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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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watch tonight. right now snow is moving in after a record setting arctic blast. but temperatures are rising at this hour, and that could lead to an icy mess, even rain. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. portsmouth hit a record low this morning at four below zero. but a messy mix is growing by the hour. mike: amazing that we could set record low temperatures and then be talking about rain in a matter of hours, but that's how things can change around here. there's that record setting four below in portsmouth. the old record was two below. down to 12 below in concord and teens below in the monadnock region and great north woods. right now temperatures have been rising, back into tupper teens, lower 20's, still below average, but well above where we've been over the past couple days, especially the feel-like temperature.
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snow moving through over the past couple hours, dusting to a half inch. but there's a break, then the steady shield that we're tracking in terms of when it really picks up in intensity is back through southern parts of connecticut and new york city. that will approach by 8:00 this evening and after that we're talking about some big-time changes in those temperatures. notice 20's to around 30 from d.c. points north. but cleveland right now at 33, and not too far away it's in the 40's. so how much more does it warm up and what about the time where it will change over from as to to ice to rain? we'll look at all of that straight ahead. jean: the conditions move in overnight have some places already planning delays in the morning. you can always find delays or closings on our website and mobile app. josh: a business owner tried to thaw his pipes with a heat gun, starting a fire. they are asking people to call professionals to deal with the problem if it happens to you. mike cronin is live in
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reporter: manchester fire says that the business owner here noticed that he had frozen pipes in his bathroom and he tried to thaw them out with an electric heat gun, but apparently that is what caused the two-alarm fire. manchester fire says that the insulation caught fire and it spread to the roof of avon machine company, firefighter had it under cardinal within about two hours. the chief says the ceilings posed a challenge for his crew. >> very labor intensive fire. there's four ceilings we had to go through, the roof was actually concrete. so when we got it under control and we're good here. reporter: the fire chief says to be extremely careful in situations like this, he says if you have frozen pipes, call a plumber. mike cronin, wmur news 9. josh: breaking news now in franklin where crews are
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west bow street between glen and central and parts of central street are without power, water rather. crews can't say yet when that service will be restored. no word on what caused the brick. we're also following a breaking news story in manchester, fire crews in the queen city are working to stop a pipe that burst at a high rise on amory street. no official word yet on what caused that pipe to burst. jean: tonight new details about the aerial trams that were stuck on cannon mountain with dozens of people trapped inside. this is exclusive video of the rescues from inside the tram where our own paula tracy was among the passengers stuck and rescued. officials say the system will stay shut down until repairs are done. suzanne roantree is live in franconia with the latest. reporter: yes, tonight the motor for the cannon mountain tram is
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the tram closed to the summit for the time being. >> the tram car and the whole system itself is inspected every day. we have a rigorous maintenance program that we follow. reporter: about 1:50 sunday afternoon, cannon ski patrol were alerted that the two cars stopped. the bottom car with 41 people was 40 feet off the ground, while the other car with only seven on bore was roughly 75 feet away from the summit with little protection. >> it's likely that the car at the top was colder than the car at the bottom, seven people in one carver sues 41 bodies. mostly dressed for skiing in the bottom car, which was largely protected by trees. reporter: blankets were sent up to the people in the upper car to keep them warm. but mechanics say they don't believe the bitter cold temperatures were to blame. >> we've determined that there was an issue within the engining compartment that caused the
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reporter: about 3:30 ski patrol and firefighters started the evacuations of the 48 people from the two trams. she was in the lower tram. >> anybody on board the was in need of an extra layer, so i gave my jacket to her, and the family, and then talking to the group that was on the tram, that was another piece of me that i gave to ensure they were in the right hands. reporter: an employee of cannon as well, this was her first evacuation from a tram. >> we ended up having the ability to get everybody off with no injuries, no issues with the cold. reporter: cannon mountain officials say that you can still get to the summit by chair lift, and they hope to have the tram up and run montgomery the next few days. live at cannon mountain, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. josh: tonight there are two former presidents on the campaign trail and less than an hour george w. bush will appear carolina.
