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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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perin: a laconia man tried to pmake a break for it while in olice custody and he actually pgot away -- but not for long. psean: there are new developments pinto the investigation into the pleast one victim.
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perin: good morning to you on pthis thursday morning. pthanks for waking up with us. psean: good morning, everybody. pthe post-primary activity is pstarting up. pthe cold is the news. pkevin: another five or six pdegrees colder today. palready firing up is a little pbit of light snow or flurry pactivity in western and northern pareas of the state. pfarther south and east. pin no one given location are we pgoing to see anything more than pa half-inch or inch of snow. pthe leading edge of colder air parriving for tomorrow and the pweekend. plet' s take a look at your pmorning ride in the granite pstate. pwe' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s pdeb davidson. pdeb: good morning, kevin. pwe are continuing to see
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pturnpike northbound and psouthbound. pallow some extra time. pwe are not seeing any delays on p293 north or south from the pupper to the lower split. peverything looks good on 101, p111, or the spaulding turnpike. pat the 495 connector and route 3 psouth is slow. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. psean: a laconia man is in pcustody in belmont after nearly ulling off an escape. perin: he can bc and walking out pof the booking room on his own pand he' ll most makes a getaway. pray brewer is live to explain phow this happened. pray: 35-year-old ryan pstreitenberger of laconia was ponly alone for a few minutes
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pit was long enough for him to ptry to make a break for it. phe was stopped on route 106 ptuesday night after an officer pnoticed he had. pher every license plates and a pfalse inspection sticker on his pcar. pthe officer found drugs, a ploaded gun, and a knife inside pthe car. ponce at the police station, an pofficer stepped out of the pbooking room together some aperwork, leaving him alone. psurveillance video shows him acing and that he discovered pthe door to the garage was punlocked. p>> he eventually gets up and pwalks out of the booking room. pthe video shows that he was ptouching or manipulating psomething in his car. pray: the officer heard the pgarage door closed and quickly pbrought him back. phe is being held on $100,000 pbail and faces a number of
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perin: thank you. pthere are new developments in pthe case surrounding the murder pof an 11-year-old celina cass. pshe disappeared from her home pback of her. pno suspects have been named in pher death. psean: investigators are trying pto figure out what sparked an pintense fire in laconia last pnight. pwhen firefighters arrived, they pfound heavy fire on the first pfloor and thick smoke on all pthree floors. pthanks to help from surrounding ptowns, firefighters were able to pquickly get inside.
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pwhile the crews were doing the psearch, they found a second pgentleman and they had to pull phim out. psean: the fire does not appear pto be suspicious and the red pcross is helping the affected presidents. pan electrical fire sparked a pfire in wolfeboro yesterday pafternoon. pno one was home at the time. pfirefighters say there is psignificant damage. perin: a nashua man accused of ptrying to solicit sex from two pchildren is due in court. p32-year-old ernest hardy used pfacebook to ask a 12-year-old pgirl for sex and then a second p12-year-old girl came forward pthis week, saying he tried to psolicit sex from her, as well. phe also asked one of the girls pto scented nude photos. pdivers have recovered the body pof a 23-year-old man who fell pthrough the ice in conway.
