovid along. pthank you to both of you for pwhat you have done. pand thanks to all of you. pas frank and i have walked pthrough the room here tonight, pit is so wonderful to recognize peverybody here. pyou have all become friends. pwe have fallen in love with new phampshire, and it' s really true. pyou all have become friends and psupporters. phow many of you have come up to pboth of us over the last year pand said keep going, keep going. pyou really have given us the penergy to keep going. pyou are giving us went at our pback tonight. pwe have a long way to knowing phow things will settle out but pwe are very encouraged. pas i said too many of you ptonight, we are going to keep pgoing.
8:52 pm
pas perhaps you have heard me say pmany times, it was new hampshire pthat first got me started pthinking about running for resident. p pdon' t think of ourselves as a pand we know that we can' t settle pfor that. pwe know we can do so much pbetter, that our politics today, pour government today, our lack pof leadership today, we can do pso much better by remembering pwho we are and restoring a pcitizen government once again to pthis great nation. pi am convinced this is my
8:53 pm
pyou have given me the energy, pdetermination, and wind at our pbacks to continue this great pfight. pbut i have to say, since we pstarted in may, when none of you phad ever heard of us, really, peverywhere both of us went, you pare so welcome, so warm, and so pintent on hearing what we had to psay. pfor that, i am forever grateful. pand i think we know what it pstake. pthe passion, energy, and pdetermination that you have pshown to lift this campaign up pfrom where nobody had ever heard pof us to even when would -- when pthey try to shut us out, peverybody knows we are talking, pyou have done that. p[applause]
8:54 pm
pi am not going to sit down and pbe quiet, and neither are you. p[applause] pi am not going to settle for the pway things are, and neither are pyou. pi am not going to accept a psystem and no longer works for pus, and neither are you. pand so, our fight is just pbeginning, actually. pthis fight is just beginning. pso, friends, citizens, our great psupporters here in new phampshire, frank and i will
8:55 pm
pand it will be not the last time pyou hear me say -- tonight will pbe the first of many times you phear me say all throughout this pnation, as i have said to you, pstand with me. pfight with me. pvote with me. pbecause citizens, it is time we ptook our country back. pthank you all. ptom: carly fiorina not giving up pwhatsoever. pjennifer: she said we are going pto keep going. pshe intends to take this pcampaign beyond new hampshire. pshe said she has organizations pin dozens of other states. pshe has the money. pshe is well-funded. pshe has the energy.
8:56 pm
ptom: andy is at the clinton pheadquarters. pwhat is the status? p>> i am so excited to join you pon such a special night in new phampshire. plook how much love there is for phillary clinton here. pthis crowd doesn' t feel like pthey have lost a thing. pwe are waiting for secretary pclinton to come to the podium. pwe know by now that abc and ap pare reporting that this race is pgoing to bernie sanders. pthe hillary clinton campaign is p-- has been tempering pexpectations for weeks on this. pyou can see the crowd in a pfrenzy for her to come and speak pto them. pthey have been tempering pexpectations for a while now, phoping to maybe close that pmargin and spin the momentum pgoing into south carolina. phillary clinton hoping for a pmiracle win.
8:57 pm
pbill clinton. pshe says she loves new phampshire. pshe loves new hampshire voters pand the way the voters appraise pevery candidate. pshe talked to me about learning pabout our opioid crisis and how pshe will carry those stories in pher heart as she continues on pthe campaign trail. pshe is struggling of course with pissues of trustworthiness, the phim to miss e-mails, and the pcalls -- those infamous e-mails, pand the calls for the ptranscripts to be released. pshe said if she is going to prelease transcripts, everyone pshould release everything. pclinton. pi feel like it is going to be pnot sure. pnot a lot of precincts reporting pat this point that we know the
8:58 pm
pthe margin is going to mean psomething. pshe never gave up on new phampshire. undits said she should skip new phampshire, the margin was too pwide. pshe said absolutely not, new phampshire is a special place to pher, her husband, and her pdaughter, chelsea, that they phave made a lot of connections phere and connected with a lot of pvoters here. pi think we will hand things back pto you and come back when phillary is closer to taking the odium. ptom: we will come back as soon pstage at her campaign pheadquarters. pjennifer: there is a theory in pthe clinton campaign that bernie psanders has been given somewhat pof a pass by the media because pshe was the presumptive front prunner. pher hats she was given more pmedia attention, -- perhaps she
8:59 pm
pthat they were digging in on her pwhen they should have been pequally digging in on bernie psanders. pwith that theory in the pdiscussion that the clinton pcampaign will be turning inward pand taking a very hard internal plook, perhaps a reshuffling of presources as they move forward. ptom: i want to talk about these pnumbers. pare we seeing numbers from the pcollege towns? pbernie sanders should be doing pvery well there. p>> we have not seen the college ptowns yet. pkeane, durham, plymouth, phannover, lebanon in that area pwhere the universities are, and pdover, where a lot of people pare there is very heavy turnout pin the college towns, and bernie psanders i would suspect is going ptowns.
9:00 pm
pi expect these numbers to expand pas we go throughout the night. ptom: it will be interesting to phear his message when he paddresses this crowd. pjennifer: historically speaking, pthe young block that propelled pbarack obama to victory in 2008 pseems to have really pull ptogether the hind bernie sanders pthis time around. pnotoriously, they are hard to in down. pthey may be polling in favor of phim, but getting them to show up pis another story. p>> that' s what i was looking at pheading into this race tonight. olling was showing that sanders pwas doing extraordinarily well pamong young voters, well over p80%. pstate. t a problem.
9:01 pm
laces and back. pit is remarkable -- kids from olling places and back. pturnout we see in these towns. pbernie was able to deliver the pvoters. pthe generational shift is phappening in the democratic arty. pthe people that endorsed hillary pclinton across the country are psupporting an older candidate. pthe younger voters who were not peven born, many of them, when phillary clinton was the first plady, think very differently pabout the world. pthey don' t think of socialism as pthe soviet union and the gulags. pthey think about it as paris or psomeplace they are going on pvacation. pthe young women have not pexperienced the same sort of roblems with discrimination as ptheir mothers and grandmothers pdid. pthey probably had women as
9:02 pm
pand they don' t see the world the psame way as the older democrats pdo. pit' s difficult for older folks pin the party to see the world pthrough those younger eyes. ptom: that gender differential pwas kind of played out on some pof the screens with comments by pmadeleine albright and gloria psteinem, trying to redefine pwhether younger women should be pvoting for heller he clinton or pnot. p-- hillary clinton or not. p>> and the young women have said pwe can make up our own minds. pwe don' t have to vote for phillary clinton just because pshe' s a woman. pthink that exemplifies the pdifferences that they have pexperienced in their lives. pthey don' t see the world through pthe eyes of these older women pwho really had to fight for pthese changes in society. pthey are the beneficiaries of
9:03 pm
ptom: it promises to be very pinteresting tonight. pmight be approaching the stage. pthere he is. pnot there yet. pbut the room is filling up and pwe expect to hear from him pshortly. ptom: we also have words that pbernie sanders will be taking pthe podium shortly. pwe are waiting for hillary pclinton to speak from her pcampaign headquarters. pno word yet from donald trump. pwe'
9:04 pm
ptom: welcome back. phillary clinton is at the podium pclinton. pshe is talking to a rigorous plet' pmrs. clinton: thank you. pthank you, my friends. pthank you. pthank you all. pi just want to begin -- p[crowd chanting hillary!] psecretary clinton: thank you pi don' t know what we would have pwon. pi want to begin by pcongratulating senator sanders pon his victory tonight.