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president visited the american legion in that state. jeb bush had had disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire,. saturday. both george w. and their father george h.w. bush won south carolina during their campaigns. jean: tonight presidential candidates from both parties are wasting little time making the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia a campaign issue. one republican is already using it in a new political ad. >> we also have a big deal sneu this campaign now because of the passing of justice scalia. >> we're one justice away from a radical liberal majority. reporter: the death of justice scalia reverb brighted on the campaign trail. >> one second after he's dead politics. reporter: ted cruz appears to be
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>> we're just one supreme court all. reporter: he goes onto attack donald trump saying trump would appoint a nonpro-life jurist. >> he is a liar. reporter: though trump did hint at a third party run. >> i signed a pledge, but it's a double ended plenty and as far as i'm concerned they're in default of their plenty. reporter: braving the winter storm with signs reading fill this vacancy. jean: justice scalia's death is just the second time in more than 60 years that an active justice has passed away. the last was justice rehnquist who passed away in 2005 from thigh roy cancer. then 1954 justice robert h. jackson had a fate heart attack. since then 20 other sitting justices have chosen to retire. historians say one reason for
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now eligible for pensions. before 1869 retired justices did not receive any benefits. josh: the passing of justice scalia and the issue of refuse placing him is now making/way to the senate race in new hampshire. maggie hassan feels that the nominating process should begin quickly, while incumbent senator ayotte believes it's appropriate to wait until after the general election in november. >> i believe that the prudent course is really to hold the confirmation process to let the people of the country speak on who they would like their new president to be, because this position is a lifetime consequence. >> it's really important that we have a fully filled court over the next year, and i think it's really important that people come together and again not let this get partisan. josh: the republican party in new hampshire is taking aim at democrats in the granite state by jumping to the defense of bernie sanders. sanders of course won the
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last week, but come the convention, six of the state's eight super delegates in the democratic party could vote in favor of hillary clinton. that means new hampshire's democratic, total democratic delegate count would be split equally between clinton and sanders, so in an online petition the nhgop is calling on super delegate to vote in favor of the candidate who actually won the primary. >> there's nothing fair or democratic about a system where bernie sanders beats hillary clinton by over 20 points and leaves our state with the same number of delegates. >> it's silliness, but it's obviously they know that they have a problem in november, so they're trying to unsuccessfully drive a wedge among some democrats in new hampshire. josh: under the nominating process this is significant because the winning candidate is decided by the number of delegates, so in theory the popular vote could amount to little more than a beauty contest if the delegates who are
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choose decide to go back and support hillary clinton at this convention. we'll have more on this at 6:00 when we'll hear from governor hassan who is also a super delegate and a supporter of hillary clinton. jean: right now new hampshire firefighters are helping fight a massive fire at a house in newbury, massachusetts. you can see heavy sneak engulfed -- smoke engulfed the home. no word on any injuries or a cause. time to check on traffic. live pictures of 293, pretty light tonight, it is a holiday. peggy james is joining us live with a look at the evening commute. hi, peggy. peggy: good evening. the presidents day holiday definitely lighter volume out there, so that is good news. however, as the road conditions start to deteriorate and people make their way home from their three-day ski weekends we can expect to see some delays starting up. 93 north coming up from the
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problems there, and no incident on 293 around manchester. further north on 89 we are starting to see some slowdowns 89 southbound between clinton street down to logging hill road. and also 93 south you're hitting the brakes from 393 down to the bow junction. our usual slowdowns from 114 to wallace road in bedford on 101 west. and the everett turnpike north increasing volume through merrimack. no problems to or from the seacoast. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. josh: we have much more ahead tonight, including the pope's new approach to mass, we'll tell you which languages were featured in today's service in mexico. jean: travel troubles continue, not because of the temperatures, but because of the weather moving into our south. mike: snow this evening, but eventually a changeover to ice and rain, when it happens plus how much warmer it gets.