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phe was walking on pequawket pond pthrough. pa witness tried to help, but pended up falling in himself -- phe was able to get out on his pown. psean: with the primary behind pus, much of the focus will turn pto the u.s. senate race between pchallenger governor maggie phassan. psenator ayotte is making a bold pcampaign move, calling on eople' s pledge, a formal pmoney out of the campaigns. p>> since she has gotten into the psenate race, she has repeatedly pspecial-interest groups. pif she is concerned about this, pi hope she will do something pabout it and join me in signing pthe people' s pledge. s campaign phas yet to respond to the
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pthe race for the white house has pmoved on to south carolina and pnevada. ptwo republicans are calling it pquits. ptonight, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders will debate in pwisconsin. plana: there are nine days before prepublicans head to the polls. pcoming off the results of new phampshire, some candidates are ptaking a breath, two candidates pare bowing out, and one is ptaking a victory lap. p>> we may have to stage a phony rotest. pthat is the only way they show pthe size of these crowds. plana: donald trump with even pmore spring in his step pfollowing his major win in new phampshire, forcing two more pcandidates out of the race. pnow he says he is ready to take pon hillary clinton. p>> we are going to beat her. phonestly, women don' t like her. plana: clinton lost female voters
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eople. pnationally, clinton still has pthe advantage over bernie psanders. p>> if the election were ptomorrow, d you think you could pwin south carolina and nevada? p>> no. pfortunately, the election is not ptomorrow. plana: the next election for the pdemocrats will be in a little pmore than two weeks. pthe next face-off happens ptonight at the democratic pdebate. psean: still to come, fun for the pwhole family in our backyard. pa new vacation destination with psome incredible options. perin: maybe you have even done pit yourself, but now lawmakers pin massachusetts want to boost pthe fines for jaywalking. psean: legos are a popular toy, pbut it turns out they are very
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pkevin: temperatures dropping pback into the low and mid teens. plikely below zero by this time ptomorrow morning. pwe are looking at light snow pshowers today. pwe will have the details coming pup. psean: there are some incredible pnew attractions at one of new pengland' s premier ski resorts pand it is all about the kiddos. perin: spruce peak village pfeatures a four star hotel, a pnew skating rink, and there will pbe a 30,000 square foot padventure center for kids pstarting next month. pit is all designed to make it a pfamily vacation destination. pthere are special events pstarting this weekend.
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psean: you would be exhausted pafter your location. plawmakers in massachusetts are pconsidering raising the fine for pjaywalking. pright now, the fine is only a pdollar in most parts of the pstate. pthey want to increase it to $25 pfor a first offense. pa person is struck by a vehicle pevery 7-8 minutes in pmassachusetts. p80% of pedestrian deaths happen poutside of a crosswalk. pthey want to reduce crashes. pyou' ve got to be safe out there. perin: coming up, a big mess in pindia. pcameras were rolling after an
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perin: an elephant rampage pthrough a village in eastern pindia. pthe panicked pachyderm wandered pin from a forest. pthe authorities tranquilized to pthe animal, check to make sure pit was healthy, and then preturned it to the wild. pdramatic video shows coast guard pcrews rescuing a migrant from pthe mediterranean sea. pby the time the coast guard phelicopter arrived, a p20-year-old man was the last one pon board, clinging to a couple pfeet of the boat still above pwater. phe was pulled to safety. pseveral other people were also prescued. psean: investigators are trying pto figure out why a gunman shot pand killed a sheriff' s deputy pinside a crowded restaurant in pmaryland yesterday and then pkilled another deputy during a pshootout.
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pthe first deputy was shot after psitting down next to the man pafter sitting down to ask how he pwas. pthe shooter was wanted in pflorida for assaulting an pofficer. perin: a plan to reauthorize pmedicaid expansion in new phampshire is moving forward. pa proposal has been improved -- papproved to help pay for the pstate costs share -- states pshare. pfederal funding will start pdropping next year unless plawmakers vote to continue. pit appears that the sporting pgoods chain sports authority may pbankruptcy. pthe company missed a $20 million pdebt payment last month. pthe company will likely default pon all of its loans and close pabout half of its 450 stores. psports authority has four stores pin new hampshire. pstudents are trying to get into
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pmore than 39,000 people applied pfor the freshman class next pfall, up nearly 5% from a year pago. pharvard is trying to reach out pto low income students who might pnot otherwise reach out to the pschool. pcheck this out. pburger king is expanding its pmenu. pfor the first time, the fast pfood chain will start serving phot dogs. pthere will be two options. pa classic grilled dog with pmustard and ketchup and a chilly pcheese dog. pburger king calls it the biggest plaunch since they introduced the pchicken sandwich in the 1970' s. pfrankly, i think it is a good pidea. perin: ha ha ha. pkevin: flame broiled. psean: throw that on the grill. pkevin: we are setting ourselves
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pmuch like yesterday, there could psnow. pwe still have the potential out pthere for one or two of these preduced visibility snow squalls pwhich could give you a half inch ptime. pfor the day. potherwise, it is a general pincrease in clouds. pwestern and northern spots. pthat is just a taste of the pcolder air that continues to pcome in. pit is a trend that last through pmonday morning. ptemperatures continue to slide pback day by day. pwe are right around 20 degrees pin southeastern parts of the pstate. pa little bit of a light breeze. pwe will pick up through the day pand gust over 20 miles per hour. pthe coldest of the air is in pcentral parts of canada.