9:05 pm
pevery one of you, and i want to p[applause] pdo. pnow we take this campaign to the pentire country. pwe are going to fight for every pvote in every state. pwe are going to find real psolutions that make a real pdifference in peoples lives. pwhen i started this campaign plast spring, i knew we were pfacing profound challenges as a pcountry. pthe way too many things were pgoing just wasn' t right. pit isn' t right that the kids i pmet in flint on sunday were oisoned because their governor pwanted to save money. pit isn' t right for a grandmother phere in new hampshire or panywhere else to have to choose pbetween paying rent and buying pmedicine because a prescription
9:06 pm
p4000% overnight, and it isn' t pright that a cashier that i met phere in new hampshire is paid pless than her son for doing the psame work even though she has pbeen on the job more years. pnow, people have every right to pbe angry. pbut they are also hungry. pthey are hungry for solutions. pwhat are we going to do? pand that is the fight we are ptaking to the country. pwhat is the last way to change eople' s lives so we can all pgrow together? pwho is the best change maker? pand here is what i promise. phere is what i promise. pi will work harder than anyone pto actually make the changes
9:07 pm
pin this campaign, you have heard pa lot about washington and wall pstreet. psenator sanders and i both want pto get secret, unaccountable pmoney out of politics, and let' s premember, let' s remember, pcitizens united, one of the pworst supreme court decisions in pour country' s history, was pactually a case about a pright-wing attack on me in my pcampaign. pa right-wing organization took pme let me took -- took aim at me pand ended up damaging our pdemocracy, so yes, you' re not pgoing to find anyone as pcommitted to aggressive campaign pfinance reform as me. pwe also agree that wall street pcan never be allowed to once pagain threaten main street, and pi will fight to rain and wall pstreet.
9:08 pm
pso when i tell you no bank can pbe too big to fail and no pexecutive to powerful to jail, pyou can count on it. pnow, the real differences in the prace are truly over how do we pcreate a future of prosperity, popportunity, and security for pall of us? pwe need to build a growth and pfairness economy with higher pwages and more good paying jobs, pincluding a bold national pmission to create millions of pjobs in clean energy, pmanufacturing, and pinfrastructure. pand we need to unleash again the pinnovation of our entrepreneurs pand small businesses, make it peasier for parents to balance
9:09 pm
pcrackdown on corporations that pgame the system, stop other pcountries who take advantage of pus with unfair trade practices, pbut even all that is not enough. pwe also have to break through pthe barriers of bigotry. pafrican-american parents pshouldn' t have to worry that ptheir children will be phumiliated, harassed, even shot pbecause of the color of their pskin. pimmigrant families shouldn' t phave to lie awake at night list pname for a knock on the door. p-- listening for a knock on the pdoor. plgbt citizens should not be pfired from a job because of who pthey are or who they love. pand let' s finally deliver psomething long overdue, equal ay for women. pso, here is how i see it. pour president has to do all
9:10 pm
pamericans to make sure nothing pholds you back, and not debt, pnot discrimination, not a deck pthat is always stacked for those pat the top. pwe need to break down barriers pand build ladders of opportunity pfor every person. pthat is how we will build a pbetter tomorrow together, and pthat has been the cause and work pof my life. pmy family and my faith taught me pa simple credo, do all the good pyou can in all the ways you can pfor all the people you can. pthat is what called me to a life pof service just like millions of pteachers, nurses, police pofficers, firefighters, and pmembers of our armed services pwho get up every day and do the pquiet work, the heroic work for pthe rest of us. pwhen sheltering anywhere country pgo to bed hungry or -- but when
9:11 pm
pgo to bed hungry or are denied pquality education or face of pabuse and abandonment, that pdiminishes all of us. pthat is why i went undercover in palabama to expose racism in pschool. pi worked to reform criminal pjustice in south carolina. pand that is why i went to flint, pmichigan, on sunday. pwhen people anywhere in america pdemands action. pthat is why i believe so pstrongly that we have to keep up pthe argument and campaign for pwomen' s rights, human rights as pgay rights, human rights as pworkers rights, human rights as pacross the board for every
9:12 pm
pnow, that is who i am. pthat is what i have always done. pthat is why i am in this race. pi know i have some work to do, articularly with young people, pbut i will repeat again what i phave said this week. peven if they are not supporting pme now, i support them, because pi know i have had a blessed plife, but i also know what it is plike to stumble and fall. pand so many people across pamerica know that feeling. pand we have learned it is not pwhether you get knocked down pthat matters. pit' s whether you get back up. pso my friends, please, join me
9:13 pm
phave made under president obama, ushing forward every single day pto break down the barriers that phave held us back. pwe have to believe in the basic roposition of our country, when pall americans have a chance to psucceed, when all of us have the popportunity to live up to our pgod-given potential. pthen and only then can america plive up to its potential as pwell. pso, let me thank all of you. pi am very grateful to my pwonderful family. pknowing they are by my side pkeeps me going every day. pto the thousands of volunteers pand organizers who called pneighbors and knocked on doors pin the new hampshire snow. pto everyone who went to to give for
9:14 pm
eople who have contributed to pgiving less than $100. pi know that doesn' t fit with the pnarrative. pi know there are those who want pto deny fashion -- deny the assion and the purpose for this pcampaign. pbut you know the truth. pyou know we are going to win. pthank you all so very much. ptom: hillary clinton in her pfirst comments tonight. pi still love new hampshire and i palways will. pa big embrace from her family, pand she is promising to move pthis campaign forward. pjennifer: we are also on standby pat the john kasich headquarters. plet' s check in now. p>> as you can hear, this gratis pappreciative that the case at
9:15 pm
plike hillary clinton, he likes pnew hampshire now. phe needed a second-place finish, pand he got it. phe is the silver medalist of the pnew hampshire primary of 2016. pa short time ago i was in the photel room with his staff, his pwife, when the news came in. phe said i have done everything i pcan do -- former u.s. senator pgordon humphrey is trying to get pthe ohio governor to come out. pa very happy crowd right now. pwe had the opportunity to see pthe reaction when he was pdeclared the second-place pfinisher. phe clapped his hands above his phead, turned to his wife and
9:16 pm
pnow it is on to south carolina. phe is very excited about the rospect of coming back. ptom: as we await governor pkasich, bernie sanders, the pother big winner tonight. plet' s listen in. pbernie sanders getting ready to pmeet with his supporters at pconcord high school. phe is the big winner on the pdemocratic side in the new phampshire primary. pno one thought it could be done. pjennifer: he is about to speak.
