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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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josh: right now a messy mix of rain and fog creating lousy conditions for drivers out there. add to that strong wind that are also picking up at this hour. good evening, i'm josh mcelveen. jean: and i'm jean mackin. things are dramatically warmer than this time last night, but we have a whole new round of of weather challenges of josh: we begin with mike haddad in the weather center. mike: how about that nice warm feel as you step outdoors over the past couple hours. take a look at the temperature jump between earlier day when it was in the 20's and lower 30's, now 40's and 50's statewide, with the exception of mount washington. notice the reading in jaffrey at 52, keene at 54. 38 degrees warmer in keene than it was at this hour last night. so it feels the part of early spring. along with the warmer air that means precipitation has gone over, no more ice or snow, it's all rain. some of it coming down at a pretty good clip around the merrimack valley, into the heart
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then the lighter rain in the great north woods, but eventually the downpours will fill in there. there's a defined back end racing through, and as that rain pulls in the wind begin to crank up, gusting to 35 at the coast, 32 in jaffrey and 20 to 30 miles elsewhere. we could see wind gusts between now and 8:00 tonight of over 40 miles per hour, so there could be scattered power outages between now and then. but again the back edge the storm is just hours away from clearing new hampshire. we'll look at the rest of the week in a few minutes. jean: drivers are running into heavy downpours out there. here's a live view of traffic in windham, but you can see things are still moving pretty well. mike cronin is in salem. reporter: it's so typical, right, we finally get used to the cold temperatures and snow and then new england surprises us again. this time with warmer
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right now we haven't seen any issues on i-93 in salem. cars are moving fine despite the wet highway, after the extreme night. the department of transportation hasn't had any problems plowing the roads, but it is keeping an eye on drainage around basins and culverts, also warning drivers to be cautious of refreezing. >> ground temperatures are affecting what people's perceptions are, they see a wet black pavement and they think it's okay, but extremely cold temperatures over the weekend have made conditions such that you can get refreezing even as the temperatures are warming up. reporter: d.o.t. says that it is salting the road, but the rain can reduce it's effectiveness, so it's best to check the local conditions in your area. mike cronin, wmur news 9. jean: let's see what these conditions are doing to the evening commute.
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and foggy. josh: peggy james joins us now with a live look at the road home. >> good evening. the good news is so far things are going pretty well 93 northbound, you're hitting the wipers more than the brakes coming up from the border up on into manchester. as you saw there, 293 is busy, but no incidents the report. things looking good too in hooksett, all the way up to concord at this hour, no major issues. 101 west is heavy between the lights at 114 and wallace road in bedford. moving up route 3 up through nashua, mild slowdowns on the everett turnpike northbound through the merrimack stretch. between manchester and hampton to problems on 101. and the spaulding turnpike is filling in now in both directions through newington. from the traffic network, i'm peggy james. josh: if you think you had messy weather causing head aches for travelers, flights have been delayed or canceled because of
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now to a developing story with passengers on board a delta flight diverted to manchester. they've had to be diverted again. delta flight 944 from the dominican republic could not land at j.f.k. last night because of lousy weather. when it did land in manchester the 159 passengers had to wait for customs workers to be brought in from portland, maine, they stayed in a hotel overnight and flew out today, but because of bad weather in new york they had boston. jean: police in two states are comparing notes at this hour to see if there's a connection between robberies at two separate gun shops. the latest happened in tyngsboro, massachusetts. investigators want to know if it's linked to a robbery in hooksett from earlier this month. wmur's adam sexton is live in hooksett where he just spoke to investigators. reporter: well, jean, no definitive link yet between these two burglaries, but police say there are similarities. the original break in happened
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londonderry turnpike, and wicked weaponry, surveillance cameras cameras -- a similar m.o. in tings -- tyngsboro. connected or not, the owner of wicked weaponry is hoping for a break in the case. >> it's upsetting to hear that they're hitting more gun shops if these are the same people. but there's potential for them to get caught, there's more evidence and more to go on. reporter: the owner of hitman arms in tyngsboro tells our sister station wcvb that he's going to be losing sleep over this break-in but has confidence that police will solve the crime. adam sexton, wmur news 9. josh: tonight a husband and wife are facing charges in connection to the theft of nearly $100,000 worth of jewelry and coins from an elderly neighbor. suzanne roantree live with more
