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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 20, 2016 1:07am-1:42am EST

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mike: a snowy start to the weekend tonight as a weak system moves through. how much to expect plus the changes that follow. tom: that snow is coming at a great time for ski areas. one mountain tells us how this winter is comparing to last year. a longtime portsmouth high school coach reached a new milestone tonight. l players past and present tell us his coaching is about more than just basketball. honoring a supreme court justice. the tradition-filled ceremony for justice antonin scalia today. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now news nine tonight. tom: first tonight video of a , rescue you' ll only see on news 9 capturing the moment first responders plucked a woman from the frigid waters of the merrimack river in manchester. tonight she'
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hospital. good evening, i' m tom griffith. rescuers say she could not have survived much longer in the water. our jean mackin witnessed the rescue and joins us live from the scene. jean? jean: it happened right in the river by arms park. 911 received a call that a woman jumped in the river. first responders say they haven' t confirmed yet if she jumped or fell. when we arrived they had just spotted her head bobbing in the water. it was a desperate race against time to reach a woman washing down the merrimack river. >> anyone see her?? right there. jean: the first challenge, spot water. you can hear rescuers urge her to grab hold of a rope. firefighters lowered ropes and a ladder for her to hold onto , buying an extra minute for the rescue boat to arrive. she was dressed in some dark
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and it is nighttime. trying to find her, looking for something bouncing anyways can make it difficult. she lost her grip once, floating away from first responders she reached out and grabbed the wall . that' s when the boat came to the rescue. with no time to spare. firefighters pulled her to safety and sped away. >> we ended up losing the ladder and her, by that time the boat made it up here. she is hypothermic now and she probably wouldn' t have been able to hold on much longer. jean: firefighters carried the woman up the steps at arms park to get into a warm ambulance. firefighters, paramedics and police officers say they worked as a team to pull off this rescue, something they train for all year long. >> yeah we do, but the real thing is a little more dramatic than we would like.
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jean: a lot to be proud of. first responders tell us they called ahead to catholic medical center across the river to have specialized warming equipment ready. her name and condition has not been named. a veteran firefighter who has seen a lot calls the rescue dramatic. tom: now to breaking news we' re following from the upper valley. right now, northbound 89 is closed from exit 15 to the vermont border. dot reports multiple accidents in the area. we don' t know if they' re weather related but the area is getting snow. right now, we' re seeing that snow start to fall across much of new hampshire tonight. you' re looking live at concord, where the streets are mostly wet right now. but that could change. let' s get the timeline of the snow from chief meteorologist mike haddad. mike: a good bet the accidents are weather related.
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freezing. keep in mind, with temperatures near freezing, for the light, damp condition to glaze over for black ice. looks like a lot of heavy snow but the heaviest is falling in northern new hampshire. there is more light snow to the west that will have to move through. the first batch is saturating the atmosphere. we are only talking about a quarter of an inch. a few inches of snow when it is said and done. what about the big changes that move in starting midmorning tomorrow? we will take a look at that straight ahead. tom: ski mountains are hoping for a boost next week while new hampshire schools are on vacation. it was a slow start to the season, and without the fresh
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resorts have been making snow. wmur' s mike cronin shows us how things are going this year at gunstock. mike: by day and night the slopes at gunstock mountain are busy this time of year and it' s hard to believe but already a little more than a month to go of the ski season. skiers strap in at gunstock mountain for some fun under the lights. >> it was really awesome. we went night skiing and it was really cool because it was our first time doing it here. >> my face is really cold but it was fun. >> i always like to stay out late. it looks better at night. % night and 44 during the day , about a half dozen fewer than at this time last year. aside from the slopes there' s six lanes of tubing >> it looks really slow but it is faster when you are on it.
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and airbag launch wrap -- ramp. with massachusetts school vacation ending and new hampshire' s beginning the timing makes a difference. >> this is a great week for us. it' s actually as strong right now as last year, this week. mike: jake jacobsen of gunstock says the mountain had a quiet beginning to the season. >> well i' ll tell you, it was a tough start. we definitely were missing the natural snow that we had last year. mike: but after making snow business rebounded and gunstock has cut back on using snow guns. >> we' re hoping for a little bit of snow to brighten things up again. i think the one thing that' s missing is snow in the marketplace. boston needs to know that we' ve got it. mike: skiing will and after the first weekend in april. even though mother nature hasn' t dropped as much snow as skiers would like many aren' t ready to hang up their gear for the winter. >> we don' t have the snow but you know we' re making the most of it. >> yeah, they make a lot of snow but it'
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mike: so despite the lack of fresh snow this winter, some skiers have actually skied as much or even more than last year. tom: if you are going skiing, take the forecast with you. free for android and iphone devices. new tonight the continued fight against the heroin crisis led to a busy evening for first responders. american medical response or amr says their crews responded to four overdoses this afternoon in just half an hour, from 5:15 to 5:45. patients had been using either heroin or spice, a synthetic form of marijuana. the group says this many calls in such a short time is unusual. cleaning and sanitizing of one concord school is underway after an outbreak of the norovirus. concord christian academy was closed today due to the number of sick students. the headmaster says the closure
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the norovirus can cause vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. there is no treatment to deal with symptoms. hhs says they see between seventy and a hundred outbreaks a year. commitment 2016, we' re just hours away from the first votes after the new hampshire primary. south carolina hosts its republican primary tomorrow. the latest polls show donald trump' s lead shrinking with south carolina voters. he' s followed by ted cruz and marco rubio. jeb bush, john kasich, and ben carson fill out the back of the pack. nevada holds its caucuses for the democrats tomorrow morning, and polls show hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck-and-neck. it is no secret the portsmouth high school girls team is good. their undefeated. the team and their fans were in on a big secret tonight. stephanie woods is in portsmouth with a celebration for a long time coaching goes the extra mile for his players. stephanie: the coach was up for the title of winningest high school basketball coach in new hampshire.
