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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 11, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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ptom: investigators release their pfinal report on a murder-suicide pin bedford. pthe factors that may have led to pthe horrible act. pmike: a bitter blast of arctic pair is on its way to new phampshire. pwhen it arrives, plus how much pcolder it gets. pshelley: the federal government pis suing ferguson, missouri, pover the actions of police and pthe courts. p>> these violations were not ponly egregious but they were proutine. pshelley: the move by the city pcouncil that prompted the plawsuit. ptom: a second-place finish in pnew hampshire could be a game pchanger for john kasich. pthe strategy that supporters say ropelled the ohio governor. p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 tonight. ptom: a man from laconia is in pcustody in belmont despite an pattempted escape. psurveillance video shows ryan pstreitenberger leaving the pbooking room, but he didn' t get pfar. pgood evening, i'
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m shelley walcott. pwmur' s suzanne roantree explains phow police caught up with him pand why he was in custody in the pfirst place. psuzanne it was on tuesday night p: on route 106 in belmont when olice arrested p35-year-old-year-old ryan pstreitenberger of laconia. olice say they pulled pstreitenberger over for a false pinspection sticker and false ptemporary plates on the car he pwas driving. p>> when the officer was speaking pwith the gentlemen he determined pthere were some objects in the pcar he was concerned with. pit looks like drug paraphernalia pin the car. psuzanne that officer says he phandgun, a double edged knife pand a substantial amount of pnarcotic drugs. pofficer stepped out of the pbooking room to gather some parrest paperwork. pstreitenberger was all alone. psurveillance video shows him pfidgeting and pacing the room. olice say streitenberger then pnoticed the door to the garage pwas not secured pand that' s when he tries to make phis getaway. p>> he eventually gets up and pwalks out of the booking room. palthough he was out of the pbooking room for only 11 seconds
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psuzanne startled by the sound of p: a closing door the arresting pofficer went back into the pbooking room saw that pstreitenberger was gone. phe quickly ran into the garage pand found him. p>> video shows that he was ptouching or manipulating pwas brought back into the pbooking room. psuzanne: police then took pcounty jail. pwhere he was found hiding more phe' s now facing a list of pcharges. p>> some motor vehicle related pcharges for a false inspection late. pthe more serious were felony for pescape, falsifying physical pevidence possesion of narcotics. p>> streitenberger is being held pon $100,000 cash bail. pin belmont, suzanne roantree, pwmur news 9. ptom: nine people are out of ptheir homes tonight in laconia pafter a fire this evening. pfirefighters arrived at the phouse on gilford avenue around p5:00 and found heavy smoke on pall 3 floors. pcrews searching the building prescued a man who was in his papartment on the second floor. panother man had to be taken to pthe hospital for breathing roblems. pthe fire chief says the call pcame in while crews were out on pa number of other calls and
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pwere able to respond. p>> guys did a great job pconsidering we pulled up here pwith 2 people on a firetruck to pstart with. pthank god for off-duty help and pmutual aid. ptom no word on a cause at this p: time, but the fire chief says pit doesn' t appear suspicious. pa fire at a welding shop in pauburn is under investigation. pwhen crews got to manchester proad, flames were coming out of pthe back of the building. pthe owner got some of the fire pout himself. pfirefighters say damage was pminimal, and no one was hurt. pshelley: tonight, investigators psay a strained marriage, pincluding possible domestic pviolence, may have caused a pbedford mother to kill her two pdaughters, and then herself. pthe final report included pinformation about a note that pmother left behind. ptranslated from russian, it psaid, how did you not expect a pdifferent outcome? pit was amusing to me to watch pall your rat race. pwhat happened in this pidyllic-looking home in bedford procked the community.
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ptrying to explain what led to pthe tragedy here. p>> the evidence demonstrates pthat nina obukhov shot and pkilled her children, and then peventually killed herself as pwell. pshelley investigators in this p: case spoke to nearly 50 pwitnesses. psome told investigators, there pwas marriage trouble between the prussian immigrants, and that p34-year-old nina obukhov pappeared depressed. p>> some primary factors which pmay have influenced her decision pcould have been her mental phealth issues. pas well as marital issues. pshelley: the report details an pinterview with one of the little pgirl' s teachers, who was worried pthe child was always late for pschool. pmom nina had explained the pchildren had been up all night, pbecause of arguments at home. pthe report says school officials ptried to help, but nina was preluctant to accept.