9:17 pm
prevolution. ptonight, voters have told him pthey agree with that theory and pthey have given him a big pvictory tonight. ptom: they are definitely feeling pthe bern. pmr. sanders: thank you. pthank you, new hampshire. p[applause] pshortly after the polls closed, psecretary clinton called and was pvery gracious and her pcongratulations. pi thank her for her call, and i pcongratulate her and her psupporters for the bigger his
9:18 pm
pand let me take this opportunity pto thank the many, many pthousands of volunteers here in pthe granite worked so tirelessly p. pour volunteers work tonight and pday, made phone calls and pknocked on a heck of a lot pof doors, and we won because of pyour energy. pthank you all, so much. pthanks to our great campaign
9:19 pm
ptogether, we have sent a message pto washington, from maine to pcalifornia. pand that is that the government pof our great country belongs to phandful of wealthy campaign pcontributors and their super acks -- pacs. pnine months ago, we began our pcampaign here in new hampshire. pwe had no campaign organization. pwe had no money.
9:20 pm
owerful political organization pin the united states of america. pand tonight, with voter turnout, pbecause of a huge voter turnout, pand i say huge, we won, because pwe harness the energy and the pexcitement that the democratic
9:21 pm
pwhat happened here in new phampshire in terms seven penthusiastic and aroused pelectorate, people who came out pand lodged on this, that is what pwill happen all over this pcountry. pand let us never forget, pdemocrats and progressives win pwhen voter turnout is high. prepublicans win when people are pdemoralized and voter turnout is plow. ptonight, we serve notice to the olitical and economic pestablishment of this country pthat the american people will pnot continue to accept a corrupt
9:22 pm
pundermining american democracy, pand we will not accept a rigged peconomy in which ordinary pamericans work longer hours for plower wages while almost all new pincome and wealth goes to the ptop 1%. p[applause] pi want to take this opportunity pagain to congratulate secretary pclinton and her organization and psupporters for waging a vigorous pcampaign. pi hope that in the days ahead we pcan continue to wage a strong, pissue oriented campaign, and
9:23 pm
pbut i also hope that we all premember -- and this is a pmessage not just to our popponents, but to those who psupport me as well, that we will pneed to come together in a few pmonths and unite this party and pthis nation because the pright-wing republicans we oppose pmust not be allowed to gain the residency. pas we all remember, the last ptime republicans occupied the pwhite house, their trickle-down peconomic policies drove us into pthe worst economic downturn psince the depression of the p1930' s. pno, we will not allow huge
9:24 pm
pwe will not allow huge cuts to psocial security, veteran' s pneeds, medicare, and education. pno, we will not allow back into pthe white house a political arty which is so beholden to pthe fossil fuel industry that pthey cannot even a knology the pscientific reality of -- even preality of climate change. pthe people of new hampshire have psent a profound message to the olitical establishment, the peconomic establishment, and by pthe way, to the media
9:25 pm
p[applause] p[crowd chanting bernie] pmr. sanders: what the people phere have said is that given the penormous crises facing our pcountry, it is just too late for pthe same old same old pestablishment politics and pestablishment economics. pthe people want real change. pwhat the american people are
9:26 pm
pthis not just from progressives, pbut from conservatives and pmoderates, is that we can no plonger continue to have a pcampaign finance system in which pwall street and the billionaire pcap -- class are able to buy pelections. p[chanting, "we don' t need no psuper pac. bernie sanders has pour back.] pmr. sanders: the american people punderstand that is not what pdemocracy is about. pthat is what oligarchy is about,
9:27 pm
pi do not have a super pac, and i pdo not want a super pac. pi am overwhelmed and deeply pmoved, far more than i can pexpress in words, by the fact pthat our campaigns financial psupport comes from more than one pmillion americans who have made pmore than the $3.7 million -- pmore than 3.7 million individual pcontributions. p[applause] pthat is more individual pcontributions than any candidate pin the history of the united pstates up until this point in an pelection. pand do you know what that
9:28 pm
p$27. pi am going to new york city ptonight and tomorrow, but i am pnot going to new york city to phold a fundraiser on wall pstreet. pinstead, i am going to hold a pfundraiser right here, right pnow, across america. pmy request is please go to and pcontribute.
9:29 pm
pwe need, whether it is $10, $20, p50 dollars. phelp us raise the money we need pto take the fight to nevada, psouth carolina, and the states pon super tuesday. p[applause] pso, there it is. pthat' s our fundraiser. pnow, what the american people punderstand is that our great pcountry was based on a simple rinciple, and that principle is pfairness. plet me be very clear. pit is not fair when we have more pincome and wealth inequality ptoday than almost any major
9:30 pm
ptop 1/10 of 1% now owns almost pas much wealth as the bottom 90% p. pthat is not fair. pit is not fair when a 20 pwealthiest people in this pcountry now own more wealth than pthe bottom half of the american eople. pso, are you guys ready for a pradical idea? p[applause] ptogether, we are going to create pan economy that works for all of pus, not just the 1%. pand when millions of our people pare working for starvation pwages, yes, we are going to phour.
9:31 pm
pequity for women. pand when we need the best peducated work force in the world p, yes, we are going to make ptuition free. pand for the millions of pamericans struggling with phorrendous levels of student pdebt, we are going to psubstantially ease that burden. pin america, people should not be pfinancially distressed for pdecades for the crime -- the pcrime -- of trying to get a phigher education. pthat'
9:32 pm
pwell, my critics say, you know, pbernie, it' s a great idea that pyou are into all this free pstuff. phow are you going to pay for it? pi will tell you. pwe are going to impose a tax on pwall street speculation. p[applause] pthe greed, the recklessness, and pthe illegal behavior of wall pknees. pthe american people bailed out pwall street. s time to phelp the middle class. p[applause] pand when we talk about ptransforming america, it means pending the disgrace of this
9:33 pm
pthe world, disproportionately pafrican-american and latino. pnot only are we going to fight pto end institutional racism and pthe broken criminal justice psystem, we are going to provide pjobs and education for our young eople, not jails and pincarceration. p[applause] pand let me say that as a member pof the energy committee in the psenate and the environmental pcommittee, the debate is over.
