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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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p good morning, america. pdeep freeze. pa bitter blast brings the pcoldest air in a decade with pwindchills reaching 30 below. palready two feet of snow? pthe east and more on its way. p breaking news, the fbi pclosing in on those protesters pin oregon. p>> we fear for our lives. p>> still defiant after that pdeadly shooting. pnow their face-off coming to a ossible head. p>> be reasonable. p>> our team is on the scene pright now. p ready to rumble. pthe democrats debate tonight. phillary clinton hoping to knock pbernie sanders off stride after phis big win as the republicans pbattle across south carolina. p>> you vote for trump, we win phere, we're going to run the ptable.
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prubio vows to challenge trump. p safe and sound p home at last after four pterrifying days at sea, caught pin hurricane-force winds fearing pfor their lives. pthose passengers from that pnightmare cruise now on dry land pand here in our studio live on p"gma." p and good morning, america. phappy thursday. pcaribbean's "anthem of the pseas." pjersey. pwater. pthose hurricane-force winds and assengers from that ship are pstanding by right now. probin will talk to them live. p>> i think they kissed the pground when they got back here. p also have a big morn ing pahead. plara is live in hollywood. pa huge "scandal" event taking us pbehind the scenes and those pempty chairs.
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pshe won't be by her lonesome pmuch longer. p>> told her where the camera is. p arctic blast moving east. ptemperatures 20 degrees below pnormal. pfor many it's about to get pworse. pmore than 50 million could face pbelow freezes and to rob pmarciano for that. p>> good morning, george. ptemperatures below freezing. pcome this weekend will drop panother 20 degrees. pthe polar vertex will release a pchuck of cold air and that means pwe'll be in the deep freeze. pcleveland. pthe lake-effect snow machine in perie and ontario. psouth of buffalo and fulton, new plikely. ptemperatures. pactual morning temperatures and pthen we push that cold air pfurther to the south and chicago ptomorrow morning, 3 degrees, pminus 10 and on sunday morning, pif we hit zero degrees in new pyork city, george and robin, pthat will be the first time the
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psince 1994. p>> whoo. p>> bundle up. p>> i'll sleep in. p>> rob, thank you. p now to breaking news in that poregon standoff. pthe four remaining occupiers may pturn themselves in and end their pmore than month-long protest. pthe fbi surrounding them right pnow and abc's neal karlinsky is pin bend, oregon, with the platest. pgood morning, neal. p>> reporter: robin, good pmorning. pa bizarre and fluid scene out phere. pthe fbi moved in overnight and pthe standoff appeared to be pending but that is when the four pinside who are still holed up in pthere called out that they pfeared a shoot-out was imminent. p>> you're gonna come up with pyour hands up. p>> no, we're not. p>> reporter: overnight chaos at pthe standoff as the fbi move in pon the final four hold-outs now p40 days into an occupation of pthis federal wildlife refuge. p>> be reasonable. p>> reporter: the hold-outs live pstreaming a phone call from pinside. pin the background the fbi can be pheard telling them to surrender
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pfbi will murder them. p>> do the right thing all right. p>> what the right thing is to pkill us? p>> reporter: they posted these pdefiant videos on youtube. p>> tired of you guys. ptelling us what we can and can't pdo. p>> reporter: showing them plashing out at the fbi and doing pdoughnuts in a government pvehicle. p>> yeah. p>> reporter: just last month the pstandoff's leaders were arrested pduring a traffic stop during pwhich group spokesman lavoy pfinicum was shot and killed. paccording to investigators, he pwas reaching for a gun after pbriefly fleeing. pand this morning cliven bundy, pthe 748-year-old father of the poregon occupation leaders who psparked his own fight with the pfederal government over a cattle pgrazing right in 2014 also now pbehind bars, taken into custody pby the fbi while flying in to psupport the remaining oregon phold-outs overnight. pthe four inside say they will pdrop their guns and surrender.
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plegislator and supporter of ptheirs shows up on the scene but pthey have changed their minds pbefore, though, this time the pfbi's patience appears to be pwearing very thin, george. p>> yeah, very dangerous psituation. pokay, neal, thanks very much. p we move to the race for the pwhite house. p"your voice, your vote," and the pdemocrats will face off tonight. plet's take a look at the stage pin wisconsin set for their first pdebate since new hampshire. pthe big question now, will phillary clinton try something pnew after bernie sanders' psweeping win? pabc's cecilia vega is here with pthe latest. pgood morning, cecilia. p>> reporter: george, good pmorning to you. pbernie sanders didn't just win pin new hampshire, it was one of pthe largest margins of victory psince jfk won there in 1960. pnow, hillary clinton's team is prethinking the strategy and we pcould see it unfold tonight on pthat debate stage. pas both sides prepare to come pface-to-face at tonight's pdebate, for the first time since pbernie sanders' big new phampshire victory, this morning, pworry inside camp clinton. psources telling abc news hillary
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pcalling supporters from big pdonors to backers in congress ptrying to ease concerns. p>> we've learned it's not pwhether you get knocked down pthat matters, it's whether you pget back up. p>> reporter: the strategy now pshift the focus to south pcarolina and nevada, the hope pthat clinton support among pafrican-american and latino pvoters can help propel her to pthe nomination. pthe 22-point loss in new phampshire, bigger and more pembarrassing than her camp ever pexpected. pso big even sanders was shocked. pyou sound like you're surprised pby the outcome yourself? p>> we thought we'd win but not pby that large a vote. p>> reporter: when i asked about pthe uphill fight ahead, this pstark admission. pif the election were tomorrow do pyou think you could win south pcarolina and nevada? p>> no. pfortunately for us, the election pis not tomorrow. p>> reporter: and about those precent attacks from bill pclinton. phas he gone below the belt. p>> i think so. plook, i know he's going to be
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ptrust me, my wife will be out pthere defending me. p>> reporter: but the battle now pfor minority voters. psanders' first stop after his pbig win, harlem where he ate psharpton. pand listen to this, that new pfor bernie sanders. pin the 18 hours after the polls pclosed there, sanders raised pmore than $5 million shattering pthe campaign's previous record pfor money raised in less than a pday. pguys, and it is mostly from psmall donations. p>> that's what's been fueling phim all along. phigh stakes tonight in this pdebate. pclinton team telling you panything about their strategy? p>> you know, it's funny, george. pthey won't. pthey don't want to put their laybook out. pin the past they've given us pnuggets here and there. pwe expect issues affecting pminority communities to be a big pone. pthat's the battleground and pwhere bernie sanders is pespecially vulnerable watching pfor hillary clinton to go on the pattack tonight and bernie psanders told me yesterday that phe is ready for it. p>> okay, cecilia, thanks very pmuch. p>> very important tonight. pthank you, cecilia. p now to the republican race,
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pthis morning after chris pchristie and carly fiorina pannounced they are dropping out. pnow, all eyes on south carolina pwhere the next primary is about pto take place. pabc's jon karl is there for us pin clemson, south carolina. pgood morning, jon. p>> reporter: good morning, probin. pfresh off his big win in new phampshire, donald trump took a pvictory lap here in south pcarolina last night, he's hoping pa win here would make him punstoppable. pthe republican candidates are pbringing their fight for the gop pnomination to the south this pmorning. prallying supporters overnight, pdonald trump said a south pcarolina win would clear his ath to the republican pnomination. p>> we win here, we're going to prun the table. pafter winning so big in new phampshire. pall of these characters are pgoing to give it up. p>> reporter: trump once again ptrained his fire on jeb bush who pis hoping a strong south pcarolina showing can save his pcampaign.
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pterrible. pi'll be honest, the last thing pwe need is another bush. pthat i can tell you. p>> reporter: and while ted cruz, pthe winner of the iowa caucuses pcouldn't repeat that performance pin new hampshire, he says he pwon't be deterred by trump's pvictory. p>> one of the most important pconclusions coming out of these pfirst two states is that the ponly candidate who can beat pdonald trump is me. p>> reporter: meanwhile, marco prubio is trying to get back on ptrack after his disappointing pfifth place finish in new phampshire. pwe caught up with rubio as he pheaded to south carolina. phe says he's willing to take on pthe gop front-runner. pare you going to go after donald ptrump? p>> it's no longer in my opinion penough to say the great things pwe're going to do but you won't pthem. p>> reporter: and john kasich pafter his surprise second place pfinish in new hampshire drew an poverflow crowd in south pcarolina. pkasich has relied on a positive pcampaign but says he is ready to phit back at his rivals.
