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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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one of several spots dealing with this highly contagious disease. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. new hampshire has seen 20 outbreaks of norovirus since the first of the year. jean: kristen carosa is joining us live in the newsroom with the latest information from health officials. reporter: new hampshire health and human services september out a statewide alert about the norovirus earlier this month, they have seen 20 outbreaks since january 1. h.h.s. says concord christian academy was closed due to an outbreak there. according to its website, 196 students go to the school. no word on how many students and staff were affected. h.h.s. says the yearo virus is typical of this time of year, they see a spike in outbreaks december through march, the virus can cause vomiting, nausea and diarrhea and there's no real treatment. outbreaks are typically found in large settings such as health care facilities and schools because it's highly contagious.
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and 100 outbreaks a year. >> the best way to prevent these outbreaks is to make sure that people who are ill stay home when they're not feeling well. that prevents introduction of the virus into the facility. then it's important to practice good hand washing. reporter: we did reach out to the school this afternoon but did not hear back. tom: tonight we're learning that one of two police departments investigating a threat against sanborn regional high school will not be filing criminal charges against the young man involved. but the case remains open in kingston. jennifer crompton is live at the high school now where the threat at one point was looked at by the f.b.i. jen? reporter: it was, tom. but soon after it came back to the two local departments. the school superintendent says that the perceived threat against the pep rally didn't seem to faze students at all.
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colors and crazy outfits at sanborn high school friday, for the winter carne natural pep rally. only the two police officers any indication that an alleged threat had been made. attendance was more than the superintendent expected. >> some toons did stay home, because of this, and that's okay, that's their parents' prerogative. but we also have a number of students that headed out early on vacation too. reporter: a letter went home to parents on monday after authorities learned the senior who is not currently attending the school made the alleged threat. he was in exeter at the time. exeter police interviewed several witnesses. tonight that investigation is over. >> something we have to look at is the balance between freedom of speech and whether people were placed in imminent fear and that's what we investigated and we have found that we will not
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reporter: the kingston chief says their investigation is ongoing. so the young man's identity and details of the threat are not being released. >> the parents and student have been fully cooperating with both us and the police departments. we're in a good space. reporter: again the kingston chief is stressing that the investigation with with his department is not over. but tonight as students head out for february school vacation, palpable relief, especially among school officials, and students' parents that this week is finally over. live in kingston, jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jean: let's get to our weekend weather, right now we are watching several weather systems, the first could mean some snow tonight. chilly, but calm along the seacoast at this hour, 34 degrees in hampton. it was a day of sunshine. let's head over to mike haddad to see when the snow is getting here. mike: it's creeping closer, jean, and as we go through the
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from dry weather now, seasonably cool stuff, to a little slippery travel out there for many later on this evening. right now temperatures are in the 30's. a few upper third in the merrimack valley. you do notice the first batch of light snow in eastern new york, western vermont. the air mass is so dry right now over new hampshire that a lot of that initially will tend to dry up. having said that, there could be a few flurries or light dusting in tupper valley, monadnock region and the western part of the white mountains around franconia notch through 6:00 or 7:00, then more snow will tend to fill in in eastern new york during the 78:00 time frame and move right overhead. slippery roads not out of the question. tomorrow more changes as temperatures start to climb. tom: a sun cook man flown to a boston hospital in critical condition after officials say he
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gasoline to start a brush fire in goffstown. heather hamel is live at the fire department now with the details. reporter: according to the fire chief the property owner had called them to say that there would be burning going on on the property and the chief says they gave their standard warning of using no act sell rarnts. no more than 10 to 15 minutes had passed that they got a call that there was an accident. according to investigators, the 27-year-old man who has yet to be identified was with another man burning two piles of brush and wood. while no one witnessed exactly what happened, investigators believe that he put accelerant on the piles to help get the fire started. neighbors heard a loud explosion, and the fire chief says when they got there the man was in bad shape with burns on his face, chest and arms, and more burns internally. >> he was responsive, obviously in pain, but for his injuries it
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reporter: according to tax records, the property is owned by a ronald cody. we tried to contact him today but were unable to reach him. currently we do not know the condition of the man who was injured today. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jean: right now state and local officials are remembering the life of former keene mayor patricia russell. governor hassan says pat russell exemplified the spirit of her citizen led democracy in new hampshire, committing herself to serving others. russell also served in the new hampshire house, and on the state liquor commission. right now in washington d.c., thousands are paying respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. this is a live look inside the supreme court where his body is lying in repose. aixa diaz is outside the high court where there's been a line all day. reporter: people have been waiting throughout the day to go inside the great hall of the supreme court. president obama and the first
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who paid their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> mace his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed -- reporter: the catholic priest prayed during a private ceremony for family, friends and fellow justices, before the public was welcomed inside. >> very solemn, very beautiful. very well appointed on every level. reporter: law clerks who worked under zoo lee aare taking turns standing vigil until the casket departs for the funeral saturday morning. >> he was a giant on the court and has left an imprint and a legacy on the law that is unmatched. reporter: scalia served on the high court for nearly 30 years. the president reagan appointee was known for his passion and personality. >> his views and opinions will be discussed and read in law schools and by lawyers and by judges for decades to come.
