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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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p>> thank you, new hampshire. pthank you. pwe are going now to south pcarolina. p>> wr e won because of your penergy. psean: the votes are in. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pare the big winners from the new phampshire primary and they both pwalked away with large margins. perin: a couple other candidates pare also riding high as the pcampaign' s head for south pcarolina. pkevin: clouds and scattered snow pshowers out there today. pthe leading-edge -- leading edge pbuilds in.
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pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. perin: good morning, new phampshire. pthanks for waking up with us. pi' m erin fehlau. psean: i' m sean mcdonald. pit' s all over and it' s hard to pbelieve. pthe candidates are all streaming pout of the state. plet' s take a look at the presults. pbernie sanders easily defeated phillary clinton with 60% of the pvote. perin: donald trump got more than pa third of the vote, followed by pjohn kasich, ted cruz, and jeb pbush. pwe will have a complete wrapup pin just a moment. pfirst, we want to check in on pher weather today. pkevin: as we go through the day, pwe are going to continue to see plight snow and snow showers pdevelop.
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pyou will notice scattered snow pshowers back to our south and pwest. pby 8:00 or 9:00, we may start to psee snow showers in southern arts of the state. pthere could be an inch or two of paccumulation locally from this. ptemperatures are above freezing pin both -- most locations. plet' s take a look at your pmorning ride. pwe are joined live by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson. pgood wednesday morning. pdeb: good wednesday morning, pkevin. pall major roadways are moving up pto speed. p93 north and south is moving pwell from north of the notch all pthe way down to the state line. pthe everett turnpike is also pmoving well. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid.
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psince the primary season started pin new hampshire and it is now pover. pthe votes of mostly been ptallied. perin: donald trump is the winner pin the granite state. pbut john kasich took the silver pmedal with a strong 16% showing. pthen there was a little bit of a plogjam with ted cruz, jeb bush, pand marco rubio -- followed by pchris christie, carly fiorina, pand ben carson. pray brewer joins us live at the pairport diner in manchester with preaction from the top two. pray: donald trump and his family phave already left new hampshire. pduring his speech last night, ptrump announced that his psupporters were where it started pfor him in new hampshire. pwith a win under his belt and a psecond-place finish in iowa
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p>> we are going to start winning pagain and we are going to win so pmuch, you are going to be so phappy, we are going to make pamerica so great again, may be pthan ever before. pi love you all. pthank you, new hampshire. pray: governor john kasich pfocused his campaign on new phampshire and it paid off in a pbig way for him. phis second-place finish provides pa huge boost for him. phe says new hampshire has pchanged him and he told his psupporters they have a chance to pbe part of something bigger, as phe moves forward. p>> may be, maybe just maybe, in pa time when clearly changes in pthe air, maybe, just maybe, we pare turning the page on a dark art of american politics pbecause tonight, the light
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pnegative campaigning. pray: the polls turned out to be pright in new hampshire. pjohn kasich is counting his psecond-place finish. pthere is still a long way to go pin the race, but new hampshire phas had its say. perin: thank you. pwith just two major candidates, pthe democratic field is a lot pmore cut and dry. pthe results were not close. psean: bernie sanders easily pdefeated hillary clinton by more pthan 20 points. pmike cronin is following the presults for us this morning in pdowntown manchester. pmike: bernie sanders certainly pcelebrating after a huge win pover hillary clinton. pthe vermont senator pointed to pthe extremely high, possibly precord-breaking turnout as a key precord as to why he won the
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phe said democrats need to pcontinue to be inspired to keep pthe white house in november. pmike: what happened here in new phampshire in terms of an penthusiastic and aroused pin large numbers, that is what pcountry. pmike: it was a tough loss for phillary clinton, but it really pwas not much of a surprise. pshe was hoping to surge at the pend and take some momentum into psouth carolina. pshe signaled a shift in message pgoing forward to focus on some pof the similarities she has with psanders and thanks to the pindividual donors to her pcampaign. p>> people have every right to be pangry. pbut they are also hungry.
