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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pamerica this morning. perin: a look only a man tried to pmake a break for it while in olice custody and he actually pgot away. pbut not for long. psean: there are new developments pinto the investigation -- in the pinvestigation of the murder of pcelina cass. pkevin: the coldest air of the pseason so far. perin: a nashua man is accused of ptrying to get 12-year-old girls pto have sex with him. phow he contacted at least one pvictim, according to police. p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do.
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perin: good thursday morning. pi' m erin fehlau. psean: i' m sean mcdonald. pthe cold is starting to settle pin out there. pit is only going to get colder pthrough the weekend. pkevin: bottoming out as the pcoldest temperatures are sunday pmorning and sunday afternoon. psnow showers and flurries are pkicking around in western and pnorthern areas of the state. pthat small chance at a passing psnow squall in a few spots. ptemperatures recover into the p20' s across a good part of the pstate is a breeze picks up -- as pa breeze picks up and brings in pcolder air. plet' s take a look at your pthursday morning ride. pwe are joined live by 95.7 pwzid'
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pdeb: good thursday morning, pkevin. pthursday morning commute. pit is smooth going on the peverett turnpike from bedford to pnashua. proad construction continues on pinterstate 95 where the left plane remains closed between pdirections. pall major roads into and around pincident-free. m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. psean: topping our news, a placonia man is in custody after pnearly pulling off and escape. perin: he can be seen after pwalking out of the booking room pon his own and he almost gets paway. pray brewer is live to explain.
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pberger -- streetenberger only pescape for a few minutes. phe had false temporary license lates and a false inspection psticker on his car. pofficers found drugs, a loaded pgun, and a knife inside the car. olice arrested him. pan officer stepped out of the pbooking room together paperwork, pleaving him alone. pthe surveillance video shows him acing and then he discovered pthe door to the garage was not plocked. p>> he eventually gets up and pwalks out of the booking room. phe did go to his car. phe was touching and manipulating psomething in his car.
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phe is now being held on bail at p$100,000. phe now faces charges including pfelony escape. perin: there are new developments pin the case surrounding the pmurder of 11-year-old celina pcass. pshe disappeared in july of 2011 pfrom her home and her body was ulled from the connecticut priver six days later. psources have confirmed that pinvestigators from the new phampshire state police were at pthe home of her stepfather, pwendell noyes, on monday as part pof an ongoing investigation. pno suspects have been named in pher death. psean: investigators are trying pto figure out what sparked an pintense fire in laconia last pnight. pwhen investigators arrived on pguilford avenue, they found pheavy fire on the first floor --
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p>> we had an older gentleman in psevere respiratory distress. pwhile the crews were doing the psearch, they found a second pgentleman on the second floor pand had to pull him out. psean: the fire does not appear pto be suspicious. pan electrical problem sparked a pfire in wolfeboro yesterday pafternoon. psomeone spotted the flames on pmiddleton road just after 3:00. pthere is significant damage pthroughout the building. perin: a nashua man accused of ptrying to solicit sex from two pchildren is due in court today. p32-year-old ernest hardy used pfacebook to ask a 12-year-old pgirl for sex and then a second p12-year-old girl came forward pthis week. olice say one of the girls said phe asked him to purchase -- her
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pdivers have recovered the body pof a man who fell through the pice at pequawket pond on tuesday pnight. pa witness tried to help him, but pended up falling in himself. phe was able to get out on his pown. psean: the race for the white phouse has now moved on to south pcarolina and nevada. pbut chris christie and carly pfiorina both suspended their pcampaigns yesterday. ptonight, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders will debate in pwisconsin. p>> we may have to stage a phony rotest. pthat is the only way they show pthe size of these crowds. plana: donald trump with even pmore spring in his step pfollowing his major win in new phampshire, forcing two more pcandidates out of the race. pnow, trump says he is ready to
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plana: we are going to beat her. pwomen don' t like her. plana: clinton lost female voters p44% to 50%. pshe lost young people 16% to p83%. pnationally, she has the padvantage over bernie sanders. p>> if the election were ptomorrow, do you think you could pwin south carolina and nevada? p>> no. pfortunately, the election is not ptomorrow. plana: jeb bush confirms his pbrother will join him on the ptrail. p>> he is an entertaining per se, punless you are a woman, a phispanic, a pow, a disabled erson. plana: john kasich said he is punlikely to go on the attack. p>> i' m not going to be a incushion or a marshmallow, but pi' m not going to spend my time
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plana: in ohio, a controversial pbill to defund the -- planned arenthood has passed the plegislature. pjohn kasich said he will sign pit. psean: the political hoopla has pmoved on to another state. pfun for the whole family right pin our backyard. pa new vacation destination with psome incredible options. perin: lawmakers in massachusetts pwant to boost the fines for pjaywalking. psean: legos are very popular. pit turns out, they are a very opular target for thieves.
