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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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they will. that's what's making news in america. >> couldn't even walk on its paws. sean: one of the worst cases of animal neglect. erin: big changes coming to the aurin that. the security you'll face on sunday. kevin: clouds and chill. just a taste of what is to come. the cold temperatures arriving ahead. sean: a massachusetts bus driver is due in court after crashing in to a utility poll with kids
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police say he was drunk. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for waking up with us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. you might want to snuggle in close to your dog or cat. it is cold out there. it is only going to get colder. kevin: an appropriate weekend for valentine's day. we are looking at cold temperatures. it is going to be the wind that kicks up. there's a bit of a breeze this morning. that's knocked wind chilling down to the teens below zero. we have the clear skies across a good part of the state. temperatures in the single digits above and below zero. wind chills in several locations in the teens below zero. it is just the beginning of a bitterly cold weekend with a good deal of sunshine. much more on that with your forecast.
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good friday morning, deb. deb: good friday morning. all of the roads are speed. it is cold. if you can get your car warmed up before heading out, that's a good idea. 293 northbound we are seeing some delays. travel is moving well from 93 south from concord to the hooksett tolls. then from manchester to salem. we're not seeing any delays. no delays on 93 right now from hampton to portsmouth. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson. sean: all right. topping the news on friday, two women accused of severely neglecting their dog are due in court today. erin: this is what the two or 3 shih tzu looked like when they found it. how is the dog doing
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ray: we're told the dog is doing a lot better. it is staying with a foster family. it was diagnosed with a long list of health problems. londonderry police say they were called to an apartment after the landlord reported finding the dog alone inside what she believed to be an abandoned unit. the conditions inside were deplorable. they say the dog was barely recognizable. it was diagnosed with ear infections, dislocated kneecaps, blindness, deafness, and a skin mass on its head. >> this is the most severe one i've seen. speaking to other officers that have been here a while, this is the most severe as well. ray: they called jada demas and jennifer moscardini. they turned themselves
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they face three counts of animal cruelty. it is not clear if the dog will ever be well erin: okay. thank you. charges are coming to -- changes rather are coming to security at the verizon wireless arena. anyone entering the fault is going to have to go through metal detectors. no more large bags, including backpacks or bags. you will be allowed to bags. proactive. >> there are no credible threats against us. let's be at the forefront that safety is a priority. when they come to the show, they will enjoy it and be safe. erin: with the new security measures, you are urged to leave extra time.
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been dropped against the man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. he was charged with making threats against the lead prosecutor in the case. those charges have been dropped. kibby's trial is set to start in june. a derry man is accused of stealing a car in order to rob a bank in methuen. 32-year-old richard burns told the teller he had a gun and got cash. he drove the stolen car back. officers saw him pull in and get in to his pickup truck. they have recovered the stolen cash. erin: a school bus driver is due in court accused of crashing while driving drunk with kids on board. 42-year-old scott poirier failed a field sobriety test after crashing in to a utility
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there were 11 children on board. no one was hurt. i never would have expected it. the kids have always said he's fun and he's been driving for them since the beginning of year. >> that's a shame. you think at this stage in the game there should be enough checks and balances that shouldn't happen. erin: he faces several charges, including oui and endangering the welfare of a child. sean: how lawmakers killed a bill that would have legalized marijuana for personal use. it would have allowed people of 21 years to have pot and grow up to six plants. it would have regulated and taxed the drug as well. tuesday's primary was a record breaker in new hampshire. more than 538,000 people voted. the previous record for presidential primary turnout was set inweight with nearly 530,000 voters. bernie sanders and
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off for their sixth debate. following a big defeat, the former secretary of state started to push a new message. we have the highlight as the campaign focus turns to south carolina and nevada. >> i do have a disagreement here. >> the differences were substantive but subtle in last night's democratic debate. >> we agree that wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. here's the point i want to make tonight. i'm not a single issue candidate. i do not believe we live in a single issue country. reporter: hillary clinton trying to reset after being walloped in new hampshire. the democrats changing. voters more than 90% white in iowa and new hampshire. more than half of the democratic voters could be americans. >> when we have more people in jail, disto --
