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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> we begin with breaking news. a manchester teacher has turned herself into police after accusations that she assaulted a student. police say that a colleague in this woman' s classroom reported a disturbance between her and a 14-year-old student. >> that person says when the boy refused to stop eating candy, she knocked the sweets out of his hand leaving a mark on his wrist. a detective determined that the teacher had unprivileged physical contact with a student, prompting a charge of simple assault. right now, the man accused of holding a woman in a new hampshire grocery store is in custody in massachusetts. police tell us that the suspect headed straight to a nearby kmart to use her credit card. >> police say the suspect used it almost immediately at a kmart
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they say the victim w was shaken up but still able to give a good description. police in that devon mac pulled the knife on a 74-year-old woman while she was putting groceries in her car. police say that the woman screamed for help and there was a short struggle before the woman told wallet from her purse. his car was stopped about one hour later and lawrence, massachusetts. >> he was cooperative. we were able to get the victim' credit card. face the new hampshire charges. >> the if the isis that apple is
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will fight a federal magistrate ' s order to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. aixa: the fbi says that data on syed farook' s work fun could be vital to their operation but apple says they are asking for a tool too dangerous to create. u.s. magistrate judge has ordered apple to help the fbi break into the encrypted work phone. tim cook is challenging the ruling. >> sonic apples concerned as this would set a precedent that would impact all of its users. >> cook says that software to hack an iphone could undermine security and the technique to be used over and over again. it would be the equivalent of a
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the white house says the justice department is only asking them to unlock one particular phone. >> you are not asking apple to redesign its product or create a new backdoor. they are asking for something that would have an impact on this one device. >> apple argues there is the way the tool will not be used again. the judge gave the complete five days to contest the order. >> apple could be facing contempt which means that they another court. the bureau may not be happy, apple may not be happy. >> the voting question -- the phone in question -- but this it
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>> how is the government hoping that apple can hack the phone. >> they hope to is a way to bypass that self-destruct feature that allows the data to be erased after 10 unsuccessful attempt at putting in the passcode. and they were to try a bunch of different passcodes in rapid sequence to gain access to the phone. >> tonight, contest is apologizing for the second time in a week over service outages. they have been working to restore channels in new hampshire. on monday, customers across the country all reported problems. >> our roller coaster weather has pipes under a lot of stress right now.
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damage to fires. let' s begin our coverage on that. shelley is life at the manchester music school. >> things are really tough. and one of the rooms things are piled up because another part of the building experience flying. take a look at this video we shot a few minutes ago. some parts of the building are sealed off as a precaution. water rushed through the building causing eight first-floor rooms to be flooded. crews are here pulling up carpets and trying to dry the place out.
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a lot of instruments to replace. if you would like to help the school out, you are asked to go to our website. >> authorities say that a person trying to follow a pipe started down. >> not only was the homeowner using a blowtorch to thaw the pipes he was using a metal paint tray as a heat shield. the fire was reported around 7:00 in the morning. when firefighters arrived the homeowner was outside. the fire chief said they had heavy smoke coming from the eaves. the fire had spread to the roof and worried about the collapse, the chief ordered everyone out.
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thaw pipes on the second torch with a blowtorch when insulation fell down and caught fire. >> a hair dryer works fine. it takes longer but you still have your house standing. >> the chief says that it took about 1.5 hours to the fire under control. the chief says that the home is a total loss. >> there are new details about a lawsuit against the police department by a convicted burglar who says officers used excessive force.
