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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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p good morning, america. olitical earthquake. poutsiders donald trump and pbernie sanders win big in new phampshire. p>> we are going to make america pso great again, maybe greater pthan ever before. p>> tonight is nothing short of pthe beginning of a political pheavy rugs. p hillary clinton suffers a phuge double-digit defeat romising to take the fight to pthe entire country. p it's not whether you get pknocked down that matter, it's pwhether you get back up. p>> and john kasich with the psurprising surge into second. p>> if you don't have a seat pbelt, go get one. p>> while marco rubio finally pmakes an admission about his
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pnight. p>> as he battles for third lace, who's in, who's out? pthe race wide open. ptrump and kasich join us this pmorning. p>> and good morning, america. psomething is happening out pthere. pbernie sanders calls it a little prevolution. pwhat a night in new hampshire. pyou see it right there. pbernie sanders, donald trump procket out of new hampshire with psweeping wins. pa lot of angry voters there plooking for change and they came pout in force. plook at those long lines. p>> wow. p>> cars heading to the polls in pnew hampshire last night and pthose voters shattered pconventional wisdom. pa year ago sanders and trump not peven on the political radar. p>> truly a memorable night. pon the republican side donald ptrump, the clear winner, and pjohn kasich taking a surprising psecond place finish.
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pvictory over hillary clinton pwhich was expected by the polls. p>> but au a huge one. pthe winners celebrated last pnight with their families. pa little hoops with bernie psanders with his grandkids at pthe high school below his pvictory party and donald trump psent out this picture with his pfamily surrounding him saying pthank you, new hampshire. pdonald trump is joining us this pmorning and john kasich standing pby live. p>> but first we have complete pteam coverage of the new phampshire primary and what phappens next in the race for resident? plet's get right to abc's tom pllamas in manchester, new phampshire, with the latest on pthe republican candidates. pgood morning, tom. p>> reporter: robin, good morning pto you. pnew hampshire changing the pdynamic of this race in a major pway. pnow, this may only be the second pcontest this primary cycle but pnew hampshire voters delivered a pbolt of energy to some pcandidates, while other pcampaigns may have seen their pfinal days. p>> oh, wow. p>> reporter: this morning, the pultimate outsider, donald trump,
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pvowing he's just starting to pfight. p>> but i wanted to congratulate pthe other candidate, okay. pnow that i got that over with. pyou know, it's always tough and pthen tomorrow, boom, boom. p>> reporter: surrounded by his pfamily on stage, supporters in pthe crowd cheering, build the pwall. p>> we're going to build a wall. pit's going to be built. p>> reporter: the billionaire preality star who rallied against olitical correctness with a pblunt message that included pbuilding a wall along our psouthern border to a plan pbanning non-american muslims pfrom coming to the u.s. presonating with new hampshire pvoters. pcarolina. pi love you all. pthank you very much. p>> reporter: ohio governor john pkasich finishing a distant psecond but claiming victory for prunning a positive campaign. p>> tonight, the light overcame pthe darkness of negative pcampaigning.
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pshe-way tie for third, ted cruz pcalling trump overnight to pcongratulate him even though ptrump called him a vulgar term pthe night before. p>> she said he's a [ bleep ]. pthat's terrible. pterrible. p>> reporter: jeb bush claiming pnew hampshire revived his pcampaign. p>> and while the reality tv star pstill doing well, it looks like pyou all have reset the race. p>> reporter: and senator marco prubio making a promise never to pstumble like he did in that last pdebate. p>> our disappointment tonight is pnot on you. pit's on me. pit's on me. pi did not -- i did not do well pon saturday night so listen to pthis, that will never happen pagain. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> reporter: governor chris pchristie who roughed up rubio in pthat debate not finishing well pand acknowledging the end is pnear. p>> mary pat and i spoke tonight pand we decided we'll go home to pnew jersey tomorrow and we're pgoing to take a deep breath, see
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ptonight because that matters. p>> reporter: now, governor chris pchristie has not officially pdropped out of the race. phe's just suspending campaigning pfor the time being but, robin, pthis morning we have no pevidence, we have nothing to pbelieve that chris christie will pcompete competitively in south probin. p>> we'll wait to hear what he phas to say. p the democratic race bernie psanders walking away with a huge pdouble-digit win over hillary pclinton and now all eyes on psouth carolina and ahead to pnevada. plet's go back to abc's cecilia pvega also in manchester for us pthis morning. pgood morning, cecilia. p>> reporter: robin, good morning pto you. pbernie sanders is certainly pcelebrating this morning while phillary clinton is waking up to pthat embarrassing upset. pher team knew she would lose pher, they were hoping it would pnot be this bad. p>> thank you, new hampshire. p>> reporter: overnight bernie psanders celebrating a victory pthat was, well, huge.
7:06 am
pturnout and i say huge. pwe won. p>> reporter: but before coming pon stage sanders celebrating on pthe basketball court playing phoops with his grandkids. phe is optimistic about the fight pahead. p>> we have sent the message that pwill echo from wall street to pwashington pwashington, the government of pour great country belongs to all pof the people. pand not just a handful of pwealthy campaign contributors pand their super pacs. p>> reporter: hillary clinton pconceding defeat. p>> i want to begin by con great plag senator sanders. p>> reporter: with bill and pchelsea standing on stage premaining deninth about the pfuture. p>> it's not whether you get
7:07 am
pwhether you get back up. pi know i have some work to do, articularly with young people. pand here's what we're going to pdo, now we take this campaign to pthe entire country. pwe are going to fight for every pvote in every state. p>> reporter: and clinton pconcedes bernie sanders managed pto tap into a real sense of panger among voters but her camp pis telling us this morning they pare shifting their focus now to pthose upcoming states south pcarolina and nevada, robin, pwhere they hope she can tap into pher support among latino and pafrican voters. p>> cecilia, what are we hearing pabout these reports of a ossible shake-up within the pclinton campaign? p>> reporter: well, for now, probin, there is adamant denial pinside the clinton team saying pthat's not going to happen but pwe know they are moving staffers paround to upcoming states. pcertainly this morning there is psome serious soul searching phappening inside team clinton. pthey know they've got to get
7:08 am
pnevada active and supporting her pif they want this nomination to phappen. pthey've got to do something pdifferently. p>> as she also said tap into pthose young voters, as well. pall right, cecilia, thank you pvery much. pgeorge. p>> okay, robin, let's talk to pjohn kasich fresh off that psecond place in new hampshire plast night. phe's already in south carolina, pcharleston, south carolina, this pmorning. pgovernor kasich, pcongratulations. p106 town meetings in new phampshire. pis that what made the pdifference? p>> george, i think that helped pand it was a great grassroots porganization and then onto of it pwas the message which is, you pknow, we're americans before pwe're republicans and democrats. pand we need to grow our economy pwhich i've been able to do both pin washington and in ohio and pwhen we do that, we make sure we pleave no one behind and the pmentally ill, the drug addicted, pworking poor, everybody has a pright to rise in america and prestore the spirit of this pcountry. pthat's really what it's all pabout, george, and, you know, pit's really funny, as you and i ptalked yesterday, the light
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prun against me and yet we come pout of there with a strong psecond and it's remarkable and pfeels great. p>> our pollsters are going pthrough the results calling you pthe anti-trump. pyou were the candidate of pexperience. phe's the outsider. pyou had that hopeful message. phe's taking a hard line. pcan you bring those together and pwhen you look at the polls he pbeat you by 20 points. pquestion be stopped? p>> yeah, but, george, i beat him pin dixville notch, it was 3-2. pahead. p>> but, george, here's the pthing, look, it's a long race, pright. pwe're here in south carolina. pwe'll be here. pwe'll go through south carolina pultimately to the midwest and pyou know what it's like in pillinois and in michigan, ohio, ennsylvania. pand in the south, george, i've pgot to tell you, you know, pmississippi, you know trent plott, the guy doesn't lose many. pwe are very strong there. pgot the governor of alabama. pwe're building a team in ptennessee.