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pkevin: we start off with quite a pthis morning. pthat is before we start the
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pwe will have details coming up. psean: i will have to break out pmy turtleneck. pthere are incredible new pattractions at one of new pengland' s premier ski resorts. perin: spruce peak village pfeatures a four-star hotel, pice-skating rink, and there will pbe a 30,000 square foot padventure center for children. pthere are also climbing walls pand zip tours, all designed to pmake it a family vacation pdestination. pspecial events start this pweekend. psean: a lot to do there. plawmakers in massachusetts are pconsidering raising the fines pfor jaywalking. pthe fine is only a dollar in pmost parts of the states. p-- state. pofficials say a person is struck pby a vehicle every 7-8 minute in
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pfines would make people think ptwice before jaywalking and phopefully reduce crashes. pi suppose we all have done this. pa big mess in india. pelephant went on a rampage. psean: burger king is expanding
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perin: an elephant rampaged pthrough a village in eastern pindia. pthe panicked pachyderm wandered pin from a nearby forest before pcausing a lot of damage, but pfortunately no injuries. pauthorities tranquilized it and pthen returned it to the wild pafter checking to make sure it pwas healthy. pa boat carrying 40 migrants
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pby the time the coast guard phelicopter arrived, a p20-year-old man was the last one pon board, clinging to a couple pof feet of the boat still above pwater. phe had to jump into the rescue pswimmer and was pulled to psafety. pseveral other people were also prescued. psean: investigators are trying pto figure out why a gunman shot pand killed a sheriff' s deputy in pa crowded restaurant in maryland pand then killed another deputy. pthe 67 euros shooter was killed. psitting down next to the man and pasking him how he was. pit appears he was killed simply pbecause he was wearing a puniform. pflorida for assaulting an pofficer. pthe u.s. olympic committee will phire two infectious disease pspecialists to advise the u.s. polympic team about -- the usoc
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phope solo said if the olympics pwere held today she would not pgo. perin: it claimed to reauthorize pmedicaid expansion in new phampshire is moving forward -- a lan to reauthorize medicaid pexpansion in new hampshire is pmoving forward. pthe bill next goes to the house pfinance committee. pfederal funding for the current pmedicaid expansion plan will pstart dropping next year unless plawmakers continue it. pit appears that sports authority pmay be days away from spiraling p-- filing to bankruptcy. pexperts say the company will plikely default on all of its ploans and close about half of pits 450 stores. psports authority has four stores pin new hampshire. psean: a record number of pstudents are trying to get into
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pharvard is actively trying to preach out to lower income pstudents who might not otherwise pconsider the school. pharvard will cover all the cost pof undergraduate students from pfamilies earning less than p$65,000 per year. pburger king is expanding its pmenu. pfor the first time, they will pstart serving hot dogs. pthere will be a classic grilled pdog and a chilly cheese dog. pburger king calls it the biggest plaunch since they introduced a s. pscale, right? pgoing to be. perin: i think it is smart. t seen the hot pdog on the menu. pthey tried pizza and the mcblt. pkevin: i would assume there pwould be a lot of interest. pquiet.