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african-american, he's my promise we will not have more people in jail than any other country. reporter: fireworks coming at the end. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders i expect from republicans not from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed. >> that is -- madame sec they, that is a low blow. one of us ran against president obama. i was not the candidate. reporter: hillary clinton was also asked about how she managed to lose female voters. she responded she has worked her entire career to empower women to make their own choices, even if that choice, she says, was not to vote for her. lana zak, abc news, washington. erin: the boston mob boss'
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they would get split the money found in his apartment and the sale of his belong lings. they also have to agree not to sue the government. >> i don't have too many more years to live. it would be nice to have it easier. >> i can't say it is a fair settlement. it is the only settlement right now. will it ever be fair? can you put a price on a life? erin: bulger is serving two consecutive life sentences in a federal prison in florida. sean: still to come this morning, beautiful flowers as far as the eye can see. the annual new hampshire orchid show in a new location. erin: this week's hometown hero only started competing to help his football skills. now he's one of the best in the state. sean: find out how the thousands of campaign signs are being used
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kevin: friday morning, february 12th. we start out with clouds and eventually the clearer sky. we're going to continue to see the chance of a passing snow shower or two all the way through early tomorrow morning. that will be the leading edge of the bitterly cold arctic air along with the wind that we'll have through a good part of the weekend. details coming up. erin: that's good. but it is getting colder. for the weekend. sean: okay. we need to see what it is like to be minus 20. erin: is this week's hometown hero is a football and track star in nashua. sean: nick lorden was the primary receiving target for the cardinals this past fall. he won the division i indoor title. now he has his sights set on the spring season. >> i started high jumping because my parents encouraged me to participate in track. they said it would help
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i tried high jumping. my coach said i did pretty well. i carried out with that. in the spring, i want to capture the division i outdoor high jump title. sean: i'm always amazed. he has earned a scholarship to play football at u.n.h. in the fall. erin: if you are looking for a great way to escape the cold or celebrate valentine's day, why not check out the new hampshire orchid show. this is the 25th year for the blizzard of orchids. the show was moved to the courtyard marriott in nashua. hundreds of varieties of the beautiful flower will be on display today through sunday plus plenty of things to buy and seminars to learn about orchids and how to grow them. it is not easy to do. sean: yeah. plus it is a good way to fast forward to spring. you've got to do it inside. 5:13 right now. coming up, food waste is a huge problem in many parts of the world. france has taken a big step towards helping keep food out of land fills.
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is like to fly in to space? the smithsonian will take you on board apollo 11. sean: we have these two sisters. jepora and torretta are both deaf and learning sign language. they are waiting for you at the live and let live farm. for more information, go
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sean: at least 49 inmates are dead and others hurt after a prison riots. the victims were hacked, beaten, or burned to death. it began with prisoner set a storage area on fire in the middle of the night. officials say there was never any attempt by the prisoners to actually escape during all of this. france is taking steps to crack down on food waste. lawmakers there have passed a law forbidding supermarkets from
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food, that includes foods that are passed the used by date but still safe to eat. they are encouraged to donate to charities for humans or farms to be used for feed or compost. erin: if you are looking for work, the state is hosting a job fair at exeter town hall on front street. nearly 70 potential employers are going to be on hand reining from hospitality to retail, health care, finance, education, and telecommunications as well. the smithsonian will learn about the apollo 11. it is going to show what happened during the neil armstrong, buzz aldrin, and michael collins trip to the moon in 1969. it includes scribbles the men made on the wall and their personal belongings. it will allow anyone to
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live in a spacecraft. tight quarters. sean: i was going to say cozy is how they would describe it on a real estate ad. kevin: they wrote on the walls. i had no idea. sean: are you allowed to do that? kevin: i guess there are no laws up in space. do what you want. what are they going to do? we start off with looks outside. it is a chilly start to the day. single digits above and below zero. literally just an appetizer of what is to come. the colder air continues to rush in. we're expecting a front to approach later on this evening. there could be some snow showers or a brief squall early tomorrow morning. as the winds pick up, the coldest air of the stretch and likely the coldest air of the entire season makes its way in. we have partly cloudy to clear skies. there's the front back to the west. that eventually approaching after midnight tonight. i think with that, some scattered snow showers. these are the actual temperatures. below zero north of the notches.