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>> there is evidence which would psuggest that at least from pnina' s perspective there were pmarital issues. p13. pincluding possible domestic pabuse, the report says, it pcontinues to say that alexi pobukhov had moved into a pdifferent house. phe had gone to the bedford home pwith a work crew the morning of pmarch 28 2015, and found the pbodies of his wife and pdaughters. pinvestigators say he has been pcleared of any involvement in pthe deaths. p>> alexi obukhov, the husband, phas a valid alibi that the pevidence demonstrates. phe is not responsible for this. pthere is only one person presponsible, for the killing of pher children. pshelley: we reached out to alexi pobukhov for his reaction to the preport. phe was not available for pcomment. ptom: new statistics from nashua pabout opioid overdoses have some pwondering what will possibly pstem the tide of this crisis. plast month, nashua logged 35 pdrug overdose calls including 3 pdeaths. pcompared to 9 calls in january olice are asking for more presources. pthe drug fentanyl is present in pdozens of these deaths, and olice say it knows no pboundaries. p>> it' s citywide.
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pneighborhoods. pthe ages its from teenagers all pthe way up to people in their p60' s. pit' s been eye opening in terms pof the demographic. pwe' re banging our head against pthe wall. pwe' re coming up with new and pbetter ways to do things and pwe' re not even making a dent in pit. ptom: the numbers in manchester pare serious as well. olice say last year the city paveraged one drug related death pevery 4 days. psalem police seized this heroin, pworth an estimated $4500 in a pbust that concluded a lengthy pinvestigation. pofficers stopped three men in pthe parking lot of target on psouth broadway yesterday pafternoon. pwilfredo laboy and francisco pcastillo are both charged with pselling drugs. pluis ascona hernandez is charged pwith possession. pshelley: hooksett police now phave a drug collection unit at ptheir department. olice received a grant from pcvs-pharmacy to install the pcollection box. pit allows anyone to get rid of punused or expired medication, pincluding controlled substances. pthe collection site is open p24-7, and drugs can be dropped
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pa man from nashua is under parrested, accused of soliciting psex online from two children. olice say twice this month, pthey got reports that ernest phardy asked 12-year-old girls pfor sex, one time via facebook. pofficers say he also asked one pof the victims to send him nude hotos. olice arrested him today. phardy is due in court tomorrow. ptom: parts of the state saw snow pshowers today, and there' s more pon the way tomorrow. pa live look outside at meredith p, where right now does 27 pdegrees. pas chief meteorologist mike phaddad tells us, it will be a plittle colder tomorrow but pthat' s just the start of it. pmike: we do get a little bit of pa cool down tomorrow but not all pthat bad. pseasonably chilly for this type pof -- this time of year. pafter that is when we see the pare chill build on the, first pearly friday and then in full
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pmore upstream through central pand western new york state. pbe on guard, better shot of a psnow squall tomorrow. p20' s right now but notice how pmuch colder it is to the north pand west. pand the temperature trend slides pall the way down to about 10 for pa high by the end of the pweekend. phow cold with the wind chills be pand what about our chances of psnow? pall of that straight ahead. pshelley: in commitment 2016, ptwo more republicans left the residential primary today after pdisappointing finishes in new phampshire. pnew jersey governor chris pchristie ended up sixth, and pformer h.p. ceo carly fiorina pcame in seventh. pchristie had been banking on a pstrong showing here in the pgranite state. plast night, fiorina said her pcampaign was still strong and pshe was looking ahead to nevada pbut today she reversed course. pwhile the primary winnows the
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pgives a boost to those who poutperform expectations. plast night that was john kasich. pthe ohio governor bet big on new phampshire and his relentless pcampaigning paid off here with a psecond place finish. pwmur political reporter adam psexton joins us now with a look pat how he did it. padam: shelley he did it the pold-fashioned way lots of retail p, politics, more than town hall p100 meetings and the result was pa first place among republicans pnot named donald trump. p>> new hampshire is incredible pbecause you screen everybody. padam for weeks john kasich p: hinted that he knew he needed pto pass the test with new phampshire voters. ptuesday night he did finishing p2nd in the republican primary. p>> i want to congratulate donald ptrump tonight on his victory, , pno no no, he won fair and psquare, but i beat him in pdixville notch. p>> it' s pretty satisfying pbecause we labored in obscurity pfor so long and i always felt
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roduce for us. padam kasich senior advisor tom p: rath says in addition to pvoters responding to the pcandidate' s message they could palso tell that he truly enjoyed pthe primary process. p>> that communicates to voters. pthey know when someone' s doing pit because they have to and they pknow when somebody' s doing it pbecause they want to, and i pthink john kasich got into the psecond category. padam with momentum coming out of p: new hampshire rath says the pohio governor is well positioned pfor what will be a long pnomination process. pthe presidential delegation paward process between now and pmarch 15 will help us because pnobody will be able to sweep pthrough and win all the pdelegates. pfocus on fundraising while pweathering a series of contests p>> it' phim, going south, but he' s phoping he can maybe get some pstates on super tuesday and stay pin until ohio on march 15. padam: the primary is often
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prun for president into better pcandidates and tom rath says pthat was very much the case for pkasich whose message, honed and phammered out in new hampshire pwill now be tested in bigger pstates. padam sexton, wmur news 9. ptom: a plan for reauthorizing pmedicaid expansion has passed pits first hurdle in the new phampshire house. ptoday lawmakers approved a roposal that includes work prequirements for recipients and pasks insurance companies and phospitals to help foot the pstate' s share of the program' s pcosts. pthe bill now goes to the house pfinance committee. pback in 2014, lawmakers crafted pa version of medicaid expansion pthat uses federal dollars to put eople on private insurance lans. pbut federal funding is set to pstart dropping next year. pshelley: a cruise ship that ran pinto a major winter storm is pback in port. pthe message from the ship' s pcaptain trying to explain how pthey wound up on the dangerous pcourse.
