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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:07am-4:30am EST

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psecond. pted cruz, jeb bush, and marco prubio will all still fight it pout. pmore candidates in the race pmeans good news for trump as pthere is no one alternative to pthe real estate mogul. pand voters don't coalesce around pone other candidate. pjohn kasich told his supporters phe won because of his positive pmessage, saying last night, pthere's magic in the air. pnew jersey governor chris pchristie came in sixth place phere in new hampshire and told phis supporters he was going home pwith his family to contemplate pthe future of his campaign. preena, kendis? p>> shushannah, thank you so pmuch. pwe'll bring you the mood from pmemorable speeches from new phampshire as our coverage pcontinues. pthat's later this half hour. pwe're covering this morning. ptwo months after the deadly san pbernardino shooting the fbi pstill cannot unlock one major pclue. pinvestigators have not been able pto access one of the killer's hones.
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pone example of how encryption is pinterfering with terrorism pinvestigation. pand over in baltimore, a judge pwhether a convicted killer whose pthe podcast "serial" should get pa new trial. padnan syed's case was the psubject of a five-day court phearing that was two days longer pthan expected. pthe murder of his ex-girlfriend. pthere's no timetable for when pthe judge will issue his written pruling whether syed should get panother trial. p nasa says it is unlikely a pman in india was killed by a pmeteorite as the indian pgovernment officials had pclaimed. pit happened over the weekend on pthe campus of a private pengineering college. pbut after looking at pictures ponline, nasa scientists said pthat small meteorites do not pstart fires or cause explosions pwhen they hit the ground. pthey said the evidence was more pconsistent with a land-based pexplosion than something from pspace.
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pshould be quiet a scene tonight pat a port innew jersey when a proyal caribbean megaliner pulls pin after what by many accounts pwas a nightmare cruise pto nowhere. pthe more than 6,000 people pon board endured giant waves and phurricane force winds all of pthis over the weekend. pthe ship's captain claims the pstorm they encountered was more owerful than what was forecast. pbut one senator is now calling pon federal transportation pofficials to investigate this pentire cruise. proyal caribbean has already papologized to the passengers. pthey are all getting a full prefund and special offers toward pa future cruise. p one of the world's smallest pbabies has gone home for the pfirst time in her life. pe'layah faith was born september p23 in charlotte, north carolina. pafter an emergency c-section. pshe was 14 weeks early and pweighed just 10 ounces. pwell, yesterday, after four pmonths of blood transfusions and
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pshe's ready to head home. pher mother couldn't have been pmore thrilled. p>> i want to know who she is pbecause she is feisty. pi'm ready to see what's in pstore. p>> she must be feisty. pthe team of doctors at pcarolina's medical center called pher tater tot. pshe now weighs five times her pbirth weight, five pounds and pseven ounces. plook at that gorgeous baby. pshe seems like a fighter. p>> just wait till her teenage pyears. p>> exactly. p>> you'll find out what kind of pyoung lady she will be. p>> well, today is ash wednesday. pand that means lent has begun, pand that means plenty of folks robably need to do a little pmore exercising today. p>> yeah, we're seeing that pbecause they likely spent their pday eating those polish jelly pfilled doughnuts only served on pfat tuesdays. pone bakery in milwaukee was pfilling huge orders. pone person ordered 75 dozen of pthem. p>> what? p>> yeah, they said some of the pbakers worked for 16 hours pstraight to meet demands. p>> what's the other guy going to peat? pwhy don't we ever get these? p>> we'll have to work on that pfor next year.
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pgras partying is winding down. pbourbon street here? eople are still out. pand now many of the revelers who pwere having a grand time last pnight in the french quarter can pstart dealing with their phangovers once they sober up. pthe party ended at midnight when olice and street cleaners made ptheir way through. plent ends on easter which is psunday, march 27th. p got to figure out what i'm pgiving up this year. pcoming up, we're returning to pthe results of the new hampshire rimary. p>> including the big boost for pbernie sanders' campaign. pwhat insiders are telling us povernight after a very clear-cut pvictory. p>> and later, the best pone-liners and political pspeeches of the night. pthe candidates in their own pwords. p>> and it's ash wednesday. pit's very dry in new orleans. pthat's noel's joke. pit was dry in new orleans, ash pwednesday. p>> we get it.
