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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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p>> remember, you started it. ptom: donald trump takes new phampshire, winning the prepublican new hampshire rimary. pjennifer: ohio governor john pthe crowded republican race.
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ptom: per month senator bernie psanders is the winner of the new phampshire democratic riemer he pand his promising big voter pturnout across the country. p>> now we take this campaign to pthe entire country. pjennifer: hillary clinton is padmitting defeat in new phampshire but says she will keep pfighting to win the democratic pnomination. p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. ptom: donald trump and bernie psanders being declared the pwinner' s of the 2016 new phampshire primary. pboth have led in new hampshire olls for months. pbut there are some surprises in pthe latest results. pthanks for joining us, i' m tom pgriffith. pjennifer i' m jennifer vaughn. p:as polls present -- predicted,
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pwinter bernie sanders, 39% to phillary clinton. ptom: doll trunk came out the pindicating but the surprise in pthe crowded race is who came in psecond. pohio governor john kasich. pted cruz' s third followed pclosely by former florida pgovernor jeb bush. pthey are followed by florida psenator marco rubio, is pchristie, carly fiorina and dr. pben carson. pjennifer: we have a team of preporters covering all the major pcampaigns tonight. pwe begin with donald trump. ptom: wmur' s jean mackin is at ptrump' s primary night pcelebration in manchester. p pjean: donald trump wins, coming pon stage with his family and ptelling new hampshire you pstarted it, remember, you pstarted it.
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pto his late parents, his two psisters, his brother robert and phis late brother fred. pthe campaign that started last pjune and propelled him to the ptop of the polls without ever plooking back. phe told supporters he has never pdone this before and that' s what pattracted him to his outsider pstatus. ptonight he said he' s ready to pmove on with new hampshire' s pmomentum. phere is what he told the crowd. p>> we are going down to south pcarolina and we will win in psouth carolina. pi love you all. pthank you very much. pjean: he told new hampshire psupporters he will only consider pit a success if he clinches the prepublican nomination and then pwins the white house. plive in mean -- live in
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ptom: john kasich put most of his pfocus on new hampshire over iowa pand it appears that strategy has aid off. pjennifer: heather hamel is at phis headquarters in concord. pheather: governor john kasich pdid not leave any stone unturned pwhen it came to campaigning here pin the granite state and it pcertainly did pay off, a strong psecond-place finish propelling phim to south carolina. phe thanked his supporters saying phe had an amazing organization pon the ground. eople actually sleeping on pmattresses and using hot plates pto heat up their food. phe touted his positive approach psaying he had more to sell than pspending his time criticizing pothers and said that maybe light povercame darkness. p>> there' s magic in the air with
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pwe see this as an opportunity pfor all of us to be involved in psomething bigger than our own plives, to change america, to prestore the spirit of america pand leave no one heinz. pheather: governor kasich told phis supporters that new phampshire has changed him and he psays he' s been having a blast pand plans on coming back in the pfall to do a little bit more pcampaigning. pjennifer: after hillary clinton pwon a very tight race in the piowa caucuses the new hampshire rimary has gone to vermont psenator bernie sanders by a wide pmargin. ptom: wmur political reporter padam sexton is with the sanders pcampaign in concord. padam? padam: what a campaign for bernie psanders, the vermont senator who pstarted out in single-digit in
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pbecome the david that has slain pthe clinton campaign goliath. psanders cruised to a pdouble-digit victory. pthe vote in claremont, we saw pthe clinton campaign campaigning pso hard in the western port of pthe state, the order of vermont pwhere sanders was expected to do pwell. pone of the biggest wins of that assion on the democratic side pin decades. pit was based on a message that pjust steamrolled the other pcampaign in the process. plisten to what senator sanders phad to say earlier tonight. p>> together we have sent the pmessage that will go from wall
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pand that is that the government pof our great country belongs to pall of the people and not just a phandful of wealthy campaign pcontributors and their super acks. padam: taking a step back and plooking at the bigger picture, psenator sanders obviously has pbeen independent or many years. phe identifies himself as a pdemocratic socialist. pit' s hard to imagine there has pbeen a bigger victory with more pnational attention for someone pespousing the values and tenets pof socialism and we had here ptonight. ptom: hillary clinton couldn' t prepeat her 2008 victory in the pnew hampshire primary tonight. pjennifer wmur' s amy coveno is
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pclinton' s primary night event. p>> not a surprise to this pcampaign, although admittedly pthey were hoping to search and ptake that momentum down to south pcarolina. pa route in crowd on the night of pthe 100th primary, lots of love pfrom her supporters, despite pthat tough loss. pher brief concession speech psignaled a message shift in the pcampaign, focusing on some psimilarities to bernie sanders, psaying they' re both committed to pgetting secret money out of olitics and thanking 700,000 pindividual donors to her pcampaign. p>> i still love new hampshire pand i always will. pis it right that a cashier that pi met here in new hampshire' s psign is paid less than her son pfor doing the same work even pthough she' s been on the job for pmore years.
