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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> my hope is that they get caught. erin: at least eight guns are missing after a pair of recent break-ins at local gun shops. police say there are definite similarities between the cases. sean: guilty of federal charges -- that is the verdict against a londonderry man. kevin: after huge temperature swings and various types of precipitation, we love off to partial sunshine today.
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erin: there are days left before the first votes in the south carolina primary and the campaigns are heating up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: yesterday, there was snow, ice, and rain. temperatures did a swing. sean: don' t forget the fog. erin: right? we had everything. sean: that snow was melting fast yesterday. this morning, a little bit of re-freeze. kevin: not much to mention besides the fact that it is going to be quieter. we level off closer to the averages. any leftover moisture on untreated surfaces will be slick this morning. clouds blending with sunshine through the day.
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still fairly mild across the region. let' s take a look at your wednesday morning ride in the granite state. deb: good wednesday morning. all the major roads in the state of new hampshire are incident-free. 93 south is moving well from concord down to hooksett. we are seeing some slowdowns. 101 and 111 are hasslefree. from the wzid traffic network, i'
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sean: police are investigating a pair of recent gun shop break-ins -- one in hooksett and the other in tyngsborough, massachusetts. erin: several guns are missing in the cases may be connected. ray brewer is live in hooksett with a closer look at some surveillance video. ray: police have not confirmed a link between the break-ins, but there are similarities. this surveillance video shows two people forcing their way in wicked weaponry two weeks ago. one of the men smashes the glass on a display case filled with handguns, grabs a few weapons, and then walks out. this week, there was a similar crime it hitman firearms in tyngsborough, massachusetts. similar guns were taken at the method seems to be the same. >> it is upsetting to hear that
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that being said, there is potential for them to get caught. there is more evidence and more to go on, for sure. ray: the owner of wicked weaponry has posted all of the surveillance video from his store on youtube, hoping someone will recognize the crooks. eight weapons were stolen in total. if you have information, get in touch with your local police department. ray brewer, wmur news 9. erin: a londonderry man faces up to life in prison after being convicted by a federal jury in maine. gregory owens was convicted of interstate domestic violence in connection with a home invasion in saco, maine. he drove from new hampshire to maine with the intent of killing his wife. during the home invasion, he shot his wife and one of the homeowners. both survived.
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out of a relationship by shooting his wife in the head has serious problems and that came out throughout the testimony and the evidence. erin: owens did take the stand in his own defense. he also faces charges at the state level. sean: new details are emerging about a deadly attack outside a bar in rochester. 41-year-old eric langlais wept in court. he is accused of landing the blow that resulted in the death of 44-year-old james unfonak. the men were thrown out of the bar for arguing and then lan glais delivered a sucker punch that caused the man to fall and hit his head. >> this was something they discussed inside the bar. there were text messages that they wanted a piece of him. they waited for him outside the bar and then they attacked him. sean: we have also learned that
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previously served time for assaulting a four-month-old. erin: administrators at franklin t discuss specifics about alleged hazing, but they do believe it was an isolated incident. the last three games of the s ice hockey team were canceled due to the allegations. school officials did contact police last month after hearing about a student conversation. moving forward, the case will be handled by franklin pierce, not police. sean: crews worked into the night repairing a water main break on heater road not far from route 120. it took a while to track down the exact source of the water main break. crews dug up a large chunk of that road, but the road is open. this is the second water main
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a traffic flagger is being treated for serious injuries this morning after he was hit in border in vermont. 77-year-old donald ferland was was being removed from the side of a road. erin: donald trump and hillary clinton hold solid double-digit leads among likely voters in south carolina. republicans will vote this saturday, democrats, a week later. the attacks between the candidates are heating up. megan: good morning. all six remaining gop candidates will be in south carolina, where on the attack. although he is bound to clean up mean he is playing nice. >> bush comes out. he goes, "i don' t think donald but i can."
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>> donald trump is a complete loser. megan: jeb bush making news with a one-word tweet, "america." a picture of his own gun with his name printed on the barrel. both candidates on the democratic side appearing on nevada public television. >> you cannot ignore the impact of what wall street greed has done to this country and no state has been hit harder by that greed and illegal behavior than the state of nevada. >> i have spent a lot of time in nevada. megan: bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling for minority voters in both states. in south carolina, african-american voters will make up half of the democratic vote. erin: remember, republicans vote this saturday in south carolina. still ahead, the students have spoken. the changes being made to school
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spoke up. the pizza is changing. sean: get to know your local officers and collect them all. portsmouth police are bringing back trading cards. nightmare.