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forced another round of changes at our winter festival. we'll tell you about some cancellations that are unpress
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josh: unprecedented talks with leaders from southeast asia are under way, president obama is in california with leaders from every member of the association of southeast asian nations. they are scheduled to touch on economic and security issues including concerns about china. tonight president obama plans to focus on using innovation to promote prosperity in that region. jean: right now pope francis is meeting with catholics at a stadium in southern mexico, hours after celebrating mass that featured the country's indinl us in languages -- indigenous languages. the pope spoke in three native languages during the mass in one of mexico's poorest and least catholic communities. there are reports tonight that air strikes in syria hit two hospitals and a school, killing or wounding dozens of people. doctors without borders says the strikes came from russian war planes supporting syria's government troops.
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start tomorrow on the sinking of el faro, it san income the caribbean during a hurricane board. several crew members did have ties to new england. reports say the ship's captain tried to outrun the hurricane but lost power. a wake is under way right now for a massachusetts woman who was killed in a bizarre accident last week. kaitlin clavik died when -- the wake is in winchester, her funeral is tomorrow in arlington. jean: flight delays at manchester's airport tonight are the result of bad weather in other parts of the country. snow and sleet are moving into the northeast and the mid atlantic right now. it's the same messy conditions that are heading toward us at this hour, these are the conditions we want to show you in virginia right now. cities like philadelphia, new york and washington d.c. are putting trucks in place to try
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crews have already responded to dozens of crashes there. and things are about to get pretty slick in new hampshire. we could see several inches of snow tonight followed by a dack temperature change tomorrow. meteorologist josh judge is joining us live from concord and we need a dramatic temperature change, josh. josh: yes, major changes and of course you remember how cold it was yesterday. it's still cold today, but nearly as cold. the wind chill factor yesterday morning in manchester was 35 degrees below zero. so we're talking about how cold it feels. it felt like 35 below zero. now, today manchester has been in the lower 20's with much less wind, so it has felt dramatically different. tomorrow we're projecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 degrees, could go higher. so the difference from yesterday
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going to be at or in excess of 85 degrees. it's amazing when you think about it. 85 degrees. around here of course we're in the here 20's and upper teens. but if you were to compare here to down in florida, you can see that the difference even alone is about 50 something grease between us and florida right now. and the difference from yesterday to tomorrow is even greater than that. we're back here live in concord, where light flurries are beginning to fall, and mike haddad is going to be telling us more about that because that's a big part of the forecast too. mike: sure is, josh, and there's a band of snow moving through right now that will clear the state in the next hour or two, then we're tracking that steadier snow that moves in about two or three hours from now. so big time change. it's the warmer air overriding the cold air that's retreating out of new hampshire that has created the cloud canopy this afternoon and the light snow in dublin, and there's a little fine snow beginning to fall in
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but not much more than a spot dusting along the coast. this first batch beginning to clear already, the monadnock region and soon to clear the lower part of the merrimack valley. so we could see an additional dusting in a few spots, anywhere from concord north and east up to a half inch to an inch, and once that moves off to the northeast there's a little bit of a break. then notice what's happening to our south, this is where most of the action is and a steady shield of snow that we've been tracking for the past couple days creeps into southern new hampshire shortly after 8:00 this evening. so again could be greasy on the roads right now due to the light coating of snow, once this moves in road conditions statewide will go downhill quickly, and there's that changeover to ice and eventually rain that gets in here later tonight and into the day tomorrow. hard to imagine, again, 40 below wind chills in spots yesterday morning, and we're talking about rain in a matter of about 8, 10,
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steady snow fill in from south to north between 7:00 and 9:00 this evening, making its way into the northern part of the state shortly after nine or 10:00. midnight warm air mixes in, so a changeover to sleet. right along the coast by two or three in the morning we're near 32 degrees, so light rain showers. the perhaps -- precipitation will taper off for the morning commute, but will be right near freezing. notice later on in the afternoon a steady shield of heavy rain moves on in, before it clears later tomorrow night, and as that heavy rain approaches the winds pick up out of the south. and those temperatures are going to go way up there into the 40's to possibly lower 50's. in terms of snow and sleet on top of it, a general two to five-inch tally from the great concord. manchester and points south, on
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most, before that mix takes over during the late part of the evening especially near the midnight hour. right now it is on the cod side, but we don't have a major wind, so the wind chill is not that bad. overnight tonight, we talk about temperatures warming into the mid 20's north to mid 30's at the coast, but still around freezing in between. so even though it changes to sleet and light rain by tomorrow morning, it may be slick on the roads. the warm air to the south eventually moves in, so look at these highs for tomorrow, mid to upper 40's in many spots. low 50's not out of the question in nashua and along the coast. it will become windy as well. but those winds are not out of the cold north, they are out of the south and that drives our temperatures way up there. take a look at the next several days beyond this. wednesday looking fairly anythings, it will be quite breezy, a little cooler than tomorrow and by thursday a few flurries with a weak disturbance, that cools us off
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giving way to clouds on friday, maybe some snow on saturday, you want to talk about changes, we got just about everything out there. josh: messy too. thanks, mike. jean: after the break, the new push to recruit women into the military. josh: it includes a new type of physical test right at the recruiting offices. >> designing robot that think and act on their own.