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the monadnock region and zero to as warm if you want to call it that in and around manchester. as far as the winds, they are going around 5-10 miles an hour. that knocks back the wind chill. again this is just the beginning of the numbers we'll start to see over the weekend. i think by saturday in to sunday we're talking teens and 20's below zero. then in the north country 30's to maybe even near 40 below zero. we have wind chill watches posted for the entire state starting tomorrow afternoon and sunday. those will likely be upgraded to advisories or warnings as we get closer. temperatures dropping back another 15 degrees from the readings that we had yesterday at this time. there's the coldest of the air continuing to swoop in later on tonight and tomorrow behind the front that comes through. ahead of that it will be a lighter breeze. teens to lower 20's. this is just the air. today is ten degrees below the average.
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you'll notice it clearly comingly through the state. a line of broken showers and maybe even a brief squall. we're looking for the winds to pick up tomorrow and temperatures in the single digits and teens is going to start sliding back through the afternoon. as a matter of fact by late in the day there will be a lot of areas that will be below zero by sunset in the north western half and lower single numbers. here's a look at it. again by saturday afternoon, near sunset and single digits for southern and south eastern areas. already below zero up north. winds will be gusting over 25 to 30 miles an hour. temperatures through sunday afternoon. while the high temperatures likely not out of the single digits in a lot of areas on sunday. we're talking wind chills in the teens, zero. 75% of our days going back to december 1st at or above normal, this is one of the weekends you are going to want to use a lot of common sense and truly be prepared
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plenty of layers since you are going to be outdoors. warming trend by tuesday. that system may start as snow and go over to a mix of rain. much more on that after the ridiculous cold. sean: be ready for the cold. we start with ray brewer. ray: two women are due in court in what is called the worst case of animal cruelty he's ever seen. officers were called to the apartment monday night. they found a dog. they say the dog was barely recognizable, bumping in to walls and trying to eat small objects on the floor. sean: new security measures coming. starting on sunday, anyone showing up for an event will have to empty their pockets and go through a metal detector. you won't be allowed to bring any large bags inside. house lawmakers killed a bill that would have legalized marijuana for personal use in new hampshire. it would have allowed people 21 years or older
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to six plants. erin: coming up, the yellow bedroom painting is famous.
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kevin: friday morning, deb 12th. single digits above and below with a little bit of a breeze knocking the wind chills back early. this is just the beginnings of the very cold air and the strong winds that are expected over the weekend. we'll have all of those details with your forecast coming up. sean: a collection of hats and gloves ready at the door as you head out. twins are pretty common. two sisters in new jersey have another close connection.
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both pregnant and ended up giving birth on the same day at the same hospital. by the way they each had baby girls. everyone is healthy. how about that? that's amazing. sean: talking staying in sync for the rest of your life. the art institute of chicago is giving you an opportunity to live inside a painting. erin: the famous yellow house bedroom that van gogh painted. the museum will rent the room out for just $10. it includes tickets to the exhibit itself which runs until may. sean: the lady named mona liz 15 is going to greet you at the door. the bruins have a long road trip and bounced back for one of the worst games of the season with one of their best. erin: researchers say for the first time they can listen to
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning. it is february 12th. we're seeing temperatures in the single digits. they are below zero in others. we're in for quite the chilly weekend. sean: the memorial bridge blue because it is ice cold. cool down in a moment. two women accused of abandoning their dog are scheduled to be arraigned on charges, including cruelty to animals. a massachusetts woman is free on bail after state police say she was found naked at a welcome center in i-95 while she was allegedly
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a moultonborough man suffered burns after a vaporizer battery exploded in his pocket is suing for damages. erin: we had a little bit of snow. kevin: it was the leading edge of another batch of arctic air. the area of snow showers back to the west arrives later this evening and colder air makes its way in. single digits above and below zero. notice the 22 below on top of mt. washington. we have wind chills either side of zero. this is just the beginnings of the colder air coming in. teens to lower 20's with a good deal of sunshine. erin: this morning it is cold. i can only imagine what it is going to feel like tomorrow. we want to check the roads for you this morning. here's a live look at 93 from the common man camera in windham. kevin: one lonely degree.