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happened. reporter: in court today prosecutors told the judge that jacob and lauren stibs lived with her parents next-door to the 70-year-old victim. the victim told police that for about a month jacobsten did odd jobs for her, giving him access to the home, during that time she noticed some cash and nearly $# 100,000 worth of jewelry and coins were missing. police were able to trace him through local pawnshops. >> he had over 20 charges today, 10 charges of receive organize possessing stolen property as well as theft by deception. reporter: court documents say that his wife, who was not in court today, admitted that both of them are drug addicts and that he sold the jewelry. jean: new details about the suspect in a deadly attack outside a rochester bar, including his past criminal
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4 #-year-old eric language -- langlois was arraigned today. jennifer crompton has more. reporter: we're just learning tonight that eric langlois has a previous assault conviction and was allegedly exchanging text ttion night the man was attacked, saying that he wanted to get him. 41-year-old eric language life weeped during much of his arraignment on manslaughter charges. the state described a verbal altercation inside gary's sports bar early january 31st that led to the defendant and his group getting escorted out. >> they continued to represent that they wanted a piece of this victim, the phrase that they were using, and they weren't going to leave. reporter: bouncer escorted the victim to his car and jim was
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allegedly sucker purged. the state claims language life described his own fist as his knockout hand. >> the defendant is seen coming around the vehicle and getting into an altercation and flowing one punch which hits him in the face on the jaw and he went down and hit his head as a result and was deceased. reporter: he had an earlier altercation as well as a 2004 4-month-old. >> he acknowledged that he had thrown the baby on multiple occasions, resulting in damage to the ribs and a head injury. reporter: a friend of the victim in court to see the suspect, hoping to learn more about what happened to jim, a well liked drummer in a popular local band. >> he's a fun loving guy, he loves to have a good time, but drama. reporter: we still don't know what was going on inside the bar
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meantime tonight, two women have been arrested and charged with riot for being outside, and tonight a fourth person arrested, a man charged with simple assault from something that happened inside the bar earlier this evening. live in portsmouth, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. there is a new political challenge in new hampshire for the congressional race. josh: who wants an opponent to sign a plenty. jean: the pope's words in one of mexico's most dangerous areas today. mike: the storm moves out of here, a brighter wednesday will follow. josh: at 5:30, meet the man who plucked the crew of a tugboat out of the frigid water. jean: at 6:00 new details about the hazing allegations that
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now, and in the first congressional district race in new hampshire, sean o'connor is taking a step that might get the attention of carol shea porter. today he announced he will not accept any campaign contributions from political action committees and will discourage super pacs from supporting his congressional bid. he says it's part of his plan to fundamentally change the way washington conducts business. >> partners take in over $ 1.8 million from d.c. special interests; and i don't think voters. so i have unilaterally decided that i will not take any pac money. and i hope if shea porter is serious about campaign finance reform will join me that commitment and not take any more pac money. josh: we're waiting to hear back from her.
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also face a primary challenge from republicans as well. jean: right now president obama is holding a news conference at a summit with southeast asian leaders, but he just spoke about the vacancy on the supreme court following the death of justice antonin scalia. the police says the constitution is clear that it's his job to nominate a successor and there is more than enough time for him to choose a nominee before leaving office. he says that nominee will be indisputably qualified for the position. justice scalia will be laid to rest this saturday. sources close to the family told cnn the funeral will be held at the basilica of the national shrine in washington d.c. justice scalia will lie in repose at the supreme court on friday. today black drapes were placed on his supreme court chair and bench. josh: tonight three americans are free after they were abducted in iraq last month. the u.s. state department confirmed their release today.
