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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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take a look at the morning lows from earlier today. 8 below in berlin and whitefield. well below zero in the upper valley and monadnock region. even concord down below zero for the first time since last march. and just a bit above that manchester towards the coast. four below in nashua. right now it's 21 in manchester. no major wind chill to contend with right now because those wind speeds are not that strong. but they really crank up tomorrow afternoon as temperatures start off seasonably chilly, but only get colder through the afternoon. so by later tomorrow into early on sunday, wind chills as low as 40 to 25 below zero. that means frostbite can occur in only 10 to 15 minutes during that time, again that's later tomorrow in through sunday morning. take precautions and layer up and cover all exposed flesh if you're going to be outdoors during that time. what about the rest of the weekend and next week, that's
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shelley: and bring the pets in. those extreme temperatures may have an effect on how busy it will be on the slopes. layering up will be key to staying safe. stephanie woods is live tonight where some skiers will be going into the early morning hours. reporter: that's right, hard to believe, it is definitely cold, but as can you see not affecting business here at crotched mountain. plenty of skiers and boarders out right now trying to take advantage of the 12 inches of snow that just fell on the mountain. but don't worry, there is no danger of it melting. it is 18 degrees right now, and with the wind that feels more like 8 degrees. that temperature is only going to drop as crotched mountain stays open late tonight for midnight madness. the temperature will drop down to 11 degrees by the time the beddington ski resort closes at 3:00 a.m. and the area is under a wind chill watch. they want you to come out and enjoy the fresh powder, but a also want to you bundle up first.
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correctly, which is important, these cold, this cold weather, you can get through with the right layering and stuff like that w. the crotched rocket being a high speed chair, can you get more laps in more quickly, so in between hot chocolate, you can get a few runs in and then go back inside and warm up. >> we're doing well, it's good to be out. reporter: here's the deal that out. tomorrow there's a valentine's day special from five the the evening until three in the morning, can you see all night for just $14. shelley: a hollis man is charged with stalking a woman. police say it went on for months, but they got involved after her personal information was posted online, soliciting a sexual encounter. wmur's mike cronin just talked with investigators, he joins us live with details. mike? reporter: police say this all
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men apparently showed up at the victim's home in hollis in response to a craigslist ad soliciting sex. jason hunter of nashua was arrested last night, charged with harassment and three counts of stalking. since december police say hunter has been bothering this 17-year-old victim through text, e-mail and facebook. she contacted police this week after those men showed up at her house. the manager of kohl's in nashua says hunter and the victim worked together at that store, police say they were just acquaintances and were not in fi kind of relationship. >> guarding your online safety is something you have to think about, what you put online is very important h. this gentleman probably did learn quite a bit about this girl from her social media postings, and it's very good important to try and stay as private as you can. reporter: hunter was arraigned this morning and is being held on $5,000 cash bail. police say if you're faced with
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a call right away. tom: just in tonight, three people under arrest in connection with a fatal beating outside a rochester bar. 41-year-old eric langlois of barnstead turned himself in, he's facing a manslaughter and riot charge. two women also face riot charges. police say the three were with a group that had been tossed out of gary's sports bar in rochester. after 1 al on january 31. their accused of waiting outside for the victim, 44-year-old james u. >> as he was coming out, he was confronted by the suspect in this case. the suspect at that point assaulted the victim with a punch to the face, causing him to fall, which caused a severe head trauma. as a result of it, he passed away from his injuries. tom: police expect to make one more arrest in that case,
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on tuesday. now live pictures from bartlett, new hampshire, firefighters continue to battle a blaze at the historic kearsarge peg company over on mill street. as you can see, most of the billion has now burned to the ground. it was the last surviving peg mill in the entire world. the owner shares some of the history of this business. >> it was the last surviving peg builder in the world. no more. and it was, it started in 1865, moved in 1878 to this location here. burned down in 1905, rebuilt by 1910. tom: such a loss. back to these live pictures, again this is in bartlett. firefighters expect to be on the scene for several more hours. and tonight senator kelly ayotte and governor maggie hassan are pointing fingers at each other over a plenty to limit third party spending in their u.s. senate race. as we first reported yesterday,
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hassan to sign the people's pledge, then hassan made a counteroffer. josh mcelveen has all the new details. reporter: that counteraround from hassan is going over like a lead balloon with the ayotte campaign, and both sides are accusing the other of playing politics. during a taping of closeup airing sunday, governor hassan said when it comes to campaign finance reform, she's all for it. >> i think we should overturn the citizens united case, i differ with my opponent on that issue. and i was encouraged when she suggested that we take the people's pledge. josh: but instead of signing it, hassan made ayotte a counteroffer, suggesting a complete $15 million overall spending cap for each campaign. but friday ayotte accused hassan of trying to move the goal post. >> don't be fooled by governor hassan's response. clearly she is not addressing the underlying issue which is third parties special interest spending.