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davidson. happy friday. it is definitely a cold start. if you have a chance to start your car before you head up, i would recommend doing so. all major roads are doing well and up to speed. we're not seeing any problems from 93 south from north of the notch in to concord. no problems at the hooksett tolls. it is moving well at the upper split with 293. from manchester to salem it is up to speed. 101, 111, and the looking good. if you are commuting in to massachusetts at this time, it is completely hassle free. this report is brought to you by autofair. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: all right. thank you. so londonderry women are scheduled to make a court appearance today. sean: this is what it looked found it. the neglect caused the blind. they cleaned the animal
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this is what it looks like now. ray brewer live in the studio to explain how officers found the ray? ray: offices say it was a tip from the landlord that led them to the apartment where they found the abandoned dog. they say the dog was so sick its fir so matted they couldn't see its face. >> this is the most severe one that i've seen. officers who have been here a while, this is the most severe one they've seen as well. ray: the detective hads been in law enforcement for nine years. he's never seen an animal cruelty case this bad. the rockingham road landlord called police saying the tenants, 36-year-old jada demas, and 30-year-old jennifer moscardini, had abandoned their apartment and left their two to three-year-old shih tzu behind. they were greeted by a horrible smell. they found fleas, filth, and a barely recognizable dog bumping
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to eat small objects on the fur. >> the fur on the feet and paw area was lifted up and pulled in to its claws and wrapped around. it couldn't walk on the paws. it was walking on the bones. ray: the dog was rushed to the hospital where it was diagnosed with several conditions, including a skin mass on the forehead, dislocated kneecaps, and a lame hind legs. the dog had severe ear infections and it caused it to go blind and deaf. the shih tzu may have weeks. after they called the women, they turned themselves in. they are facing charges, animals. >> if you are not capable of taking care of the animal, there's plenty of shelters that would love to take it off of your hands. ray: in the studio, ray brewer,
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state police say a massachusetts woman found naked at the welcome center on i-93 in seabrook was under the influence of drugs. officials say an employee found 35-year-old kristen woolf sitting in front of the fireplace nude. when she refused to put her close on within the employee called state police. the head of the tourism department says this is very out of the ordinary. >> this is highly unusual. nothing like this has ever happened before. the attendant accounted appropriately. the state police handled the situation. sean: woolf faces indecent exposure and lewdness. erin: a man from moultonborough is seeking damages after he was burned by an e-cigarette battery that exploded in his pocket. he filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and store that sold it. he suffered second and third agree burns. we contacted the store
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vaporizer. no one was available for comment. sean: a massachusetts man is facing prison time. october. a salem police officer testified in court that an suv driven by elvis rodriguez pulled out of a closed business where and drove straight at the officer nearly hitting his cruiser. after deliberate for 15 minutes, a jury found him guilty of charges, including felony reckless conduct. erin: it looks like a familiar name could be added to the list of candidates running for governor. ted gastas says he's received a lot of encouragement to run. he's considered it for a number of reasons. >> i think there's a lot of things i've been watching from the local level that people in concord don't realize are happening here. probably the most predominant is the drug epidemic. how long it took for people to respond to it. erin: gastas says he will take
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weeks to focus on making a decision. meantime some other people have already announced their candidacies for governor. chris sununu says he's running for the corner office. on the democrat side, colin van ostern and mark connolly. sean: there are a lot of campaign signs. state law fires them to be taken down by february 18th. instead of throwing the signs away, they are reusing the materials to create gadgets for people with disabilities. the idea evolved when a professor was approached by someone with a disability in need of a sandwich holder. now they are making more than 78 items. >> we've made kits and workshops all over new hampshire on making book hold efforts, card holders, document holders, ipad holders,
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kinds of solutions out of corrugated plastic. sean: since 2012, the students have been accepting requests to make them with signs from the favorite candidate in mind. erin: the new hampshire audubon is asking for your help this weekend with the annual backyard winter bird survey. anyone with participate. all you need to do is count the birds in your own backyard scened in the results. for your information, head to n sean: i'm surprised the birds can be in the cold. coming up, a huge surprise for a heavy metal rocker in oregon. he found a picture of his beloved vest hanging in a new york store three years after it was stolen. erin: a major breakthrough in the world of astronomy. they have detected the phenomenon known as gravitational waves. kevin: we are looking at scattered snow showers moving in later tonight.
