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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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p>> thank you, new hampshire. pwe are going now to south pcarolina. p>> we won because of your penergy. pthank you. psean: now on daybreak, the votes pare in. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pare the big winners from the new phampshire primary and they pwalked away with large margins. perin: a couple other candidates pare writing high -- riding high pas the candidates head for south pcarolina. pkevin: clouds and scattered snow pshowers out there. pall the details in futurecast pahead. p>> no one covers new hampshire
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perin: it was an interesting pnight. pgood morning, new hampshire. psean: good morning, everyone. pit is hard to believe, but the pnew hampshire primary is already pover and the candidates are pstreaming out of the state. pbernie sanders easily defeated phillary clinton with 60% of the pvote. perin: at the first page of the prepublican side, donald trump pgot more than a third of the pvote, followed by john kasich, pted cruz, and jeb bush. pwe will have a complete wrapup pin just a moment. pfirst, we want to get a check on pthe weather. pkevin: some changeable pconditions, as far as the clouds pthickening up. psnow showers could develop into pbrief squalls and make things pslick initially. pyou can see them developing back pto our south and west and
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pscattered snow showers, may a pquick inch or two of snow coming pthrough this. pin light wind out of the psouthwest pushing temperatures pinto the upper 20' s to mid 30' s. pmuch more coming up. plet' s take a look at the morning pride. pwe are joined live by 95.7 pwzid' s deb davidson. pgood morning. pdeb: good wednesday morning, pkevin. pthe roads to remain nice and pquiet in new hampshire. pwe are seeing sluggish volume on p93 southbound south of the phooksett tolls. pafter you get through that, pthings look good down through pthe 293 split. pthere is building volume through pthe mill yard and near exit 4. p93 south is now slow in pmassachusetts. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. psean: thanks.
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pthe primary season started in pnew hampshire and now it is pover. plet' s start with the republican pfield. perin: donald trump is the winner pin the granite state, but john pkasich took the silver medal pwith a strong 16% showing. pthen there was a little bit of a plogjam with ted cruz, jeb bush, pand marco rubio. pray brewer joins us live from pthe airport diner in manchester pwith reaction from the top two. pray: donald trump and his family phave already left new hampshire. pthey flew out late last night pafter claiming victory in the pfirst in the nation primary. pduring his speech last night pafter it was apparent he would pwin, he told his supporters that pnew hampshire is where it all pstarted for him. phe quickly rose to the top in pthe granite state, never looking pback.
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pmomentum forward. p>> we are going to start winning pagain and we are going to win so pmuch, you are going to be so phappy -- we are going to make pamerica so great again, may be pgreater than ever before. pi love you all. pthank you, new hampshire. pray: governor john kasich pfocused his campaign on new pbig way for him. phis second-place finish provided pa huge boost. phe thanked his supporters last pnight, saying there is magic in pthe air. phe told his supporters they have pa chance to be part of something pbigger. p>> may be, just maybe, in a time pwhen changes in the air, maybe pjust maybe, we are turning the age on a dark part of american olitics because tonight, the
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pnegative campaigning. pray: so while the polls were pright and donald trump did win pbig in new hampshire, john pkasich is counting his psecond-place finish as a win. pthere is obviously still a very plong way to go before everything pis decided. preporting live, ray brewer. perin: thank you. pwith just two major candidates, pthe democratic field is a lot pmore cut and dry than the prepublican side. pthe results were not close. psean: bernie sanders easily pthan 20 points. pdemocratic results in downtown pmanchester. pbernie sanders could be catching phe will certainly be celebrating pafter a huge when -- win over phe pointed to the extremely high pturnout at the polls is a key preason as to why he won the
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phe also said democrats need to pcontinue to be inspired to keep pthe white house in november. p>> what happened here in new phampshire in terms of an penthusiastic and aroused pelectorate, people who came out pin large numbers, that is what pwill happen all over this pcountry. pmike: it was a tough loss for phillary clinton, but it really pwasn' t much of a surprise. pshe was hoping to surge at the pend and take some momentum in psouth carolina. pshe signaled a shift in message pmoving forward to focus on some pof the similarities she had with psanders. p>> people have every right to be pangry. pbut they are also hungry. pthey are hungry for solutions.
