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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4w`t2n`qd#" qzh! `%/p tom: now at 11:00, a teacher from manchester is charged with simple assault, accused of knocking candy out of a student' s hand. the conflict police say led up to it. shelley: local security experts are closely watching apple' s fight with the fbi over phone access. >> hackers will find those backdoors the same day they' re put into the equipment. shelley: why this case affects more than just one terror suspect' s i-phone. mike: today was cooler than yesterday but still above normal but that changes tomorrow. how much colder it will be. tom: frozen pipes burst flooding the manchester community music school. >> it was a lot of water. ll say. tom: the damage administrators now have to fix. shelley: pope francis celebrates mass near the u.s.-mexico border.
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 tonight. tom: tonight, this manchester teacher is charged with simple assault for an incident involving a student. good evening, i' m tom griffith. shelley: i' m shelley walcott. southside middle school teacher anita lemay turned herself in today. wmur' s stephanie woods is live at the manchester police department with our top story. stephanie: tonight she is on paid leave and parents are sounding off after manchester police say the math teacher knocked candy out of the hand of a student during class and hurt his wrist. >> always kind of shocked. i never heard of such a thing out of southside middle school. stephanie: officers came to january 29. teacher 52-year-old anita lemay,and a 14-year-old boy. class while eating candy. manchester police say when he refused to listen to lemay, she knocked the candy out of his hand and left a mark on his
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to southside middle school where her son and daughter went to school. she says she' s never heard of anything like this. >> he was special education and they were really awesome with my son. they brought him out of his shell, made him integrate more than what he had been. stephanie: but other parents are not surprised. john anger' s two kids attended southside. >> it' s kind of a hard situation. you want to protect your kids but you at the same time, those teachers are there with those kids all day long and they have their hands full with so many students. one student may be acting out and you would hope that they would take the high road and a better path than slapping something out of a student' s hand. stephanie: sarah alier says her 3 daughters told her some teachers treated them unfairly at southside. >> if somebody who' s established as the role as the teacher, it is not acceptible to lose your temper for a child.
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the manchester school district says that lemay started working for southside in september of last year but after this incident, she was placed on paid leave starting february 1. live in manchester, stephanie woods, wmur news 9. tom: two massachusetts teens are safe tonight after their snowmobiles fell through ice in pittsburg. fish and game say the teens were following an adult on first connecticut lake when they rode over a spot of thin ice. fish and game officers got the riders and their snowmobiles out . >> a controversial bob -- bobcat hunting and trapping proposal has been approved for the first time in 27 years. if approved, the season would start in' s action september. officials say things have changed and that' s part of the reason five of nine fish and game commissioners moved the proposal forward.
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some numbers that were in excess that we could do a harvest and still maintain population growth. shelley the proposal now heads : to a legislative committee for approval before it' s signed into law. tom: lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev -- it' s a standard practice in death penalty appeals. shelley: a case stemming from the fbi investigation into the terrorist mass shooting in san bernardino. agents want access to the shooter process password-protected iphone. but apple says creating that so-called door would have
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reaction from local tech experts. adam: they are siding with apple on this one. they say the minute an entry point insecurity is created the exploit it. gary miliefsky is a cyber security expert and the ceo of snoopwall, a company based in nashua. he says if the fbi succeeds in forcing apple to create special backdoor access for its devices it will cause immediate problems. backdoors the same day they' re put into the equipment. adam: in addition to compromising the photos, videos and personal information on every iphone miliefsky says apple will hurt its business. >> so apple will lose revenues. cyber criminals and cyber terrorists will gain access to the same backdoors that the government wants. adam: at tech startup adored in manchester ceo cory von wallenstein is watching this case closely. >> privacy comes first and foremost for our business and we' re glad that apple is holding the line.
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a backdoor and encryption keys exist that can access anyone' s iphone they can be used repeatedly. >> folks will not know that these tools can be exploited and could be actively used and that' s the big difference between these tools in the technology world and just your average safe full of information. adam: gary miliefsky says it' s impossible to make a technology backdoor for law enforcement only. >> sadly there' s absolutely no way to put a back door in that won' t be uncovered by a hacker. the minute you put in an encryption hole for the government, some hacker, some mathematician, some genius, someone sitting in a lab, maybe one of the 6,000 members of the north korean cyber army are going to get a prize that week for breaking in and getting access. adam: he says the economic impact for apple could be very he points to the example of cisco. when it was revealed its products have been backdoors by the nsa, customers took their business elsewhere, resulting in
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adam sexton, wmur news 9. ,: police are looking for this woman, 25-year-old stacy brasley of manchester. anyone with information should contact bedford police. american high singer don mclean now facing more charges in maine after a domestic violence arrest last month. charges were added including terrorizing, criminal threatening, criminal restraint and criminal mischief. mclean' s attorney says he is pleading not guilty to all charges. a judge will hear his plea on monday. shelley: devastation at a school that has been serving manchester for the last 32 years. sub zero temperatures caused pipes to burst and flood the manchester community music school. now teachers say, they really need the public' s help, to get back on track. at the manchester community
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the section of the building blocked all. school administrators leaving nothing to chance after devastating flood this week. >> a pipe broke, and it happened down here on the first floor. shelley: mondays freezing temperatures led to two five burst, one in the music their pit wing, the other in an archive room. >> it was a lot of water. it was a small waterfall, i will say. shelley: the fast-moving water soaked everything. ' s eligible items piled up in this one room. the damage totaling in the thousands of dollars. >> we did lose quite a few instruments. we will be replacing those instruments. you look at a simple drumming you don' t think much of it that each i am is about $500, so it adds up really quickly.