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pangry. pbut they are also hungry for psolutions. pwhat are we going to do? pthat is the fight we are taking pto the country. pnext the clinton family headed pback to new york tonight. phillary clinton has a debate in pwisconsin and then on to south pcarolina on friday, new phampshire already in their prearview mirror. pjennifer: now we bring in josh pmagleby for a closer look at pwhat it means going forward. ptom: josh is at the john kasich pcampaign tonight. pjosh: there are three campaign pcelebrating tonight while pseveral more are reevaluating pand wondering if there is a
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pdonald trump and bernie sanders pmet or exceeded expectations pwhere john casey got the coveted pnumber two spot. pbernie sanders and donald trump pwith the wind at their backs and pjohn casey reenergized. erhaps the biggest pdisappointment could be marco prubio. phe came out of iowa with a psearch and over performed there. olls indicate new hampshire pvoters are taking a hard look at phim so tonight had to be pdisappointing. pand chris christie who never pcould gain that momentum that he pinitially had after the 2012 pelection cycle where he was the prepublican front runner and the pgreat republican hope for this pcycle. phe' s heading home to new jersey pto reevaluate his campaign and pit'
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pwe will have to see what this is pmoving forward. pthe three big stories donald ptrump, bernie sanders and john pkasich, who are celebrating ptonight. ptom: the secretary of state redicted record turnout for ptoday' s primary and we' ve heard pmany polling places were packed. pjennifer: but all this traffic pat merrimack. pthe state allow the polling lace to extend its hours past p7:00 at the moderators pdiscretion to allow people who pwere waiting in traffic to get pin there and vote. ptom: latest results put jeb bush pin fourth. p>> he said he just needed a
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pfeels he got tonight. phe tells supporters this is pstill all about leadership, psomething he says donald trump placks. phe vows to fight on. p>> while the reality tv star is pstill doing well, it looks like pyou all have reset the race, and pfor that i' m really grateful. pgranite stater' s pa race to elect the president of pthe united states, a person who pestimate tucked decisions. pi got to share my heart and my pideas about the future of this pcountry am so grateful to have phampshire. p>> south carolina and no doubt pnext for jeb bush.
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pcaucuses, but did it transfer pover to new hampshire? pshelley: senator ted cruz pconsiders this third-place pfinish a victory of sorts. pa lot of people told him he pcould not do well in new phampshire without his pevangelical base but he' s happy pabout the showing they had here ptonight. phe told the crowd we have done pwhat the washington pestablishment hoped would not be pdone. preagan establishment coming back ptogether. phe told the crowd it' psouth carolina and said that pwashington liberals may find psouth carolina to be a far less phospitable environment. pagain senator ted cruz saying phe' s happy with his showing here pin new hampshire tonight, saying pthe real winners are pconservative grassroots. pfrom here they are on to south pcarolina.