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jean: a text hotline is now available at m.i.t., it's one of several ways students hope to protect their classmates. the school has seen seven suicide in the last two years, prompting a new wave of research into mental health. m.i.t. has awarded thousands of dollars in grants this year to support student projects on the topic. josh: according to researchers, noise is particularly distracting to a child's brain, that study says that hearing other voices in the background listen. scientists say the ability to process speech amid background noise doesn't really develop until adolescence. so the biggest way to get your message herl, make eye contact, and turn off the tv.
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more women, the plan includes having at least one female recruiter at every major recruiting center. right now there are nearly 9,000 are you kreuters, only 750 of those are women. new gymnastics tests tests will also be used to help figure out which jobs a recruit can handle. jean: one of the most popular presidential memorials will be getting a face lift. and whole foods is making massive changes from new ordering systems to potential tattoo parlors. and now to our u local hot shot, this is a valentine's day baby,
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mike: after some record setting cold earlier today, warm early air moves in and that means a wintery mix as the next system arrives. >> i never experienced cold like this. josh: and people are taking extraordinary measures to deal with the dangerous cold right now, it's too much even for ice sports. jean: we have new information on
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why police say the man arrested for one could be responsible for several others. why were ask plans are under way for one of america's most popular donuts to make its new hampshire debut. josh: snow is moving into southern new hampshire at this hour, as the frigid temperatures that set a record on the seacoast this morning are just about gone. i'm joch josh mcelveen. jean: i'm jean mackin. let's get right over to chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: give yourself a few extra minutes traveling because we have seen a little light snow over the past hour. right now temperatures in the upper teens and lower 20's, certainly below the average for
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above the feel-like temperatures of 30 to 40 below we had during part of the weekend. notice the snow, this first batch moving on in, from the merrimack valley points north and east towards the coast. but it is beginning to break up and lift quickly into maine, or will in the next hour, hour and a half. what we're focusing in on for most of the action is lining up over southern connecticut, long island, new york city where it's all snow, but then through jersey that transition over to sleet and freezing rain and eventually rain. during the course of this evening that first batch of no will lift out, by 8:00 it redevelops, and by 9:00 or 10:00 steady snow in southern new hampshire. but eventually that mix and rain makes its way in across the granite state. so when does that happen and how much to expect, we'll look at all of of that straight ahead. josh: thanks, mike. there's a lot to keep track of, you can always find live radar and conditions in your area on and with our free mobile app.