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war chests, ayotte has a big end with more than $6 million cash on hand. hassan has under $2 million. but when it comes to ayotte projecting the spending cap counteroffer that hassan proposed, the governor called it business as usual, washington style. >> the senator ayotte sent out a statement that indicates that she's taking the lead from washington and say take it or leave it to me. >> clearly her response shows you that she doesn't want to keep this spending out of the race, and it's really just politician speak for i don't want to sign the people's pledge. josh: as the senate race becomes the tallest big in new hampshire, it appears what might have been -- it threatens to get heated in a hurry. tom: a new hampshire man is going to court after his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket. shelley: up next at 6:00, he and his attorney tell news 9 the two parties they say are to blame
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burns on his leg. mike: as an arctic front moves through tomorrow, do we see any snow? the forecast is coming up.
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tom: new developments tonight about a moultonborough man who says he was badly burned by the battery for a nicotine vaporizer when it exploded. shelley: he's suing the store where he bought and it the manufacturer. matthew gilson claims the lithium battery was in his pocket when it blew up. in surveillance video from his work place in north field, you can see him running, smoke trailing behind. he and his attorneys say the
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warnings should be given. >> this kind of battery thing is like with parents and everything, they gotta treat it like a gun, they gotta hide it in high cabinets, it's shiny and yellow, a kid could get ahold of it, these things are dangerous. shelley: we reached out to the store he bought pretty, they declined to comment. the company in china who manufactures it did not answer our questions. tom: if the weather forecast has you searching for a warmer place, we might have an idea for you. the new hampshire ork sid society is celebrating its 25th annual show in nashua this weekend. with beauty around every corner it's a perfect valentine's weekend date, plus orchids remain in bloom for about three months, and that will certainly outlast any rose bouquet. >> it's the start of spring, you got flowers inside here. you can take them home, can you
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supplies you need for the orchids, lots of color, and then in the summertime can you put them outside. get out of the cold. tom: there's your pitch for you. the show is at the court yard marriott in nashua, runs through sunday. shelley: that is a well timed event. mike: nothing like it. head on down, and stay warm this weekend. we do have that frigid feel on the way. we had it early this morning whrmt that wind chill warning
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mike: bitterly cold this morning. some spots below zero for the first time this season, including concord and points north and west. even south into nashua, time lapse out at the coast where we saw sunshine and a few high clouds. the winds not all that bad. so the wind chill not much of an issue. late this morning and afternoon. that will change in a big way starting tomorrow. coldest so far of the season through the course of this weekend, with the wind chill warning starting tomorrow evening and lasting right through sunday morning. warming early next week, and believe it or not after all the talk of frigid temperatures and wind chills, the next storm will likely be snow quickly over to a mix and then rain on tuesday. speaking of snow, nothing over new hampshire right now, the evening will be dry, but the arctic front really setting the stage and triggering the big
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through early tomorrow morning. so again for this evening just a scattering of flurries may develop late evening up north. outside of that it's dry. then during the predawn hours that boundary moves on through. future cast is not connecting the dots here with snow showers all the way down into southern parts of new england. but is there a chance that any one given community even south of the lakes region may see a brief snow shower or squall during the early part of saturday. once that clears we're in the clear for snow, except up north with flurries continuing, and everyone gets in on the wind and those frigid temperatures. so where do we start off? right now it's down to 9 in berlin, upper teens near 20 on south. overfight tonight it will not be as cold as it was last night. so even though we are talking about frigid temperatures, tonight will only be seasonably chilly. winds are light out of the southwest and clouds are moving in. so again it's not bitterly cold tonight, especially compared to what's heading in our direction. here it is, that arctic surge
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canada and the jet stream locks it in for tomorrow, right on into sunday. but you'll also notice by later sunday afternoon it begins to show signs of retreating to the north, so that by presidents day and tuesday it well out of here and it allows temperatures to climb back up above freezing, that means the next storm will likely be snow going over to a mix and eventually over to rain. wind chills again the big concern for tomorrow, starting off above zero, but by the afternoon we dip down between 10 and 20 below up north, single numbers below elsewhere. later in the afternoon it's 20 to 30 below wind chills, and that's when you may experience frostbite in a matter of only 10 to 15 minutes. so you really have to limit your time outdoors later tomorrow into early sunday. assume wind chills at that time. later sunday afternoon, the winds go a little lighter, temperatures get back up above zero, and that means the wind chills will be frigid but not as dangerous as well we'll experience tomorrow afternoon
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there's that wind chill warning that kicks in tomorrow evening through early on sunday. highs tomorrow starting off in the teens south, single digits north, but they will fall during the afternoon to near zero north, and around 10 or 11 along the coastline. after a frigid sunday, it warms up a little bit on metropolitan day, tuesday starts to snow, ends up as a mix north and rain elsewhere, and then it dries out, mild on wednesday before it cools down the end of next week. want to do some skiing, best hours saturday morning, very late sunday, and all of presidents day. because in between it will be real tough. tom: okay, love that term, seasonably chilly when it's 7 degrees. all right, let's jump over to jamie. jamie: yes, sir, getting ready for some friday night hockey, u.n.h. and vermont.