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held here in washington tomorrow. there. attending. at the supreme court, aixa diaz, wmur news 9. jean: we turn now to the traffic watch to see how things are moving on the roads. manchester, 293 near exit 5, lots of people out and about. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the evening commute. hi, peggy. peggy: hi, tom and gene, we're headed into school vacation week for many people in the state, so a lot of people are heading north. heavier volume on 93 northbound than usual from exit 3 in windham all the way up to 293 in manchester. 293 is busy but moving well. once you get into concord a few slowdowns through the exits in the concord stretch. on 101 west you're bunching up at the 114 intersection, as usual, out to wallace road. ever relet turnpike northbound getting slow between exits 7 and 11.
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manchester and hampton. the spaulding turnpike is a slow crawl northbound through newington. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. jean: thanks, peggy. a political movement making new hampshire its home basis celebrating a milestone tonight. tom: the free state movement is moving ahead with big plans, that story is next. reporter: getting down to the wire in south carolina, i'm sal hi kidd in washington with new polls and fresh appeals for votes in the first in the south primary. mike: after some snow to start off the week, the temperatures start to climb, how mild it gets starting tomorrow. jean: at 5:30 a first of its kind investigation into insurance coverage for substance abuse. >> i think it's about stigma. tom: and the push to free up money for fighting drug dealers,
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigs of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back. [ echoing ] just sayin'. jean: the free state project says it's reached its goal of getting 0,000 libertarians to pledge to move to new hampshire. so far 20,000 members have already moved to the granite state. the goal is to have the remaining 18,000 come here within five years. this weekend the organization is
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in manchester. >> we're just saying move here and whatever do you when you get here, that's up to you. so there's a lot of different free staters who are doing a lot of different things in the state, many are not politically active at all. jean: they'll have an interview tomorrow with edward snowden, the contractor who revealed classified information about government surveillance programs, he will speak live from russia through skype. tom: okay, let's move onto less than seven hours away from the first voting since new hampshire. republicans are appealing to voters ahead of south carolina's primary tomorrow. while democrats are actually in nevada for that state's caucuses. wmur's sally ki has the latest from our washington bureau. reporter: tom and jean, it's attack and counterattack for republicans as they vie for votes this the critical palmetto state primary. if the polls are right, south
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to deliver a trump triumph on saturday. at a myrtle beach rally trump repeated a familiar attack line against ted cruz. >> you talk about people that lies, this is the biggest liar i've ever seen. reporter: cruz who comes within five points of trump in a new nbc news wall street poll fired back at trump. >> if you lived 15 years of your life without ever writing, saying or doing anything to prove you're a conservative, you ain't. reporter: fighting for second, marco rubio. >> we win by coming together, we can't win if we're dried. reporter: jeb bush battling for third with kasich took a swipe and rubio and cruz. >> is there anything in their past that says they have the back bone to do this job. reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton picked up an endorsement from south carolinas highest ranking democrat. >> we need a real fighter, and i
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reporter: ms. clinton continued her get out the caucus tour through nevada. >> we are the only advanced country in the world without some kind of paid family leave. reporter: bernie sanders also campaigning in the silver state. >> obviously we are here to win and we hope we'll win. reporter: a new poll has clinton leading sanders by six points in nevada. a couple of earlier polls showed the race was virtually tied. sally kidd, wmur news 9. tom: as for john kasich who finished second in new hampshire, he's polling at the bottom of the republican pack with ben carson, but he says he'll beat expectations tomorrow and plans to keep plugging away at the campaign. so here's another look at the contests happening all this weekend, tomorrow is the republican primary in south carolina, and the democratic caucus in nevada. nevada republicans caucus on february 23rd. february 27th is the primary for democrats in south carolina, got that straight.
