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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 10, 2016 12:37am-1:07am EST

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p down down down down pdown down down pwhen the lights go down p[ cheers and applause ] p this is "nightline." pof new hampshire. pa political earthquake. pthe once outsiders now projected pwinners. p>> this is something very pspecial. p>> billionaire businessman pdonald trump claims his first pwin. pand bernie sanders notches a pvictory in his own back yard and pcelebrates in style. pbut what does this all mean for pthe next showdowns in nevada and psouth carolina? p and reality star teresa pgiudice opening up about life pbehind bars. p>> i cried when i couldn't talk pto my children. p>> once living a life of luxury
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pdifferent reality in lockup. p>> i got paid 12 cents an hour. p>> tonight, shou how she's working to pget her life back on track.
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p number 1 i p good evening. pnew hampshire voters weighing in
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pthe first in the nation primary, pshuffling the presidential deck pof candidates once again. phere, the latest results out of pside. pa decisive, projected victory ptop. pfollowed by john kasich. pthe ohio governor had been ptrailing in the polls coming pinto tonight. pand third place, still too close pto project. pan intense fight between cruz, pbush, and rubio. pexit polls coming in from new phampshire with 2/3 of republican pvoters saying they support ptrump's call to temporarily ban pmuslims from entering the united pstates. pand on the democratic side after pa razor-thin loss in iowa pvermont senator bernie sanders ulling off a solid victory ptonight. pexit polling showing among pvoters under the age of 30 psanders beat clinton by a pcolossal margin. pwe have team coverage, of pcourse, on this pivotal night, pand we start with abc's tom pllamas, who's at trump pheadquarters. ptom? p>> reporter: juju, good evening. pa wild scene here in manchester.
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phis victory party here and just psaid one word, wow, and the pcrowd fired back at him, "build pthat wall, build that wall, pbuild that wall." pclearly donald trump's message pon immigration, on the military pand helping out veterans presonated here in the granite pstate. phe wins first in new hampshire, psomething he couldn't do in the piowa caucuses. pand he told new hampshire voters pthat he loved them and that he pwas on his way to south pcarolina. phe also predicted more victories pahead. pnow, at one point he was pgracious and he thanked the pother candidates, especially psome who had called him, like psenator ted cruz, but he said ptomorrow it's back to bam, bam, pbam, which means he's going to pgo back to hitting the campaign phard and probably hitting his pcompetitors hard as well. pnow, donald trump won by such a plarge margin here in new phampshire it's hard to claim pthat anybody else had a victory. pgovernor john kasich of ohio pspent the most time here, more pthan 100 town halls. pyet he fell into second place pbut a very distant second place. phe definitely has some momentum pgoing to south carolina but his pmoderate message may not
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pin new hampshire. pjuju? p>> thanks, tom llamas with pdonald trump tonight. p the other outsider making pmonumental headlines tonight, pthe self-described democratic psocialist from vermont. pwith that, abc's david wright pwho's been at bernie sanders' pheadquarters all night. pdavid? p>> reporter: good evening, juju. pfrom bernie sanders' victory arty the crowd here definitely pfeeling the bern. pbig victories tonight for psanders and for trump. pboth candidates in a way flip psides of the same coin. prailing against a system that pthey say is rigged in favor of pspecial interests. pone of them railing against pbillionaires. pthe other a billionaire himself. pthere really is only one word to pdescribe tonight's results. psay it with me. pyooj. p>> oh, wow. p>> reporter: donald trump is redicted to win the republican rimary. pthe democrat bernie sanders who pcelebrated tonight by playing phoops with his grandkids. pmoments earlier hillary clinton
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p>> because of a huge voter pturnout, and i say yooj -- p>> jimmy: p>> reporter: the yooj question pnow, does either of them have a ath forward to the nomination? p>> we're going to win this south pcarolina. p>> reporter: let's take them one pat a time. p>> donald trump is seen pfavorably by a decent portion of prepublican voters but it's far pless than, say, marco rubio and pted cruz. pand as candidates drop out we pshould see some of the other pcandidates be able to coalesce a plarger section of the republican pvote and then probably be able pto win the nomination. p>> reporter: that's why in the prepublican race the silver and peven the bronze medal were just pas hotly contested. ptonight governor kasich came out pof nowhere and is now projected pto take second. p>> how could any man be so plucky, huh? pto have all of you. p>> reporter: tonight, third lace still too close to project pbetween rubio, bush -- p>> you all have reset the race. pand for that i am really pgrateful. p>> reporter: -- and cruz.