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pand that is the fight we are ptaking to the country. pmike: hillary has a debate with psanders on thursday before pheading to south carolina. preporting live in manchester, pmike cronin. psean: thanks. pjeb bush is riding some momentum pnevada. perin: he thinks the people of pnew hampshire for resetting the prace and propelling him forward. phe also says he fell in love pwith the primary process through s that he pmove forward. resident of the united states? pwho do you want to leave -- lead
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pdo you want someone like hillary pclinton or donald trump that pwill pursue their ambitions at pthe expense of service to the eople that truly need the help? perin: after pulling in just psingle digits support, new pjersey governor chris christie psays he is going home to new pjersey today to think things pover and decide about the future pof his campaign. phe says he made many new friends pon the campaign trail in new phampshire and that he has no pregrets. phe said he hopes to make a pdecision by this afternoon. psean: the candidates have been pextremely breezy -- busy and so phas scott spradley. s talk about the huge pmargins of victory. olls are saying that sanders pand trump were going to win, but pwhat do you make about the huge pmargins? pscott: it was a little bit of a
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pat the same time, this sends a pstrong message to washington and pthe establishment in both arties, that they had better plisten up and make changes or pthe voters are probably going to pcontinue this path. psean: does that seem to be the pmessage coming out of the rimary? pscott:: i think so. pthere is a huge level of pfrustration and cynicism. plook at donald trump' s message. pthere is not a great deal of pdetail. pit is not about the issues or panyone issue. pit is about somebody else and ptaking a whole new direction and pthat is an important message. psean: it became a story about pthe race for second last night. pyou had john kasich coming back. pwhat do you make of his 16% pfinish? pscott: he is the story of the pnew hampshire primary and what pit can provide to those who rovide the shoe leather to it. phe focused on getting turnout in prural areas. phe even had a town hall meeting
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phe was also the happy warrior. phe is the exact opposite of doll ptrump. phe was there with a smile and it aid off. psean: hillary clinton, a big ploss for her. peight years ago, it was in -- a pmuch different story. pscott: i think she has to change pthe dialogue and perhaps get a plittle bit more grassroots. pit is hard when you are psurrounded by secret service, pbut you have to break loose of pthat. pif she is talking about foreign olicy, if she is now talking pmore about the front runners precord out of new hampshire, pthat changes the debate. psean: south carolina could be pinteresting. pthanks for waking up with us, pscott. perin: you can get complete rimary coverage on pyou can watch the speeches from pthe candidates and read analysis pof what the results mean for the
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pseveral people sent us copies of pa letter sent to many voters. pthe letter provides a list of pneighbors with a promise to let pyou know if they voted. pthe attorney general' s office psays this is not illegal because pvoting information is public and pit is not planning to take any paction. pa lot of people wrote to us. psean: we got a lot of pcomplaints. perin: a search and conway will presume after a man fell through pthe ice in a local pond. psean: the man convicted of pbefore the parole board. pseth mazzaglia is not getting pout of prison. perin: new hampshire has voted. pwe have more coverage of the
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pkevin: wednesday morning, pfebruary 10. pteens to lower ranges of the p20' s. psouthwestern parts of the state pwith snow and more filling in pthrough the day. pa brief squall is possible at ptimes. perin: new hampshire has voted pand the results from the residential primary are in. pbernie sanders is the big winner pon the democratic side, easily poutpacing hillary clinton. pdonald trump more than doubled pup on john kasich numbers to ptake the republican race with pted cruz coming in third, pfollowed closely by jeb bush and pmarco rubio. psean: turning now to some other
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presume in conway after a man, resumed to be dead after pfalling through the ice. prescuers were called to the ond. pa man was yelling for help and a pneighbor tried to rescue the pman, but fell in the water phimself. phe was able to get out, but the pfirst man is still missing. perin: a man serving a life psentence will not get paroled pfor another conviction related pto the crime. pseth mazzaglia asked the state arole board for parole on a pcharge of witness tampering, but pthe board says he needs to be preclassified to a lower security plevel and show good behavior for psix months. pthat classification could happen plater this month, but it would phave little effect on his life psentence. psean: there is a $5,000 reward pfor information leading to an parrest after someone stole a psafe from a business in lee. psomeone smashed through an poffice window at eliminator
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plast tuesday morning and took pthe safe out through the back pdoor. perin: it is now 6:15. pdo you have plans for pvalentine' s day? pdo those plans involve your erson or your pet?