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pyou know, everybody always punderstatements me, but it seems pto always kind of work out. pso we're just going to put one pfoot in front of the other. p>> jeb bush not getting out of pthis race at all about to face pan onslaught from him and his paides say you have little or no pchance in south carolina, quote, pkasich has consistently psupported gutting the military pand has no viable path in the almetto state. pyour response? p>> well, look, you got the bush pcampaign, i think they spent pabout $120 million and they've pgot like four delegates, i mean, pthey've got blown out of iowa pand did poorly in new hampshire pso they are spending all their pmoney going negative and when pyou pound me i'm going to have pto defend myself but i think pit's sad. pi think it's a sad situation pwhen you've got to rely on pnegative to move voters which pthey haven't been able to do as popposed to articulating a ositive vision. pwhy don't they do that and
7:11 am
pare you for and if what you're pfor isn't selling you got to ask pyourself why you're running. pat least if that was the case pfor me i'd be asking. pi won't get diverted by it. pi'm a rye former ie ye reformer. p>> can you imagine bringing two pwings of the party together with pdonald trump? pmeans. pi mean, i'm running for resident and, you know, we had pa good night and we're just pgoing to keep working. pi absolutely do believe that i pcannot only unify the party, but pi also believe i can bring back pthat reagan blue collar democrat pwho they were for reagan and, pgeorge, here's the thing about pit, most of these conservative pdemocrats when they see a psocialist winning they're like, pwhat's happened to my party? pi mean i'm a democrat but i'm
7:12 am
pattract. p>> you're a democrat? p>> no, i said we can attract the pdemocrats, george, because -- pwell, look, my father was a pdemocrat and i'm a strong pconservative republican, but psomehow it seems to resonate pwith them. pup in new hampshire i had so pmany of the people in the pdemocratic party say, hope you pdo well. phope you win. pi said, well, if i do i hope i pget your vote in the fall. pyou got to switch over and vote prepublican. p>> thanks for joining us this pmorning. p>> thank you. p>> let's talk to matt dowd, jon pkarl and cecilia vega up in new phampshire. pcannot underestimate the paftershocks of last night. p>> no, as we talked about it it pis an earthquake on a massive pscale knocking down the pfoundations of both political arties and at the size of a pbasketball team now on the prepublican side where there's pfive candidates and the pinteresting thing about this price that lines up for donald ptrump in the course of this, pinstead of being weaker, pone-on-four he's stronger
7:13 am
pand lines up and it's going to pbe very difficult to stop donald ptrump going into south carolina. p>> and, jon, picking up on that pthere is no incentive for any pother republican candidates to pget out right now. pexcuse me. p>> this is the perfect result pfor donald trump, not just his p19-point win but the fact that pthere is such a muddle below him pand second place finisher john pkasich is absolutely nowhere in psouth carolina. phe's at the bottom of the polls pand then jeb bush, he sees a preason to go on and ted cruz and pmarco rubio, absolutely has a preason to go on. pit was basically a three-way tie pfor third place. p>> he admitted that debate erformance did hurt him. pyou talked about self da and psouth carolina upcoming for the pclinton campaign, they had been phoping for big wins there but pnow facing a real fight pespecially in nevada. p>> reporter: they certainly are, pgeorge. pthis is that fire wall that phillary clinton's team has been ptalking about banking on her psupport in circus especially pamong african-american voters
7:14 am
psanders is already running pspanish language ads there and pgo. pcertainly i tell you, that mood plast night was so somber inside pthem. pnervous about what comes next. pretool? p>> a lot. pshe lost badly among young pvoters, among women and has a phuge trust problem. pshe has to retool that campaign pto a great degree. p>> thank you all very much. pbernie sanders will be live on p"the view" for his first pinterview since the primary. p11 owe p11:00 a.m. an abc. p the supreme court put brakes pon president obama's plan to pfight climate change and limit pgreenhouse gases at power plants pbut the justices temporarily pblocked it into going into peffect. p a new warning from top pintelligence officials. pthey expect isis will attempt a
7:15 am
pyear. pintel chief james clapper called pthis year's report on security pthreats a, quote, litany of doom pciting concern about north pkorea's nuclear program as well pas the threat posed by homegrown pterrorists. p two months after the attack pin san bernardino, the fbi still phas not been able to unlock one pof the shooter's cell phones. pthe fbi direct are says it's one pexample of how encryption is pinterfering with investigations. p there is a major recall by pgeneral motors. p500,000 are being called because ptheir brake pedals could fail. psilverados being one affected. pthe rest on our website. p where does a pig run? phis local polling place, of pcourse. pmaybe he was protesting pork pbarrel spending but no political pmudslinging here. pa local farmer was told his pig pwas hamming it up at the local recinct, so he eventually came
7:16 am
psay here and he brought home. p>> nicely done. p>> what's your count, four, pfive? p>> that was up there. p>> pretty easy. p>> that was. p>> thank you, amy. p new concerns about the zika pvirus as athletes prepare for pthe olympics in brazil. phope solo is speaking out saying pshe is so concerned that if she phad to make a choice right now, pshe wouldn't go to rio. pabc's linzie janis has that pstory. p>> reporter: this morning, the pzika virus crisis now striking pfear in some of our nation's top pathletes. pu.s. soccer star hope solo psaying if she had to choose pwhether to go to the summer pgames in brazil now she wouldn't pgo. psolo who is about to start laying qualifying rounds with pthe u.s. soccer team tells p"sports illustrated" i would pnever take the risk of having an punhealthy child. pi don't know when that day will pcome for my husband and me pbutter pbutterally reserve my right to phave a healthy baby.
7:17 am
pworld cup victory in 2015 saying pno athlete competing in rio pshould be faced with this pdilemma. p>> hope solo is the first. pshe won't be the last and many pof them are so long and have ptheir whole future to look pforward to and you en nd when you look it p>> reporter: the olympic pcommittee tells abc news they pare closely monstering the psituation through the cdc an assing on recommendations to pits athletes. pzika which is spread by pmosquitoes and is believed to be pbehind a growing number of cases pof microcephaly, a rare birth pdefect. pstays in the system for about a pweek and once it's left the body pthey do not believe it affects pfuture pregnancies. pstill, with so many questions pleft unanswered, more athletes pmay decide the risks are too phigh. pfor "good morning ameriba," plinzie janis, abc news, new pyork. p>> and christine brennan said
7:18 am
robably not the last. p>> to rob right now. pwe got the latest on that pmassive arctic blast. p>> snow all the way down into pthe south. pcheck this out, excuse me, pcanton, georgia, seeing psignificant snow. pa couple of inches falling. pmostly sticking on the grassy psurfaces. pmore winter weather advisories pout for northern tennessee and plake-effect snow happening as pthat cold air pours across those plakes. p9 degrees the temperature pmorning in chicago, minus 3 and plook at these numbers over the pweekend, actual temperatures, pwindchills much colder, 2 in new pyork city. pcoldest air we've seen since psince '94.'94. pthis weathercast is brought to
7:19 am
pkevin: clouds, scattered snow pshowers could total up to an pinjured two. pa couple of snow showers and pflurries around tomorrow. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees. psouthwesterly wind gets us up s. pin. p p the cold evidence air of the pseason coming down the pike. p90 in l.a. doesn't sound too pshabby. p>> soups pretty good. p>> thank you, rob. p coming up donald trump joins pus fresh off his victory last pnight in new hampshire.