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pso i'm not going to be a pin pcushion for a marshmallow but pi'm also not going to spend my ptime trying to trash other eople. p>> reporter: with chris christie pand carly fiorina out, that prepublican field is a lot psmaller as you remember, robin, pat one point we had 17 pcandidates. pnow just 6 but that means donald ptrump and the anti-trump pcandidates down to five. p>> that is true. pbut what is the situation right pnow? phow does the race stand right pnow in south carolina? p>> reporter: well, we've had no preliable polling since a week pbefore the iowa caucuses. pbut donald trump had led every oll here in south carolina pgoing all the way back to poctober. pi don't imagine that's changed pvery much. p>> probably not. pthank you. p>> all the polls in new phampshire, as well. plet's get more from our olitical analyst matthew dowd. pmatthew, very different terrain pfrom iowa and manchester, new phampshire and that has vicious olitics.
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pit has aspects of iowa and new phampshire. pfirst it's an open primary. pthat means democrat, pindependents and republicans can pvote in it like new hampshire. pbut it also has the highest ersonal of evangelicals similar pto iowa but one of the pdifferences in the evangelicals pin south carolina is they're not pdriven to the polls by social pissues but establishment pconservative issues and so when pyou look at all the panorama of pthis and also is, south carolina pis going to have twice as many pliberal and moderate voters as piowa, so when you look at it, pyou give advantage, donald ptrump, when you go into south pcarolina. p>> and he probably has the lead pgoing in. plet's talk about the democrats. pthat debate tonight. pa lot of commentary swirling paround hillary clinton's debate pstrategy. pdoes she go very, very positive, ut forward a vision, some eople said she hasn't done that por is now the time to really try pto take down bernie sanders? p>> well, listen, george, she's pbeen wounded and she's bleeding pso the first thing she needs to pdo is apply a tourniquet and pstopping bleeding so she doesn't plose nevada the next state up. pwhat i would do if i were her
7:12 am
pagainst bernie sanders and pignore the moderators and pbasically say in a calm, cool, pstrong way prosecute the case psaying the only person on this pis me. pyour ideas are great. pthey're aspirational but the ponly thing that get those done pwould be me. rosecute the case. p>> we'll be watching tonight. pmatthew dowd, thanks very much. p>> thank you. pnow to new developments povernight in ferguson, missouri, pthe federal government pannouncing it's suing the city ptrying to force it to overhaul pits police department. pwhich has repeatedly been paccused of racial pdiscrimination. pabc's pierre thomas is in pwashington with that story for pus. pgood morning, pierre. p>> reporter: good morning, probin. pin a blunt press conference the pattorney general accused the pcity of ferguson of stonewalling pattempts to right the wrongs of pa police department she flatly pdescribed as racially biased. p>> all: this is what democracy plooks like. p>> reporter: this morning the pjustice department firmly pagreeing with african-american presidents of ferguson saying
7:13 am
pracially biased police enforce penforcement are in fact true. p>> the ferguson police pdepartment's violations in articular were expansive and pdeliberate, stopping people pwithout reasonable suspicion. pby arresting them without cause pand by using unreasonable force. pthese violations were not only pegregious, they were routine. pthey were driven at least in art by racial bias. p>> reporter: the justice pdepartment now suing the city of pferguson less than 24 hours pafter the city council rejected pa deal to reform the police. p>> i think the things that we've pof course aed for are very preasonable. pwe're not trying to take away pany safeguards. p>> reporter: the attorney pgeneral wasn't buying it saying pblacks in the city which saw so pmuch unrest after the fatal olice shooting of michael pbrown -- p>> they have waited decades for pjustice. pthey should not be forced to pwait any longer. p>> reporter: ferguson officials psay they're willing to reform olice practices but argue that pimplementing the deal might be ptoo costly and that changes were pneeded. pferguson city councilman mark
7:14 am
pnight saying while washington pdebt that doesn't work in pferguson where we, quote, pactually have to pay our bills. pthe legal showdown now fully probin. p>> it certainly is. pall right, pierre, thank you. p now we turn to amy with the pmorning's other top stories pstarting with a tragedy in pmaryland. p>> it is so, so sad. pflags are flying at half-staff pacross maryland to honor two psheriff's deputies shot and pkilled while responding to preports of a suspicious person pat a panera restaurant. pthis is north of baltimore. olice say the suspect who is pwanted on two warrants opened pfire targeting the deputies pbefore he himself was shot dead. pthe deputies were 16 and 30-year pveterans of the force. p well, there are new recautions now because of the pzika virus. pthe u.s. olympic committee says pit will hire infectious disease pexperts to advise athletes about pthe outbreak in brazil after psoccer star hope solo expressed pconcerns about traveling to the prio games this summer. p north korea leader kim pjong-un appears to have made
7:15 am
pon power. psources in south say he's pexecuted his top army general pciting abuse of power, a day pafter the senate approved pharsher harsh per sanctions on the regime. p they're con depping iran for preleasing video of a detained pamerican sailor who appeared to pbe crying. pa u.s. navy spokesman says we pare disgusted by the pexploitation of our sailors for ropaganda ropaganda. pten were held after straying pinto iranian waters. p and some terrifying scenes pfrom india as an elephant prampaged through this town for phours crushing cars. pit damaged about 100 homes. eople ran for their lives but pthe animal was not on the pattack. papparently it was just looking pfor the way back to the forest. pit was subdued with ptranquilizers and returned to pthe wild. p and finally, sometimes you pjust really, really need your pmorning coffee, especially after pa snowstorm so forget the pfour-wheel drive. pone woman in canada relied on
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pher trained border collies to pher sled and made a bee bee line pfor the tim horton pdrive-through. pthey had a special lane for her. pan urban musher. pi didn't know there was such a pthing and a pro. pshe didn't get any coffee for pthe dogs. pshe said they're plenty hyper palready. pthat's what i call a coffee prung, you know. p>> maybe a doughnut for the pdogs. p>> that would have been nice. pthey had their treats. p>> thanks, amy. p we'll move on to the debate pover concussions in pro sports. pnow turning to wrestling after pthat big announcement from pdaniel bryan who says he's pretiring because of repeated phead injuries. pjesse is here with that and pbryan wants to send a message. p>> he sure does. pthe #thankyoudaniellebryan is pfilling up after the fan pfavorite announce noed severe pconcussions are forcing him out pof the ring and now wants to be pa role model for others at risk. p>> exchanging head butts at the ptop of the ladder.
7:17 am
pand slams like this in that now has pone of pro wrestling's most pbeloved superstars off the mat. p>> i took a test that said maybe pmy brain isn't as okay as i pthought it was. p>> reporter: 34-year-old wwe pchampion daniel bryan announcing pthis week that he's walking away pfrom the sport he loves because pof concussions. p>> within the first five months pof my wrestling career, i had palready had three concussions. pand then it gets to the point pwhen you've been wrestling for p16 years that adds up to a lot pof concussions. p>> reporter: his doctor pdocuments at least ten of them, psome bryan says even leading to pseizures. pso, unlike many pro athletes in psports where concussions are a pconstant danger bryan is one of pthe first to walk away before ptoo much damage is done psomething he's encouraging pothers to consider. p>> you have a responsibility to pyourself, to your family, to pyour friends just to protect pyourself.
7:18 am
pclear he doesn't blame the sport por the wwe. phe says after his last pconcussion, even after several poutside doctors had given him pthe okay, the wwe would not pclear him to return. pand that decision may have saved phim from a situation where he pwouldn't have been able to walk paway by choice and maybe without pmajor consequence. p>> this is his choice. p>> you're seeing more and more pathletes. pnfl players have left the sport pearly in their careers because pof concussions. eople becoming much more roactive. p>> clear about why he's doing pit. prob with the record. pcold in the east. pheat in the west. p>> yin and yang and california, pthree days in a row of precord-shattering heat and we'll pdo it again today. pmaybe slightly cooler, 10 to 20 pdegrees above normal. preinforcing shot with a run of pthe marathon ahead of schedule
7:19 am
pearly saturday. pthe weekend. pgusty p still to come on "gma," that
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p erin: good morning. pa nashua man accused of trying pto solicit sex from two children pis due in court today. phardy used facebook last week to pask a 12-year-old girl for sex. pand then a second 12-year-old pgirl came forward this week psex with her as well. phe' s facing a total of five pcharges. p pdivers have recovered the body pof a 23-year-old man who fell pthrough the ice in conway. phis name has not been released. pfish and game officials say he pwas walking on pequawket pond ptuesday night when he broke pthrough. pa witness tried to help, but pended up falling in himself. phe was able to get out on his pown. poutside we go. pwe bring you to concord. pkevin: a building cloud and pbuilding breeze which is going pto be around through the early
7:26 am
pthis leading to cooler air ptomorrow. ptemperatures starting in the pteens to near 20' s this morning. pwe have a couple of light pshowers to the northern and pwestern part of the state. plater today, more 20' s. pa breeze picking up out of the pu.s. is going to bring teens and plower 20' s tomorrow. por the weekend, gusty winds both pdays. pthat means the highs are going pto feel like they are below pzero. pmoderation monday and next psystem possibly tuesday. perin: r what is going on? r today we're going tor run a slalom course. not down the mountain,t but up it... r that's terrifying. r one of these. v sweet the chevy silverado r offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locksp to provide better traction. pfeels like a beast. grips great.