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pbut right now it appears that we pare effectively tied for third pin the state of new hampshire. p>> reporter: each vying to premain viable in what's being pcalled the establishment wing. phoping to topple trump in the pcontest to come. pnew hampshire voters are well pknown to procrastinate when it pcomes to making up their minds. p>> it's how we are in new phampshire. p>> reporter: so today governor pkasich poured coffee. p>> coffee? p>> reporter: and waited tables. p>> coming through. p>> where's table 2? p>> reporter: secretary clinton psigned posters and smooched. p>> oh. p>> reporter: while the trump pkids were acting like new phampshire's first family. p>> hi, everyone. p>> reporter: ivanka thanking pvolunteers at trump pheadquarters. pall in, the candidates spent an pastonishing $100 million on pcampaign ads in new hampshire palone. p80% from republican candidates. pwith jeb bush and his super pac pthe biggest spenders. pbuying ten times more ads than
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p>> i know we can fix this. pbecause i've done it. p>> reporter: one out of every pthree republican ads were pro pbush. pas far as boots on the ground, pnew hampshire voters hosted at pleast 738 official campaign pevents since the race began. pwho came here the most? pgovernor kasich. ptime well spent, it would seem. pdepending on who ekes out third lace, the biggest casualty in pnew hampshire may be marco prubio. p>> i did not do well on saturday pnight. pso listen to this. pthat will never happen again. p[ applause ] p>> reporter: referring to psaturday night's abc news pdebate, where rubio repeated pthat same memorized line from phis stump speech over and over pagain. p>> and let's dispel once and for pall with this fiction -- p>> that bar okay a ack obama doesn't pknow what he's doing -- p>> there it is. pthe memorized 25-second speech. pthere it is, everybody. p>> reporter: the next day?
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pup at rubio's events. pthey clearly struck a nerve. ptoday rubio's supporters tried pto terminate one of them. pthe big question tonight, did pnew hampshire voters terminate prubio's candidacy? p>> i think the lack of pauthenticity, that scripted pquality really bothered voters, articularly in new hampshire. p>> reporter: earlier today, to pget a firsthand sense of the pmood of the electorate, we went pto this small town. pthis is laconia, new hampshire, opulation 16,000. pthe pollsters say this small ptown is a bellwether. pever since 2000 laconia voters phave picked the same first and psecond-place finishers as the pvoters in both parties pstatewide. p>> i should say the largest pnumber is probably going with pdonald trump. p>> really? p>> reporter: at j.d.'s barber pshop owner john down bent my pears about trum as he gave me a ptrim. p>> i like what trump is saying.
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p>> reporter: at my coffee house pnearby, the owner john moren pisn't a trump man. p>> i don't see how people can ptrust him. p>> reporter: and what do you plike about kasich? p>> i like what he did in ohio. p>> reporter: his co-worker robin pfernold clearly voted in the pother primary. p>> bernie has a majority of the prural votes. p>> reporter: why can't hillary pget it here? p>> you know, i -- p>> she's not trusted. pat all. p>> that's right. pshe's not trusted. p>> i want to begin by pcongratulating senator sanders pon -- p>> reporter: today hillary pclinton was gracious in defeat psuggesting she hopes to be the pcomeback kid in south pcarolina -- p>> it's not whether you get pknocked down that matters. pit's whether you get back up. p>> reporter: but consider she pspent 1.3 million on ads. pheld 63 events in the grab pstate. pconsider that she won here in p2008. pand consider that her husband
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ptonight's loss must hurt. p>> unions got behind bernie. pyoung people got behind bernie. eople who are frustrated with phillary clinton got behind pbernie. p>> reporter: in the waning days pof new hampshire she was already plooking ahead to south carolina, pwhere black voters make up more pthan half the primary pelectorate. pshe's debuted this new campaign pad. p>> when african-americans are pmore likely to be arrested by olice and sentenced to longer rison terms for doing the same pthing that whites do. p>> reporter: despite her huge ploss in new hampshire the odds pare ever in her favor moving pforward in these hunger games. p>> remember, iowa and new phampshire are very white states. phillary clinton polls very well pamong african-americans and psouth carolina's going to be a preal test for bernie sanders. pcan he come anywhere close to phillary clinton in that state? pif he can't it's probably good pnight for him. p>> reporter: taken together, the ptrump and sanders victories psuggest an electorate fed up pwith politics as usual. pdoes the rest of the nation
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pstay tuned for south carolina pand nevada next. pi'm david wright live for p"nightline" in concord, new phampshire. p>> we're being joined by our pfriend abc news political panalyst matt dowd. pthanks, matt. p>> great to be here. p>> i hope you fastened your seat pbelt tonight to watch the presults come in. phillary clinton was projected to plose. pbut you're saying tonight's presults are a recelt. p>> first i don't think she pexpected to lose by the margin pshe lost, which is huge in new phampshire. pkeep in mind this is a state she pwon in 2008 against barack obama pand now she's come and lost it pagainst bernie sanders. pthis is going to totally affect pthe race going forward, which is pwhat is likely to happen is pbernie sanders is going to rise pcoming out of this because of a pbump in positive press and then phe's going to lead in certain pstates around the country. pso she's in a real fight for the pnomination. pstill favored, but she's going pto have to fight this out pthrough march and probably into papril. p>> because the crowds rise, the pfund-raising rises, all of it. pwhat about on the republican pside?