7:20 am
pdevelopments in that cruise ship pnightmare. pthe captain speaking out. phow he allowed the ship to stare pright into that massive storm. p then an abc news exclusive pin that serial case captivating pmillions across the country, a pkey witness speaking out. pwhat will she say to help a man pconvicted of murder go free. v
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p9. psean: this wednesday, new presults are in from the residential primary. pbernie sanders is the big winner pon the democratic side, easily poutpacing hillary clinton. pand donald trump more than pdoubled up john kasich to take pthe republican race, with ted pcruz taking third, followed pclosely by jeb bush and marco prubio. pchris christie, carly fiorina pand ben carson all ended up in psingle digits. pyou can get complete primary pelection results on our website, pyou can also watch the speeches pfrom the candidates last night pand read analysis of what the presults mean for the campaigns pand the future of the race for pthe nominations. plet' s talk about the weather. pit was a gorgeous day yesterday. pkevin: a lot of clouds out pthere. pscattered snow showers and a otential for a brief squall out
7:26 am
pa few spots could be an inch or ptwo of accumulation. pit is part of an upper-level psystem to our west. ptemperatures right now in the pupper teens to lower range of pthe 20' s. pa light southwesterly wind, passuming there are breaks in the pactivity. ptemperatures climbing into the plow and mid 30' s. pthe presence on the possibility pof a brief squall or two could pslow things down as you are ptraveling on and off through the pday. pthe coldest of the air bottoms pout over the weekend.
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p we welcome you back to p"gma." pdonald trump, the big winner plast night in new hampshire and phe celebrated big time with his pfamily thanking his daughter pivanka who made seven stops. pseven stops in one day at the olls. pnow all eyes of course on south pcarolina and trump will join us pin a few minutes. p>> he seemed pretty happy. p alaska airlines flight from pboston had to be diverted to pdenver because of an unruly assenger. pwitnesses say he was drunk and pmade threats that everyone would pdie. phe was removed and the plane pflew on to san diego. p also this morning, peye-popping news about gas
7:28 am
panalysts predict they could drop pbelow a dollar a gallon in the pmidwest thanks to falling oil rices. p>> wow. p>> below a dollar? p>> never seen that. p>> no, not -- p>> huh-uh. pnever seen that in my lifetime. p also this morning, is this pthe worst game show fail ever, pthe family at the center of a pmajor -- p>> the funniest. p>> "family feud" fumble. pjoining us live, michael, you pgot more on that. p>> this is the patterson family, pyou know, "family feud" is about pbeing together, everybody being pon the same page. pbut sometimes being on the same age may not be a good thing pwhen you're playing "family pfeud." pyou'll see that when we come pback. pnow, over to you, george. p>> look at their smiles right pthere. pthey're not the only ones psmiling. pdonald trump is smiling. plook at the size of his victory, palmost 20 points over john pkasich. pi spoke with him moments ago. pmr. trump, congratulations on pthe big victory last night. pyou did even better than the pfinal polls so did that surprise pyou?
7:29 am
pgreat signals about every rally pand many would show up. pmany more than we anticipated so pgetting a lot of signals. pit's a great place, new phampshire. pi love the people and they were preflective of it. pit was a great evening. p>> what is the one thing you pthink is the key to your pvictory? p>> well, i talk about trade and pit started out with trade and pmilitary and pro-/- tect the vets. pthen after paris it was a whole pdifferent thing. pit became security, george. eople wanted security and pbecause i'm by far the strongest pon the border and i'm not just ptalking about the wall but the pborder, it morphed into the psecurity of our country and, you pknow, the military and isis and pwe're going to knock the hell pout of isis and that's where it pall is right now but it really pdid. pit started off with trade and phow we're losing so much to so pmany including china, japan, et
7:30 am
pbut it's very much now about pthat but also about the military pand protection. p>> the divided opposition and a plot will stay in straight pthrough south carolina. pare you ready for them to come pafter you. p>> i am ready but it's a little pbit of a misnomer. pas people drop out i'll get some pof those numbers. pi saw one group, not you but pthey added up like five popponents and said if you add up pthe results of these five people pthey're even or even above pmr. trump and i said to myself, pwait a minute, i'm going to get psome of those votes also, a lot pof them so i think, you know, pthere's a little bit of faulty pthinking. pi'd be very happy if they'd get pout and i'm very happy that they pstay in. pright now it looks like i have a pquite a few in. p>> who is your chief opponent pright now. p>> i think they're all good. pthey're all talented people and pthey've been governors, psenators. pthey are right now in some cases pgolfers, senators and it's a ptalented lot.
7:31 am
pthat's really better than their pmessage. p>> as you go forward into the prest of the country in a bigger pstage, any adjustments to your pmessage? p>> well, i guess you hone it a plittle bit. eople said i've become better pas time goes by. pmaybe you could tell me that. pi'm not sure, perhaps you would. erhaps you wouldn't but i think pyou do. pyou know, with experience, i've pnever been a politician before, pgeorge. pi never did this before. pi've created jobs. pi'll be a great job -- last pnight i said i'll be the pgreatest jobs producer that god pever created and i will. pi know where the jobs are and pwe'll bring them back from pchina, from mexico, from all pover and, you know, that's what olitician. pseven months ago i became a pcomfortable with it. pi think the debate is very pimportant. pthe debating is very important. pi didn't realize how important, pi guess, until this last debate. p>> and the next one is saturday pnight. pmr. trump. psee you on the trail. p>> thank you very much, george.
7:32 am
p>> he does and he's right about pthe debates going forward. p now to the latest on that proyal caribbean cruise ship pswept up in hurricane-force pwinds making its way back to new pjersey right now as the captain pexplains for the first time how pthe storm caught the whole crew poff guard. pabc's linsey davis is on the pscene in bayonne, new jersey. pgood morning, linsey. p>> reporter: good morning, to pyou, robin. pmany meteorologists are saying pthere is no way that storm pshould have caught anyone by psurprise. pthe captain of "anthem of the pseas" has more than 20 years' pexperience but said he never saw panything like it. pafter battling destructive p30-foot waves and phurricane-force winds, the pcaptain of the "anthem of the pseas" is speaking out defending phis actions to set sail saying phe didn't realize the magnitude. p>> the whole thing was not pbigger than this and was up here pand just exploded. p>> reporter: in a video
7:33 am
assengers' state rooms captain pclaus anderson who ordered peveryone to stay in their rooms pfor eight hours during sunday's pstorm says he's never pexperienced anything like it. p>> honestly, i have not seen low ressure that was not forecasted panything near what we actually pexperienced. p>> reporter: joseph alstrom says phis actions to set out to sea pwere appropriate. p>> once you get out to sea pthings happen and you have to plet the wind come and survive it pand ride it out. p>> reporter: the ship originally pheaded to the bahamas is now pslowly making its way up the peast coast, royal caribbean ptells abc news, weather isn't pgreat so he's slowed down his pspeed to smooth it out. p>> we're on the eighth floor or pthe eighth deck and the waves pfelt like they were almost pcrashing into our room. p>> reporter: charlotte litman's pfather asher treated her to the pcruise for her tenth birthday. pnot at all the caribbean pvacation they had had in mind pbut one she'll be telling her
7:34 am
pcool. pit was a giant storm and we pbasically survived it. p>> reporter: royal caribbean has psaid this ship remained pseaworthy the entire time and pbuilt to withstand even rougher pseas and is expected to arrive phere around 9:00 tonight. probin. p>> i bet they can't wait to get plinsey plinsey, thank you. p an abc exclusive in that pserial case captivating pmillions. pthe woman whose testimony could pchange the life of this man. pspeaking out on "gma."
7:35 am
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p back now with an abc news pexclusive. pthat "serial" podcast pcaptivating millions across the pcountry. pnow the star witness who could pbreak the case wide open and she pis talking only to "gma." pamy, you have the details in pthis fascinating case. p>> even if you aren't among the
7:38 am
pthis case you'll want to listen pup. pthe judge said that the hearing pto determine if adnan syed will pget a new trial garnered more pattention than any other roceeding he'd ever seen in his pstate and you'll see why when pyou listen up. p>> this is a prepaid call pfrom -- p>> adnan syed. p>> reporter: adnan syed's story phas captivated millions since pthe 2014 launch of the podcast p"serial" turning listeners into parmchair detectives. pit recounts a then 17-year-old psyed's arrest and conviction for pthe 1999 murder of his high pschool ex-girlfriend hae min plee. psyed was sentenced to life pbehind bars but has always and pmaintained his innocence. phis initial attempts to appeal pthe verdict unsuccessful. p>> it is what it is. pif someone believes me or not, i phave no control over it. p>> reporter: the now 34-year-old pis getting another chance. pthis week in a post-conviction prelief hearing syed's attorney pargues his lawyer at the time of
7:39 am
pineffective arguing she made so pmany mistakes that his pconviction should be overturned. p>> to not ever contact asia pmcclain, to never find out if pher story helps or hurts your pcase, that makes no sense pwhatsoever. pthat is not a strategy. p>> reporter: one of those palleged mistakes highlighted by p"serial" host sara koenig pfailing to contact a potentially pkey alibi witness, asia mcclain. p>> if there was nom technicality pthat then would prove his pinnocence, great, you know. p>> but i think, i think asia, pyou might be that technicality. p>> reporter: after hearing her pin the podcast syed's defense pteam called mcclain to testify pduring the new hearing. pmcclain maintaining she was with psyed at the time prosecutors pcontend he killed lee. p>> i was sitting in the library pbored to tear s s and someone pwalked in that i knew. pi asked him about his breakup pwith haee she was dating someone pelse.