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p we welcome you back to p"gma." pyou're looking at the "anthem of pthe seas," safely docked this pmorning in bayonne, new jersey, pafter facing, oh, phurricane-force winds. phow some of the passengers from pthat ship, now they're here plive. pi'm going to talk to them in pjust a moment. plooking forward to that. p>> we are. plara out in hollywood behind the pscenes with the cast of p"scandal." phow is it going in the oval? p>> it's not bad, george. pi could get used to this. pi am in the oval office, while pthe "scandal" oval office and pi'm not alone. pjoined by none other than pmr. president. p>> good morning, america. p>> and some of his cast members. pinteresting sequence here, it is
7:29 am
pbut the question is on "scandal" pthat we love, who's good, who's pevil? pwe'll find out in a "scandal" p"scandal"-icious hour. p>> why was lara in my seat? pthat's what i want to know. p>> i'm going to get in trouble. pthis guy, watch him. p>> watch me. p>> we got our eye out. pwe're watching. pall right, lara, we'll get back pto you. p first, the cruise ship assengers finally back on solid pground after that nightmare at psea. proyal caribbean's giant ship, p"anthem of the seas" arriving psafely in new jersey overnight pafter surviving hurricane-force pwinds. psome of those passengers are pgood enough to be with us here. pwe're going to talk to them in pjust a moment but first, linsey pdavis is at that dock in pbayonne, new jersey, with more. pgood morning, linsey. p>> reporter: good morning, probin. pseeing the ship now from the poutside it looks as if nothing pever even happened. pcertainly that's a far cry from pthe accounts that we've been phearing again and again from
7:30 am
pmassive ship listing at 45 pdegrees and then if you count up pthree stories they talk about pwater going overtop of those pbalconies three stories high. pafter four harrowing days at psea, the "anthem of the seas" pfinally made it to shore where pcheers. pthe 4500 now sea-weary pland. pi'm alive. pthis is insane. p>> reporter: again and again, we pheard stories of fear, of assengers saying as the ship pwas being pounded by 30-foot pwaves and wind gusts topping 100 pmiles per hour sunday night they psurvive. pterrified. pit was scary. p>> reporter: some are still pquestioning the captain's pjudgment to venture out to sea pwith severe storm warnings in pthe forecast and wednesday pnight, royal caribbean papologized to its passengers in pa statement calling the event pexceptional and saying the pcompany has identify
7:31 am
pour planning system that we are paddressing. pwhat happened this week showed pthat we need to do better. p>> something went wrong. pwe either didn't interpret the pforecast correctly or we will psee any way to change our rocedure, processes to do panything to make sure this pdoesn't happen. p>> reporter: maritime lawyer jim pwalker says half a dozen assengers already called him pfrom the ship wanting to file a plawsuit. p>> the real issue here is pwhether the cruise lines have pany liability for the fear and panxiety that most of these assengers had and in most pcases, cruise lines are not presponsible when the passengers phave been fearful of weather pconditions. p>> reporter: while at least four eople suffered minor injuries, proyal caribbean says the ship pdidn't sustain any major damage. pthe ntsb is currently pconsidering an investigation. pin the meantime, royal caribbean ptells us "anthem of the seas" pwill once again set sail on
7:32 am
probin. p>> all right, linsey, joining us pnow to share share stories are eter and angela alupus. pash lot and charlotte lipman and plauren, whitney, brittany and palex hayes. pgood morning to you all. p>> good morning. p>> do you still feel like you're procking a little bit? p>> absolutely. p>> i was just looking at you as pyou were watching that. pwe're so thankful that there are ponly some minor injuries and pthat you all are doing okay. pokay, who kissed the ground when pthey got back? peveryone? pyou always hear about people pground. eter, we saw your sister's pvideo that she posted. pyou guys were told to stay in pyour cabins. pit looks like you guys were in a pwashing machine. pi mean, what was it like pinside -- p>> that's exactly what it was plike. pit was absolutely terrifying. pwe were on the third floor with pan ocean view and we literally psaw the ocean with dori swimming pby. p>> good you can have a sense of
7:33 am
pbut the captain would come on. pyou could hear even -- 17 years phe's been a captain. phe was experienced but there are pa lot of crew members, this was ptheir first time out. pcould you hear the fear in their pvoices? p>> absolutely. pmy sister walked out into the pcorridor and saw some of the pstaff hugging and crying and pthat's when she got concerned. pwe also didn't have any life pvests in the cabin which is punusual. pwe've cruised many times and i pguess they keep them at stations pnow but we were told to go back pto the cabins and there were no plife vests. pluckily we had our own personal psnorkel vests and my sister was pwearing it throughout the -- p>> yes. p>> you guys have been on cruises pbefore. pwasn't your first rodeo. p>> we have. p>> lauren, okay, i can punderstand this, you had a panic pattack. p>> oh, yeah. p>> even though you were -- p>> beyond. p>> even though you were told to pstay in the cabin, you had cabin pfever. phad to get out. p>> we were probably -- we were pall together probably in the proom for 20 minutes if that and pthen we left. pyeah. pi couldn't do it and the crew
7:34 am
pi'm not going back. p>> i hate to use the phrase but pyou said you felt like you had a p"titanic" moment. p>> i felt that way when the pcaptain came on the actual ploudspeaker telling us to get pback to our rooms. phe didn't sound very convincing pthat it was going to be okay so pit just -- everyone around us pjust started crying, saying they pcouldn't breathe. pi had a guy rubbing my back up pthe stairs saying it's going to pbe okay. pwhen everyone is freak out like pthat it gives you a lot of panxiety. p>> not everybody was freaking pout. pcharlotte, you're 10 years old. pit was your birthday cruise. p>> yeah. p>> and your daddy and everyone psaid you were having a good time peating candy and stuff. pwhat was the like for you. p>> it was kind of scary since i psaw the waves and they were pbasically almost crashing on to pour terrace. pand the room is basically tilted pall the way down like a ramp but pwhen it wasn't moving i just ran pdown and then i fell on the bed. pit was fun but still really pscary. p>> yeah, because your daddy was pthere for you and you had to be pconcerned, papa.
7:35 am
ptried to make the best of it. p>> you said you got to eat candy pand got quality time with your pdad, one-on-one time with your pdad so there was a bonus there. pyou heard in linsey's report the presponse from royal caribbean psaying that there were some gaps pand stuff. plooking back, what do you all pthink should have been perhaps pdone differently, would you want psomething different? p>> yes, it came to my attention pfrom a meteorologist friend of pmine this storm had been pforecast up to a week before and pi've been watching the news psince we came on land and they psay even 24 hours before, the pforecast was very accurate as pfar as what we were sailing pinto. pso, you know, in retrospect, the pcaptain did maneuver us through pthe storm, but i think he was pinstrumental in getting us to pthe storm and that's what i pthink needs to be addressed is phow do we prevent this fwra phappening again. p>> the big lesson here. pshow of hands.
7:36 am
pship again? p>> look at you. p>> a few shaky hands. pcharlotte was right up. pquite a daughter you have there. p>> she's a daredevil. p>> hey, thank you all very much pand finding the humor in it. pi know it had to be some very psharing your story. pall. p coming up as the ptemperatures plunge what should pyou do if you want to use your hone outside? pwe'll look at the touch screen pconnected. ut them to the test. ve with... a pebble. some males, however... are smarter than others. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... every kiss begins with kay. rguys, kay jewelers would like to remind you...'s engagement season. rand, all engagement and wedding rings are 20% off this friday through monday only. rat kay... the number-one jewelry store for...
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7:40 am
p and we're back now with a ptouch screen glove test as ptemperatures fall into the psingle digits typing on your hone outside can be a pchallenge. pregular gloves don't work on ptouch screens. pwhat about those specially pdesigned ones? put 12 pairs to pthe test and abc's gio benitez phere with the exclusive results. phey, gio. p>> it's cold outside.
