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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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an instant. gently but quickly they got him on a stretcher and into a helicopter. >> i feel for the patient and the fact that they're in so much pain. reporter: the fire chief says the 27-year-old man was the victim of serious burns, leaving him in critical condition. investigators say he was attempting to ignite two brush and wood piles in this burn pit. the fire chief says the property owner called shortly before 9:00 to say that there would be burning going on there. the chief says they gave their standard warning. >> to be careful and don't use act accelerants. reporter: but an accelerant was used, possibly gasoline, and minute after they got the call another came in to 911. the caller had been with the victim, he was instructed to put water on the man to cool him down. the chief says the victim had burns from his face down to his legs, and his clothes were still smoulderring when they got there. >> he was responsive, obviously in pain. but for his injuries it was amazing that he was still awake.
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the location for the fire was perfect, but paper would have gotten the fire going quickly and safely. although no one is sure exactly what happened, this video by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms was highlighted by the state friday as a demonstration of how deadly these situations can be. >> it's in the rules, it in the laws to kindle fires in the state of new hampshire, and we've had several cases in the recent past that this could be deadly. reporter: last month a former nashua police chief died in an accidental fire which included some ignitable liquids that were too close to open flames. as for this man, we're still trying to learn more about his condition. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: in the next few hours snow will begin falling across most of the state. we aren't expecting too much of an accumulation here, but the question is when things change over to rain, so let's check in with chief meteorologist mike haddad as we track this latest
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mike: we are tracking some snow, eventually it will change over to rain in parts of southern new hampshire towards early tomorrow morning, right now temperatures are hovering a little above that magic freezing mark, especially in and around concord points south and southwest water. a little cooler in places like laconia and rochester up to whitefield as well. notice the snow trying to reach the ground, but struggling to do so since the air is dry over vermont and eastern new york, now western new hampshire. again just about all of that evaporating before reaching the ground. however there's more snow beginning to develop in central new york, eventually it will fill in. the air will become saturated and we start to see prescription, first in the form of a narrow band of snow developing after 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening and as it moves on through it tends to fill back in during the late evening and part of the overnight with rain developing in southeastern new hampshire towards early tomorrow morning, a coating, inch, maybe two inches in central and southern new hampshire, a bit
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we'll look at the rest of the weekend, straight ahead. tom: concord christian academy closed due to an outbreak of the norovirus, this as the state releases an alert about the illness. jennifer: it is highly contagious, so tonight health officials have some key advice on how to stop it from spreading. kristen carosa joins us now with more. reporter: health and human services has seen 20 outbreaks of the norovirus since january 21 and the number could be higher because they don't concord christian academy is closed after an outbreak of the norovirus. the latest location to be hit. >> it causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea together. reporter: she says the symptoms last between 24 and 48 hours, she says the virus is highly contagious. >> we do see outbreaks of this in winter months in institutions
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and schools, it's very common when you have people con degree gaiting in a setting. reporter: something this family knows about all too well. >> out of the blue we started with the vomiting, the severe stomach pain. two of my children ended up with fevers, it went through all five people in my house in a week and a half. reporter: karen says her daughter came down with the virus first. >> i mentioned something to the school nurse and she said yes, she was seeing vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and that's what went through the house. reporter: health and human services testing 20 outbreaks since the beginning of the year, more than 500 people have gotten sick and those incidents alone. >> the best way to prevent the outbreaks is to make sure that people stay home when they're not feeling well, and practice good hand washing. reporter: we did reach out to
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but did not hear back. tom: tonight we're learning that a young man investigated for an alleged threat against sanborn regional high school will not face criminal charges, at least not in exeter. but the case is ongoing in kingston. wmur's jennifer crompton live jen? reporter: that threat was to a pep rally here at the school today, and still 82% of student as tended school and that's more expected. they showed up in colorful attire, it was for their winter carnival pep rally, seemingly unfazed by the alleged threat to the event made by a fellow senior. parents were made aware on monday and given the choice of keeping their children home today. three members of the kingston police department were in school for peace of mind. that young man is not attending the school at present. the kingston chief says the investigation remains active here, but the case is now closed in exeter where the perceived threat was made.
