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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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adam: the first decision day since new hampshire. two early voting states in the spotlight this evening. who will come out of top? stephanie: a crisis here at home. more than 40 overdoses this month in the queen city. four in just the span of 30 minutes friday afternoon. hayley: a few showers are moving across the state right now after an incredibly mild day. when the temperatures go back up again, coming up. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:00. adam: we begin with commitment 2016. a cross-country faceoff is underway right now. good afternoon, i'
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woods. g.o.p. presidential hopefuls are raising for first place in the first primary since new hampshire. meanwhile, candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a dead heat in nevada where democrats are caucusing right now. adam: latest polling shows that contest is too close to call. abc' s megan hughes has the latest live from south carolina. reporter: good evening. early results of nevada caucus-goers show a big gender gap. women supporting clinton and men backing sanders. from the ballot box to the caucuses, voters in two states choosing who they want to nominate for president. >> i chose who i thought would be the best president. >> it came down to who you trust. reporter: in nevada, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders closer than ever. clinton made her closing argument counting on latino and union voters. sanders seemed confident high turnout would give him another victory. bernie sanders: if there is a large turnout, i think we will
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reporter: in south carolina, the g.o.p. front-runner courted more controversy on the eve of the vote. donald trump retelling a defunct story about an american general muslims. donald trump: he took 50 bullets s blood. marco rubio said donald trump appears to be saying anything he wants. reporter: today will determine whether voters in south carolina agree. polls show the race for republicans tightening up. the battle to stay in the top three could save or sink campaigns. >> whoever finishes outside the top three is problematic. reporter: jeb bush planned to be in nevada tomorrow. ohio governor john kasich already left, setting his sights on super tuesday.
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weather to vermont from south carolina. reporter: officials in south carolina are expecting a record turnout today. that record was set in 2012 with more than 600,000 voters. stephanie: thank you. taking a look at upcoming elections the tables will turn , next week. nevada republicans caucus on february 23. and february 27 is the primary democratic primary in south carolina. super tuesday is march 1 when people in 13 states choosing their nominees. adam: granite staters broke records at the polls during the primary earlier this month. the secretary of state says more than 538,000 people voted. the previous record for presidential primary turnout was set in 2008 with nearly 530,000 voters. stephanie: tonight, american medical response is reporting a staggering number of drug overdoses this month. in manchester alone, there have them -- 42 people overdosed in february.
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within a half hour of each other. wmur' s kristen carosa joins us now with more. kristen: according to a.m.r. the number of drug overdoses continues to climb and today, for the first time in several years, someone walked into the a.m.r. station in nashua who was overdosing looking for help. the regional director for a.m.r. in new hampshire says the month of february is turning out to be a record month, especially in the city of manchester. he says there they have seen 42 overdoses since wednesday. -- 10 since wednesday. and then there' s this, 12 of the overdoses were fatal. one happened today. the number surpasses the worst month on record, which was march of 2015. emergency crews say the main culprit of the overdoses is still fentanyl, followed by heroin. >> i don' t like being on television every week telling people about the numbers. we need help. i don' t know what that help is, but we need to work harder than we are to solve this problem because it is not getting any better. kristen: a.m.r. says the amount
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on emergency staff that are dealing with this problem. they say it impacts every facet of the system. reporting live, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. the opioid crisis is a big topic of discussion today in the nation' s capital. governor hassan with other state leaders from around the country gathered in washington, d.c., for the national governor' s association winter meeting. today, hassan addressed the epidemic during a health and human services committee meeting. adam: back here in the granite state, the new hampshire liberty forum drew hundreds of people to manchester for a q&a session with edward snowden. he' s the contractor-turned-whistleblower who revealed details of government surveillance programs in 2013. while some call him a traitor, to local libertarians, he' s a hero. the line stretched out the door for edward snowden, the man who has been praised for bringing shadowy mass surveillance programs to light and criticized for harming american national security.