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were handed over to the u.s. embassy and are said to be in good health. several americans went missing last month, according to iraqi authorities the trio were kidnapped from a, quote, suspicious apartment. and the pan accused in one of california's most notorious serial killer cases is now on trial, loni franklin jr. is accused of the grim sleeper murders, the bodies of nine women and a 15-year-old girl were found in alley ways in garbage bins in south l.a. between 1985 and 2007. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. the trial is expected to take as long as four months. pope francis has one more day left on his historic tour of mexico. today the pontiff held a mass in what's considered to be the heart of the drug trafficking problem. he urged them not to give up in the fight against corruption. more than 1,000 people were in moralia to create a portrait of francis today.
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southern states, trapped a 94-year-old woman in her home. neighbors used chainsaws to rescue here. several homes in florida and mississippi were destroyed by twisters. no serious injuries have been reported. and snow and ice in the northeast led to several crashes and delayed school as long with government openings. but the west coast is seeing record highs. people there are stocking up on sunscreen and water. josh: in new hampshire we're seeing a mashup of cold and airport, ice is melting as temperatures rise ask rain moves in. let's go to josh judge who is in salem tonight. reporter: yes, it is a wild day out here and we've had a little of everything. of course we started off the day with fresh snow, sleet, freezing rain and slick conditions on the roads this morning, we have turned to wet roads this afternoon. there's rain, there's temperatures in the 50's where i
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i wanted to show you what's going on here in terms of the wind. i've been having to hang onto the umbrella pretty heavily at times, as it almost gets blown away from me. sometimes the winds are gusting, we have a high wind warning in effect at the seacoast and most of southeastern new hampshire is under a winter advisory, excuse me, a wind advisory. so it's been certainly challenging in terms of the winds. the winds are not everywhere, but it all depends on your elevation. take a look at the winds, the sustained wind have certainly been causing problems and some of the wind gusts that we're showing you here, 35 miles per hour in portsmouth, 33 miles per hour in jaffrey, and atop mount washington as high as 90 to 95 miles per hour. back in salem, certainly nothing quite like that, but it's definitely been challenging, and driving is challenging as well. and of course i talked about the heavy rain, it is really pouring here in salem.
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about the rain and everything else going on too, right? mike: that's right. we've got so many change police the last 12 hours, as you mentioned, from the snow and ice now into heavy rain, we'll check in with you later on. take a look at the conditions at the coast this morning. market square right at 5:31, was not snowing at that time but we still had temperatures near or below freezing. some slush and snow still on the roads, but quickly as temperatures did climb into the 30's it turned over to very light rain showers and now the roads are primarily wet, with the heavy downpours moving in, watch out for significant ponding, for a couple of reasons. one the intensity of the rain, second we also have the ground still frozen, so again some of that water tends to pool where you don't want it. so it could create some issues for the next couple hours. also notice on our radar scopes that this is a defined back end in eastern new york state. that will be racing through over the next hour or two. right now the monadnock region
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about to let up the places like keene, but still steady in and around peterborough and points east of the merrimack valley, lakes region and just about to enter the coast as well. farther to the north, steadier rain in the great north woods. but through the heart of the white mountains and around franconia notch, that's where the heavy rain is beginning to build in from. the back end is quickly pulling in through a good part of connecticut, now central and western portions of massachusetts. i'd say about another hour, hour and a half to two hours and all the heavy rain is gone. here it is on future cast. notice by 7:00 or 8:00 no more heavy rain, just a few lingering light showers to the north. the only issues from here on out after 7:00 or 8:00 will be the ponding on the roads. and there could be refreeze and black ice on the roads as we talk about the winds letting up overnight as well. tomorrow we've got sunshine, a little breeze out of the
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we'll be back in the 30's and lower 40's, and plenty of sun and even cold earthquake right back to average as we go into the day on thursday. notice the temperatures right now, lining up in the upper 40's to near 50 up north. in some parts of new hampshire it took all morning and through at least the early to mid afternoon to get up to 50 degrees. but we have reached that mark, in concord, laconia, manchester and monadnock region and a little below that in plymouth, you were stuck at 33 until 3:00 but now the warmer air has made it in. even at the coast holding on to 40s. overnight tonight the rain pulls away, skies partially clear, and very strong winds this evening that could lead to scattered outages will abate. what that means for us is a chance that we get down near freezing, and with standing water still left on the roads there could be some black ice very late. notice the cooler air building in from the west. we will see a return to a seasonably chilly pattern later
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especially tomorrow night right through friday morning. beyond that time frame the weather pattern relatively quiet into bring night. and then later friday night, early saturday the next system moves in. this one not a whole lot of moisture witness, so there could be snow that develops especially in northern and central new hampshire, light snow or mix far south. partial sunshine back in here for sunday and early next week, looks pretty good, next big storm threat could be the middle of next week, but that's still seven or eight days out. so try to get rid of this first one and enjoy some quiet for a couple of days. josh: a proposal today could stamps. jean: up next what this would shelves. josh: and new details about the
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josh: the federal government wants to make it easier for those on food stamps to eat healthier. today the agriculture department unveiled new rules that would require retailers to accept food stamps to carry at least 168 items considered healthy. that includes fruits, vegetables, meats and bread. more than 46 million americans currently receive food stamps. the school lunch program at manchester's parker varney school is getting a makeover.