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pwe will be in the mid and upper p20' s. pa few spots get near 30 degrees. pyou notice the coverage of pscattered snow showers. pnot everywhere, not all the ptime, but they will be out there p. pmost prevalent in western and pnorthern areas of the state. pclearing skies tonight. psingle digits above and below pzero overnight. pthere will be the risk late in pthe day of the couple of snow pshowers, but the better chance pis going to be later tomorrow pnight and early saturday pmorning. pthis is the leading edge of the pcoldest air. pmaybe a snow shower with that pearly saturday morning. pthe sky is clear, the wind picks pup. pit looks like the coldest of the pknights will be sunday morning
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ptoday, we are back into the p20' s. p8 degrees to -8 degrees povernight. artial sunshine for tomorrow. pthe chance of a snow shower ptomorrow evening will bring in pthe coldest of the air. pi temperatures between zero and p20. pwind chills throughout most of pthe weekend except early psaturday morning at or below pzero. pit looks like that continues pinto monday morning. p75 percent of the days since pdecember 1 have been above pnormal. perin: wow. pray brewer starts us off with pthe story of an escape attempt pin belmont. pray: belmont police say it began pwith a traffic stop on tuesday pnight. p35-year-old ryan streitenberger
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pto the police station. pduring the traffic stop, the pofficer found drugs and a knife pinside the car. pwhen he was brought back to the olice station, he tried to pescape. phis bail is set at $100,000. perin: a nashua man accused of ptrying to solicit sex from two p12-year-old girls is in custody ptoday. ptwo people were taken to the phospital and nine people were pforced from their homes after it pfired on guilford avenue in placonia last night. pthe flames started on the first pfloor. psean: coming up, they say love pcan cross time and this couple roves it.
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psean: i man in california came pup with a way to pay tribute to phis late father. perin: he cover the home in hotographs taken by his father. pthe pictures are all mounted on lywood and screwed to the poutside of the home, which is pset to be torn down next month. pa final tribute to dear old dad. psean: you have seen photo palbums, but none like that. pa heartwarming love story just pin time for valentine' s day. p[laughter] psean: 93-year-old norwood thomas pwas a paratrooper in world war pii. phe was 21 when he met then p17-year-old joyce morris in plondon before d-day. pthey wrote letters after the war pand he asked her to marry him, pbut there was a misunderstanding pand they lost touch.
6:21 am
pthey have reconnected thanks to pthe internet and they are going pto be spending valentine' s day ptogether in australia. psean: how great is that story? perin: it is wonderful. psean: she said, we will have a pwonderful fortnight. phe said, wait a minute, i have pto google that. pcoming up, the celtics are pcarrying momentum into the pall-star break another important pwin last night. pthe bahamas had to be cut short. pa massive ship got caught in a owerful storm. p
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p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do. pnow, wmur news 9 daybreak. psean: good morning, everybody. pa live look at the sun trying to prise on lake winnipesaukee. pyou can see one more bob house pout there. pcome on out. pshow yourself. perin: a man from laconia is pfacing multiple charges after olice say he escaped to the pbooking room at the belmont olice department and made it to phis car before he was caught. pand newly released report is prevealing new details about what pmay have led up to a murder psuicide in belmont last year. olice are investigating a pair
6:23 am
pa man tried to steal a cartload pof legos from a walmart in pepping. psean: if you like cold weather, pyou are going to love this pforecast. pkevin: a rare bitterly cold air pmass making its way into the pstate. pwe start off with quite a few pclouds out there. pany breaks of sunshine give way pto clouds and more scattered psnow showers into the afternoon. pwe could see a half inch or inch pof snow out of this locally. pwe start off in the teens this pmorning. pthe backslide continues. peventually, we are talking wind pchills at or below zero. psean: i anticipate running in pthe parking lot a few mornings. phere is a look at i-93. pkevin: for a look at the morning p95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. pdeb: good morning. p93 southbound, beginning to see
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pmorning commute gets underway at pthe state line. peverything looks ok making your pway through londonderry and pmanchester at the upper and plower split with 293 and then pinto concord. pthrough the lane shifts, the peverett turnpike is up to speed pby exit 13. pyou are in decent shape on one phundred 1, 111, and the pspaulding turnpike. pfrom the wzid traffic network, pi' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. perin: a laconia man is facing a pslew of charges after police say pdepartment. psean: a surveillance video shows p35-year-old ryan streitenberger pleaving the bush are getting pinto his car, which had been ptowed to the police station. pray brewer joins us live to pexplain. pgood morning.