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rock in the areas. our insurance covers a lot of the cost but we do have a deductible. we have a second insurance policy for instruments which means a second adaptable. >> it' s the reason school officials say they welcome any donations to help get back on their feet so they can continue teaching music and music therapy to students who need their help. shelley: if you like to make a donation, you can find a link on her website, tom: tonight we' re getting a look inside the claremont planned parenthood office badly damaged by vandalism. the clinic was forced to close for six weeks last october. police say they caught a juvenile using a hatchet to damage medical equipment, and smash water and sewer lines. while the clinic was closed, patients were sent to other planned parenthood offices in new hampshire and vermont if
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>> 096 0767 73% of the patients have an income level 150% below the poverty level, that' s $17,900 per year in income we have a higher number of patients in this health center that rely on medicaid. tom the claremont office : provides a range of health care services, including referrals for abortions though it doesn' t perform the procedure here. shelley: just days before her state' s primary, south carolina governor nikki haley is thrown her support behind marco rubio. >> we say that every day is a great day in south carolina. ladies and gentlemen, if we elect marco rubio, every day will be a great day in america. shelley: haley will be on the campaign trail with rubio for she said her job was to find the one who would be the best.
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and conviction. the senator from nevada is the first republican to break with his party leadership over the future of the supreme court. senator dean heller says president obama should nominate a replacement for antonin scalia. just hours after scalia' s death on saturday, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said president obama should leave the decision to whoever is elected president in november. tom coming up on news 9 tonight. :no sitting president has done it since calvin coolidge back in 1928. the trip president obama is expected to announce tomorrow. shelley: pope francis is returning home after a visit to mexico. the prayer he said at the border between the u.s. and mexico today. mike: after a bright, breezy, and colder thursday, more changes move in for friday and the weekend. the forecast is coming up tom: comcast still is not saying
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shelley: new tonight- president obama is expected to announce an upcoming trip to cuba. sources have confirmed the plans to multiple news outlets. this trip would mark the first time in more than 80 years that a sitting u.s. president visited cuba. the official announcement is set
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president obama reopened diplomatic channels with cuba more than a year ago. -- more than two years ago. pope francis is flying back to rome tonight, after spending five days in mexico. tom: during that trip, he addressed contentious topics affecting mexico and the u.s. abc' s marci gonzalez watched the pope' s last mass in juarez from just across the border, in el paso, texas. >> pope francis left mexico tonight, his message still echoing through the hearts of the faithful on both sides of the border. after holding mass in the violence torn city of warez, and praying just steps from el paso for the thousands to have died trying to cross into the united states and for the family still
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>> we are going to the river together and praying together. isn' t that wonderful? >> he hopes to on one of the most heated issues this year, immigration. the vatican dismissing donald trump' s claims that the pope is politically motivated. after his visit with workers in war as, where he spoke out against exploitation and his emotional one-on-one time with prisoners, the pope headed home from what was once the murder capital of mexico. saying he was touched by the growing contrast here of hope. >> pope francis had a hopeful message of his own, saying there is still time for change and to end what he called the suffering of countless men and women. marci gonzalez, abc news, el paso, texas.