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what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive
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let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitiver silverado all star v8 forr around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling full size truck in new england. kevin: a live look from the androscoggin valley hospital camera. there are some slick spots due to any leftover moisture on the roads.
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afternoon before we start cooling off and drying out ahead. sean: the new england revolution is stepping up to helping a youth soccer league in manchester that has an hit by vandals several times. erin: the manchester angels have been hit by vandals several times, including last fall. the revolution' s charitable foundation is holding an online auction, including jerseys worn by players, to help the league recover. sean: school lunch at parker birney elementary school is getting a makeover. last year, 70 six third-graders and a handful of teachers organized a survey. students want more fresh fruits, vegetables, and triangle pizza instead of the square cafeteria pizza. >> their voice matters. if they want to change something, they can do it.
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matter how young or old they are. sean: with changes in place, students are eating more school lunches. a local company helped construct a new kitchen at no cost to the taxpayers. erin: wow. step aside, david ortiz and dustin pedroia. kids in portsmouth are looking for captains, the -- detectives, and officers. portsmouth police department is bringing back their department trading cards for the first time in 20 years. any kid between six and 12 years old that collects all 28 cards can get a prize and will be entered to win a bigger prize at the end of each month. get to know your police officers. sean: kids can sometimes be intimidated. coming up, it seems not all
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maple syrup, that is. erin: these could be some of the hottest toys come christmas.
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sean: pope francis is wrapping up a trip to mexico with highly anticipated stops. he will visit a prison and the texas border to get a look at the plight of migrants. the trip wraps up with a mass that will be simulcast of the sun bowl stadium in el paso. erin: maple server producers across new england and the upper
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producers say many big manufacturers claim to use maple syrup, when, in fact, they use corn syrup. they say there is not even any maple sugar, just chemical flavoring and color. they say the misbranding a seven impact on their industry and integrity. they ask how they would feel if someone was selling fake iphones . sean: new toys are on display at the annual toy fair in new york city. options include a space explorer drone, a pom-pom decorator, a voice-activated barbie with out stairs. and a spooner. it is a cross between a skateboard, a surfboard, and a sled. most of the toys will not be
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why does barbie need an elevator? erin: it is a mansion, right? it is hard for her to take the stairs in those high heels. sean: fair enough. [laughter] kevin: that spooner. imagine how fast michael j fox would be able to go across the square in "back to the future." erin: i' m going to get a comp lawmaker and cover your vehicle with pom-poms. kevin: please don' t do that. we start off down near the freezing mark. clouds trying to drift offshore. the could be a lot of high clouds drifting across the state. it is clouds below you -- under cast in vermont. temperatures continue to slip back into the single digits. high clouds have been drifting in. we just can' t rule out a flurry
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atmosphere from all the lately. a couple of other disturbances upstream. the next system arrives here later friday night and early saturday. temperatures within a few degrees of the freezing mark. any leftover moisture on area roadways, the wind has been trying to dry us out. 35-43 into the afternoon today. a fairly noticeable breeze at around 10-15 miles per hour. in northwesterly direction. a couple of snow showers for the mountains. back to a blend of sunshine and clouds. tomorrow, cooler than today. a lot of areas not necessarily
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it comes with fair skies, which last likely through friday afternoon, starting with sunshine friday, adding high clouds late in the day. the next system trying to arrive late saturday. a lot of that moisture passes to the north. it is a clipper-type system. it could provide a little bit of light snow. that is a warm front that moves across the area. warmer temperatures arrive for the weekend, which means upper range of the 30' s. s to lower range of the 40' s. the breeze starts to shift more northwesterly later tonight. we are going to go through some cooler air and temperatures closer to the average tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and then an increase in clouds. the chance of a little bit of light snow. then we are talking warmer temperatures for the weekend. overnight lows dropping back
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then leveling off behind that warmer air by monday before the next system tries to arrive. head of the next system, we are looking at marginally cold air in place before it gets here. sean: let' s check out our top stories. ray: police into states are checking to see if break-ins at a couple of gunshots are connected. the first break-in happened at wicked weaponry in hooksett. two people forced their way inside. one of the men smashes glass on a display case. a very similar crime it hitman firearms in tyngsborough, massachusetts this week. the method seems to be the same with the break-in in the middle of the night. sean: a londonderry man faces up to life in prison after being
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gregory owens shot his wife and a friend -- both survived. crews were repairing a water main break on heater road in lebanon. this is the second water main break on the road this winter. erin: coming up, cartoons going live. homer simpson is preparing for
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erin: the westminster kennel club dog show wrapped up last night. one of the dogs that didn' t win is stealing headlines. sean: dario did not seem bothered by the big crowds. he kept no lying -- gnawing at his handler' s pocket. it turns out the treats were in the other pocket. erin: his handler was like,
