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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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stephanie: right now on news 9 tonight, dozens of people rescued from a tram stuck 40 feet in the air. >> it came to a complete stop, and we started rocking back and forth. stephanie: exclusive video of crews lowering passengers to safety. hayley: temperatures well below zero across the state. and messy storm moves and monday. how much snow and rain to expect. stephanie: the cold is causing mbta. because of the weather? the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia causing debate over who will take his place. how it is adding a new dimension to the senate race in new hampshire. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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shows skiers stuck in a tram and rescuers repelling them to the ground. dozens of people were stranded 40 feet in the air for hours at cannon mountain. thanks for joining us. i am stephanie woods. a mechanical problem caused the breakdown. mike cronin is in franconia notch with the latest. mike: between the two cars, there were almost 50 people on board, and they say while there were tense moments, there was never panic. >> detach from that white row. mike: this video shows the view from 40 feet above ground as one by one people were lowered to safety.just before 2:00 sunday afternoon, two cars on the aerial tramway suddenly stopped. >> i swung hard and swung back. we knew there was a problem. mike: seven people were rescued from the car near the top of the
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and first responders evacuated 40 people from the bottom tram. >> it was very frightening, actually. they did a professional job, and i was happy to get on the ground. mike: wmur' s paula tracy was on the tram. she said a family was on board with their eight-year-old baby -- eight-month-old baby. a mountain employee took off their court to warm the baby. >> they sat there like everybody else. mike: while they waited, passengers made light of the situation. >> everyone was laughing and having fun. mike: all 48 people were brought inside and given blankets, hot food, and drinks. no one was injured. >> this is my ninth winter, the first evac we' ve done live. mike: cannon mountain said the temperatures did not affect the tramway. >> we actually run an inspection
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moving parts, every single morning, regardless of whether the tram is going to operate or not. mike: cannon notified the state as it continues to try to repair the tramway. >> i had a pretty comforting feeling. >> rescuers did a good job. >> they definitely did. mike: the mountain says it will continue to work with the state to ensure this never happens again, as well as make sure the tram is safe to open as soon as possible. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: the tram will not be running tomorrow. cannon mountain says it could take a couple days to fix the problem. right now, we are taking a live look in concord where it is a chilly -1. hayley: the good thing is we don' t have the wind. that is what is making it feel a little more bearable if you were to step outside. the winds were terrible 24 hours ago, howling around the house, but now we don'
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-1 in concord. zero in laconia and rochester. already -6 in nashua. numeral three in manchester. look at the wind speeds. they have greatly diminished. this time last night, we were gusting upwards of 30-40 miles per hour. with clear skies and calm winds, temperatures will dip overnight. i know a few schools are even doing a delayed opening because of how cold it will be tomorrow. do you see that snow to the that is our next storm system. it arrives tomorrow. t stay that way. tuesday. forecast and the seven-day ahead. stephanie: several schools are starting late tomorrow because of the cold temperatures. pelham, londonderry, and litchfield have one-hour delays.
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website,, and on our mobile lab. you will find them scrolling at the bottom of your screen. the bitter cold isn' t just making it miserable for bostonians waiting for the tea. it shut down the orange line. check out these pictures. a rail broke down near the is station, so the mbta had to stop the trains on the orange line. crews used kerosene to like the rail on fire and make repairs. a second broken rail was reported on the red line at quincy adams. by noon, all lines were up and running. the temperatures also stalled flights out of logan airport. jetblue says the cold weather affected its ability to fuel the planes. a few flights have manchester boston regional are delayed tonight, but the airport says it is not because of the cold. happening now, cruise around the scene of a house fire in hillsboro.