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m shelley walcott, wmur news9. pjennifer: marco rubio is padmitting his debate performance paffected how he did tonight. ptom: he is in fifth place right pnow. pjennifer crompton is at the prubio election night gathering pin manchester. p>> not only did he not get the pstrong finish he hoped for, he pblames himself for the middle of pthe pack showing. pthe first-term senator from pflorida talk to supporters psaying he called donald trump pand congratulated him, then for pthe first time since the debate psaturday he referenced his erformance, acknowledging it plikely made the difference in phis new hampshire primary run. p>> are disappointment tonight is pnot on you, it' s on me. pi did not do well on saturday pnight.
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p>> he promised to be back and psays he is off to south carolina pcharged up and ready to roll. pjennifer crompton, wmur news 9. ptom: chris christie said he will ptake -- head home to new jersey pto take stop of the future of phis presidential bid. p>> a sober tone tonight here at pheadquarters in nashua. pmany supporters were here pwelcoming him out onto the stage phere. pmany supporters stood while he pgave his entire speech. pchris christie said he made many pnew friends on the campaign ptrail and he will keep in touch pwith them in new jersey, talking pabout veterans who stood by him. phe said his message was heard, pthere just wasn' t enough
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phe wants to thank the people of pnew hampshire who voted for him. phe thanked everyone who endorsed phim and then announced he will pbe going home to new jersey to ptalk it over with his family. plet' s listen in. p>> we' ve decided we are going to pgo home to new jersey tomorrow pand take a deep breath, see what pthe final results are tonight, pbecause that matters, and pexactly how the final votes are pcounted because so many new phampshire residents came out to pvote today. pit will take a while to count pthese votes, so we want to see pexactly what happens. p>> he said he could have a pdecision by tomorrow afternoon pon how the campaign will move pforward. ptom: carly fiorina thanking psupporters as her campaign came
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pjennifer: she is promising to pkeep going. p>> it' s just us and the cleaning pcrew left here in manchester. pthis is after carly fiorina took pthe stage with her husband frank psomewhat defiant. pshe thanked supporters and said pshe will keep on with the pcampaign, after another pdisappointing primary finish. pshe finished seventh here in new phampshire with a majority of the recincts now reporting. pshe garnered just 4% of the pvote. pstill she says she has the money pand the gumption to press on. p>> on not going to sit down and pbe quiet, and neither are you. pi' m not going to settle for the pway things are and neither are pyou.
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presponsive politics, carly pfiorina has a little more than p$24 million left in her war pchest. pthat might sound like a lot of pmoney, but compare that to the pman whose raise the most money, pjeb bush. phe has more than $140 million pleft to spend on his campaign. pher campaign says she is heading pout to nevada where she will phold town hall meetings. ptom: andy smith, let' s talk pdemocrats first. pbernie sanders, how does his prace move on and how much damage pto hillary clinton? p>> bernie sanders looks more plike a serious candidate after pthis sort of a big win. pit shows there is energy on his pwithin the democratic party. phe has the under 25-year-old pvote, 82% according to the exit
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pjennifer: saul trump said he pneeded to win big here. pwho came out for him? p>> he has the broadest support pof any of the republican pcandidates. phe has led among all these folks pacross the board. ptom: the so-called establishment pcandidates, what has to happen pat the bottom end right now? p>> you will probably see chris pchristie dropout. pthe other candidates, if the pmoderate wing of the party wants pto come together, more than pchris christie will have to pdropout. psouth carolina will continue to pcause those people to feed on peach other support that will pfurther strengthen donald trump pgoing forward. pjennifer: what is the pconversation in the hillary pclinton campaign? p>> it' s probably not very leasant. pi'
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pdiscussion at their headquarters ptomorrow. pi think they are arty looking pfor who to blame in that pcampaign at think we will hear pabout a major overhaul going pforward. ptom: much more primary night pcoverage coming up next. pjennifer: and we will check in pwith mike haddad. pchilly air is moving in. pmike: a little bit of snow back pto the west approaching tomorrow
