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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm diane mike: quite chilly today, but it turns dangerously cold during part of this weekend. tom: despite the frigid forecast, skiers and boarders are out at crotched mountain right now, getting in every last run. and some tell us this is the part of winter they' ve been waiting for. shelley: a man from hollis is charged with stalking a teenage girl. the post he' s accused of making that led to strangers showing up at the victim' s home, looking for sex. tom: fire has destroyed the world' s last shoe-peg mill in bartlett. the owner explains which equipment likely sparked the flames. shelley: and pope francis is in mexico tonight for the beginning of a five-day trip. the historic meeting he had this afternoon. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. news nine tonight areas shelley: from north to south it' s a bitter cold night across the granite state.
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" greek -- in colebrook, it is one degree. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. we' re in the coldest stretch we' ve seen yet this season and temperatures will turn dangerous this weekend. let' s go to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: we are tracking those dangerously cold readings. right now, it is a little warmer than at this hour last night. these are the high temperatures for the day. right now, even though it is much colder, it is a little warmer than last night. subzero of north. from concord, south and east, between 10-20. twins very light out of the southwest. no major windchill to worry about. the windchill warning does kick
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we could see windchill as much as 40 below zero. frost i can occur in as quickly as 10 minutes. 20 below zero. hampshire. we will take a look at when it gets that cold and when we warm up again if we see snow. and massachusetts school s a popular time to hit the slopes. our stephanie woods is live at crotchet mountain where the ski resort is staying open until the early morning hours for midnight madness. stephanie: you have to be a little bit mad to be out here in this cold. it is now 11 degrees. with the windchill, it feels like five degrees. we talked to some of these brave souls out here, and they say that one man' s frost is another man' s treasure. >> i would say tonight here at crotched the conditions are great. everything' s been groomed really well, so we'
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t we? stephanie: as the skiers and boarders plummet down the slopes friday night, the mercury is also falling. it will drop to just 11 degrees, before the ski resort closes at 3:00 in the morning. but doug walker says he' ll take the freezing cold, after the unseasonable warmth earlier this >> this has been such an erratic year, that for all we know, maybe we have only 3 or 4 weeks of skiing for the entire winter. so this little window of opportunity popped in for us so we' re trying to get a few times in during the week. stephanie: while most skiers and boarders are trying to tough it it out. >> i think we will call it a date or a night. stephanie: others are starting to feel the chill. >> i can' t feel my cheeks anymore. stephanie: there' s a wind chill advisory in bennington from midnight until 10:00 sunday
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frostbite and hypothermia. crotched mountain wants people to come out and enjoy the 12 inches of powder on the mountain but stay safe. >> as long as you' re layered up correctly, which is important. you know this cold weather you can get through, with the right layering. and with the crotched rocket being a high-speed chair, you can get more laps in more quickly. so in between hot chocolate runs you can get a few runs in quick, and then go back inside and warm up. stephanie: sounds like a good deal. they also want to warm your heart. they have a valentine' s day special tomorrow that is from 5:00 in the evening to 3:00 in the morning. you can ski for just $14. shelley: glad she finally has perhaps on. -- her hat on. eversource energy is preparing for this weekend' s frigid temperatures. the company says the extreme cold makes it even more critical to get the power back on if it goes out. eversource says its workers will be ready to work outside if needed. >> we are staffed throughout the weekend. we have folks who are especially
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any problems so that if power should go out for any reason at all, we can get it back on as quickly as possible. shelley: you have any issues with power this weekend eversource says to call them and they' ll respond as soon as they can. tom: in boston the mbta is planning to run commuter trains overnight. officials hope it will prevent mechanical issues caused by the extreme cold. on, we' re sharing some important reminders from the red cross on how to keep your family including pets safe during this cold. and we want to see how frigid it gets at your house. take a picture of your thermometer and share it with us on u-local. and then get the forecast any time with our wmur storm watch app. you can customize it for the town where you live. shelley: a man from nashua is charged with harassing a 17-year-old girl and police say it went on for months. officers arrested jason hunter yesterday. wmur'
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hollis where the victim lives. mike: police say this was a disturbing case of harrassment that got to the point where two strangers apparently showed up at the victim' s home looking for sex. 30-year-old jason hunter is accused of harassing and stalking his 17-year-old female co-worker. since december the nashua man allegedly bothered the girl through text, email, and facebook. >> he was sending her some sort of messages regarding sexual activity, just harassing, threatening, why don' t you kill yourself, things of that nature. mike: police say the situation came to a head last weekend when two men showed up the victim' s hollis home in response to an online ad soliciting sex. >> i believe at this point that the suspect had placed an ad on craigslist soliciting sexual encounter with a male of some sort and the gentlemen who responded to that ad were the ones who showed up at her residence. mike: the girl contacted police after that incident. >> it got to a point where it
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re dealing with a 17-year-old girl, probably not as concerned as somebody who had been around a little longer would' ve been. mike: the manager of kohl' s in nashua confirms hunter and the victim worked together here. she says the girl also reported the harassment to her supervisors who in turn, called hollis police. the two were just acquaintances. course she doesn' t have any idea why it transpired this way but they were not in any sort of relationship. mike: if faced with a similar situation police say to call them right away to prevent it from getting worse. they say hunter used the victim' s personal information against her. >> when you put stuff online, what you put online is very important. this gentleman could and probably did learn a quite a bit about this girl from her social media postings. and i think it' s very good information to try to stay as private as you possibly can. mike: hunter was arraigned friday morning and is being held on $5,000 cash bail. he' ll be back in court next month. in hollis, mike cronin. tom: tonight, the last remaining shoe peg mill in the world is
