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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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@in. @jennifer: breaking news on two @fronts at this hour. @the report on a murder suicide @involving two bedford children @has just been released. @in less than 24 hours after new @hampshire's primary the field of @presidential candidates has @shrunk. @josh: let's begin with those @political developments. @republican chris christie has @dropped out of the race for the @white house, this was confirmed @moments ago and it comes after @christie finished 6th in the new @hampshire primary. @also republican carly fiorina @out of the running, the former @hewlett-packard c.e.o. took 7th @place and she suspended her bid, @prompting though that she will, @quote, continue to serve to @restore citizen government. @we have much more on the @presidential race just ahead, @but first let's get to our other @breaking story tonight, a case @that has had a profound impact @on the town of bedford in @southern new hampshire.
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@the details behind a murder @suicide involving a mother and @her children. @shelley walcott is here now to @explain. @shelley: in just released a.g.'s @report says vor contributing @factors, she was depressed and @her condition may have been @aggravated by relationship @issues including possible @domestic violence. @the bodies of she and her @daughters were found on @march 28, 2015. @a state attorney general report @says they were discovered by @alexi, her estranged husband and @the children's father. @she had moved out and had gone @to the home with a work crew and @found his wife and daughters @dead. @witnesses told investigators it @looked like this mother had been @depressed for months. @p>> primary factors which may
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@could have been her mental @health issues, as well as @marital issues. @shelley: the report also find @that ubukof was in no way @responsible for the killing of @his wife and children. @shelley walcott, wmur news 9. @josh: troubling new statistics @about from nashua about opioid @overdoses. @amy coveno is live in nashua @with details. @reporter: good evening. @we're inside an ambulance here @at american medical response in @nashua. @first responders here in the @gate city sounding the alarm @after a terrifying spike in drug @overdoses. @quadruple compared to this time @last year. @so much demand for the life @saving drug narcan, first @responders have doubled the @amount carried on board. @candidates were touring
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@provide solutions, but numbers @are grim and police are pleading @for more resources, in january @nashua logged 35 overdose calls @including three deaths, compared @to nine calls in january 2015. @the killer drug fentanyl knows @no boundaries, according to @police. @p>> it's city wide, it's poor @neighborhoods, wealthy @neighborhoods, the ages, you @know, they're from teenagers all @the way up to people in their @60's. @it's been very iep opening on @the demographics. @reporter: the numbers in @manchester are chilling as well, @police telling us that last year @manchester logged one overdose @death every four days. @amy coveno, wmur news 9. @jennifer: to the weather now, @with new hampshire about to get @a bitter taste of winter. @mike haddad says today's milder @snow showers will give way to an @arctic blast. @mike: that's right. @it's just a matter of time
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@season moves in here. @right now a scattering of snow @showers about the state, nothing @all that heavy. @but a few moderate to heavy @bursts, especially in the mount @washington valley and a moderate @burst trying to develop in the @southern part of the merrimack @valley, but a lot of that right @now is fairly light. @notice, trying to develop a line @from the lakes region points @south, but again not a whole lot @in terms of any impressive snow @developments. @so a couple of snow showers, @maybe a coating, half inch in @some spots. @that eventually will move off @the coast, you see more in @western vermont, may survive the @trip in here this evening. @more snow showers mount @north woods. @temperatures are seasonably @cool, lining up close to the @average for this time of year, @but take a look just over the @border, some single digits and @they'll be moving in here before @weekend. @we'll take a look at a timeline, @explain why this is all setting
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@now. @while the final official numbers @won't be confirmed until @tomorrow, it appears that new @hampshire voters have set a new @standard when it comes to @primary turnout. @secretary of state gardner says @the rough numbers show more @republican voters turned out @yesterday's primary than ever @before. @and the total number of voters @combined also set a record. @today new hampshire's secretary @of state was beaming about it. @p>> every town did a great job, @and the city wards, everything, @everything came together like it @usually does. @josh: it so happens the @secretary of state from kansas @is in new hampshire visiting, @and he called new hampshire's @participation in this primary, @quote, simply extraordinary. @we're going to hear from him at @6:00 and have more on what was a @record breaking day at the @polls. @some voters though did have a @frustrating trip to the polls. @we showed you the volunteer from @in perfect mack.