7:40 am
phe didn't seem to be disturbed por angry with her. p>> reporter: this morning, she pis speaking out exclusion lively pto abc news. p>> the biggest thing was setting pa good example for our children, pleaving a legacy of integrity. p>> reporter: but prosecutors say pjustice was served 16 years ago. pmcclain admits she does not have pall the answers. p>> do i think adnan killed hae? phonestly i couldn't tell you. pi hope i was able to provide penough information to the judge pfor him to be able to make a prational decision. pwhatever that might be is in his phands. p>> as for syed, after spending pnearly half ace life in prison, pcourt. p>> reporter: the judge did not prule on the five-day hearing and pno timetable on when he will but pknow that millions are waiting pto see what happens and if you
7:41 am
odcast it is truly fascinating. pi whipped through it in a few pdays. p>> pretty gripping right there. p>> absolutely. pit's fascinating. pthank you so much, amy. p coming up next that "family pfeud" fumble going viral. pwhat really happened? pyou won't believe it. pyou've got to stay tuned to p"good morning america." pit's hilarious. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals
7:42 am
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p welcome back to "gma" and pthe game show moment everybody phas been talking and laughing pabout. pthe "family feud" fumble that pbaffled host steve harvey. pthe patterson family was asked pto give nicknames for mother and pone of them couldn't stop prepeating the same answer so plet's take a look. p>> cecilia, name another way eople say mother. p>> how about nana. p>> folks, we've got two strikes. psheila. ptell me another way people say pmother. p>> what about steve, nana. p>> didn't you say nana. p>> i did say that, steve, yes. p>> stop clapping. pare you trying to say it in pspanish or something? p>> steve. p>> it's the same word. p>> it's the same word.
7:45 am
pwith infection and than than pcan't be your answer. psheila, tell me another way eople say mother. p>> what about mommy. p>> you want mommy. p>> not mommy. p>> right. p>>ing 0, now let me ask y'all psomething. py'all crazy? ptaking all these words that's pthe same and just say them pdifferent because you want to? p>> what about mommy? pmommy. p>> y'all stop laughing at this. ptell me another way people say pmother. p>> okay, steve. pnana. p[ laughter ] p>> [ bleep ]. p>> the whole thing. phe needed 20 minutes. p>> hilarious. p>> steve, his reactions are pgreat and we'll have them live pcoming up in the second half. p>> the whole family is going to pbe.
7:46 am
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pannouncer: now, from wmur news p9. psean: good morning. pthe results are now in from the pfirsr in the nation primary. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders won with 60% of the pvotes. phillary clinton came in second pwith 38%. pon the republican side, donald ptrump claimed victory with 34% pof the gop votes. pjohn kasich came in second with p16%. pted cruz finished third, pfollowed jeb bush, marco rubio, pchris christie, carly fiorina pand doctor ben carson. pyou can see the full results pfrom the new hampshire primary pat pmanchester police are on the plookout for an attempted robber pwho fled a convenience store pwhen the clerk decided to fight pback. pthis was caught on surveillance. pas you can see, the clerk was pbehind the counter last night at pat 61 best market on maple
7:52 am
pin and demanded money. pthe clerk says he noticed that pthe gun the man was carrying was pmade out of plastic, so he went pafter the would-be thief, who pran off empty handed. plet' s take you outside. pthe snow is coming down my name pit could start to pile up. pkevin: a light coating and a pspotty and sure two. pan area of light snow making its pway out from our south and west. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20 degrees this morning. pembedded within these areas of psnow and no showers, one or two psqualls. pthis is where we are of the next pcouple of days, in and out with poccasional snow showers. pit looks like the snow shower pactivity we get here will be the pleading edge of cold air, the
7:53 am
pevening likely the coldest air pall winter long. pwe will go back-and-forth with pthe unsettled skies. ptemperatures will be in the low pand mid 30' s. pfalling back from there. p20' s tomorrow. pteens and lower 20' s friday. psean: time to break out the long punderwear. p p r what is going on? r today we're going tor run a slalom course. not down the mountain,t but up it... r that's terrifying. r one of these. v sweet the chevy silverado r offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locksp to provide better traction. pfeels like a beast. grips great. rdude, that was awesome. p current qualified competitive lessees can get this p silverado all star v8 for around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling
7:54 am
p good morning, america. pit's 8:00 a.m. and trump and psadler take new hampshire. p>> new hampshire, i want to pthank you. pwe love you. p>> thank you, new hampshire. p>> john kasich swoops into psecond place as hillary clinton psays she'll keep fighting. p>> here's what i promise, i will pwork harder than anyone. p>> we're live in new hampshire. p lena dunham's private health pbattle. pthe actress calling off her ress tour to deal with pendometriosis. pdr. ashton is here live with pmore on the condition millions pare facing. pthe symptoms to watch for and pthe best ways to treat it. p go big or go home p michael's heart-to-heart
7:55 am
pthe important talk everyone pshould have with their parents. p>> who doesn't want their father por the person who was most pinfluence in their life to be paround as long as possible. p>> what you should know about preversing roles. pwhen you start taking care of pmom and dad. p how to get away with murder pstar alfred enoch is here as we psay -- p>> good morning, america. p i'm burning up p>> "how to get away with murder" pstar alfred enoch is here with pan exclusive sneak peek. pthe show is back on thursday. p>> tgit. p>> it's back, baby. p>> we'll also see the family pbehind that viral "family feud" pvideo we showed you. pwe'll talk to them in just a plittle bit. p>> here's steve harvey having pfun with them. p>> yes. p>> also this morning, we've got
7:56 am
pi'm going to team up with pcelebrity chef gail simmons and pit is delicious. pi got to tell you that. pshe's got her secret ingredients pready. pthe big reveal is just minutes paway. p>> sounds good. p>> can i just say that's -- this pwill be day three. p$5 goes a long way. p>> it does. p>> it really does. p>> unbelievable meals so far? pthat's all coming up. p we'll start with an update pon today's top story, those psweeping wins for donald trump pand bernie sanders in the new phampshire primary. pabc's cecilia vega is live in pmanchester, new hampshire, with pthe latest. pgood morning, cecilia. p>> reporter: george, good pmorning to you. pthe consensus here this morning, pvoters are fed up with the pestablishment and the message pthey want to send, bernie psanders and donald trump need to pbe taken seriously. p>> wow, wow, wow. pwe want to thank the people of pnew hampshire, right. p>> reporter: overnight donald ptrump and bernie sanders winning pbig in new hampshire. p[ cheers and applause ]
7:57 am
ponly candidate in this race pgetting the seal of approval pfrom young voters. p>> we have sent the message that pwashington. p>> reporter: this morning, pdonald trump just off his huge pvictory speaking with george. p>> we were getting just great psignals with every rally and pmany, many people would show up. pmany more than we anticipated. pa great place, new hampshire. pi love the people. p>> reporter: and while john pkasich finished in second place, phe is now considered to the be ptop contender in what's being pcalled the establishment lane. p>> i absolutely do believe that pi cannot only unify the party, pbut i also believe i can bring pback that reagan blue collar preagan. p>> reporter: and this morning pthat fight moves on to south pcarolina and hillary clinton is pnot backing down. p>> now we take this campaign to pthe entire country. pwe are going to fight for every
7:58 am
p>> reporter: and winning in psouth carolina, nevada also will pbe critical for hillary clinton pnow, this huge loss here, a very pnarrow win in iowa, george, not pfront-runner thought she would pgeorge. p>> started out 50 points up. pokay, cecilia, thanks very much. p>> good morning. psome of the presidential pcandidates are actually taking a pbreak from the campaign today to pcast a key vote in the senate. pthey're expected to impose new psanctions to punish north korea pfor its nuclear program and procket launches. pintelligence officials say north pkorea has now resumed efforts to roduce weapons grade nuclear pmaterial. p well, pope francis is pstepping into the highly charged pdebate over u.s. immigration and parrives in mexico friday and lans to travel to the u.s. pborder to stand with mike grants pin a symbolic move to so psolidarity with those trying to pcross the border. p a study in brazil founds pbabies born with the zika virus pmay also have serious eye roblems in addition to brain