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pwe see jeb bush seemingly previved. pand yet a three-way race for pthird. pis this a complete unstoppable ptrump? p>> i think this is the perfect pstorm for donald trump, which is phe wins, he exceeds his poll pnumbers, he wins by double pdigits, he recovers from a loss pand now he has multiple pcandidates to run against, which pis the perfect scenario for him. phe doesn't do well if it's one pon one. pand i think right now donald ptrump goes into south carolina pheavily favored, probably wins, pthen goes into the march 1st pstates, still a dominant osition. pthe establishment tonight i pthink is probably in full-on anic mode because what scenario pdo they have to put together pthat is able to stop him? pi'm not saying donald trump pisn't going to fall if there are pmistakes that can be made as pwe've seen. pbut i think right now donald ptrump is theed dominant pcandidate in this race. p>> the results are in and panic pensues. pthanks so much, matt dowd, for pjoining us. p>> great to be here. p up next, teresa giudice, p"real housewives" star of new
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p teresa giudice shocked her pway to reality stardom on "the preal housewives of new jersey." pbut tonight she's opening up pabout a very different reality, ptelling us about her life behind pbars. phere's abc's amy robach. p>> it was definitely living in phell. p>> reporter: it's been over a pyear since teresa giudice went pfrom the extravagant -- p>> i'm the queen. p>> reporter: -- and phot-tempered -- p>> do not break up my family! p>> reporter: -- queen of "the preal housewives of new jersey" pto serving as an inmate at
12:54 am
pin her first tv interview since pher release she is speaking out pabout her life in lockup. pdid you know you were breaking pthe law? pa crime? p>> definitely not. pthe government saw it p>> reporter: the cameras were pthere the day teresa and her phusband, joe, pled guilty to pmultiple counts of fraud. p>> i'm feeling numb. p>> reporter: she says her new preality didn't sink in until she parrived at the facility for an p11 1/2-month stay. pwhat was that first night like? p>> i got to my room like at 4:30 pin the morning. pthey opened the lights. pi felt so bad for all the girls pin the room. pthey were all really sweet, all pthe girls. pthey welcomed me. pthey helped me make my bed. pand that's when i saw the urine pstains and -- i mean, the pmattress was disgusting. pi was xuft exhausted. p>> reporter: you didn't care. pand i hadn't slept in probably p>> reporter: she says she didn't pbreak down until she realized pshe wouldn't be able to talk to pher daughters. p>> i thought as soon as, you pknow, when i woke up the next pmorning i was going to be able pto call home and talk to my pfamily.
12:55 am
pi had to wait 24 hours for my pmoney to hit. pi was like heart broek broken. p>> reporter: but giudice padjusted to prison. pher tv career prepping her in a psmall way for life on a cell pblock. pwas being in jail like being in pthe real housewives of danbury? p>> i would say ten times worse. pi mean, there was actually blood pwhen they had their fights. p>> my house reminds me of a pfrench chateau. p>> reporter: as a real housewife pgiudice was used to luxury. ptheir fabulous life funded in art by the fraud that got them pinto legal trouble. p>> fabulous. p>> reporter: at danbury the pinspiration for "orange is the pnew black." p>> strip. p>> reporter: she had next to pnothing. p>> your life was stripped down pto the bare minimum. pno nail polish. pno makeup. pno purses, fancy clothes. p>> the only thing i cared about pwas my hair color. p>> reporter: oh. phow did you do that? p>> they sold it on the pcommissary. p>> reporter: really? p>> yeah. prevlon number 41. pand i still have been using it
12:56 am
pand everyone loves my hair pcolor. p>> reporter: she made friends pand even had a nickname. phollywood? p>> oh, hollywood. pthat's what they k5u8d me. phollywood better not be telling pon us. pmeanwhile, i would never. p>> reporter: snitching isn't a pgood thing in prison. p>> no rats and no snitches. p>> reporter: there were rumors pfloating around that you had a pbodyguard. p>> this one girl with dreadlocks pwanted to be my -- she wanted to pbe my bodyguard. pi was like i'm good, thank you. p>> reporter: while she may have pflipped tables in the past -- pshe found work wiping them down pat danbury. p>> i had a job in the kitchen pthree days a week, wednesday, pthursday, friday. pthat was my job. pi loved my job. p>> reporter: you did? p>> yeah. pi got paid 12 cents an hour. pand my first paycheck was $1.60. p>> reporter: when she wasn't pworking, she was working out. pyoga? pyou found yoga in prison? p>> yes. pi love yoga. pand i was able to exercise three ptimes a day. pwhen are you ever able to pexercise three times a day? p>> never. p>> yes. p>> hello? p>> hi, honey. p>> hi, baby, how are you?