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pwhat are we going to do? pthat is the fight we are taking pto the country. pmike: hillary has a debate in pwisconsin on thursday before pheading to south carolina. pthat is now one win for bernie psanders and one for hillary pclinton with a long way to go. perin: thank you. pjeb bush is riding some momentum pheading into south carolina and pnevada after a fourth-place pfinish. psean: he thanked the people of pnew hampshire last night for presetting the race and ropelling him forward. phe says he fell in love with the rimary process through the pdozens of townhall' s he held phere. p>> who do you want to serve as resident of the united states? pwho do you want to lead this pcountry?
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p>> do you want someone like phillary clinton or donald trump? p[booing] p>> that will pursue their pambitions at the expense of pservice to the people that truly pneed the help? perin: new jersey governor chris pchristie says he is goig home pto new jersey today to think pthings over and decide about the pfuture of his campaign. phe said he made many new friends pon the campaign trail and that phe has no regrets. phe said he hopes to make a pdecision by this afternoon about pwhat he will do moving forward. pwe spoke with andy smith after pthe results came in last night pand he says he was surprised by pthe margin of victory for bernie psanders, as well as the fact pthat john kasich pulled out a psecond-place finish. pandy: you can have candidates pstarting to fight with one panother -- the person who stays
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pin the food fight, he stays out pof the way and does not get food pall over him. pit was surprising. pit was most surprising to me pthat this was over so quickly. psean: it ended very quickly last pnight. pyou can get complete results plast -- on pyou can also read analysis about pthe future of the race for the pnominations. pseveral people kept copies of a pletter sent to many voters. pit provides a list of neighbors pwith a promise to let you know pif they voted. pthe attorney general' s office psays the letter is not illegal pbecause voting information is pnot public and it is not lanning to take any action. perin: a search in conway will presume this morning after a man
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ond and a neighbor was unable pto rescue that person. psean: a unh student goes before pthe parole board. pno matter the decision, he is pnot getting out of prison.
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pkevin: we start off early this pmorning with temperatures in the pteens to near 20 degrees. pareas of light snow in the north pcountry. pothers developing for central pand southern areas. pwe will have all the details and pthe big change for the weekend pcoming up. perin: new hampshire has voted. pthe results are in from the residential primary. pbernie sanders is the big winner pon the democratic side, easily
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pdonald trump more than doubled pup john kasich to take the prepublican race with ted cruz ptaking third, followed closely pby jeb bush and marco rubio. pchris christie, carly fiorina, pand ben carson and up in single pdigits. psean: search efforts will pcontinue and resume for a man in pconway presumed to be dead after pfalling through the ice. prescuers were called to a pond pafter a man was heard calling pfor help. pthe first man is still missing. perin: the man serving a life psentence for killing a puniversity of new hampshire pstudent will not get parole for panother conviction related to pthe crime. pseth mazzaglia asked the judge pon the state parole board for arole on a charge of witness
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psecurity level and show good pbehavior for six months. pthe father of the murder victim psaid he should stay where he is. p>> the underlying crimes that pled to witness tampering were psevere, disturbing, and showed a pdisdain for the basic rights of eople. perin: he could be classified to pa lower security level later pthis month. pthat would have no effect on his plife sentence. pthere is a $5,000 reward for pinformation leading to an arrest pafter someone stole a safe from pa business in lee. psomeone smashed into an office pat the lemonade or systems and ptook the -- eliminator systems pand took the safe. psean: an mbta officer shot after pthe boston marathon bombings pwill retire.
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phe and his wife kim are pexpecting a baby girl. perin: do you have plans for pvalentine' s day? pto those plans involve a person por your pet?