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sean: "we will do that later." [laughter] erin: homer simpson is going to broadcast live from springfield. sean: fox says the iconic character will star in a live segment at the end of the may 15 episode talking about the news of the day and maybe answering questions from social media. the actor will act out homer using motion capture technology. erin: it is not going to be this homer, it is going to be the animated homer. sean: yes. how cool is that? erin: it is very cool. coming up, one of the patriots defensive stars is calling it quits after battling injuries for the last three seasons. sean: possible changes in your wallet -- at least erin'
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: all right, we got it all weather-wise out there yesterday. today, a little bit quieter. temps in the 30' s along the seacoast. sean: it is right around the freezing mark. kevin will talk the weather in a moment. first, let' s get to our top stories. police in two states are trying to determine if a pair of gun shop break-ins are connected. more than 150 delta airlines passengers are finally in new york after their flight from the
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fish and game officials will vote on a controversial proposal to relaunch a bobcat hunting season in new hampshire. erin: we are getting two more average temperatures today. kevin: temperatures sliding back over the very cold air -- after the very cold air over the weekend. we continue to fade back. it will be with a blend of sunshine and high clouds. it looks like mid-30' s to lower 40' s into the afternoon. we will have cooler air around for the week. erin: some areas are read around freezing. there are slick spots on 89 in hopkinton and kingston. here is a live look from our hooksett camera. kevin: we are joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson for a look at the morning drive. deb: good wednesday morning.
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make your way through huntington -- hopkinton. please use extreme caution on 93 south is moving well. just some slowdowns past the southbound side. 293 is ok through the mill yard. we are now getting reports of conditions in rockingham county. be aware of the temperatures as you head out and if the cars in front of you -- be aware of black ice. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: that is a great tip. a search is underway for a pair of thieves believed to be behind two gun shop break-ins. sean: the most recent break-in
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ray brewer joins us live in the first break-in occurred. good morning. ray: good morning, sean. between the break-in at wicked weaponry in hooksett and the one in tyngsborough, massachusetts, but there are similarities. other. on february 3, two suspects were caught on surveillance forcing their way inside wicked weaponry in hooksett. once inside, the thieves smashed a display case and took off with four guns. early monday morning, another gunshot was hit -- gun shop was hit in tyngsborough, massachusetts. >> the police were hit in minutes -- here in minutes. thank god, they were. the police were in and out.
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like you see them hitting surveillance --atm machines. ray: there are similarities. >> very similar mo, same time of night, same amount and type of firearms stolen. ray: the owner of wicked weaponry hopes these developments could lead to arrest. >> it is upsetting, but there is potential for them to get caught even more. there is more evidence and more to go on. ray: he has posted every minute of his surveillance video from the break-in on youtube in hopes that someone could identify the suspects. a total of four handguns were stolen from the shop in tyngsborough, meaning there are eight stolen guns on the streets. if you have any information, get in touch with your local police department. reporting live, ray brewer. sean: thanks. a travel nightmare is finally
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passengers diverted not once, but twice. a flight bound for jfk left the dominican republic on monday, but was diverted to manchester because of poor weather. 150 passengers stayed overnight and were supposed to fly to new york on tuesday afternoon, but that flight was also diverted because of weather and had to land in boston. the flight finally made it to new york last night. >> i' m not usually a nervous flyer, but it got to me. i had to take some dramamine. some folks had stomach issues. some folks had to have oxygen administered. sean: delta has offered more than 12,000 skymiles, but that does not play for a flight to a dominican republic. erin: the victim of a deadly snowmobile crash with a hampton falls firefighter. he was snowmobiling with friends on monday when fish and game officials say he lost control of
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he was 30 years old and had been with the department since 2002. we are learning new details about a brutal assault in northfield. hunter repeatedly punched charles eisenhower on saturday morning and then slammed his head into a sliding van door. victim is in critical condition. according to court records, both men knew each other, but authorities are not commenting on a possible motive. sean: a manchester couple is accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from their neighbor. jacob and lauren stibs started stealing from the woman last summer. jacob did all jobs around the woman' s home. soon after, she realized more than $100,000 worth of jewelry was missing. arrest warrants were issued, but they eluded police until they
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the couple admitted they were both drug addicts and sold the jewelry to buy drugs. erin: a nashua man is accused of exposing himself to students on the campus of snhu. he was arrested after someone reported he had been naked in a bathroom for more than two hours exposing himself to several students. this is not the first time he has been in trouble for this type of crime. he was previously convicted of indecent and -- indecent exposure. sean: a nashua man is facing several charges after he fired a gun inside a crowded restaurant in nashua. he is accused of hitting another man in the head with the gun before it went off. police say he did not have a permit. new charges have been filed against two people involved in a big fight in hampton beach last month. the fight happened outside stacy james restaurant.