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@that this will not happen again. @report it's business as usual @along route 3 today. @but yesterday people say it was @a traffic nightmare. @this was what many merrimack @voters waited in tuesday to get @to the polls. @people described as stand still @at times on route 3 throughout @the afternoon and evening. @p>> it was an hour and so minutes @to basically go 2.5 miles. @p>> it can get congested, but it @was the absolute worst i've ever @seen. @reporter: she planned to vote, @but when she got out of work and @saw the line of cars, she @changed her mind. @p>> it was just too hard to get @there, there was no way i was @going to sit in traffic for that @long. @reporter: in 2012 the town @consolidated polling location to @just one, the high school. @police chief doyle says he @worked with town officials and @the school district to come up @with a track plan for primary @day. @p>> we tried to accommodate that @traffic by redesigning the @pattern around and within all of @aarteries addressing the traffic
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@and it became apparent that that @was becoming more of a problem @as well. @p>> with the high interest you @just have that many more people @coming to the polls, we find @that when it's a national @election that we do get a higher @turnout. @reporter: about 50% of the @town's 18,000 registered voters @filled out ballots. @the state gave merrimack an @extension to allow anyone @waiting in line to vote. @town clerk diane tripet says the @last vote was cast after @8:00 p.m., about an hour after @close. @p>> we definitely will i'm sure @be having many meetings and lots @of planning to go into the @november election. @p>> i think they need to consider @more than one polling station. @the entire school district was @closed yesterday, so there were @certainly other schools. @p>> officials around aware of @anyone that was turned away to @vote, but they are aware that @to. @mike cronin, wmur news 9. @josh: that massive wave of @voters overwhelmingly chose two
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@adam sexton joins us now to sort @out the meaning of this one-two @punch for political outsiders. @reporter: yesterday was a dark @day for the establishment, both @democratic and republican. @and most voters we spoke to @couldn't be happier about it. @first in the nation new @hampshire delivered huge wins to @these native new yorkers tuesday @night. @political outsiders divvying up @the granite state's wealth of i @believe voters. @p>> i think new hampshire last @night really rocked the whole @country with this vote. @reporter: how did a celebrity @billionaire and a democratic @socialist earn land slide @victories? @while trump and sanders share @little in common on policy, both @claim independence from money @politics, trump by way of his @considerable wealth, bernie @pacs. @p>> i think it's time for a no @nonsense person to be in charge, @and somebody who hopefully will @not be beholden to corporations @and wall street.
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@and tired of politicians, i @think the whole country is. @reporter: both candidates are @also very clearly themselves, @blunt and direct. @last night sanders' campaign @manager told news 9 a key @component of bernie's appeal is @his style. @p>> people of new hampshire know @that when senator sanders says @something he means it. @they appreciate his @authenticity. @reporter: and trump may not live @like the average joe, but he @sure can connect with him. @p>> move over. @reporter: bottom line, new @hampshire fired a shot across @the bow of the political @establishment, and it has @changed the trajectory of the @race for the white house. @p>> the voters sentiment is @clearly one of anger with the @government, anger with insiders, @furor at wall street. @reporter: since last night there @have been a lot of elected @officials at the state level @scratching their heads over @these results. @they're wondering what this @means for their future @elections. @josh: these two campaigns did @emphasize that in new hampshire
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@have, but sometimes they don't @mean a lot. @reporter: yes, somebody @mentioned that they did not @recognize any familiar state @house faces there, except for @cohen. @sanders and trump both won these @elections on good old fashioned @people power. @jennifer: getting a look at @traffic tonight, this is 293 @north in manchester. @here. @peggy james is live now with a @closer look at the commute. @p>> good evening, yes, things are @doing pretty well, if you're @coming up from massachusetts. @93 northbound some very slight @slowdownsdowns from 133 up to 110, @then it's a good ride all the @way across the border, on up @into manchester. @293 moving well north and south @as well and things look good as @you head up to 89. @minor slowdowns through exits 12 @through 15 in concord. @on the everett turnpike, trouble
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@and usual delays on 101 west @through bedford there. was an @accident on 95 north between @exit 1 and the hampton tolls, @doesn't seem to be causing any @backups right now. @i'm peggy james, for 95.7, wzid. @josh: thanks. @new developments tonight in the @fight against lyme disease. @jennifer: coming up next, the @new caution just discovered by @doctors and the different @symptoms involved. @josh: a booming black market for @a simple toy, why investigators @are seeing more lego thefts in @new hampshire. @mike: flakes for many today and @more on the way for thursday, a @look at what follows for the @weekend coming up. @jennifer: two robberies in five @minutes what police say could @connect the two crimes.