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march 1st with people in 13 states chooserring their nominees. jean: some snowmobiling trails will be open this weekend, thanks to snow this week. trails are groomed in bear notch and bartlett and some parts of pittsburg. the state says it notified them to modify their trace, and riding should be available for the next few weeks. but payne trails are closed because of lack of snow. a ski resort in california is back open today after an avalanche closed a major road and schools in the area yesterday. heavy snow and wind triggered three avalanches and covered two cars with debris at alpine meadows. rescuers pulled three people to safety, fortunately nobody was injured. it's a very different scene in missouri where fire crews right now are putting out hot spots for a 1500-acre brush fire that whipped i fire tornadoes. warm weather and low humidity
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this one sparked by a broken lawn mower. tom: take a look at this, the incredible sight at yosemite national park, it's called fire fall. it shows up at this time of year when the sun hits that water fall at just the right angle to make it glow. there also needs to be enough snow on the ground to help reflect light for that perfect fiery color. mike: that is awesome looking. maybe not so exciting to look up at the cloud cover over warner right now, that gray milky appearance to the sky. the clouds are lowering and thickening ahead of the next system that you do see, producing a little snow back to our west. however, the air mass right now is extremely dry over new hampshire, and even in parts of vermont. so what you're seeing, if any, is just flurries or very light snow showers.
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more saturated by mid evening and the disturbance approaching out of central new york will start to trigger light snow over new hampshire. first begins in western parts of the state shortly after 7:00 or 8:00 this evening, shortly after 8:00 or 9:00 in central sections and a little later near the coast. notice that very narrow band of snow will set up shop just enough to make the roads sliply during the mid to late evening. overnight a little more snow will tend to fill in, but also by that time temperatures begin to warm up at very low levels of the atmosphere, that means it will change over to a light mix or some rain especially concord south and east early saturday morning. one batch of precipitation moves away, lingering snow and showers up north. could see some partial sun and then very late in the afternoon towards evening, another band of through. in terms of snow accumulations, not a whole lot to speak of, especially along the coast. but we could see a coating to
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southeast of manchester through nashua, possibly an inch and a half in a couple spots, generally one to three elsewhere. could i awe few spots in the higher terrain that get up near four or five. for more on the weekend, here's haley. hayley: we do have she's snow showers moving through, but the good news is we'll likely have a break midday on saturday. so you can still get out and enjoy doing things outdoors, especially with how mild the temperatures will be. here's an event for you to enjoy, the center harbor skate fest, the second annual one, will be going on tomorrow, and it goes from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. starting at 1:00 they'll have open skating, then at 2:00 they actually have a bonfire going, demonstrations. you can even skate after dark tomorrow night. it ends about 7:00 in the evening, and as you see, temperatures will be quite mild. will climb at center harbor into
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7:00 in the evening to the 30's. if ice skating isn't your thing but skiing or boarding is, here's the forecast for you. tomorrow we might have some mixed showers in the afternoon, about 40 degrees on saturday. then on sunday will be the brighter of the two days, with temperatures in the low 40's as well. so mike now has more on the extended forecast. mike: yes, as you talked about those mild temperatures, they're in here. overnight tonight we'll go from the 30's we are right now into the 20's to around 30 by morning. and that will actually happen during the predawn hours. then towards early morning we'll start to see temperatures climbing back above freeze, that's why that change over to light rain. if we get enough partial sun in southern new hampshire, a couple spots may make a run close to 50. but many will line up in the 40's. again this is the break that should develop during the late morning and early afternoon before more rain showers pivot in late day into the evening. notice the highs for tomorrow,