9:34 pm
pit is caused by human activity, pand it is already causing pdevastating problems in this pcountry and around the world. pwe have a moral responsibility pto work with countries pthroughout the world to ptransform our energy system away pfrom fossil fuel to energy pefficiency and sustainable penergy. pnow, i have been criticized pduring this campaign for many, pmany things. pevery single day. pthat' pthat' s alright. pthey are throwing everything at pme except the kitchen sink, and pi have the feeling that kitchen psinking is -- kitchen sink is pcoming pretty soon as well.
9:35 pm
pis thinking big, not small. pit' s about having the courage to preject the status quo. pit' s about saying that at a time pwhen every major country on pearth guarantees health care to pall of their people, we should pbe doing the same in our own pcountry. pin my view, under president pobama' s leadership, the paffordable care act has been an pimportant step forward, no pquestion, but we can and must do pbetter.
9:36 pm
premain uninsured, and an even pgreater number should not be punderinsured with large pdetectable' s -- deductibles and pcopayments. pwe should not be paying, by far, pthe highest prices in the world pfor prescription drugs at a time p-- listen to this -- when the ptop three drug companies in this pcountry made $45 billion in rofit last year. p[boos] pmr. sanders call and that is an pobscenity. pand let me tell you something, pwhen -- pmr. sanders: that is in at psanity. pand let me tell you something, pwhen we make it to the white phouse, the pharmaceutical
9:37 pm
pand further, it makes no sense pthat as a nation we continue to pspend far, far more per capital pthan do the people of any other pnation, all of whom guarantee phealth care to all of their eople. pthat is why i believe in a pmedicare for all, single-payer rogram. pit will not only guarantee phealth care for all, but will pfamily thousands of dollars a pyear in health care costs. pmy friends, we' ll know that we plive in a dangerous and complex pworld. pas president, i will defend this
9:38 pm
pi voted against the war in iraq. pand that was the right boat. pwhile we must be relentless in pcombating terrorists who would pdo us harm, we cannot and should pnot be the policeman of the pworld. pnor should we bear the burden of pfighting terrorism alone. pin the middle east, the united pstates must be part of an pinternational coalition psustained by nations in the pregion that have the means to rotect themselves. ptogether, we must and will pdestroy isis.
9:39 pm
pthat does not put our young men pand women in the military into erpetual warfare in the pquagmire of the middle east. pmy friends, we must fix our pbroken immigration system that pdivides families and create a ath toward citizenship for phard-working people living in pthe shadows. pwe must strengthen and expand psocial security and increase the pbenefits that seniors and pdisabled vets receive so that eople can live in dignity in ptheir retirement. pwe must rebuild our crumbling
9:40 pm
pthat, we create millions of pdecent paying jobs. pwe must pursue the fight for pwomen' s rights, for gay rights, pfor disability rights, . pwe must, against stronger and pstronger opposition, protect the pright of a woman to control her pown body. pand we must protect the men and pwomen who serve our nation in puniform and protect our veterans
9:41 pm
pmy friends, we must tell the pbillionaire class and the 1% pthat they cannot have it all. pat a time of massive wealth and pincome inequality, the pwealthiest people and largest pcorporations in this country pshare of taxes. pmy friends, miami the son of a olish immigrant who came to pthis country -- i am the son of pa polish immigrant who came to pthis country speaking no english pand having no money. pmy father worked every day of phis life and he never made a pwhole lot. pmy mom, dad, brother and i grew pup in a small, three and a half proom rent-controlled apartment
9:42 pm
pmy mother, who died at a young page, always dreamed of moving pout of that apartment, getting a phome of her own, but she never prealized that dream. pthe truth is that neither one of pmy parents could ever have pdreamed that i would be here ptonight, standing before you as pa candidate for president of the punited states. p[crowd chanting bernie] pthis is the promise of america, pand this is the promise we must pgenerations. pwhat began last week in iowa,
9:43 pm
phampshire confirmed tonight, is pnothing short of the beginning pof a political revolution. pit is a political revolution pthat will bring tens of billions pof our people together. pit will bring together working eople who have given up on the olitical process. pit will bring together young eople who have never articipated in the political rocess. pit will bring together blacks pand whites, latinos, asian
9:44 pm
pstraight and gay, male and pfemale, people who were born in pimmigrated here. ploudly and clearly that the pgovernment of our great nation pbelongs to all of us, not just a pcontributors. pthat is what this campaign is pabout. pthat is what the political prevolution is about. pso, new hampshire, thank you pagain, and now it is on -- p[crowd cheering and chanting
9:45 pm
pthank you, new hampshire, and pand beyond. ptom: there you go. pthe former mayor of burlington, pvermont, in a victory speech ptonight. plet' s listen to john kasich pbeginning to his supporters. pmr. casey: while the reality tv pstar is still doing well, you phave reset the race, and for pthat i am grateful. pgranite stater' s understand that pwe are electing the president of pthe united states, a person who phas to make tough decisions. pi thought to share my heart and pmy ideas about the future of pthis country, and i am so popportunity here in new phampshire. palong the way, i did a lot of plistening and learning, psomething i think is important
9:46 pm
pi learned from missy cruise, a pwoman who is a leader in the precovery movement here in new phampshire. pwe have an epidemic of addiction pin the united states, and what i plearned is we can fix it if we pall act on our heart to make pones have a second chance. pjeb bush: i learned from eric polson in the chamber of commerce pthat he is waiting for a stamp pfrom inside the department of pthe treasury, a stamp created in pthe prohibition area -- pjennifer: let' s listen in. pand now we are taking a live pinside donald trump headquarters p. pthere he is with his family. plet'
9:47 pm
pmr. trump: so beautiful. pgreat again. pi want to thank everybody, but i preally have to begin by paying a pmosh to my parents -- paying phomage to my parents. pthey love this country and they pare very, very happy now. pthank you to my parents. pi want to thank my sister, judge pberry, marianne, a really great psister. panother great sister, elizabeth.
9:48 pm
pwho is watching right now with panne-marie. pand i want to thank my brother, pmy late brother, fred, what a pfantastic -- i learned so much pfrom fred. phe taught me more than just pabout anybody, just about even pwith my father, a fantastic guy, pso i want to thank fred. phe is up there looking down on pus. pand we can go right down the pline, but we have to start with pmy wife and what she puts up pwith. pshe said right from the pbeginning, you know if you run, pyou are going to win. pshe said that from day one, so pthank you. pand don and vanessa, thank you pso much. pand yvonne gumm made seven stops
9:49 pm
pso, very, very special. pjarrett is a very successful preal estate entrepreneur in pmanhattan, but he likes this pbetter than real estate. pthank you. plaura and eric were out today. pit was amazing. pand cory, where is cori? pdoes corey have a ground game or pwhat? pwhere is corey? pwe learned a lot about ground pgames in one week. pand this is hope. pnobody takes more phone calls in pa day than hope. pthe entire group, the entire
9:50 pm
p[crowd chanting usa] pmr. trump: so, again, we have to pthank the candidates because we phave some there he talented eople. pto be victorious, even if it is pfor one week -- but we believe pit is going to be for many pweeks, ok? pthey really are terrific. pa number of them called. pi want to thank them and i want pto congratulate the other pnow that i' ve got that over pwith. pit' s always tough, and then ptomorrow, boom, boom, but that' s pthe way it is, and really, we phave some real talent, some real ptalent at the republican party. pthe rnc, we want to thank
9:51 pm
pwe thank everybody very much. pyeah, right, well, i tell you pwhat. pwhat do we really want to thank, pright? pthe people of new hampshire, pright? pdo we love the people of new phampshire? pyou pi said it a year ago, i think pi' m going to do well there, pbecause i' m here a lot. pit is so beautiful and i love it pso much, and i love the. pi said i actually think they plove me a lot, and then all of a psudden we started getting pnumbers in and everyone said, phow come they like donald trump pso much? pi have so many friends up here pand they are special people. pso new hampshire, i want to pthank you. pwe love you, were going to be pback a lot. pwe are not going to forget you.