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twitter for updates on trouble spots. jean: there isn't much snow on despite the cold and that's prompting the first ever cancellation of snowdeo, the event draws thousands of people every year, but organizers say there just isn't enough snow this year and probably not enough time the to make up for planned event. they have already started planning for the 25th anniversary of snowdeo, next year. that lack of snow forced the cancellation of sled dog rides in portsmouth as well. other than that, the fire and ice festival had an impressive turnout for ice sculpting, ice skating and lots of family fun. hotels and restaurants had special deals this weekend, and some things sold out among them hart cooking at strawberry banke as well as two pub crawls. >> people learn from last year that you can't just sit inside and hibernate for the winter. >> we have lots of folks who
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the summer months and we want to say here alive and well and celebrating winter as well. jean: i like that, people are rugged. much of l.a. -- last year's festival was canceled from too much snow. josh: jennifer crompton is at strawbery banke with details. reporter: it's a perfect might for skating, all these folks out here having a blast, and even this weekend when it was wind chill factors of 30 below at some point people were still out here, nay were using the fire pit at the end and using the warming hut, but typical new england, just as we get used to managing this extreme cold weather, it's about to change. still bundled up on monday, part
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severe it hurts. >> we've tried to go out for dinner, and i couldn't even make to it my car before i was freezing cold, it was like piercing, i've never experienced cold like this. >> it was almost burning, and it was just a short time outside, you know. reporter: window shopping or darting in and out of warm buildings and cars is one thing. >> when the temperatures dip as far as they have the past couple of nights, it's so important to get people inside who might otherwise be staying out in the open. reporter: cross roads house is busy year-round, but lately is filled beyond capacity. the homeless shelter doesn't turn people away. instead when they run out of regular beds they set up mattress toes get people in from the cold. >> over the weekend we had several people come in who had been living in tents in our community. we had a woman who was living in her car. reporter: it's the kind of cold that makes cars hard to start and freezes pipes, the kind of cold so severe that even ice has issues.
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stressed it gets, so it sometimes breaks in the middle. reporter: taking this winter of extremes in stride with another wild swing and warmer temperatures, possibly rain on the horizon. >> rain is against us, but it also makes a nice smooth sheet of ice too. >> it's always like that, unpredictable. i'll welcome the rain. reporter: i'm told the ideal temperature in an outdoor rink like this is about 30 degrees. at strawbery banke that means it's warm enough to not have the refrigeration system maintain it, but warm enough for people to get out and have a blast. we're live at the puddledock rink, jennifer crompton. josh: thanks. tonight a firefighter is recovering after being injured as smoke and flames damaged a house on ridge road in concord. officials say the owner was home
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one firefighter slipped and fell, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. took about an hour to bring the fire under control, according to investigators. at this point it appears to be accidental. and new details in a string of burglaries along the seacoast. police believe they could be connected. 34-year-old matthew temple of rochester is due in court tomorrow, he was arrested on friday after a neighbors see he saw him burglarizing a port mu home. authorities admit there are similarities between this and eight others in dover and are asking anyone with information to give them a call. jean: the national park service has reason to celebrate this presidents day. thanks to a new gift to fix up the lincoln memorial. philanthropist david rubenstein is donating $18 million for the project, he's already donating tens of millions to renovate other land marks including the washington monument. this project will help fix the memorial's roof and clean the marble. the lincoln memorial draws more visitors than any other monument
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josh: another american landmark is up for sale. sort of. jean: in white house replica is on the market. we'll tell you how much it's going for. josh: and some big changes going to whole foods, the new design under discussion right now includes tattoo parlors. jean: krispy kreme just announced plans to open its first store in new hampshire. mike: you're going to tell us where, right? i can't wait, they just melt in your mouth. from record highs, record cold temperatures, we've got 50's, snow, ice the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. josh: comcast is apologizing for a network interruption that affected people around the northeast. the company says the problem that caused the outage has been fixed, but didn't elaborate on what exactly the problem was. jean: there is another famous donut moving into new england. josh: krispy kreme planning to open four stores in new hampshire, three in maine. the developer teaming up with krispy kreme has some experience in this kind of thing, he used to own several granite state five guys of krispy kreme says the stores will open in the next several years, has not said which communities though will get the new shops. jean: we'll let you know as soon as we find out. whole foods is centralizing the way it orders food as part of a
5:41 pm
2,000 job cuts. the company will do more ordering from its texas headquarters instead of leaving it to regional and local managers. it will also rely more on technology for things like inventory and restocking. and at the same time, whole foods plans for its new 365 stores are getting pretty creative. some of the services that might be added to the grocery stores, juice stands, bike repairs and even tattoo parlors. the 365 chain is targeted at millennials with the promise of more convenience and lower prices. josh: if living in the white house doesn't fit into your life plan, there's another option, buy a replica. this one outside washington d.c. hit the market in time for president's days, built in the 1990's, it's a small scale version of the real thing including an oval office. >> this is probably one of the the most unique homes i've seen, anything designed like the white house you're not going to find
5:42 pm
josh: unless you find a replica. the 14,000 square foot home has a wine cellar, entertainment room, was built by a vietnamese refugee who designed the house as a tribute to his new country. the list pris is 3.25 million. jean: you can hang out in the oval office, write some speeches. snow and sleet moving across much of the u.s. right now, but one driver already had a very close call. we'll have the full story next. josh: in sports a legend retires, but his number 24 appears nobody good hands, jamie staton talks qualifying at daytona.