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psean: a bill to allow a single pcasino in new hampshire is pmoving forward once again. pthe senate ways and means pcommittee approved the bill. pthis is not the first time a pcasino has been considered in pnew hampshire, but the most precent bill failed in the house plast spring. perin: valentine' s day is this pweekend, but humans are not the ponly ones getting the love. pamericans will spend about $681 pmillion on their pets this pfebruary 14. p40% of people say they would prather spend valentine'
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pwith their furry friend other pthan a special -- rather than a pspecial person. psean: they say honesty in a prelationship is very important. p[laughter] pkevin: is the dog self-aware penough to know about valentine' s pday? perin: you and shiloh are going pto get together. pyou and crash. psean: we will have a nice pevening together. pyes. p[laughter] psean: i want to go back to the phonesty. pkevin: we start off with ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees. pa little bit of snow in the pnorth country. pwe are going to continue to pexpect to see the clouds built pthrough the day. pthere is the potential that the psnow showers could go up to pscattered snow squalls with a pbrief downpour of snow. s all right
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p-- reduced visibility is a ossibility. otential is there. pit is not like a line of pthem easily. pand bump into atmospheric pmechanics. pit can make the roadways slick pfor a quick amount of time. pwe have the upper level system pon the move now out of the great plakes and making its way poverhead. pinto early friday, we will run pthe risk of scattered snow pshowers. ptoday is the best chance for a pbrief squall or two. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees. pmost areas with a very light pbreeze should be getting back up
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pthat is a bargain considering pwhere we are going to be for a pfew days after this. pscattered snow showers, may be a pbrief squall through the pafternoon and early this pevening. pdon' t focus necessarily in on a articular region of the state. pthe coverage is out there, as pfar as the scattered snow pshowers in central and southern pnew hampshire. pa little bit more sunshine paround tomorrow, but it will be pcooler with highs in the 20' s, pbut it looks like teens to the plower range of the 20' s to come. pwe have one more chance of a pcouple scattered snow showers. pbehind that front comes the very pcold air for the weekend. pscattered snow showers art ossibility at any time today. ptonight, temperatures ease back pinto the teens and 20' s across pthe region.
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pcold truth of it. pi temperatures in the low end pmidteens. pup north it is -- high ptemperatures in the low and mid pteens. pup north, it is cold. psunday evening is at or below pzero. psean: if you are planning the poutdoor marriage proposal on pvalentine' s day, bundle up is pwhat you are saying? p[laughter] pkevin: or plant indoors. psean: the results are in. pdonald trump had twice as many pvotes as the second-place pfinisher, john kasich. pon the democratic side, senator pbernie sanders is the winner pwith more than a 20-point lead pon hillary clinton, who won new phampshire eight years ago. perin: it was an interesting pnight. pcharlie is getting used to his pnew job.
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kevin: starting off early this pmorning with the temperature pright around 20 degrees in the ort city. psome snow shower activity to be paround through the afternoon and pon and off through this evening. pkind of a fluffy snow that would pfall. pwe will continue to see colder ptemperatures by the end of the pweek. psean: yesterday turned out to be pa gorgeous day. pwildlife experts are excited pabout a recent discovery on a pbeach in australia. perin: it is a very rare albino pgreen turtle.
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palby and he is one of 122 phatchlings in his nest. phe seems pretty vigorous so far. pinteresting birthday when you phave 121 brothers and sisters. pcommon. phow about a kangaroo? perin: never seen this before. pmeet charlie the red kangaroo, pworking as a therapy animal at pa veteran' s home in salt lake pcity. phe is only about a year old and pwill be honored by the red cross pnext month. psean: i love that and it works, pby the way. pi love that he wears a diaper. pcoverage of the new hampshire rimary results continues. preaction from the candidates and ptheir plans moving forward. perin: a store clerk refused to pbecome a victim and police are
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perin: good morning, it is pwednesday, february 10. pnew hampshire voters had their psay and we have the results. psean: bernie sanders won the pthe votes. pdonald trump won the republican rimary with 34% of the votes. pon the democratic side, hillary pclinton came in second with 38%. pdonald trump came in first and pjohn kasich came in second on pthe republican side with 16%. perin: we have some possible
5:24 am