7:41 am
pwork on touch screen devices but broke it down. pyou know which one is the best. pthis morning here are the presults right now on "gma." p>> typing in the cold can be a ain in more ways than one. p>> annoying having to take off pthe gloves every time to send a ptext. p>> reporter: regular gloves pdon't work with touch designs. phere's why, the fabric blocks pthe charge from your finger pwhich activates your phone. pnick guy, a website that advises pon best gadgets evaluated 12 airs to find out how well they pwork. pthey don't have the tips we're pso used to seeing. p>> the technology is advanced. pthis he actually sew in silver pand copper thread that conducts pelectricity and allows you to puse your touch screen as if you pweren't wearing gloves. p>> to test for touch screen pability. phe camped out in a temperature pcontrolled brewery cooler, a lot plike this one keeping it pconsistently frosty above pfreezing while he texted, used
7:42 am
pnow it's my turn with wire pcutter's picks. pall right, it's cold in here. p>> it is. p>> 37 degrees. p>> got to keep the beer chilly. p>> moshi. p>> these are our favorites. pwe found they were nice and warm pbut we were also able to type preally well with the thumbs on pthem. p>> how well can i type in a pbrewery cooler? pwell, no typos. pgood. p>> next up the north face pthermoball tip gloves. p>> not quite as flexible but pthey're still pretty impressive pfor how warm they are. p>> feel like i could be in a pblizzard and can type. p>> yeah. p>> they all lose connectivity pover time but sometimes too pquickly. pthat's what wire cutter found pwith glider gloves winter style pwhich sell for $29.99. p>> yeah. p>> we wore them for a few months pand were fine.
7:43 am
ptests the left-hand glove pstopped working altogether. pthey can wear out and that's punsensible. p>> glider gloves told us we pfound it's about 1% of all pgloves that fail early. pwe do back up our product with a p90-day warranty and replace any pgloves that have failed or are pdefective. pget gloves with gripping pmaterial on the palm. psee how well it stays in the alm. pget a tight fit. pwatch out for those with extra pmaterials or seams on the tip. pthat reduces touch screen pability. pwe showed tell you wire cutter pdoes get a percentage of money pfrom retailers on gloves sold pthrough the links on their site pand by the way, out of 12 of the ptouch screen gloves that expert ptested this year he says he phighly recommends four of them. pyou can see the entire list of presults on our website, on yahoo! pcheck it out. p>> good info. pthanks very much. p coming up here, johnny depp lays donald trump. you haver friends coming over? t
7:44 am
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7:47 am
p the art of the deal p kenny logins performing "art pof the deal." pthe theme song for a new funny por die video which shows donald ptrump in a way we've never seen pbefore. pwouldn't you say, t.j.?
7:48 am
pbut if -- imagine if donald ptrump starred in, wrote, pdirected and even edited a movie pabout himself. pthat's essentially what this is pand 50 minutes of them making pfun of donald trump. pwhat threw them off is who layed donald trump. ut it up. pif you don't know already, yes, pthat is johnny depp who trance pforred -- it took him two or pthree hours every day to do pthat. pthey shot it in december over pabout four days. pand let me give you a little pexample of how this came out. p>> i had to start up with pnothing but the shirt on my back pand a small million dollar loan pfrom my father. p>> that's the beauty. phe did say that. p>> he did say that and goes on pwith more stuff. p>> a full movie. p>> full-on movie. pyou'd love this. pthey thought they had to do it pin a murray because trump was pgoing to be out of the race. p>> plenty of time. p>> yes.
7:49 am
p>> some would say that is pscandalous. pwe have a "scandal"-ous hour pcoming up. r and i was worried about joint damage. t my doctor said joint pain from ra p can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. r he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. r enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, tevents including infections, tuberculosis, plymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders r and allergic reactions have occurred. r tell your doctor if you've been someplace t where fungal infections are common, r or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, phave had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, por if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. p don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. rask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one p rheumatologist-prescribed
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p welcome back to "gma." pwe're already in a deep freeze pacross parts of florida. ptemps below freezing in ptallahassee and they are that pfrosty in parts of orlando gets peven colder this weekend.
7:53 am
p p "good morning america" is pbrought to you by panera bread.
7:54 am
>> now from wmur nine. pa laconia man is facing a slew pof charges this morning after olice say he escaped from the pbooking room at the belmont olice department. psurveillance video shows p35-year-old ryan streitenberger pleaving the booking room and pgetting into his car, which had pbeen towed to the police pstation. pan officer quickly realized he pwas missing and was able to pcatch him. pright now, streitenberger is pbeing held on $100,000 bail. pbelmont police say maintenance pworkers have inspected all the pdoor locks at the police station pto ensure that appropriate psafety standards are being met. pthere are new developments in pthe case surrounding the murder pof 11-year-old celina cass. psources confirm to news 9 that
7:55 am
phampshire state police major pcelina' s step father, wendell pnoyes, on monday. pat this time, they are not psaying why they were there. pso far no suspects have been p, named in celina' s death. poutside we take you. pkevin: a very cold stretch of pweather extending all the way to pmonday. pcontinuing to build in. pa couple of light snow showers. pmaybe a brief squall in a do pspots. pscatters snow showers tomorrow pevening. ptoday, we' re talking 20' s, maybe psome of our southeastern spots
7:56 am
pa brief squall a possibility in pjust a post -- a couple spots is pafternoon. ptemperatures tonight dropping pback to the single digits above pand below zero. pwe are just getting started. plooks like the coldest of the pair will be around tomorrow. perin: thank you so much.
7:57 am
p good morning, america. pkim kardashian opening up about pbaby number two and that big pdebate about moms, kid and being phappy. pexperts weigh in with three ways pfor all moms to reduce the pstress. p new this morning, questions pabout how popular weight loss pcenters are getting people to pshed those pounds. pthe new report raising big pquestions about whether some peven work. pdr. ashton here live with what pyou need to know before you sign pup. p it's time to get the chains pout p things are about to get p"scandal"-ous right here. p>> don't tell me you can't do pthis. p>> the all-star cast of
7:58 am
pyou've never seen them before plive, unfiltered and we're going plive on the "scandal" set and pbehind closed door. p>> sit down. p>> as we say -- p>> all: good morning, america. p yes, indeedy, good morning, pamerica. psuit up, gladiators. pyou know who you are. p"scandal" is back tonight, and pwe're celebrating big time this pmorning. punprecedented access behind the pscenes as you saw the entire pcast is going to be joining us plive. p>> yeah, who needs sleep? pit's 5:00 in the morning there pin l.a. plara is there on the set with pthe entire cast. pfirst time we'll see it. phey, lara. p>> hey, yeah, george, this is punprecedented. pso kind. p"gma" starts at 7:00 in new pyork. pthat's 4:00 a.m. out in l.a. pa welcome sign. pwe're in the studio where p"scandal" comes to life. pi'm in pope & associates with
7:59 am
pwe got huck, quinn, we got polivia and marcus and we -- i phave a question. psomething is wrong with this icture. pgladiator, gladiator, gladiator, pfirst lady. pyou have infiltrated. pa little foreshadowing of psomething to come in. p>> we could tell you but we'd phave to kill you. p>> yeah. p>> we're here. p>> we like you too much. p>> please don't kill me. pi did notice, guy, they do have psome new clients here. p>> suspects. p>> i'm not sure if they're pclients or suspects. pbut as i told them off camera pthey have a lot of work to do. p>> stephanopoulos. p>> the dirt. p>> uh-oh. p>> we'll have a full cast talk pand we'll talk with all these pguys and give you secrets all pthroughout the 8:00 hour. pmwah, back to you. p>> going to be so much fun. pa lot coming up. prundown. p>> the big story this morning
8:00 am
pthat wildlife refuge in oregon pmay be finally ending. pthe four remaining militia pmembers are promising to turn pthemselves in after being psurrounded by the fbi. pmeanwhile, cliven bundy was parrested in portland last night, pthe father of ammon bundy who pled the occupation of the refuge pto protest the use of public plands. p well, hillary clinton and pbernie sanders are preparing for panother crucial debate tonight, pthis time in wisconsin. pit will be their first face-off psince sanders' landslide victory pin new hampshire. psources tell abc news hillary pclinton's top advisers are pcalling supporters and donors ptrying to ease concerns about ptheir campaign. pthey are focusing on south pcarolina and nevada and relying pon support among pafrican-american and latino pvoters. p on the republican side, pdonald trump telling supporters pin south carolina, if he wins ptheir state's primary, he'll, pquote, run the table to the pnomination. p ted cruz claims he is the ponly candidate who can beat ptrump. pjohn kasich is considered a long
8:01 am
pohio governor is making news as phe prepares to sign a bill pdefunding planned parenthood. p in health news, encouraging psigns about dementia in america. pit appears to be on the decline. pa new study finds rates of pdementia are down more than 40% psince the 1970s among whites. pdoctors say the change is most plikely because of lower rates of pheart disease and they also pfound a link between higher peducation and a lower risk for pdementia. p well, we have an update on pthis video we showed you of that pman helping police catch a drug psuspect by tripping him. pon a sidewalk. olice released the video in phopes of finding him so they pcould thank him for doing their plegwork and now they have. pit turns out he is a soldier in pthe british army and like any pgood soldier he is always on pduty. p and finally the secret pservice has posted a sign poutside the white house that may pseem a little obvious. pit reads, weapons prohibited at pthe white house. pwell, the agency tells "usa
8:02 am
pto post the sign to have the pright to search people. pbut here's the deal. pthat law was passed back in p1988. pit took them 28 years to get the psign up. pno word why it took so long, but pgood work, guys. pbetter late than never, robin. p>> i guess so, amy. pthank you. p we have a big health pheadline for the millions of pamericans frying to lose weight. ptwo-thirds of u.s. adults are pclassified as overweight or pobese and a new study from johns phopkins says those popular pweight loss centers that so many puse may not be helping. pdr. jennifer ashton is here with pthe details. pwhat's going on? p>> if you are overweight or pobese and in my office i would plikely counsel you about the pimportance of losing weight and pthen might likely refer you to pone of these weight loss centers pto help you because this is an pordeal. pso what this study did, they did pa report card in an urban area
8:03 am
pand what they found, they didn't pdo so well. pthere is a lot of room for pimprovement. pone of the findings was about 1% ponly follow the actual medical pguidelines in helping patients plose weight. pfewer than one in three are pactually supervised by a hysician. pand only about 3% are precommending the proper amount pof physical activity. pso, again, not such good report pcard here. p>> these are shocking numbers. p>> yeah. p>> why are they not following pthe requirements? p>> we don't know. pi mean, my take on this is a pnumber of possible explanations. pnumber one, a center may choose pdeliberately to pursue their own papproach, which is fine as long pas you're transparent about it pand want to follow your own precipe. pwhat would be more concerning if pthey were actually unaware that pthere were real guidelines that pshould ideally be followed and, plastly, obviously there could be pfinancial gain here and it could pbe a scam so this is a scenario pwhere patients need to proceed pwith caution.