7:59 am
phere at home at least 66 zika pcases are reported in 19 states pas far north as pennsylvania and pohio. p a health alert about pacetaminophen, one of the most pwidely used drugs. regnant women who take drugs plike tylenol, researchers say, pcould be much more likely to pasthma. pdoctors say it reafirms why regnant women should always pconsult with their doctors pbefore taking any prescription por over-the-counter medicine. p a major lawsuit. pburberry is suing jcpenney pclaiming trademark infringement pselling outerwear copying their pchecked pattern. pthey're suing up to $2 million pfor each infringed trademark. p this parking garage pcollapsed on top of an pexcavator. p>> oh, my god. p>> somehow the operator of that
8:00 am
pwe are told he was not even pinjured. p an adorable version of who's pyour daddy? p16 month reed was seeing double pwhen his dad's twin brother pentered the picture. pthe baffled baby couldn't figure pout which one was dad. phe kept saying dada. peach time he thought he got it pright and confusion set in. pfyi dad is in the gray sweater. preed's mother also has an pidentical twin and tried the psame trick with her and it pdidn't work. phe knew who his mom was. p>> of course, he did. p>> isn't that funny? p>> that is adorable. p>> how well for us dads. plet's go over to michael now. p>> all right, thank you, george. phere's a look at what's coming pup on the "gma morning menu." pthe latest on lena dunham's pmedical battle that millions psuffer from. p an torn heart-to-heart peveryone should have with their arents about their health.
8:01 am
pwe'll tell you how to do the psame with yours. p chef gail simmons is here plive in times square. plet's see what she's cooking up pin our $5 dinner challenge. pall of that is coming up live on p"gma" in times square. a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... every kiss begins with kay. guys, valentine's day is almost here... r ...and every right now, kay jewelers has the perfect valentine's day gift at the perfect price. so don't wait - come to kay... ...where every kiss t discover card. r hey, i heard you guyst can help me r
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8:04 am
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pand now to that big headline pabout "girls" star lena dunham. pthe actress is opening up about pa health challenge she's facing pthat's forcing her to call off pher entire press tour for her phit show and rest. pabc's deborah roberts, always pgreat to see you. p>> lena is revealing her battle pagainst endometriosis. pan often painful condition that paffects millions of women and pcan lead to fertility issues for psome. pa topic many would prefer to pkeep to themselves but the poutspoken lena dunham may change pthat. plena dunham is one of the pbusiest women in hollywood pdirecting, writing, starring in pher hit hbo hit "girls." p>> i worked very, very hard to povercome the challenges of my pnon pnontraditional body type. p>> reporter: but two weeks pbefore the season five premiere pshe made a surprise announcement psaying she won't be able to romote it due to a chronic phealth problem called pendometriosis writing on
8:07 am
pthrough a rough patch with the pillness. pit's time to rest. p>> she didn't have to announce pit but people love her because pshe speaks her mind and shares pher truth. p>> reporter: the love on social pmedia came quickly for the pactress with one woman sharing pher own endometriosis experience pwriting "i'm level 4. pthank you for being so honest pand open about this." panother "thank you for your pbravery. pyou could have easily kept this rivate". p>> she doesn't just say this is pwhat's going on with me but goes pa step further. p>> reporter: she first shared on pher blog called the sickest pgirl. osting these photos after a psurgery possley diagnosed her pwith the disease. p>> she's learned a lot from that pexperience and now she's like psaying, you know what, guy, i'm pgoing to take some time off. pwhen somebody says that and pthey're fully honest about it pyou can't do anything but prespect their decision. pmantra.
8:08 am
pher dark moments saying she's no plonger afraid of her body but plistens to it. pin her classic style she opened pup about it entailing on the set pshe couldn't leave the room to pdirect show. pclearly determined, robin, to pgive a voice to others suffering pin silence. p>> hey, deb, thank you very much pand so glad she's listening to pher body. pdr. jennifer ashton is here with pmore. pwe have heard about it, been paround forever but don't know pthat much about it. p>> you could arguably say this pis the most painful and least pdiscussed gyn issue affecting so pmany women, so we do need to pexplain it. pi want you to take a look. pyou can look right there. pwhat endometriosis is the lining pof the uterus, the endomeet ptriial flandzs instead of coming pout of the body go all over the pabdominal and pelvic cavity and
8:09 am
pimplants all over the body and pthey are hormonally responsive pso as the uterus contracts every pmonth so do those lesions and pcan cause excruciating pain. pwe don't understand what causes pit but know it can be debilitate pdebilitating pdebilitating. p>> i have heard from so many pfriends how painful this is. phow are you able to diagnose it. p>> the thing is truly pendometriosis has to be pdiagnosed surge i icallysurgically. peither with a camera and taking pa biopsy. pyou can't diagnose it with pultrasound. pwe can get clues with the psymptoms a woman is having but pimportant to make the diagnosis. p>> deb was telling us about lena pand how sometimes she was just pnot able to work. pmany consequences. p>> it's a spectrum of severity. pwomen can have endometriosis and phave no symptoms or very mild psymptoms and then it can rogress along this spectrum and pmiss school or work and usually pthat's if it's inadequately ptreated. pin this day and age that's
8:10 am
pmedicine if they need to miss pthings like thavenl the scarring pcan go on to cause fertility pissues and can be associated pwith an increased risk of povarian cancer which gets back pto why it's to so important to pmake the diagnosis. pa spectrum. pthis can range from no treatment pto hormonal, suppression so pthey're not hormonally presponsive and do it birth pcontrol pills or injection. psurgery and in some rare cases pfull hysterectomy, removing the phormonal stimulation. pthe key is working with a pgynecologist to manage these so pthat it doesn't really affect pyour lifestyle. p>> again, good for lena for pgetting out there and discussing p>> 100%. pso important. p>> thank you, jen. pquestions. drjashton. p february is american heart
8:11 am
pabout for a personal reason. pmy dad gene faced a health scare pwith his heart and we teamed up pto make a video showing you how pyou can have a heart-to-heart pwith your parent about their phealth. ptake a look. p>> what's the most important ptalk you remember having with pme? p>> i was like you got to do psomething. pyou got to lose some weight. pyou got to take care of yourself pbetter. p>> but i cut down. p>> i just saw you eating a pcookie. p>> you can't get quit it all. p>> when you had a heart scare, pthough, did it make you more paware about your health overall pabout taking care of yourself? p>> it keeps me thinking young. pi don't want to go around here pwith great big stomach and, you pknow, all that kind of stuff. p>> so it keeps you from the dad pbod. p>> yeah. pwhat inspired you to talk to me pabout my heart condition? p>> i know that you would do the psame for me. pyou give me advice. p>> definitely. p>> and sometimes i think the
8:12 am
pto your dad or your hero because pyou admire them. pwho doesn't want their father or pthe person who was most pinfluential in their life to be paround as long as possible? p>> and joining me now is abc pnews chief medical and health pdirector dr. richard besser. phard conversation sometimes to phave with your parents because pyou're reversing the role and pyou become the caretaker. pyou had an issue with your pfather, as well. p>> yeah, it was a few years ago. pi got a call from my dad. phe had a mild heart attack and pmy dad is a doctor and there pwere so many things that he was pdoing wrong and i had to have pthe same conversation you had pwith your dad. phere's some changes and it's not peasy to kind of reverse those proles. p>> now, when it comes to heart phealth, what do older folk, what pdo they need to know. p>> you know, a lot of it isn't pso much from aging. pit's the progression of heart pdisease. pif you keep that in control pyou'll be in better shape.