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she is now facing first-degree assault and reckless conduct charges. christopher walker is accused of assaulting a police officer in trying to run. two other men were also arrested this week in connection with the fight. they both face assault charges. erin: firefighters and plymouth are trying to figure out what caused a garbage truck to catch fire outside the local walmart. this picture shows the smoke billowing from behind that building. no one was injured and the store was not affected. sean: the fish and game commission will vote on a controversial proposal to launch a bobcat hunt. the state banned hunting and trapping bobcats in 1989, but
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opponents say there is no need to kill the animals. erin: coming up, tense moments at a t station in boston. >> we had to kick the windows out. everything. erin: some orange line passengers sent into a panic their train. sean: there could be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. treatment. kevin: the big system is long gone.
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kevin: wednesday morning, february 17. a couple of breaks in the overcast. a lot of high clouds drifting through. the breeze is out of the west into the afternoon. we are looking at cooler air starting to arrive. we will have details coming up. erin: the orange line in boston is going to be running on its normal schedule after this. this frightening situation led
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smoke at the state street station. a panel from the side of a train car fell law and then two train cars rented over, causing the panel to hit the third rail. some panicked passengers kicked out the window to escape. >> it was kind of crazy. everybody was panicking. >> all of a sudden, it was a big, brown billow of smoke and people were standing and sitting down, everybody just ran. we knew it was not something safe to be around. erin: there are no reports of any injuries. the orange line station was shut down for two hours. again, it is back open and running on a normal schedule. sean: the thief in georgia had a change of heart after stealing a little girl' s birthday gifts. surveillance video shows that the running off with a box. the video was posted on the internet and the following day,
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that the returned the gifts and left the family an apology note with a cash -- cash inside. >> especially now, being able to leverage social media, your chances of getting away are similar and similar. people are watching. sean: police have identified a suspect and are interviewing him about the theft. erin: there could be a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. researchers at seattle' s cancer research center announced a potential new treatment this week. doctors take white blood cells from cancer patients and they genetically modify them. the new cells are put back into the patient to multiply. in one study, the therapy eliminated all symptoms in 94% of participants with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. sean: $100 bills could be a thing of the past soon as one
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larry summers says $100 bills should be scrapped to make life more difficult for criminals who deal in cash. a study from harvard said that it would have little downside for legitimate commerce, but would make life more difficult for people breaking the law. erin: turning to sports, the bruins faced off against the columbus blue jackets last night. in the first period, columbus scored. the bruins tied it up later in the period. the game went to overtime. the bruins ended up winning this one, 2-1. they skate at the nashville predators tomorrow. sean: police and fire are gearing up for the battle of the badges hockey championship, the annual grudge match to benefit the children' s hospital at dartmouth. last night, the teams were on
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big game. the game takes place on april 2 at the verizon wireless arena. erin: patriots linebacker gerard mayo announced that he is retiring. he did it on instagram last night. the 29-year-old said being a patriot for eight years was a life-changing event. he did not play in the afc championship game because of a shoulder injury and he played in six games in each of the previous two seasons because of injury. sean: not even 30 years old yet. the red sox have a new way for fans to buy and sell tickets. the new website will allow ticketholders to set the sale prices and fees will be lower than competing resale sites. fans will also be able to buy and sell tickets digitally, eliminating the need to transfer physical tickets.