8:04 am
pnewly -- p>> yes. p>> board certified when it comes pto obesity medicine. pthere is some research out there pthat shows why it is so pdifficult for many to lose pweight. p>> right, we know based on the pobese ity medicine data in some pcases losing a significant pamount of weight may not be as psimple as eating carrot sticks pand exercising a lot. pthis is a complex issue with pmultiple causes. pthere are metabolic reasons, phormonal reason, environmental preasons, exposure in utero, pbehavioral, genetic. pthis is a war on obesity, so we pneed an army to fight it. p>> jen, you know so many people, pthey see these centers in malls, pin strip malls and all around. pwhat is your recommendation. p>> well, proceed with caution. pokay, there are a couple of ptips. pnun one, you want to be clear pabout your goals. pare you going to lose 20 pounds por going because you're trying pto lose 200 pounds and ask about pthe credentials of the people poperating these centers. p>> good. p>> that should be up front. pit's not a secret. pyou are entitled to know their
8:05 am
pideally, people can go to the pinternet and read the american pheart association and obesity psociety guidelines on weight ploss from 2013. pit's a magnum opus but it is pthere and accessible for peveryone to look at and, lastly, pyou have to factor in cost. pwe say it all the time. pit's expensive to be overweight. pbut getting good health can also pbe expensive and so cost has to pbe factored in. p>> wonderful suggestions right pthere. pcongratulations again. p>> thank you. p>> like she needs another title. pdoesn't have enough going on. p>> a little bit of free time. p>> jen will answer your pquestions. ptweet her @ @drjenashton. p kim kardashian opening up pabout baby number two and pstarting a parenting debate. pwhat experts are saying this pmorning. p lara is live on the p"scandal" set getting punprecedented access with the pentire cast like you've never pseen before. lus, tory johnson is here with
8:06 am
pkeep your family warm as the ptemperature drops, and it is pgetting colder. pwe got some beards and great pideas. pall coming up live right here on p"gma" in times square. pwhere is my jacket? pit is freezing. pwhat's going on? p "gma's morning menu" is pbrought to you by advil. pfast, powerful and proven relief pthat makes pain a distant pmemory. vo: you get used to pet odors in your car. you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... el iminate odors you've gone
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hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at p coming up on "gma," we are plive in hollywood with the pentire "scandal" cast. pit is 5:00 a.m. their time and pthey're about to spill secrets plive. pthey're tired. pwe got them exactly where we pwant them so stay with us. t
8:09 am
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pwe'll start now with kim pkardashian. pshe's opening up about how these phandling that new addition to pher family going from one child pto two and we have expert advice pon how to manage that challenge. preena ninan has the story. p>> reporter: kim kardashian has pconquered the worlds of reality ptv, fashion and social media. pbut going from one baby to two, pthat's something she says she's pstill trying to master. osting this week, i get no psleep. pin reference to balancing the pneeds of her newborn son with pthose of her toddler daughter, pnorth west. pone is like one she writes prepeating something her mother ponce told her. ptwo are like twenty. pevery wake second i'm not with pthe baby i'm with north. pi feel like i go into overdrive pto give my daughter attention pand make her feel loved. p>> this is exactly what your preality stars to be like. prelatable and in this post, kim pkardashian proved she's just pthere. pcompletely overwhelmed by taking pcare of kids.
8:12 am
pbecoming a second time mom is pfar from uncommon. paccording to a 2015 study pconducted by the university of pmichigan, 65% of women are plikely to be less happy in the pfirst year or two after the pbirth of their second child. pnicole herwitz knows 9 stress of pgoing from one to two. pthe new york mom says she was pjust getting no a routine with pher firstborn max when she pwelcomed a new baby two months pago. p>> mornings used to be really peasy. pmy son would wake up and we pwould do breakfast for him and pget him off to school. pnow it's a lot of preparing at pnight to get the toddler out the pdoor and start things all over pwith the newborn. p>> reporter: experts say enlist phelp from a baby sitter or spend ptime with mommy friends who punderstand the stress and pschedule some "me" time on a pregular basis. p>> if your older child is pfeeling jealous or left out, you pcan always make them feel
8:13 am
p>> reporter: for "good morning pnew york. p>> you have to pull the older pchild off the younger child. p>> absolutely. p>> and kim is very fortunate. pshe has her resources to be age pto help her out that some other pmothers might not have. p now to the moment we've been pwaiting for all morning, lara plive in hollywood. pwith the cast of "scandal." penjoy, lara, enjoy. p>> oh, thank you, robin. pyou know i'm in heaviening. pi love the show and the cast is pjust as nice as you would pimagine. p"scandal" back tonight. pmillions of viewers have pfollowed every plot twist about polivia, fitz, mellie, the entire pcrew. pwe'll talk about all that but pfirst we want to get you caught pup on what's gone on. ptake a look. p>> it's handled. p>> no one handles a scandal. p>> don't tell me you can't do pthis. p>> reporter: quite like olivia ope. p>> i need to work. p>> reporter: tonight the pgladiators are back in business. pand things are getting a little pcomplicated.
8:14 am
p>> there is no us. p>> reporter: when we last saw pthem at christmas, president pfitz narrowly survived an pimpeachment trial. phis ex-wife mellie became an povernight political sensation. polivia's evil dad came back into pthe fold. p>> i may be the bad guy but the pworst guys are out there. p>> reporter: and for a brief pmoment, it looked like the white phouse may even have a new first plady. pbut she found out that even the pbest fairy tales don't always phave happy endings. p>> we tried. p>> we did. p>> reporter: so where will it pall end up? p>> it don't matter. pi know. p>> reporter: of course we'd love pto tell you but then we'd have pto handle you. pright now an unprecedented look pbehind the scenes on the set of rime time's hottest show so pgrab your popcorn, gladiators. p>> silt down. p>> reporter: because this p"scandal"-ous cast interview pstarts now. pyes, cannot tell you how excited
8:15 am
punprecedented live look at p"scandal" behind-the-scenes. pthe show as i said back tonight pat 9 p.m. pi'm here with 13 members of the pcast and we are going to -- p[ cheers ] pand tables are turned. pi'm interrogating you guys ptoday. p>> uh-oh. p>> we have all agreed to spill psome "scandal"-ous secrets but phere is a little look at psomething to come tonight. p>> yes, yes. pdoor? pare you okay? p>> i'm fine. pwhat do you mean. p>> i mean, you won't open the pdoor and that's weird. pis there someone in there. p>> this isn't about a client. pyou want to talk on the phone. psurveillance -- p>> we do not want anyone at the pnsa to hear about this. p>> why? pwho's the client? p>> the head of the nsa. p>> i was just trying out for a prole. pi'm not going to live. pi have a captive audience and i plove the show so much. p[ applause ] pi'm going to start -- oh, so pkerry washington, thanks for pbeing here. pvery, very early. pall of you, thank you.