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of colder air that makes its way in for the weekend. all of the details
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below zero. we are looking at a cold start to the day. a lighter breeze out there today than the wind we'll have over the weekend with colder temperatures. all of the details on your weekend forecast and your valentine's day forecast coming up. erin: hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off for the first time since sanders defeated clinton by a landslide. nikole killion is in washington with some of the highlights. reporter: hillary clinton campaigns in south carolina and bernie sanders is in minnesota after going toe to toe. >> secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. >> the kind of criticism that we've heard from senator sanders about our president i expect from republicans. i don't expect from someone running for the democratic nomination.
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that is a low blow. and hillary clinton squared off over president obama's legacy with the issue of race front and center as both african-american and hispanic vote. >> at the end my first term as president, we will not have more people in jail than any other country. >> we're going to enforce the law, we're going to change policing practices. reporter: a fiercer fight. >> let's not in any way imply here that either president obama or myself would have in any way not take on any vested interest, whether it is wall street or drug companies. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. reporter: other hot topics? health care immigration and the foreign policy. the republicans get their turn with a much smaller field in south carolina tomorrow night.
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killion, wmur news 9. sean: thanks. hope is growing for piece in war-torn syria. they have agreed to a cease fire and to provide immediate aid to the country. kerry said that diplomats are hoping it can be implemented in one week. it does not apply to any terror organizations operating in syria. a new report is revealing major concerns about iraq's mosul dam which is the largest in the country. the u.s. army core of engineer says the dam is the most dangerous in the world and is at risk of collapsing and sending water crashing over millions of people. it contained structural damage and only got worse when it was overrun by isis. if the dam collapses, more than half a million people could be killed. erin: a couple of sheriffs deputies ended up doing some
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man for driving drunk. there were three kids inside the car. the baby was in a car seat, but was not buckled in. all of the kids needed to eat. they got the older children a meal from mcdonald's. then they made some baby formula at the scene. >> there's a bunch of cops in uniform trying to make a bottle on the side of the road. our heaters in our car to warm up the water for them. it was really hard to be professional when we have such strong opinions art the situation. we try to keep it together for the welfare of the kids. i've always babysat. i've just never done it with a gun on my belt in the passenger seat of the patrol car with the rifle next to me. erin: they it it. the deputies say they have a lot of experience with kids being fathers and uncles. sean: a lot of hats if you are a police officer; right? a woman in colorado says she saw a divine sign in the church that was
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she took this picture of the portrait in sits in the sanctuary after the electrical fire. at the top of the portrait, you can see a smudge of cash that resembles a crown. she believed it was a sign to show the church was under protection. i've got to tell you. erin: it does. sean: it does look like a crown. amazing. a heavy metal musician in oregon who lost his vest years ago found a picture 3,000 miles away. erin: the rocker says his vest was stolen after the battle of the bands. he gave up on ever seeing it again. that friend said he found a picture of the vest in new york city hanging in raff lauren's display at macy's. it was taken by a record company representative just because he liked it. >> supposedly there's a
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coming out that's cult that has a heavy metal theme. i would like to figure out all of the traveling that my vest has been doing without me. having all the fun. erin: people around the world have now joined the effort to reunite this rocker with his vest. if he gets it back, he says he will go sky diving wearing nothing but the vest. let's hope he brings a parachute as well. sean: that's a great idea. pack both the vest and the parachute pack. let's let the rest of the visuals go. erin: moving in to sports this morning, the bruins began a six game road trip in winnipeg. sean: boston got off to a fast start. bergeron scored his 20th goal. the jets respond quickly to tie the game at 1-1. the bruins forced a turnover. loui erikkson made them pay putting boston in front 2-1.