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psean: a bill to allow a single pcasino in new hampshire is pmoving forward again. pthe house ways and means pcommittee approved a bill. pthis is not the first time a pcasino has been considered in pnew hampshire, but the most precent bill failed in the house pit -- house. perin: valentine' s day is this pweekend. paccording to the national retail
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p$681 million on their pets this pfebruary 14. p41% of people surveyed say they pwould rather spend valentine' s pday with their furry friend than pwith a special person. pthe pets are getting all the plove this coming holiday. psean: usually, i will let the pcat rested little while. pkevin: nothing beats the dogs pand cats in the wide-angle lens. pthat. perin: animal planet. psean: bring the puppy bowl back. pkevin: there you go. pwe start off with temperatures pin the teens to lower range of pthe 20' s. pwe are expecting the f remedy -- pactivity to become a little bit pmore numerous. pwe could see a squall or two out pthere in a couple of places. pit is a disturbance around an pupper-level system that is pspiraling out of the great lakes pnow.
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pto make its way toward the pstate. pit does look like we will run pthe risk for a couple of snow pshowers or flurries tonight. ossibly even later friday night pahead of the front that brings pin the colder air for the pweekend. ptemperatures will be below pfreezing when these are poccurring. pthese will be sticking to area proadways. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees. pa very light wind out of a psouthwesterly direction will phelp push temperatures upward. pwe should be above freezing plater this afternoon. pmuch like thunderstorm activity, pthese squalls will be scattered paround. pthe best potential is in
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pnotice as we stop this this pafternoon, a couple of those pbrief squalls move west to east pacross the state. pthey are scattered around pthrough the afternoon. pfrom there, a couple of more pscattered showers tonight. ptomorrow, as the colder air pstarts to come in, it will be iecemeal the next couple days. plater friday night and early psaturday, this front means pbusiness. pthe arctic air makes its way in. pwe are talking highs in the low pand midteens. pit is going to feel like it is pat or below zero across the pweekend through this stage. ptemperatures likely go below pzero by sunday morning. pit will modify by monday pafternoon and that leads us to pthe next system, which could be psnow or a wintry mix by tuesday. psean: the snow continues.
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pthe new hampshire primary is pover. pwe start with the packed prepublican race. pdonald trump is the big winner. pted cruz, jeb bush, and marco prubio were all tightly bunched. pon the democratic side, senator pbernie sanders is the winner, pwith more than a 20-point lead pon hillary clinton, who won new phampshire eight years ago. perin: charlie is getting used to phis new job.
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psean: wildlife experts are very pexcited about a recent discovery pin australia. perin: this is a rare albino pgreen turtle. phe is named alby and is one of
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pexperts say he seems pretty big prisk so far. pthe leader of the pack. psean: it doesn' t help with the redators. ptherapy animals are pretty pconfident -- common. pi about a kangaroo? perin: and not in australia. pcharlie the red kangaroo is pworking at a therapy animal at a pveterans home in salt lake city pand he has taken special trips pto hospice care and local pschools. phe is only about a year old and pwill be honored by the red cross pnext month. psean: you can imagine running pinto him and it would change pyour whole day. pcoming up, coverage of the new phampshire primary results pcontinues with reaction from the pcandidates and their plans going pforward. perin: the store clerk in pmanchester refused to become a pvictim. p
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perin: good morning. pit is wednesday, february 10. pnew hampshire voters had their psay in the first in the nation rimary and we have the results. psean: bernie sanders won the pdemocratic primary with 60% of pthe votes. pdonald trump won the republican rimary with 34% of the votes. phillary clinton came in second pon the democratic side. pjohn gray sick -- john kasich pcame in second on the republican pside with 16%. pwe will have team coverage of pthe results coming up. perin: first, a quick check of pthe weather. psnow squalls out there?