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` @jennifer: tonight a new species @of bacteria that causes lyme @disease has been found in the @midwest. @researchers at the mayo colinnic @and c. d. c. made the discovery. @symptoms include nausea, @vomiting and a rash that doesn't @look like the bulls eye rash @typically associated with lyme @disease.
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@is also spread by deer ticks. @josh: fish and game divers @recovered the body of a man who @fell through the ice in conway. @fish and game say a 23-year-old @conway man fell through the ice @on the pond last night. @authorities have not identified @the man yet. @another man tried to save the @victim, but he fell in himself, @but was able to pull himself @out. @jennifer: tonight a cruise ship @damaged in a large storm off the @east coast is finally due back @in port. @royal caribbean's anthem of the @seas is heading to new jersey @for the coast guard to inspect @the damage. @the ship was hit by hurricane @force winds and 30-foot waves on @sunday. @the ship's captain explained in @a video broadcast he didn't @realize the magnitude of this @storm when the ship first set @out. @p>> the whole thing was not @exploded. @jennifer: passengers were @ordered to stay inside their @state rooms for eight hours. @royal caribbean has apologized @and is offering a full refund @for the passengers.
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@wouldn't are stuck in their @homes tonight because drifting @snow left over from a storm last @week, 90-mile an hour wind @created snow piles that are so @high on one road that they just @can't plow it. @one woman needed to get to the @hospital for an emergency, but @paramedics couldn't get to her. @instead a heck took her to the @hospital, which will cost her @about $30,000. @p>> i'm angry, i'm frustrated, i @don't know how she's going to @pay this bill. @josh: one neighbor is using his @own front end loader to try to @create an opening so people can @get in and out of that @neighborhood. @jennifer: the flakes that fell @in new hampshire will stick @around, thanks to an arctic @blast that is headed in our @direction. @let's get right over to @meteorologist josh judge. @josh: yes, it's cold now, but @will be getting a lot colder. @can you see how the cold has @been taking over many parts of @the east, and parts of the @midwest as well. @but it's real cold air up here, @locked in canada that will be
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@so here's that big dip in the @jet stream right now, and as @cold air would be ends around @that vortex, a little piece of @it comes down to us bringing @arctic with a air for this @weekend. @a little relief late on sunday @as we head into the early part @of the week. @things normalize just a little @bit more. @so how does this happen, let's @take it step by step. @a cold front will be rolling @through the region tomorrow, @bringing in, you guessed it, @colder air, and that's only the @beginning, because a reenforce, @shot of colder air follows that, @on friday night into saturday, @as a clipper system drops @through and transfers its energy @out to sea. @that with the counterclockwise @flow of air drags down arctic @air just in time for valentine's @weekend. @and it could cause a little @snow. @mike: that's right, we're @tracking some of that snow, some
5:17 pm
@others dealing with scattered @snow showers. @nothing all that heavy yet. @take a look right now, up in @guilford where we see overcast @skies, a few flurries drifting @through, and even more in the @merrimack valley up through the @lakes region and towards the @mount washington valley where @they're the heaviest right now. @not a whole lot of snow out @there, but keep in mine we're @just above frozing in many spots @right now in southern new @hampshire. @so even a little coating on the @roads that tends to melt could @refreeze in the next few hours. @so there could be a little black @ice that develops on area roads @tonight, just give yourself a @few extra minutes if you're @traveling. @a few more snow showers is there @try to move in and after mid to @late evening it will be mainly @dry in southern new hampshire. @in northern parts of the state a @different story, better chance @of snow showers on and off all @night long with a one to @three-inch tally in the higher @elevationings and a coating to @an inch, inch and a half in some @of the valleys. @again that's for the evening