9:52 pm
s speech and i heard psome of the beginning -- first pof all, congratulations to pbernie, in all fairness, we have pto congratulate him area we pmight not like it, but i heard arts of his speech. phe wants to give away our phappen. s going pwith bernie. pwe wish him a lot of luck, but pwe are going to make america re going to pdo it the old-fashioned way. pwere going to be china, japan, pmexico in trade. pwe are going to beat all of pthese countries that are taking pus. pon a daily basis. pit' panymore. eople right now in the world.
9:53 pm
pwe have political hacks pnegotiating our deals for pbillions and billions of pdollars. pwe are going to use the finest pis this people in the world. pwe are going to do something so pgood and so fast and so strong pand the world is going to prespect us again, believe me. pdo we love our country? pi think one of the things that preally caught on, self funding pmy campaign. peverybody on both sides -- and i pwas saying to weeks ago, i don' t pthink people really appreciate pit, because i see all this money pbeing poured into commercials. pit' s not their money, it is pspecial interests. pthis is on both sides.
9:54 pm
pthese are special interest pthese are people that don' pnecessarily love our country. pthey don' pinterest of our country at pheart. pit. pwhen you see the kind of deals pmade in our country, a lot of pthose deals are made because the oliticians are not so stupid. pbenefit. pwe have to stop it. pyour benefit. pwe are going to make the deals pfor the american people. pthat' s the way it is. plook at you. pi love these signs. pin a nutshell. pwe are going to make great trade pdeals. pwe are going to rebuild our pmilitary.
9:55 pm
owerful, nobody is going to pmess with us, believe me. pnobody. pwe are going to take care of our pvets. pwhere is out all -- where is al? pwe are going to take care of our pvets. pour pets are treated horribly. pthey are going to be taken care pof, and you remember that, peverybody. pwe are going to have strong, pincredible borders and people pare going to come into our pcountry but they will come in plegally. pwe are going to build a wall. pit' s going to be built. pbelieve it or not, it' s not even pa difficult thing to do. pand by the way, for the people
9:56 pm
pa tremendous problem with heroin pand drugs, you see this place pand say it is so beautiful, you phave a tremendous problem. pthe first thing they mentioned pto me, please do something, the pdrugs, the heroine is pouring in p. pand it' s so cheap because pthere' s so much of it. eople are getting stuck. pwe are going to end it at the psouthern border. pit' s going to be over. pand were going to work really phard to get those people that pare so addicted off the habit. pwe will take care of the psituation. pit' s a huge problem in new phampshire and all over our pcountry. pwe will have borders again and pwe will work with you people to phelp you saw that very big roblem, and we will get it pdone.
9:57 pm
pthat is so beautiful. pwhat a group of people. pon top of this group, we have pthousands of people outside that pcannot even get in. pthousands of people. phealth care. pwe are going to repeal and preplace obama care. pit is a total disaster. pwe are repealing and replacing pobama care. pit is gone. pwe are getting rid of common pcore. pwe are going to educate our pchildren locally. pwe are going to preserve our pvery sacred second amendment. pthere' s not going to be anymore pchipping away at our second pamendment. pif we had protection in pcalifornia recently and so many pother places, you could even plook to paris.
9:58 pm
pfrance has the toughest gun laws pin the world. pthese animals go in and start pshooting. p130 people, with many people phardly wounded right now in the phospital. pif there were bullets going in pthe other direction, it would phave been a whole different pstory, but nobody had rotection. pi am going to be the greatest pjobs president that god ever pcreated. premember that. pdon' t believe those phony pnumbers when you hear 4.9 and 5% punemployment. pthe number is probably 28%, as phigh as 35%. pi even heard recently 42%.
9:59 pm
pgatherings like this if we had p5% unemployment? pforgetting about security, pforgetting about isis, which by pthe way we are going to knock pthem out. pjennifer: for going to ptransition to the john kasich s listen in. p>> it is an incredible night. pmy great friend john kasich said p, do you really think we can pbreak through new hampshire? pmy answer was simple. pjohn, if people in america know pabout your record, you have cut ptaxes, balanced exits, you have prolled back regulations. pyou' ve transformed ohio and pcreated opportunity using pconservative principles for eople all across your state and
10:00 pm
pif people here that story and pyou campaign town to town in new phampshire, you will be the story pcoming out of new hampshire. p>> as a country, we don' t win on ptrade. pwe cannot beat isis. pwe don' t win with anything. pwe are going to start winning pyou are going to be so happy. pgreat again, maybe greater than pever before. pi love you all. pthank you, new hampshire. pcarolina. p>> i want to congratulate donald ptrump tonight on his victory.
10:01 pm
pbeat him in dixville notch. p[applause] pfirst of all, my daughters are pat home and we are all happy pbecause they are not driving ptomorrow. pbut how about my family, and of pcourse my great wife karen case pit -- karen kachich. phere in new hampshire there is pno out would have gone forward pwith in this campaign if it was pnot for the great senator john psununu. phe is such a great partner. phe is so smart and disciplined pand he' s just a great friend of pmine. pwe want to spend a little time
10:02 pm
pwe were 1% in the national polls pand people were like, how can pyou ever win? pwe were walking in total pobscurity security up here and pgordon humphrey sends me an pe-mail and he says this is the phot plate to change the world. pguys are sleeping on mattresses pin the campaign headquarters and ptheir holding up a hot plate pwhere they are eating their pfood. pthat is how you win elections. p[applause] pand of course our great friend ptom, the former attorney pgeneral. pwhere is he? p[applause] p17 years ago i came here and i
10:03 pm
pattention, and was standing in pthe kitchen talking to this plady. pi' m thinking i' ve got myself a ptown person. pafter about 15 minutes she plooked at her watch and said, pwhen will the candidate get phere? pbut bruce has stuck with me for p15 years. pwhere is bruce? p[applause] pcome on up here. plisten, i want to tell you, pthere is just no way to say this pappropriately, when the media pkept saying how are you going to pdo this? pcan you finish high? pi said i have an insurance olicy. pit is you.