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concerned about is the state title for his clippers team. >> all day, all week we were looking forward to this so it' s just a huge event for the whole team and the community. stephanie: thursday the perfect portsmouth high school girls basketball team hosted kennett high school. their 16th win of the season and s career. athletic director rus wilson planned a post-game celebration for parr, who is not only his coworker, but his former coach. >> he' s a great coach. perfect gentleman. i mean you can see how many people coaching nowadays wear a suit and tie to the game to coach. always has, always will. stephanie: parr has touched many lives over the past 55 years he' s coached. >> it was a good chemistry. we were very fortunate. things like that don' t happen very often. it' s an honor for us to be here tonight. >> you think you' re hiring him to coach, but he not only coaches the sport, he teaches life and what life has to deal
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stephanie: portsmouth fans are proud of parr including his wife sue who was a clipper herself. >> oh it is. they still play the same song, at the end of every game, the portsmouth fight song. stephanie: dozens were waiting to hear another sound. the sweet sound of victory. the clippers beat the eagles 64 to 25 making parr the winniest high school basketball coach in new hampshire. >> yeah but you want me to tell , you the other half of that? i' m also the losingest over all these years. says it' s not about him. >> this is such a surprise t even want to believe it. i still don' s about the kids, it' s not >> he' s just so funny, and so sarcastic and he just works us really hard and never works us up or anything. he just motivates us and he re the best ever, but it' s really nice to have him. >> coach parr is 76-years-old but he' s not slowing down
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in portsmouth, stephanie woods. tom: congratulations to the coach and clippers. the fbi is pushing back against apple in its battle over hacking a shooter' s i-phone. coming up on news 9 tonight. the compromise the justice department is proposing over apple' s concerns about the hacking software. calling hours were extended tonight as thousands came to pay their respects to justice antonin scalia. the special traditions to honor him. mike: after some light snow, a warm weekend all those read how high the temperatures could go. tom: portsmouth police are bringing back a fun way to get in touch with their community. the incentive they'
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tom: the justice department is fighting back, after apple refused to help unlock a phone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. in a motion today, federal prosecutors say the company is not following a judge' s order. the fbi wants apple to create special software so it can hack into the phone. the justice department is offering to let apple keep and destroy that software after it' s used. thousands of people came to the supreme court today to pay tribute to justice antonin scalia. public visitation was held in the court' s great hall for the late justice, less than a week after his death at age 79. abc' s stephanie ramos reports from washington, d.c. stephanie: hundreds of mourners lining up in the cold at the supreme court to honor the late justice antonin scalia. >> scalia has been a figure in my life for my whole life time
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>> he set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle, you can stand up for the law. stephanie: court police serving as pallbearers and nearly 100 former law clerks serving as honorary pallbearers. the flag draped casket slowly brought up the supreme court steps. to lie in repose in the great hall of the court on the same pedestal that held the casket of president abraham lincoln. inside the 8 remaining justices standing in the order in which they sit on the supreme court bench and scully' s family attending the short private ceremony. scalia' s 2007 portrait on display flanked by wreaths from the senate and the house of representatives. one of scalia' s sons who is a priest offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom, you have called your what -- servant out of this world. stephanie: a conservative icon, the first italian american on
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serving justice. president obama and first lady michelle obama among those paying their respects. >> this is an opportunity for the president to both pay his personal respects to those who love justice scalia, but also pay tribute to the outsize impact that he had on our country and on our legal system. stephanie: vice president joe biden and his wife will attend scalia' s funeral mass tomorrow at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception here in washington. at the supreme court stephanie ramos, abc news. tom: the woman who created some of literature' s most memorable characters has died. a spokeswoman for harper lee confirmed the author' s death today. her only finished novel, to kill a mockingbird, tells the story of scout and her father, atticus finch, who defends a black man wrongly accused of raping a white woman. nasa is reviewing a record number of applications to go to space. more than 18,000 people applied , double the previous record. nasa made a big social media push for applications. only 8 to 14 people will be chosen to travel to mars. future astronauts will train to
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station on capsules. if any of those applicants ever make it into space, they' ll still have to take out the garbage. this capsule, named cygnus, left the international space station today, filled with one and a half tons of trash. garbage. garbage and trash. the capsule arrived in december, full of food and clothes. now it, and the trash, will fall back toward earth and burn up in the atmosphere. >> and now mike haddad with your forecast. mike: burning trash. can' t wait to see that. afternoon, notice the peak cursor. -- cursor. the storm coming into the north. making a milky appearance. figure clouds in the late part of the day. all in advance of the storm.
