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tv   Closeup  ABC  February 14, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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>> from the state of the state to state of the race, we will talk to the governor about the job she has and the job she seeks. the primary now behind us. it was like nothing we have ever seen before. have bernie sanders and donald trump killed the establishment candidate. in the heat of the primary it may have slipped by you that governor maggie hassan delivered her last state of the state address. the governor is challenging
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a lot of emphasis put on the emphasis of opioids and addiction. governor caps on -- governor hassan: we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. for the third year in a row we haven' t been rated the best state in the country -- we have been rated the best state in the country. we are doing better but we have more work to do. we want to ensure that everybody can work hard and get ahead and stay ahead. it is our most pressing public
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we also know we have to emphasize and work on other things. partly because it is so important for expanding treatment capacity. but also because it expands preventive and primary care, making our population health here and saving us money. we also know what businesses need than anything else is a 20th century workforce. we have to focus on education as well as a new program i outline called gateway to work, that would really help people who need some support as well as business and training. making sure that new hampshire' s
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people can believe they will do better than they did area that is how you make the state even more innovative. josh: i think you answered all the questions our going to ask -- answers i was going to ask. is there a recognition in the new hampshire senate delegation working at the federal level, that this can be done alone in new hampshire? treatment is something you are focusing on. is there enough help? >> there are people across party lines. i' m glad to see washington is beginning to recognize.
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disappointed -- they are continuing to revoke medicaid expansion. >> how likely is it you are going to face real opposition when it comes to expanding medicaid. certainly there is a group that doesn' t want anything to do with the affordable care act. there are others who say the horse is already out to the barn. >> i' m pleased we have a bipartisan new hampshire health protection program we enacted about two years ago. we did make progress to reauthorize expansion forward. i will continue to work with members of both parties. >> no mention of expanded gambling. >> i think we have had that debate and i think we need to focus on where we can continue to make progress together. i'
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two fiscally responsible budgets . we ended fiscal year 2015 with a surplus. we need to continue to move forward. one of the things on the opioid crisis, the legislature created a joint task force. they sent a group of bills to my desk. we still need action on expanding drug courts. funding and other prosecutor position in the department of justice to help prosecute these cases, and there has been a debate about whether or not we can afford to those programs.
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own -- ahead of revenue in fiscal year 16. we have to put in place a comprehensive response to the opioid and heroin crisis. i will continue to work with the legislature to encourage them to mix to teach it investments to combat this crisis, to not only stem the tide but reverse it. josh: theoretically the drugs are has left his post. you are looking for a new one. he took some heat, no question about that. i don' t want to criticize him, because there is an a norma' s job in front of him. personality, leadership, what are you looking for? >> i' m grateful to jack for his service and all that he did. much of the comprehensive package this fall that the legislature took up came from the recommendations that jack developed by really reaching to
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coming back to the table with a specific recommendations that really helped us develop a strategy for how we are going to stem and reverse this tide. this is a multi-pronged problem and requires a multi-pronged response. it takes soebody who both can listen and learn. because of the nature of his crisis, we are asking people to do things at a quicker pace than sometimes they are used to. for senate. how difficult is it to manage
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while keeping an eye on the federal issues, the international issues that you are going to have to be versed in. gov. hassan: my focus each and every day is as governor. we will continue to work on the gateway to work program that i announced. it is a lawn that allows us to repurpose existing funds, to help people who are long-term unemployed. bridge the gaps or overcome the barriers. we know there are a another met -- a number of other measures we can take.
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so i will stay focused into letting me know what their priorities are and how they think we can work altogether to make a stronger and more innovative state and expand opportunity for each and every family.
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josh: governor maggie hassan is also in the middle of a u.s. senate race. this week kelly ayotte called on you to sign the people' s pledge, rid of the third-party money. where does that stand? >> i have long fought for campaign finance reform. i think we should overturn the citizens united case. people' s pledge. letting him
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had some ideas of how we could strengthen the pledge. i signed a strengthened pledge. josh: do you suspect this is going to happen? there are doubters on both sides. do you think this is something? gov. hassan: senator ayotte sent out a statement saying she is going to take washington or leave it to me. which is the way washington works, but not a new hampshire where we talk to each other and try to improve things. i' m disappointed in her response, but i sent over a signed pledge. and that we can really engage around the issues and priorities
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election about who will stand up in new hampshire. we have done it across party lines. and we have focused on the priorities that are important. when i hear is how frustrated they are with the system in washington where it seems like special interests control everything to make sure special interests are taking care of at the expense of middle-class families. i think we should be focused on how we expand opportunity for all of our families so we can be confident again as americans. josh: election night was a big disappointment, primary night was a big disappointment for hillary clinton and her supporters. what do you make for what happened here in new hampshire. there was a big gap, this wasn' t even close. gov. hassan: i continue to believe hiller clinton is by far
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qualified to be the next purse -- the next president of the united states. and i support her. bernie sanders has really tapped into the frustration i hear about in new hampshire, that special interests seem to control everything in washington. i think he has tapped into that anger. i think what people need to consider moving forward is what my dad always used to say to me, i know you are angry, but what are you going to do about it? how are you going to solve the problem? in new hampshire we have had a good record of the last three years of coming together, listening to each other, democrats, republicans, and independence, and really focusing on how we can address the challenges our hard-working granite families are -- that is what all democrats can
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josh: did necessarily do it the traditional way, are you concerned? gov. hassan: i think that speaks to the republican party, not the new hampshire primary. everyone makes their case to a well-informed electorate. a record turnout from granite stater is on primary day. our secretary of state major people who were in line for the poles got in and had a chance. we always play this role of making sure that every person who is willing to come into the granite state has a chance to be heard and make their case. i think you see bernie sanders really tapped into that interests in d.c.. and good contrast between the
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both on how we can move forward to support hard-working families so we can climb that ladder of opportunity, have a brighter future for her kids. on the republican side you saw people really trying to insult each other and talking about a group of policies that will put us backwards. there again, the new hampshire primary showed voters this contrast, and i am confident i will continue to have a role going forward. josh: you are a super delegate in new hampshire, there is a possibility hillary clinton and some of the superdelegates could wind up giving a total number of
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landslide for bernie sanders. does that seem fair? gov. hassan: i continue to believe phil or is by far the best quality -- is that continue to believe hillary clinton is by far the best qualified person. i will continue to support her. they have a tradition of finding the way of who cast the unified vote in the democratic party. i certainly think that is likely. josh: we are talking about 30% now. gov. hassan: we are going to watch the process.