8:13 am
paging, blood vessels will get pthicker and stiff and your heart pmay get larger, you won't be pable to exercise as much as you pused to and that's hard for eople to come to grips with. p>> any tests they should pabsolutely have. p>> yeah, as you get older you pwant to make sure you're pchecking your blood pressure and pcholesterol more. pmore than tests make sure pthey're staying on track with a pheart healthy diet and stopping psmoking and having them punderstand the changes you make pas you get older can still make pa difference. pyou can be in your 70s and 80s pand make changes that affect pyour life. p>> it was tough for me. pdo you have any tips for someone pout there that needs to have pthis conversation. phow do you even approach this. p>> yeah, first, it's not one pconversation, it's a series of pconversations so you want to ptalk early, often and progress pwith that. pyou want to approach it the way pyou did, with sensitivity and prespect so that you're not pcoming in saying, mom, dad, phere's things you have to do pimmediately.
8:14 am
pbrothers and sisters if you have pthem in the conversation so it's pnot like michael is the one pthat's doing this and then you pwant to hold off. pif you start the conversation pand it's not going well, punt pand come back to it and realize pthere are other opportunities. p>> your dad is a doctor. phe must have known better but pcouldn't face it. p>> doctors are often the worst pwhen it comes to this. pwhen he had his heart attack, he pdidn't take his aspirin, he pdrove himself to the hospital. phe did all these things and he phad signals that he hadn't been aying attention to and, you pknow, all of us do it and we can poften see it in others, in our arents, but looking to your arent who has always told you pwhat to do for your health and i pkind of need to suggest psomething to them you have to be psensitive. p>> it can be uncomfortable for pyou and dad put down those pcookies, okay. pdr. besser is going to be taking pyour questions throughout the pmorning. pthank you, doc. ptweet him @drrichardbesser or go
8:15 am
poutside to rob to tell us about pthe weather. p>> snowing a little out here. pa great crowd. plook at this. pwe got christmas and kind of pvalentine's day together. psanta sent me to new york city pfrom pennsylvania because we plove "gma" and that's kind -- is pthat a caterpillar with heart pantennas? p>> yes. p>> i love it, kenly. pwe want tant to talk about what's pgoing on in pasadena. prunning in shorts and tanktos. precord heat across parts of l.a. ptake care of your pets. pserious stuff, a bit of a fire pdanger as well. p80s in los angeles and near 90 pyesterday so probably some precords falling. pdry in denver and dallas. pnot too shabby there. pkevin: is seeing light snow in psouthern parts of the state. pthis is the way the day is going pto go. pclouds, light snow, snow pshowers, a squall during the pafternoon as we watched the pactivity inch closer to us.
8:16 am
ptemperatures in the 20' s. pa lot of areas into the lower pand mid 30' s. pthe potential of a p>> her best friend trey is here. pyou're from detroit. p>> right. p>> just to get on tv. pwell done. pgood strategy. pback in to you. p>> thank you so much. prob. p come on in. pit is cold out there and hot in phere because it's "pop news" ptime. pwe'll begin with oscar news pgetting ready for the big show pand if you think what the best poscar speech in our time was pjennifer lawrence was one and phalle berry you're seeing there, probin williams if you can premember back to 1998 and what pdo those kind of speeches have pin common? pthey're more than just a list of eople to thank, right? pso, great idea, academy. pthis year the academy hoping to pget more of those funny pheartfelt moments before having
8:17 am
pof time music which i hear in my phead every day during this psegment so the plan, they're poffering nominees the chance to pfill out what they're calling a pscroll card that will roll at pthe bottom of the screen while pthey're doing their speech of pall the people they want to pthank so that they can free up pand talk about the emotion of pthe moment, the experience of pmaking the movie. p>> take the pressure off. p>> take the pressure off. p>> will they do that for you, plara. p>> i didn't get to thank my mom, pmy dad. pall the people who made this pmoment possible. pget the hook. pall right. pwrap it up, funny, funny, pcontrol room. pnow i'm out of time. palso in "pop news" this morning, pvan gogh once said, i'm not an pfate. pdid you know that he said that? p>> i had no idea. p>> now you do. pthe art institute of chicago is pnow launching an interactive pexperience that allows you to plive out your own artistic padventure just like the famous ainter with the help of air p
8:18 am
pi'm not looking for a psponsorship. pjust happens to be -- this was pthe news this morning. pyou can stay in an exact replica pof his famous yellow house for p$10 a night. pthe airbnb masterpiece created pto celebrate the exhibition of phis bedroom series which runs pthrough may 10th which i want to psee. pby the way, the actual yellow phouse in france, the room in pthis situation is in the pbeautiful chicago neighborhood pof north river. p$10 a day. pjust a room. p>> you don't get a bathroom. p>> 10 bucks. p>> hey. p>> i was curious. p>> i think that's a fair pquestion. pthere is a follow-up pinvestigation happening. pdon't you dare play that music, eople. p also in "pop news" this pmorning, near, far wherever you pare. p p>> oh. p>> would you go on a fully pfunctioning replica of "the ptitanic"? p>> no. p>> a real question.
8:19 am
psail in 2018, the updated vessel pnamed "titanic 2" will be nearly pidentical to the 1912 cruise pship with the exception of some pvery important modern safety pmodifications, thank you. pbluestar lines says it will have pfirst, second and third class ptickets just like the original pwith cabins to accommodate 2400 assengers, 900 crew and another pbig difference, the maiden pvoyage, not across the icy patlantic, instead you can be pking of the world in a cruise pfrom china to dubai. p>> more than 10 bucks. p>> a little more than $10 but i oise the question, would you? p>> no. p>> why not. p>> no icebergs is a big plus. p>> celine dion may be the on pboard entertainment. p>> i feel like something feels a plittle fishy. p>> i'm waiting. p>> oh. p>> see, they just come to me. p>> they just come to you. p>> not scripted. p>> you promised me a special -- p>> hold my hand. p>> you ask and i deliver. p>> thank you.
8:20 am
premember the walrus who robin ploved so much. pand encouraged so many to get pout there and exercise. p>> i remember this so, so well. p>> we love you, walrus. probin, that one is for you. pnow what about a kitty. p>> oh, come on. p>> a kitty cat doing sit-ups. pyou know what, it's tiring. pkitty sit-ups and then the nap. p>> he tried. p>> we'll be right back,
8:21 am
pannouncer: now, from wmur news p9. psean: the results are now in pfrom the first in the nation rimary. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders won with 60% of the pvotes. phillary clinton came in second pwith 38%. pon the republican side donald ptrump claimed victory with 35% pof the gop votes. pjohn kasich came in second with p16%. pted cruz finished third with p12%. pyou can see the full results pfrom the new hampshire primary pat pthe search resumes this morning pfor a missing man, presumed pdead, after falling through the pice of a pond in conway. prescue crews were called to equawket pond around 7:30 last pnight, after a man heard someone pyelling for help.
8:22 am
pthe water, but fell in himself. phe was able to get out, but the pfirst man is still missing. plet' s take you outside. pthe snow is falling across parts pof the state. pthe ice continues to come in. pkevin: temperatures start off in pthe upper teens to mid 20' s. pmay be a brief squall will be pthe threat into the afternoon as pone or two could have lower pvisibility. potherwise, we are looking at the pclouds and the occasional light psnow. pit could total up to a light pcoating. pthe potential for an inch or ptwo. pmid and upper teens early this pmorning. pwe get back into the lower 30' s pthis afternoon. lenty of clouds and occasional plight snow and showers. pthe chance continues through the pevening commute and tonight.