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it's low 40's across the north country, and in ski country as well as haley just talked about. it's still mild in the lakes region, monadnock region mid 40's. same story around concord, upper 40's in nashua and along the coast. there is a chance that a couple of spots if we squeeze out enough sun may hit 50 tomorrow. snow develops, now watch the roads not in the next couple hours, but mainly after 8:00. i would tend to think that anything that falls at that point is just a few flurries. then the roads could get slick late evening through the overnight. by morning temperatures rise a little in southeastern parts of the state, so that end as a little rain. couple of rain showers tomorrow night, sunday is looking really good, a little breezy, could be a light dusting of snow in southern new hampshire as the next weak system scoots south of us early monday morning. the rest of the day features clearing. sunshine tuesday, next storm chance on wednesday. looks like snow to start, but we
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especially in southern zones during the afternoon. maybe more of a mix and rain on thursday. tom: we'll live with it. jean: thanks, mike. two suspects are in custody tonight, after an attack inside a u. mass dorm, we'll have the new developments when we come back. plus -- >> this is the vehicle that is going to take many hundreds of regular peek into space for the first time. tom: we'll you inside the new spaceship that could lead the
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tom: a second suspect accused of attacking a u. mass amherst student inside a dorm room is now in custody tonight. the incident prompted a campus wide lockdown last night. 19-year-old william mckeown turned himself in today. he and another person allegedly bought a, brought a gun inside the dormitory. no shots were fired, but one student was taken to the hospital with a head injury. new developments in the case against the so-called after aflew ensa teen. >> couch was 16 when he drove drunk and caused a crash that filled four people in dallas. police say couch fled to mexico in december with his mother after a video appeared showing him violating probation.
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for a friend stopped an alleged burglar by lying about having a gun. tom: police say that ray mob melendez rushed over to his friend's home when he got a call from the alarm company. within a minute he arrived to find a bare foot burglar making himself at home. >> just as i peeked through the hallway, he peeked at the same time and saw me, i said you need to come out or it's i'm going to shoot you. tom: police say that melendez didn't know perform the suspect backs down. minutes later officers arrived and arrested the alleged burglar. jean: quick thinking there. a teenager is fighting for his life tonight. after a sightseeing helicopter crashed in hawaii. straight ahead at 5:30, new details about those final moments before the chopper hit the water. tom: and a friend comes to the rescue when a girl finds herself struck with stage fright. story. jean: it's very sweet, you'll love it. now to our u local hot shot, the
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he uses unsalted peanuts to
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jean: fighting the stigma, now at 5:30 new hampshire's efforts to stop the opioid epidemic include a hard look at insurance coverage. tom: that as maggie hassan is join other governors addressing the crisis with president obama. jean: and an officer nearly run down by a man trying to get away. what police say he was carrying when they caught up to him. new hampshire has launched an investigation into the ways that insurance companies are responding to patients with opioid addictions. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. the first round of findings was presented today. wmur's andy hershberger is live now with those findings.