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olice say this all began before p10:00 on tuesday night when an pofficer pulled him over for that ptraffic violation. pat the time, he was already on arole from the state prison. p35-year-old ryan streitenberger pwas taken into custody after pbeing pulled over on route 106 ptuesday night. olice say there was a false pinspection sticker and false ptemporary license plates on the pcar he was driving. p>> the officer determined there pwere all jepson the car he was pconcerned with -- objects in the pcar he was concerned with. pray: police found a substantial pamount of narcotics, a loaded phandgun, and a double-edged pknife, which he is not supposed pto be in possession of because phe is a convicted felon. pat the station, an officer pstepped out of the booking room pto gather arrest paperwork, pleaving him alone. olice say he left the booking proom and went into unattached
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phis car was parked in the garage pafter being towed to the pstation. phe actually got into the car pbefore an officer found him. p>> he was touching or pmanipulating something in his pcar. pray: police took him to the pbelknap county jail, where they pfound more drugs hidden in his pbody. phe is now facing more charges, pincluding felony escape. p$100,000. pmaintenance workers have pinspected all the door locks to pare being met. perin: we are learning new pdetails about a murder-suicide pin bedford in which a mother pkilled her daughter' s before ptaking her own life. pthe incident happened in march pof last year. pinvestigators say a strange pmarriage, including possible
6:27 am
pto the murder suicide. pthe report included a note that pthe 34-year-old mother left pbehind. ptranslated from russian, it said p, "how did you not expect a pdifferent outcome?" phas been cleared of any pinvolvement in the deaths. p>> the husband has a valid alibi pthat the evidence demonstrates. phe is not responsible for this. pthere is only one person presponsible. perin: the report also details an pinterview with one of the little pgirls teachers who was worried pthat the child was always late pto school. pschool officials tried to offer phelp, but the reports that the pmother was reluctant to help it. psean: opioid addiction continues
6:28 am
olice are now asking for more presources to help combat the pgrowing crisis. p>> it is citywide, it is poor pneighborhoods, wealthy pneighborhoods, the ages are from pteenagers to people in their p60' s. pwe are coming up with new and pbetter ways to do things. pwe are not even making a dent in pit. psean: the numbers and manchester pare serious. plast year, the city numbered one pdrug-related death every four pdays. pa heroin bust in salem landed pthree massachusetts men behind pbars. ptwo are accused of selling the pdrug, well the third is accused pof being in possession of pheroin. pthe men were arrested tuesday pafternoon in the parking lot of pa target store on south pbroadway. perin: police in acting say a man
6:29 am
pshopping cart full of legos at a pwalmart. phe was later arrested in pbedford. pthe legos were worth an pestimated $900. pconcord police are also pinvestigating a lego theft at ptoys "r" us. plegos are expensive and they are peasy to sell online or at pawn pshops. pa drywall contractor has been psentenced to 18 months in pfederal prison for a payroll pscheme that cost the u.s. ptreasury hundreds of thousands pof dollars. pcruz galc van admitted to pdodging federal employment taxes pon wages he paid to employees at phis drywall business. phe was also ordered to pay more pthan $786,000 in restitution to pthe irs. psean: the republican residential candidates have
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pthe next gop primary is february p20 in south carolina, the same pday democrats will compete in pthe nevada caucus. phillary clinton and bernie psanders are heading to the pbadger state for another debate. pjennifer: two gop hopefuls are pout and the six remaining major pcandidates are headed south for pa showdown that begins in south pcarolina. pcarly fiorina is out. pchris christie suspended his bid pwednesday. pgood numbers here. pwe are getting down to low pnumbers. pjennifer: the question is, who pcan survive in the south and pseriously challenged donald ptrump? p>> we are going to compete. pwe don' t expect to win. pjennifer: marco rubio and ben pback. p>> it is a conservative state prepublican primary. m the conservative that can pwin.
