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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> dangerously cold outside right now with wind chills 30 to 40 below zero. how cold it will be on valentine's day and through the week ahead. >> our focus is to keep people safe and warm, and we're going to make sure to do that. >> homeless shelters are opening their doors to meet high demand as frigid temperatures settle in. and people across the nation are remembering supreme court justice antonin scalia, we look back to his influence on the nation's highest court. and the vacant justice seat is already stirring up political controversy. presidential hopefuls take on the issue at the g.o.p. debate. >> we had an idea back in the fall, a small idea just to have a warrior night at a hockey game. >> a hockey team coming together to honor a decorated war veteran.
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like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. anchor: right now temperatures are below zero everywhere in the granite state with almost everyone under a wind chill warning. you're taking a live look at manchester where it's negative 7 degrees. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm stephanie woods. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us how cold it will feel with the wind blowing tonight. hayley: that's what's making all the difference, with the winds makes it feel so much colder so much more brutal, and the winds are really stirring up the air, and you can hear it. there might be a couple scattered power outages tonight because of how strong the wind be. these are the actual air temperatures that we have right now, 10 below in concord. laconia. 13 below in plymouth. 11 below in lebanon. as you saw on the map there, everyone is sub-zero right now. with wind gusts up near 30, even
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chills are just horrible. 35 below is what it feels like in concord now, 32 below in white field. in is dangerous stuff, you can get frost bitten in less than 10 minutes with win chills as cold as that. tomorrow's highs only single numbers across much of the state. so not such a lovely forecast. i'll have more on what you can expect as we get into the work week, ahead. anchor: thank you. homeless shelters are dealing with a higher demand because of the frigid temperatures, and people are donating blankets and clothing. mike cronin reports from manchester. reporter: it is so cold, it's difficult to stand outside even for a couple of minutes. that's a danger taken very seriously at new horizons, as they want people safe and warm. ron has been staying at new horizons in manchester for three weeks. on a frigid night like saturday, it's crucial to be inside. >> it would be the difference
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outside, or not, which is nice that this place is here and everything that's available for you here. between medical, food, and a place to sleep. reporter: donations have been pouring in to the shelter this weekend. jennifer and her family collected blankets, socks, hats and gloves. >> when it's this cold outside, i really feel it for these guys, i don't want anybody to be outside in this kind of cold weather, it's terrible. >> actually gives you a good outlook on things, and something to look forward to that there are people that are there to help you out, out of the kindness of their heart. and not for anything. reporter: the shelter has 80 beds, but not all of them were taken friday, as about 60 people stayed overnight. that number could go up this weekend. >> two staff are on overnight and would it be great if we could have more than that, because we'll have as many as 80 people in the building tonight, maybe more. reporter: new horizons isn't turning people away during the cold weather. >> at this time of year people
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have caused trouble, we make sure to let them in. we don't want anybody to be in danger out there, so we make sure to keep them warm and safe. report he's grateful for the shelter, especially on nights like this. >> a lot of people don't know they have that option of even coming here. and maybe they're even scared of coming here because nay don't know what to expect. but it's very easy, laid back, you're treated with respect, and you're in a good place. reporter: at this time of year, they need blankets and sleeping bags. if you'd like to know if you're eligible to stay here, give them a call. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you, mike. download the news 9 weather app, it's available on android and apple devices. leaders across the country are remembering justice antonin salia, he died last night in his sleep at the age of 79. scalia was an influential and
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he was the longest serving justice and was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986. sources close to scalia say he spend friday quail hunting at a texas ranch and reported he wasn't feeling well before he went to sleep. today senator kelly ayotte released this statement on his death. she says, i am deeply saddened by justice scalia's sudden passing. our country has lost a stawrchl defender of our constitution and a brilliant jurist and i'm very grateful for his distinguished service to our country. my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time. senator shaheen could not be reached for comment tonight. the debate over who should fill the vacant supreme court seat and who should nominate that justice started at tonight's cbs g.o.p. debate. aixa diaz is live in washington with the latest reaction. aixa? reporter: president obama says he will follow nait justice scalia's successor in due time.