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is the balance between freedom of speech and whether we're placed in imminent fear and so that's what we investigated and we found that we will not have any criminal charges on our end. reporter: the young man's name and the exact threat are not being released, because the case is still open here in kingston. the chief says that even the f.b.i. looked at it initially. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. jennifer: tonight two more drug arrests in laconia, police not only seized drugs but also weapons too. nathan barrows and kristen mckim were both arrested, charged with possession with intent to distribute. police found heroin, meth and prescription pills in the home as well as four hatchets, a machete and a realistic looking bee-bee pistol.
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more money on new hampshire's drug crisis, funding to programs for drug seizures, local drug task forces and also drug investigations. now ayotte wants the department of justice to release federal money to law enforcement. >> we want to make sure that our law enforcement have the resources they need to be able to go after the drug dealers, to keep the heroin off our streets and obviously we still all want to work together to get help for those who are struggle with addiction, that's critical as well, but we shouldn't be taking these resources away from law enforcement. tom: payments to police departments have been put on hold until the federal government decides how to best fund the federal drug forfeit tour program. jennifer: a review of how insurance companies handle claims for opioid abuse treatment found that in laws were broken.
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at 11,650 claims filed last year and determined that only 64 were denied. a panel of experts more closely examined those who had been refused. >> out of the 64 denials, we found that they disagreed with eight of them. but the disagreements were primarily regarding inpatient versus outpatient treatment and that sort of thing. jennifer: the second phase of this review will look at whether people with substance problems are treated the same as people with other medical conditions like cancer. tom: up next, repairs continue after the cannon mountain tram people. when they hope to have it back up and running. jennifer: plus a long overdue honor for a vietnam veteran, the emotional acceptance by his wife. mike: temperatures do head higher over the weekend.
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tom: now to an update from cannon mountain. jennifer: the tram that stopped on sunday trapping more than 50 people 40 feet off the ground will not be operating this weekend. this is exclusive video from the scene. officials say mechanical malfunction was the cause, and they are now working to complete a repair project. they expect to announce a reopening date soon. also new tonight, the city of keene has been paid and liberty utility says it continues to work closely with the public utilities commission after the gas incident back in december. the company was billed $50,000 to cover the emergency response after it sent pure propane
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1200 customers, causing a potential carbon monoxide scare. the p.u.c.'s final report is due out march 31. tom: senator ayotte honored a veteran who died serving in the vietnam war today. specialist luke palaccos received his service medals. >> i think lou would be thrilled, because when he first came back it wasn't something that was honored. oftentimes even acknowledged. thank you. tom: he received numerous medals including three bronze service stars. well deserved. a little bit of rough weather coming in tonight? mike: we have a few systems we'll be tracking, not every one will affect the granite state, but it does start off with a bit of snow. tom: then at 10:00 on me tv, a record number of applicants for
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what it took to bring -- jennifer: now to our u local hot
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mike: we'll start off with some time lapse photos at newfound lake today showing the changeable skies in the afternoon. lots of sunshine during the morning, to high clouds late morning early afternoon and yes those clouds have lowered and thickened during the course of the late afternoon and early evening. underneath the cloud cover a little bit of snow flying in parts of new york state and also a few light snow showers trying to reach the ground in vermont in western parts of new hampshire. but a lot of this not yet reaching the grubl because the air is quite dry, having said that especially some of the higher terrain in the monadnock region and southern parts of vermont there could be a light dusting of snow between now and 7:30 or 8:00. more snow filling in back to the west will tend to fill in across new hampshire as we go past 8:00, 9:00 this evening, through the early part of tomorrow morning. so here's that first wave of generally light snow, could border on moderate for a short hour or so, add up to a coating to an inch the many spots during
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then notice during the overnight early tomorrow morning it begins to warm up at low levels, so that snow falling will likely melt, go over to a little rain, especially south and east of concord into the early part of saturday morning, while the snow showers will continue in the north country. on saturday some partial sunshine boosts our temperatures up with a few rain showers developing lay afternoon to our west and moving in during the evening before it dries out, mainly statewide, good part of the day on sunday. in terms of projected snow totals, this is not a blockbuster storm by any means. an inch, inch and a half manchester south. one to three elsewhere. a good part of the state will see that during the mid evening and through early tomorrow morning. some of the higher elevations in the white mountains could get near four or five. what about plans for outdoors during the weekend? the light snow will help skiing interests, haley has a look at the weekend. hayley: i'm sure a lot of people want to head up north.