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jean: an oregon man is lucky to be alive this evening after getting pulled head first into a running wood chipper. josh: police say the man's arm got stuck in a tree limb and he got yanged in too with his head just inches from his leg and the safety bar cut off the machine -- man. he has a broken leg, but obviously could have been worse of jean: cameras rolling in the u.k. as a driver lost control on an icy road and flipped over
5:45 pm
in england today to remind drivers to be careful when driving through icy conditions. the woman has minor injuries. mike: so many changes around here, just over the past 24 hours, and hold on, more to come between now and tomorrow. as temperatures jump up near 50. but in between now and then, so much to go through. newfound lake it's overcast, there's been a little fine light snow falling in some areas, but not much more than a dusting out there. with the sun now down, the clouds are moving into warner as well, a wintery mix tonight. a few inches of snow, then ice, and then any freezing rain tomorrow goes over to rain as it really warms up. heaviest rain will be later tuesday, and then mostly dry for a good part of the rest of the week. steady snow is to our south. having said that, there's been a little band of snow jumping out in advance of the storm moving in for later on this evening.
5:46 pm
from a dusting to a half inch to an inch in a few spots, just enough to grease up some area roads. so do give yourself extra time even in the next couple of hours, notice not more than a few flurries in the lower merrimack valley. steadier snow about to clear the coastline, and it's mainly from the lakes region points north and northeast. farther to the south this is the area we are tracking to move in sometime around 7:00 right along the pass-new hampshire border, and then eventually make its way up north sometime after 9:30 or 10:00 tonight. so if you're traveling this evening you need extra time to do so because the snow will be coming down at a pretty good clip, could see from a one to three inch tally piling up before a changeover in far southern areas, but a few inches if not more farther to the north. shortly after midnight that lead and freezing rain mix will develop, mainly sleet as i see it now, between midnight, one, two in the morning, eventually
5:47 pm
north woods, during the predawn hours. so that by daybreak it just a scattering of light rain and freezing rain showers, plain old rain where it in the mid 30's at the coast. heavier rain will approach later in the day as the winds crank up out of the south and drive temperatures through the 40's and possibly low 50's. not too bad on wednesday, a little cooler, but back above average again. you get the idea, certainly going to be sloppy out there for tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures well below freezing now, so even when we go over to that light rain it will be freezing on contact early tomorrow morning, aand it's going to be tough to get rid of this arctic cold even though it's slowly moving out. by day break tomorrow it will try. by the early part of the morning we're climbing back through the 20's, even 30's. along the coast and in the monadnock region it could be
5:48 pm
i expect many delays out there for tomorrow morning. because the conditions will likely dramatically improve from around four, five, six a.m. until nine or ten in the morning, so that will help schools and businesses tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon into the evening, upper 40's to near 50, gusty win out of the south, heaviest rain late. it's dry and cooler, but pleasant on wednesday. thursday could be a few flurries with a weak system. quiet friday and then maybe more snow saturday. doesn't look like a big storm just yet. josh: thanks, mike. jean: a project at one university is teaching robot to process information like people do, and then put it to work. josh: aixa diaz visited the maryland lab to see how this works. >> what a wonderful day. reporter: meet julia, a robot at the university of maryland and college park. >> julia has its own brain, so to speak.
