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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 17, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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again. the trouble that turned a three-hour flight into a 24-hour ordeal. tom: police in hooksett and tyngsborough are comparing notes on gun theft cases. >> my hope is that these guys get caught, period. tom: the similarities between the two crimes. shelley: new guidelines to fight the spread of the zika virus. the group being told to turn away anyone who may have been exposed. tom: the eagles of death metal returned to the stage in paris tonight. their emotional concert, three months after a terror attack at one of their shows. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. billy i' m you are news 9 tonight. -- wmur news 9 tonight. shelley: at this hour the system that brought us a messy mix of snow, ice, and rain is moving out. you' re looking live at meredith where the roads are still wet but quiet. good evening, i' m shelley walcott. tom: i' m tom griffith. utility companies have been on standby for power outages but
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let' s get started with chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: that' s great news to the wind is beginning to weaken a little bit. still breezy out there, but gusts under 40 miles an hour. take a look at the official high temperatures. keep in mind, the average high this time of year 35 degrees. it started off a below that this morning, but bounce quickly into the low-to-mid 50' s in some spots and even some of the cooler spots upper 40' s. right now, beginning to cool down. notice the wind flow building in out of the west southwest. it is driving the temperatures down in that part of the state. replacing the warm stuff all over new hampshire that will happen overnight.
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on the road at this hour. more changes for tomorrow and the rest of the week yard we will look at those straight ahead. tom: the mild temperatures even reached mount washington. the observatory shared this picture on facebook. it shows large glaze ice structures that had formed this morning after they crashed down when temperatures inched above freezing. late this afternoon, rain was falling at the summit. you can track all the changes in our new hampshire weather any time with our storm watch app. you can check the radar, the hourly outlook, and the 7 day forecast. shelley: tonight, a travel nightmare is finally over for dozens of passengers. a delta flight has been trying to get to new york city since yesterday. but bad weather and turbulence caused two diversions, including one in manchester. wmur' s mike cronin spoke to those passengers last night and again tonight. mike: the frustration only got worse today when passengers say there were more delays and several got sick on another diverted flight.
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that finally landed tonight in new york city and dozens found other ways to get home. after more than 24 hours of delays and multiple flights, lauren had enough of flying. >> we decided we didn' t want to get on another airplane so we looked some train tickets to to new york city. it takano with 159 passengers but was diverted to boston regional airport because of poor weather. lauren: when we found out we were low on fuel, we had to be diverted and we were told we were being diverted to manchester, which is surprised everyone on board mike: people stayed over -- on board. mike: once again, the plane couldn' t land him >> we attempted to land twice in 60 mile an hour wind.
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boston this time. >> some had oxygen administered. mike: she and her friends but train tickets, but the headache did not end there. >> there were delays on the train, too. but it was a much more pleasure ride. mike: the delta flight from boston to jfk finally landed around 8:00 tuesday night and she says the white crew was great throughout the process. but she hopes the airline compensator. >> we hope we hear from delta and hope we will get compensated for the money out-of-pocket. mike: delta has offered more than 12,000 sky most of our. but she says that wouldn' t even pay for white to punta cana. tom: tonight, we' ve learned the victim of a deadly snowmobile accident in pittsburg was a hampton falls firefighter. eric tatarinowicz was out
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yesterday when fish and game say he lost control of his snowmobile and hit a tree. he was 30-years-old and had been with the department since 2002, initially as a junior member. shelley: stolen guns could possibly be in the wrong hands tonight after a pair of break-ins that police believe may be related. departments in hooksett and south of the state line in tyngsboro are working together tonight to determine if they' re looking for the same suspects. adam sexton joins us now live from hooksett to explain. adam: still no definitive link between these burglaries. but there are similarities. and if they are connected, police say it is possible one other. hooksett. once inside, one settles on a display case full of handguns, smashes the glass, takes what he wants and gets out and .
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this morning, another break in at a gunshot. >> the police were here in just minutes. thank out they were. but apparently, these people were just in and out like you see on tv getting atm machines. mike: while the surveillance system was not working at the time of this burglary, tyngsboro police there say there are similarities. >> similar amount of firearms and types of firearms stolen. mike: ben hopes these develop its could lead to arrests. >> there is potential for them to get caught even more. there' s more evidence and more to go on. mike: he has posted every minute of his surveillance video from the break in on youtube for all to see. >> if anybody looks at the video, again, there is a lot of good, clear shots of them.