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s closer to the pshoreline. pa few breaks in the overcast pinitially. pwe will see clouds continuing to pthicken up in western areas of pthe state. pa couple of snow showers have pbeen firing up here or there. pscattered snow showers are a ossibility. pmaybe the potential for a brief psquall. pa lot of areas in the 20' s as popposed to the low and mid 30' s. pfrom there, even colder. pthe arctic air comes in with a pchance of a snow shower. pwind chills likely that way all pthe way through the remainder of pthe weekend and into early pmonday. pwe have some clouds building and pacross western areas of the pstate. panother week just urban' s will pglide in and this three and -- panother weak disturbance will
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psnow showers will be the leading pedge of the arctic air coming pout of central and northern pcanada. pa couple of snow showers in pwestern and northern areas. pwe will see an increase in pclouds in eastern spots. pnotice the temperature atop pmount washington. pthat is a signal of where peveryone else is headed. pthe temperatures will continue pto cool off the next couple of pdays. pyou will notice the westerly pbreeze that will start to pick pup. pby afternoon, we are talking a pfew gusts over 20 miles per phour. pthis is the coldest of the year. pa couple of snow shower chances pbefore we get here. pinto the afternoon, could be a plight coating. pwe die down tonight and that is
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pto fall off. pwe are talking single digits pabove and below zero tonight. pthis front eventually coming pthrough late tonight and early psaturday will bring a snow pshower with it. pthat is when the coldest of the pair starts to make its way in. pmaybe trying to get back near 30 pin southern areas. pthese are your lows tonight. pbelow zero north of the notches. pthat colder air is getting pcloser and the coldest of the pair is around for the weekend pitself. psunshine to clouds on your resident' s day brings us your pnext system. pwe could be warm enough peventually that it goes over to pa mix of rain. psean: did you not get the pvalentine' s day, read memo? pkevin: apparently not. perin: he is peaches and cream ptoday.
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pray: police say a laconia man pfaces a number of serious pcharges, including escape. pthe 35-year-old was stopped on pmotor by call -- vehicle pviolations. pofficers found drugs and guns in pthe vehicle. phe was left alone at the station pand he allegedly tried to make phis escape. phe is being held at the county pjail on $100,000 bail. perin: two people were taken to pthe hospital and nine people pwere forced from their homes pafter a fire on guilford avenue pin laconia last night. pthe flames started on the first pfloor. pa nashua man accused of trying pto solicit sex from 212-year-old pgirls is due -- two 12-year-old pgirls is due in court today. phe also asked one of them for pnude pictures. psean: coming up, they say love pcan cross time.
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ptheir love story dates back to
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sean: in 1945. pthe pictures are mounted on lywood and screwed to the poutside of the home, which is pset to be torn down next month. psean: just in time for pvalentine' s day, a heartwarming plove story. p>> it is the most beautiful pthing that could have happened
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perin: 93-year-old norwood thomas pwas a paratrooper in world war pii. phe was 21 when he met p17-year-old joyce morris in plondon just before d-day. pthey wrote letters after the war pand thomas asked morris to marry phim, but there was a pmisunderstanding and they lost ptouch until now. pthey have reconnected thanks to pthe internet and they will be pspending valentine' s day ptogether in australia. psean: oh! pwhere is this going? perin: a new love connection. psean: i think you' re right. pthe celtics had another pimportant win last night at the pgarden. p
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p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. psean: top of the morning, peverybody. pit is thursday, february 11. p18 degrees out there. pget used to the chilly ptemperatures. perin: if you can. pit is not easy to do. pespecially after the winter we phave had. pa man from laconia is facing pcharges after he escaped the pbooking room at the belmont olice department. pa newly released report is prevealing more details about pwhat may have led to a pmurder-suicide in bedford last pyear. olice into communities are
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pa man tried to steal a cart full pof legos from a walmart in pepping. psean: a big happy birthday to pthe movie star ginger from p"gilligan' s island." pshe is not still on the island. pshe is back on the mainland. pkevin: we have a couple of pflurries, light snow showers. pwe are looking at clouds pincreasing this morning. pscattered snow showers for the pafternoon. pwe have that small chance of one pof those snow squalls, which pbriefly reduces visibility. p20' s, otherwise. pthe breeze picks up colder air. psean: my prediction for rosy pcheeks is about 90% right now. phere is a live look at i-93 in pwindham. perin: i will have to look for pthe computer model on that.