12:57 am
pwith family through e-mail and hone calls as seen on the bravo pspecial "teresa checks in." p>> hi, gia. p>> hey, mom. p>> hi, sweetheart. phow are you? p>> reporter: her favorite pmoments, the brief hours she pwould get to visit with her pfamily. pthis one photographed by "us pweekly." p>> the first visit was the phardest. pwe were all -- you know, when we psaid good-bye, that was the phardest. pbut then after that they were pbeing strong. pbut joe broke down every single ptime. pand like you would look at him-u pdon't think that he would. p>> like i'm the one in prison. p>> right. p>> hi, honey. pwelcome home. p>> reporter: bravo captured the ptear-filled moments of her phomecoming. p>> when i first got home i felt pit was like a dream. pi'm like am i really here? p>> what was it like seeing joe? p>> oh, it was amazing. poh, my god. pcouldn't keep his hands off of pme. p>> it had been a long time. p>> yes. p>> reporter: except for pgiudice's oldest daughter gia pthe children don't know the true pstory behind their mom's nearly pyear-long absence. pshe told them she was doing presearch for a book. p>> say hi to amy. p>> i told them mommy has to go
12:58 am
plife of being in prison. p>> to write a book. p>> yes. pto write a book. pi just don't want them to hear pit. p>> and you were able to protect pthem pthem. p>> when they get older mommy pwill explain everything to them. p>> reporter: she did in fact pwrite a book, "turning the ptables: from housewife to inmate pand back again." pand she says she'll continue to plive under the limelight. pyou write about in the book some pof the bad experiences you've pexperienced with the paparazzi. pbut then why continue with the p"real housewives" series? pwhy write a book? pwhy stay in the spotlight? pit's what i know. pand i live in new jersey. pi don't live in hollywood. pso the paparazzi's not always pstaked out at my house. p>> reporter: as of now she says pthe family's finances are back pin order. pwhere do things stand right now? pyou get to keep your home, yes? p>> correct. pnot in foreclosure any longer, pthank you god. pand our restitution's paid off. p>> reporter: but legal trouble pstill looms on the horizon. pjoe will begin his 41-month psentence in march.
12:59 am
pcourts to serve their time pconsecutively. pbut joe also faces possible pdeportation to italy. p>> would you move to italy with pthe girls if that ended up pbecoming reality? p>> we're just taking one day at pa time. p>> reporter: for the moment the pgiudices are enjoying the little pthings. ptogether again under one roof. p>> love, love, love, love you. p>> reporter: for "nightline" i'm pamy robach in new jersey. p>> and we'll be right back with pa wrap-up of the results out of pnew hampshire. pstay with us. p>> announcer: abc news p"nightline." pbrought to you by red lobster. ith even more lobster? you get hungry. and you count the seconds until red lobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab, and the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on a plate! and you know every bite of 'lobster lover's dream' lives up to its name. hey, eating is believing. so stop dreaming
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pof the game-changing results out pof new hampshire. pon the republican side the rojected winner by an pimpressive margin, donald trump. pwith john kasich surging to the pnumber 2 spot and the rest of pthe field in a bit of a muddle. pon the democratic side bernie psanders claiming a substantial pwin tonight, essentially pscrambling the field on both psides as we head into south pcarolina and beyond. pthanks for watching. ptune in to "gma" tomorrow. pjohn kasich will be live from psouth carolina. pand as always, we are online p24/7 on our "nightline" facebook age and at pgood night, america. p>> announcer: abc news, honored, pwinner for the second straight pyear with the edward r. murrow paward for overall exc emery, we're gonna be late forp dinner at honey and marvin's. t why aren't you ready? sorry.pjust give me one second. i'm almost donep with my love wall. r jessica: love wall? i'm decorating my room withpall the valentines i got from the girlsrin my class. you give love,ryou get love.
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