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s an icon. >> the government was warrantlessly and unconstitutionally spying on billions of people around the world and millions of people in america, and he let people know. adam: snowden appeared via skype from russia, but organizers did not allow wmur to video record his remarks. we were allowed to watch and listen. and in a 45 minute q&a session, snowden revealed that while some of his former colleagues at the c.i.a. and n.s.a. were sympathetic to his values, there constitution doesn' t really who cares?' >> as you heard him say, in his own department they said the we' guys. and of course we want to catch the bad guys, but our rights still matter. adam: snowden also declared he would accept extradition to the united states under certain i' the government i would return if trial where i can make a public done and allow a jury to
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>> he remains an active patriot, an american citizen, despite the fact he' s trapped in russia. adam: snowden also addressed the awkward fact of his existence as a celebrated whistleblower while being sheltered from u.s. law enforcement by authoritarian russia. he told the liberty forum he never intended to go there, saying ' the united states criticizes me for being in russia, but at the same time they won' t let me leave.' snowden is currently facing charges of stealing government property and violating the espionage act. he' s been living under russian asylum since 2013. stephanie: if you have gone outside today, you know the weather was warmer than it was last saturday. this mild winter weather forced organizers to cancel the camera sled dog race. the race is run on and around lake chocoura, but organizers say the conditions simply still not right for the race.
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snow for the dogsled race. it had been bare in many locations previous to last night' s snow. temperatures are so warm that anything tonight is falling as rain. it is 57 in manchester and nashua. 54, concord. 52, laconia. 40' s up north. we do have rain that continues to move across the state. in the higher elevations, that is where there may be mixing or light snow. the vast majority of us, it is rain moving across the state because temperatures are so warm. it looks like we are seeing rain reaching concord through canterbury into plymouth and laconia. we have not seen rain yet and manchester and southeastern enhancer. most of us will probably see showers through the evening. it will be a mild tonight with temperatures falling through the 40'
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some areas in central and southern new hampshire will not go below freezing. a drastic difference compared to temperatures a week ago. we were double digits below zero. i will talk about the full forecast in a couple of minutes. stephanie: thanks so much. people in fiji are seeking shelter as a ferocious cyclone tears through the pacific islands. authorities in fiji have imposed a curfew and declared a month-long state of disaster. people have been told not to go outside. the wind speeds of the cyclone are estimated at up to 177 miles per hour. this is predicted to be the strongest tropical cyclone to hit fiji in recorded history. adam: right now, we are following two officer-involved shootings. the first occurred in mississippi this morning and involved an hours-long standoff situation. police say one officer is dead and three others are hospitalized with gunshot wounds because of the incident. officials say the man who fired the shots is also dead. just before 3:00 a.m.this
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confrontation in brooklyn. police say the officers were engaged in a shootout with a suspect who crashed his car into a police vehicle. both of the officers are in stable condition. the suspect suffered critical injuries. stephanie: the justice department is fighting back after apple refused to unlock a phone used by one of the gunmen in the san bernardino attack. in a new motion, federal prosecutors say the company is s order. prosecutors say apple could keep the phone and technology, but they want to access its data. apple has until next friday to respond. we are following the big contests in nevada and south carolina. adam: coming up, live analysis about the race for the white house and how the candidates' fate is again in the hands of voters. stephanie: the red sox opened spring training on friday. you' ll hear from the team' s newest closer, later in sports . hayley: it kind of felt like fort myers.
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degrees today. i will talk about when we get colder air returning.
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adam: welcome back. it big night in the race for the white house with south carolina and nevada weighing in. we have our own heavyweight here. thanks for joining us. it looks like donald trump is probably going to run away with it in the palmetto state. what is in play for second, third, and fourth place? >> ted cruz needs to show he can expand his base of voters beyond religious conservatives. south carolina is a great place for him to do that. marco rubio needs to get back on his feet after a rough time in new hampshire. he needs to finish a strong third to get establishment republican saying he is their man. jeb bush is hoping to finish third. if he does not, it may be over. adam: we are starting to hear there might be this deathknell for bush coming. a surprise. months ago, this would have been a tremendous upset. we are looking at reality in the face. >> south carolina was supposed
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he brought everyone down, including his brother, to campaign him. if he drops out, that helps marco rubio. if he finishes third, to start to consolidate that establishment vote to be the anti-trump. adam: kasich is not playing ball in south carolina. >> kasich stays in, maybe he finishes fourth. if you finished ahead of jeb bush, it is a minor victory and he fights on waiting for the midwestern primaries down the road. adam: in nevada, how much pressure is on hillary clinton to get back on the horse after being annihilated in new hampshire? nevada. vote counted. bernie sanders has to stage a big comeback to win nevada. if she can win nevada, south carolina, the narrative turns around for her. sanders. those first two states?