8:16 am
pof our most fierce gladiators. p>> i tried to dress the part ptoday. p>> sexy. p>> thanks. pthe scene that we just saw what pare you hiding behind the door, pgirl? pthat scene, huck is trying to ptalk to you. pyou will not -- usually you let peverybody in. pyou have something, either a man por a something. p>> uh-huh. p9:00, 8:00 central. p9:00, 8:00 central. p>> really? p>> that's my answer. p>> the only way you get to see pwhat's behind the door. p>> does what's behind the door phave a heartbeat? p>> hmm. oet lick speaking. p>> that's beautiful. p>> i see life in all kinds of pthings. p>> that was great. p>> whoo. p>> i have a big crush -- we saw pa glimpse of it. pi feel like fashion is almost panother character in the show. p>> uh-huh. p>> it definitely tells a bit of pthe story and what we've seen so pfar indicates a sea change of psorts, in fact, i'm going to pstart -- i want you to roll one pmore clip and you'll understand pwhat i'm talking about.
8:17 am
p>> we are never done. pwe do not give up. p>> my world, my rules, this is pwar. p>> there is no script. p>> do you want to be a gladiator pin a suit? p>> it's handled. p>> i like that. p>> oh, yeah, you throw that pwhite hat. pout with the white, in with the pred. plet me ask any of you what is pthe red symbolize? pwhat's the change we'll see in polivia and in all of you? p>> ooh, wow. pwhat is the change? p>> if you say 9:00, 8:00 pcentral -- p>> no. pit feels like it feels like pwe're not hiding anymore. pit feels like -- which is ironic pbecause of the clip we just pshowed of hiding. pbut it feels like everybody is ptrying to step into their new ptruth. p>> are you sick of being on the pwhite horse? pdo you have a different agenda pnow. p>> we'll see. pi think everybody is still pstruggling. pthat's so much to me what the pshow is about. peverybody is trying to be the pbest version of themselves. p>> not everybody. p>> upstanding person.
8:18 am
p>> not everybody is -- p>> not everybody is able. p>> i was going to point right to pyour dad. p>> no, no. p>> he thinks he's being the best pversion of himself. p>> absolutely. pyeah. p>> i mean, nobody does a psoliloquy like you, my friend, pjoe plays command. p>> thank you very much in front pof my entire case. p>> yes, thank you. p>> there's just something about pthe lilt in your voice and i plove the dynamic that's phappening or that i'm sensing pbetween you three. pscott foley and guillermo, my phunk. pwhat's to come? pwhat can you tell us about the pdynamic between that triangle? p>> well, the last thing you saw, pright, was that he walked into pmy house which means that we're peither going to be very close or pthere's going to be a lot of pblood. p>> really, okay. paction. p>> oh, well -- p>> we have a chyron up. pyou can't see but i just saw a pvery touching moment. p>> it was.
8:19 am
psinging "kumbaya" during that pscene. p>> you don't know. pthe last thing we saw jake pwalking into rowan's house so i pthink there's a lot of ossibility there. pyou know, there was some harsh pfeelings in the past and p>> yeah. p>> but i think there's an open pdoor there in huck, i want to pask you. pyour character is probably the pmost complicated. pi just called you huck. pguillermo. p>> okay. p>> guillermo, how is that for pyou to play -- must just be a pdelicious piece of meat for an pactor. p>> yeah. p>> and also what can we expect pfrom your character? p>> it's awesome. pyou know, i'm the luckiest guy. pi feel like i'm on television to ortray huck but you know, huck, pi think, is trying to be that pnormal guy. pyou know, he's trying to be that pguy. preally, he's trying really, preally hard and as you saw in pone of those scenes a few pepisodes ago where he doesn't pend up torturing rowan was a pmajor step forward. p>> huck is getting soft.
8:20 am
p>> kind of. p>> i look at it as he's getting pstrong. p>> amen. p>> that, i agree. p>> i absolutely agree. p>> resisting the -- p>> trying to break -- p>> yeah, katie, next to you is pcorn themous. phe is the newest gladiator. p[ applause ] p>> yeah, yeah, yeah. p>> he might not be as willing to pdo the things that you are pwilling to do. p>> very true? pmy friend. pso how -- p>> yet. p>> oh, really. p>> i mean, who knows. pwho knows. p>> that's true. phow will that dynamic work, pthough, when you're willing to ull teeth literally? p>> i think that you'll see a lot pgoing forward about what it's plike to have a new gladiator in pthe office and how we all sort pof deal with that energy and pwhat responsibilities we give phim, what we don't give him and phow he fits into the fold. p>> all right and then -- darby, pwho is my fashion icon. palways fun to see you. p>> ah. p>> and abby, poor abby, that's ptough to be in that press room. pyou had a hard time with the
8:21 am
pdo you get a break? p>> abby comes into a little bit pof a different scene in this psecond half of the season and pthere is a major change. p>> ooh. p>> that's all i can say, major. pcapital m-a-j-o-r. p>> oh. p>> so are we saying abby has one pof the biggest story linesy pshould we be watching abby. p>> yeah, yeah. p>> i know. pside. p>> every story -- p>> equal opportunity writing. pbut abby -- p>> i would say every character phas major changes. p>> and i mean, portia, this plittle three-way back here quite pliterally and art must, well emus, welcome pto the family. pi want to hear about that. pi've been saving -- your trouble pall the time. laying cyrus beane and the resident and first lady and
8:22 am
pof your relationship and, of pcourse, with this gal, kerry pwashington, because we do have pmore with "scandal" coming up. lenty more time coming up so pthank you for this little sort pof sneak peek, more to come, peverybody, but just a ree mind reminder, p"scandal's" winter premiere is ptonight, 9:00, 8:00 central. lease stay with us, though, pwe'll get a little "scandal"-ous pcoming up. pback to you guys in new york. p>> lara, please tell each and pevery one of them how grateful pwe are for them getting up like pthat, playing with us this pmorning. pwe know how early it is and our paudience is loving it. pyou tell them. p>> they baited the hook this pmorning. p>> thank you, thank you, to each pof you. pwe can't wait for me. poutside to rob. p>> we're grateful for those pbearing the cold. pyou're from australia. pwhy would you come to the cold? p>> something different. pjust something different but, pyes, freezing. p>> well, heading to hawaii. pwarmer stopover. pyou want to build a snowman.
8:23 am
pwind with light sticky snow will pbring you that yodel there in pthe three feet of snow across kevin: clouds continue to build pearly this morning. psome light snow flurries this pmorning. pthere is a possibility for snow psquall' s this afternoon. pthose will be fairly isolated as pwe go through time. pwe are in the teens to lower p20' s. pmost areas any 20' s for the pafternoon. plook for the winds to pick up. pas you can see over the next pseveral days, gradually cooler pand then much colder air. p p we have more from the set of p"scandal" coming up in our next phalf hour. p>> also "deals & steals," tory pand jesse will be here with pthat. pstay with us.
8:24 am
>> now from wmur erin: good pnine. pmorning. pit' s 8:27. pwe are learning news details pabout a murder-suicide in pbedford last year in which a pmother killed her six and peight-year-old daughters, before ptaking her own life. pin a final report, investigators psay a strained marriage, pincluding possible domestic pviolence, may have led to the pmurder-suicide. pinvestigators say her husband phas been cleared of any pinvolvement in the deaths. pa nashua man accused of trying pto solicit sex from two children pis due in court today. olice say 32-year-old ernest phardy used facebook last week to pask a 12-year-old girl for sex. pand then a second 12-year-old pgirl came forward this week
8:25 am
psex with her as well. olice say hardy also asked one pof the girls to send him nude ictures. poutside we take you to the queen pcity. pwe are a lot of cloudy skies out pthere and more snow possible? pkevin: yes. pquite a few clouds out there pthis morning, and some ossibility of light snow and plight snow showers. pstill a small chance that we pwill have one or two snow psqualls in the afternoon. pnotice the wind picked up today. p5-7 degrees cooler than we had pyesterday, which means 20' s for pmost. pwe eventually get the breeze pgoing, so it is going to feel pmuch cooler later on. pthen we drop into the single pdigits above and below zero ptonight.