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today that these findings are preliminary, but many felt that it was a good start in examining the pressing problem of opioid abuse and treatment. it is the first phase of a review of how insurance companies are handling claims for people seeking help for opioid abuse and addiction in the state. they examined claims from last year and determined that no laws were broke then the way they were handled. >> i think there is a number of folks who are who have private insurance who are seeking substance abuse treatment, some of getting the care they need, some of them are challenged in doing that. reporter: the insurance commission presented their findings friday to this group that is studying substance abuse and treatment in the state. of the more than 11,000 cases they examined, a group of experts looked closely at the four claims that were denied. >> out of the 64 denials, we
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eight of them. what the disagreements were primarily regarding in inpatient versus outpatient treatment and that sort of thing. reporter: the preliminary review also found that the network of service was more of a challenge in the foreign part of the state than the south. they also found the few people who were denied care made use of the appeals process. marty bod en works with people struggle with opioid addiction and says very few people who actually need help try to get it. >> i think it's about stigma. people who have problems with alcohol or other drugs are afraid to talk out loud, they're afraid to talk to their health care providers about it. reporter: the second part of this study will examine parity, whether people with addictions are treated the same as people cancer. that review is expected to be done by summer. jean: governor hassan will travel to the nation's capital to meet with governors from across the u.s. this week,
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of terrorism, the heroin epidemic and the economy during this three-day meeting. governor hassan will speak on a committee about the drug crisis in new hampshire. on monday the governors will discuss their priorities with president obama. tonight this man is facing a number of charges after police say he nearly hit an officer with his car. guilford police tried to pull over a man and he was arrested after a brief chase. police say hey found what they suspect is meth in his car. tom: tonight in hawaii, a 15-year-old boy in the hospital in critical condition after he was trapped under water in a crashed helicopter. now witnesses are sharing stories about how strangers jumped into the water to help. brandi hitt explains. reporter: the terrifying helicopter crash was captured on camera.
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reporter: a tourists chopper seen here plunging to the water near pearl harbor's visitor center thursday, just feed from shore. a 15-year-old boy among those on board remains in critical condition. >> we just turned around, didn't have much time before it hit. >> we ran over, started jumping in. reporter: you can see witnesses diving into the water to rescue the family of four and the pilot. >> anybody else would have done the same thing. the helicopter is only about 10 feet of water. reporter: and it had no doors. >> yea! reporter: one by one they all surfaced from the water, but chris garner says the teen-age boy could not free himself from his seat belt. >> got a knife and we were able to slightly cut through, and it took a long time, six or seven minutes. reporter: the single engine aircraft was built in 1979. and the tour company run by genesis aviation is not
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>> we couldn't tell if it was reporter: witnesses say they heard the chopper sputtering, before it went down. today. that chopper is still in the water, and the navy is helping in the recovery process. angeles. jean: he's a case of the power of friendship showing its true strength. >> hi. (inaudible). jean: so susie got a case of stage fright, it pretty common, this young woman was in maine and had the case of the jitters while speaking to a group of people with developmental disabilities. but her moment of silence has gone viral.
5:36 pm
came to her rescue. >> okay, i can do it now. [applause] jean: she went onto give a wonderful speech, what an emotional moment, brought a lot of people to tears. isn't that great, sometimes you just need a hug. tom: you do. l.l. bean is expanding again, up next which state will be the new toast add the new england retailer. jean: a major minimum wage mike just approved in one state, where the starting rate will go up to 12.50 an hour. mike: lots of weather changes as we move into the weekend, the forecast coming up. tom: and where dangerous cats
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tom: there's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange and a down day on wall street but overall not a bad week. the dow dropped 21 points but closed up for the week with the s&p 500 down just a little bit. nasdaq went up by 16 points. more than a million wal-mart employees are going to get a raise tomorrow. jean: the reday giant is raising its minimum wage from $9 an hour to $10. that applies to nearly all of the company's hourly workers and some supervisors.
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will cost an extra 1.5 billion this year. and oregons governor says she will sign a measure raising that state's minimum wage to the highest in the country. right now it's at 9.25 an hour statewide, over the next six years it latest go up to 14.75 an hour around portland, 13.50 in smaller cities, and 12.50 in the rural areas. tom: l.l. bean is expanding to michigan. the maine based retailary announced plans to open its first store in michigan this it will be at a mall in a detroit suburb. l.l. bean plans to hire about location. the company already has more than two dozen retail stores outside of maine. a texas couple has landed in a legal fight over a review of a pet sitter. they say the service was terrible. they gave the company just one star on a yelp review. the company says the couple agreed to its terms including a clause promising not to dispar age the business.