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pdrive, we are joined live by p95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. pgood morning. pdeb: good morning. pwe are beginning to see building pvolume on 293 southbound right paround exit 13. pwe are not seeing any major pincidents, just some pretty pheavy volume. ponce you get through that, peverything looks great heading pinto nashua. p111 is up to speed heading into pwindham. pgetting onto 93 north and south pis hasslefree. pif you are heading into pmassachusetts at this early phour, all major roads are smooth psailing. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: a laconia man is facing a pslew of charges this morning pafter he tried to escape from pthe belmont police department. psean: 35-year-old ryan pstreitenberger is seen leaving
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pofficers found him before he was pable to take off. pray brewer joins us live. pray: belmont police telling us pthis all started before 10:00 on ptuesday night when an officer ulled over ryan streitenberger pfor a traffic violation. pat the time, he was already out pon parole from the state prison. p35-year-old ryan streitenberger pwas taken into custody after pbeing pulled over on route 106 ptuesday night. olice say there was a false pinspection sticker and false ptemporary license plates on the pcar he was driving. p>> the officer determined there pwere all jets -- objects in the pcar he was concerned with. pray: police found a substantial pamount of narcotics and a loaded phandgun and a double-edged pknife. phe is not supposed to be in ossession of those as a
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pan officer stepped out of the pbooking room to gather arrest aperwork, leaving ryan pstreitenberger alone. phe left the booking room and pwent into an attached garage pthrough an unsecured door. phis car was parked in the garage pafter being towed to the pstation. phe actually got into the car pbefore an officer found him. p>> he was touching or pmanipulating something in the pcar before he was put act into pthe booking room. pray: authorities found more pdrugs hidden in his body. penough faces a number of pcharges, including felony pescape. phis bail has been set at p$100,000. pmaintenance workers also checked pall the door locks in the police pstation to make sure appropriate psafety standards are being met. perin: thank you.
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pabout a murder-suicide in pbedford where an mother killed pher six-year-old and peight-year-old daughters before ptaking her own life. pinvestigators say a strange pmarriage, including possible -- pstrained marriage, including ossible domestic violence, led pto the events. ptranslated from russian, her pnote. pher husband has been cleared of pany involvement in the death. pthat the evidence demonstrates. phe is not responsible. pthere is only one person presponsible. perin: the report also details an pinterview with one of the little pgirls teachers who was worried pthat the child was always late pfor school. pher mom explained the children phad been up all night because of
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pschool officials tried to offer phelp, but the mother was preluctant. psean: opioid addiction continues pto pose a major problem for new phampshire. plast month, nashua had 35 drug poverdose calls and three deaths. pthat is compared to nine calls pin january of last year. p>> it is citywide, it is poor pneighborhoods, wealthy pneighborhoods. pthe ages are from teenagers to eople in their 60' s. pthe demographics have been very peye-opening. pwe are banging her head against pthe wall to come up with new and pbetter ways to do things. psean: the numbers in manchester pare serious, as well. pa heroin bust in salem landed pthree massachusetts men behind pbars. olice seized $4500 worth of
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pthe men were arrested tuesday pafternoon in the parking lot of pa target store on south pbroadway. perin: a man tried to steal a pshopping cart full of legos from pa local walmart. p29-year-old justin laforge pleft the cart behind and ran out pthe door and was later arrested pin bedford. pconcord police are also pinvestigating a lego theft at a ptoys "r" us. pthese crimes have become a trend pbecause legos are expensive and peasy to sell online or upon pshops. p-- at on shops. psean: the next gop primary is pfebruary 20 in south carolina. pthat same day, the democrats pwill compete in the nevada pcaucus. pjennifer davis is in washington
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pjennifer: two gop hopefuls and pthe six remaining major pcandidate are headed south for a pshowdown in south carolina. pcarly fiorina is out. pchris christie suspended his bid pwednesday. p>> we are getting down to pretty pgood numbers here. pwe are getting down to low pnumbers. pjennifer: who can survive in the psouth and seriously challenged pdonald trump? p>> we are going to compete. pwe don' t expect to win. pjennifer: marco rubio ben carson pare expecting to bounce back. p>> it is a conservative state pwith a conservative, closed rimary. pi' m the conservative that can pwin. p>> the people here a line pextremely well with the kind of hilosophies that i have. pjennifer: bernie sanders got a p$5 million fundraising boost
5:32 am
phillary clinton is hoping to woo pyoung voters. p>> suddenly we move from this palmost all white electorate to a lace that has minorities and pthat is her strength. pif she does not perform in these pdebates, her dreams are pretty pmuch over. pjennifer: south carolina is just pthe start of the southern pcontests. psuper tuesday is on march 1. perin: coming up, a shocking ptennessee. pa doctor mistakenly performed a psurgical procedure on their pnewborn son. psean: a big event gets underway pat fenway park today. pyou will hear from some of the eople taking part in the olartec big air competition. pkevin: the leading edge of cold pair around for the weekend.