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ptom: here' s a final look at the pboards as they stand. pdonald trump won the republican prace with john kasich coming in psecond. pfollowed by ted cruz who is pleading over jeb bush. pon the bottom end of the race, pit looks like marco rubio with pabout 10% of the vote. pchris christie said he will head phome to new jersey to reassess phis campaign. pcarly fiorina pledges to move on pwith 4% of the vote and dr. ben pcarson with 2%. pjennifer: bernie sanders beat phillary clinton with a wide pmargin, 59%-already 9%. pwe are also following a pdeveloping story out of conway pwere a man is missing after pfalling through the eyes at a ond. panother man heard his cries and pattempted to rescue him, but he palso fell through the ice. prescue crews could not find the pother man and right now the psearch is being called off for pthe night and will resume again
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pat this point that man is resumed dead. ptom: a convenience store clerk pdecided to fight back when faced pwith a robber who appeared to be parmed. pwhen the looted man entered and pdemanded money, the clark pnoticed the gun was made of lastic. phis anxiety turned to anger and phe took matters into his own phand. p>> as i' m walking over here this ptime is walking toward here. pi went around the corner and ptackled him and he was trying to prun away. pi grabbed him and just started pbeating him up. phe unfortunately got away. ptom: he said he suspects the probbery is drug-related and said pin the future he would not risk phis life over a few hundred
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pmike: the weather is not getting pin the way for those wanting to phit the polls today. pwe had a little bit of sunshine pand some clouds. pwith a time lapse out at market psquare, it was dry all day long. pwatch out for some of that snow pmelt and re-freeze on some of pthe sides of the road. poverall fairly quiet as we go pthrough the balance of the night p. pa couple of flurries up north. pearly tomorrow morning not only pwill it continue in the pmountains but some of the snow pshowers will begin to move out pof eastern parts of new york pstate. pthat store the morning commute ptomorrow. ptemperatures right now in the pteens on average, a few low 20' s pin the upper valley and the pgreat part of the great north pwoods in the upper 20' s and a plittle warmer in arts of pnorthern new hampshire due to pthicker cloud cover. pmore clouds will feel back in pand temperatures will hold prather they are.
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pteens to around 20. pnorth and west over the next pseveral days. pthe coldest air so far this pseason' s marching in our pdirection and thursday night pinto friday it starts to move pin. pa couple of systems to get pthrough between now and then. psnow showers work in tomorrow pand another system back in the pmidwest moves in on thursday. pto an inch or two in anyone pgiven community. ptomorrow morning, not a lot of psnow, maybe a little bit in the pmonadnock region. pa brief burst of snow could drop pvisibility and make the roads a plittle slick out there so watch pout for that. psame story on thursday and once pthat clears we are in the clear, pthen temperatures tumble in a pbig way as we go through friday pthrough sunday.
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psome breaks at times. pa little bit of sunshine but a plot of clouds doubling up. plate morning and afternoon here pcomes a brief first of snow pshowers. pthe same story thursday, 30' s ptomorrow, mid to upper 20' s pthursday and near 20 friday and pwind chills may not get above pzero saturday and sunday pstatewide. pthe actual air temperature may pnot hit zero in northern parts pof new hampshire. pwe have a surge of arctic cold pfor the weekend and i don' t pthink too many people will put a pcheckmark on that one. pjennifer: we' ll be right back as pwe continue our coverage.
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pjennifer: here are the latest preturns, donald trump easily pbeating the republican pcompetition.
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pmarco rubio coming in fifth, pfollowed by chris christie, pcarly fiorina and dr. ben pcarson. ptom: a big night for senator pbernie sanders from vermont. phe' s the winner in new phampshire, beating hillary pclinton by about 20 points. pthat will be the story through pthe rest of the campaign. pjennifer: another big story is pvoter turnout which might end up pbeing historic. ptom: that' s what we like to do pevery four years. pjennifer: we thank you for pjoining us for tonight' s live
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