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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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sean: now at noon, after a snowy and icy start to the day, temps are warming up. we' ll talk about heavy rain and gusty winds with futurecast ahead. >> the icy and slick morning made for a messy commute. the changing conditions proved challenging for road crews. the coldest air of the season is now behind us but the clean-up , of the damage it caused is far from over. and in commitment 2016, the focus this noon is on both nevada and south carolina. what the candidates are doing to sway votes their way. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire
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noon. sean: tough conditions on the roads this morning. at one time, interstate 93 was shutdown in manchester because of multiple crashes. the conditoins continue to change even at this hour. as you can see, in manchester it' s foggy. good afternoon, i' m sean mcdonald. the concern this afternoon is focused on heavy rain and strong winds, especially on the seacoast. we have live team coverage beginning this noon with meteorologist kevin skarupa. kevin: starting last evening, it' s going to be quite the 24 hours. around 2-4 accumulation -- inches of accumulation last evening into this morning. then we switched to freezing rain and sleet. for now, temperatures and a lot of locations are at least at or above the freezing mark. still, there is a winter weather advisory through 1:00. a wind advisory has been posted
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a high wind warning for the seacoast this afternoon. now, we are looking at lighter rain showers moving through. a line of rain is continuing to pinwheel in east and eventually arrives late this afternoon and early this evening. with that, it could be a quick half-inch to full inch of rain and wind gusts of 40-50 miles per hour. that will set up a completely different evening commute and the commute we had earlier this morning. few minutes. in some parts of new hampshire, as the storm shut down a section of a highway. trips that normally take a little more than half an hour, in some cases, took more than two hours. ray brewer is live at the hooksett rest area, and ray, what do conditions look like now? ray: sean we just drove down from meredith, and while the roads are wet, and some sections
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see that traffic is moving. here in the parking lot, you can get a glimpse of the problem. and that was ice. a mixture of snow, freezing rain, and rain created problems for drivers. i-93 south in manchester was closed this morning between exits 8 and 6 right during the busy commute time because of multiple crashes. the changing conditions created headaches for not only drivers, but for those in charge of keeping the roads clear. >> not too much problems in plowing the roads, but then you had changing conditions with what appeared to be black pavement, and at times people were hitting slippery spots, so we continue to treat. ray alan landry was taking a and had to pull over in sanbornton last night, and now is on his way to boston. >> the road, it ain' t bad. this morning was worse, slippery, but they put salt so, so far, so good. ray as the morning progressed, : another problem surfaced. a dense fog moved into some areas. that fog is expected to remain as the temperatures climb
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melts. ve been here long enough, i drive in this stuff, you know so i don' t have any issues. ray: as you take a live look at 93 southbound, dot says they are concerned about possible flooding this afternoon, as heavy rains are expected, and catch basins are blocked by snow, so efforts are underway to make sure they are clear. reporting live in hooksett, ray brewer, wmur news9. sean: and right now, because of this wintry weather, the manchester-boston regional airport is experiencing multiple delays and cancellations. if you are flying out today, make sure to call your airline for updated information about your flight. remember, you can track the changing weather conditions any time at and our wmur app. there you can also send us your winter weather photos and video. you might see them in a future newscast.
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businesses too this weather is leading to burst pipes. there are multiple schools including hanover high school. crews are cleaning up after a sprinkler pipe burst there yesterday leaving three hallways , and part of the gym under a couple inches of water. and in plaistow a pipe burst at pollard elementary school filling the halls and main , office with water. the pipe has been fixed but school there is closed today and students will complete lessons online. and passengers diverted to manchester are on their way home to new york at this hour. their delta flight from the dominican republic was diverted here because of the weather. after the airline had problems landing planes at jfk all day. since manchester is not equipped to accept international flights , customs officials had to be brought in from portland, maine. once all the 159 passengers made it through customs, they were
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new at noon a manchester man is , under arrest accused of trying , to rob at man at knifepoint. police say 25-year-old corey wolczko allegedly posted a gaming system for sale online. meet up with wolczko, that' s when he reportedly pulled out a knife and tried to rob him. but the man was able to get away. also new this noon a two-time captured. 27-year-old dorbor nyonee was wanted for supervised release violations after a counterfeiting conviction in after the warrant was issued he 2011. fled to minnesota where he was arrested for driving under the influence but was released on , bail before authorities realized he was using a fake name. he has since been arrested in manchester. a nashua man is accused of firing a gun inside a crowded restaurant on valentine' s day. police arrested robinson plasencia-diaz at the tropical point restaurant. he is charged with reckless conduct after police say he hit a man in the head with a gun and it discharged. he also did not have a concealed carry permit. right now he is being held on
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arraignment. right now a seabrook man, , accused of causing a serious crash in hampton, while allegedly driving drunk, is facing a judge. police arrested 52-year-old duane l' italian last week following an accident at the intersection of landing and tide mill roads. the other driver suffered serious injuries in the crash. in the next a man accused of hour, beating another man so badly that he later died from his injuries is also due in court. 41-year-old eric langlais is charged with manslaughter. police say langlais beat the victim, 44-year-old james unfonak, outside gary' s sports bar in rochester on january 31. unfonak later died at the hospital. coming up undecided voters are , the focus for the candidates are in south carolina and nevada. the secret weapons some are bringing to campaign trail. the pope has arrived in the and heart of mexico'