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would drive this evening. flames burned the home, displacing two adults. the red cross is finding them a warm place to sleep tonight. flags are flying at half staff in honor of supreme court justice antonin scalia. he died yesterday at the age of 79. the move to fill his seat is starting a political fight. elizabeth hur explains. elizabeth: a hearse carried the body of justice antonin scalia to the airport for a final flight home as the battle for his seat on the supreme court is brewing. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. elizabeth: replacing a legal giant, adding another bitter divide not only in congress that also on the campaign trail. >> we should not allow a lame-duck president to capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement
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elizabeth: scalia died saturday at a texas ranch during a quail hunting trip. >> he was totally peaceful. he went to sleep and didn' t wake up. >> they assured me they did not see signs of foul play. elizabeth: the family, objecting to an autopsy after talking to investigators. in washington, with majority leader mitch mcconnell declaring, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president, president obama is forging ahead, and on the shortlist of his candidates, judge sri srinivasan, considered the front-runner. the stakes couldn' t be higher on issues like affirmative action and climate change. without scully, the court remains divided 4-4. stephanie: now that the supreme court has only 8 members, the exists. some notable cases the court
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control mandate portion of the formal care act, resident s executive action on immigration, a 2013 long requiring higher standards for an affirmative action case out admissions. in the case of a tie vote, the ruling of the lower court is upheld. in new hampshire, the open supreme court seat is adding a new dimension to the senate race hassan. senator ayotte says governor maggie hassan responded
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senate republican leadership is saying the vacancy should not be filled until there is a new president. happening now, new security procedures are going into effect at fries and wireless arena. starting today, everyone will go through metal detectors and airport security before entering. you can bring in purses or small bags, but they will be searched. officials say they are trying to be proactive with safety. >> it seems good. it seems pretty thorough. >> is it bother some? >> not at all. >> i guess i wasn' t surprised. i never would have expected it, but i guess better safe than sorry. >> slowing things down, especially on a cold day like this, but i guess it' s all
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stephanie: you won' t be able to bring large bags, including backpacks or clear plastic bags. tonight marks the 13th anniversary of the rhode island nightclub fire in west warwick. 100 people died in the 2003 fire the station nightclub. survivors and family members of those killed gathered at warwick city hall to mark the anniversary. organizers are raising $2 million to create a memorial. they hope to have it completed this fall. tonight, former boston mayor ray flynn is back home after crashing his car into a neighbors house. flynn underwent surgery to implant a different later at mass general. a family spokesperson said he may have suffered a condition known as aborted sudden cardiac arrest before the crash, which may have caused him to pass out while driving. the teacher killed when a manhole cover on high 93 crashed through her windshield will be remembered tomorrow.
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clavette will be held monday, and her funeral is scheduled for tuesday. after the accident, bastad inspected 900 manhole covers on the interstate.workers developments in the flint water crisis. the governor is asking for help. what medical services residents are hoping to get. plus, diamonds turning pink for valentine' s day. $20 million worth of rare diamonds are on display at a granite state jewelry store. hayley: we are seeing white on
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stephanie: tonight, pope francis continued his tour through mexico, giving a sermon outside of mexico city. he continued to speak against the drug trade and violence sweeping the country. his remarks, made the discovery of 13 bodies -- come amid the discovery of 13 bodies. the michigan governor is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to pregnant women and people under the age of 21. governor snyder says 15,000
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there are new developments on these eco-crisis tonight as it makes its way into the united states. the governor of hawaii declared a state of emergency, and in florida, doctors have reported 20 cases of the virus. we are hearing from a florida medical student who contracted the virus while in haiti last november. >> i had no idea what it was. i just knew that i was sick. stephanie: the student suffered severe symptoms, something that officials say only one in five affected people will experience. people came together sunday for a fund-raising event in honor of lieutenant christopher dewolfe, and firefighter who died in 2005. his legacy is living on through a scholarship fund aimed at training a younger generation of firefighters. $20,000 has been given away way to help students get the training they need to be in the fire service. his son jonathan says the fund