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important. she has the superdelegates. it is more difficult if she starts to lose the media narrative. >> bernie sanders needs to keep his momentum. if clinton regains it, the establishment is already on board for her so it becomes that much more difficult for sanders. adam: trump keeps winning these things. this is a headline he is doing so well. let' s look at this from another perspective. if he wins and others stay in the race and we have another four weeks of trying to sort out who will be the anti-trump, can he continue to steamroll toward the nomination? >> it is all about elegant accumulation. you have got to get a majority of delegates to go to the convention. the more candidates in the race, the less well donald trump has to do. he can get 35% of the vote and win most of the delegates because the others are splitting the vote. the longer the republican party
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someone else, the easier it is for donald trump. adam: do you think this will continue? >> i think two or three viable ones. john kasich is a key question, especially if marco rubio performs strongly. kasich and rubio could go after some of the same voters in the midwest. adam: great insight as always. thanks for your time. for the latest on the race for the white house, go to /politics. announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good saturday evening. we started the day with snow in central and northern new hampshire. a couple of inches fell in a few communities. then to research -- then temperatures surged. 56 at the seacoast. raindrops with cloud cover. temperatures are mild even at this time of the evening.
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pittsburgh, 5.5 inches. that was the highest we could find across the state. jackson, 4.2 inches. sandwich just over three inches. just over two inches in wolfeboro. some of that has probably melted. look at how the temperatures warmed up. even in laconia, you got into the 50' s. very close to 60 in manchester. i would not be surprised if some communities into windham and salem did hit 60. parted and we could see the sunshine for a little while, at least in southern new hampshire. look at the temperatures now. it is still mild in the 50' s. s from concord international a. up north, we have fallen into the 40' s. week ago. we had temperatures well below zero at this time. the winds have been moving around. we have had some gusts near 30
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the moment. that is warmer air surging in. that is about to change because we have a cold front bringing rain showers we see across the state. the rain has not quite made it to places like manchester. it looks like rain chest -- raindrops into concord and along 93 into the lakes region. there are also a couple of pink spots indicating there could be mixing or sleet and maybe even snow in the higher elevations and far northern new hampshire. we have a big low-pressure system to the north. occasional showers. we have a big band moving through at the moment. we will have the showers through the evening and probably early overnight as well. here is how things go on futurecast. temperatures fall by 9:00 into s. s up north.
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t fall below freezing. freezing. days where we are in and out of the clouds. you might have a few hours where breaks through. temperatures not as warm as today, but they will be mild with highs in the 40' s. monday we will see sunshine as we dodged a system to the south. here is your sunday forecast. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the 40' s by midday. southern communities. here is what you can expect. monday, back to full sunshine. s. tuesday. happens midweek. it is looking like we will get a storm system later in the day on wednesday that comes out of the ohio river valley. much like many of the storms this year, it is bringing mild air.
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we are talking about rain. it could be very heavy rain thursday afternoon. there might be a little bit of mixing in the higher elevations. this could bring very heavy rain as temperatures go into the mid-40' s on thursday. finally, cooler next weekend. kind of a temperature roller coaster going on. like spring. it felt like april. hayley: it was warm. stephanie: close to 50 tomorrow. it feels like spring. it feels like spring training. jason: a new beginning for the red sox.
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announcer: now, jason king and news 9 sports. jason: plenty of hockey on the schedule tonight. the bruins are in dallas with the stars, while the monarchs return home to host reading. in the college ranks, unh and b.u. play the back-half of their home and home series in boston. and dartmouth goes for the weekend sweep hosting cornell tonight. t stay up late last night, the celtics got beat in utah 111-93. isaiah thomas had 25 points and six assists, while jae crowder chipped in 17 points and avery bradley had 12. but derrick favors scored 23 with 10 rebounds to help utah poor shooting was boston' s main problem. they shot just 37% from the field.
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sunday at 5:00 p.m. it is day two of spring training for red sox pitchers and catchers. the group held the first official workout on friday with several position players already at camp. the first official full squad workout is not until wednesday. john farrell enters his fourth season as manager. the lead the team to a world series title in his first year, but the team is coming up back-to-back last-place finishes. they did bolster the pitching staff. they brought in a new ace in david price and a new closer in greg kimbrough. >> i think as you go through spring training, you get an idea of what the team is made up and how things are going to go. i cannot wait to get a chance to meet everybody. >> i just show up. i expect everybody to work hard.