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and teachers organizedded a survey, they asked 4,000 students across the city how to improve school lunches and gave their findings to the school board. student says they want more fresh fruits, vegetables, and triangle pizza instead of the square cafeteria pizza. >> their voice matters, and if they want to change something they can do it. jean: thanks to the changes, students are eating more school lunches, because they asked for meals to be made on site, they will construct a new kitchen at no cost to taxpayers. josh: eat your veggies and get pizza, pretty good deal. still ahead -- >> there's no rhyme or reason for this one. jean: she is okay, but she was impaled by floor boards on the court, now investigators are investigating this bizarre
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mike: downpours and gusty winds for some now as the back edge of a storm races through. the changes that follow through the rest of the week. jean: a man remains sedated after an assault that nearly cost him his life. police say his attacker admitted to the whole thing. >> we didn't take our eyes off him. josh: race for rescue, three people are recovering after a close call on boston harbor. jean: ask back behind bars, how this fugitive nearly got away after a mixup halfway across the country. jean: rain has returned to new hampshire tonight, melting away the snow that was falling at this time yesterday. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. josh: i'm josh mcelveen. here's a live look at concord,
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has been a bit confusing, but it's also creating headaches out on the roads. let's get to chief meteorologist mike haddad with the latest. mike: right now it's ponding, and also low visibility due to fog, that's the primary concern. two hands on the wheel, because the winds will be blowing out of the south, 20, 30, maybe 40 plus miles per hour for the next couple hours. take a look at radar, fairly active over new hampshire right now, most of the heavy rain from now up until about 6:30 or 7:00. then this thing is out of here in terms of precipitation. notice already shutting off in the monadnock region, the rain a lot lighter than it is in the merrimack valley and points north and east. notice farther to the north it's filling in through the mount washington valley, southern parts of the great north woods. a defined back end quickly moves in from around 6:00 through 8:00, from west to east, and that means the rest of new hampshire farther to the north and east of the lakes region will see the rain exiting around that 8:00 time frame. we're also seeing gusty winds along the band of heavy rain and
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notice some gusts over 35 miles per hour and in addition to those gusts up to 35 or 40, we also have the ponding on the roads. so a couple concerns for the next couple hours, eventually the winds will shut down and the rain will let up. so what does that mean for very late tonight? do we see any refreeze? will temperatures fall enough to get back near freezing? and with a about the rest of the week? all of that straight ahead. josh: tonight details about a beating that was so serious the victim was close to death when he was flown to the hospital. the suspect accused of slamming the victim's head into a sliding van door. reporter: right now a tilton man is in jail and another in the hospital in critical but stable condition, after an alleged assault this past weekend in north field. hunter faces two charges, one for first degree assault after alley beating 3 #-year-old charles eisenhower outside a
5:29 pm
an attack that still has the victim in critical condition. >> the state understands that the victim now is, he's been in critical care, he has numerous injuries, he has been unresponsive for, between sedated. reporter: authorities are releasing very few details about what happened between the two, complaints filed in franklin circuit court say he punched the victim repeat lid and slammed his head into a sliding van door. they did confirm that the two were acquainted but wouldn't elaborate on their relationship or a possible motive. neither man lives where the incident happened, but mark leclair lives across the street. >> i was sleeping at the time, and i just recently found out that, that guy got beat up over there. it was kind of scary. reporter: officials believe the
