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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 10, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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p and now abc's "jimmy kimmel plive." p>> dicky: from hollywood it's p"jimmy kimmel live"! ptonight, sacha baron cohen, pzendaya, and music from mana. pwith cleto and the cletones, and pnow, stay focused, here's jimmy pkimmel!
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p>> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the phost. pthank you for watching. pthanks for coming. pit's wonderful to have you here. ptoday is -- for those of you who pwednesday. pforeheads? pdo we have an audience entirely pmade up of heathens? pash wednesday is the official pbeginning of lent. pi've noticed a lot of people use plent as an excuse to diet. pthey give up things like pchocolate or carbs for 40 days. preasons. retty sure jesus didn't die to pget you ready for bikini season. pthis year i decided for lent i'm pfootball. pweeks. pi feel like -- as i'm sure you pknow there was a primary pelection last night. plast night half the state of new
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pthey want the host of "celebrity papprentice" to run america and pthey weren't joking. pdonald trump and bernie sanders pwon their respective party rimaries. pit was a great night for loud pmen with crazy hair. pthere were some surprises. pon the republican side, governor pjohn kasich came out of nowhere pto finish second despite the pfact that no one has any idea pwho he is. paccording to the exit polls, ptrump and sanders were the pnumber one choice among white pvoters and since that's the only pkind of voter they have in new phampshire, it worked out well. pted cruz, who won the iowa pcaucus, finished third. pjeb bush was fourth. pmarco rubio came in fifth. pchris christie came in seventh. pcarly fiorina finished seventh. pfeeiorina and christie dropped out pof the race. pcarly fiorina needed most of ptime to chase the 101 pdalmatians. pchristie is back home in new pjersey.
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pfamily-sized variety pack of pklondike bars hiding in his pfreezer right now. pto get a sense of how -- p[ cheers and applause ] pthank you. phere's a map of the election presults from last night. pyou see trump won the areas in pred. pkasich is the blue. psquare. pand jeb bush is curled up in the photel position underneath. pjeb spent a lot of money to pfinish fourth in new hampshire. pthe bush campaign, i sa reports pthey spent $1,200 per vote. pthe truth is that only worked pout to be $6,000. pfor that much money, he could phave sent every one of his psupporters an ipad and a pair of plube baton plubitons. phe's already pulled out all the pstops. pthe only thing left to do now is pstop. pmeanwhile, donald trump right pnow is on cloud nine, which he powns by the way, he bought it
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ptrump won new hampshire by a phuge margin are he did articularly well among voters plooking for a candidate who pvoters who don't at all care pwhat it is, is. pthis is the scene at trump pheadquarters last night. psupport they need -- pwatch him go. pbecause he really enjoyed phimself. pi don't know if they bothered to pcheck i.d.s. p[ cheers and applause ] pthat is how you make america pgreat again. peveryone in america gets two pbeers each. pthere was another good one. pwatch this one. p>> it also had the function of pbringing in a lot of voters from poutside of massachusetts, iowa, peven connecticut, the crowds pwere huge. p>> jimmy: you want to wash that pdown. pi think there's a guy walking
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pbut the mood in donald ptrumpville was ebullient. ptrump himself, usually when he pgets on stage he insults people. plast night he was so happy he phad a thesaurus full of nice pthings to say. p>> this is something very pspecial. pto the most imaginative -- pincredible job, very special -- pwe have very talented people -- pthey special, special people. pvery, very successful. pso good and so fast and so pstrong, so big, so strong, so owerful. pthe finest, great, fantastic, pbeautiful, really great, pfantastic, they're terrific. pstrong, incredible, fantastic. pso beautiful. p>> jimmy: look at that. pgrinch's heart grew three sides pthat day. pmeanwhile, over on the democrat pside, bernie sanders beat phillary clinton 60-38. phillary accepted defeat pgraciously. pshe congratulated senator psanders, vowed to fight harder, pthen strangled an unfortunate pintern who got a little bit too pclose to her when the results
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pbernie sanders gave his psupporters an exceptionally penthusiastic victory speech. p>> the government belongs to all pof the people and not just a phandful of wealthy campaign pcontributors and their super acs. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> feel the bern, feel the bern! p>> jimmy: bernie sanders becomes pthe first man of both jewish and pmuppet descent to win a midge rimary for a presidential arty. ptnt's nba coverage, gregg opovich, who is simultaneously pthe best and worst interview in pall of sports, gave what might pbe his most brutally honest preaction yet. p>> pop, your impresses of the pfirst quarter? p>> we're behind and they're pahead. p>> why is that? p>> they scored more than we did