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is now on the national register of historic places. the building is home to the new orleans saints and has hosted hundreds of concerts but is best known for being the shelter of last resort for thousands of evacuees during hurricane katrina. the national register designation includes protections and tax benefits for the property. but the state agency that manages the dome is concerned the status could slow down improvement efforts. shelley: comcast is now offering a credit to customers impacted by an outage on monday. on demand video, local and cable television went out for about an hour and a half in markets across the country including new hampshire. a spokesperson says customers can get a credit for a day' s worth of video service. credits will vary depending on the customer. you can now take your pet on an amtrak train with you. the railroad is expanding a pilot program that lets
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small pets on routes including boston, philadelphia, new york, washington and other cities. service animals can still ride for free. tom: you can bring along votto. -- you can bring along fido. mike: cold air will hold on to the beautiful ice castles. what a great show up there, especially at night, with those ice crystals, thousands of icicles build up. they even have a slide there. take a look at that. the ice castles will continue for at least the next week and a half to two weeks. after that is all weather dependent. you can buy tickets online or
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head on up there, a beautiful display. it takes a lot of work. we had the sun and a few clouds, temperatures a little lower than yesterday in some spots, but despite all that cooling, above average again. some spots hit the low 40' s. nowhere close to the record of 58 set way back in 1883. tomorrow we finally get back to or slightly below the average as the cold front swings offshore. as it moves in over the next few hours, it will trigger snow showers mainly across the great north woods and into the white mountains, a dusting to an inch and maybe a flurry in the monadnock region. temperatures in the 20' s to around 30. whence primarily out of the southwest, turned around quickly to the northwest up with quite a
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temperatures will drop a little bit but not unseasonably cold by any stretch. about 20-20 four south and southeast. tomorrow will be colder than today. a busy wind out of the north and northwest but unlike the end of last week and last weekend when we were tracking temperatures well below zero just over the border, tonight they' re only down to around zero. so it will turn colder but nothing like what we saw the past weekend. temperatures start to climb again as we go through the upcoming weekend. the first front to move through the cold front, clearing the early tomorrow. late friday the clouds will pay and as that moves through, temperatures jump again as we climb into the weekend, saturday and sunday teaching temperatures eight or nine degrees above the norm for this time of year. it dries out by daybreak even in
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a few extra clouds at the coast but it should stay dry along shore roads. friday plenty of sun or early, then the clouds move in during the afternoon and there could be a little bit of snow friday night insist rarity -- into saturday. a light coating in southern parts of the state. take a look at the changes to follow once the warm front moves through, into the 40' s over the weekend. then we get to monday and tuesday, nice and quiet tuesday night into wednesday. after that could be ice and rain. we will watch it closely. tom: let' s go to jamie and find out what'
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jamie top 25 college hoops, : arizona hosted arizona state. #35 is the starting center for arizona is kaleb tarczewski, from claremont. harry tipton, a wild shot from a teammate. gave his team an 8-0 lead. minutes later, he did it again. good position inside and he tips another shot in. 15 rebounds, four blocked shots. the wildcats roll at home. and a big one in the acc. 99-61. number 20 duke at number 5 north carolina. it' s always special when they play. 1st half. marcus paige misses the 3 from the wing, but bryce johnson cleans it up with the two-hand putback jam. a monster game, late in the
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through for the putback jam. down the stretch, a huge three and duke took the lead. final chance for the tar heels to win but nukes come -- do comes away with the ball. 74-73 duke. it was a big night of college basketball on the national level, but also locally. and that included the unh wildcats on their home court, taking on the riverhawks. unh going for a season sweep over umass lowell. unh is in white. a steal and score by jaleen smith for the wildcats. unh playing great defense. joe bramanti with a steal and he takes it in and dunks it. unh up 16-5. jacoby armstrong with a 3 pointer. the wildcats win 80-69. they improve to 16-10 this season. an important night for unh athletics at the 100 club in portsmouth. they hosted a season ticket launch for fans, a chance to show off their new stadium for the upcoming season.
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and unveiled all the new amenities that will be available to fans. >> when i came back in 1991, things had not changed much. then i got to 1998 and it changed a little bit. the last couple of years, listening to the excitement and and it' s pretty exciting. i knew it was coming. i trusted everybody and as i said, i knew that would come through for us and they did. jamie an overtime win for the : manchester monarchs, 4-3 over the reading royals. alex roach scored the game-winner. former unh captain matt fornataro scored for manchester. manchester has a league-leading 8 wins when trailing to start the 3rd period. the teams play again friday night in reading. high school hockey this afternoon, somersworth-coebrown took on merrimack in manchester. it was senior night for tyler brewster and the other graduating players. somersworth in black. cole gagne with a shot and aidan anderson is there to clean up the rebound. out front 1-0 bearcats.
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kyle feeney, one of those seniors, takes the pass in the middle and fires in a wrister and merrimack won the game 9-2. with the celtics and bruins both off on this wednesday night, it gives us a chance to talk about the red sox. xander bogarts is already getting his swings in fort myers so is mookie betts. things are heating up around red sox camp at spring training. pitchers and catchers are due to report on saturday, and the first full squad workout isn't until next wednesday. >> i guess this is the first time i' ve had a new team and new spring training. everything to me right now is very new so just to get down here and meet all the other guys and get acquainted with fort myers, and just throw the baseball the way i' m capable of throwing it. i know i' ll be satisfied and so will our fan base and the city of boston. i' ll just go out there and put
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>> if he wins 18-20 games, the red sox should make the playoffs. tom: still to come on news 9 tonight. shelley: the way the couple plans to spend their hundreds of
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tom: a couple in florida has for last month' s record powerball drawing. shelley: they will take the lump sum payment of about $327.8 million. they' re not planning anything too extravagant now, a new truck for him and early retirement. re the ones she' s used for years but she rarely plays the lottery. >> we didn' t believe it. we just kept watching tv, going online, checking and re-checking. >> then they announced the publix melbourne beach. we said, uh oh. this is the real deal. shelley: three winning tickets were sold during the drawing for $1.6 billion. a couple from tennessee cashed in their ticket last month. the winner in california hasn'
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come forward publicly yet. thanks for joining us for news 9 tonight at 11:00. tom: jimmy kimmel live is next, followed by night line.
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