8:26 am
pthe coldest air coming from pcanada over the weekend. pwith gusty winds to go over the pweekend. perin: we'
8:27 am
p don't stop can't stop it's plike a freight train p stoepts stop can't stop until pyou feel p>> this is the world premiere of pthe first video ever done pcompletely in zero gravity. pit's called "upsign down and pinside out." pthese guys are always fun. p>> they certainly are always pfun. pknown for their creative -- p>> got these balloons with paint pin them that explode and kind of pshatter all over the cabin. p>> there you go. p>> how wild is that? p>> i wonder how many trips they phad to take to do that. p>> rob.
8:28 am
peven the group has done creative pvideos and even said this one pwas out of the box for them. pand you can see the full video pon our facebook page right now. pyou want to check that out. p>> very cool. p also this morning, mario pbatali is here, he is taking on pour $5 dinner challenge. pi'm going to team up with him pfor i guess we're making penny inchers penne chlt . p>> it's going to taste good if pmario is here. plet's get back to lara. plara. p>> hi, everybody. pwelcome to "pop news" time. pi am on the balcony on the set pof "scandal" with the one and ponly josh mow alina. pwe begin with part one. pwe need to roll the music. p>> do you like adele? p hello from the other side
8:29 am
pactually it's adele. pshe is in california dreaming pabout how it used to be. pactually she's probably dreaming pabout how tomorrow night will pbe. pa surprise pop-up last-minute pconcert she's throwing for her pmost loyal fans ahead of her erformance at the grammy pawards. p1500 tickets were offered to psuper fans -- you had to be pregistered at which i pknow you were. p>> this is the surprise. pwe know it's tomorrow. p>> she surprised fans by saying, phurry, go to my website. p>> she just walks into ralph's pis a surprise. p>> but this is big. p1500 fans get to see her. pshe's got a world tour coming pbut this is just for the very pbiggest fans like i am with p"scandal." p>> sure. p>> and not to worry if you pdidn't get tickets they are all pgone now, six shows coming here pin l.a. at the tapements center pand all over, world tour for padele starts this summer. pgo to her website for the dates pand the places. p>> uh-huh. p>> also in "pop news," if you pdon't have a date for
8:30 am
p>> i do. pmy wife of 20 year. p>> fantastic. pif you ladies don't have a date, pno problem. phow about a little pillow talk pwith fabio. p>> fabio? p>> yes. p>> check this out. p p>> yeah, baby. p>> fabulous. p>> oh, yeah. pthere's cheesy music, rose etals. pchampagne and inexplicably a pwind machine. p>> he still looks good. phe's hanging in there. pi probably should not be pspeaking. p>> hallmark is offering -- i pfeel like i have to talk like pthis. p>> i wish you would. p>> he's prepared a lovely pevening for you thanks to phallmark offering 18 minutes of pthe long hair lothario's pundivided attention on their ptiming site phe's stretched out on a bear pskin rug. phe will ask you how you are, of pcourse, he's not really plistening to your innermost pfantasies, your secrets. pthis may not lead to a happy pending. p>> i feel like after three pminutes of skyping with fabio it pwould get awkward. p>> it's not even skyping, it's a
8:31 am
p>> you're watching and he's retending to -- p>> listen, if you don't have any pother plans on valentine's day pas the gladiators would say, pfabio has it handled. pyeah, you see what i did there. p>> it was good. p>> so now we have two other pteammates of yours. p>> artemus will help me. pyou have wine, wine coolers and pyou seem to like wine coolers. pi know that that olivia likes a pnice bottle of red. pwe came up with a game. pthese are all wines and pdescription. ptell me which cast member best pmatches the wine. pfirst one is rose, bubbly pflirty, regular as summer beach phouses. p>> jeff perry. p>> jeff perry. p>> okay, artemus. p>> 23 we get to hard liquor, i pcan give you answers. p>> saving that for last. pmalbec, deep and soulful. p>> i think papa pope, no?
8:32 am
p>> i don't know about that pactually. p>> deep. p>> who in real life is malbec. pdeep and soulful. p>> nobody on the show. p>> fantastic. p>> we don't have any of those. p>>. pr pri prisli prisling. psweetest of the sweet. p>> bellamy. p>> she's very sweet. p>> anybody catch that. ortia was like, me. p>> i just wanted one person -- p>> i was assuming -- p>> i was mind melting. pwhite zinfadel. phigh alcohol content. p>> that might be me. p>> we got our zinfandel. p>> i love it. p>> oh, that's it and, okay, and pgood old hooch. pyou said you wanted it. p>> well, that's susan's -- pname. p>> oh, shoot, how about -- oh, ptequila, i'd say scott foley. p>> there you go. p>> bitter after-taste. p>> sampling of the secrets of pthe "scandal" set. pnew york.
8:33 am
polivia coming up. p>> now i want a glass of wine. pso early. p>> it's almost 9:00. p>> thank you, lara. pthank you everybody. p a lot more with "scandal" pcoming up. pamy and mario batali, our $5 pdinner challenge. p>> that's right. pwe are giving celebrity chefs 5 pbucks to whip up a well balanced pmeal and this morning a pcelebrity chef and co-host of p"the chew" is taking on the pchallenge, mario batali, come on pout. p[ applause ] p p>> all right, you, this is not pan easy challenge, $5 but you've pgot it covered and it's in the pbag. p>> absolutely. p>> first of all i have a box of asta which we'll only use half. p>> pasta is a good option for eople on a budget. p>> absolutely. pthe problem with americans, a plot think of it as a single ortion serving. pthis is enough for four people. p>> all right. p>> then sausage. p>> sausage. pdelicious italian spicy sausage. p>> $1.50. p>> we'll only ice half of it pthen broccoli. p>> broccoli.
8:34 am
p>> that is an incredible -- this pis your total right here. p>> yes. p>> that brings you to a grand ptotal of $3.21. pthat is amazing. p>> all right. p>> pretty incredible. pso, let's get cooking. pwe need any items from our antry. p>> could you bring me extra pvirgin olive oil, chili flakes pand quarter pound of the '50s psliced real thin. pthat was a joke. p>> i want to tell you. pyou actually have a brand-new prestaurant. pcongratulations. p>> i do. p>> first in ten year. p>> first new restaurant in ten pyears called -- p>> laserena, means the mermaid pin "the odyssey" that would sing pfrom the rocks of cerano. pit would crash the ships and pdie. pno one will die in this prestaurant. p>> all right. p>> so we drop our pasta. pwhat we always do, right before pwe drop the pasta in the water pwe salt it so you always premember. pright before i put the pasta in
8:35 am
psalt is free on today. pthere. pif you do it you cook it paccording to the package pinstructions written right on pthe box. pcook it one minute short of that pand then throw it in with all of pthe rest of the things we call alm de mento. pi put three of the links back in pthe freezer. pdon't be afraid to freeze. pdon't leave it on the counter. ptake it out the night before and ut it in the fridge and pbroccoli is blanched in water pand throw it in like that. p>> you blanched it. phow long do you blanche. p>> when you blanche things you pbring water up to a boil and pthrow it in quickly with a plittle bit of salt, take it out pafter one minute, put it in ice pwater to shock it and refresh it pwhich retains the chlorophyll. p>> glad i asked. p>> retains the crunch and also phelps you know you're pmaintaining some of the vitamins pand minerals. p>> very nice. pgood. pall right. p>> so if you don't have a pcolander around the house or a psick, let me reach for the sink, pooh, sorry.
8:36 am
p>> the virtual sink is so good. pwhat's important in good pasta pdish, don't take the noodles out pand just put them naked on the late. pyou toss them into the pan with pthe condiment so the two pseparate ingredients, the noodle pand all the other stuff come ptogether as one. p>> yeah. p>> now we'll add a little chili pflakes. p>> a marriage of flavors. p>> exactly. pa little drizzle of extra olive pvirgin oil. p>> cheese. p>> just a little cheese. p>> cheese is expensive and will pmask it. p>> and you buy your cheese in pbulk. p>> buy my cheese in bulk and palso i only keep in the prefrigerator how much i'll use pthat week, a half pound. pthe rest in the freezer wrapped ptwice in foil and then in a lastic wrap. p>> you can freeze that. p>> you can freeze cheese -- the phard, dried cheeses you can pfreeze. pthe soft ones not so much. p>> put the cheese -- p>> in the pan. pso that it melts -- almost pbecomes a little like fondue. p>> oh.