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@after that moves through, more @snow showers in the great lakes, @some of these lake enhanced, but @there's another disturbance @moving out of southeastern @ontario and as that moves in @tomorrow a better shot of @scattered snow showers and even @a brief snow squall, and then @behind that temperatures really @start to fall, as josh was just @talking about. @right now near 30 north and back @into the lakes region, above @that manchester towards the @coast back through keene. @tonight more clouds than breaks. @temperatures hold a little above @the norm. @teens to around 20. @so not all that bitterly cold @yet. @but again that cold arctic air @is just north of the border @right now and moves on in here @later tomorrow night into @friday, and then a reenforcing @shot of that comes in with even @sunday. @again the snow shower timeline @as such for the next few hours, @central southern new hampshire @could get a dusting to possibly @a half inch. @then more snow showers continue @all night long, in the great @north woods and white mountains. @tomorrow same story, more
5:19 pm
@point during the day, a very @light accumulation, but again @with slightly cooler air the @roads could turn slick. @so watch out for that, also @visibilities could drop quickly @in that quick hitting snow @shower or squall. @full sunshine friday morning, @clouds later in the day. @we get to the weekend and the @focus then certainly on the @bitterly cold air. @highs tomorrow lower than today, @near 20 north to around 30 along @the coastline. @moving ahead to friday, even @lower temperatures, only lower @to mid teens north to lower 20's @in southern parts of the state. @and you guessed it, it gets even @sunday. @here it comes, coldest of the @season so far. @highs may struggle to hit zero @along the canadian border, and @get into the teens in southern @new hampshire, that would be low @teens at best, maybe not even @above 10, 11 or 12 on sunday. @wind chills all weekend long sub @zero. it does warm up a little @bit for presidents day. @so many will be heading up to @ski.
5:20 pm
@schedule where you go for a @couple of runs bundled up and @back out. @you're going to have to do that @cycle through the weekend. @josh: okay. @a simple toy has become a hot @commodity on the black market. @jennifer: what's driving up @demand for legos. @josh: could we really see gas @for a dollar a gallon?
5:21 pm
@ @josh: an elderly vendor in @california is recovering after @spending four days trapped @inside of his newspaper stand. @officers released a photo of the @moment they freed the man who @accidentally locked himself @inside. @he was stuck during 90-degree @weather with no food or water, @but fortunately managed to @survive. @this alleged thief is a accused @of stealing money from a photo @booth, but the cram was snapping @away as he took the money. @jennifer: police say the robbery @happened in november, but the @photos couldn't be retrieved @until recently. @the men allegedly got way with @$75, but not before leaving @several head shots behind. @straight ahead tonight, more @americans are struggling to make @their car payments. @what's driving up that debt. @josh: and an angry driver has a @change of heart, the story @behind this unusual apology @note. @jennifer: and our u local hot
5:22 pm
@ @p>> see today to me give me all @your cash, i don't want to hurt @anyone. @josh: two armed robberies with @different endings. @police want to know if the same @man is behind both. @jennifer an out of control @passenger forces an emergency @landing out of boston. @what made the man so angry. @mike: after snow showers for @some today and more on the way @tomorrow, big changes take over. @when temperatures crash, plus @how cold it gets. @josh: but there are signs of @spring. @a crucial part of red sox spring @training is on the move tonight. @ @josh: right now manchester @police are investigating two @armed robberies at convenience @stores. @have a look at this video which @shows one clerk fighting back. @welcome back, i'm josh mcelveen. @jennifer: and i'm jennifer @vaughn. @the suspect in last night's @robberies got away with some @cash, but the good news here, @everyone is okay.