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ar . tom: new tonight, a guilty verdict for a man from londonderry, accused of tracking his wife across state lines and shooting her in maine. a federal jury convicted gregory owens of domestic violence and firearm charges. owens broke into a home in saco, maine in 2014 and shot his wife rachel and one of the homeowners. both survived. prosecutors say owens was living a double life in wisconsin and made a snap decision to kill his wife. >> any man who would try to get out of a relationship by shooting his wife in the head has got some serious problems. that came out throughout the testimony in this case. tom: during the trial, wins took the stand in his own defense. he also faces charges at the state level. shelley: four people are facing charges tonight in connection to a fight in hampton beach last
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walker who they say was actively fighting in a group of 12 people. as they were arresting her, christopher walker is accused of assaulting a police officer and trying to run. police stopped him with a taser. dylan justus and caleb butts both face assault charges. we' re learning more about the man accused of landing the fatal blow in an assault outside of a bar in rochester. 41-year-old eric langlais wept in court today. according to the prosecutor, the victim 44-year-old james yofenak and langlais argued inside gary' s sports bar and the defendant and his group were thrown out. bouncers escorted the victim to a car. that' s when langlais allegedly delivered a sucker punch, and unfunak fell, suffering head injuries that ultimately killed him. >> this was not a heat of the
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dad talked about inside the bar. they wanted a piece of him. they waited for him outside of the bar. when he walked out, they attacked him. shelley: eric line lays has served time for insulting -- for assaulting a four-month-old. tom: a couple from manchester is charged with stealing nearly $100,000 worth of jewelry and coins from a neighbor. prosecutors say that jacob and lauren stibbs were living next door to the 70-year-old victim last summer. the victim told police that for about a month, jacob stibbs did odd jobs for her. >> a couple of months went by as she realized she was missing some cash to that prompted her to look for heard jewelry. in turn, she made a call to the police department and reported that thousands of dollars of jewelry had been taken. tom: court documents say the couple admitted they were drug addicts and he sold the jewelry for drugs. shelley: a man with a history of exposing himself is now under arrest for the same crime. salem police took jonathan nzali into custody on the southern new hampshire university campus
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several students in a bathroom. he has been convicted of indecent exposure in both massachusetts and maryland. the franklin pierce university men' s hockey team should have been playing their final game of the season tonight. but administrators cancelled the remainder of the season last week over alleged hazing. due to privacy concerns administrators won' t talk about specifics but believe it was an isolated incident. administrators called police after hearing a student conversation last month. the university not police will handle the case going forward. after interviewing players, administrators decided to end the season early. >> time disappointed. the university is disappointed in their decision-making. we had to call them on that. shelley: there were three games left in the ravens season. since the investigation is
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there may be other consequences. tom: new action over concerns over the zika virus. coming up, the warning from the fda as experts try to learn more about the sickness. shelley: the american band on stage during the terror attacks on -- in paris returned to the city tonight. we will take you to their culture. mike: an early spring feel -- we will take you to their concert. mike: an early spring feel. i will have when we will get back to average. tom: when was the last time he had a 100 -- $100 bill on you? mike: and our u local hotshot. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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shelley: the fda has new guidelines for blood donation because of the zika virus. the agency is recommending that u.s. blood banks refuse donations from anyone who traveled to countries where the zika virus is active within the last 4 weeks. the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. the fda says there haven' t been any reports of zika virus entering the blood supply but transmission through blood is a real possibility. the american band that was playing the night of the terror attacks in paris held a concert in that city tonight. tom: 130 people died in the attacks most of them at the concert hall. abc' s alexander marquardt was at tonight' s show. alexander: it was an emotional
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three months after some 90 people were killed out there show, the band played to a sold-out house. outside, there were rows of tight security and streets blocked off. some did stay away. the wounds and the nerves still rob aired but there were free tickets for survivors of the attack as well as therapist at the ready in case of panic. but it was a different venue this time and no direct references were made to that deadly night. so the significance was lost on no one. >> let' s take a moment to remember. alexander: for the eagles of death metal and many here, it was a moment to remember and try to move on. like for marine burger, who gave her november concert ticket to a friend was killed. >> and i wish he was here.
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but i felt so happy to be in the room surrounded by people. alexander: the band said they wanted to come back to paris to finish the concert. tonight, they did that and more. clearly a moment of closure for them and for so many others. tom: funeral plans have been announced for supreme court justice antonin scalia. today, his courtroom chair was draped in black a supreme court tradition. scalia' s casket will be on public view at the court' s great hall on friday. a funeral mass will be held on saturday in washington d.c. for family and friends. this afternoon, president obama pushed back at republicans who say he shouldn' t nominate the next justice. president obama: the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now. when there is a vacancy on the supreme court, the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nomination.
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." shelley: american airlines is suing the company that provides wi-fi for its planes. the airline claims the wi-fi from go go is too slow. american says it has a better offer from a competitor and wants out of its contract. go go says it has new technology that will deliver better in-flight wi-fi, but the rollout could be slow. should we ditch the $100 bill? a former treasury secretary says yes. larry summers says the $100 bill should be scrapped to make life more difficult for tax cheats and other criminals. he cites a study from harvard, which argues that legitimate businesses wouldn' t be affected much if the bill is gone, but those breaking the law would be. tom: what do you think about that? shelley: i don' t walk around with too many hundreds. tom: i don' t think it will be a big deal, do you? mike: i don' t walk around with too many 20'
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everybody walks around with card for this and card for that. it is all electronic. tom: we' ve got some more ugly stuff out there. mike: it is the fog, the dam conditions and leftover rainfall. the warm air overwriting the snow we picked up last night. already, the snow on the ground created the fog that was quite thick. and when it warmed up everywhere and the wind started to crank up, the fog started to lift and the rain continued. now that rain is gone. the radar is nice and quite across new hampshire. we had a package of showers rolled through. even on the coast, that has moved offshore. same story in northern parts of new hampshire. very little in the way of precipitation the balance of the night. snowfall about two to four inches. this happened today. rating: average about two to three quarters of an inch give or take a little bit depending
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half-inch at the coast. again, all of that offshore. drier air is nosing in from the west. the threat of any damaging wind has gone by the boards. we don' t have to worry about any gusts above 30 to 35 to bounce this night. a few clouds will role in late in the day. a week disturbance. . -- a weak disturbance. we are right back in the sun. each day between tomorrow and thursday offer a cooler pattern compared to what we had today. notice the winfield turning around out of the west southwest. brother, he was the south and southeast. we had a run into the 50' s earlier today.