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yourself, you should be. you should show up and be grateful for the opportunity to be at this level and put the uniform on every day. you should not hold anything back. jason: that is sports. we will have more at 6:00 including high school results. stephanie: we are working on more for news 9 at 5:30. adam: thousands gathered today to say goodbye to antonin scalia. stephanie: plus, first responders practicing hitting the ice. the reason why, coming up ahead. adam: now to our u-local hot shot. check out this beautiful image of winter from derry. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of
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stephanie: saying goodbye to justice antonin scalia. the service that drew thousands to the nation' s largest roman catholic church. adam: plus, a unh student recovering this evening after allegedly being stabbed multiple times by his peers. the investigation underway. hayley: warm air surged in today, and that mild air sticks around through the rest of the weekend.
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stephanie an important training : today held to guide new hampshire through chilling situations. >> we are looking at an opportunity for us to fine-tune our skills in ice rescue. stephanie: first responders from several towns hitting the ice in goffstown. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 5:30. stephanie: we begin with breaking commitment 2016 is. we have just learned hillary clinton has won the nevada democratic caucuses. this is a rebound after she finished second at the new hampshire primary. thousands said goodbye today to the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the 79-year-old conservative icon passed away in his bed last weekend during a hunting trip in texas. good evening. i' m stephanie woods. m adam sexton. justice scalia' s funeral mass was held at the nation' s largest roman catholic church which is in washington, d.c. that' s where we find abc' s bazi
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reporter: into the basilica that had hosted three popes, surrounded by the symbols of the faith he held dear, justice scalia' s sons caring his casket up the aisle in a final farewell. >> the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit given to us. reporter: a scripture reading by fellow justice clarence thomas closes align with scalia ideologically in the court. >> the deeper he went in his face, the better a public servant he became. reporter: his son, a priest, talked about the importance of his father' s christian faith and his love for his large family. >> sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up. [laughter] >> but there are nine of us.
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vice president joe biden and former vice president dick cheney. >> every funeral reminds us of just how thin the veil is between this world and the next. reporter: following justice scalia' s casket to his final resting place, the most cherished part of his legacy, his widow, nine children, and 36 grandchildren. after today' s mass, family and friends attended a private burial service. there will be another memorial service held in washington on march 1. reporting from the supreme court, abc news, washington. stephanie: president obama is spending this weekend reviewing nominees to fill scalia' s supreme court seat. he was spotted yesterday carrying a heavy binder of background information and research on several potential candidates. adam: we are following a developing investigation out of durham, where a unh student was allegedly stabbed by two of his peers.
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stabbing occurred this morning close to midnight. police have arrested 20-year-old matthew gibbons and 21-year-old eric denning on assault charges. the student assaulted received surgery for two stab wounds earlier today and is said to be in stable condition. stephanie: right now, route 106 is back open in loudon after than 10 hours this morning. officials at the department of transportation say a car crashed into a telephone pole near the new hampshire motor speedway. crews were dispatched to replace the pole. no word on if anyone was hurt. adam: several people are recovering this evening after chilly temperatures led to multiple crashes along interstate 89 yesterday. the northbound side had to be shut down for several hours due to the hazardous conditions. police say one of the vehicles involved was an ambulance. luckily no one was seriously injured. stephanie: firefighters from dunbarton and goffstown were out on the ice today practicing ice rescues. four different types of rescue scenarios were set up to give crews the training they need if
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through the ice. the goffstown fire chief says these trainings are held twice a year. >> we are looking at an opportunity for us to fine-tune our skills in ice rescue. with the ice conditions as they are, we know the risk that people could fall in, or animals could fall in, so we want to make sure our personnel are comfortable with our skills in ice rescue and are familiar with the equipment. stephanie: the chief says if someone falls through the ice, it' s important to call 911 right away so that crews can get on scene as fast as possible. the mild weather today felt drastically different compared to last weekend' s single-digit high temperatures. adam: here' s a live look outside at portsmouth. there is a time-lapse of that area earlier today. for more on the rest of the weekend' s forecast, here' s meteorologist hayley lapoint. hayley: a lot of us got to enjoy warm temperatures. at north, clouds and showers.