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a national finalist in the amateur championships. he won $1000 in sponsorships and is now in the running for a grand prize of $10,000. he is just one of 25 finalists in the amateur category and is the only finalist from new england. part of his score will be based on fan votes. if you want to help out our local hero, you can find a link to his entry page at his website. sean: you might even get a bigger trophy next time. erin: if you believe in the existence of bigfoot -- and a know you do -- sean: yes. i' m listening. oh, i' m supposed to be reading. [laughter] sean: a nature photographer said he captured the creature on camera. you can see a dark figure
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woods in utah. some people are skeptical and footage to decide. >> i guess he could' ve kept the camera on longer and hoped it came back. i don' t know. after that. that is pretty scary. to me. sean: maybe it is perspective here. scientists say we should see better video and more lineups. erin: it is clearly an ewok. early version. kevin believes in bigfoot.
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with all the cameras, why is there always a tree or caring -- grainy video? sean: if we get a bigfoot, we are going to have him live on the daybreak show. kevin: we start of beautiful looks outside early on. we have high clouds drifting through early this morning. today is not too bad. we have a lot of areas back above freezing. that certainly helps if you are trying to get the last of the ice off the sidewalk. a couple of flurries are going to be a possibility into the afternoon. back to the west, another weak system across northern spots. the next system does look like it arrives sometimes -- sometime
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temperatures are within a few degrees of the freezing mark. bear in mind, any moisture on untreated services -- surfaces certainly leaves us with a chance. we will have a little bit of breeze continuing to try everything out. tomorrow morning, with temperatures well below freezing, we should be ok in most locations. high temperatures into the afternoon above freezing up north. anywhere between 40 and 43 in the afternoon. it lightens up later this evening. the north country with the best chance of showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow. progressively, teens to lower range of the 20' s. tomorrow, 20' s to lower range of the 30' s.
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clouds. it is a weak system which then forms into a warm front. north. we will have a quick round of clouds. then the warmer air on a southwest wind starts to come in. s both days for central and southern new hampshire. we will have some extra clouds out west end up north. clouding over up north tonight with snow showers for southern areas. temperatures will be quite a bit cooler. a lot of areas will be below the freezing mark. the coldest of the air is likely around thursday night and early friday. high clouds drifting in on friday. then we get into the weekend. low and mid 40' s saturday and sunday. it does look like we will have areas of light snow.
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ahead of the next system trying wednesday. fairly quiet. sean: sasquatch will appreciate that. kevin: as he just walks around aimlessly in the woods. sean: always in the woods. erin: right. sean: still to come, one final check on your top stories,
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erin: updating our top stories. sean: a search is underway for a pair of thieves believed to be behind two gunshot break-ins. here is ray brewer. ray: the first break-in happened that wicked weaponry in hooksett. surveillance video shows two men breaking inside and smashing a and grabbing guns. there was a very similar crime at hitman firearms in tyngsborough. there are similarities between the crimes. erin: crews worked into the night repairing your water main break on heater road in lebanon.
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sean: more than 150 delta airlines passengers are finally in new york after their flight from the dominican republic was diverted twice, once to manchester and then to boston. erin: fish and game officials are scheduling a vote on a controversial proposal to relaunch a bobcat hunting and trapping season in new hampshire. kevin: hunt and trap bigfoot. sean: a hunting season for bigfoot. kevin: we are looking at temperatures continuing to make their way back above freezing. cooler air for the end of the week and then warming up over the weekend after the chance of light snow early on that are day. sean: big swells early. erin: beautiful.
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will talk about a dangerous trend involving adderall. the number of prescriptions has remained the same, but the rate of abuse without prescription has increased by 67%. sean: they' ve got a big interview on the show. cj, the winner of the westminster dog show will be there. interesting to see what he will say. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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good morning, america. breaking news, the fbi takes on apple demanding the tech giant help with the terror investigation. are critical clues to more plots hidden on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. why the ceo is refusing to help. it could affect everyone with a smartphone. teaming up to take down donald trump. ted cruz, marco rubio and even the president taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. >> as hillary clinton tries to avoid another bernie sanders upset, a brand-new poll showing them in a dead heat ahead of the next big vote. winter warning. a new alert about dangers on the ski slopes. the terrifying moment this young


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