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pkevin: thursday morning, pfebruary 11. pwe start out in the teens to plower range of the 20' s. pit is the gradual step back that
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ptoday. pthat is the leading edge of the ptomorrow. perin: a convicted rapist in pmassachusetts is out on bail as phe awaits a new trial. p>> freedom. perin: george ferptt otte spent three pdecades in prison based in part pon a single strand of hair. pa judge gave him a new trial pbased on flawed fbi testing ptechnology. phe always maintained his pinnocence. p>> don' t give up area that' s for psure. perin: his case for a new trial
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psean: an armed protest at a pnational wildlife refuge in poregon could finally come to an pend today. pthe last four occupiers said pthey would turn themselves in pthis morning. pthey made the announcement after pbeing surrounded by the fbi. pthe standoff began around pjanuary 2. pone occupier says he and the pthree others will leave their pweapons in their vehicles and pwalk one by one to a police pcheckpoint while carrying an pamerican flag. perin: a shocking medical error pin tennessee. pa mom says she thought her pnewborn was going for a routine pcheckup, but instead he was pmeticulously -- mistakenly taken pinto surgery. pjennifer melton said the phospital staff took her baby paway for what she thought was psupposed to be a physical. pwhen they brought the baby back, pshe discovered there had been a pterrible mistake. pthe doctor had performed a psurgical procedure meant for
5:36 am
pthe procedure consisted of pcutting underneath the babies ptime, so that the child could pnurse better. physterically. pthey took our child, who was p100% healthy, and took them out pmouth. poperating on the wrong baby. s lawyer says pthe doctor did apologize, but pfamily for the procedure. psean: 4500 cruise ship assengers are back on dry land pafter getting caught in severe pstorm in the atlantic. p>> it is probably the biggest pscare i have had in my life. psean: the royal caribbean ship preturned to its port three days pahead of schedule. pit departed on saturday, but on psunday, it hit a major winter pstorm. phurricane force winds and waves
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pfour people suffered minor pinjuries. pall passengers will get a full prefund and 50% off a future pcruise. perin: hundreds of u.s. troops pare heading to afghanistan. pthe army is deploying soldiers. pthey will assist afghan forces pas they try to push back taliban pinsurgents. psean: turning now to sports, it pwas a great day at td garden is pthe celtics hosted the l.a. pclippers. pthis was the celtics final game pbefore the all-star break. pin the final seconds of the pgame, isaiah thomas drove and phit the follow a jumper to tie pit at 122-122. pboston ended up winning in povertime. perin: the red sox equipment ptruck is on its way to fort
5:38 am
pthe truck left yesterday pcarrying 120,000 baseballs. pthe first workout for pitchers pand catchers is one week from psaturday. psean: you didn' t mention the psunflower seeds. por the bubblegum. pskiers and snowboarders are pcatching serious air inside pfenway park. pthis event features olympic pgold-medal winners. pthe jump is 140 feet high, which pis taller than the ballparks plight towers. p>> i' m really excited to stand pup on top of that look down and psee the fans and then do a trick pand slide into home plate. pit will be sick. p>> such an amazing feeling. pthis is a place you see in pmovies all the time.