s -- possibilities for pflurries. pkevin: maybe even a brief squall pin some locations. pthat will be on and off through pthis evening we start off in the s. pa lot of areas will be in the plow-to-mid 30' pwith a light wind. psean: this weekend, it is going pto be very cold. pkevin: bitterly cold. perin: here is a check of the proads for you right now. pthis is a live look at 93. pkevin: for a look at the morning pdrive, we are joined by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson. pgood morning. pdeb: good morning. pthe good news is that all major proads in new hampshire are pcontinuing to be nice and quiet, pincident-free, and moving at the osted speed limit. pif you are commuting into the
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proads are looking good in moving pwell around the boston area. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: thank you. pnow back to our new hampshire rimary results. psean: supporters of donald trump pand bernie sanders are pcelebrating victory this pmorning. p>> we are going to make america pso great again, maybe greater pthan ever beef or. pi love you all, thank you, new phampshire. p>> thank you, new hampshire. pnow it is on to nevada, south pcarolina, and beyond. psean: both candidates won the rimary by a fairly large pmargin. perin: ray brewer joins us live pin manchester with a closer look pat the republican results. pray: no real surprise that phampshire. phe had been leading big in the
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p>> we are going to make america pgreat again. pray: donald trump won the first pvictory of his presidential race pin the first in the nation rimary. phe told supporters that new phampshire started it. pthe campaign that launched in pjune propelled him to the top of pthe polls and he never looked pback. pthe second-place finish in iowa pis now in the rearview mirror pon. pwinning again. pwe are going to win so much, you pare going to be so happy, we are pgoing to make america so great pagain, maybe greater than ever pbefore. pi love you all. pthank you, new hampshire. pthank you, thank you, new phampshire. pray: ohio governor john kasich pcame in second in the republican rimary. phe helped more than 100 town
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phe thanked his supporters, pcommenting on their unrelenting s pinsurance policy. presults. phe did well. pi did beat him in dixville pnotch. pit is pretty satisfying because pwe labored in of security for so plong and i always felt that the pground game would produce for pus. pwe are going to produce and pfinish second and it is going to pbe a strong finish. pi loved the experience. pit was just great. pray: donald trump and his family pflew out late last night. pfor a closer look at the pdemocratic results, let' s check pin with mike cronin. pmike: thanks, ray. pmany granite staters were pexpecting bernie sanders to win, pand he did so by a big margin -- ptaking 60% of the votes.
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pmike: coming off his primary pvictory, bernie sanders cited pthe potential record-breaking pvoter turnout is helping him win pthe first in the nation primary. phe said democrats will need to pcontinue to be inspired to keep pthe white house in november. p>> what the people here have psaid is that, given the enormous pcrises facing our country, it is pjust too late for the same old, psame old establishment politics pand establishment economics -- pthe people want real change. pmike: this was a tough loss for pdemocrat rival hillary clinton. pher campaign was hoping to surge pat the end of the election, but pshe was not able to pull ahead. pher concession speech signaled a pmessage switch,' s on psimilarities between bernie
5:29 am
pdespite losing the primary, she psays she has nothing against new phampshire voters. p>> i still love new hampshire pand i always will. pis it right that a cashier that pi met here in new hampshire is aid less than her son for doing pthe same work even though she phas been on the job more years? pnow people, people have every pright to be angry, but they are palso hungry. pthey are hungry for solutions. pwhat are we going to do? pand that is -- that is the fight pwe are taking to the country. pmike: both clinton and sanders pare gearing up for another pdebate tomorrow in wisconsin and pthen it is on to zip -- the psouth carolina primary. perin: texas senator ted cruz
5:30 am
rimary. phe said he considers his pthird-place finish to be a win pfor conservative grassroots. phe said that no one expected him pto do well in new hampshire. pevangelicals helped him win the piowa caucuses in that group is pnot a large constituency in new phampshire. phe told the crowd his campaign pdid what the washington pestablishment hoped it would not pdo. p>> once again, the talking heads pand the washington insiders were pconfident that our wave of psupport would break against the prock of the granite state. pthat a conservative, we were ptold, could not do well in the pstate of new hampshire. pwe were told that over and over pand over again and tonight, the pmen and women all across this pgreat state moved to them wrong. psean: florida senator marco prubio did not get the strong pshowing he hoped for after his piowa bond.