10:04 pm
phow does a guy like me thank you pfor the countless hours, the hone calls, the door knocking, psome of you have come from our pbuckeye state and some have come pfrom virginia, and some have pcome from maryland and new york pand connecticut come and today pall the way from seattle, and pnew haven. pa guy flew in from london, pengland to be here. pbut there is something that is m not sure that pthere is magic in the air with pbecause we don' panother campaign. pwe see this as an opportunity pfor all of us, and i mean all of
10:05 pm
pthat is bigger than our own plives, to change america, to prestore the spirit of america pand to leave no one behind. pam i right? p[applause] psomething big happened tonight. plet me tell you what it is. pwe have had tens and tens of pmillions of dollars spent pagainst us with negative padvertising, ok? pwe have. pthat is the old politics. pthat is the old politics. pwe never went negative because pwe have more good to sell than pto spend our time being critical
10:06 pm
p[applause] pand just maybe, in a time when pclearly change is in the air, pmaybe, just maybe, we are pturning the page on a dark part pof american politics, because ptonight, the light overcame the pdarkness of negative pcampaigning. pand you made it happen. pyou made it happen. pyou made it happen. pnow you know, we are pconservatives here. pwe believe government is a last presort and not a first resort.
10:07 pm
pstrength of our country, and if pyou think about the american phome, which is the family, we pknow that the family is only pstrong when the foundation is pstrong. pthat' s why we will wake up every psingle day to make sure that pevery american has a job in the punited states of america to help ptheir families and their pneighbors. pwhen i' m president of the united pstates, first of all, we are pgoing to have a battering ram to t want to change. pit' s what i' ve done all of my pletter -- all of my lifetime. phere' s what were going to tell eople. pwe are going to solve the
10:08 pm
pextreme, not by being first a prepublican or democrat, but preminding everybody that we are pamericans dedicated to shining pup america and fixing our roblems. pthis campaign has changed me. pthe people of new hampshire, the pwonderful people of new phampshire has changed me, and i pwant to tell you how it phappened. pi don' t know if it happened in pthe first 25 or second or third p25 town halls, but as we got pcloser and closer to those phundred town halls that we pfinally finished on, people for psome reason were able to come to
10:09 pm
pa man came the other day and he pwas crying at the end of the ptown hall. phe put his arms around me and pi feel as though i didn' phim. pi said sir, it is sad, it' ptragedy, it' s pnot your fault. phe communicated to someone the pother day and said that pconversation lifted a weight off phis shoulders. pand he came from york to tell me phis story. psome of you remember the woman pwho was sitting way up in the pseats and she told the story of pher daughter who had been sick pfrom being a child and she felt pall alone. pi asked her to come down and i phugged that woman and we all pcried a little bit that night. pnot long ago at one of the big ptownhall' s, a lady sitting in pthe back after we had gone
10:10 pm
pfighting drugs, she brought in pthe real flesh and blood and she ptalked about her 31 year old pdaughter. pshe had been 11 months sober. pi said, can you imagine how hard pit is to be a mom who at one oint just tell that little baby pin her arms to have to wake up pand asked the good lord to have pher daughter recover. pwhen you are in settings like pthat, you begin to learn psomething. pthere are too many people in pamerica who don' t feel pconnected. pthey got victories that no one pcelebrates with them, and they phave defeats and pain sometimes pthat they have to absorb pthemselves. pi will tell you what i really pthink we need. pwe need this economic growth and pjob creation, but at the heart
10:11 pm
pamerica, the america i grew up pin, where my father carried mail pand stuck his nose into peverybody' s business and brought psome joy at a time of trial and pwas able to be on the step and pcry with them when they lost psomebody they loved. pthat is the america that i know, pwhere we slow down our lives. pwe slow down our lives, and plet' s just leave this hall ptonight and i would ask you to pjust reflect on this, because pyou see, we are all made to pchange the world. pwe are all made to be part of pthe healing of this world. pif we would just slow down, and pby the way, he' ll live divisions pwithin our own families. pbe willing to listen to the erson who lives next door, when pyou' re in such a hurry to get pout of the driveway or to get pout of the shopping center.
10:12 pm
peye, give them a hug. pit doesn' t take government. pit takes our hearts to change pamerica. pin this campaign, i have become pconvinced even more about what pit takes to win a political pcampaign, and what it takes for psomebody to be a leader. pit' s not just what is up here in pthe head, it' s also what is deep pin here in the heart, and the eople of new hampshire have ptaught me a lesson, and from pthis date forward, i' m going to pgo slower and spend my time plistening and healing and phelping bring people together to pfix things. pthank you.
10:13 pm
p>> the sheriff has been by our pside the entire time. pi wish you a it. p-- i appreciate it. pbill has been as loyal a friend pand supporter as we could ask pfor. pthank you or your help. p[applause] pwe want to thank rene and danny lumber who have been pextraordinary friends and orders
10:14 pm
pdonna and senator nancy stiles, pa dynamic duo of supporters for pus and we love and thank you pboth very much. pfrom our veterans, there are so pmany of them who have stood by pus. pmr. brothers, the sergeant major p, so many folks who have been so pwonderful to us. pwe love the veterans community pacross this country and pespecially our veterans in new phampshire. pthey deserve much better ptreatment than they have been pgetting and we will still be a pvoice to make sure they get it.
10:15 pm
pover the course of the last pnumber of months -- give it up pfor asiana -- sienna. plast but not least, the man who pstep forward and became our pcampaign chairman in this state. pno one worked harder for us, nor pwill we own a greater debt than pto our chairman, wayne mcdonald. pthank you very much. p[applause] pwe came to new hampshire to pbring a message. pthere' s nothing more important pthan the safety and security of pthe american people and the next resident of the united states pmust pay more attention to that
10:16 pm
pagain work for the people, not pthe people work for the pgovernment. pwe came here to say that peducation should not put our pchildren in debt for the next 20 por 30 years of their life and we phave to do better than that as a pcountry for the next generation. pwe came to say that for our pseniors, someone needs to stand pup and fixed the social security psystem and the medicare system pso it does not fail them are pbankrupt our country. pvolunteers and the people across pthis great state have made phistory tonight. pour state chairman, speaker bill po' brien, senator bob smith. pand our state director.
10:17 pm
pthe votes are still being pcounted and the exact results pare unknown. pbut right now it appears that we pare effectively tied or third in pthe state of new hampshire. pthat was the result that all of pus were told was impossible. ptogether, we have done what the undits and the media said could pnot be done. pand what the washington pestablishment desperately hoped pwould not be done.