5:23 pm
@live with more. @reporter: the first one happened @here at 61 market. @the clerk says the man walked @right through that door and @showed a gun and a short time @later it was a similar story at @a different store._%-@p>> he came in through the door @and he had a mask on. @reporter: he was working at the @61 market tuesday night shortly @after 7:00 p.m. when someone @came in looking for cash. @it was all caught on camera. @p>> no questions asked, he showed @me a gun right through there, @and right away i said i'm going @to give you exactly what you @want. @reporter: he says at first he @was going to comply, but then he @changed his mine because he @could tell it wasn't a real gun. @p>> and i run around the corner @and tackled him and he was @trying to runaway and i grabbed @and just started beating him up @and he unfortunately got away. @reporter: another robbery @happened around the corner five @minutes later. @p>> he said to me like give me @all your cash, i don't want to @hurt anyone.
5:24 pm
@didn't show his face on camera @says he gave him the cash @without thinking twice. @p>> seeing the gun in his hand, i @just opened the register and @gave whatever money i had, a @couple hundred bucks no one wons @to lose their life. @p>> if someone comes in @brandishing a hand gun, we don't @want to go and investigate @something more than a robbery, @and things could go bad in rapid @fashion. @reporter: the suspect in both @crimes was described the same @way by employees. @p>> it's having an effect on @everybody, small business, @families and everything. @i'm just sad that people have to @come to people that work hard @for their money. @reporter: police can't say at @this point if it's the same man, @but investigators are working on @that. @if you have any information, @call manchester police. @live in manchester, kristen @carosa, wmur news 9. @josh: so thieves tend to target @items that are expensive, @popular and easy to sell.
5:25 pm
@onto the toy aisle. @investigators tell wmur's @jennifer crompton why legos are @a popular target for thieves. @reporter: legos, plastic toy @building bricks and blocks that @are as hot as ever. @from basic sets to themed @collectibles. @extremely popular and not just @with kids. @across the country, thieves, @sometimes working alone, @sometimes as part of an @organized ring, have been @snatching them up, rolling them @right out the door, and now @right here in epping, new @hampshire. @p>> the accusation is that this @gentleman was caught by loss @prevention at wal-mart with a @cart full of legos. @reporter: the value of the legos @in the cart an estimated $900. @police say 29-year-old justin la @forge left them behind as he ran @out the door, later arrested by @police in bedford. @p>> the reason for legos is @they're expensive, they're very @easy to sell, whether it be on e
5:26 pm
@and people are able to get quick @cash from it. @reporter: police in epping can't @say that the attempted lego @theft here was anything more @than a crime of desperation. @but we are lunch that other @departments around the state are @investigating possible organized @retail thefts. @p>> on january 4th we got a @report of suspects, male and @female who fled the store. @reporter: this time the toys r @us, on loudon road. @p>> one of the items they stole @was legos. @reporter: that investigation @continues, legos the latest @target in thefts that have risen @with the rise in drug problems. @p>> most notable was the baby @formula. @we had had a rash of thefts and @we saw a rash of them in the @region as well. @we had been in contact with @other agencies trying to compare @notes, see if it was the same @people involved, in cases yes, @in some cases no. @reporter: most legos still sit @on store shelves, whether they @could be made harder to access,
5:27 pm
@become, is too soon to know. @jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. @jennifer: concord firefighters @now sharing a rarely seen view @what was it takes to fight a @fire. @this is video from a go pro @camera that was mounted on a @firefighter, as crews responded @to a vehicle fire on i-93 last @week. @they were able to put out that @fire, but the northbound lanes @near exit 14 had to be shut @down. @josh: waiting to hear if charges @will be filed against a @passenger who forced the @emergency landing of a flight @from boston, the alaska flight @to san diego had to be diverted @to denver. @passenger say a man brought his @own alcohol on the plane and @when flight attendant told him @he couldn't drink it he started @yell that he was a terrorist. @police escorted him off the @plane in denver, passengers say @it was unnerving. @p>> it was unnerving at first @because he started yelling we're @all going to die, but then i @out of control. @josh: no one on board the flight @was hurt.