8:23 am
pnotice the next four days we pcool off.
8:24 am
p what about mommy? p>> mommy? p>> mommy. p>> not mommy. p>> right. p>> okay, now, let me ask y'all psomething. py'all crazy? p[ laughter ] p>> that is the video we've been pshowing you. pit's steve harvey and the atterson family of pchesterfield, missouri, and the p"family feud" clip that has peverybody talking. pthe whole team is joining us pright now. psamuel, trisha, yolanda and pcecilia. pwho among you is a mommy? phi, guys.
8:25 am
pdelay. pso there should be great fun. pso i want to ask you guys, what pwas going through your mind, psheila, when steve harvey kept pasking you for another word more pmom. p>> well, what had happened was i phad a moment there and i really pthink my nerves got the best of pme. pme. p>> so, one of you guys -- p>> there was a couple -- p>> go ahead. pi'm sorry. p>> there was a couple of pquestions -- answers that i palready prepared, but those panswers was already given so pbasically my nerves just got the pbest of me trying to come up pwith something else. p>> that's human. pwe're playing along with you. pand, sam, i know you were next psam. pdid you have the right answer palready? pthrough? p>> i tell you, i was thinking
8:26 am
pman, i hope this question pdoesn't come to me because i pdidn't have another answer. pbut i have thought about the lay and i said, well, looks plike it'll never get to me panyway, but i was hoping it pdidn't come to me. p>> so you guys have had some ptime to think about it. phave you figured out what those pfinal two answers are. p>> or they can't tell us. p>> maybe they will. p[ laughter ] p>> you will find out february p23rd. p>> i have to admit, sheila, i pwas with you. pi couldn't think as i was pwatching the clip. pamy and i both said what about pma but i agree with you. pit's not an easy question. pso we -- we all felt your pain pbut is there a world where pyou've ever actually used any of pthose iterations of the word mom
8:27 am
p>> buying time? p>> i really felt i was stressed pin time. pi really -- i have to put it on pstressed in time. p>> maybe. p>> and the cajun culture, mammy. p>> mamacita. p>> patterson family, also we got pa chance to hear you all sing. p na na p nah nah nah nah hey hey pgood-bye pguys. pwere you guys surprised at steve pharvey and how much time he gave pyou? p>> we were very surprised. pactually we were so surprised we pwere enjoying it the same time. pat the same time we were like, poh, my god, what are you doing, psteve harvey. phe made it so fun and we were pjust having a great time so we preally enjoyed it.
8:28 am
paudience was enjoying it, as pwell. pso we just went with the flow. p>> yeah, you put on a show. pyou put on a show. pwe appreciate that. p>> i know. p>> and we love -- we love the pmatching outfits. pwe love your energy. pwe cannot wait to find out not ponly the real answers but also phow y'all did. pso, i believe the episode is pairing "family feud" on february p23rd. pcorrect? p>> we'll be watching. p>> all: that's right. p>> thanks, guys. p>> thank you. p>> bye. p>> thanks, patterson family. pbest of luck to you. p>> p. p>> na, na, na, na. p>> now over to michael. p>> time for our $5 dinner pchallenge where celebrity chefs pget $5 to create a well-balanced pmeal for two and this morning pfood and wine magazine special roject director is here to take pon the challenge, celebrity chef
8:29 am
pcome on out, gail. phello, hello, hello. phow are you doing? p>> i'm doing great. p>> it's a tough challenge. p>> it's very tough but tell us, pwhen you're budgeting for a pfamily what should you do when pyou're going to a supermarket pand budgeting? p>> this is the hardest thing. pwhen you're thinking about what pto buy, buy in quantities of pversatile ingredients that you pknow you can use in different pways. p>> what do you have in the bag? p>> my single favorite ingredient pin the kitchen of all time, peggs. pbreakfast, lunch, dinner, you'll psee what -- p>> eggs is breakfast. pwhat makes them a good dinner -- p>> you'll see and you'll like pit. pthey work in so many ways. pcan you use them for baking, you pcan use them for cooking, pbreakfast but also are a great pmeal any time and using only phalf so this ingredient, only p$1.56. p>> okay. p>> what else you have? p>> next, spinach. p>> ah.
8:30 am
pcalcium. pi'm also only using half and can puse the other half for salad plater in the week, $1.25. p>> $1.25, now a fritata. p>> i'm going to make a fritata. p>> cheese, everyone loves pcheese. pi buy cheese in a block instead pof shredded and only using two pounces. p>> what's the price of this? p>> 75 cents. p>> okay. pnow, what's the one last item pyou have in the egg. p>> potatoes. ponly two of them. p50 cents. otassium packed potatoes. p>> now, final price is -- let's p$4.06. pokay. ptwo for two. p>> let's move over here and put pit all together. p>> i'm also going to use basic antry items. pcan you grab me dried basil,
8:31 am
psimple marinara sauce. p>> this isn't cheating because eople central have these. p>> i'm going to use a little of peach and sauteed onions and pgarlic with olive oil want to our that in? p>> that's just a can of potatoes pi squished up together and add psome tomato paste and let that pcook down, season it with salt pand pepper and reduce it then pyou have a beautiful sauce pthat's going to go with my pfritata and use it all week long pand make pasta with it the next pday. pi have a job for you. p>> you want me to grate some pcheese? pi used to love doing this as a pkid. p>> it's great to do with your pkids. pgrating is a great job. pbe careful of the fingertips. p>> wouldn't be a good accident pto have on live tv. p>> i have done it before, my pfriend, don't even joke. pbeating up six eggs for two eople and beat them up right phere and steamed my poe tate ptoys and season my eggs with
8:32 am
psteam my potatoes and sauteed ponions. pwhen my eggs are scrambled up pi'll put them into my sauteed pbrowned egg, onions and potatoes pand into that i'll add a little pspinach and then i'm going to plet it sit. pyou don't want to touch it too pmuch. pit'll start to set. pcooked down but stay fresh. pi add some cheese to it. p>> goes into that. p>> exactly. pyou'll let it cook. plet it set. ut it in the oven, 400 degrees. pcomes out. p>> this is what we come out for, pready for the plate. p>> put it down here. p>> this is the moment. p>> how do you do it? p>> just like that. p>> all right, there we go. pyou know what, gail, this is pamazing. pif you can get these recipes on on yahoo! pand mario batali is taking the p$5 challenge tomorrow. pgail, i'm going to have pbreakfast.
8:33 am
p>> such great ideas every day. p>> you made the first one. p>> i made the recipe for the pfamily last night and everybody ploved it from ming tas achlt schlt a tsai. p>> now to rob. p>> little snow. pkind of wet. psome umbrellas are out here. pyou're from the uk. p>> yes. p>> live in australia. p>> here on a three-month visa pand "gma" is one of your first pstops. phow is our audience in paustralia? p>> good, good. p>> which means in inc. english that ptransfers to really big. psnow showers that will continue pacross parts of the east coast. pbut the lake effect will crank. pstill lakes are unfrozen, punusual for this time of year. plocally over a foot is possible pthen we'll wind things down. pdry from denver and warm in
8:34 am
pthe south. pkevin: clouds, light snow, pflurry activity the potential pthis afternoon. ptemperature starting the day in pthe upper teens to mid 20' s. psnowfall i p>> all right. pthese guys from mobile, alabama. pdid you celebrate mardi gras plast night? p>> yes, sir. p>> that's a good answer. phappy ash wednesday, everybody. p>> rob, thanks so much. p coming up next, "how to get paway with murder" star alfred penoch is here live. pstay with us.