8:37 am
pitalian pasta cooker er er cookery. pabudanza, simple food. pnever see giant italians walking paround on the street. pthey eat pasta every day. pthey eat the right portion. p>> thank you so much. p>> this is amazing. p>> oh. p>> robin is like -- p>> a little of that. peating. p>> robin is a good eater. pshe's clearly responsible pbecause she's slim and sexy. p>> you're good. p>> stop it some more. pyou can get recipes at on yahoo! pi almost spit it out. poutside to rob. pwe'll save you some. p>> looks delicious and hot. pwe're cold out here. pyou bought the hathe hat here. pgood job. pchilly for sure. pwhere it's warmer is the pmidsection all the way up to the pnorth he with. ptemperature in the 70s. plook at billings, 59 and 60s in psouthern oregon. pthe northwest will see more rain
8:38 am
kevin: an unsettled pattern pcontinues. psome areas of light snow and pshowers. ptemperatures teens to lower p20' s. p20 stood near 30 this p>> all right. pthis weather report is brought pto you by weight watchers. pback to you, amy. p>> amazing, 34 $3.21. p more fun with the cast of p"scandal" live.
8:39 am
p i'm not doing cornelius pfirst. pwe're back with our favorite pgladiators with this punprecedented look at "scandal" pout in hollywood. pwith me and then tonight on back p>> yes. resident. pi got to get to cyrus beene. pso, jeff and tony, tell me about pyour dynamic. ptony, so much changed for you, pno wife, no mistress. p>> right. p>> you and jeff are back ptogether. p>> we're working together. pbut as you saw in the last -- pthings are pretty strained pbetween us so abby really has -- p>> are you going to hit on abby pnow? p>> i can't tell you anything pabout that. p>> whoa. p>> i think you were just giving pus a little -- a little -- p>> look at bellamy.
8:40 am
p>> bellamy doesn't like me. p>> doesn't care with olivia pbeing gone. pshe is focused on becoming the resident of the united states. p>> yeah, yeah. p>> right? p>> doesn't get much help from pher ex. p>> if she needs it. p>> amen. p>> so, are you watching -- p>> helping other places. pwho knows. p>> hence, why we saw bellamy in polivia pope's office earlier in pthis show. pthank you for sharing a secret. p>> could it be? pcould it be? p>> that's what this segment is pall about. p>> digging, digging. p>> cornelius, the very handsome, pvery earnest gladiator, newest pmember of the team. pgetting on the set, working with pthis team which is like a family pwhat was that like for you and pwhat was something that psurprised you, a "scandal" psecret about one of your cast pmates. p>> first off i was really psurprised just how much it felt plike a family on set. eople are really genuine, open pand like family when you kind of
8:41 am
plittle bit. p[ laughter ] p>> that's true. pi've had my share of -- let us psay pranks but -- p>> a little bit. p>> they put a little sprinkle pon. pwhat else? pi love to eat. pi found somebody who loves to peat just as much as i do. p>> who is that. p>> this man. pevery morning. p>> how long are the days on the pset? ptell me about the days. pi imagine a show like this very plong. p>> we have the hardest working pcrew in hollywood. pthis crew like any of us -- p[ applause ] p>> our crew is tireless and they pare professional and like if pthey are the family you're not pseeing here because no way we'd pbe sitting here without them and pwork harder than anybody up phere. p>> they're here today with us. p>> they came in. p>> thank you, guys. pbehind the scenes. pso one of our viewers wanted to pknow who hangs out off screen? pyou guys are dark p>> we all do. p>> i've actually been out with a
8:42 am
pwine flows even when you're not pin olivia's apartment. p>> yeah, definitely. p>> the girls like to gather and pdo walks -- p>> we do too. p>> boys do too. p>> did you watch the super bowl ptogether? panybody? p>> no. p>> i want to ask you, kerry, pyour wardrobe changes, which did pyou like better, being the pgladiator in white or the kind pof sexy lady in red? p>> this one -- it was tricky for pme. pour very first sitting was in pthe script that olivia starts pwearing bright colors and lynn pand i kind of froze. pwe sat and looked at each other pand try again the next day. pone of the ways i've pdistinguished between kerry and powe live i wear a lot of bright pcolors and she doesn't. pwe're figuring it out. p>> it was a huge shift. p>> your costume designer pdeserves an award. p>> she is a genius. p>> i agree. p>> i just need to know before we
8:43 am
pyou've got your -- flanked by pyour two loves, can olivia pope pstand on her own two feet? p>> i think it's also -- that's pan interesting question. pare you alone when you are pfamily. plike she still has her pgladiators, maybe that's enough pfor now. p>> is that enough? p>> maybe. p>> it is what her father wants p>> oh. p>> stand on her own two feet. p>> listen, command. p>> it's the truth. p>> we always worry about what pyour ulterior motive is. p>> to make sure my daughter is phappy. p>> oh, my god. p>> or dead. p>> so, who here is going to pleave our "gma" moment and thank pyou so much for having us and pfor coming in early and go home pand take a nap? praise your hand. p>> that we can raise. p>> i don't blame you. p>> you guys are going to go -- p>> i'm above it. p>> everybody from "scandal," we pthank you. pwe love you, keep up the great pwork. p>> thank you. p>> great to see how it unfolds.
8:44 am
pdon't miss the winter premiere. pi'll say it again, "scandal" ptonight, 8:00 central, right phere, where -- p>> abc. p>> that's right. pcoming up. pwe've got deal, we've got psteals. p
8:45 am
p p time now for "deals & psteals." ptory johnson has deals that will pkeep you comfy this winter. psome starting at $5. p>> this is for you. promo boots. pi love their boots for both pwomen and kids. pwhat's great about the company. pfor every pair they sell they pdonate a pair and they've pdonated 50,000. pthey start at $49 but everything pslashed by 51% so 24 to 57. p>> a great cause, as well. pespecially when you come out of pthe shower. p>> diva darling. pwith long hair, the turbine or
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pcan't beat that and it helps to pavoid excess heat on your hair. pa really good deal. pnormally $10 to $12 slashed in phalf $5 to $6. p>> we like that. p>> these are so super soft. pit's their chevron pattern. pyou can get either both the illow and blanket or just one por the other depending on what pyou like. pfour different styles to choose pfrom. pjust beautiful quality on these. pi love them and actually huge. pnormally 88 to $179. pall of these slashed by 70%. pstarting at 27 bucks. p>> i got to be honest. pi love this. p>> so we brought in backup over phere. pto demo these. pso these look so gorgeous. pfor a freezing cold day like ptoday everyone needs a beard. pkid, adult, men, women, you walk pdown the street, you are the pstar with these. pnormally 30 to $60 depending on pthe style you choose. peverything slashed in half pstarted at 15 bucks.
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p>> i love the name beardo. pand finally a special guest. pgizmo. p>> harry barker, big assortment pof dog bed, bowels, blankets, peverything, gizmo not included. pbig assortment when you go ponline. pnormally 18 to $200. peverything slashed today in phalf, 9 to 100 bucks. pcan't beat that. pfun for the pooch. pthank you, gizmo. p>> you got to do it for your plittle dog. p>> got to do it for giz moi. p>> a big thanks to the companies pfor setting these up. pcheck these out on on yahoo! pan exclusive you can only find ponline.
8:48 am
p "good morning america" is pbrought to you by kay jeweler's. pevery kiss begins with kay. p>> before we go quick update on pour "10 dates in 10 states" padventure. perica scott tried tout pcheesemaking on her latest padventure. pyou can see it on our facebook age and website and tomorrow, pit's the big finale. pwe didn't even need any cheese. psee you tonight.
8:49 am
>> now from wmur 9. pthere are new developments in pthe case surrounding the murder pof 11-year-old celina cass. psources confirm to news 9 that pinvestigators from the new phampshire state police major pcrimes unit were at the home of pcelina' s step father, wendell pnoyes, on monday. pat this time, they are not psaying why they were there. pso far, no suspects have been pnamed in celina' s death. pa laconia man is facing a slew pof charges this morning after olice say he escaped from the pbooking room at the belmont olice department. psurveillance video shows p35-year-old ryan streitenberger pleaving the booking room and pgetting into his car, which had pbeen towed to the police pstation. pan officer quickly realized he ptrack him down. pright now streitenberger is pbelmont police say maintenance pworkers have inspected all the pdoor locks at the police station pto ensure that appropriate poutside we go.
8:50 am
ptemperatures in the 20' s. pkevin: we' re going to have a pbreeze that builds today. pwe are in a wintertime pattern. pwe have a little bit of a breeze ptoday which provides just enough pflurries. pthere is a small chance that one por two of these showers may have pa couple of squalls with them. pmorning. panother five to seven degrees pfor most locations. ptonight will be the beginning of pa much colder air. ptomorrow colder, and plenty
8:51 am
r today we're going tor run a slalom course. r r v the chevy silverado r of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locksp to provide better traction. pfeels like a beast. grips great. rdude, that was awesome. p current qualified competitive lessees can get this p silverado all star v8 for around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling
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