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>> so given the severity of the offense, the brutality of this offense, the fact that the defendant actually did admit to committing this offense with the police department through interviews, again, this offense, the victim was touch and go for a little while. reporter: pazinski also faces a misdemeanor drug charge. josh: a two-time fugitive is back the police custody, police say 27-year-old d.nyonee was arrested sunday, he was wanted after rile lating a supervised release. he was arrested in minnesota, police didn't realize who he was because he used a fake name. he has since been arrested in manchester. and new details in the el faro sinking emerged today during a coast guard hearing. the freighter's captain e-mailed his superiors the day before the sinking in a hurricane, asking
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an official from the company said the e-mail was common courtesy and that it's not policy for captains to ask permission about voyages or routes. several crew members did have ties to new england. jean: this evening three men say they are lucky to be alive after being forced to abandon their sinking tug boat. the 51-tug ran into trouble on deer island in bogues, the crew members braved frigid water until help could arrive. sarah congi from wcvb has more. >> he's the man. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for joe. reporter: an emotional moment for these long-time friend after a harrowing morning on the water when a tugboat sank. >> it's very quick, it very fast and sudden, but this guy saved me, and his partner. reporter: just before sunrise boston pilots captain joe maloney heard his friend call for help. >> he got on the radio and said
5:32 pm
reporter: he and his partner raced full throlts to a tugboat that was sinking fast about two miles off winthrop shore. three men were in the water. >> we could see them visually throughout the whole time and we didn't take our eyes off them. reporter: this is the life raft used by the crew of the tug boat, but only one managed to get in, battling three to four-foot swells. the other two in the 37-degree water, their only protection were flotation jackets. >> it's designed to keep your torso out of the water. >> we were, we got them as quickly as humanly possible. >> they were all there, wet, floating. they didn't weigh anything, i didn't even feel it, it was just, i was doing a lot of swearing and get in here. >> shook up but not hurt, the
5:33 pm
pilot hogs responded so quickly. >> my pleasure, just another day in paradise. reporter: the coast guard is calling the crew of the chelsea heroic, they say if not for their actions the three men on that tugboat may have lost their lives. in east boston, sarah conji. josh: several developments for u.s. companies hoping to do business in cuba, up next that includes an agreement signed just hours ago to resume commercial flights. jean: a new look at the shocking end to a police chase, the suspect thrown out of the car, still able to walk away. mike: more changes to come tonight and tomorrow, when the rain and strong winds move out. >> adoption is the best option,
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josh: this could be a short week on wall street, and it started off with a lot of movement. is that right? josh: not much. josh: one tenth of a point for the s&p, dow, and the nasdaq is up twice as much, we'll double check those numbers for you.
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break for drivers in ohio where a computer glitch dropped prices to pennies a gallon. the station that happen error displayed 19 cents a gallon, then a station across the street didn't want to lose business, so it dropped prices to 17 cents a gallon. the low prices stayed in effect for about three hours. josh: a meeting today could lead to an increase in gas prices, qatar, russia, saudi arabia, venezuela have agreed to cap crude oil output to keep prices from falling even more if countries do the same. but iran is indicating that it has no plans to cut its production. and it's getting cheaper to rent a car. jean: a track management company says rates have dropped more than 13% since 2011. it says a series of americaners in the car rental industry actually led to a price war between the remaining companies. another reason for the drop is new competition from ride
5:37 pm
more people are shopping since 2007. it's still not clear why the sales of e books are dropping, several publishers did report an increase in print sales last year. josh: new developments in the america's economic with cuba. today the u.s. and cuba signed an agreement to resume commercial flights. that opens the door for u.s. airlines to start bidding on flight routes. the federal government has given the green light to an alabama company that builds tractors. watch out, granite staters, there could be more small drivers hitting your sidewalks. tesla is releasing models for kids. preorders are available now. the car has working head lights and is equipped with a sound system. the young drivers can cruise through the neighborhoods at a top speed of 6 miles per hour. the mini hot ride cost $500.