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p>> do you want election results? p>> who is it? p>> sanders and trump. p[ laughter ] p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: can you guess the pfinal answer to the question? pthis is college basketball last pnight between kentucky and pgeorgia. pthis is why especially in the pyear 2016 you must never trust a pfan in a fedora. p>> jimmy: not one person tried pto help but they all shot it on ptheir phones. pwe have a very good show for you ptonight. pfrom "the brothers grimesby" psacha baron cohen is here with pus tonight. p[ cheers and applause ]
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pfamous characters, borat, bruno, pallie g., he was mike huckabee pthrough the whole thing. phe has something very special pfor us tonight. palso a talented young actress pand singer zendaya is with us. p[ cheers and applause ] pmusic from the band called mana, pa hugely popular -- p[ cheers and applause ] p-- band in mexico. pjust today they got a star on pthe hollywood walk of fame. pguillermo, you're excited about pthis. p>> guillermo: yeah, i know mana. p>> jimmy: a fan. pwhat is your favorite song of pmana? p>> guillermo: riando soul. p>> jimmy: one of my favorites pwhen i was a boy i didn't have pbig dreams. pi never dreamed i'd be a panything. pi deeped one day i would get to phear the band mana sing the song p"mana-mana." premember that from "sellsmy pstreet" and "the muppets"? ptonight that dream comes true.
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pwelcome mana, everyone! p manamana p manamana p do do do do do do do do p manamana p manamana p manamana p p manama p p manamana p do do do do do do do p manamana pmanamana p
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p>> jimmy: much ana, everybody! pbe right back with sacha baron pcohen. p p[ cheers and applause ] t piano music. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have tor experience this city. p that's what you always say. p you were right about the food. r hi john. hey kevin. spent the day with an astronaut. t one more. p it's beautiful, isn't it? pmay gnaw man gnaw v done! v done. book priceless experiences around the globe with... ...your world mastercard.
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that feeling recaptured.
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p>> jimmy: welcome back to the pshow. psacha baron cohen, zen day that, pmusic from mana is on the way. pcleto brought his big saxophone pout, you know things are getting preal around here. pi mentioned the new hampshire rimary was yesterday. pvoters turned out in record pnumbers in new hampshire to cast ptheir votes most hi for bernie psanders and donald trump. pevery news organization in the pcountry was there. pthey do these exit polls with pthe people as they come out of
11:50 pm
pso we thought it would be fun to pjoin them. pwe sent a camera crew to a real olling location in new phampshire to have fun with the pfolks who agreed to stop and pchat with us. pthe result is our inaugural pedition of "exit troll." p>> did you vote today? p>> yes. p>> were you concerned at all pabout the reports this morning pthat hillary clinton tried to pcut bernie sanders' brake line? p>> no, because i think the media pis trying to make hillary look pbad and they'll day and do pwhatever it takes to make her plook bad. p>> what did you think about phillary's announcement she'll pmake bill her running mate if pshe gets the nomination? p>> that's fine with me, that's pwhat she wants to do. phe's had a lot of experience, pbeen there before, it would be a pgreat help for her as well. p>> what was your reaction to phillary's announcement she plans pto put sean penn on the supreme pcourt? p>> i think it was ridiculous. p>> what do you find ridiculous pabout it? p>> sean penn is not qualified to
11:51 pm
p>> what was your reaction when pshe said that in the physical layers? p>> the same as it's always been, pshe's disgusting. p>> what did you think when you psaw trump announce he's a pdemocrat when it comes down to pit? p>> i think that's probably the pfirst honest thing he's said. p>> if you were 60% less likely pto vote which candidate would pyou be 40% more likely to psupport? p>> chris christie. p>> okay. pwere you surprised when you pheard bernie sanders' admission phe tried marijuana when he was a pkid in the 1920s? p>> in the '20s? pi'm surprised. p'20s. psaid, okay. p>> do you believe him when he psays if he could go back he pnever would have bought that pgypsy? p>> i think so. pmost people who have been pinvolved with marijuana thought pit was a mistake. p>> you've seen the photographs pchris christie mannered leaned pover and stole pancakes from an pold woman's plate.