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plans and knowledge that the candidates bring to the table, that hillary clinton is ready for this job on day one and has a record of producing actual results making a difference in the lives of people all throughout this country, including some of the work she did to make sure our children can be educated in schools, impacting my family' s life. i have seen firsthand the way my son was able to come to public school. when you think about her track record, she really has this track record of not being able to identify issues and challenges, but finding a way to bring people together and address them and move forward. that is why i think you will see people consider both democratic candidates very carefully.
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josh: issue going to come up and campaign on your behalf? gov. hassan: i would always be
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josh: after a historic primary, we have to spend a few minutes talking about it.
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the democratic style -- democratic side of things, and my turner john, author of the primary source. this has been quite a ride. mike: two things were going to happen, first the influence of the outsider candidates was going to be historical. it is happening as we speak. the establishment was underestimating that same outside presence. and they don' t know how to handle it. donald trump with a solid 35%. it was a great day for primary. republicans the challenge continues. >> one of the benefits bernie had was he was able to
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whether it is younger voters -- if you look at stats this is not like the gary hart barack obama coalition. he did really well in blue-collar communities. he beat her convincingly this week. not at all, bernie won all of those communities. one of her best communities was hanover, a couple of miles from the vermont border. she lost that by 24 points. towns. we have to figure out this information. there are unexpected results that led to bernie with a whirlwind of momentum. josh: i' m not buying that necessarily.
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john: the establishment' s last best hope was that people wouldn' t show up and these great seeds that they questioned, trumpet bernie sanders, actually had ground game' s to bring people out. the establishment of both sides was embarrassed. on both sides that didn' t happen and people turned out for donald trump. obviously people turned out for bernie sanders. >> strength against all demographics. independence, trump one, young people trump one. the strength is surprising and still baffling.
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the same thing happened. >> trunk, talking about the run for president -- is there anything from a strategic standpoint that hillary could have done differently? >> once the snowball got rolling it would be difficult to undo it. they realized they needed to speak in a more national way. kind of unusual in the surface but she realized well before then she is going to have to focus on nonwhite voters in places like south carolina, nevada. she is still the favorite to be the nominee, however it is more precarious than a week ago. she is going to have to do
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>> during her speech, her campaign manager put out a memo. the memo is entitled march matters. and iowa and new hampshire did not. >> he has a tough pathway for him. it is important to see somebody who had worked hard fit -- worked hard here finish second. >> he won that battle clearly. he did more than 100 townhall' s. we like to think the retail politics matters and at least in
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does he have any organization to move on with? josh: we have a big senate race. is kelly ayotte calling to sign the people' s pledge? we have a couple of minutes to go, did this surprise you? steve: there is a precedent for it. there is going to be plenty of money rolling around whether it is a super pack or formal pack. this is a top-tier race coming down to the wire. >> she clearly has more money in her campaign account. i think that was the fittest trying to take her money off the
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i just don' t believe in the end it is going to happen. >> the house campaign was putting out a memo accusing her of being a cool of special interests. from the primary, that is a theme that is already going to be prevalent in the senate race. i don' t know if we are going to hear much other than special interests. >> handling the outsider aspect. >> bernie put together this dominant performance. i would have bet on it three months ago. they are very angry. really falling behind.
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we sought on tuesday. candidates should be wary. primary for kelly. otherwise would have been. >> maybe somebody else -- antiestablishment, somebody from the media. thank you very much for watching.
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today on "matter of fact." >> today on "matter of fact." the front runners face a new s new south? then, dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz reacts to the race between democrats that no one predicted. >> our candidates are going to continue to run their own races. >> plus, with the stroke of a pen, she became a dreamer. now presidential candidates seek her endorsement. fernando: i' m fernando espuelas. welcome to "matter of fact." donald trump had a huge victory and now he'


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