6:31 am
pextremely well with the kind of hilosophies that i have. pjennifer: on the democratic pside, bernie sanders got a $5 pmillion fundraising boost after phis big new hampshire win. phillary clinton is working to pwoo young democrats and her base pheading into milwaukee. p>> suddenly, we moved to a place pthat has minorities and that is pher strength. pif she does not perform in these pdebates, her dream of being resident is pretty much over. pjennifer: south carolina is just pthe beginning of the southern pcontests. pafter that, the battle will pbarrel toward super tuesday on pmarch 1 and seven high-stakes rimaries. perin: it will be an interesting pdebate tonight. psean: we will see what happens. perin: a shocking situation for a pfamily in tennessee. pa doctor mistakenly performed a rocedure on their newborn son.
6:32 am
pwe will hear from some of the eople taking part in the olartec big air competition. pweekend.
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pkevin: clouds continuing to move pin early on a thursday morning. psnow showers or flurries are a ossibility at any point today pwith temperatures slipping back pinto the 20' s to near 30 pdegrees. pthe leading edge of even colder pair around tomorrow. pdetails coming up. perin: a convicted rapist in pmassachusetts is out on bail as phe awaits a new trial. p>> freedom. perin: george for rot spent three pdays -- decades in prison after p-- before being released from rison yesterday. phe was convicted of raping a pwoman based in part on a single pstrand of hair. pthe judge said the microscope phere analysis was flawed. phe has always denied raping the pwoman. p>> i' ve been in here 30 years pfor a crime i didn' t commit. pdon'
6:34 am
pthat' s for sure. perin: his case for a new trial pwas championed by lawyers for pthe innocence project and the pschuster institute. psean: an armed protest at a pnational wildlife refuge in poregon could finally come to an pend today. pthe last four occupiers said pthey would turn themselves in pthis morning. pthey made the announcement after pbeing surrounded by the fbi. pthe group seized the refuge in rotest of federal land-use olicies on january 2. pone protester said he and the pthree others will walk one by pone to a police checkpoint while pcarrying an american flag. perin: now to a story. pa mom says she thought her pnewborn was going to a routine pcheckup, but he was taken into psurgery. pjennifer melton said the phospital staff took her baby
6:35 am
pwhen they brought the baby back, pshe discovered there had been a pterrible mistake. pa doctor had performed a psurgical procedure that was pmeant for another child on her pson. pthe procedure consisted of pcutting underneath the babies ptongue so that the child could pnurse better. p>> at that point, i begin to cry physterically. pessentially, they took our pchild, who was 100% healthy, and ptook them out of the nursery and pcut his mouth. p>> there is no excuse for poperating on the wrong baby. pnone. perin: the family' s lawyer says pthe doctor did apologize, but pthe hospital still build the pfamily for the procedure. psean: 4500 cruise ship assengers are back on dry land pafter getting caught in a severe pstorm. p>> it is probably the biggest pscare i have had so far in my plife. psean: the royal caribbean ship preturned to port in new jersey
6:36 am
pseven-day cruise to the bahamas. pon sunday, it hit a major storm. assengers were forced to hunker pdown in their rooms for about pfour hours. pthe cruise line said all of the assengers will get a full prefund and 50% off a future pcruise. perin: a barber in california pfeels lucky to be alive. phe said the woman asked for a phaircut and a shave design, pwhich he specializes in. pshe left after the cut, but plater returned, said he had pmessed up her hair, and then ulled out a loaded gun. pthe woman pulled the trigger pthree times, but the gun pmalfunctioned. p>> that is very much it. pi' m glad. pthanks to god nothing happened pto me.
6:37 am
psean: now to sports, it was a pgreat night at td garden last pnight as the celtics hosted the pl.a. clippers. pformer celtics player paul ierce scored six points in his preturn to the garden. pisaiah thomas drove and hit the pfallaway jumper to tie it at p122-122. pboston ended up winning in povertime. pskiers and snowboarders are pcatching some serious air at pfenway park as they gear up for pthe polartec big air event, pwhich begins today. pit features olympic gold-medal pwinners. pthe jump is 140 feet high, ptaller than the ballpark light ptowers. pthe women' s bigger competition pis one of the new events being padded to the winter olympics in p2018. p>> i' m really excited to stand pup on top and look down and see pthe fans and do a trick and pslide into home plate. pit will be sick.