11:52 pm
psaw those images? p>> if chris christie would lean pover and take food off an old plady ace plate she can kiss her psocial security good-bye. pas she's willing to do that to pan elderly lady, then the youth pneeds to worry. p>> carly fiorina this morning pwas seen paying homeless people pto vote for her. pwhat was your reaction to that pnews and are you one of these phomeless people? p>> i'm not one of the homeless eople. pbut, i mean -- to pay somebody pto vote? pi don't think that's -- that's pfair. p>> have you ever been homeless? p>> i have not, no. p>> a lot of people are accusing phillary clinton of leaning too pheavily on her gender after her pcomment, "i'm freezing my tits poff." p>> she said that? p>> yeah. p>> she ought to go pack to parkansas and climb back into the phole she came out of. p>> were you offended by donald
11:53 pm
preferred to lake winnesocke as plake pontchartrain issock? p>> this is the granite state, pthe home we love, that's pdisgusting. p>> would it be disgusting -- p>> on his part because there's pno piss in the lake. p>> how did you feel about the ptrump bible, the bible with the pdonald trump face on the cover? p>> people want religion. pthere's only one god, it ain't ptrump. pi guarantee you that. p>> do you think the fact that pjeb bush is offering free back pmassages to people who will vote pfor him is crossing a line? pis that too much lex nears? p>> oh my gosh. pthat's not even true. p>> well, i mean, none of this is ptrue. p>> yeah. p>> like i'm lying about the pwhole thing. p>> yeah, i know. p>> it's not just us here in pcalifornia. pwe have a fun show. pmusic from mana, convenient day pzendaya is here, and sacha baron pcohen. pstick around!
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p>> jimmy: welcome back. ptonight on the show, pshe's a singer and a disney pchannel star with a song from pfinding neverland.
11:56 pm
pthen, a very popular band from pguadalajara. ptheir album is called "cama pincendiada" which, in english pmeans do not drink vodka and psmoke in bed. pmana from the samsung outdoor pstage! p[ cheers and applause ] pmana. p>> guillermo: good job. p>> jimmy: tomorrow night on the pshow, "scandal" is back and tony pgoldwyn will be here. pfrom "pardon the interruption" pmichael wilbon and ptony kornheiser will be here and pwe'll have music from palessia cara. lease join us then. pour first guest tonight is an poscar and emmy-nominated man of pmany accents. pyou know him as borat, bruno, pali g and now, a nobby. phis new movie, "the brothers pgrimsby" opens in theaters march p11th. lease welcome psacha baron cohen.
11:57 pm
p>> jimmy: you look so handsome pand normal. pwhich is unusual. p>> it is. pthank you very much. pare you coming on to me? pi should hope so. p>> jimmy: translate it however pyou will. pbut you do not typically appear pon television as yourself. pit's a rarity, is that correct? p>> that's true. pand you will soon find out why. pno, i think i've been on about ptwice, think, overall. p>> jimmy: you were on our show ponce many years ago promoting pali g. pthen you did borat here. pis it a weird thing if i refer pto your characters with you in pthe room? pdo we predebd they're real -- p>> i don't know who you're ptalking about. p[ laughter ] p>> jimmy: yeah. pokay, we'll just stick with -- p>> no i heard he came on here, i pheard. p>> jimmy: yes, he did come. p>> that's not me. p>> jimmy: he came on to me in a pway. p>> i believe that he kissed your pcrumb?
11:58 pm
p>> that was a surprise. papparently he said it did not ptaste nice. p[ laughter ] p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: no guy's ever done pthat to me. p>> they've never said it tastes pnice? pthat's how they get on the show, pisn't it? p[ audience groaning ] p>> it's hollywood, come on prelax. p>> jimmy: he's talking about pyou, guillermo. p>> guillermo: no, no. p>> jimmy: this movie "the pbrothers grimsby" is your first paction comedy. p>> that's right. p>> jimmy: although technically pthere's always a lot of action pin your comedyes. pin this case it's scripted paction. pusually the people trying to pkill you are really trying to pkill you. p>> yes. p>> jimmy: because you're doing pcrazy things to them. p>> yes, yes. pthat's the slight downside with pdoing the kind of reality-based pfilm. p>> jimmy: is it a downside or is pit kind of thrilling? p>> it's usually not very leasant, actually.
