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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 12, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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dog. the horrifying conditions police say the dog was left in and the dramatic improvement it has already made. tom: big security changes are coming to the verizon wireless arena. the steps you' ll go through the next time you' re at a concert or show. shelley: hillary clinton and bernie sanders just finished their first debate since the new hampshire primary. the topics they addressed as the campaigns turn their focus to the south. tom: one group is finding a new use for old campaign signs. the project at unh to re-purpose them. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: temperatures are falling right now and some places could drop below zero overnight. you' re looking live at colebrook where it is minus two degrees at this hour. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i'
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dropping as we approach the weekend. chief meteorologist mike haddad is tracking the dangerously cold temperatures. mike: we talk about when wind chills get down to 15, 20, 30 below, frostbite can occur in about 15 or 20 minutes. we are not there just yet except in far northern parts of the state. 10 to 11 in manchester south and east. the wind still quite active, driving in a surge of arctic air but it will tend to retreat tomorrow afternoon before the real winter blast arrives this weekend. wind chills as low as teens below zero from plymouth and points north, subzero' s what it feels like when you factor in the temperature in the wind. much colder air upstream moving in through the course of the next several days. tomorrow colder than today and
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teens to start off on saturday, which is not all that bad, but it only gets colder as the day goes on. any chance of snow over the weekend? all that straight ahead. shelley: tonight, a londonderry couple is charged with neglecting their pet dog. causing it to go deaf and blind. like when londonderry police found it. police say it' s possible the dog wmur' s stephanie woods is in londonderry to explain how officers found the dog. stephanie: officers say a tip from a landlord led them to the apartment. when they found the allegedly abandoned dog it was so sick and its fur was so matted they couldn' t even see its face. >> this is the most severe one that i' ve ever seen, and speaking to other officers here, who have been here a while, this is the most severe one they' ve seen as well. stephanie: detective chris olsen has been in law enforcement for 9 years but has never seen an animal cruelty case this bad.
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landlord called londonderry saying her tenants 36-year-old jada demas and 30-year-old jennifer moscardini had abandoned their apartment and left their 2 to 3-year-old shih tzu behind. officers entered the apartment and say they were greeted by a horrible smell. they found fleas, filth, and a barely recognizable dog bumping into walls and trying to eat >> the fur on the dog' s feet and paw area, was actually lifted up and pulled in to its claws and wrapped around, so that it couldn' t even walk on its claws, it was basically walking on bone . stephanie the dog was rushed to : southern new hampshire veterinary hospital where it was diagnosed with several conditions including an ulcerated and infected skin mass on its forehead, dislocated knee caps, and a lame hind leg. olsen says vets say that the dog scratched its eyes and had severe ear infections, causing it to go blind and deaf. he says it could have been alone for -- >> it' s unknown, but it'
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weeks. stephanie olsen says after he this afternoon they turned themselves in. both are facing charges >> if you' can' t take care of your animals, there are plenty of foster homes and animal shelters who would love to take that animal off your hands. stephanie: the dog is staying with the foster family and has police don' t know if it will be well enough to ever be adopted. being held on $2,000 cash a piece and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. live in londonderry stephanie woods wmur news 9. tom: police say a woman was under the influence of drugs when she was found naked at the welcome center on i-95 in seabrook early this morning. kristin woolf faces charges including indecent exposure and lewdness. officials say an employee found woolf sitting in front of the fireplace just after 2:00 a.m, when she refused to put her clothes on, the employee called state police. the head of the tourism department, which runs the
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very out of the ordinary. >> this is highly unusual. nothing like this has ever happened before and the attendant acted appropriately and the state police handled this situation. tom: woolf was taken into custody and then to a local hospital. shelley: a man from moultonborough is suing after he was burned by an exploding vapor cigarette battery in his pocket. the lawsuit is against the manufacturer of the vapor cigarette and the store that sold it. you can see the burns on matthew gilson' s pants. he was at work at the time of the explosion, and surveillance video shows smoke, then gilson running. gilson was treated for second and third degree burns. we contacted the store and no one was available for comment. police say former boston mayor ray flynn wasn' t hurt when he crashed his car into a building. this is damage from the crash, which happened on a street where flynn lives in south boston. the 76-year-old former mayor wasn' t hurt but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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to 1993. he hasn' t commented on the crash. tom: in commitment 2016, democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton met tonight for their first debate since sanders won the new hampshire primary. wmur' s sally kidd is live in washington d.c. with our commitment 2016 coverage. sally: bernie sanders had the momentum heading into tonight' s high-stakes debate, the last one for democrats before nevada, south carolina, and super tuesday. bernie sanders pitching himself a political revolution. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics. sally: you' re really -- hillary clinton pledging to break down barriers as president. to do and we know more than we
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>> health care is a right of all people, not a privilege, and i will fight for that. >> the numbers don' t add up and many will be worse off than they are right now. vote. s we' re sick and tired of seeing videos on television of unarmed people, often police officers. >> the candidates fielding questions on improving race relations and tackling poverty. >> when you give low income kids the opportunities to get their lives together, they are not going to end up in jail.