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but trail, deception and cruelty. defense attorney say that they dispute any claims of excessive force. this police and his former partner are being sued along department. shane broke into route 77 motors in march 2012. he has pled guilty and already served time for the crime. according to his attorney, when police caught him hiding, he was taste four times even though he obeyed their commands. he said his climate -- client may be a convicted felon but is still a human being. also claims they were rough with him after he was put in
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the defense told a different story saying it was star and he only saw men crouched behind a car. field for him to show his hands and when he did not respond he deployed his taser and with no response he deployed it again. in a recorded interview with an investigator, the owner said that coxe had made the comment he hoped the video did not come out. a statement that he backed off of today. the plaintiff is expected to take the stand as well as the two we are police officers -- wi er police officers. >> were of the world' s most --
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s most notorious criminals is
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>> you are looking live it 293 north. both sides seem to be moving along seamlessly. >> peggy joins us with a live look at the road home. >> the midweek ride is going good with no weather issues to deal with. things are looking good in manchester on 293. busy but no incidents. once you get the concord, some slight slowdowns from exits 12
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you do start the bunch up at root 116 at the traffic light. on the turnpike, lots of volume but no trouble spots and 101 to and from the seacoast is a good ride. things are getting crowded on the spaulding turnpike this evening. >> at least five people are dead after an explosion in turkey' s capital city. police say it was a car bomb that exploded during rush hour. investigators think that whoever placed the bomb was targeting a convoy of buses. the drug lord el chapo says he is the victim of physical and mental torture inside of eight prison in mexico. according to his attorney, he says he is turning into a zombie because guards wake him up every
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mexican officials say he will eventually be extradited to the u.s. to face drug charges here and some are connected to investigations here in new hampshire. >> pope francis is some running mass along the mexican border. he will give a special blessing to pontiffs and those who died. legislators say his message on immigration is not political. >> we are talking about unity between the countries by going to the river together and praying together. >> more than 200,000 people are expected at the mass. >> a flood warning for main' s capital city expired just years ago. this video shows downtown a gusto 9:30 this morning. this ice jam is causing the cap
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the river to rise 13 feet. washington snow. tonight. there are not enough snow to run tours up the mountain. they have not canceled the season but just put them on hold until mother nature is more cooperative. mild weather has not washed away those beautiful ice castles. >> that is where mike is live tonight on this wednesday. >> what a spot and great that the weather has improved dramatically. joining me now to talk about that is taylor christiansen. you are one of the building managers here and what a spot. when you take a look at these ice castles, i understand you start with thousands of individual icicles.
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>> we start by growing them on the side which we harvest and we bring them onto the site and prey -- place them around sprinkles and overnight they will accumulate water and grow in size. we will repeat this process over and over. that' s the basics of it. >> the sun is going down soon and we will see the lights lighting up this place and making it more magical than it is. how many workers do you have on site? >> we have about 20 workers working full-time, 60 to 80 hours. it takes about two months of work and then two to three months of building. >> the weather is off to a slow start but you are in full gear and planning to run for another
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which is totally weather dependent. >> what a great spot here in lincoln. what about the weather? with that cooperate over the next few days in lincoln. josh is here with a look at the next several days. >> it was a nicer day today than it was yesterday. today we made it into the 50' s in the lower 40' s in southern new hampshire. it' s the end of the day and beginning to set but a colder air mass is pushing in as well. in terms of the wind they were gusting earlier and the gusts have called down. now it is a five to 15 mile per hour wind that we are dealing
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still a bit on the breezy side. you can see that the most sun has been on the eastern side of the state. off to the west. it is a weak one but it will trigger some scattered snow two. mostly in the mountains. the snow will be not way of below average or way above but right about average. there' s nothing major off to the west just now. there are a few nuisance type systems. that cold front pulls through