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pconvicted of rape, a crime he phas always denied committing.
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p pshelley: breaking news from poregon, pthe fbi is moving in right now pto contain the last few poccupiers of a wildlife refuge. pthey' ve been at the facility psince early last month. pthese four hold-outs are the plast remnants of an armed group pthat seized the property on pjanuary second in a protest over pfederal land-use policies. pa negotiator has been pcommunicating with them.
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psituation if there are any pchanges out there. ptonight the federal government pis suing the city of ferguson, pmissouri. ptom: ferguson has been under pscrutiny since 18-year-old pmichael brown, who was black and punarmed, was shot and killed by pwhite officer darren wilson. pthe justice department complaint paccuses ferguson of routinely pviolating residents' rights and pmisusing law enforcement to make pmoney. pfollowing months of pnegotiations, an agreement was preached between the justice pdepartment and ferguson last pmonth but last night, city pleaders voted to make changes to pthe agreement. p>> the ferguson police pdepartments file nation' s were pexpansive and delivered. pthey violated the fourth pamendment by stopping people pwithout reasonable suspicion, by parresting them without cause and pby using unreasonable force. ptom cole in the cities mayor psaid changes were made after panalysis determined it would be
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pgeorge walked out of court ptoday. phe was convicted of raping a pwoman in 1980 five, based in art on a single strand of hair. phe had always denied raping the pwoman, who also said he was not pher attacker. pa judge granted him a new trial plast month, citing plot fbi ptestimony about microscopic hair panalysis. ptom: a cruise ship back in port pafter -- brandi hitt reports. p>> it' s a vacation to the pbahamas many passengers hope to pforget. p>> the royal caribbean' s anthem pof the seas has returned. pthe ship, docked in new jersey. pafter hurricane force winds psunday, over 100 miles per hour, pand 30 foot waves forced the pship to turn back.
1:23 am
pto tip over. pyou could hear the ferocity of pthe winds. p>> the ship' s captain, pexplaining in this video pbroadcast internally to all 4500 pstaterooms, he didn' t realize pthe magnitude of the storm pwhen the ship set out. p>> the whole thing was not pbigger than this and it was up phere and then it just exploded. p>> passengers were ordered to pstay inside their staterooms for p8 hours. p>> you never can tell. ponce you get out to sea, things phappen and you just have to hove p-- have to let the wind come on pand survive it and ride it out. p>> in a statement, royal pcaribbean tells abc news pweather isn' t great, so he' s pslowed down his speed to smooth pit out. pbut many passengers don' t pbelieve the captain should have pever left port in the first lace. p>> i really resent the fact that phe put 6,000 people' s lives at prisk. p>> no one has been seriously phurt. pand royal caribbean has papologized to the passengers, poffering a full refund and then psome. pthe cruise line says the ship' s pseaworthiness has not been paffected.
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pangeles. pmike: not only that, but it' s an pon time for cruises because it' s easter pseason, late january through pmid-to-late february. pwe never know exactly what phappens day-to-day. pthat was the same storm that pbrushed us monday with the light psnow. pwe have a little more on the way ptomorrow. pthe west. pclouds, limited partial sun and pshowers here and there but s more energy with the pnext system tomorrow and that pmeans a better shot at getting pit' s almost a lock that we will psee scattered snow showers and pflurries but whether we get that
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pany given community, about a 70% pshot that someone will see them pduring the midmorning right pthrough the afternoon. pelsewhere. pnotice the bands of lake-effect psnow building off lake ontario pand a few will likely make it pinto the monadnock region during pthe predawn hours. pit could be slick as the head pout early in the morning, pespecially west of the merrimack pvalley. pa few flurries will start to pdevelop in there could be pscattered snow showers. pnot all that frigid for this plate hour of the evening this ptime of year. povernight tonight with the pclouds moving in, really not all pthat cold. pnorth of the border, notice how pthe 20' s and 30' s quickly go psubzero in parts of eastern pcanada and that arctic chill pwill be moving in here friday pand part of the weekend. pit moves in friday morning and
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pforce as we go into friday night pand saturday and sunday. pthe notice how quickly it pretreats so that by monday and ptuesday temperatures returned pback to average. pthat means the next storm that pdevelops between the cold air pand the warm stuff to the south pwill likely be snow to start but plikely go over to a mix and pmaybe even rain for some. pwe will see how the computer ptrends play it between now and pthe course of the weekend. ptomorrow snow showers in the pmorning, west of manchester to pabout 8:00. pthen we could see snow showers pand a squall anywhere. proad conditions could go pdownhill in a hurry with a burst pof snow, low visibility and pshortly after that, the sun pops pout and it' s not all that bad. psunshine early friday, clouds ptakeover in the afternoon. pmarked by more snow showers and
1:27 am
pearly saturday morning and then phere we go into the deep freeze. pnotice how cold it is early pfriday morning. pthat' s nothing compared to the pwind chills zero or below pstatewide saturday and on psunday, quick recovery on resident' s day. pthen likely will go up or to a pmix of rain way out there.