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the message of hope he' s expected to deliver. kevin: i see wind and rain have cleared out. details in futurecast ahead. s grow it , don'
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sean: the next set of tests for presidential hopefuls is just around the corner. for the democrats, the nevada caucuses are just 4 days away, while republicans will be at the polls in south carolina on saturday. and the race is heating up with the entrance of some former presidents. here' s abc' s lana zak. lana: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making their appeal to african a moat -- african-american voters today. mrs. clinton: my campaign is about to breaking every barrier. mr. sanders: when we come together, there is nothing we can' t accomplish. lana: while two former presidents are hitting the stump for their families, and both have something to say about the republican front-runner, donald trump. mr. bush in my experience, the : strongest person usually isn' t
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lana: president george w bush, stumping for brother jeb in south carolina, reminded voters not to count a bush out. george w. bush: i' ve been misunderestimated most of my life. lana: and on the democratic side, an animated hillary clinton had a suggestion for how to handle the republicans. hillary clinton: we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these things, like, oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation arf arf arf arf you know? lana: while in florida, an equally animated trump supporter interrupted president bill clinton. >> you took his money. mr. clinton: i took his money for my foundation, where i used it better than he' s using it now. lana: those donations to clinton, one of the reasons ted cruz says republicans cannot trust trump'
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credentials. of your life and you' ve never done or said or written anything to prove your conservative, you ain' t. sean: new this noon: the world health organization says it may be necessary to use genetically modified msquitoes to wipe out the who recently declared zika a global emergency. the virus has been linked to a spike in babies born with abnormally small heads. former united nation' s secretary general boutros boutros-ghali has died. today, u.n. members held a moment of silence for him. boutros-ghali was an egyptian politician and diplomat. he was the sixth secretary-general of the united nations. he served from 1992 to december 1996. pope francis has just arrived in the heart of mexico' s drug-trafficking country where right now, the pontiff will meet with young people and deliver a message of hope for a better future for a country wracked by the violence and gang warfare of the drug trade.
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the border town of juarez. most violent in the world. >> i believe its also a call for all the communities around juarez to really put attention . taken church leadership to task for its reluctance to criticize to whom it' s closely tied. kevin: we have one last phase of the storm system, which means rain and wind for the evening commute. sean: get ready for that. plus not all plants need to be , in the warm weather to survive. next, some cool weather plants you can enjoy indoors this winter. now to our u-local hot shot. check out this adorable face. this is ernie the pug, taking a
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kevin: a fairly chaotic day for us out there as far as the cold
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morning with freezing rain and sleet. there are still some valleys where the stubborn, cold air hangs in. wind has started to pick up in a few spots, one is the coast. temperatures are in the 40' s there. another, jaffrey, which was in the upper range of the 40' s pretty quickly this morning. plymouth, bristol, franklin, those are the areas that tend to hang on to the coldest air the longest. spots late this afternoon or early this evening that will s or 40. s. we are expecting a fairly light version of anything we will get later this afternoon for the next two or three hours. eventually, this system will continue to make its way into the southwestern areas, probably
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it may take 2, 3, 4 hours to do so. the potential is there for gus' s over 40-45 miles per hour. -- gusts over 40-45 miles per hour. for here and now, clouds, pockets of freezing drizzle in some of the lower line valleys. they having quite warm -- haven' 32. rain for the next couple of hours with reduced visibility due to heavier rainfall moving with it. temperatures in the 40' s in the north country with a line of rain. that is the front itself. once it goes by, we aren'
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expecting a huge blast over there is a -- blast of arctic air. there is a look at it again. 30' s in the merrimack valley and some of the river valleys. of few other areas up into the 40' s. just about everyone jumps up in the afternoon. notice the temperatures from noon yesterday to noon today. some spots 37 degrees. tomorrow, in the 30' s with partial clearing overnight. lower and mid 30' s for thursday and friday, both of those days with partial sunshine. once that system goes by late friday to early saturday, we keep temperatures in the 30' s to lower 40' s. temperatures not doing a huge
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s head to grow it green. s grow it green. img joined by margaret hagan from unh cooperative extension. -- i am joined by margaret hagan from unh cooperative extension. you tell me these plants have something in common. margaret: they are very tolerant of cool temperatures, which is nice, if you do a lot of wood stove heating and you have pockets of your house that are cool. right here we have cyclamen, christmas trying. next to that, primrose. you are starting to see these they are a great plant. you can grow them on your them outside. most will survive.
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well in cool temperatures. i mean temperatures anywhere from the high 40' s to about 65. something i don' t normally think of as cool tolerant. desert. succulents. they go more or less dormant during the winter. you only need to water them about once a month and they will tolerate cool temperatures. >> something with striking colors right next to them. margaret: this is clear via, my favorite plant. it likes to have temperatures in -- cool temperatures in the fall when it is going dormant. >> something we often think about is the lemon tree. >> citrus will tolerate cool temperatures. everyone thinks it has to grow in hot climates, but that' s not
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>> moving on, we have more christmas cactus, i see. >> we have an azalea. azaleas will tolerate cool temperatures as well. >> are usually associate those with springtime. >> the big time is it mother' s day. this is in or range that is in bloom. right behind it, you have the pinky red camellia. >> a lot of different options, but they do need different light levels.
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