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concord and for the next couple of days. -- calm conditions for the next couple of days. friday into saturday, another weak system. a warm front will lift through and bring with it the chance overnight into saturday morning. some light snow, not a lot. then mixed to pictures as things warm up during the day saturday. a closer view of the flurries could be in the overnight hours. a mixture of clouds and a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. cooler than we have seen the last day or two. friday it begins to get a little bit milder. a closer look at some of the snow showers and light snow that will be around friday into
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sunday it' s much better. your sunshine and check out the temperatures on sunday. it will be a pretty mild weekend . sunday is looking real good. we will watch next wednesday which is the bigger system it could be rain and could be snow. >> there is a potential breakthrough tonight in cancer. >> the genetic treatment that eliminates symptoms and 94% of trial patients. >> i am sally kidd in washington. why donald trump sent ted cruz a
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>> tonight, researchers in seattle may have made a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. >> the cancer research center announced a potential new treatment. doctors will take white blood the. those cells are put back into the patient to modify. >> a new study says that more sugar than soda. the group, action on sugar analyzed drinks from copy shops
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they found the can contain up to 25 teaspoons of sugar which is four times the sugar in soda. there is a new way to pay for weddings. >> if the marriage does not last, it could cost you quite a bit. >> acadia national park is the first testing ground for a pilot program. what will it mean for you? >> and waylon could not help
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>> one contender picks up a key endorsement. >> after days of temperatures well above average, we are returning to normal tomorrow. >> i am looking up and not down. >> new details about a dramatic rescue on canon mountain
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through her fear of heights to reach safety. >> tonight we are getting a look inside the claremont planned parenthood office badly damaged by vandalism. we are learning more about the incident that forced this facility to close for six weeks. >> planned parenthood said they had operated the clinic without incident for 18 years but that changed last october when they had to close because of extensive damage of two incidence of vandalism. >> it is important to send the message that planned parenthood will not be intimidated. >> a few months after the word murderer was found spray-painted on the building and police say
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that seriously damaged the facility. >> they destroyed medical equipment to a price tag of nearly $90,000. >> the closed the door for six weeks. >> 73% of the patients have an income below 150% of the poverty level which is $17,900 or year. we have a high number of patients that rely on that eight. >> now the claremont location is open again. the rooms all redone. the claremont office provides a range of health care services including abortions but does not conduct them here. >> planned parenthood does not ask somebody' s political
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they serve everyone regardless of ability to pay or where they are from. i can tell you that in washington i will continue to fight all attempts to defund planned parenthood. >> officials say that the used the incident to evaluate the security and safety at all of its health centers. >> boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev' s legal team is leaving his case. they announced they want to hand over the conviction to two different lawyers. the u.s. court of appeals opened his appellate case. he is behind bars at a super max prison in colorado. the orange line is operating normally after a smoky situation led to delays and inspections overnight. officials say a side panel fell off and landed on the tracks. when the train ran over it,
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a second train hit the panel causing more smoke. the inspection found no major issues. >> another name in the race for the congressional seat. pam tucker announced she is running to challenge the incumbent. she says what she saw on primary night helped her make that decision. >> what we saw in new hampshire top of the ticket is that people of washington. people who are not heart of that whole establishment crew. bill. >> at a rally scheduled to begin a lesson half an hour, the governor of south carolina is tonight.
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fighting over campaign ads. >> the feud has been brewing for a while and today it lew up. donald trump is threatening to sue ted cruz if he does not stop running this ad. trump arguing that his position on abortion has changed. >> i have never dealt with anybody who lies so much and then he says he is religious -- no wonder i am winning the evangelicals. >> trump sent a cease and desist letter. >> even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake. the operative words in that ad come from his own mouth. x marco rubio is also calling out ted cruz for running ads like this one. >> you cannot let these things stay out there because then people think they are true. next there one hope of doing well is to make false attacks with no basis whatsoever.