10:18 pm
pstate of iowa. pi had opposed the ethanol pmandate, taking on washington pand corporate welfare. pmy opponent attacked me, romising even more cronyism, pand lobbyists spent millions of pdollars in attack ads against pour campaign. pand yet the people of iowa put ptheir country first. pthey put their children first. pand then this week, history prepeated itself. ponce again, the talking heads pand the washington insiders were pconfident that our wave of prock of the granite state. pthat a conservative, we were
10:19 pm
pstate of new hampshire. pwe were told that over and over pagain, and tonight, the men and pwomen here and all across this pgreat state proved them wrong. ptrump on an impressive win ptonight. ptonight. pbut the real winner, the real
10:20 pm
pwho propelled us to an outright pvictory in iowa and to a far pstronger results and outcomes in pnew hampshire than anyone had redicted. pnow we go on to south carolina. pthe palmetto state. pand washington liberals may find psouth carolina far less phospitable environments. pand on to nevada and super ptuesday, the so-called sec rimary. pand the voters will have a
10:21 pm
pconservative, someone who talks pa good game but has not walked pthe walk, or do we want a pconsistent conservative with a roven record? pin iowa and new hampshire and pall across the nation, we are pseeing the old reagan coalition pcoming together. pconservatives and evangelicals pand libertarians, young people pand reagan democrats. pespecially reagan democrats, the pblue-collar working class voters pwho the democratic party has pabandoned. pif republicans are going to win pin november 2016, and we have to
10:22 pm
pour grandkids, if we are going pto win, we have to welcome home pthe reagan democrats. pand to do so, we must stand punequivocally against amnesty. pcandidate with the same policy pon amnesty as hillary clinton. pwe need to be unequivocally pagainst obamacare. pwe cannot win by nominating a pcandidate with the same policy pon obamacare as bernie sanders.
10:23 pm
pneed more deals. pwe don' t need more capitulation pand surrender to harry reid and pnancy pelosi and barack obama. pleader who stands with the eople. pwe must defend the constitution.
10:24 pm
preligious liberty area and palways defend the second right pto keep and bear arms. pwe need supreme court justices pwho will faithfully apply the pconstitution. pand because of tonight, the pvoters will have a clear choice. pwe are here today because of peach and every one of you, and pbecause of over 200,000 pvolunteers nationwide. pwe are here today because of pover 800,000 contributions
10:25 pm pand the courageous conservative ptexting the word donate to p55022. pwe are here because of you. pyour compassion, your commitment pto rebuilding our military, to pstanding with our soldiers and psailors and airmen and marines pand coast guardsmen and to phonoring our veterans who are pkeeping this nation safe. pthe most important question in pthis race is who is prepared to
10:26 pm
pwho has the judgment, the ptemperament, the experience, the pknowledge, the clarity of vision pand the strength of resolve to pstand by our friends and allies pand to defeat our enemies, to pdefeat radical islamic pterrorists? piowa and new hampshire have gone pa long way to answering that pquestion. pthank you, new hampshire, for
10:27 pm
pyour victory tonight has left pthe washington cartel utterly pterrified. pand so now, on to south carolina p, on to nevada, on to super ptuesday. p[applause] pwe put washington on the rhine, pand tonight' s outcome is a pvictory for we, the people. pthis election, this primary and pthis general election in pnovember 2016 will be a victory pfor the hard-working men and pwomen who want to believe again pin the promise of america pagainst the bipartisan pcorruption of washington, which, pmark my words, will end on
10:28 pm
pthank you, god bless new phampshire, and god bless each pand every one of you. ptom: texas senator ted cruz, playing claim to a third-place pfinish here in the new hampshire rimary, although it' s not at pall official, with the number pstill being tabulated. pbut by making the claim to the pthird-place finish he becomes pwhat many say is the contender. pjennifer: saying it' s a good pnight for grassroots pconservatives. pnot the best night for marco prubio. pjennifer crompton has been at phis campaign headquarters. pcertainly not the momentum felt
10:29 pm
p>> not at all. phe came down about a half an phour ago. phis supporters roaring and phappy, but he came right out of pthe box and talked about an pobvious sense of disappointment, pcoming out in the middle of the ack. pfrankly to fool blame and put it psquarely on his own shoulders pabout his performance in the pdebate. p>> about 40 minutes ago i called pdonald trump and congratulated phim on a big win for him. phe deserves congratulations, he pworked very hard and they did pvery well. phe earned this victory, and i pcongratulated him on that. pi want to thank all of you. pi know you worked very hard. pour team here in new hampshire pdid a phenomenal job. pi am grateful to you.
10:30 pm
pnumbers, but i can tell you, i pknow many people are pdisappointed with tonight. pbut i want you to understand psomething. pour disappointment tonight is pnot on you. pit is on me. pi did not do well on saturday pnight. plisten to this. pthat will never happen again. p>> right after that, senator prubio talked a little bit about pthe campaign but then got penergized and talked about pheading to south carolina. eople seem to be in full psupport of him, but clearly a pdisappointing night for the pfirst-term senator from florida. pwe will be here for the next phalf hour or so and catch up pwith some of the pundits to see pwhat they are thinking. pback to you in the studio. pjennifer: we' re going to take a
10:31 pm
p ptom: welcome back. pbernie sanders the big winner on pthe democratic side. pabout 30,000 votes margin and psteal some of the college town pvotes are still not in, which pare likely to paul for bernie psanders and maybe expand that plead even further tonight. pjennifer: on the republicans, pthe clear winner donald trump pwith 34%. pjohn kasich ticking up 16% of pthe vote tonight. pit' s been a battle between ted pcruz, up over jeb bush. pbush holding down fourth at 11% pright now. pmarco rubio saying this has been pa disappointing night for him
10:32 pm
s about pto head home to new jersey and preevaluate where his campaign pstands. pcarly fiorina at 4% and dr. ben pcarson at 2% now. pjohn kasich said he desperately pneeded to do well in new phampshire. phe did do well here tonight. pso the question is, where do pthings move from here? plet' s check in with josh pmcalpine -- josh mcalpine . pjosh: he' s going to enjoy what phappened here in new hampshire pand take things slow and just penjoy what happened here. pthis is a candidate who is at eace with the job he did even pbefore the results came in.
10:33 pm
photel room when it became papparent he was going to finish pin second place. phe was very calm and here' s what phe had to say. p>> i' m going to congratulate pdonald trump. pi did beat him in dixville notch p, but he was able to win. pit' s pretty satisfying because pwe labored in of security or so plong. pwe' re going to finish second and pit' s going to be a strong --. pi love new hampshire, love the eople here and the experience. pit was just great. pi' m at peace now and i' m happy, pbut i have to stay centered. pwe are taking a 40 seat aircraft pto south carolina, it' s just panother day in a new world.