5:31 am
phe thanked supporters. pfor the first time since the pwmur/abc news debate, he preferenced his performance of pthe debate, indicating it likely pcost him some votes. p>> our disappointmen tonight is pnot on you. pit is on me. pit is on me. pi did not do well on saturday pnight, so listen to this, that pwill never happen again. perin: carly fiorina is thinking pgranite staters for their psupport after a disappointing pfinish. pshe came in seventh, but she psays her fight is not yet over. pthe presidential hopeful says pshe has the money and gumption pto press on. p>> i' m not going to sit down and pbe quiet and neither are you. p[cheers and applause]
5:32 am
m not going to settle for pneither are you. psean: after the results came in, pandy smith gave his take on how psurprised him. pandy: remarkable turnout. pthat is the biggest surprise. pthe size of bernie sanders' win pis really tied to that. pon the republican side, donald ptrump had been leading pthroughout. pcertainly, john kasich pulling pinto second place was a psurprise. psean: you can see the full rimary results by heading to pour website, pyou' ll find a link right on the ptop of our home page. pbe sure to check john distaso' s articles. perin: some voters in pelham got pa huge surprise. pa 600 pound pig was spotted in
5:33 am
pofficers determined that it came pfrom a local farm. pits owner was contacted to come pand retrieve that pig. pattention. psean: perhaps the pig got a pthere were a lot of people here. pinteresting. p[laughter] psean: the clerk fought back pattempted robber. pfood workers in florida. pa man tossed an alligator pthrough a drive-through window. pkevin: upper level systems papproaching. pmaybe even a brief squall at
5:34 am
pkevin: starting off with plenty pof clouds, flurries, and snow pshowers. phighs today up into the low and pmid 30' s. psnow showers could turn into a psquall this afternoon. pwe will have all the details for pthe weekend coming up. psean: the results for the first
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pwith 89% of precincts reporting, pdemocratic side, bernie sanders pwon the contest with 60% of the pvotes. pon the republican side, donald ptrump won with 35% of the votes. p16%. perin: nikole killion has been pclosely following our primary pand she joins us live in presults. pnew jersey governor chris pchristie, his support was in the psingle-digit. pdo we think he is going to drop pout of the race? pnikole: he said he is going to phead home to new jersey take a pdeep breath and he does want to pwait out the final results, he pheld a turnout today before he pmakes a decision about the pfuture of his campaign. phe was pretty frank last night pthat the returns were pdisappointing.
5:36 am
pjohn kasich came in second. phe came in sixth place. pa lot for him to reassess. perin: what did some of the exit olls show? pnikole: interestingly, it kind pof explains why we saw the big pwins last night for donald trump pand bernie sanders. pamong republican voters, they psaid they really felt betrayed pby party officials, about half pof those surveyed. pover on the democratic side, pmany voters said they valued phonesty over other qualities, so pthat seemed to help bernie psanders. pa lot of independence broke for psanders, as well. pcome. pmuch. psean: at the statehouse, new phampshire fourth-graders had a
5:37 am
pnearly 900 students cast votes. pjeb bush and hillary clinton pcame out on top. pbush took 27%, followed by pdonald trump with 25%. pclinton took 66% of student pvotes, followed by bernie psanders with 25%. perin: we are following breaking pnews out of massachusetts. pone person was killed and two pothers were injured in an povernight fire in fitchburg. paround 1:00 a.m. pfirefighters say that two people pand were taken to the hospital. pa third person died at the pscene. pstarted. pmanchester police are on the plookout for an attempted robber pwhen the clerk decided to fight pthe struggle was caught on
5:38 am
pthe clerk was behind the counter plast night when a hooded man pwalked in, demanded money. pthe clerk says he noticed that pthe gun the man was carrying was pmade out of plastic, so his panxiety turned to anger and he ptook matters into his own hands. p>> i said, i have a safe over phere. pas i' m walking over here, this pguy is walking and then i run paround the corner and i tackle phim. phe was trying to run away as a ptackled him. pi grabbed him and i just started pbeating him up. phe got away, but i wish i had ptaken him a little bit harder. perin: in the future, he said he pwould not risk his life over a pfew hundred dollars. psean: the trial continues today pfor a man accused of trying to pkidnap a teenager. pdesmond mighty attacked a pteenager outside the bathrooms