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going to move a lot of votes. donald trump has consistently led in south carolina for months. cruz has consistently been in second. >> donald trump campaigned -- >> we need to face the reality of systemic racism. >> while bernie sanders launched this ad. >> we need a leader like bernie sanders. >> features the daughter of a man who died in police custody. a new cnn poll is out showing clinton with a double-digit lead over sanders in south carolina and they are virtually tied in nevada. in washington, sally kidd. >> many workers' s retirement is not shaping up the exact way expected it to. >> also ahead a bold and unusual promise from one company and why you will never have to replace
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>> partly sunny conditions today and we will have a look at when there are more chances for that rain and snow to come back. >> a family hopes that this frightening experience can
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>> video of the closing bell exchange is good today. the closed way up. the s&p 500 is up as well and nasdaq is up almost 100. getting a look at gas prices, nationally we stand at 171. the same in new hampshire. more than one third of people said they had to stop working earlier than expected. >> a lot of people have taken retirement off the table completely. 30% said they had to leave the job sooner than planned for health reasons but 36% still expect to work past the age of 65. a small and growing number say that they do not plan to quit working at all. more new england lobsters are being processed in our area. they' re offering an alternative
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the lower cost is expected to bring down consumer prices for lobster and lobster-related products. >> a new website has an unusual approach to inventory. by me once offers lifetime warranties for every product that sells. the company says that they are challenging manufacturers to build stuff that really lasts. another company is offering a new approach to weddings. they will sponsor your nuptials but if you break up you have to pay them back with interest. you will get up to $10,000 worth of wedding help. swan love says they are not hoping for marriages to fail and do plan to make profit from advertising. it is not clear if ads could show up at the weddings.
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>> one red-hot real estate market has homes going for several figures above the asking price. >> we start to look ahead to sunday' s daytona 500 and we will hear from two of the popular drivers in this race. >> the main thing i love about this exhibit is that it is a lot
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what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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>> when you think of a $2.5 million home, this probably is not what comes to mind but in vancouver, that is what you get. that was the selling price and it was $80,000 above the asking price. new owners are not worried much about renovations because the plan to tear done the whole thing. >> stormy weather in washington state means that one family' s home is in danger of being washed away entirely. when officials decided to release water from a nearby dam that brought the water right up to the doorstep. the county says it is in danger of falling into the river which means this house needs to be >> what if we' re stuck with not only a mortgage but the bill for doesn' t get cleaned up. >> they are considering whether to forgive the family' s mortgage
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own compensation. >> a bit of a warning first skiers. this video shows a father and son skiing. his father managed to pull him out of the snow but he is now telling others to always ski with a partner. >> armor watching the video with him and i was shaking. it was a true moment for me to pull him out. ask experts say actions like deaths. 90% cannot get themselves out. if you do fall in you should try to keep hand in front of your safe to create a breathing area and use the tree as leverage to push yourself out. >> you are good.
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frightening experience. that is paula tracy being lowered out of the tram that was stuck 40 feet above the ground. there are still a lot of questions about how the rescue played out so paula is here for the inside scoop on this truly frightening experience. >> it was scary but it ended up working out. there was this big coal that had to be opened in the floor and we' ll had to go down by rope. everyone worked together well and i don' t know how we would have been able to do it if it been a fully loaded car. we had to make a lot of room in the middle for the evacuation. 40 feet above the ground and i know that you are not a big fan of heights. >> i' m not. i do zip lines what i know it is tested but this was an untested
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it is amazing that it did turn out as well as it did and i do think that a lot of it had to do with everyone working as a team. >> one especially young passenger will stop >> there was this beautiful eight-month-old baby girl with her family up for a sightseeing trip and they ended up doing amazingly well. >> we' re glad you' re safe and back on the ground. if you want to hear more you can check out and the escape outside section. >> if you are outside it is a little bit chillier than it was this afternoon. they colder air mass is beginning to push its way on in into tomorrow. it' s about 30 degrees in northern new hampshire in central and southern parts of the state' s.