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size teslas which cost over 100 grand. jean: you want one of those don't you. good thing we checked the numbers on wall street, because here are the correct numbers. there's a new way to get red sox tickets, when we come back we'll tell when you the new option goes online. josh: and a chance for a rising star to play hoops on national tv.
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josh: it was a frightening right for peaks on board an alaska airlines flight. jean: just moments after leaving washington's reagan airport for seattle, the pilots made an emergency landing at washington dulles airport. the cockpit of the plane was filled with smoke, forcing the pilots to put on their oxygen masks. >> maybe five, 10 minutes into the flight i felt the engines slow down a little bit. jean: all six crew members were taken to the hospital. passengers were rebooked for another flight to seattle. we are getting a look at the dramatic end to a police chase in idaho. josh: the driver lost control outside of boise, rolling the truck so fast that he was thrown
5:41 pm
back up and tried to runaway but didn't get too far apparently. this happened last year, state police released the video now because there was an award that was given to the troopers. mike: from sub-zero temperatures all the way into the 50's, from snow to sleet, freezing rain, to heavy downpours and gusty winds, we've seen just about everything over the past 24 to 36 hours. take a look up at the weirs today where it started overcast and chilly, but temperatures have rebounded well above that freezing point. notice quite a few drops on the oh lens telling the story there, over the past several the steady rain will be gone.
5:42 pm
right along the band of heavy rain, and just to the west of it. so we could see some gusts over 40 to 45 miles per hour in spots, and that may lead to scattered power outages between now and 9:00 this evening. steady rain up north, becoming heavier in parts of the great north woods, around berlin, north and west up to about colebrook, then through the mount washington valley into the heart of the lakes region. is there a cold side to the storm now, we saw it earlier today and last night, but right now it back to the west and that will lift to the north, no more change over to snow as i see it now between now and seven or it a this evening. notice again back edge racing through in the next hour, hour and a half, couple of lingering showers may hit the mountains between 7:00 and 8:00, then it's mainly dry with gusty win out of the south. eventually they turn around to the northwest, so that will bring our temperatures closer to average in terms hives for this time of year.
5:43 pm
but by daybreak freezing or below. so there could be ice developing on some area roads and black ice very late tonight. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. a few clouds mixed in. on thursday after a few snow showers wednesday night up north back into clear skies and that will continue into a good part of friday before the next weak system approaches by later friday night. notice the wind field out of the south, anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour, those are the sustained winds. we do have gusts up to about 35 miles per hour, through a good portion of the monadnock region. 0 to 35 mount washington right now, latest wind gust 91 miles per hour. again that wind is out of the south, so it's keeping temperatures well into the 40's and 50's. but they turn around to the northwest, so notice with our future temperatures tonight quickly by rate this evening some spots in western new hampshire already near freezing, and later on tonight eve answer long the coast temperatures will dip back near 32. so watch out for black ice. i think treated roads with a lot
5:44 pm
do the trick, but again if you're going to be out there late tonight just keep in mine that if it looks damp it could be a little bit on the icy side. some sunshine tomorrow, more sun on thursday, squeezed in between a snow shower up north wednesday night. friday looking pretty good, a weak system will move through later friday evening into saturday morning, some steadier snow up north, maybe a few inches for ski country, that would be great, and just a little light snow in southern new hampshire. rest of the weekend looking pretty good. jean: thanks, mike. let's start by saying she's okay. a middle school basketball player is recovering after chef was injured in a freak accident. josh: the 14-year-old fell and slid on the court, that's when she was impaled by a splintered floor board. the tournament organizer says he hasn't ever seen anything like this. >> it was three to four inches long and some parts of it, between a quarter and half inch deep. josh: ouch.