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p returning to our top story, pvoters demanding a major change pon both sides of the political paisle have overwhelmingly swept pdonald trump and bernie sanders pto victory in new hampshire. pand in a reshuffling of the gop, pjohn kasich seen there surged to pa distant second place. pas of this hour, ted cruz, jeb pbush and marco rubio have pmaintained a tight three-way prace for third place. pbut it's too close to call. p>> vermont senator bernie psanders trounced hillary clinton pby a projected 20 plus ercentage points. p>> and he says his win is psending a profound message to pthe political establishment. pthe economic establishment and pto the media establishment. pabc's mary alice parks is in pconcord, new hampshire, with the psanders campaign. pgood morning. p>> reporter: that's right, reena pand kendis. pbernie sanders didn't just win
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phe won by a landslide. pthe independent senator from pvermont did particularly well pwith young voters and voters who psaid they wanted an outsider. phe also did well with those who psaid they were worried about the peconomy. pbut you can imagine here last pnight, there was very little pworry. pit was a celebration, a giant arty. pbernie sanders's supporters know pthat now he leaves new hampshire pwith quite a lot of momentum pinto the next few states in pnevada and south carolina. phe thanked volunteers but also psort of switched his tone. phe said that his victory here pwas sending a profound message pto the political and economic pestablishment. phe actually said that his pvictory was serving notice to pthe establishment and he said pthat he was able to win because pof huge voter turnout. pusing what has now become a pbernie sanders phrase. phe was able to harness penthusiasm and energy, he said,
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penthusiasm and energy he pbelieves will be necessary for pdemocrats to win in november. preena and kendis? p>> thank you so much mary alice. p>> quite a big night there in pnew hampshire for bernie psanders. pshould point out, just about pthis time last year, it was the popposite where hillary clinton pwas polling in the 60s and pbernie sanders was down at 19%. pso incredible change there. p>> it's also a historical moment pbecause bernie sanders is the pfirst nonchristian. phe's jewish even though he says phe believes god is in his own pwords, he said all of us are pconnected. pall life is connected. pthat's why we're all tied. phe is the first jew and pnonchristian to win a residential primary of major olitical parties. pthis is a big moment. pbut it's also amazing we're pcalling this such a big moment. p>> that's a big deal. p>> that's a big deal, exactly. p>> all right. pwe'll see how it plays out in pthe christian south. pcoming up, full analysis of
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p>> after an evening of ups and pdowns, the race for the white pyou're watching "world news
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pcandidates. p>> i want to say i still love pnew hampshire and i always will. p>> reporter: first i don't think pshe expected to lose by the pmargin she lost which was huge pin the course of new hampshire. pkeep in mind, this was a state pshe won in 2008 against barack pobama. pand now she's come and lost it pagainst bernie sanders. pthis is going to totally affect pthe race going forward which is pwhat is likely to happen is pbernie sanders is going to rise pcoming out of this because of a pbump of positive press. p>> we won. pbecause we harnessed the energy pand the excitement that the pdemocratic party will need to psucceed in november. p>> reporter: and then he's going pto start leading in certain pstates around the country. pso she's in a real fight now for pthe nomination. pstill favored, but she's going pto have to fight this out. pthrough march and probably into papril. pi think this is the perfect pstorm for donald trump which is phe wins, he exceeds his poll
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phe wins by double digits. phe recovers from a loss and now phe has multiple candidates to prun against which is the perfect pscenario for him. p>> we have to thank the pcandidates because they preally -- we have some very ptalented people and to be pvictorious against some of these eople even if it's for one pweek. pweek, but i believe it's going pto be for many weeks, okay? p>> he doesn't do well if it's pone-on-one. pi think he goes into south pcarolina heavily favored, robably wins and goes into the pmarch 1st states in still a pdominant position. p>> the establishment tonight is robably in full-on panic mode. pwhat scenario can they put ptogether that is able to stop phim? pi'm not saying he's not going to pfall. pright now, donald trump is the pdominant candidate in this race. p>> a lot of people saying online pthat the republicans need to pfollow beyonce's advice and get pin formation behind an pestablishment. p>> p>> formation for the republican
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pnow. pyeah, a lot of people are saying pthey need to consolidate. p>> what's interesting, the last rimary is d.c. june 14th. pare we going to go that long? p>> yes, the important d.c. p>> interesting. p>> all right. pcoming up, memorable moments. p>> interesting. pcoming up, memorable moments. ere do you think you're going? r to work, with you. r it's taco tuesday. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by int like 4 hours. r forget the tacos! rone pill lasts 12 hours. r i'm good all day. v wait! t your loss. pi was going to wear a sombrero. only mucinex has a bi-layerr tablet that starts fast, r and keeps working. nnot 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. r r t let's end this. p>> i'm alex trebek. pif you're age 50 to 85, pso please, pwrite down the number pon your screen. pthe lock i want to talk pto you about pisn't the one on your door.
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try delsym twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . p those pictures of downtown pmanchester, new hampshire, where pthere were a lot of fireworks plast night. pthings are calming down in new phampshire overnight but the race pfor the white house just keeps icking up more speed. p>> after the primary election presults rolled in, the psome were beaming, others pdefeated. pand the rest hoping to hang in pfor the long haul. p>> thank you, new hampshire. p>> we love you. pwe're going to be back a lot. pwe're not going to forget you. pyou started it. premember, you started it. pin this race is who is prepared
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p>> when i'm president of the punited states -- p>> we need a president with a p>> we will go home to new jersey ptomorrow morning. pwe will make a decision on our pnext step forward. p>> we've learned it's not pwhether you get knocked down pthat matters. pit's whether you get back up. p>> there's magic in the air with pthis campaign. p>> we see this as an opportunity pfor all of us, and i mean all of pus, to restore the spirit of pbehind. pam i right? pthat's what we're all fighting pfor. p>> that's why they cannot win pthis election. pthat's why we must win this pelection and we will win this pelection. p>> they're throwing everything pat me except the kitchen sink. pand i have the feeling that pkitchen sink is coming pretty psoon. p>> but i heard parts of bernie's pspeech. phe wants to give away our pcountry, folks. phe wants to giveaway. pwe're not going to let it
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p>> together, we have sent a pmessage that will echo from wall pstreet to washington, from maine pto california. p>> now we take this campaign to pthe entire country. pwe're going to fight for every pvote in every state. pwe're going to fight for real psolutions that make a real pdifference in people's lives. p>> some important dates by the pway coming up. pstraight ahead. pso you have on february 20th is pthe nevada caucuses for the pdemocrats and the republicans pwill have their primary in south pcarolina. pthen the democrats will have ptheir primary in south carolina pon the 27th of this month. pso they have a few days to get pthings together. p>> it will be interesting. p>> that's the news for this half phour. p>> remember to follow us on pfacebook us on
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