11:59 pm
pa few hundred angry hassids pchase you down the street while pyou're wearing a kind of camp phassidic outfit. pit's not always that pleasant. p>> jimmy: i've never been chased pby hassids. pi've been chased by "star wars" pfans. p>> fair enough. p>> the lightsabers and peverything. p>> we had one time i did a movie pcalled "bruno." p>> jimmy: yes. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> i was playing this gay paustrian fashionista. pand it was a romantic comedy. pthe normal boy meets girl, boy pfalls out with girl, boy ends up ptogether with girl, except it pwas a boy and boy kind of promantic comedy. p>> jimmy: right. p>> at the end, the boy ends up pwith the girl in a baseball game pand everyone cheers, it's put up pon the jumbotron? pwe thought i should end up with
12:00 am
pand the idea was, you know, we pwould start making out. pand kiss and everyone would be phappy. p>> jimmy: that was the idea, phuh? p[ laughter ] p>> that was the theoretical pidea. pthe problem yous can't actually pcross a state line to incite a priot. pand the idea of the movie was pactually to end it with inciting pa riot in arkansas while me and pmy costar made out on stage. pline of the script? pout." p>> exactly. pso i have a lawyer, actually, pwho moved to sri lanka. pand he has about 15 guys who pwork with him who are the pexperts in constitutional law pand they'll go, you know, in mac pmccain versus arkansas 1964 pthere was clearly this -- and pthey'll reference every psingle -- p>> jimmy: they're in sri lanka, pthey know about american law?
12:01 am
pthat's why we use them. p>> jimmy: i see. p[ laughter ] p>> in case you think that's an poffensive accent, it is the one pi used for king julian in p"madagascar." pthat's based on that lawyer. p[ cheers and applause ] pso we're told by lawyers, pwhatever you do, do not pchallenge anyone to a fight. pso i'm in this cage. pand my boyfriend comes into the pcage. pand there are 2,000 locals from ptexarkana. pi don't know if you know ptexarkana. p>> jimmy: i do, yeah. p>> they're interesting locals. pa few hundred of them have just pbeen released from jail. pnice swastikas on their head. pthat kind of friendly little psymbol. p>> jimmy: fans. p>> yeah. pnot exactly fans. pand i have the fight with this pboyfriend character in the pmovie. pand they start booing me. pand i panic.
12:02 am
pvery rational things. pand so i said, okay, who of you pwant to fight? pi gonna beat you up! pthinking i'm in a cage and no pone's ever going to get into the pcage and there are all these -- pwe have 15 members of the parkansas state police there as pwell. pwho made it very clear that if pwe contra viened any of the 12 pstatutes of indecency that i'd pbe arrested by them. pit was a twist on being arrested por just being kicked to death, pessentially. pand, you know, on the phones, my plawyers, "you must remember, pwhatever you do, you can touch pthe nipple." pcan i place a hand on the pbuttocks? pyes, but do not let the hand go pwithin three centimeters of the prectum. pyou know. pso i'm there making out with pthis guy. pi'm making out with this guy and pmy costar tries to put his hand pin my rectum. pno, no!
12:03 am
pthen somehow one of the guys in pthe audience, i don't know how pyou'd refer to them in a ositive manner. pmanaged to saw through some of pthe metallic stakes that were pused to hold down the chairs. pand started throwing in metallic pchairs. panyway, i'm kissing the boy. pthis is the end the movie. pthis is gold. pi have to finish the movie. pi'm lying there kissing this pguy. pmeanwhile, the metal chairs pstart landing. pso i think, if i lie on my back pi can actually just dodge the pchairs. panyway. pmeanwhile i hear, no go, go, go! pour security guards said get out pof there. p>> jimmy: you give 130% for pthese films. p>> i have probably a mental roblem, actually. p>> jimmy: when we come back pwe're going to talk about your pnew movie in which you are not pkilled, correct? p>> i survive. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: unfortunately i want pto say something -- i do have a plittle -- we were going to show
12:04 am
pyou are unable to show the clip. p>> what do you mean? pthis clip, the one that we pjust -- p>> jimmy: our standard practice pgot passed by mpaa -- p>> they wanted to give us nc-17, pwe did a bit of to and proceed fro -- pit's now an r-rated clip. p>> jimmy: standard practices phere atbc, which isour pnetwork censor, said we cannot prun the clip. p>> listen, i don't want to get pin between you and standards and ractices. pbut i just think you should show p>> show us the clip! pshow us the clip! p>> jimmy: all right, we'll pfigure something out when we pcome back. p>> i'm call my lawyer in sri pyou call the guy in sri lanka. pi'll talk to my guys. psacha baron cohen here's. p[ cheers and applause ] p derate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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p>> jimmy: all right, we are back pwith sacha baron cohen. phere's the best we can do. pokay, so we have a clip. pit is unacceptable for broadcast ptelevision. pwe can show a few seconds -- p>> thank you, thank you. p>> jimmy: we can show just a few pseconds of the clip. pbut what we can do is we can