5:41 pm
dollars in damages, for that negative review. be careful what you yelp, all right. tonight we're getting a look inside the ship that could take you into space, after the break. jean: jamie is talking college hockey, both the big green and wildcats on home ice tonight. tom: the family of a fallen
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jean: a new type of spacecraft has just been unveiled, virgin galactic hopes spaceship two will be the key to space tourism. but seats on this spacecraft do not come cheap. tom: rachel crane takes us on bore spaceship two. reporter: richard branson's virgin galactic wants to be the world's first commercial space line. that is the first company to take regular people into space, on a regular basis. and this is the spaceship they say could do it. >> we're looking forward to getting it into the air where it belongs and eventually into space. reporter: dave mckay is the chief pilot. he's been training inside this simulator hundreds of times, waiting for a real spacecraft to fly again. >> after, we expect in the next
5:45 pm
tests, of course that's hugely significant. reporter: that's because virgin galactic has not had a vehicle since a tragic accident in 2014 left its spaceship in pieces and killed one test pilot. >> we're going to learn from what went wrong. reporter: the ntsb ruled the caution of the accident to be human error. spaceship two was already in development at the time of the crash. virgin galactic has made several updates to its new and improved spacecraft. >> the actual accident itself because caused by a control being moved when it shouldn't have been done and we've implemented a new system which prevents that ever happening again. reporter: the building and adding new features has taken time, it's been under construction for more than thee years. this is how it works.
5:46 pm
more than three times the speed of sound, reaching between 50 and 62 miles above earth. the six passengers on board will experience about six minute of waitlessness. >> at this point we're going to allow the customers town strap and they can float around. reporter: more than 700 customers will already paid $250,000 for a seat when virgin galactic eventually starts commercial operation. >> it's a sendation al experience of course, but it's the first step in opening up space to the wider world. mike: six spots, me, jean, tom, jamie, i need two seats. are you kidding me? are you bringing your pet? tom says he needs two seats. take a look at dublin right now, the clouds are moving in. we have quite a few changes coming down the road between now and early tomorrow as winter
5:47 pm
of the weekend, and then temperatures take off as we go through saturday and on sunday. a wintery start means light snow for many tonight, just enough to make it slick on area roads. then a good part of the day tomorrow the temperatures will be climbing well into the 40's. mixed showers will end early saturday. enough warm air creeps in by morning so we will see the changeover to a little light rain and then milder through the weekend will give way to a cooler stretch next week as the stormy pattern continues, even no the next couple of systems we're tracking for tonight, early tomorrow and another one early monday morning that mainly scoots out, stronger once will try to come close to us and affect us in one form or another during the middle and end of next week. take a look right now at doppler radar showing some action here. the air mass is very dry, could be a few light snow showers that try to scoot in to the upper
5:48 pm
after about another hour or so. then more snow will fill in over eastern new york and move in during the course of the mid to late evening. not a lot of snowfall tonight and tomorrow morning. then when it changes over to rain, that will mark an end to any accumulation from concord points south and east early saturday morning. speaking of tomorrow, we've got some breaks of sunshine that will develop, mid to late morning into the early afternoon, boosting temperatures up near 50. but mid to upper 40's for many, and then a line of rain showers will develop and move in very late day in the upper valley and across the rest of the state as we advance into tomorrow evening. a dry sunday, most of the day looking good after a dusting of snow, possibility over southern new hampshire, and even tuesday looks fairly quiet. but beyond that it does turn stormy likely by wednesday, in one form or another. in terms of snow projections, this is one computer model painting about an inch to inch
5:49 pm
a coating to an inch near the coast, and the amounts increase in the higher terrain to the north where we could see a general one to three with spot four-inch amounts. temperatures will not fall off that much tonight, by midnight temperatures will rides a little as we go into the early part of tomorrow morning. temperatures beyond that time frame, we do have temperatures in the 40's for both saturday and sunday. maybe near 50 with enough partial sunshine. and then we begin to cool down a little bit for monday. you'll notice by the early part of next week we do see that temperature tumble again. that will set the stage for a mess of weather rolling our way wednesday and thursday, likely starts as snow, may go over to a mix, maybe rain by thursday. but five, six days out, many days to watch it. tom: a little of everything. thank you. wildlife rangers in africa are trying to track down any
