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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a teacher here is on paid administrative leave and facing charges after allegedly knocking s hand during class and hurting his wrist. officers responded here on january 29. for an incident involving the teacher, 52-year-old anita lemay and a 14-year-old boy. the teenager allegedly disturbed the class while eating candy. after he refused to listen to his teacher she knocked the candy out of his hand and left a mark on his wrist. police say a professional observed the incident, removed the student from the classroom and noticed a scratch on his wrist. police charged her with simple assault and she turned herself in today. a representative says that she was placed on paid administrative leave on february 1.
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hampshire fish and game commission has approved a controversial bobcat hunting and trapping proposal. >> if the commission gets a legislative stamp of approval the season would start later on this year. kristen carosa is here with why this was so contentious. >> this has been a controversial topic over the last seven months. this was the first time in several decades that bobcat trapping and hunting would be allowed in the state and many field or is no need for it. >> the motion carries. >> after 27 years, there on the verge of allowing bobcat hunting and trapping season. >> we gathered a lot of information and had a comprehensive study on them. >> officials say that things have changed and that is part of the reason why five of the fish and game commissioners are moving the proposal forward.
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were some numbers that were in excess that we could do a harvest and still maintain population growth. >> the commission is proposing to issue 50 bobcat permits through a lottery system. >> the entire carcass of the animal could be turned into fish and game. and the animal portions of the animal. so that we can study the reproductive organs and such. >> neighboring states have bobcat seasons but new hampshire would have stricter limits. supporters of the proposal are pleased it is moving forward. >> the fish and game department have told us since 2007 they have collected 300 cats on the highways. the fact they are being hit by cars is an indication that the population is up. >> some feel the population should be left alone.
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the bobcat today shows that it was not a good idea. >> the commission says that the proposal has generated one of the biggest public responses they have ever seen with many speaking out against it. they' re heading to a legislative committee for approval before it is signed into law. >> tonight, a convicted burglar is suing two police officers and the department claiming that they used excessive force while arresting him, including tasting him multiple times. heather hamel' s live with the accusations and the defense. >> tony cela toddy who represents the plaintiff called the street side justice torture. he says his client was stays four times in spite of the fact that he obeyed all of the commands. he has already pled guilty and
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his attorney says that officers can coxswain kimberly mcsweeney were rough with him even after he was handcuffed and he claims that talks even asked him if he liked it when he tased him repeatedly. the defense as it was dark inside the business and he only saw the silhouette of a man behind the car. he ordered him to show his hands but there was no response and not knowing if he had a weapon he deployed his taser twice. attorneys on both sides of the was no evidence of force that they could see on the surveillance video but the owner of the business did say that in a recorded statement he had early on that he heard coxe say to him that he hoped the video did not show up. but today on the stand the owner came back on that statement saying he may not have been accurate. testimony begins tomorrow morning at federal court. >> a woman convicted in a deadly
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amy is serving a 6.5 year sentence for driving her jeep onto a sidewalk in 2013. liliana johnson died. alyssa mitre was seriously hurt. she asked to have nearly a year taken off her sentence after completing the required mental health and parent education classes. the victim' s family opposed the request and the judge denied it. >> a man is in custody tonight after police say he attacked a woman with a knife while she was loading groceries into her car. wmur' s andy hershberger' s life -- is live with more. >> the cops in a got some information from the shaken up the can that led to his arrest in massachusetts. this is 31-year-old gavin mack
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a woman using this knife and then use the credit card he had just stolen from her at a local store. police say it started here tuesday afternoon when he approached the 74-year-old woman as she put groceries into her car. >> he demanded the money while displaying a large six to eight inch military style knife. she immediately started to scream for help and when she did the suspect pushed her to the ground and a small struggle ensued where he stole her wallet from her purse. >> police say that well he spoke to the woman and other customers, the victim got word one of her credit cards had been used in a local kmart. shows him entering the store. >> we went there and obtain video surveillance from the store and learned the system -- suspect had used a credit card to obtain $500 worth of gift cards from the start.
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the lookout for a light blue honda acura with a new hampshire plate. mac was stopped by state police -- state police about an hour after the 74-year-old initially reported the robbery. >> he was cooperative and through the course of the investigation we did locate the victim' s credit card including her driver' s license and a large military style knife in the car. >> mac is being held in massachusetts as a fugitive from justice. salem police say they don' t know when he will be returned to new hampshire to face charges of robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card. >> next at 6:00, the challenges of dealing with frozen pipes. >> this is the damage that a local school is dealing with and why they are reaching out to the public for help. >> wet weather wednesday takes us to the heart of the mountains and why this trip to the ice
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>> tonight, investigators say that this house fire was started with a homeowner using a blowtorch to thought pipes while also using a metal paint tray as a heat shield. when firefighters arrived he said flames were coming from the home and quickly spread to the roof. he said he was using the blowtorch when a piece of insulation fell down and caught fire. the home could be a total loss. and this week' s freezing
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at the manchester music community school. >> the damage is extensive and now school administrators are asking for the public' s help to get them back up and running. shelley walcott is live from inside the school tonight. you' re outside the school now. >> i am. the cleanup is underway inside the school tonight after those frozen pipes burst and caused major flooding inside the building. this is what it looks like inside. monday afternoon two pipes burst. water rushed to the building causing eight first-floor rooms to be flooded. everything from instruments to computers have been damaged. administrators say they could really use some help in trying to clean things up. >> we did lose quite a few instruments. we will be replacing those
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you look at it as a simple silo phone or drum but each one is about $500 so it adds up quickly. >> it really does add up. she was telling me there are thousands of dollars worth of instruments and other materials that are damaged. you would like to help out you can find a link to their website on hours, >> on that note, we give them a plug to help out the school. >> help out if you can. things are now a little calmer out there, but how long will
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>> in tonight' s return of the weather wednesday, we are visiting a vacation must stay. >> the ice vacation. mike is there life with what you need to know before you go. >> we' re running out of time with a couple weeks to go before you get your tickets and it is certainly a must on the stop list. joining me right now is one of the building managers. thank you for joining us again.