10:34 pm
s about to find out his pworld is likely to change with a psecond-place finish in new phampshire. pjennifer: in the speech he preferenced building on the magic pin the air at his campaign. pspeaking to him over the course pof his campaign he was adamant pabout keeping this positive. phe did not return negative phigher. phe said that negativity did not pwin. pa somewhat philosophical pcandidate tonight reflecting on pthe people he has met on the pcampaign trail and how they have pforever changed him. pvery intimate moments with pvoters. phe was in deep in new hampshire, pbut now he must begin to look pahead to see what kind of psupport you can coalesce behind phim moving forward. ptom: andy smith, he carried on
10:35 pm
pmailman. pi know that his mother and pfather were killed in an pautomobile accident back in p1987, hit by a drunk driver. phe has carried that with him for pall these years. phe is very true to himself, i pwould say. pdo you agree? pandy: i would say so. pone thing he faced an uphill pbattle with, there' s about 20% pof the electorate and he was phammered by talk radio hosts pacross the country. phis support among those plisteners was really poor. pbut he was able to focus on pvoters who would be accepting to phis message and it seems like he pgot enough of them to get the pcarolina. pconservative, but yet a social pmoderate. pandy: that'
10:36 pm
pof abortion wary -- where he is retty staunchly pro-life. phe has to work on seeing how pmany of the other moderate prepublicans are going to come pthrough. pit looks like jeb bush will come pthrough and he has the resources pto stay on. pmarco rubio will go on as well. pchris christie, perhaps not. phe still has to fight with two pother people with a more pmoderate republican vote. pjennifer: were going to bring in pan audio clip from chris pchristie when he was telling his psupporters that at this point pthey need to sit down and talk pabout where his campaign moves pfrom here. plet' s listen in to what he had pto say. p>> we spoke tonight and we pdecided we' re going to go home
10:37 pm
pa deep wrath, see what the final presults are tonight, because pthat matters, and how the final pvotes are counted. pso many new hampshire residents pcame out to vote today, it' s pgoing to take a while to count pthese boats. pso we want to see exactly what phappens. pjennifer: so you have john pkasich and chris christie, so pone reevaluating where his pcampaign goes and the other plooking at how to build on this pmomentum out of new hampshire. pandy: you can hear the pdisappointment in chris pchristie' s voice. pnuts not the voice of someone pwho is optimistic and wants to pbuild on success here. phe had a good start coming into pthe 2012 campaign. pcame into 2016 hoping to precapture that spark he had when
10:38 pm
phe had some strong supporters. phe had the union leader backing phim but that did not carry him pover the top and was not enough pto get him through. pthe bigger problem is there were pjust too many people fighting pfor two small a pool of votes. phe was the guy left standing pwith no chair to sit in. ptom: let' s listen to jeb bush' s premarks tonight. p>> washington can' t do it, but i pbelieve in new hampshire and pflorida and all across the pcountry, if you give the power pback to the states they can pcraft solutions for education, penvironment, transportation, phealth care, and providing for
10:39 pm
pit' s going to require someone pwith proven leadership skills, pand i have those skills. pwe also need someone who can pdefeat hillary clinton in the pfall. pnot just filler clinton, maybe pbernie sanders as well. phere is the deal. pto beat hiller -- hillary pclinton, we need someone who is ptotally transparent, who rovides 340,000 e-mails for eople to see. pwhose life is an open book. pi have been vetted more than any pcandidate. pwe need someone with a proven
10:40 pm
ptom: that was jeb bush making premarks tonight. phe has enough money to keep pmoving forward, i guess. pandy: he sure does. phe' s been a lot of money here in pnew hampshire and his super pack pspent more than any of the other pcampaigns, perhaps. premember his family has a phistory of doing pretty well pdown there. phis brother did quite well there pin 2000. pit' s still an issue of too many eople fighting for a smaller ool of votes there. pthis will be critical watching psouth carolina and let' s not pforget the nevada caucuses are pcoming up as well. pbush is in a better position pthan the other republicans with pthe exception of ted cruz and pcertainly donald trump. pjennifer: what about the pargument if we haven'
10:41 pm
pjeb bush coming out potentially pfor now, how long can he hold ponto that support? arty. pthey will come to some sort of pagreement and they will have to s going to win. pwhat political parties do is pnovember. phave to be brought in their pthinking. pyou cannot just find someone who pstrong in one wing of the party pand weak in another. pyou have to find someone pacceptable across all branches pof the party. pthat is the questioning that pwill be going on among leaders pwithin the party. pit' s a tough decision as to pwhich of the candidates is the pmost acceptable broadly in the arty. pdonald trump has had the pbroadest support of the pcandidates.
10:42 pm
phe has the numbers, he has the pmoney and certainly the momentum pcoming out of new hampshire. pit will be tough to stop him in psouth carolina. pjennifer: it' s ironic that you phave chris christie and john pkasich saying they rely so pheavily on that infrastructure, pthat secret ground game that you phave to build. pthen you have tall -- donald ptrump taking the stage saying pwhat is the ground game all pabout. pinteresting to see those two psides of something so historic pand traditional to success in pnew hampshire. pandy: the ground game will help pyou out but not necessarily pull pyour cross the finish line. pyou have to have a message that
10:43 pm
pthe message that might' ve been psuccessful for years ago is not pthe message important to new phampshire this year. pwe' ve been talking about the pdemocratic side, it' s a pat. phillary clinton was a candidate pwho was the early front runner peight years ago. pshe has come up short in iowa, punderperformed there, and here pin new hampshire, you cannot peven call it underperforming. pthis is a real wipeout here and pit' s difficult to take this kind pof result in a state you were psupposed to win -- we forget pthat her husband did not win in p1992, but this was a state she
10:44 pm
pit will be tough to come back pand convince voters in south pcarolina that she is the one who pcan take them across the finish pline in november. pjennifer: and you think it pspeaks to a larger shift of pdynamics within the democratic arty itself here? pandy: we saw this with barack pobama in 2008. pyou can move it back to 2004 pwhen howard dean energized a lot pof young people who were opposed pto the war in iraq and exposed pthose divisions within the pdemocratic party in that pnomination contest. pobama really capitalized on this pand it seems like it' s coming to plarger fruition as more and more pof these younger voters are pmaking up a larger segment of pthe democratic electorate. ptom: josh, tell us your thoughts
10:45 pm
pjosh: the front runners are the pstories coming out of new phampshire. pwe figured it was likely that pdonald trump and bernie sanders pwould end up winning the thing pbut the question is whether the psecond-place finisher, bernie psanders by a landslide is the pvictor tonight. pdonald trump who was limping out pof iowa, the perception has pcompletely changed. phe' s heading into south carolina pfeeling pretty good about phimself. pjennifer: we will wrap up this phour of coverage with some psights and sounds from the pcampaign trail. pwe will be back at the top of pthe hour for more campaign news. p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, p pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy.
10:46 pm
p p>> thank you, new hampshire. p>> i want to congratulate donald
10:47 pm
pno, he won fair and square, but pi beat him in dixville notch.
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