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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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kevin: more scattered snow we open the door to the coldest air of the season so far. weekend with futurecast ahead. >> i do not understand it. jamie: a mother is speaking out as a natural man accused of trying to solicit sex from her daughter and another 12-year-old ' s on facebook face of a judge. plus, ferguson, missouri in hot water. the department of justice is suing the city. and the political attention shifts now to the u.s. senate race. what senator kelly ayotte is cuddling -- is calling on
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its visit] like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon. jamie: right now in the granite you are looking live at meredith. i am jamie staton. if you are heading out this afternoon, you will want to bundle up. meteorologist kevin skarupa here now with more on that dangerous weekend. kevin: it will be bitterly cold by the weekend and each of the next three or four days, the step back continues. it continues to bring snow showers through the area with a weak disturbance lighting by fear snow showers at just about any time with quite a few clouds, and that rees, which is knocking temperatures back. we are at 5 to 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. that trend will only continue. tonight, we are talking single digits above and below 0 for overnight lows.
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we start the day tomorrow. from there, colder air tomorrow, and the coldest of it timed out for the weekend. we will have the details with your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. jamie: right now, a ferry to your old nashua man facing charges after police say he tried to solicit sex from 212-year-olds. -- two 12-year-olds. he used facebook to communicate with them. wmur' s ray brewer is live in nashua where he spoke to the mother of one of the alleged victims. ray: jamie, ernest hardy told the court today that he has a disability, but he did not say anything about the nature of the charges he is facing. one of the mothers of his alleged victims told us that hardy knew her daughter from the neighborhood. the mother of one of 32-year-old ernest hardy' s alleged victims was present in court thursday. she asked that we not use her last name or show her face. >> i just wanted to see his face, i don' t know, just for her.
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i had to see his face. ray: party is charged with several felonies -- lt. lehto: in which he solicited pictures and attempted to meet with them on two occasions. ray: both alleges victims are just 12 years old. >> she should not be subject to something so horrible by such an older person. ray: police say on february 3, hardy contacted the first victim and on tuesday contacted the second girl. told her older brother but not her. trouble. ray: the 26-year-old brother used his cell phone to contact hardy. police, and hardy was arrested. the mother says her daughter still has nightmares. >> she is not doing good. she is scared. today.
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s bail to -- hardy' s bail to $15,000 cash. he is due back in court on the 24th for his probable cause hearing. reporting live in nashua, ray brewer, wmur news 9. jamie: also due in court in nashua today -- a man accused of stabbing another man with a knife. police were called to chestnut street in nashua for the assault. officers found one man suffering from stab wounds. police arrested jonathan rhodes on three counts of first-degree assault. a lebanon man is facing a drunk driving charge after leading police on a high-speed chase. last night, police try to stop 53-year-old patrick roland from a motor vehicle violation. roland continued to drive fast on mechanic street, lost control, and crashed. he was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and later arrested and charged. a laconia man is accused of
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belmont police stopped 35-year-old ryan streitenberger after noticing he had false, temporary license plates and a false inspection sticker. he was arrested after police found drugs, a loaded gun, and a knife inside the car. when the officer stepped outside of the looking room, the suspect to solve of the room was not locked and try to get away the written officer heard the garage door close and brought him back. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire in laconia. when firefighters arrived at the gilford avenue home, they found heavy fire on the first floor. the second floor. a second man also taken to the hospital with breathing issues. the red is assisting the nine people displaced. the fire does not appear to be right now, the attorney general is on a nationwide tour, highlighting police departments around the country after the justice department announced
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s body cannot azi kanani has more. bazi: a new battle in ferguson, missouri. the justice department is suing the city for violating its residents' civil rights. ms. lynch: stopping people without reasonable suspension by arresting them without cause and by using a reasonable force. these violations were not only agree just, they were routine. they were driven at least in part by racial bias. bazi: the lawsuit comes after a surprise move this week by the city council voting to push back against the settlement the city department after months of negotiations. >> i think the things we asked for a very reasonable. bazi: city leaders want to amend the agreement, which they say the city cannot afford to implement, but attorney general loretta lynch is not buying that argument.
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s own negotiators came to an agreement that was both fair and cost-effective. bazi: lynch says city leaders litigation to protect the rights treated unfairly by police in a profit-driven court system. ms. lynch: they have waited decades for justice. they should not have to wait any longer. bazi: this will go to trial unless they are able to settle first. attorney general lynch did not indicate much hope for that. bobby cannot be -- bazin kanani, abc news, washington. jamie: the republican race a focus is on south carolina. the next gop contest is february 20 in that state, south carolina. tonight, all eyes will be on democrats -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they will square off in milwaukee in less than 40 hours after sanders won -- 48 hours after sanders won here in new hampshire.
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between incumbent republican kelly ayotte and governor maggie hassan. ayotte is making a bold campaign a campaign move. .co since she has gotten into repeatedly railed against third-party special interest groups. if she is really concerned about this, and this is not just a she will do something about it s pledge. jamie: maggie hassan' s campaign has yet to respond to the the people' s pledge was formed in 2012 during the senate race in massachusetts between scott brown and elizabeth warren. the standoff at a wildlife to an end. coming up, the move the fbi took that may lead the remaining four to surrender.
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make it back to land. kevin: chilly breeze and snow showers of afternoon with the the weekend. all of the details coming up. jamie: as the zika virus continues to spread, the concern continues to grow up your next, about the chance of the virus
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the last four members of the armed group occupying a federal soon surrender. the members say they could turn themselves in this morning after the fbi and other officers of surrounded them in a tense standoff last night. the group, led by ammon bundy, seized the refuge to oppose federal land-use policies, but bundy is behind bars and his father was taken into custody last night. no word on the charges they are facing. passengers on a cruise ship our home after the ship was battered by a major storm. the anthem of the seas now docked in new jersey. it was carrying 4500 passengers, 1600 crew members when it sailed into a major storm. >> the worst came to mind.