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if you have plans this evening, there might be raindrops. they are in the form of rain top of us. you can see rain showers mainly to the north and west of concord into new london and along 93 towards laconia and plymouth. in the far northern reaches of the state and higher elevations, there might be sleet mixing in. is rain. 57 in manchester and nashua. this time last weekend, we had temperatures falling below zero this time of night. tomorrow, temperatures again will be mild. not quite as warm as today. but we will get close to 50. we will have a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow will be a dry day. we will talk more about tomorrow' s forecast and when we could see more snow and rain, coming up in a few minutes. stephanie: thank you. the aerial tram at cannon mountain is closed this evening
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all weekend after it broke down last sunday. nearly 50 passengers in two trams were stuck about 40 feet in the air. crews had to rappel them to the ground. a spokesperson for cannon mountain says the repairs are being made to a motor part that caused the brakes to stick. if you' re going skiing this weekend, take the forecast with you with our wmur app. it' s free for iphone and android devices. adam: the first study to examine sleep at a state level suggests that more than 1/3 of americans are not getting enough sleep. stephanie: the c.d.c. study surveyed more than 400,000 people in all 50 states and washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands reported getting less than the recommended seven hours or more of sleep per day. lack of sleep is associated with health risks like greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. the state with the most tired people was hawaii. south dakota, colorado, and minnesota residents reported the
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adam: there must be a lot to do in hawaii. stephanie: too much fun. coming up, we have a few suggestions for how you can "escape outside." adam: in just a few minutes, we' ll tell you about an annual event coming up in meredith that can have you taking home $15,000. stephanie: plus, an adorable little animal just made a cross-country journey to new england. we' ll tell you about the dwarf
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9. here' s a live look right now. the great rotary fishing derby had to be rescheduled for a lack of safe ice. this time next week, contestants will be vying to catch the heaviest fish within public waters in the granite state. seven types of fish are being accepted. the first place winner will take home $15,000. strap on your skates. today is the second annual family skate day and figure skating demonstration in center harbor. skating goes until 7:00 tonight on a cleared rink on lake winnipesaukee. local restaurants, businesses and churches are also providing , food and beverages free to the public. a real hoot at rye harbor state park. if you have never seen a snowy owl, grab your binoculars. you have a pretty good chance of spotting one on the seacoast. a snowy owl was spotted during last week' s backyard bird count in the area of rye harbor state park.
5:41 pm
new hampshire audubon asks that when viewing a snowy owl, do not disturb the bird by approaching too closely. you can find even more outdoors news on the "escape outside" section of our website, now, let' s check in with meteorologist hayley lapoint for an update on the outdoor weekend forecast. hayley: a lot of you might be heading out to do some skiing or boarding tomorrow. i know it was probably busy today. if you have plans tomorrow, temperatures will be around freezing. it will be cloudy. i would not be surprised if there were a few flurries, especially on higher mountain peaks. by lunch, temperatures above freezing, up to 35 with mostly cloudy skies. probably see sunshine late in the day with temperatures in the mountains getting close to 40 tomorrow. i will show you the full seven-day forecast after the break. adam: thank you. coming up, we' ll tell you which member of the news 9 crew escaped outside to ride a fat bike. seriously. this is an activity that'
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announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: it was beautiful for some of us today. up north, clouds and rain showers and snow showers moved through. the clouds have returned after a hiatus midday. it was beautiful in much of
5:45 pm
we got some sunshine and temperatures warmed up. we will have rain showers moving across the state. already that is the case. where it is still clear and southeastern new hampshire, the will likely be increased clouds through the evening and maybe a few sprinkles. it is all green on radar because temperatures have been so warm today. it is sticking around. anything that comes over us has been in the form of rain. in northern new hampshire and the higher elevations, we are spotting a couple of areas where there is pink and white on radar. that is indicating at the higher elevations there could be snow or sleet falling. when you get into conway into berlin, it is certainly rain showers falling at the moment. it is light to moderate rainfall at this time from concord into laconia. light to moderate rainfall.
5:46 pm
rain has not reached manchester or areas to the south and east yet. this will continue to move east. count on a couple of chances for rain showers through the overnight hours, even toward the seacoast. look at these temperatures today. 59 in manchester. i would not be surprised if we hit 60. 58 in nashua. 52 in plymouth. remember the high temperatures last weekend were barely in the single digits. this is such a drastic change. it seems this is the usual for us this winter. it has been the winter of experience -- extremes. this is a prime example. it is after dark everywhere. temperatures are still hovering in the 50' s. we have fallen into the 40' s up north in whitefield where it is 45. warm enough we do have rain showers coming down. the winds have been out of the southwest. that is the wind coming out of that direction. light winds for the most part at eight miles an hour in concord.
5:47 pm
rain showers. maybe a few snow showers up north. for the most part, it falls in the form of rain. tomorrow, sunshine returning. we will have some time tomorrow where there might be clouds that pass through. most of the day, we will call it a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow. it will be bright, just not as warm as today. monday, we are back to bright sunshine. no chance for any wet weather as we push into the early part of the week. here is your forecast for tonight. we will fall into the 30' s. most communities are above freezing tonight. 36 in manchester. here is your sunday forecast. in plaistow, we will get to 50. same thing in. up north, highs in the 30' s and 40' s.