5:28 pm
@sorry to a state plow crew @saying that he behaved poorly, @he even hand wrote his apology. @back in january the plow crew @asked a group of surfers to move @their cars from a no parking @area along the seacoast. @well, one of them lost his cool @a bit and his apology that man @says he hopes the crew was able @to brush it off. @he even thanked them for the @work they do to keep the roads @clear. @apparently he's quite the gifted @artist as well. @josh: still to come, a popular @athletic chain is struggling to @make ends meet. @the forecast for sports @authority stores. @jennifer: dunkin' donuts @responding to a customer lawsuit @over illegal taxes, we'll @explain. @mike: pleasant temperatures @today, but the coldest air so @far this season gets ready to
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` @jennifer: let's get a look at @wall street today. @the dow is down just under 100. @s&p 500 down also, nasdaq is up. @gas prices right now, nationally @they are at 1.72, slightly @higher still in new hampshire at @1.76. @josh: falling oil prices have @several states on alert right @now for 99-cent per gallon gas. @midwestern states like @wisconsin, michigan and illinois @are seeing prices plummet.
5:31 pm
@dollar a gallon by next week. @those prices probably won't be @widespread though as refining @costs and shipping play a big @role in regional costs. @so a growing number of people @are falling behind on car @payments by two months or more. @jennifer: rising employment and @more loan approvals have helped @to boost new car sales, but it @seems that many people aren't @able to keep up with their @payments. @the total amount of america's @auto loan debt at the start of @this year was $987 million. @sports authority could be just @days away from file bankrupt. @officials say the sporting goods @chain missed a $20 million debt @payment last month. @the company says it's been @negotiating with lenders, but @retail experts say it's likely @the company will have to close @about half of its 450 stores. @dunkin' donuts is in some hot @water, accused of taxing @nontaxable items. @lawsuits filed in new jersey and @new york city accuse locations
5:32 pm
@water and packaged coffee. @the suits claim when the problem @was raised nothing got fixed. @the company says it will reach @out to the franchises to @determine whether customers were @in fact charged tax. @josh: burgers and hot dogs now, @burger king adding grilled oscar @meyer hot dogs to its menu as @cross the u.s., you'll be able @to order the classic option or @the chilli cheese dog. @burger king say they tested it @last year and was a big hit. @valentine's day this is sunday, @but seems that humans aren't the @only ones getting a little love, @according to the national retail @federation. @americans will dish out nearly @$681 million for their pets this @valentine's day. @about 40% of people surveyed say @with their pet than their loved @one. @jennifer: okay. @josh: still ahead, a new way to @enjoy one of new england's most @famous ski resorts and we'll
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` @josh: one of new england's @premiere ski resort has a new @slope side village and it's
5:35 pm
@school vacation. @the stowe destination is about @the kids. @jennifer: in this week's escape @outside, paula tracy visited the @new alpine village. @reporter: the village feature is @a four-star hotel, new skating @raining and a 30,000 square foot @adventure center for children, @which will open in a few weeks. @this resort is designed to @appeal to every member of the @family, and features range from @beautiful architecture to @climbing walls and zip tours. @kids even have a canvas tent and @canteen, based on the historic @civilian conservation corps @camps from the 190s. @those young visitors were at the @top of the mind of the @designers, who believe that @children hold the most sway when @it comes to picking a family @vacation spot. @there's plenty for grownups too @including boutiques, @restaurants, and a performing @arts center. @skating at the new rink is free @every day until 9:00 p.m.