8:35 am
tt2w`t+o m4; bt@q$?l tt2w`t+o m4; "a@q43( tt2w`t+o m4; bm@q?8$ tt4w`t+o m4;" dztq 4.\ tt4w`t+o m4;" entq d*< tt4w`t+o m4;" gzt& ]-d tt4w`t+o m4;" hnt& m#( tt4w`t+o m4;" iztq 'jp tt4w`t+o m4;" jntq 5:0
8:36 am
p "how to get away with pmurder" fans, i'm a big one phere, just one more day until pour favorite whodunit returns. pthe last episode left us big pcliffhanger. pnow alfred enoch who plays wes pis here. phe's got an exclusive sneak peek pat the midseason premiere and pthen we'll talk to him. ptake a look. p>> wes, no. pno. p>> what the hell is wrong with pyou? poh, my god. p>> you shot her? p>> i had to. p>> ooh, let's give it up for palfred, please.
8:37 am
p>> trying to give myself a plittle air of refinement. p>> you do that so well. p>> i'm not sure. p>> let us talk. pafter seeing that little clip plike that i can only imagine pthat the table read when all the pactors are sitting around and preading your lines to know that pyou shot annalise, wes? p>> yeah, that's a big presponsibility, isn't it? pi was a little bit concerned pabout that. pshe's so great on the show. pno one is going to like me panymore. pbetter not kill her off. p>> looks like you wanted to. p>> i mean i understand it. pthe poor guy, the stuff she's ut him through and she's a pdifficult woman. pi understand his frustrations. pi don't judge him. p>> no, christoph, are we going pstory. p>> one of the fun things about pthe second half of the season. pwe delve into that more and find pout about the back story not pjust of wes but a lot of the pother characters and how they've
8:38 am
pmore than there first appears to phave have been. p>> some are tuning in and saying phe has a british accent. pwes has a british accent. pcharacter. pyou say you stay in accent. p>> yeah, that's kind of the way pi put it. pyou know what, it's because i've pbefore. pnot in accent. pnever done an american accent pfor a job. pany kind of american accent and pall of a sudden this came along pand thought this is so exciting pbut i don't want to let everyone pdown. eople are what's with the weird paccent. p>> you nail it. p>> that's what i do. pstay with it during the whole ptime of shooting. p>> i'm sure it helps if you stay pwith it and has to help viola pdavis, first of all, the entire pcast, the producers, everyone is pspectacular. pi had the pleasure the first pseason of going out and meeting pso many people. pa word you said to describe pviola is powerful. p>> what's it like being around pher and learning from her. p>> it's fantastic.
8:39 am
pget to work with people who act pdifferently and bring different pthings to the table and change pthe way a scene works and can ptake it in an unexpected pdirection and she brings so pmuch. pso much there to work with that pit opens you up and you find pthings you might not have pexpected. pwhich is one of the really fun pthings about the job. p>> you can see the continued pgrowth from everyone. p>> well, that's great. p>> being there and the other pthing i love about you, you are pnot on social media. phow can you not be on social pmedia. p>> i don't trust myself. p>> no? p>> i don't trust myself. pi can't go out and say things pi'm thinking so everybody can psee. pit would be a disaster. p>> when you come back from the ub. p>> exactly. p>> this is what i'm going to be pdoing when i get home and me pwith a twitter feed. p>> nothing to do with your ptechnology -- you're technically pchallenged -- p>> i am technically challenged. pi'm not a concise person so 140 pcharacters is -- i would be the erson like tweeting, you know,
8:40 am
peverybody would be bored. p>> you have so much to share. pso much to stay, alfred. pyou are a delight. pwe are so excited to have you pwith us. pthank you for that. pi know you've been very busy and pwe're excited because we'll pwatch the midseason premiere of p"how to get away with murder" ptomorrow on abc at 10:00, 9:00 pcentral. pgo to our website for more of pthe sneak peek. p we're heading to new orleans
8:41 am
p if you like -- p>> we are in the final stretch pof our "10 dates in 10 states" pcross country adventure. pour producer erica scott almost phome but first looking for love pin new orleans. pget all the scoop on valentine's pday gift giving. p>> so, i'm here in new orleans p p>> so i'm closing in on the home pstretch. pmy eighth date in eight days. p>> daniel?
8:42 am
p>> i met daniel on tinder and he psuggested we go to pat o'brien's pwhich is right in the thick of pit on bourbon street. p>> this inanti- p>> having a date on fat tuesday pis pretty unique and nice to phave a local to show you how to pdo it right. poh, my god. plook at this scene. pyay! pmy ladies. phow do i always get these in a pknot. pi ruined it. pwhat is your idea of like an pideal valentine's day date? p>> just something small. pintimate. pi think that's probably one of pthe best you can do. p>> let's throw more beads. p>> in the countdown subscribers pvalentine's day. p>> yes. pdate. pvalentine. pfirst you have to start your pconversation with either lol
8:43 am
pit's nice to compliment your rospective date's name and pdon't start the conversation pwith sorry because 56% of the ptime you're less likely to get a pfirst date. pestimated americans will spend palmost $20 billion on pvalentine's day this year. pthe average american will spend pabout $150 on flowers, jewelry pand candy. p>> erica is fantastic. phas a lot of energy. pwe're just experiencing the pnight. pit's been a lot of fun so far. p>> i don't know what valentine's pday has in store for me but pbourbon street was a blast. p>> all right, joining us now pfrom bourbon street in new porleans ax producer erica scott pand, erica, you just mentioned pvalentine's day. pit's just around the corner. pyou have two dates left. pare you feeling the pressure? psgl >> a little bit. pwell, right now i'm on bourbon pstreet where the cleanup is phappening. pthe aftermath is pretty gross pbut actually there's a new psurvey from "usa today" that 25% pof women expect disappointment
8:44 am
pthink i'll be one of them. p>> you've got ten guys to choose pfrom and you've already have peight of the dates. pdo any stand out yet for you as plike your favorite? p>> so, i haven't chosen any pfavorites quite yet. pand i still -- i don't even know pwho my date is in connecticut pbut i do think going into a pfirst date with no expectations pmay be even just finding a best pfriend is definitely what i'm ptaking away so far. p>> so i'm trying to concentrate. pit's pretty funny to see trash pbeing scooped up behind you on pbourbon street. p>> it is after mardi gras. p>> i understand your next date pwill be super cheesy. p>> it's amazing. pyes, i am very excited. pit is going to be a fromage promance making mozzarella. p>> got to do a lot of cool pstuff.
8:45 am
pfollow erica's journey. p>> right. p>> more time than that on pbourbon street. p>> i'm trying to -- p>> mardi gras in new orleans. p>> i know. pi'm getting the shakes, memories p>> yeah. por you can follow her journey on pour website, on yahoo!
8:46 am
p "good morning america" is pbrought to you by macy's. p>> what was that move? p>> that was it. p>> there you go, girl. p>> we have a program note before pwe go. pdan abrams will be hosting an pincredible new series called "60 eople. pwe'll tell you more about it. pit premieres in march.
8:47 am
psean: good morning. pthe results are now in from the pfirst in the nation primary. pon the democratic side, bernie psanders won with 60% of the pvotes. phillary clinton came in second pwith 38%. pon the republican side donald p, trump claimed victory with 35% pof the gop votes. pjohn kasich came in second with p16%. pted cruz finished third with p-- followed by marco rubio, pchris christie, carly fiorina, pand ben carson. pmanchester police are on the plookout for a attempted robber pwho fled a convenience store pwhen the clerk decided to fight pback. psurveillance. pas you can see, the clerk was pbehind the counter last night at pat 61 best market on maple pstreet, when a hooded man walked pin and demanded money. pthe gun the man was carrying was pmade out of plastic, so he went pafter the would-be thief, who plet'
8:48 am
psnow is following -- snow is pfalling outside. pkevin: it could be an inch or ptwo in a few locations, mainly pdue to the chance of a brief psnow squall. pmaybe a quick inch of snow in in p20 minutes. pthe potential is there into the pafternoon for a couple of those pto be out there and possibly for pthe evening commute. pa little bit of light snow and pflurry activity out there. ptemperatures are down in the plower and mid 20' s. pbreeze pushed temperatures up pinto the afternoon. pbrief squall. pstill the chance of a passing psnow shower tomorrow. pmuch colder air builds in. phighs in the single digits and pteens.
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