5:48 pm
our next chance for a storm system looks like it will be wednesday night into thursday. you could guess what is going to happen with this one after this winter. with it. it is not exclusively snow. most of it may fall as rain. one. thursday. stephanie: are you seeing any snow in the extended forecast? hayley: not really. may be mixing with the storm on wednesday when it starts. other than that, incredibly mild. be in march and it will be time to start riding bikes. a popular northwestern biking phenomenon is gaining big traction along the east coast. it is getting bigger. we' ve told you about fat biking it' s sort of like snowshoeing on stephanie: the annual ' fest' will be held next weekend at stratham hill park. wmur' s sean mcdonald shows us how these big wheels can take you places you never dreamed you
5:49 pm
reporter: it is not every day you come across a bike race in the dead of winter. that is what we found here. reporter: those funny looking mountain bikes are called fat bikes. a unique adaptation of the traditional mountain bike. stephanie: the beauty -- >> the beauty of the bikes as you can thumb your nose at old man winter and get out here and have fun. we are on the snow. if you took a regular bike on
5:50 pm
reporter: fat bikes are the latest craze for people who love winter and cycling and don' t mind bundling up andr riding on really fat tires. >> the last three or four years, it has exploded. it is a fun way to keep doing your sport. reporter: he is an expert cyclist from stratham and new to fat biking. he describes these is heavier than typical mountain bikes and using only about 1/4 of the tire pressure. >> i run five p.s.i., some guys are slightly more. that is extremely low. reporter: with the supersoft tires, riders can cruise on top of things like snow. think of it as snow shoes for bikes. here'
5:51 pm
>> it will get bouncy at times. >> is like being an eight-year-old kid with the first bike. it is freezing cold. when you get going, you warm-up and feel like a kid again. >> it is slower, more work to keep it going. but it is fun because you float on top of the snow. reporter: to experience fat biking for myself, i dressed in my best cold weather athletic gear, including fashionable white socks. they hooked me up with a bike and off i went to compete in what is known as "fatty fest."
5:52 pm
back trails. i found if you hit the soft stuff, you can fall. but with all of that snow, it is like landing on a soft cushion. >> i am covered in snow. [laughter] apparently, you do whiteout during these races. it really is a workout. reporter: the circuit is expanding to numerous races, including night trail riding for those who want more of a thrill. some ski resorts rent the bikes for the nordic trails. many say it allows them to get into nature deep into trails where no winter cyclist has gone before. >> i was going down this narrow trail. a father and son were snowshoeing.
5:53 pm
i just rode by and set a nice trail. reporter: these can be fun on other difficult terrain like sandy beaches or mud trails in warmer months. this fat bike thing may continue to grow bigger and bigger. >> i don' this point. it has gotten bigger and bigger. i think it will always be around. >> it gives me an opportunity to get outside and ride and enjoy the outdoors and stay on my bike. >> the added bonus is the novelty factor. whenever anybody sees you on one, they cannot help but smile. all you need is clown shoes to
5:54 pm
>> all the riders now finishing up. a great ride out there today. stephanie: looks like fun. coming up next week on "new hampshire chronicle," sean mcdonald hikes a part of the most famous trail in the world. the appalachian trail. adam: we have to try that sometime. there is a new kid on the block in boston. stephanie: we will tell you about the adorable goat that found a new home. adam: a fire destroys a garage in manchester displacing two people from their homes. stephanie: hillary clinton wins
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stephanie: cute alert. a zoo in boston welcomed this adorable baby goat this week. the nigerian dwarf goat' s name is chewbacca. zookeepers say she is said to already be very alert and active. nigerian dwarf goats can live in climates ranging from cold and hot, certainly perfect for new england. they are cute until they grow up and start screaming.
5:58 pm
adam: we will be right back with
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adam: two people are without a home after a fire destroyed their home in manchester. a live report with new details. >> since we have been recording the statistics over a year ago, that is the highest it' s ever been at this point in one month. stephanie: emergency responders say the number of drug overdoses in new hampshire is the worst in the nation. plus, the problem they are facing trying to revive patients. hayley: tracking showers across the state. when the mild air moves out. adam: breaking commitment 2016 news, hillary clinton celebrating victory in the nevada caucus. there is less than one hour to


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