6:25 am
pit is lightly snowing in keene pand i think we will continue to psee the activity down to our psouthwest continuing to make its pway in this morning. psnow showers are a possibility pand maybe even a brief squall. ptemperatures getting back into pthe low and mid 30' s through the pafternoon. perin: we do want to check the proads. phere is a live look from our 90 pthree camera along the road in phooksett. pkevin: for a look at the morning pride him a we' re joined live by p95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. pdeb: traffic does remain pexceptionally quiet throughout pthe state. pthe roads are dry and traveling pat the posted speed limit. pwe are seeing some sluggish
6:26 am
p111 is also jammed at the 93 psouth in windham. pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: thank you. pnow back to our primary results. psean: bernie sanders and donald ptrump are celebrating victory. p>> we are going to make america pthan ever before. pi love you all, thank you, new phampshire. p>> thank you, new hampshire. pnow it is on to nevada, south pcarolina, and beyond. psean: both candidates won the rimary by a large margin. perin: ray brewer has a closer plook at the republican results. pray: no real surprise on the prepublican side. pdonald trump had been leading
6:27 am
p>> we are going to make america pgreat again. pray: donald trump told psupporters in manchester that phis supporters started it. phis second-place finish was now pin the rearview mirror and he pmomentum. p>> we are going to start winning pagain and we are going to win so pmuch, you are going to be so phappy. pwe are going to make america so pgreat again, maybe greater than pever before. pthank you, new hampshire. pnew hampshire. pray: ohio governor john kasich pcame in second. phe had spent a lot of time in pnew hampshire, holding more than p100 townhall meetings.
6:28 am
pcommenting on their unrelenting pcommitment. pdespite a second-place finish in pthe primary, he said he is happy pwith the results. p>> i' m going to congratulate ptrump. phe did well. pi did beat him index will not, pbut he was able to win -- in pdixville notch, but he was able pto win. pwe labored in obscurity for so plong. pwe are going to finish second pand it is going to be a really pstrong finish. pi love new hampshire and the pexperience. pit was just great. pray: donald trump and his family pflew out of the state late last pnight. pfor a closer look at the pdemocratic results, let' s check pin with mike cronin. pmike: thanks, ray. pmany granite staters were pexpecting bernie sanders to win pthe first in the nation primary pand he did so in a big way,
6:29 am
p>> thank you, new hampshire. pmike: coming off his primary pvictory, bernie sanders cited pthe potential record-breaking pvoter turnout as helping him win pthe first in the nation primary. phe said democrats will need to pcontinue to be inspired to keep pthe white house in november. p>> what the people here have psaid is that given the enormous pcrises facing our country, it is pjust too late for the same old, psame old establishment politics pand establishment economics. pthe people want real change. pmike: this was a tough loss for pdemocrat rival hillary clinton. pher campaign was hoping to surge pat the end of the election, but pshe was not able to pull ahead. pher concession speech signaled a
6:30 am
pshe said she and bernie sanders pare both committed to getting psecret money out of politics. pshe says she has nothing against pnew hampshire voters. p>> i still love new hampshire pand i always will. pis it right that a cashier that pi met here in new hampshire, she pis played less than her son pdoing the same job. pangry. pbut they are also hungry. pthey are hungry for solutions. pwhat are we going to do? pand that is the fight we are ptaking to the country. pmike: sanders and clinton are pgearing up for a debate tomorrow pin wisconsin and then it is on pto the south carolina primary. perin: thank you, mike.
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pthird place in the republican rimary and says he considers phis third-place finish to be a pwin for conservative grassroots. phe said that no one expected him pto do well in new hampshire. phe said evangelicals are not a plarge constituency in new phampshire. phe said that they did what the pwashington establishment hoped pit would not do. p>> once again, the talking heads pwere confident that our wave of psupport would break against the prock of the granite state. pthat a conservative, we were ptold, could not do well in the pstate of new hampshire. pwe were told that over and over pagain and tonight, the men and pwomen all across this great pstate proved them wrong. psean: meantime, marco rubio did pnot get the strong showing he
6:32 am
phe thanked supporters, telling pthem he called donald trump to poffer his congratulations. pfor the first time since the pdebate last saturday night, he preferenced his performance, pindicating it likely cost him psome votes. p>> our disappointment tonight is pon me. pit is on me. pi did not do well on saturday pnight, so listen to this, that pwill never happen again. perin: carly fiorina is thinking pgranite staters for their psupport after a disappointing pfinish in the primary. pshe said her fight for the pnomination is not over yet. pthe presidential hopeful says pshe has the money and gumption pto press on. p>> i' m not going to sit down and pbe quiet -- and neither are you.