12:10 am
paudience. pand then we can watch -- p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: then the home viewers pcan watch the studio audience pwatch the clip. p>> wait a minute, you're saying pi've come on this show for the pfirst time in 12 years, and you pare going to show the audience pwatching my clip but the people pat home will not be able to pwatch the clip? pexactly. p>> okay. p>> jimmy: is that okay? p>> it's not okay. p>> jimmy: you don't have an poption. pi've been instructed to warn our pstudio audience -- i know you pthink we're kidding but we're pnot. pthat the scenes you're about to psee are very graphic, otentially offensive. pif you want to leave right now, pyou have the option of doing pthat. pif you want to leave during the pclip, you may do that as well. p>> so should i explain what the pmovie's about? p>> jimmy: yes. p>> so basically --
12:11 am
pso i can watch while you explain pwhat it's about. pguillermo, i want you to watch pit. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> all right, then. p>> jimmy: all right, excuse us, pthank you, thank you. pexcuse us. pall right. p>> okay, so -- this is a clip pfrom "the brothers grimsby." pthere is a -- i've taken over pyour job. pokay. pso it's basically a james pbond-type. pi play his brother who's kind of pa football hooligan. pwe end up on the road. pwe were in south africa in this pbit. pand -- something bad has phappened. pand something worse is about to lease enjoy watching them watch pit.
12:12 am
p>> there's nowhere to hide. p>> i've got an idea. p>> oh, great. p>> because your ideas have been pnothing but gold to this point. p>> you're going to follow me, pyou're going to do exactly what pyour big brother says. p>> hurry! p>> come on!
12:13 am
p p p>> see if the coast is clear.
12:14 am
p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: very sorry, i'm very psorry. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: well done. pthat's one of the craziest pthings i've ever seen in my plife. p>> well, at some point i will pshow you the eight-minute cut p>> jimmy: whatever they cut, pthey didn't cut enough. pthat was completely insane. pthe movie is called "the pbrothers grimsby." pit opens in theaters march 11th. pgo see sasha cha baron cohen, peveryone.
12:15 am
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p[ cheers and applause ] p>> jimmy: hi there. pwelcome back. pstill to come, music from mana. pour next guest is only p19 years old she has a show on pdisney channel called "k.c. pundercover." pand she's a recording artist, ptoo.
12:20 am
pneverland." p p every wish is our command when pwe find ourselves in neverland p>> jimmy: that's an appropriate pclip to show people. p p>> jimmy: did you see any of psacha's clip? p>> i did not, i'm a little pafraid from the reaction. p>> jimmy: you should be afraid. p>> okay. p>> jimmy: what's the first pr-rated movie you saw, do you premember? p>> yes, i remember it was by paccident. pwell, technically -- the title pspeaks for itself. p"deuce bigelow: european pgigolo." p>> jimmy: that was the first pone? p>> that was the first one, i pwent with my dad and my mom
12:21 am
pshe was like, what did you take pmy daughter to see! pknow what i mean, it was pdaddy/daughter date, it was an paccident, it happened. p>> jimmy: what does that mean an paccident? p>> i don't think she knew how pbad it was going to be, know pwhat i'm saying? p>> jimmy: i see. phow old were you? p>> i don't know. ptoo young to watch it. p>> jimmy: i see. p>> i didn't really get all the phumor and everything like that. pbut i think -- i have a cool pdad. pmy parents are like, if you want pto see something, it's r-rated, pit scares you, whatever, it's pyour fault, you wanted to see pit, know what i'm saying? p>> jimmy: you still live with pyour parents? p>> absolutely. pmove out? p>> no, most teenagers, they're plike, i'm gone. pfor me, honestly, i enjoy the pfree trips everywhere. pthey drive me places. pi get to sleep. pas much as possible. pwhat else? pi mean -- p>> jimmy: they do your laundry? p>> no. p>> jimmy: they do not? p>> they don't do my laundry. paround. pyou feel protected. pyou feel safe.