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i just -- you know, you hear live them until you were actually in the situation. anniversary, and it turned out to be a nightmare. rest of my life. jamie: she certainly will. a team of coast guard inspectors will take a look of the damages. passengers will get a full refund and a certificate toward 50% off a future cruise. that is a frightening wave there. kevin: a horror story. a huge cooldown for the weekend and what is going to feel like a true arctic blast of air. jamie: a huge cooldown. also, growing concern as the zika virus continues to spread. coming up, a local doctor sits down with us to discuss the virus and what steps you can take to protect yourself. plus, a daredevil' s dream. hopefuls -- olympic hopefuls
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jamie: this is some great video. right now, daring athletes
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skiers and snowboarders showing polartec big air featuring athletes from 25 countries. the ramp but they are doing tricks on -- 140 feet high, s white towers ski new hampshire one of the partners for the event. >> now, meteorologist kevin skarupa with your stormwatch 9 forecast. kevin: a lot of clouds out there and a changeable sky for the effort of your will be in and out of light showers in areas of snow. there will be times when visibilities will get knocked down to a 1/2 mile. those chances continue through the evening commute with skies clearing later tonight. a similar look at portsmouth out at rye beach where we had wind gusting over 21 hour, continuing to feed in the cooler air at the wind, which will be around into monday. after another cold start monday morning, we should start moderating of it.
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gradually taking those steps backward to bring in what should be a very cold weekend. it is not just the temperatures and the numbers themselves -- it is the actual wind that will be going along with this, gusting at times 20, 25 miles an hour each afternoon over the weekend. here and now, we have got snow showers out there. this is a reinforcing shot of cooler, drier air that continues to build in. highs yesterday low-to-mid 40' s, today the 20' s, tomorrow teens to lower 20' s, and from there, the coldest temperatures of the starch look to be over the weekend itself. the coldest of the air located in central parts of canada. it is sliding south now. to get through before we get weekend. scattered snow showers into the. afternoon not everyone sees them, but it mostly cloudy sky along with a bare minimum of a few flurries. still the potential much like yesterday afternoon that one or
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snow coming out of them. a few spots will try to get up near 30, but with the breeze, that is truly just a number. gusts at times over 30 miles an hour, knocking the wind chills teens. it' s across the area. central parts of canada. flow returns to the northwest saturday morning. after this afternoon. skies clearly drawn tonight, and with sunshine but temperatures below 0. front located in southeastern parts of canada slides in our area sometime later friday night, early saturday. we stop the clock for you at 11:00 saturday morning. that is when the front clears the area, and that is when the winds will start to pick up out
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over 25 miles an hour as temperatures continue to fall. the coldest of the air likely sunday and monday morning. tonight a little taste of it, -8 to 8 from north to south. the coldest of the air over the weekend and through monday morning before moderating monday afternoon ahead of the next as some, which may be cold enough for snow to start. precipitation type still a question depending on the track of that system. jamie: gee, looks great, kevin. thanks a lot. today, a senate committee is virus. institute of allergy and testify. senators will be discussing president obama' s emergency $1.8 billion funding request to fast-track a vaccine for this. speaking of zika, in our monthly checkup today, we are talking about the virus, which has been
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primarily because of its link to birth defects your we have with us today dr. benjamin chan, new hampshire' s state epidemiologist. welcome. thanks four coming in to talk about the spirit what are we talking about when we talk about the zika virus? -- thanks for coming in to talk what are we talking about when we talk about the zika virus? dr. chan: people cannot get this hampshire. they get it from overseas. it is not a new virus. it has been around since the 1940' s when it was identified in africa, and it has been circulated in the africa, asian area since then until about 2015 and the americas. wildfire. countries. puerto rico.
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dr. chan: the virgin islands. it has not been identified in the united states other than travelers returning from these areas. it is important to note -- in most people, it is not caused serious infection. four out of five people do not have any symptoms. if people do develop symptoms, they tend to be very mild -- fever, rash, pinkeye, conjunctivitis, muscle aches, joint pains. the concern is in pregnant women. since the virus has come to brazil, there has been an increase of cases of what is called microcephaly, which means babies born with a small head or brain size in pregnant women that were thought to be affected with the zika virus. jamie: so this made headlines here. a couple of women' s u.s. soccer players on the olympic team decided to opt out of brazil. seriously. that is going to bring a lot more notoriety to it. dr. chan: yep.
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attention because of the impact to pregnant women and their developing babies. because of this, the cdc has put out very specific guidelines for how to monitor and how to test pregnant women. jamie: we' re not really worried about mosquitoes in new hampshire at this moment. dr. chan: correct. jamie: what steps should new hampshire residents take when the mosquitoes will come back? dr. chan: again, this is mainly for people who travel to areas where the virus is being transmitted. anybody who is planning on traveling and becoming pregnant, providers. pregnant women should consider postponing travel to these areas. pregnant women should take strict precautions to avoid mosquito bites, including not only insects repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, staying of thing.
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jamie: well, on this week'
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adopt a pet, we have two puppies looking for a home. jepora and torretta are adorable catahoula mixes. both puppies are deaf and are learning sign language. for more information, go to in new hampshire, dress in layers, go with hand warmers, feet warmers. kevin: absolutely. and temperatures continuing to slide backward, and we are talking temperatures in the single digits to lower and midteens. jamie: all right, kevin. starting tonight at 5:00, new security measures at the verizon
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