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closure, and they' re always touched by the turnout to fundraising events. >> >> even though it' s -5 degrees and the windchill is freezing, the legacy lives on. education was huge with him. obviously, with the increase in the price of tuition, it' s not always easy. being able to help people start that journey is nice. stephanie: head over to to find out how you can support the fund. an indoor archery range will honor the life of a nine-year-old boy from sandown. christopher chester was delivering cookies with his dad last fall when he fell to the ground and died. the medical examiner dr. thomas andrew says christopher had a heart condition, which causes the heart to enlarge. christopher loved the outdoors the memorial archery range at chester road and gun club will bear his name. moviegoers in epping had the
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staff from a humane society brought three of their kissing dogs to own neil' s and a must to shelter. chance to pet and play with the animals. >> we started this last year, and we take our kissing booth these are kid-proof dogs. for anyone who doesn' t have a date on valentine' s day, it' s a great way to get a smooch. stephanie: many people donated money and ended up with more than one kiss from the dogs. celebrating valentine' s day with a splash of pink in the display. the retailer in nashua is featuring argyle pink diamonds, which are from a mine in australia. they are extremely rare and expensive. a total of $20 million is on display. >> we have had people driving from 30, 40, 50 miles away to come and see the pink diamonds,
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stephanie: the jeweler is one of five retailers selling argyle diamonds. according to the anonymous app whisper, love is in the air in new hampshire. whisper conducted an analysis of 2 million users looking for words like "soulmate" and "romance." new hampshire discussed valentine' s day the most. main came in second, and oklahoma, third. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: the word for us was "cold" this year. it was freezing today. a time lapse from newfound lake, at least it was pretty. barely even a cloud in sight. it made for a nice sunset, as you see. look at the high temperatures today, 9 degrees in concord. up north, temperatures didn' t even go above one degree.
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degrees. a lot of places have fallen below zero. look at whitefield and littleton, already in the double digits below zero. some of you, hanging on to warmer air. i was surprised we haven' t dipped as quickly as we could. 3 in manchester, but it is -6 in nashua. -9 in jaffrey. all across the area, the winds have really diminished. in jaffrey, only 3 miles per hour. that makes me feel-like temperature the actual air temperature. without the wind, it will feel better. state. to be cold. your car might need a few minutes to warm up. the kids should hang indoors
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-- they head to the bus stop. aren' t cooling down as quick as we could, the clouds are starting to move in and the winds shifting to be more southerly. as that occurs, some warmer air is going to be coming in. it' a snow maker. futurecast. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, waking up to bright sunshine. it will be a beautiful start to the day. once we get to the evening commute time, snow is going to start in the far southern communities of the state. by about 9:00, it reaches almost all of the state, and probably after 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, it will be snowing across the state. we will do that for a few hours before warm air starts to surge in. this is early tuesday, and you
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likely a few hours of sleep, freezing rain, and rain at the seacoast, on top of a few inches of snow we will accumulate. once we get to 7:00 a.m. tuesday, there may be lingering showers south, so it may be a messy travel morning tuesday evening, and then it' s heavy rain coming through. winter weather advisory posted for tomorrow evening until 10:00 a.m. tuesday, because that is when the changeover should have happened. i' m expecting to-four inches of snow from concord to the monadnock region. lesser amounts north and at the seacoast, but notice it says snow and sleet terrain. there will be that coating of sleep and some ice on top of the snow. there are your temperatures tonight. it' s going to be brutally cold. at least we get a little bit warmer.
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clouds filling in. 24 degrees in lincoln and into the mid-20' s up north. the snow starts during the evening commute tomorrow, then mixing to rain on tuesday. temperatures back into the 30' s, more of the february reality at the end of the week. stephanie: we are getting back to normal slowly but surely. hayley: it' s going to be above normal soon enough.
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the boys set a new state record, 200 freestyle relay. oyster river also won the girls
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records in the 400 freestyle relay. lebanon girls set a new state mark in the two hundred freestyle relay, as well. congratulations to the swimmers. speed week at daytona, qualifying for next weekend' s
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jason: qualifying for next weekend' s daytona 500, 20 are all chase the youngest driver to start in front. elliott took over for jeff gordon behind the number 24. matt kenseth qualified second. the rest of the field will be set by thursday' s qualifying races. >> i hadn' t wrapped my head around the fact that we were here and running the daytona 500, much less coming here on pole day and sitting on the pole. that was very special. daytona 500 qualifying is all about the teams and the effort they put in in the off-season and what they try to do to gain those thousands of a second which are so big. they deserve the credit. there' s nothing special i did. jason: 196 miles an hour, plus a little bit. stephanie: he is just 20 years
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that does it for news 9.
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