12:22 am
pup in the morning. pknow what i'm saying? p>> jimmy: sounds like you're pnever moving out. p>> never. pit's full service. p>> jimmy: they drive you places, pdo you not have a driver's plicense? p>> no. psince the last time i saw you i phave gotten a driver's license. p>> jimmy: okay. p[ cheers and applause ] p>> thank you. p>> jimmy: why are they driving pyou still? pdo you not have a car? p>> i have a car as well. p>> jimmy: okay. p>> because i like to sleep in pthe car. p>> jimmy: while you're driving? p>> not while i'm driving. pi like to sleep. pso i let them drive so that i pcan sheep. p>> jimmy: these are not parents, pthese are your servants. pyou have a lot of followers on ptwitter. pyou have like 6 million pfollowers on twitter. p20 million followers on pinstagram. p>> yeah. p>> jimmy: which is a lot. pbut you have -- i know that pyou've got your fan group, your pfan club i guess they call it. p>> yeah. p>> jimmy: the name is something pthat you're trying to change, pcorrect?
12:23 am
pmy fandom name is east swaggers. pswag was a phase, swag is now pover. p>> jimmy: it was trendy, now pit's not. p>> it's not the cool thing to pdo, right? p>> jimmy: never really was, pnever really was. p>> you know, so we're in a phase pof transitioning. ptrying to figure out what our pnew name is. psome of them want deholics. pi can't do that. pi can't be a holic of anything. pno on that one. pzoldiers. pz-force is one of them. p>> jimmy: sounds like pmedication, zoldiers. pask your doctor about zoldiers. p>> i didn't think about it like pthat. p>> jimmy: i thought of a few of p>> oh, okay. p>> jimmy: this is what i was pworking on this afternoon. phow about the z-pack? pthink about it. p>> it would be healthy. p>> jimmy: it's good, antibiotic, pit's nice. p>> it's healthy. p>> jimmy: the zen-dayquils could pbe something. pthe zen-day laborers?
12:24 am
p>> it's interesting. p>> jimmy: zen-dateline nbc. p>> oh, i like it. p>> jimmy: you like that one? p>> i like it. p>> jimmy: i like z-pack. p>> i like it too. p>> jimmy: you get to decide or pthey decide? p>> it's them. pdecide. pa poll. p>> yeah we can do some type of pvoting system. p>> jimmy: i think people are pgoing to love to be part of the pz-pack. pthat's your favorite? p>> all right. p>> jimmy: well -- p>> you heard it here first. p>> jimmy: you're probably not pgoing with zen-dayquils so psecond to that is z-pack. pyou are part of the "finding pneverland," which is -- you have pthe song and the album. p>> yeah. p>> jimmy: it's a show, a pbroadway show as well. pin your video, bryan cranston pvideo. p>> so cool. p>> jimmy: which is pretty great. p>> so cool. phe's incredible. pliterally he showed up to the pvideo with a script of the pbeginning and end he prepared.
12:25 am
pi'm like, yo, you're heisenberg, pwhatever you want. p>> jimmy: you watch "breaking pbad." p>> of course, of course. p>> jimmy: were you intimidated pby him? p>> a little bit. pbecause i just -- i'm a huge fan pof his work. pand him as an actor. pof course i was intimidated. pnot intimidated but inspired by phim. pwe were there so late. p3:00 in the morning. pand he stayed there even after phis part because he read his pline lines for me on the preverse. pthat's a real actor right there. p>> jimmy: that's a real actor pand somebody that clearly has pnowhere to go. p[ laughter ] p>> know what i'm saying? phe had no plans. p>> jimmy: it's a really good pmusic video. pbryan cranston and zen day that, p"finding neverland." pit's called "neverland" on p"finding neverland" the album. ptawn for being here. pvery good to see you. pone other quick thing. pi bet $1,000 on you to win p"dancing with the stars." pand you finished second. pi did win the money, i lost p$1,000.
12:26 am
p>> jimmy: which means you owe me pmoney, young lady. pyou know what? pif i can't get it from you i'm pgoing to get it from the z-pack. p>> okay. p>> jimmy: all right, we'll be pright back with music from mana! p>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel plive" concert series is
12:27 am
p>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel plive" concert series is resented by samsung. p>> jimmy: thankses to sacha pbaron cohen, thank to zendaya. papologies to matt damon, we ran pout of time. p"nightline" is next. pbut first see them on the power platina tour. phere with the song "corazon pespinado" -- mana!
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