6:33 am
psean: once again to talk through pthe results, we are joined by pscott spradley. pone of the talking heads. p[laughter] psean: a lot of times we talk pabout surprises. pwere there surprises? pscott: the big shocker was that pthere were no major surprises. pthe margin of victory for donald ptrump surprised me a little bit. pi thought the field would be pcompacted a little bit and then pted cruz in third place. ptrendlines were showing he was plosing ground and i assumed that pmarco rubio and jeb bush would pdo better. psean: what is the message to the pestablishment? pscott: pay attention. pthis is a whole new world, a pwhole new day. pi was a donald trump pheadquarters last night and was pable to really soak it in. pi see people frustrated with pwhat is going on and they are
6:34 am
pthat frustration in a way they pcan identify with. psean: it looked like senator prubio might do pretty well. pwhat happened? pscott: saturday night happened. pthat buzz saw of a debate where pchris christie went after him pand marco rubio make huge errors pon the debate stage. pit shows just how critical one erformance can be. pfor marco rubio, he waited until pdebate. pif he started at -- out with pthat and tried to change the pconversation, maybe he does a plittle better. perin: you can see the full rimary results by heading to pour website. pyou can find a link right at the ptop of our homepage. pbe sure to check wmur for particles on the new hampshire rimary.
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pa 600 pound pig was spotted in pthe parking lot of the high pschool. pofficers determined that the pig pcame from a local farm. pits owner was contacted to come pretrieve the paid, who i think pwas there to get pork out of olitics. psean: porkbarrel spending. pyou took it from me. p[laughter] psean: you are quick. pthe clerk fought back after pconfronting an attempted robber pat a convenience store. perin: scary situation for fast pfood workers in florida. pand man tossed an alligator pthrough the drive-through pwindow. s pmother. pmove. pscattered snow showers and maybe
6:36 am
pkevin: there have been a few pareas of light snow in the north pcountry. pwe are looking at temperatures ptoday in the low and mid 30' s. psome scattered snow showers from ptime to time. pthe could be a quick intro to of psnow in some spots. pwe will look ahead to the big
6:37 am
psean: the results are now in. p89 percent of precincts are preporting. pbernie sanders won the contest pwith 60% of the votes. phillary clinton came in second pwith 38%. pdonald trump won the republican pside with 38% of the votes -- p34% of the votes. perin: nikole killion has been pclosely following our new phampshire primary and she joins pus live to talk about the presults. pnicole, new jersey governor pchris christie had single-digit psupport in the primary. pdo you think he is going to drop pout? pnikole: we will have to wait and psee. phe did say that he is going home pto new jersey. phe is going to wait out the pfinal results before making a pfinal decision about the future pof his campaign.
6:38 am
pwere a lot of new voters. pwhat are the exit polls showing pus? pnikole: the couple of pinteresting trends. phalf of republican voters psurveyed said they felt betrayed pby party officials, dissatisfied pwith the establishment. pthe majority of those who wanted pan outsider to win support a pdonald trump. pfor democrats, many voters said pthat honesty was the quality pthat they wanted most out of a pthat seems to help bernie psanders. pmore independent also broke for psanders, as well. perin: the candidates will be pchecking out the exit polls, as pwell as we will be doing pthank you so much. psean: we are following some pmassachusetts. pone person was killed and two pothers were injured in an
6:39 am
pthe flames broke out at a home pon walton street at about 1:00 pa.m. ptwo people were found on the psecond floor and taken to the phospital. pa third person died at the pscene. perin: manchester police are on pthe lookout for an attempted probber who fled a convenience pstore when the clerk decided to pfight back. pthe clerk was behind the counter pat the 61 best market on maple pstreet when a hooded man walked pin and demanded money. pthe clerk noticed the gun was pmade out of plastic that the man pwas carrying. phe took matters into his own phands. p>> i said, wait, have a safe pover here. pi' m going to give you money over pthere. phe is walking towards here and pthen i run around the corner and pi tackle him. pas a try to tackle him, he is ptrying to run away. pi grabbed him and i just started pbeating him up. punfortunately, he got away.