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confirmed will likely be an uphill battle. after scalia's sudden death, president obama expressed his condolences and called the 79-year-old a brilliant and energetic justice. the president also announced his intention of choosing a supreme court justice nominee. >> there will are plenty of time for me to do so and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. reporter: but republican majority leader mcconnell who sets the senate schedule says the american people should have a voice in this election, in the selection of their next supreme court justice, and the vacant should not be filled until we have a new president. candidates weighed in on the president's expected nomination during the cbs news debate saturday night. >> i any it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it, it's called delay delay delay. >> i think we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court. >> we should be thinking about how can we create some healing in this land. >> we need to put people on the bench that understand that the
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breathing document, it is to be interpreted as originally meant. >> the next president need to appoint someone ai proven record. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a yeners. reporter: hillary clinton says it's outrage us republicans are already pledging to block who ever the president nominates. bernie sanders says let's get on with it and vote on a nominee. live in washington, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. right now three families are temporarily homeless after an apartment fire in manchester. firefighter say the accidental fire sparked from flammable materials left too close to a space heater. fifth happened to be wrapping up a call right around the corner from this building on concord street when the flames broke out. that made for a quick save and relatively little damage. >> we're only going to have to displace one half of the building, so 30 families total
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everybody else will be able to go back tonight. reporter: the owner tells news 9 he'll be paying for hotel rooms for those who were displaced. one firefighter suffered a hand injury, but he's back at work tonight. and tonight a fire in bartlett displaced three families. the flames broke out on mill street this morning. no one was hurt and firefighters are still trying to figure out how it started. the red cross is helping the families find shelter. a hiker died today while nearing the summit of little haystack mountain. the 65-year-old man collapsed near the summit and friend were unable to revive him. the hikers were unable to call for help because their phones weren't charged. the hikers carried the man down the mountain where they melt a rescue team. an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. in just in, a man is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after an assault in north field. police say the pan was physically assaulted early this morning and brought to franklin
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officers arrested 22-year-old hunter pazinski of tilton, he's charged with first degree assault and possession of a controlled drug. the victim's name is not being released until the family is notified. a 10-year-old boy is hoping a bone marrow drive held today will help save his life. the event was held to help jack, who has down syndrome and is fighting his second battle with leukemia. he will need a bone marrow transplant in the future. jack is currently receiving care in boston at children's hospital. his parents say they are touched by all the support for their family. >> it's endless, and all the little things people do means so much to us, and it brings people together. and jack has, and all those different things that have happened to him, he brings people together. >> it just unbelievable. to know that there's a community like this, and friend and family. and the support.
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out to the drive, head over to our website for ways you can help. >> a pair of breast cancer patients are pulling together a special event to honor fellow women who are fighting fan lusly. -- fabulously. they are holding a pink party in concord. five women battling breast cancer will get a chance to put on fancy gowns, have their makeup done and professional photos taken. >> we wanted to do this event for women like ourselves that most of the time were in hospital gowns, and we wanted them to be able to be in fabulous outfits and feel great about themselves. >> when you have cancer, you're undergoing chemotherapy, you feel isolated, you feel sick, you can't go it. so the is a chance to get out. reporter: nomination force the pink carpet party are being taken online until february 17. a massive car pileup is shutting down a highway in pennsylvania. three people killed and more
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hospital. what authorities believe caused the huge crash. >> i'm overwhelmed really because i'm not used to notariety. >> a veteran being honored by a local hockey team, why he says these kids are humbling him. hayley: clear skies tonight, cold temperatures settling in, how long the cold sticks around and when the wind finally start to diminish too. your forecast ahead. u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, to give you coverage where the other guys don't,
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anchor: a pennsylvania highway is shut down after a 50 car pileup this morning. three people are dead, and dozens are in the hospital tonight. 40 people were taken to the hospital this morning, and 70 had to be taken to warming centers. investigators believe that snow squalls may have caused the huge crash. and new tonight, massachusetts department of transportation says all the manhole covers on i-93 are safe, after a deadly accident yesterday. the inspections began after a 35-year-old massachusetts teacher was killed when a loose manhole cover flew through the air, smashed into her wind healed and killed her. mass dot workers checked 919 manholes and found no threat to public safety. also happening tonight, pope francis finished his evening mass in mexico city. today marks his first full day