5:39 am
pfield and in the dugout and pwherever we get to go is no pcool. psean: ski new hampshire is a psponsor for this. pathletes are taking part in the pevent over the next two days. perin: i' m going to leave it to pthe professionals. poh my goodness. psome people are already pspeculating about which nfl pteams are going to make it to psuper bowl 51. pthe new england patriots and pcarolina panthers are the early pfavorites, followed by the pseahawks, packers, and the psteelers. pthe panthers were listed at 7-1. pthe patriots were listed at 8-1. pthey set the line for new pengland at 9-1. pwe shall see. psean: those are sites you pusually peru' s. perin: of course.
5:40 am
perin: once the patriots aren' t pin it, set your sights on the pnext one. pkevin: not pictured there are pthe chargers on -- on. pi think it is one million to pone. p[laughter] pkevin: i' m a realistic fan. p[laughter] pkevin: we start off with pscattered snow shower chance is p-- chances into the afternoon. phighs today in the 20' s. pa much colder reality is pbuilding in. pwind chills at or below zero. ptemperatures getting back from pbelow zero early sunday morning pto the single digits and lower pteens. pwe are going to have that wind pfor the next couple of days. pyou notice that general increase pin clouds. pwe are not expecting a
5:41 am
paccumulation except in the areas pthat get this burst of lower pvisibility. pmost of the maps, although they pdon' t give you infinite detail, pare kind of pointing to central arts of the state. pthis, another leading edge of pcolder air. ptomorrow will be in the teens to plower range of the 20' s. pwe do have fairly quiet weather potherwise. pmaybe up north, as well. ptemperatures in the teens to pnear 20. pclouds continued to thicken up pour west. pthat is where it continues over pthe next couple of days. ptomorrow morning, we will be pstarting between -8 and 8 pdegrees. phigh temperatures up into the p20' s.
5:42 am
panything we see between monday pmorning and afternoon will be pcolder. pthe maps really don' t usually pgive you infinite detail down to pwhich region of the state you pare going to have the better pchances. pnotice temperatures by later ptonight. pwe are talking single digits pbelow zero and single digits pabove zero in southern areas. pit is still just teens to lower pranges of the 20' s tomorrow. pthe snow showers on friday pevening will pick in the wind on psaturday morning. phigh temperatures over the pweekend in the single digits to plower range of the teens. pwind chill readings will be at por below zero all the way pthrough the weekend and even pinto monday morning. pas quickly as we recover from
5:43 am
pit all depends on the track of pthat system, whether we go over pto a mix of rain are we stay psnow. pwe will have to keep our eye on pthat. pwe will keep tabs on it for you. pbe prepared for the cold this pweekend. pif you have otdoor plans, you pmay want to second-guess them or pbe prepared to bundle up. perin: a woman in virginia is pgoing all out for valentine' s pday. pshe decorated her entire yard pwith hearts and valentine pwishes. pher name happens to be stephanie ploving. pshe wants to share the love. pshe invited her entire community pto give their loved ones a pspecial kiss in a booth. psean: i' m sure she' s never heard pany jokes about her last name. pnot one.
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r run a slalom course. r that's terrifying. r one of these. v sweet the chevy silverado r offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locksp to provide better traction. pfeels like a beast. grips great. rdude, that was awesome. p current qualified competitive lessees can get this p silverado all star v8 for around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling
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psean: a massachusetts dog is psafe after wandering on a busy phighway. olice got multiple calls about pa german shepherd running on the psouthbound lanes in methuen. pa trooper used a granola bar to plew the dog to safety. pshe was returned to her family psoon after. psafe after a pretty scary run. perin: thank goodness. pa donkey in egypt is leaping its pway to fame. pthe donkey can jump hurdles on pcommand. pit' s 14-year-old owner discover pthe talent when she left over an pirrigation canal one day. pkevin: she then decided to train pher and they are a local pattraction. pthey often put on performances pin front of big crowds. psean: do you want to attempt any onds -- puns? pwe will wait for the break.
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psean: new developments in a pnearly five-year-old murder pcase. pthe state police were at the phome of celina cass' s stepfather pover the week. pray: it is what he did at the olice station that has a placonia man in serious trouble. perin: a close call for a barber pin california. pa woman pointed a loaded gun at phim and pulled the trigger
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