5:50 pm
through the streets of nairobi. jean: they wandered out of a national park last year -- i'm going to start this again. it was last night that the lions went on a little stroll. the first spotting of these big cats came near a hospital, at least four of the lions are now back home in the zoo, and this isn't the first time the endangered animals have escaped. >> this has happened before. they are looking for prey, looking for food, when they're looking for -- jean: did you hear that, they're looking for food. it's still unclear how the lions got out of the park which is mostly surrounded by an electric fence. jamie: break time is over for the celtics, they had more than a week off during all-star festivities, but it is back to work on the west coast now. c's play 10:30 tonight at the utah jazz, they will play three
5:51 pm
dartmouth and u.n.h. teams are home tonight. big green hosts colgate. wildcats get number 9. the offense has been struggling. >> you get into playoff hockey, it's not going to be a lot of scoring, you have to win games 3-2, 2-1, you're not going to have high scoring games. so we have to find a way to win. >> i think we have to contribute more, right now we've not plateaued but not as much as in recent games. we have to play a full 60 minutes. tom: thank you. a classical music is going hollywood. jean: up next, which celebrities are in the new season lineup for the boston pops. jennifer: next at 6:00 we have new information about the man severely burned in a brush fire
5:52 pm
sparked the unexpected explosion. and the norovirus strikes in concord, the stomach bug hitting one school so hard it shut its doors and kept everyone home.
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jean: the woman who created some of literature's most memorable characters has passed away. a spokeswoman for harper lee
5:55 pm
tom: her only finished novel, to kill a mocking birl, tells the story of scout and her father atticus firchl who defends a black man wrongly accused of raping a white woman. in a 1991 survey from the library of congress, mocking bird was second only to the bible among books that have affected people's lives. well, hollywood is coming to the boston pops. jean: the schedule includes an appearance from star wars composer john williams, and seth traffic -- mcfarlane. there will also be appearances from the beach boys and tributes to glen frye and the eagles. a video game set in post apocalyptic boston has picked up major awards. fallout 4 won game of the year at the dice awards in las vegas, dice stand for design, innovate, communicate and entertain. winners are voted on by other
5:56 pm
when you open the newest edition of monopoly, don't worry, you're not missing any pieces. tom: hoz bro has dropped the cash used to buy properties and pay rent. the ultimate banking version uses bank cards and an electric card reader to keep track of balances, and property values will fluctuate depending upon the market. jean: there's also a new empire edition that lets you buy brands and compete to see who can have the most billboards. i thought the whole fun of monopoly was holding onto the paper money. tom: bad idea. i want to pay $400 for
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
tom: now at 6:00 a man severely burned is at a boston hospital tonight. the mistake fire investigators say he made.
5:59 pm
weekend as the next system moves through. >> this virus can be spread by just a few particles of this particular virus. jennifer: 20 norovirus outbreaks this year and more than 500 people sick. the most important thing you can do to stop it from spreading. tom: plus new details about an alleged threat against sanborn regional high school, why the young man accused of being behind it is not facing criminal charges right now. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now a man med flighted to a boston hospital being treated for severe burns he suffered while trying to light a brush pile on fire. good evening, i'll tom griffith. jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. fire investigators say it a from. our heather hamel is live tonight in goffstown with our top story at 6:00. reporter: according to the fire chief, the man was using an accelerant and says that poses a risk and says that this is proof
6:00 pm
an instant. gently but quickly they got him on a stretcher and into a helicopter. >> i feel for the patient and the fact that they're in so much pain. reporter: the fire chief says the 27-year-old man was the victim of serious burns, leaving him in critical condition. investigators say he was attempting to ignite two brush and wood piles in this burn pit. the fire chief says the property owner called shortly before 9:00 to say that there would be burning going on there. the chief says they gave their standard warning. >> to be careful and don't use act accelerants. reporter: but an accelerant was used, possibly gasoline, and minute after they got the call another came in to 911. the caller had been with the victim, he was instructed to put water on the man to cool him down. the chief says the victim had burns from his face down to his legs, and his clothes were still smoulderring when they got there. >> he was responsive, obviously in pain. but for his injuries it was amazing that he was still awake.


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