5:45 pm
emergency crews arrived, luckily none of her internal organs were damaged. repairs to the court should be complete in a couple weeks. jean: oh my gosh. josh: and red sox have a new way fans to buy and celtic it's. jean: the new website will allow fans to buy tickets digitally. jamie: boston bruins continue their six-game road trip in ohio tonight. they take on the columbus blue jackets at 7:00. watch fought for brad marchand, he has 13 goals in his last 13 games, he's red hot. if you're flipping around the channels tonight you might stop at espm for a few minutes, at 7:00 michigan wolverines play ohio state, new hampshire's duncan robinson is in his first
5:46 pm
a great year, he's in the top 20 nationally. overall he's averaging 12 points a game for the wolverines. coming up at 6:00 we'll try to catch up with elly at u.n.h., she is really fast, the sophomore from vermont has the best time in the country this year in the indoor one mile race, 4 minutes, 29 seconds. we'll hear from this former new england high school cross country champion at 6:00, she is one to watch, a rising star in ncaa track and field for sure. josh: thanks. technology is just about everywhere and it's now in the very taste of your beer. jean: wait until you hear how they came up with the new flavor. tom: then from frigid temperatures to snow and ice, now downpours are moving in, the potential issues we could face as the latest system moves through. and a husband and wife accused of stealing from a trusting
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josh: the world health organization is now considering a new weapon in the fight against the zika virus. genetically modified mosquitoes. they've only been used --
5:50 pm
carrying the virus that have been linked to birth defects, just be careful with that one. put down your phone for a moment, you might have fallen into bad financial habits during the winter. experts say people use the cold to indulge in things like food deliveries which quickly eat away at your budget. a gym membership might be money down the drain if yew the cold as an excuse to skip working out. but the real problem is the ease of online shopping. >> a lot of us engage in impulse shopping this time of year, as we're sitting around the couch doing nothing. and it's very easy to do so when you have all your credit card information stored on your favorite sites. it's become too easy to do so. josh: one way to save a few bucks, turn down the thermostat overnight, dropping it down 10 degrees could cut 10% off your heating bill. one group is taking their wine budget seriously, new numbers say that millennials drank 42%
5:51 pm
last year. they guzzled nearly 160 million cases of wine, that averages to about two cases per person. and that is more than any other generation. one project offers a very modern take on beer. a british company collected thousands of social media posts and fed the information to watson, which is ibp's super computer. after analyzing those posts and thousands of beer recipes, watson came up with the ideal combination of a cream ale made with honey. they released a limited batch just in time to toast the new
5:52 pm
mike: rainy and windy across parts of new hampshire now as the latest storm is about to move on out. a timeline of when it clears and a look at the rest of the week.
5:53 pm
are accused of stealing nearly $100,000 in cash and jewelry from a neighbor. what investigators say they bought with the money. jennifer: a gun theft just over the border similar to this heist in hooksett. and tonight police are working together to see if they're connected. tom: new details about the deadly attack outside a rochester bar. as the man now charged with manslaughter in this case faces a judge for the first time. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: it's been a day of changing conditions, and right now the rain is pouring down. leading to flooding concerns. good evening, i'm tom griffith. jennifer: and i'm jennifer vaughn. also tonight the threat of some power outages as those wind pick up. in fact, power companies are telling us that they're on stand by right now to deal with any issues that might pop up. let's get over to chief meteorologist mike haddad to lead our live team weather coverage now. mike: yes, so many changes over
5:54 pm
come between now and later tonight. one of the big changes of course today, that's been in the temperature department. starting off sub freezing in spots, right now into the 40's and 50's in many locales, and it all courtesy of a gusty wind out of the south and southeast. close to 100-mile per hour gusts in the last hour atop mount washington, winds picking up between 20 to 35 elsewhere, but we could see a few gusts over 40 to 45 that could certainly lead to scattered power outages. in addition to the wind we have the heavy rain, buts will the defined back end that is racing through new hampshire. one of the spots that's seen quite a bit of heavy rain over the past couple hours but is close to that back edge is salem. josh is standing by with a closer look at the conditions in southern new hampshire. josh? reporter: yes, it's been pouring buckets here in salem. as you can probably hear and see, i'm having trouble controlling the umbrella as the winds are very strong.
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