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after being greeted by throngs of people, the pontiff challenged mexico's leaders to confront the violence and corruption surrounding the drug trade. tomorrow francis will hold sunday mass just outside mexico city. a new hampshire veteran of two wars was recognized tonight at a hockey game in salem. all week long students at windham high school have been honoring those who served while also raising money to help our marines. bernie isn't one for the spotlight, but saturday night the focus was on him when he dropped the puck. the 92-year-old world war ii and korean war veteran was honored before windham high school's hockey game. >> i'm not used to notariety. but i'm humbled by it. and these are great kids. reporter: the bedford man is a decorated marine, he was injured during both wars. >> i have one good eye, one good
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that i'm in good shape. reporter: he was the last veteran to be honored during windham high's first ever warrior week. about $6,000 were raised at the school's athletic events to benefit building dreams for marines, that organization modifies homes for marines with mobility issues. >> it's a way of saying thank you and we appreciate all that they do for us and their service to our country. reporter: each player wore a jersey bearing the name of a veteran who is important to them. the team designed one for ruchin. >> we had an idea to have a warrior night at a hockey game and it spread to the whole school. >> it started a tradition and it was a very good success for the first year. reporter: all season long they've used his helmet from come pat as an award for the team's player of the week. it's an honor for them, but perhaps a bigger honor for ruchin. >> what they do in their young
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what they can do in their later years in life. and near just great. anchor: organizers of the hockey fundraiser are thankful for the cold weather this week. just last week the rink was a puddle. but ice conditions were perfect for the roy's cup today in londonderry, it's held for samantha, she passed away in 2004 from a boating accident. money from at the vent will benefit her foundation. >> we have 12 different teams that have different sponsors, and we have an over 50 division, a pink and purple, which is samantha's favorite colors, so we'll have three champions by tend of tomorrow. reporter: 12 people's and dozens of people hit the ice for a man. that money from event benefits a foundation in her name. and right now people are braving the cold temperatures to celebrate the winter carnival at dartmouth college. some took the plunge in the polar bear swim.
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the loose. theodore geese el, also known as dr. seuss, graduated from here in 1925. you'll definitely want to be indoors tonight. the frigid temperatures are creating a cool phenomenon on the ocean. hayley: check this out and look very closely, especially on the right-hand side of the bridge there. you can see what's known as sea smoke rising up over the water. that's because the air is so much colder than the temperature of the water. and this is probably happening on many of our area rivers and lakes that aren't frozen, of course, at this time. portsmouth a very eerie looking sight at 9 below right now. so some really chilly stuff. this is the coldest air we've had in a long while. hard to believe that all the rivers and lakes are actually warmer than the air, because
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a lot of our lakes still aren't frozen after it's been so mild. i want to show you the temperatures now, because it really is remarkable. look at that, 10 below in concord. this is not factoring in the wind. this is the actual air temperature. 7 below in manchester. we're 12 below in jaffrey. it's 13 degrees below zero, 15 below in la cone that. this is a cold night. and already we've actually broke en a record in portsmouth. the old record set back the 2003 of 8 below, now our forecast 12 below, we might even go lower than that, we'll have to see. not thinking we'll break the record in concord though, which is 29 below, set a long time ago in 1875. thinking we'll likely bottom out near 15 below in concord overnight tonight. but the thing is, it's the wind that's making it feel all the more horrible and more dangerous too. the sustained winds over 20 miles per hour, concord, manchester, down into nashua. and we've had some gusts up near 40 miles per hour.
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in manchester, 37. so it's really russelling the trees outside your house tonight, you can really feel it, maybe even moving the house a little bit. and it just so cold. look at the wind chills, almost 40 below is how it feels when you step outside in concord and manchester, with those winds. look at mount washington, 78 below the wind chill up on top of the summit there. here's how things are going to go during the overnight, wee woman out with wind wind chills close to 40 below nearly statewide. tomorrow morning if you're heading out early on, maybe a brunch for valentine's day or church services, be prepared for 30 below feel-like temperatures. the good thing is the wind will start to diminish once we get to the afternoon. so while the wind chills will still be sub sear works it won't be quite as bitingly dangerously cold as it is right now and overnight. it gets better as we go through to the afternoon. cover any exposed skin.