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p p pjamie: what a game tonight. aul pierce and coach doc rivers pbrought their l.a. clippers to pboston tonight. pthe celtics final game before pthe all-star game was played on pthe parquet floor where pierce pwas the captain and rivers used pto coach. pboston looking to bounce back pfrom a one-point loss on tuesday pnight. pthere is paul pierce right pthere. pit didn'
1:29 am
pfind his old boston groove, pknocks down an early three ointer. phe only took six shots in the pgame but scored six points. pkelly olynik, still playing pgreat for the c' s off the bench pknocks down a 3. pcelts trailed by 2, 28-26. polynik left in the 3rd quarter pwith a bruised shoulder. pboston was awesome in the second pquarter. pmarcus smart drives and scores pat the half, the c' s had opened p-- mark scored 17 points before phe fouled out of the game. plate 3rd quarter, the all-star pisiah thomas with a 3. pcelts up by 7 heading to the p4th. phuge game the clippers wouldn' t p, go away. plance stephenson with a three pbut then watch him, he was pcalled for a technical foul. pfinal seconds. pdrives and hits the fall-away pto force the extra session.
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pnortheast 10 college basketball, pbentley at snhu. enmen in white. premember last night bernie psanders was playing basketball pat the high school. pgame-high 30 points. pbut it wasn' t the penmen' s pnight. pbentley wins 85-78. pboys hockey, the trinity ioneers hosted pinkerton. pdrew merrick the captain skates pto the center of the ice and pfires in a wrister. pa power play goal. pits a 1-0 pioneers lead. pthe astros answer. pcody sullivan to chris gile, who ptucks it neatly inside the far ost. 1-1 game. ptyler chipman in on the left pside with speed, and he finds pthe net. p2-1, that would hold up as the pgame winner. pchipman adds an empty netter. ptrinity wins 3-1. plots going on at fenway park ptoday, including something we phave never seen before.
1:31 am
psnowboarders. pit takes place tomorrow and pfriday, and features olympic pgold medal winners like joss pchristensen and sage kotsenburg. pthe jump is 140 feet high. pwomens big air is one of the new pevents added to the 2018 winter polympics. palso from fenway, the red sox pequipment truck left today, pheading for spring training in pfort myers florida. pthe truck is carrying over p20,000 baseballs and you see the plist of some of the other things pon board. pthe first workout for pitchers pand catchers is one week from psaturday, the 19th. pthe first full-squad workout is p>> i think our fans should be pconfident and should have high pexpectations. pwe' ve done a lot to improve this pteam. pthey' pthe staff of adding to the protation and the back end of the pbullpen. pthere will behind expectations
1:32 am
pthe manchester monarchs are on ptheir all-star break, but when pthey come back next week, they pwill have a new and really good layer on the team. pits former unh hockey captain pmatt fornataro. phe has been playing in sweden pand austria over the last few pyears. but his young family is pgrowing and they wanted to come pback home. pand for matt, that means new phampshire. pthe monarchs are on their pall-star break right now. ptom: still to come on news 9 ptonight. pa highway chase matched up state olice troopers and a dog. pshelley: the snack that pconvinced the german shepherd to
1:33 am
p p ptom: a massachusetts state plure a dog off a busy highway pthis afternoon. pshelley: police got multiple pcalls about a large german pshepherd running in the psouthbound lanes of i-495 south pin methuen. ptroopers temporarily shut down ptraffic, pand one of them used a granola pbar to get the dog into his pcruiser. pafter a short time in police pcustody, lexi the german pshepherd was returned to her pfamily. ptom: do you suppose she was pcited for jaywalking? pshelley: thanks for joining us pfor news 9 tonight at 11:00. ptom: jimmy kimmel live is next, pfollowed by night line. phave a good night.
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