5:46 am
the defenders. the bruins win at minnesota on saturday. erin: a prediction that albert einstein made 100 years ago has been confirmed. it is part of the theory of relativity. when masses in the universe collide sending waves of energy at the speed of light. astronomers at m.i.t. and cal tech set up twin observatories that have been listening for 28 years. last fall they finally heard something. >> it sounds like an up in frequency. this is a huge deal for us. up until this point, we hadn't been able to hear anything from the stars. but with this, we're able to listen to the stars. erin: how about that? experts say the gravitational is the sound of two black holes merging 1.3 million light years away. there's a lot of math and calculations that go
5:47 am
sean: i was curious to see what two black holes merging. now i know. erin: how can they tell it is 1.3 light years away. sean: it is clear to me. kevin: it is simple math in the star trek episode. erin: you unction that; right? kevin: it is amazing. just the sheer distance and power of that to be able to travel through space is pretty amazing stuff. it is going to allow for many other discoveries. sean: it also hurt my head thinking about it. wow. kevin: it is early in the morning. we start off with a blend of sunshine and clouds. a little bit of a breeze. wind chills in the teens below zero. temperatures themselves in the single digits above and below zero. just this truly the beginnings of the cold air that will be coming in starting later tonight. we have a front approaching the area. a couple of scattered snow shower and maybe even a brief squall. that will be the front
5:48 am
the coldest of the air with the entire stretch comes in starting tomorrow afternoon, continuing through sunday, and through monday morning. temperatures are going to run a solid 20-30 degrees below normal. wind chills below normal starts tomorrow afternoon and continuing through monday morning. i want you to notice we're in the single digits from manchester to the coast, there are a lot of spots in between. we're at four below in goffstown. one below in wind ham. two below in londonderry. we're looking at several spots here between three and five below. again this just truly the beginning of the colder air that's going to come in. not much of a breeze with the clearer skies helps those temperatures fall off this evening. the wind is going to be going along with the colder air as it comes in for sunday night and monday night. temperatures going as far as the wind chills are concerned in the single and double digits below zero. as cold as 20 below in a few spots. temperatures in the
5:49 am
these are ten degrees below normal. it will be with a degree of sunshine. clouds will start system tries to approach. might be a few flurries the evening commute. that will be fairly isolated. it is overnight we'll start to see the front approach. as we stop for you at 6:00 tomorrow morning, you'll notice we're in the single digits and teens with the chance of a snow shower for 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. once that goes by, it minute burst moving through and maybe a brief squall. temperatures start to fall off. by the time we get to sunset, temperatures are colder than what we started the day with. a lot of areas in northern and western sections down near or below zero. we only continue to fall from there by sunday morning. a lot of areas will be below zero. as a matter of fact, statewide below zero. the wind continues to gust. it starts tomorrow afternoon and goes over 25 miles an hour. then it just continues all the way through
5:50 am
eventually lightening up sunday night. the coldest of the temperatures could occur monday morning. that will be ahead of the next system that comes in. while you'll think the next system would be all snow because of the colder temperatures in place, the track of the system right now on most of the maps actually takes it right along the east coast and in to the east coast which would mean snow initially tuesday morning. possibility going over to a mix and maybe even heavy rain tuesday afternoon and tuesday night with temperatures near 40. that's a stay tuned situation. as far as this weekend being very careful and use a lot of extra precaution. be safe if you are going to be outdoors. erin: the roller coaster continues for the temperatures. sean: things might flip over on tuesday. attention pinball fans. i thought that was genius. 16 players will compete for the chance to be crowned the 2015 international flipper
5:51 am
the winner will get to represent at the national championship which takes place in las vegas last month. erin: that's a talent to have; right? still ahead, a woman in indiana got a special gift for valentine's day. her husband bought an ad on the billboard to what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitiver lessees can get this silverado all star v8 forr around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling
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erin: a man in indiana gave his wife quite the surprise. sean: his wife only asked for a modest gift like a note or card. this year he had something different in mind. kevin: he bought space on a billboard that featured pat and patty forever. you complete me. love pat. >> i just started gasping and crying. >> she started crying. she just lost it. it was really exciting. that's what i wanted was to surprise her and let her know how special she is and let her know
5:55 am
years have been great for me. kevin: she says she has no idea how to top that gift. she still has a couple of days to figure it out. thank you to him for raising the bar for the rest of us. sean: he's sweet about the whole thing, but he is killing it for the rest of us. erin: it is not going to be easy. sean: one institute is giving you a chance to stay in a room made to replicate one of van gogh's famous paintings. ray: an officer calls it the worst case of animal cruelty he's seen. erin: maybe you don't have the valentine's day.
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>> couldn't even walk on its paws. it was walking on its bones. sean: one of the worst cases of animal neglect they've seen. they could barely tell it was a dog. erin: big changes coming to the the new security measures you'll face on sunday. clouds. just a taste of what's to come over the weekend. we'll talk about the cold temperatures arriving ahead. sean: a massachusetts bus driver is due in court after crashing on board.
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