6:38 am
pthis is a place you see in the pmovies all the time. pto be here and be able to be on pthe field and in the dugout and pcool. psean: it is really cool. psponsors. pyour question was, what does sic pmean? psick means good. psix is a good thing. pwant to be sick. pacross home plate, it is a good pthing. pthey created. t imagine the speed pthat jump. perin should go. pit. p[laughter] pkevin: notice early this pmorning, beautiful sunrise at prye beach. pany sort of breaks of sunshine pmore or less through most of the prest of the day, which is clouds
6:39 am
pit is another one of those punsettled days. pthe clouds just don' t break. pwe have occasional light snow pshowers and a few flurries paround from time to time. pwe are looking at clouds pcontinuing to gradually bring in pcolder and colder air. pthe air near hudson bay comes pthe south and will be around for pthe weekend. pwe still have a chance through pthe afternoon. pwe may see one or two of those plower visibility type squalls. pwe are above the average is for pthis time of year. pwe should be in the lower range pof the teens. pwe are looking at a much older p-- colder round of temperatures pover the weekend. pwe are looking at highs today up pin the 20'
6:40 am
pscattered snow showers are pfiring up. panyone of these pockets could phave a squall with it, which pnotice the temperatures as you pwake up tomorrow morning. psingle digits below 02 single pdigits above zero. pthe arctic front slides in early psaturday morning with a snow pshower behind it. ptemperatures start to fall psaturday afternoon after highs pin the single-digit' s and teens. psunday night into monday morning p-- highs on sunday are likely pnot out of the single-digit in a plot of locations around the pstate. pit is going to feel colder than pthat with the wind. phigh temperatures back up into pthe 20' s. pwe will likely not be back close pto these numbers until monday pafternoon.
6:41 am
psingle digits above and below pzero. pwind chills will be below zero pstatewide tomorrow morning. ptomorrow, highs in the 20' s. psingle digits and teens for the pweekend. pboth days have a very noticeable pwind. pthe next storm system will have pto travel and could go over to a pmix or rain. pa huge thank you to the pthird-graders at the wyndham pinviting me to speak there. pwe talked about the water cycle, pthe different types of clouds, pincluding my favorite type of pcloud. pwe' ll so talked about rainbows pafter tornadoes. pa good group to talk to. pwonderful questions. ptruth be told, they gave me pthese wonderful stack of yummy' s pthat has since disappeared. psean: disappeared into your pbelly? p[laughter] psean: that would have to be a pvery large amount. pwe have a mystery.
6:42 am
psean: sherlock holmes here. pkevin: i will do some forensics. psean: ok. p[laughter] psean: still to come, a final pcheck of your top stories,
6:43 am
perin: updating our top stories. psean: a laconia man is facing a pslew of charges after he escaped pfrom the booking room at the pbelmont police department. pray: police say 35-year-old ryan pstreitenberger was pulled over pfor a traffic violation and olice found drugs and weapons pinside the car. phe allegedly tried to make his pescape when he returned to the olice station. phis bail is now set at $100,000. perin: there are new developments pin the case surrounding the pmurder of 11-year-old celina pcass. pinvestigators from the state olice major crimes unit were at pthe home of her stepfather, pwendell noyes, on monday. pat this time, they are not psaying why they were there. psean: a new report is shedding
6:44 am
pmurder-suicide in bedford last pyear where a mother killed her ptwo daughters before taking her pown life. pa strange marriage and domestic pviolence may have led to the pincident. perin: an investigation is punderway into a fire in laconia pthe left nine people homeless. pavenue. pfirefighters managed to rescue papartment. psnow showers and flurries around pfrom time to time and that risk pinto the afternoon for one of pthose passing snow squalls that pcould reduce visibility. phigh temperatures in the upper psingle digits and teens. pbitterly cold wind chill preadings throughout the weekend. psean: watch your pets. pcold. pthe latest on that cruise ship pscare we talked about coming up pon "good morning america."
6:45 am
pon dry land after their ship got pcaught in this massive winter pstorm. pthere will be a live report from pnew jersey. pa lot of people are very upset pwith the captain of that ship. psean: it shows you how powerful pthe storm can be. pthe cruise line is suffering for prefunds and 50% off a future pcruise. perin: i think a lot of people pare pretty traumatized. pwe will see you back here. p p[captioning performed by the pnational captioning institute, pwhich is responsible for its pcaption content and accuracy. pvisit] p p
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