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this all together. how long does it take? >> it takes months of preparation work and two to three weeks of building with extended hours. behind us we have the ice slide which is a new feature. we also have 70 plus feet. >> it is a pretty quick ride down here? >> it is very fun and we have lights all the way down. there are for sure going to be giggles. >> the towers range anywhere from 10 to as much as how high? >> in past years with better weather we have gone up to 50 feet in this year we' re looking at 30 feet for the tallest tower. >> over 100 lights? >> yes, 100 lights total. >> it' s blue and red and green all over the place.
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go? >> we hope longer. >> it is weather dependent so what do you think? can we hold onto the ice here in lincoln? >> i think you should go down that slide. that looks like fun. we are returning to more normal temperatures. with the cold front arriving it made it up into the 30' s and even lower 40' s today. as you can see those temperatures have come down a little bit. still it' s a little breezy out there but certainly better. another thing helps out which is the cold front had it in our direction. we saw sunshine in eastern new hampshire and cloudy to partly sunny skies. a cold front now bringing clouds to all for a while and the chance of a few snow showers. they are possible anywhere but
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the other side of it is much colder air rushing on in. it doesn' t last all that long. it bottoms out and then we get side of it. the other side of the nation is where we look to find system that will bring the warmer air to us and also brings the chance of a few rain and snow showers. the cold front rose through -- rolls through tonight and both days are fairly calm. partly sunny skies tomorrow and mostly sunny on friday with high-pressure overhead. in the wind starts to turn more out of the south and southwest as this system approaches and brings with it a warm front friday night into saturday morning. maybe an inch were two and as the warm front crosses the state the could be random rain and
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maybe an inch short two. it will be right along the borderline temperatures. that pulls away pretty early but more is rotating in behind that warm front. as those temperatures get into the 30' s and 40' s on saturday. the overnight temperatures this time of year. right down either side of 20 degrees. and lower 30' s. lower 30' s to mid 30' s as you head toward the southeast. as we head toward the weekend, cooler temperatures over the next couple of days will get milder. a mild looking weekend as you can see. saturday is cloudier with scattered showers and sunday will be sunnier. then next week we will watch the system making a close pass at us
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right now the odds favor rain but it is a week away. >> baseball. we will hear from david price,
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>> with the celtics and bruins both off it since the perfect opportunity star chart -- to start talking red sox. things are heating up around sox camp in spring training. pictures and captures are due to start in the full workout is not until next wednesday but it' s a great sign that many of the players are there including david price. >> for me this is the first time i' ve had a new team and a new spring training. every thing to me is very new. the to meet all these guys -- i get equated with fort myers and get my feet wet. if i can go out there and throw like david price i know that i will be satisfied and so will our fan base in the city of boston. i want to put my best foot forward and help the team win. >> unh basketball on the home
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hawks. after tonight they play at hartford in vermont and close it up a week from saturday in maryland and baltimore county. in those four games lots of jockeying for top seeds. next we are still in a position that we can improve ourselves but also go backwards if we are not careful. lowell is playing great basketball right now. >> anytime we come play with energy we usually play well and obviously these next four games are really important. they will come play is hard because of last game. we won our last seven out of nine so if we keep playing like that we will finish strong and hopefully get a second seed in the conference tournament. >> senior day here at somers. that' s tyler brewster.
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the tomahawks answer kyle feeney who fires in a wrister top shelf. merrimack had a lot of fun on their senior night and they win by a touchdown. a big event for you with the new stadium going on tonight. the 100 club in portsmouth is where they are having that event. >> right now on the superdome home to the new orleans saints and hosting hundreds of concerts but it is best known as a last resort shelter during hurricane katrina. the new designation for the building. >> from history to math science and geography. how will the you know a typical curriculum?
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breaking news tonight. the new national poll. is donald trump no longer the front-runner? also, late today, the south carolina surprise. just three days before the high stakes republican primary, the major endorsement. could it sway the race? governor haley is not for donald trump. also developing, the fbi standoff with apple. after the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi desperate to break into the gunman's iphone. a judge now demanding apple help the fbi. apple refusing. under fire. the two officers trying to arrest this man. he pulls out a gun. their quick action in the moments that follow. the alleged imposter accused


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