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busy up north because is the end of the massachusetts school vacation week, and of course new hampshire school vacation week getting going. so if you are heading north tomorrow to go skiing, a few snow showers, cloudy, temperatures right around freezing even up north. for your lunch break enjoying maybe some hot beverages, 37 degrees mostly cloudy, there might be a few spotty rain showers late in the day on saturday for your last run. sunday will be the brighter of the two days with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the lower 40's even at the ski areas. looking ahead to school vacation week, here's what some of our trends are telling us. this weekend it looks mild. the jet stream, that fast moving river of air, a good 40,000 feet above our heads, the dividing line between warm air, cold air, is north of us, so we till have the mild air in place. however the jet stream dips to the southerly next week and then mid-week next week goes on top
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we'll mb the storm path for a couple chances for some snow and maybe mixed showers mid-week. still too soon to tell exactly what will happen with that one. for more on the extended forecast, let's hand it back over to mike. mike: at least in the short term we'll be watching the temperatures come up with the jet stream lifting north. even though we dip a little bit, by late evening through the midnight hour down into the upper 20's by early morning southerly wind continue to drive in milder air, you wake up to mid to upper 30's in southeastern new hampshire and low to mid 30's to the north. here's the warmer air for the next couple of days because it does begin to cool down by the early part of next week. in, there is one more weak system that will dart south of us early monday morning, may dust the ground with a coating of snow in parts of southern new hampshire, again that would be early, early monday. sunshine tuesday, cloud roll in
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and there's that chance of a fairly active system wednesday, thursday. tom: thank you. jamie: we have a lot of college hockey and high school basketball later tonight. seacoast hockey, the defending
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>> celtics give the second half of their season with a road trip, they play at the utah jazz tonight. they'll be without kelly olynyk for two weeks, he has a right shoulder injury. boston did not make any big deals at the trade dead line yesterday. tomorrow night the golden state warriors go for their 12th win in a row as they play at the l.a. clippers. manchester monarchs with a busy weekend, three games, on the road tonight at the reading royals. but you get two chances to watch them at home this week, monarchs will host reading tomorrow night and then el myra sunday at 3:00. college hockey, dartmouth home with colgate tonight at thompson arena. they have a big one tomorrow night as well when they host number 16 cornell. the big green tied for fifth in the standings. top four get a bye in the first round. so dartmouth looking to jump
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go in the regular season. as for the u.n.h. wildcats they get a home and home with the b.u. terriers, certainly a big weekend for the wildcats. game one of the series tonight in durham at 8:30. >> they're still one of the top teams in the country, i think they're ranked 9th as of this week. they're big, they're quick, they're strong, maguire is playing well for them in goal, they're not giving up too much. >> they got a good defense, so they're dangerous on all ends. >> boys high school hockey from this afternoon, the defending state champs from bishop guertin took on st. thomas in dover. 3-2. the senior goalie was bus any net for the saints, here he
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save on a shot by jordan as well. b.g. wins 6-2. the defending state champs are impressive this year, 14-1, their only loss was to a massachusetts school, arlington catholic. so that's hockey. we have a lot of high school basketball, we'll be at epping, portsmouth and oyster river, so we're all over the place. tom: thank you. we've all been there, finding something in the fridge that's been this just a little bit longer than you realized. we've put together a list of how long it is safe to eat common refrigerator finds. jennifer: and a teenager in ohio has set a record for the fastest solving of the rubik's cube, and here's the twist, he was blindfolded at the time. what? tom: check it out. tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" following "world news." we'll see you back here tonight. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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tonight, the showdown in the south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one


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