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a good portion of western new hampshire, mid to upper 30' s. 40' s still hanging on points east of that. the cold air will win the battle overnight. freezing in many spots. keep in mind, still a lot of death spots on the road. freezing could result in a bit of black ice. much colder air upstream. it is seasonably chilly. that will move in the next few days before traced to warm up again just a bit. had today. lower 40' of the state. s up north. 40 in the lakes region. sun on thursday. any showers ending quickly. partial clearing. turning colder. tomorrow night is warmest today but still above average.
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we will be five or six about that tomorrow. a little bit breezy. s. a couple of light snow showers. accumulation of north. pfeiffer sunday, monday and tuesday. the next storm threat. looks to be late wednesday night next week. tom: if you ever make yourself a patriots sandwich, you' ll have to start to hold the mayo and
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jamie patriots linebacker jerod : mayo announced his retirement on instagram tonight, saying he is retiring as a patriot. the 29-year-old said being a patriot for 8 years was a life changing event.
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championship game against denver because of a shoulder injury. he played in just six games in each of the previous two seasons because of injuries. the bruins have been on the road for a while now, and it continued with a game at the columbus. blue jackets game 4-6 away from boston. and this one would be a low-scoring game for brett connelly and the bruins. first period, and alexander wenberg is on a breakaway. the bruins are called for penalty here, hooking on zdeno charra, resulting in a penalty shot. and wennberg is able to beat tuukka rask. his 6th goal of the year. 1-0 columbus. the bruins tie it up later in the period patrice bergeron, back from missing 2 games with an injury, gets an unassisted goal, his 22nd. 1-1 after the first period. that was all the scoring into overtime. and then the bruins win it. loui erikkson on the doorstep, knocks it in to send the bruins to victory. nice pass by torey krug. 2-1 in overtime, bruins win. they skate at the nashville predators on thursday. big 10 basketball. michigan at ohio state. duncan robinson from new castle
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he had a tough shooting night. he makes a 3 here, but that was his only basket of the game. he went 1-6 from the field. 3 points and 6 rebounds for robinson in the game. the buckeyes win 76-66. girls hs basketball. goffstown hosting hanover hanover is in red. sofia piriz feeds hannah larochelle and she buries the 3 pointer. goffstown up 5-4 early on. the marauders came to play. silke milliman misses the shot here, but caroline rode is underneath for the rebound and she scores. 10-5 hanover. back to the outside for the grizz. larochelle over to katie howe for the 3 pointer. but hanover was too tough. mary feyret scores inside. hanover takes it 54-33 goffstown won the boys matchup 42-38. they are wicked excited about this. runner at unh sophomore ellie purrier of montgomery, vermont. she ran the one mile race in 4 minutes and 29 seconds, faster then any other ncaa female by 2 and a half seconds. that runner in 2nd place is from track powerhouse oklahoma state. purrier is a former new england
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she will head to the ncaa indoor championships at birmingham, alabama as a favorite to win a national title in the one mile. they were on the ice last night -- >> wasn' t expecting to run a 4:29. just stick with the crowd and try to pass the girl in front om f me. jamie: they were on the ice last night at the verizon practice for the 9th annual chad battle of the badges hockey championship. this is the annual grudge match between police and fire to benefit the childrens hospital at dartmouth hitchcock. something new last night, the two teams actually overlapped practices a bit, so they were on the ice at the same time. a chance for the opposing
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another a bit before the game arrives. >> it was really well. we wanted to get the guys together on the ice. get guys familiar with the team and hopefully it will make for a better game. reporter: pick up any secrets from the a team? >> they' ve got good skaters and good talent. it was good to have a short practice with them. jamie: over 8000 fans expected for more permission to get your tickets early, go to their website. tom: a lot of politeness before the big game. still to come on news 9 tonight. james bond' s car is going up for auction. but there' s a catch. shelley: why you won' t actually be able to take the car out for
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shelley: james bond' s car could be yours for a price, of course. the custom aston martin db-10 supercar is going up for auction this week. 007 drove it in the latest bond movie "spectre." could hit a top speed of about but you can' t actually drive the car on the road. movie, it doesn' t have the necessary road certifications. you' ve got to wonder if it has
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shelley: thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. tom: "jimmy kimmel live" is next, followed by "nightline."
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