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foreign policy. the exchanges were pointed but respectful. sally kidd, wmur news 9. s another debate ahead on saturday. the republican candidates will meet up in south carolina, a week before that state' s shelley: and here in new s official. tuesday' s primary saw record turnout. the secretary of state says more than 538,000 people voted. the previous record for presidential primary turnout was set in 2008 with nearly 530,000 voters. of hillary clinton' her time as secretary of state will be public. a federal judge ordered the release today. the state department will publish another 550 pages on saturday. the 3 document releases after that will all be the day before a democratic primary or caucus. clinton is under scrutiny for her use of a personal email address and a private email
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her time as secretary of state. federal investigators are launching a second search of the wreckage of el faro. the freighter ship sank in the atlantic during hurricane joaquin in october. the ntsb will organize a two-week expedition in april in hopes of finding the black box data recorder. 33 crew members were aboard the ship, and several had ties to new england. shelley: a big headline from verizon of -- verizon wireless arena. there will be a big change at the facility starting this weekend. get set to see something you' ve never seen before at verizon wireless arena. walk through metal detectors are all lined up, getting set to be set up -- to be installed at
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allowed inside the facility anymore, including backpacks and no see through plastic bags either. >> yeah, some of the parks have gone to see-through bags, but they are somewhat leaning off of that just because it' s been a tough battle. shelley: purses and diaper bags are permitted, but will be searched. the procedure is similar to the type of security measures at airports. >> pockets will be emptied. it will be kind of like going through the airport, but you' ll be able to keep your shoes, belt and jacket on. we' ll just do a light pat down. shelley: cell phones will be allowed, unless that' s banned at a particular event. camera policy will be set by each show, although they are typically not allowed. and of course no weapons are allowed inside verizon. arena officials say they' re trying to be proactive with safety. >> we' re just trying to stay ahead of the wave and make sure that people know that we take safety seriously here in manchester as well as around the country with smg managed properties. but there are no credible threats against us, there have not been. but let it just be at the forefront of everyone' s mind that safety is our priority and when they come to a show they' ll enjoy it and be safe. shelley: again, the enhanced
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little bit more time, if you' re heading to an event at verizon. tom: a new settlement has been offered to families of victims. shelley: most campaign signs will have to be collected from street soon, but they are not all bound for the trash. the project putting the signs to new use. mike: colder air on the way for the weekend. shelley a theory proposed by : albert einstein a century ago has been proven correct. scientists at mit explain how
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tom: new developments in the ongoing syrian war. secretary of state john kerry says a group of diplomats were not able to organize an immediate truce like some had hoped. but the cease-fire will allow deliveries of humanitarian aid to several syrian communities. bill cosby' s wife will face a shelley: a federal judge in massachusetts made the ruling he said she can refuse to answer questions about private marital conversations. the women are suing cosby for defamation because he called them liars after they went public with their sexual assault accusations. the case is separate from the
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a financial settlement has been offered to the families of james whitey bulger' s victims. it comes from money found in his apartment in california as well as proceeds from an auction of his belongings. the offer has been sent to 16 families of murder victims. they have to agree not to sue the government. survivors say they are considering the offer carefully. >> i don' t have too many more years to live, and it would be very nice to have it a little easier. >> i cannot say it is a fair settlement, it' s the only settlement right now. will it ever be fair? can you put a price on a life? shelley: he' s serving two consecutive life sentences in a federal prison in florida. tom: campaign signs are a pretty common sight in new hampshire
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taken down by february 19, except for the signs of primary winners. but a project at unh is re-using the materials, to create gadgets for people with disabilities. after the votes are counted and the campaign lights dim, what's left are the campaign signs. but now occupational therapy students from unh are gathering that corrugated plastic to build assistive items for those with limited use of their hands, arms, and legs. an idea that evolved when professor therese willkomm was approached by someone with a disability in need of a something as simple as a sandwich holder. >> that should be easy i could just come up with a flexible sandwich holder and i could take corrugated plastic election signs and make a sandwich holder for him. tom: suddenly a simple success story turned into a full blown effort after each election season. one person wanted a pizza tray, another an i-pad holder, all cut and created with election sign plastic. >> then someone with parkinsons was having tremors wand problems reading a newspaper and i said that was easy we can make a
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tom: now they' re making over 78 items for people with disabilities. so since the signs must come down, they seek permission from fading campaigns, to convert that loss into a big win. >> i engaged our occupational therapy students into cutting this stuff up and we have made all kinds of kits and hold workshops all over new hampshire on making book holders, all these hand free solutions out of corrugated plastic. tom: since 2012 the students have been accepting requests to make these gadgets with signs from a favorite candidate in mind. so you get to pick your candidate' s sign. it' s a good thing to see those signs starting to disappear for