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scarf, cover any exposed skin, even your face if you're skiing tomorrow. limit exposure, especially for children and the animals, hearing that a couple of people have taken they're animals out and their paws are getting stuck to the pavement. you don't want, that those poor things, it's just so cold for everybody, man or beast tonight. wind chill warning across the entire state for wind chills between 30 to 40 below tonight. we have completely clear skies, so no threat for any snow showers. maybe a few passing clouds up north tomorrow, but tomorrow is going to be a bright and sunny day. again the winds will start to diminish once we get to the afternoon. monday starts out sunny, but clouds move in, and some snow showers late in the day, those will continue overnight before, look at had this, rain takes over overnight tuesday and into the latter part of the day on tuesday as well. here's your valentine's day planner, so for your lovely breakfast, temperatures cold, 7 below for any activities have you in the afternoon five degrees.
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you'll want to cuddle up because it will be three degrees. tuesday some mixing, because temperatures go to 40, and then some more average temperatures by the end of the week. but the bigger storm this weeks looks like monday night into tuesday with possibly some plowable snow monday night into tuesday before the rain. stephanie: only in new hampshire can we have negative 40-degree wind chills and then rain on tuesday. hayley: i know, it's a wild ride.
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jason: it's nba all-star weekend. isaiah thomas making his first all-star appearance. he advanced to the finals of the skills challenge and was upset by a big man, 6-foot 11 carl anthony townes, get ttion three-pointer to fall first and it's a win for the big men everywhere. they needed a few extra round to decide it. should have been a tie, but zach gets the win, but gordon had night. bruins looking to go two for two on their current road trip, in minnesota to take on the wild. first period, boston will get on the board first. the minnesota power play, but brad marchand gets the short handed goal, his 27th of the season.
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marchand,1-0. second period, vanek makes him pay for it. less than a minute later krejci throws a puck off the sliding defender and it goes in the net. it was a good goal, so it's number 13 of the year for krejci, and it gave the bruins a 2-1 lead after two periods. third period now, erickson on the break away and he scores, his 18th goal of the season. 200th for his career. chara added an empty net goal. bruins win 4-2. the 500th career win for claude julien. they will be at detroit tomorrow afternoon. dartmouth home tonight with 18th ranked r.p.i., first period the engineers strike first. mike shots through a screen, beats james kreuger short side, 1-0r.p.i. same score in the third. dartmouth on the power play and ryan bullock with a blast to tie it at one.
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one. troy is johnny on the spot, taps in the rebound to win it for the big green. dartmouth takes it 2-1 in overtime. the big green will host cole gait on friday. u.n.h. and vermont played in durham earlier today. u.n.h. trailed 2-0 in the second, but the game went to overtime and it eped a 2-2 tie. u.n.h. plays a home and home series with boston university next weekend. only fours games to go in the regular season. high school hockey, concord, nashua south this afternoon, 2-1 concord in the second. 3-1. heard bird now, concord on the power play and alex scores. gymnastics championships held at londonderry high school today,
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high school to the 2016 championship with first place finishes on the vault and the floor exercise. pinkerton finished second. psychs won the beam, the bars and all around individual competition. congratulations to all the ladies. and the swimming and diving championships held in durham today, exeter wins your boys championship, pinkerton second. and bishop guertin was third. for the girls it was exeter also taking the team title, dover was second, b.g. third again. somers of alvirne and zota of bishop guertin were the only two multiple event winders, both winning the 50 and 100-meter free style events. seven granite staters were in l.a. today taking part in the 2016 olympic marathon trials. find out who made team u.s.a.
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>> the 2016 olympic marathon trials were run in record heat in los angeles today, 66 degrees
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by the end. the previous record was 61 degrees. top three men and top three women qualify for the rio olympics. for the women amy craig finished in first, followed by diz ray lyndon and flanagan. we had seven new hampshire runners competing in the marathon trials today, none of them qualified for the olympic team obviously, but here they are, the top new hampshire finisher was keelie maguire of newmarket, she finished 24th for the women with laura hagley behind her in 25th place. congratulations to all the granite state qualifiers that were out there running in l.a. today. much warmer than here, that's for sure.
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get 45-degree wind chills. hayley: brultsly cold.
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