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tom: a family from epping should still be on their cruise to the bahamas right now. shelley: insteed they're home vacation. a powerful storm pummeled their ship, forcing it to return to new jersey late wednesday. jennifer crompton with their story tonight. >> i didn't think about like if i had to say good-bye to anybody, because the captain said that everything was okay. but it still didn't mean that we weren't scared. reporter: angela nichols shares
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the anthem of the seas a day into her family's trip to the bahamas, the giant ship was rocked by a powerful storm. the captain ordering 4,000 frantic passengers to their rooms. >> everybody was running, there were stools flying past you, as you were walking to our parents, everything, the dishes, the glasses and the bars, you could hear everything was falling. reporter: the four daughters were in their parents' room on the 9th deck, holding on as they and anything loose was tossed. while their grandparents weathered the storm in their cabin nearby. >> looked like 25, 30-foot waves. but then when the ship would lean over, it's like we were real close to the water, that's when the water would start splashing into the balcony and stuff. reporter: nine hours later, a mess. >> there was a satellite on one
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fallen off from the top. chairs were in the pools. the seal had collapsed on one of the decks. water damage was everywhere. reporter: back in new jersey, three days later. angela's parents have already planned to make up the cruise this fall, though the grandparents might not be on board. >> i keep tell my wife now the next cruise is cruising in my car to las vegas. reporter: jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jamie: welcome live to the whittemore center in durham. vermont and u.n.h. warming up for tonight's 7:00 game. hockey east standings, places five through eight, the teams that finish in fifth through eighth all get home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs. b.u. locked in at fifth. u.n.h. in a tie for sixth along with with with vermont. so these games are huge. coach, ready for the game with
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right there, hockey east first round. >> that's a lot of motivation, jamie, it's a big weekend for us. home ice is at stake here and every point will be really important. jamie: you guys play to anover time game on january 2. >> it's a great matchup, they play hard, they play physical. the game up in vermont came down to overtime. we're going to see a similar game tonight, but it's playoff hockey tonight. jamie: you have the leading scorer in the country, who else can we watch for? >> carl schmitt and matt play well on the other line. so -- jamie: every game is huge. >> yes, every game is huge, you
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tough as it's ever been. but you can go from five down to we don't want to talk it about 10, but every point is important. jamie: good luck tonight. 7:00 puck drop against vermont. dartmouth, they have two games, they take on union college tonight at 7:00, then r.p.i. tomorrow night, both those games are in hanover. if you're dreaming of escaping the cold weather this weekend and golf, you can do both at greater new england golf expo. 75 retailers there, all things golf in new hampshire. >> there hasn't been one in match for at roast 20 years, especially in this style, the big expo style. we'll have 75 vendors here, and 23 of those are golf courses which are in this area in new england. and it's exciting for the industry itself. this is a great way to start
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the cold temperatures, this is kind of a good outlet to start thinking about being outside. jamie: all your college hockey
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breaking news tonight. what donald trump just threatened to do. trump tonight saying he might sue ted cruz over being born in canada. and on the other side, bernie sanders is asked, is he standing in the way of history? the first woman president. how he answers. and a horrific machete attack at an american accident. and, temperatures not seen


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