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mike: wind and cold will knock it all down if we don' t take care of those signs because the wind is cranking up and bitter cold over the course of the weekend. you notice the time lapse photos out it newfound lake with clausen breaks of sunshine and a couple of scattered snow showers. right now all the snow has shut off in many spots. a few flurries lingering in the white mountains but temperatures now the focus from here on out. right now the thermometer readings are in the single digits, just above that in manchester and nashua and below zero in the great north woods. factor in the active wins, 10-50 miles per hour. it feels like five to as much as 20 below at this hour. it' s going to dip well below
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actual air temperatures, subzero up north in just a little above zero elsewhere as we head into early tomorrow morning. arctic air spilling into the great lakes, eastern parts of canada, moving in for tonight and then tomorrow a little bit of a bump up near 21 or 22, then back into the deep freeze for the weekend. milder air off to the west will slowly move in as the arctic air retreats out of here sunday night, monday and tuesday. by the time the next storm arrives, even know we have a lot of arctic air to talk about, were talking about more but mix of rain rather than snow. notice the jet stream locking in that chill not only for today but through tonight and tomorrow right through saturday and that' s when the coldest air builds in and the winds will be cranking up as well. that means dangerously cold wind
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that means frostbite can occur in about 15 minutes. limit the time and outdoor saturday afternoon and sunday. then it warms up by early next week. noticed went chills as we advance in time through the day on saturday. we start off above zero but during the afternoon it actually gets colder. a bitter blast saturday night, wind chills of 20-40 below and through the day on sunday, not much of a job in terms of temperatures. even colder with wind chills below zero. once at all moves through on sunday, temperatures climb a little bit on monday, wins will be lighter, saturday morning not all that frigid but downright cold. the worst will be late saturday
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then snow over terrain on tuesday. tom: let'
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jason the bruins began a six : game road trip tonight in winnipeg, boston hoping to bounce back after a horrible defensive performance against the kings on tuesday, in which they gave up 9 goals. boston got off to a fast start tonight, just 1:38 into the game, patrice bergeron scores his 20th goal of the season, 1-0 bruins. but the jets respond quickly, bryan little has plenty of net to shoot for and he scores, 1-1. the bruins force a turnover in the offensive zone. loui eriksson makes them pay. boston back in front 2-1. it was tied at 2, still in the first period, brad marchand gets
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the backhand. 3-2 bruins after one. 4-2 in the third, bergeron nets his second of the game, this time on the rebound, at minnesota on saturday. high school girls basketball before the girl' s basketball , game at moultonboro academy tonight, the state championship girls nordic team was honored. they won the d-4 title on wednesday. as for the game, it's the pittsfield panthers at the moultonboro panthers first half, alyssa sullivan on the baseline, she hits for pittsfield. then kylee morel feeds katie rollins in the paint for the easy bucket. on the near court, moultonborough works it inside to eleanor eaton for the a pair. colleen keyes steps up and hits the jumper from the elbow. moultonborough wins it 36-28. and just a bit west on route 25, this is prospect mountain taking on inter-lakes.
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movement, delia everhart hits from just inside the arc. at the other end, julia eifert dishes to a wide open elizabeth brennen underneath. emma hardie uses the glass, hits the bank shot from the block. lakers running the floor, quickly up court to jessalyn brown for the easy bucket. but prospect mountain wins it 57-40. nick lorden of milford is this week' s hometown hero. nick is a senior at bishop guertin high school, where he plays football and competes in the high jump. at 6'3" , 205 pounds, nick was the primary receiving target for the cardinals this past fall. his size and ability earned him a football scholarship to the university of new hampshire. to help his football career, nick took up track. he won the division one indoor high jump title this past weekend, and looks forward to the spring season. >> i started high jumping in eighth-grade because my parents and coaches encouraged me to
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my coat said i did pretty well so just carried on with that. jason fenway park was s big air competition, a 140 foot ramp installed for the u.s. grand prix tour event. the structure is 7 feet taller than the light towers above the green monster. chas guldemond, one of new hampshire' s olympians from the sochi games, competing tonight. guldemond grew up in laconia, before moving to california to follow his olympic dreams. his final run, guldemond throws a huge backside 10-80, got a good score, but not good enough for first place. guldemond on the podium though, he finished third. congrulations to hanover' s asa,who wins the gatorade boys soccer player of the year award. a senior midfielder, asa scored 19 goals with 19 assists last season, leading the marauders to
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next year he will play at colby college. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. scientists have confirmed part of albert einstein'
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tom: a prediction albert einstein made 100 years ago has now been confirmed. shelley it' s part of einstein' s : theory of relativity when masses in the universe collide, they send waves of energy at the speed of light. astronomers at mit and cal-tech set up twin observatories that have been listening to the universe for 28 years. last fall, they heard something. >> it sounds like a chirp, something up in frequency so it would be a whoop kind of signal. >> this is a huge deal for us because up until this point we couldn' t hear anything from the stars, but with this we can actually listen to the stars. shelley: experts say this gravitational wave is the sound of two black holes merging, 1.3 billion light-years away. it' s amazing. shelley: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line. have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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