5:36 pm
@kick off a series of school @vacation weeks with an ice @carving demonstration, mountain @fireworks and a torch light @parade. @you'll find all the details in @the escape outside section of @paula tracy, wmur news 9. @mike: snow showers for some @today and early part of the @evening we'll see another round @for tomorrow. @that's along the leading edge of @much colder air. @the lowest temperatures so far @of the season are ready to move @in before we get through this @weekend. @take a look right now up in @market square, where skies are @for the most part overcast. @couple of snow showers darting @on through parts of the state, @not a lot in the way of @accumulation, but keep in mind @we could see just enough to make @the roads a little slick in a @few spots this evening. @then tomorrow another round @moves on in, after that the @focus on the bitterly cold air @that takes over from friday and @especially over the weekend,
5:37 pm
@will likely run below zero @statewide all weekend long. @take a look at those snow @thundershowers, again not all @that impressive. @but nonetheless a dusting to a @half inch possible in some areas @in southern new hampshire. @inch or two in a few spots @across the great north woods and @parts of the white mountains. @you see one batch moving out, a @few more trying to develop in @the monadnock region, so can't @rule out between now and 9:30 @this evening a quick hitting @snow shower in any one given @community in southern new @hampshire. @a better bet through the course @of the night that we'll see on @and off snow and snow showers, @great north woods and white @mountains. @so here a coating to two inches @likely. @maybe spot three-inch amounts in @the highest elevations. @once we get past this evening @dryer air will try to nose in, @in between two weak @disturbances. @this has to move in during the @day tomorrow, a bit more energy
5:38 pm
@snow squall. @that means a burst of snow and @low visibility for about 0, 15 @minutes, then conditions @improve. @that could happen tomorrow. @temperatures right now right at @the average for this early hour @of the evening this time of @year. @same story monadnock region. @farer in north, not a whole big @cooldown here as temperatures @are lining up in the 20's and @lower 30's statewide. @not a big temperature tumble @tonight, on average it's 20's @and lower 30's early this @evening, and by daybreak teens @north and lower 20's south. @again, after the snow showers @tomorrow, take a look at all @this cold air just sitting off @to our north and west. @right now it is colder down in @the deep south, at least parts @of the southeast, that it is in @portions of the northern
5:39 pm
@billings, montana about @65 degrees. @by tomorrow afternoon we under @the clear for snow threats until @early saturday morning. @and the focus after that is on @the bitterly cold air. @colder on friday. @then we get to the weekend, @could be a brief snow shower @early, even an isolated squall @as the arctic front moves in and @after a low of 11 temperatures @don't go anywhere, they fall @during the afternoon and then @sunday, yeah, that says it all. @jennifer: sure does, thank you, @mike. @a swiss skier is getting @attention after shooting @incredible footage on his @iphone. @josh: he shot video of himself @shredding a ski slope on 360 @slow motion, he did it by tying @his iphone to a string and @twirling it around his head
5:40 pm
@creative. @jamie: of the an's game the @celtics hit the all-star break, @they host the clippers at @7:306789 boston is in third @place in the eastern conference. @they've won four of their last @five games, that one loss last @night in milwaukee. @red sox equipment truck left @today heading for spring @training in fort myers, florida, @carrying over 20,000 baseballs. @you see the list of the other @things on board and the first @workout for pitchers and @catchers is one week from @saturday, that's the 19th.
5:41 pm
@ @p>> it's killing people, when @it's killing people the needle @is still in their arm.
5:42 pm
@racks up record overdoses. @jennifer: the final report on @the murder suicide of a mother @and her two children is now out. @what it says about the mother's @life leading up to this horrible @act. @mike: seasonably cool today with @flakes for some, but get ready @for an arctic blast to move in @soon. @a timeline plus how much colder @it gets. @tom: plus record turnout at the @polls push tess 2016 primary @into the history books. @and gives strong support to our @first in the nation status. @tom: developing right now, new @details have just been released @about the murder suicide of a @bedford mother and her two young @children. @jennifer: investigators have @finished their final report @which included information about @a note she left behind. @shelley walcott live now with @this new information tonight. @reporter: that note was in @russian and translated it said @how could you not expect a
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@it was amusing to me to watch
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