5:39 am
pabduct her. phe was later arrested in the arking lot. perin: a massachusetts man paccused of trying to sell pfentanyl in manchester has pled pguilty. pbienvenido mateo-beltre was parrested last year and is pscheduled to be sentenced in pmay. psean: a florida man is facing pcharges after he threw an palligator into a drive-through prestaurant. p>> he is a prankster. phe does it because he thinks it pis funny. p[laughter] psean: that is not funny. p24-year-old joshua james through pa 3.5 foot alligator through the pdrive-through window after a pworker handed him a drink. phe said he fanned -- found the palligator on the side of the proad. phe is now charged with assault
5:40 am
pfile this under, yeah, i' ve pnever heard this before. p[laughter] psean: the drive-through window pwas only this big. perin: everyone is wondering what pis someone going to hand me ptoday? psean: how do you throw an palligator? perin: he founded on the side of pthe road? pthat is what you would do with pan alligator if you found one. pa lot of questions with that pone. pkevin: i' m done being surprised. p[laughter] pkevin: we start off with clouds, pscattered snow showers pdeveloping. ptoday, temperatures not doing ptoo bad. pwe will be a couple of degrees pabove the average. pthe true arctic air comes in palong with the wind in time for pthe weekend. robably the coldest wind -- pweekend we will have all winter
5:41 am
pthe timing of that is right in pthe weekend. pwe have some light snow showers pup in the north country. pwe have organized activity down pto our south. pscattered snow showers will be pforming as the day moves along. pwe cannot rule out a couple of pbrief squalls, where visibility pcould be reduced to under a pquarter-mile. pfrom there, upper-level system pon the move will mean the chance pof a couple snow showers into pthis evening and the chances of pfriday morning. pa little bit brighter on friday pthrough. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees. plight winds out of the psouthwesterly direction. ptemperatures will start to pmoderate some. pagain, we have those hit or miss
5:42 am
potherwise, upper 20' s to pmid-30' s should about do it ptoday. pit is tough to pinpoint which parea or region of the state will psee the snow showers. pthis computer model has southern arts of the state with the best pchance of a quick inch or inch pand a half around the state. pa brief squall will be the main pthreat and the thing you want to plook out for if you are ptraveling around. pwe will fall back tonight in the pteens to lower range of the p20' s. ptomorrow, it will be colder. pit looks like we will be in the pteens to lower 20' s by the time pwe get toward friday, after a pcolder start. pnotice the single digits toward pfriday morning. pby the time we get into the pweekend, colder winds set up and pthe potential is going to be pthere for temperatures below pzero statewide sunday morning.
5:43 am
pand that will set up the next pstorm system trying to arrive. ptemperatures, low and mid 30' s pby the afternoon. pwe will fall back into the teens ptonight with a couple of plingering snow showers. pyour extended forecast has ptemperatures continuing to make ptheir way up today and then pfalling all the way back by psunday afternoon. pthey then work their way back pup. psean: a golden retriever is pbeing rescued. phe was trapped for an hour pbefore firefighters could get phim warmed up. perin: something to keep in mind pwhen you are swimming in the
5:44 am
psean: take a look. pthe scottish spca is looking for pthis very large rabbit. pthe shelter took in the pseven-month-old giant rabbit. pthat thing is huge. pthe animal is about the size of pa small dog and is still pgrowing. pit is looking for an owner who pcan give the rabbit lots of pattention and cuddles. pkevin: that is a very large hug. p[laughter] perin: last year was apparently pnot a good year to go to the pocean. p2015 set a new record for punprovoked shark attacks. pthere were 59 attacks in the pu.s. last year, which beats the revious record of 53 attacks pset in 2012. pkevin: worldwide, there were 98 punprovoked shark attacks. pexperts say more swimmers,
5:45 am
perin: is this why you do the enguin plunge in the pwintertime? pkevin: exactly. pthat may be the one thing we are psafe run. psean: watching the shark pmigration routes. p[laughter] psean: coming up, the search presumes for a missing man resumed dead after falling pthrough the ice on a pond in pconway. pray: donald trump is the big pwinner amongst republicans. pcoming up, we will hear from ptrump and the man who finished a psurprising second. pmike: bernie sanders wins big in
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