5:49 pm
designing robot to think and act on their own. things. things. reporter: julia learns by observing, and that's what makes this robot unique. >> the goals that you are achieving during your task. reporter: so far julia has mastered the art of mixes drinks and will soon learn over culinary skills. researchers hope one day robot will process more complicated activities and help humans in every day life. >> these robot will graduate, so to speak, to the point that they will be able to perform tasks that are needed in this society. reporter: in college park, maryland, aixa diaz. >> looks to be a quiet week for the boston sports teams.
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the red sox are on the horizon, pitchers and catchers report saturday for spring training. national rankings for college hockey are out this week. dartmouth checking in at number 24. the u.n.h. wildcats have a home and home series with boston university, it starts friday at 8:30 in durham. looks like it will be a seamless transition for the 24 car in sprint cup racing, jeff gordon retired after last year. enter 20-year-old chase elliott who won the pole at the qualifying yesterday, he's the son of the racing legend, bill elliott, awesome bill from dawsonville. 24 car looks to be the good hands. kenseth will start on the outside row number one. coming up, the manchester monarchs visit the children's children's hospital at dartmouth. jean: thanks, jamie. making a grant gesture on valentine's day can sometimes be a gamble. josh: one man took the chance in
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tom: coming up at 6:00, authorities investigate the untimely death of a newborn last year, the call for new information to help figure out what led to the baby's death. and new hampshire republicans petitioning for granite state democratic super delegates. the g.o.p.'s fight for democratic primary winner, bernie sanders.
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>> how cold is it out here? >> if this isn't love, i don't know what is. to get married in one degree weather, it's crazy. jean: they wanted a memorable wedding day and they got it. these couples braved new york's frigid temperatures to get married in times square on valentine's day, safe to say. they will never forget this big day. josh: other couples added cold wind to the mix saying their vows on top of the empire state building. most of them held the ceremonies inside but then stepped onto the outside for the pictures. they had to compete for the memorable setting though by winning a contest for the most touching love stories. so one pan in britain took a very public gamble to give his girlfriend a memorable proposal this valentine's day.
5:55 pm
cover of a magazine. >> he james craig arranged to have the magazine delivered with sam shane at first she thought it was a single novelty edition. it was not. the observer tweeted out an update this morning, she said yes. another romantic gesture charmed an entire school in utah. josh: a senior there didn't want his female classmates to feel left out, so he gave a flower to every girl in school, the teen already has a girlfriend. she says she was impressed by his gesture, at least that's what she's saying publicly. thank you for joining us.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
mike: a messy mix of snow, ice and rain as the next system moves in tonight into tomorrow morning. when we see the heaviest snow
5:58 pm
in a timeline ahead. >> try and call a professional plumber in instances like this. >> that's the warning after a business owner's attempt to thaw frozen pipes started a fire. tom: new developments after the rescue of dozens of people from trams at cannon mountain, the repair work under way right now and how those who were stuck helped each other. >> this is wrong, it's not fair, it's not democratic, it is not right. >> and why new hampshire's republican party is giving support tonight to democrat bernie sanders. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: at this hour the snow is moving into the granite state as temperatures are actually going up. good evening, everyone, i'm tom griffith. jean: and i'm jean mackin. the snow will change over to rain as we move into tuesday, let's get right over to chief meteorologist mike haddad for the latest. mike: very tricky for traveling over the next several hours and especially overnight into early tomorrow, as the temperatures
5:59 pm
32-degree mark. but even though they've been rising, they're still well below 32, holding in the upper teens to around 20. we've seen a batch of very light snow move in over the past couple hours, from a dusting to a half inch in many spots from the lakes region points south. from the lakes region to the mount washington valley, that's where this first batch is continuing to produce steady light snow, but just flurries to the south. connecticut, rhode island, points south, that's where the steady batch from this next inroads. and i would say along about 7:00 along the mass-new hampshire border to shortly after 8:00 or 9:00 in the lakes region, that's when the snow will begin to pick up. but to the out of the there's a mix. notice right around midnight, already starting to see that change to sleet and freezing rain over extreme southern parts of new hampshire. what about the rest of the state, how much snow do we get before that happens, and how


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