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the wind which did gust up to about 25 second and have called down a little bit so it is a little bit breezy but that is about it. most of the date this is what we saw. the eastern side of the state was sunny. more clouds. a good portion of them were induced by the mountains. off to the west there is more snow and a week cold front that will roll through tonight. it does bring the chance of light snow or snow showers mostly in the mountains. there could be a dusting in a couple of the mountain locations. here is a look at that colder air. the core of it coming through throughout the overnight hours. it knocks us into about average temperatures. we have been way above average this year and last week we were
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as a big calm stretch to the west. this system is going to move across the country into southern canada over the next couple of days. it pushes over new hampshire in the form of an alberta clipper late friday night and early saturday morning. there are a few disturbed areas opposed to tomorrow. tomorrow those temperatures will certainly be cooler. friday is a little bit milder with sunshine and increasing clouds. this weather system will bring light snow to new hampshire into early saturday morning. most of the snow is pulling away and then there will be some mixed showers' s pitchers get milder behind the warm front
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we could season 30' s and even 40' s on saturday. but it' s fairly light and should not be a major ordeal. we' re down into the upper teens in the lower side of the 20' s and for tomorrow highs write about what you would expect this time of year. mid 20' s in northern new hampshire. take a gaze at the seven-day forecast which includes average temperatures the next couple of days and this weekend we get mild all over again. sunday looks real good in some spots and then next week above average temperatures as well. >> a new offer from the park service is being tested right now at acadia national park. online. electronic entrance passes can
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a romantic gesture in sedona, arizona could land one actress behind bars. >> she posed a picture of a heart carved into the red rocks. the forest service is responsible for the carving because damaging a national feature can bring six months in jail and $5,000 in fines. the academy awards are getting a classic makeover. the foundry that makes them used digital scans to restore the original features. it still was 8.5 pounds. we will soon find out who gets to take on those coveted awards. wmur will have live coverage from the first fashion day at
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award is announced. >> let' s talk about the great american race. the sprint cup racing season takes the green flag sunday at 1:00. chase elliott sits on the pull this year and here are two others that would love to win sunday. >> you have to have speed to win these races. the backbone of any race team' s success is to have a fast car and we have it this week so i' m really looking forward to the rest of the week. >> the cars are much different than an indycar and just understanding the car we do not have a lot of time to practice so that really helps the crew chief make better changes and then i am able to give debtor information to point us in the right direction for how to make the car better faster. it' s just a huge night of college basketball.
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on the national level. it' s going to be a fun night for college hoops. >> one cyclist is turning his roots into art. >> we are following breaking news. coming up at 6:00, the arrest of a middle school teacher and a controversial vote puts bobcat hunting one step will certainly coming law.
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>> a science-fiction fantasy has become reality. researchers unveiled these memory courts -- quartz. each one holds 72 terabytes of data. and a cycling dude list -- cyclist is taking doodling to a new level. >> he maps his roots out specifically to form drawings. when it creates is -- shows his progress it creates things like dinosaurs or darth vader.
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carefully before deciding which doodles he would like to draw. >> kind of like modern-day crop circles. >> as scott kelly prepares to wrap up his year-long stay he is leaving us -- leaving us with unforgettable images of earth. his latest round of pictures shows the range of colors on our planet. kelly has set a record for his time in orbit and is scheduled to return to earth next month. do you get earth' s sick?
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>> breaking news. a middle school teacher under arrest charged with simple assault.
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to a student inside a classroom. >> the controversial vote that mu students closer to the first legal bobcat hunt in decades. >> this man robbed an elderly woman as she loaded groceries into her car. what he did minutes later that led to his arrest. temperatures are falling again tonight in the next couple of days. how much colder it will be. >> up and down temperatures wreaking havoc on pipes. this is one local school trying to clean up the damage. >> we have breaking news right off the top. a manchester teacher has been charged after a confrontation in the classroom. school officials tell us this teacher has been on paid leave since the incident last month. we are at the southside middle school with the breaking details
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>> a teacher here is on paid administrative leave and facing charges after allegedly knocking s hand during class and hurting his wrist. officers responded here on january 29. for an incident involving the teacher, 52-year-old anita lemay and a 14-year-old boy. the teenager allegedly disturbed the class while eating candy. after he refused to listen to his teacher she knocked the candy out of his hand and left a mark on his wrist. police say a professional observed the incident, removed the student from the classroom and noticed a scratch on his wrist. police charged her with simple assault and she turned herself in today. a representative says that she was placed on paid administrative leave on february 1.


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