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the kearsarge peg mill in bartlett went up in flames late this afternoon and it appears it could be the last chapter in its 139 year history. owner paul soares was working in the front of the 34,000 square foot mill when a passerby yelled that the back of the mill was on fire. >> i ran through the saw room then through the point and living room and that is when i noticed the fire above me. on the second floor and thats where the last few dryers of its kind in the world were running and they were running while the fire was going. tom: a mill that once employed dozens now had just 3 workers left. the building couldn' t be insured . in fact soares who has owned it since 2001, had just signed papers to sell. >> originally the peg mills made wooden pegs to hold the soles in heels. and then the tack came out in the early 1900'
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there use to be 26 peg mills in new england. tom: there was a fire in 1910, and soares has put out a small fire since he owned it. but in a place with so much saw dust and wood product as an ignition source efforts to save it were too little too late >> there must have been a spark and it must have set up the sawdust. you do how many hours we have run those dryers and nothing ever happened. unbelievable. tom: the original peg mill was located in the building that now houses the common man restaurant over in ashland. the mill was moved to bartlett in 1878. shelley: new details in a deadly accident involving a manhole cover on i-93 in boston. the victim has been identified as an elementary school art teacher in milton, massachusetts. a 200-pound manhole cover smashed through the windshield of her car this morning at the end of the o' neill tunnel.
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at video from highway cameras. sources tell our sister station wcvb that video shows an suv changing lanes, passing over the manhole cover, dislodging it and sending it through the air and into the windshield. tom: in commitment 2016, big news tonight. republican jim gilmore has suspended his campaign for president. the former virginia governor struggled in polls, only qualifying for the undercard debates twice. in a statement, gilmore says he plans to support the republican party' s eventual nominee. tom@ the six remaining republican candidates will debate tomorrow night in greenville, south carolina. this is the last debate before in the state' s primary next saturday. shelley: tonight, a family from epping is home safe after a cruise vacation to the bahamas turned into a nightmare. three generations of the nichols family were on board the anthem of the seas. the ship was pummeled by a powerful storm.
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board to stay in their rooms. for 9 hours, the nichols hunkered down as everything loose was tossed. >> i didn' t think about like, if i had to say goodbye to anybody because the captain said everything was ok but it still didn' t mean that we weren' t scared. shelley: the ship returned to new jersey late wednesday. as for the nichols, some are planning to take a make-up cruise this fall. tom: peta has ended its protest of the newport winter carnival. the group was upset over an event billed as a greased pig on ice. but what peta didn' t realize is that there' s no pig involved at all. it' s just a man on ice skates, the winter carnival' s organizer says he told people for the ethical treatment of animals that no pigs would be harmed before the protest started. the 100th newport winter carnival wraps up this weekend. shelley: pope francis has arrived in mexico tonight.
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meeting that the pope had before flying up to mexico. tom: plus a neighborhood covered in ice. the accident that led to this frosty mess. mike: snow showers for some as an arctic front moves in a timeline plus what follows for the rest of the weekend shelley: while we' re dealing with this bitter cold, it' s a different world on the west coast. the unseasonable stretch they' re
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shelley: new tonight police in arizona say the deaths of two students at a high school are a murder-suicide. the high school in suburban phoenix was put on lockdown this morning. the 15-year-old girls were found near the school' s cafeteria area, under a covered patio. police say a gun and a suicide note were found near the bodies. pope francis is in mexico tonight beginning a five-day visit. tom: during his trip, he will pray at the border with the u.s. for all the people who have died trying to cross it. before going to mexico, the pope met with the head of the russian orthodox church. the vatican hopes the meeting will improve relations with other orthodox churches since the east split from the west in the year 1054. shelley: organizers for the iditarod announced today that there won' t be any course changes this year, despite a lack of snow in anchorage, alaska. the ceremonial start of the
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staged as usual in anchorage, on march fifth. the official start will be held the following day in a town about 50 miles north. last year, a lack of snow forced organizers to move the official start more than 200 miles north, to fairbanks. shelley: a water main break left behind an icy but beautiful mess. look at this video from scranton, pennsylvania. a 12-inch pipe broke early yesterday morning, sending water shooting up into the air. it quickly froze on power lines, street signs, houses, and more. about 30 homes and businesses were affected. tom: as we' ve been telling you, all of new england and much of the northeast are preparing for the extreme cold of this weekend. but the other coast of the country is actually seeing unseasonably warm weather. abc' s marci gonzalez shows the contrasting conditions. >> bundled up and bracing for potentially
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>> if you have to go outside. be careful. t, the best thing is to stay indoors. reporter 19 states under wind advisories. with the feels-like temperature set to drop as low as negative 35 degrees this weekend in boston. so cold frostbite can set in, in just 10 minutes. new york city expecting to tie a 100-year-old low-temperature record by sunday. it isn' t ice but lake effect snow impacting buffalo on top of bitterly plunging temps. abc' s indra petersons is there. right now if feels like one below, but by tomorrow morning it is expected to feel like 30 below. the warnings. and complaints rolling in from the northeast to north carolina. >> bit chilly, definitely an adjustment. while in california today their extreme weather
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>> it is incredible. reporter: a different kind of reaction. a heat wave there with temperatures in the 90' s. at least temperatures here in the northeast are expected to get back to normal by early next week. tom: 90' s. march, april, it has happened. that was last weekend. these are the morning lows. subzero in many spots. concord, below zero. not as cold. a light southwesterly wind developing. quite a few clouds.