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a wintry start to the weekend. unlawful warm air mixes in, a little bit of rain at the coast. as for the weekend, very mild. remember how cold it was? nothing like that at all for saturday and sunday. does turn cooler next week. notice the snow that has worked on in. it is beginning to reach the ground. the heaviest first batch lifting hampshire. still steady snow to the north. it has cleared. more light snow will fill in. steady snow hitting the coast. that will move out quickly. mixed precipitation in southeast new hampshire. steady snow through the mount
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2, 3, four inches. you can see it trying to fill into the west. complete end. we will see you react like snow through the course of the night. son new hampshire, the lightest. mixing and light rain toward the morning. notice the line creeping up. southeastern zones before it exits at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. will the snow and mixed hours -- showers continue. temperatures jump up near 50. a couple of rain showers developed. especially, tomorrow evening. sunday, fairly quiet. temperatures about 10 degrees above the average. 30' s north.
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temperatures in the 20' s. as we see with future temperatures, they go up a little bit. the coolest weather from now through sunday is right now. 40' s, enough partial sun, parts of southern new hampshire could be up near 50. 40' s sunday. then we cool down. will squeeze south of us. we will watch wednesday and thursday. snow, mix, rain. any of us. tom: i want to take this moment to wish the best for lisa. she is heading to channel five. we want to wish the best of luck for her. she has keen -- been keeping jamie in order. anchor: good luck, lisa.
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jamie: we have all kinds of ground to cover. let' s get rolling with college hockey. no scoring in the but a quick first, goal in the 2nd period just 14 seconds in, and danny o' screen. here comes a unh goal. down 2-0. gets them on the board. that out the real drama. they always put the fish on the ice. this one was too big. finally, the two handed toss.
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down in the maxim go-droe is third. able to score from the side of the crease. in overtime, unh ties eu. the last win for unh at the whittemore center was on dec 11 dartmouth hockey at home. they beat colgate, 5-2. corey kalk had the big game 2 goals and 2 assists, so he was in on 4 of the 5 dartmouth goals the monarchs on the road tonight at the reading royals. they win, 5-2. the monarchs will host reading tomorrow night, and then host no myra on sunday. -- elmira on sunday. he will skate in and fire home. bg had the lead. the senior goalie making a couple of saves. he was certainly busy in this one.
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they are an impressive to the 14-1. celtics now, who have ended their all-star break and are back on the court. they had a 10:30 start tonight in utah. first of three games. first half, avery bradley about to bury 83. we also saw some good defense as jae crowder comes up with the steal. the celtics right now trailing the jazz, the score at utah, 41-35. the celtics waived forward david lee today. the golden state warriors go for the 12th win in a row. they play the clippers. crossover and the drive, gets the bucket and the foul. lakers up. jackson rivers mrs. but gets his own rebound.
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he will get it to put the blue devils up by one. but sunapee pulled away, austin leblanc left alone underneath . sunapee wins it 84-72. girls basketball. 700 career wins. 56 years coaching at the school. his team came to play. nice finish off the glass. and then heather durand forces a turnover. she takes it all the way for the score. isabel wrobleski had a good game jumper. kingswood is in green rachel lambertson is open on the right side. she steps in and hits the jumper for the bobcats, how about a quick first step by sarah this is how she does it. drives and scores.
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center and gets the lay-up. oyster river wins at home, 66-48 wild friday night in sports. how about that fish? tom: that was the biggest fish i have ever seen. still to come, these aren' t your typical business cards. the new trading cards that portsmouth police are sharing
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tom: the portsmouth police office is giving giving citizens a new way to connect with officers. they' re bringing back police officer trading cards, for the first time since 1996. officers have their own personalized card. we are told as long as officers aren' t responding to a call, anyone can come up and get a card. >> it' s a way to learn more about the officer behind the scenes, what makes that officer that officer. a little biography about who that is. and it gives the kids in the community a chance to see who their police officers are and what they do for them and what we' re doing in the community. tom: kids in portsmouth schools can also participate in the trading card collection program. once kids collect the set, they can attend a bi-weekly check-in, where they will get a prize and be entered into a home that for a grand prize. thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next,
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