6:40 am
pnot risk his own life over a few phundred dollars in the future. psean: a florida man is facing pcharges after police say he pthrew an alligator into the pdrive-through window of a pwendy' s restaurant. p>> he is a prankster. phe thinks it is funny. psean: that was mom. pconservation officials say p24-year-old joshua james through pa three foot alligator into the prestaurant after a worker handed phim major and. phe told authorities he found the palligator on the side of the proad. phe is now charged with assault pwith a deadly weapon. pyou find an animal on the side pof the road and you go to the pnearest fast food restaurant? p[laughter] pkevin: maybe he was hoping that pthe alligator wouldn' t be hungry panymore. perin: no. p[laughter] pkevin: if we can' t make sense of
6:41 am
pwe start out with plenty of pclouds out there and a few areas pof light snow and snow showers. pwe are going to continue to see psnow showers make their way into pthe area and that could mean pquick-changing conditions, where pwe see the occasional snow pshowers and maybe an inch or two pof snow out of the system there. pit could even be a brief squall por two involved in this. pyou could be looking at reduced pvisibility at times. pthe snow could slick and up -- pslicken up area roadways. pthis morning, you will notice pareas of light snow with a plittle bit more of an embedded phalf-mile involved with that. ptemperatures in the teens to
6:42 am
pa light wind should help push ptemperatures upward through the pafternoon. pby later on today, we are ptalking temperatures getting pback into the low and mid 30' s. ptemperatures may cool a bit, pespecially if you get that good pburst of snow coming down for a ptime. pas we are expecting by this pafternoon, a lot of areas above pthe freezing mark. pas we stop this by the time we pget to the evening commute, pwatch these purple shade did ockets -- shaded pockets. pthat is the snow that will be paround through the evening pcommute before withering away pthis evening. ptemperatures tonight dropping pback into the teens to lower p20' s as the cooldown continues. ptomorrow, most areas are in the pteens and 20' s as we knock off pabout 10 degrees from the highs pwe have out there today. ptemperatures fall back into the psingle digits to near 10 degrees p.
6:43 am
pcolder air will make its way in pafter an arctic front slides pthrough late friday night, early psaturday. ponce it moves by early saturday, pthe arctic air out of central pand northern canada comes diving pin. pthat will be around for the pweekend with winds going along pwith it. pthat will open the door for the pnext system, which will arrive pmonday night into tuesday. pa lot of big changes here in the pextended forecast. pthe warmest of the days, low and s. pit turns breezy tomorrow as the pcooler air rushes in. pwe cool off even more with psunshine around friday. pit is friday night, early psaturday that the front comes pthrough. phigh temperatures anywhere pbetween five and 18 on saturday. pwe are talking highs getting pback to zero in parts of the pnorth country to lower teens
6:44 am
pzero. ptemperatures themselves will be pbelow zero sunday morning. perin: chilly valentine' s day. pkevin: yes. psean: cuddle up with your loved pone. pa golden retriever is recovering pafter being rescued from an icy ond. pthe pet fell through the thin pice yesterday morning 20 feet pfrom shore. pmurphy was trapped for nearly an phour before firefighters could pget him out. pthey managed to bring him back pto shore and warm him up with psome blankets. pi love this firefighter action pshot. perin: they are rescuing not just
6:45 am
perin: it is now six: 55. pthe results are in from the pfirst in the nation primary. psean: bernie sanders won on the pdemocratic side with 60% of the pvotes. perin: on the republican side, pdonald trump claim victory with
6:46 am
pjohn kasich came in second with p16%. pted cruz finished third, pfollowed by jeb bush, marco prubio, chris christie, carly pfiorina, and dr. ben carson. pyou can see the full results on psean: we do have a traffic alert pto pass along to drivers heading pnorthbound on the everett pturnpike. pstate police are on the scene of pan accident just before exit 12 pin merrimack. pthe right lane is closed. pif you are heading through that parea, expect some delays. pkevin: a couple of snow showers pstarting to pop up in psouthwestern parts of the state. pscattered snow showers along pwith mostly cloudy skies are pgoing to be the reality today. pkeep an eye out for the snow psqualls embedded within the snow pshowers. pif you spots could have an padditional 1-2 inches of paccumulation. pfrom there, we start cooling poff. pby the weekend, very cold --
6:47 am
pgusty winds both days. perin: coming up, they are going pto be live right here in pmanchester on "gma" following pthe results of the new hampshire rimary. pthey are going to discuss what pthe contest means for the pon the campaign trail. psean: there is some question as pto whether some of the can pdidates might drop out. pa big kudos to the staff. p p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its
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