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as soon as this front clears, the flood gates open for strong winds to develop. tomorrow morning, if you are headed out between 6:00 and 8:00, there could be a brief snow shower. few and far between. that could happen during the mid-part of the morning. afternoon, seeing clearing over central and southern new hampshire. when starting to pick up. end of near zero up north. 10-11 along the coast. right now, not that bad.
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subzero in the north woods. anywhere from 2, 3, 4 below in some spots. temperatures climbing a little bit towards morning. single digits five daybreak. during the midmorning, temperatures creep up. a good part of eastern canada, 30 below. classic arctic air. for saturday and sunday. the jets stream locks it in. a lot of air to the west and south. eventually, temperatures will climb back to normal. that means the next storm will likely start as snow but may go over to a mix and rain. wind chills, the story. not that bad to 7:00, 8:00.
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10 below south korea tomorrow night is when it gets dangerously cold. 10-30 five below zero. that is why we have the windchill warning up. as low as 40 below. frostbite can occur in 10-15 minutes. slow moderation for presidents' day. snow to start late monday night and early tuesday. then he likely wintry max. to the north. i will keep close tabs on that through the weekend. tom: a big game with the cats of
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jamie: with six games to go in the regular season, it' s all about home ice, unh and vermont meeting twice this weekend, both trying to secure a first round rates. -- rinks, game one of the weekend series tonight at towse rink. first. the nation' s leading scorer, andrew poturalski, with a shot. the goalie packy munson leaves a juicy rebound and tyler kelleher scores his 8th and 99th career point. 1-0. michael mcnicholas works the baseline there. he scores, his second of the year.
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hundredth career point. 5-3 for vermont. 2-2, 25 seconds to go. the puck bounces off the skate. the officials reviewed it and counted it. umile was incensed on the bench, but to no avail. three-to score. danny tirone with some nice saves to keep them in it but the wildcats cant get the equalizer, and vermont wins 3-2 the teams play tomorrow at 5:00 with umile coaching his 1,000th game. >> we spent too much time on the wrong and everything the winning goal was a tough one to take. again, too much time in our own and you to find a way to win. >> there were a couple of times, we were down deep in the zone. that is where chances happen. we have to focus on getting the
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jamie: also a tough night where dartmouth lost 4-1. tomorrow night, they will host the number 18 team. let' s go to high school hoops. pembroke at nashua south. all over the spartans early. alone in the corner. nice-looking stroke for the three. nashua picks up a steel. in transition, throwing it down. a dunk on the other end. pembroke trying to hang around. knocking down a three from the corner. going back to the same spot. panthers win, 72-44. top 25 college basketball. number 17 arizona hosts ucla.
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any second half, he got a dunk. 14 points and nine rebounds. arizona wins 81-75. if you are dreaming of escaping the cold weather this weekend injured in of golf you can do , both at the radisson center of new hampshire. it' s the first greater new england golf expo. our jason king dusted off his swing. you can' t wear jeans at golf courses but you can to the expo. professional instructors. check it out. >> there has been one here for 20 years. we are excited to have 75 vendors. 23 are golf courses in this area. it is exciting for the industry itself. this is a great way to start thinking spring. end of a good outlet to think
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jamie: it will be here before you know it. march 1, that is when spring begins tom: still to come on news nine tonight, a young artist from durham needs your help to take her work world-wide. shelley: the inspiration for this google doodle state contest
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tom: a seventh grader from durham needs your votes to get her art on google' s homepage. shelley: hannah jeong is the state winner of the ' doodle for google' contest, and the oyster river middle school is celebrating. hannah was among tens of thousands across the country who submitted designs to the popular search engine the theme of this year' s contest is what makes me, me? >> i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up and my design was models in the pose of google and then i drew myself in the middle. shelley: remember her name. online voting is opening until february 22. the top 5 finalists will visit google and receive scholarships. the first place finisher' s google doodle design will be featured for a day.
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thanks for joining us for news nine tonight at 11:00 every it tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel!


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