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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a team that scores about 110 a game, held in the 90s twice. >> hubie: that would be the 13th time this year that they've been doing, really putting up some nice numbers, cleveland. that's what you always like about it, because you have to defend in order to win the championship. and you have to be able to take care of the defensive boards. >> mike: foye rattles out the three. the cavs have the monday game against the pistons, going to toronto on friday. and great job from toronto on all-star weekend. a basketball-loving city. and that's the old barkley rule. back it out for five seconds, dribble there. mozgov, called for that at the
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the worst home losses for the thunder. it will be interesting to see what happens after a couple days' practice. guys, what are we doing. there's 26 seconds left. the local news is waiting on many of these abc stations. they'll bring mcgary, former michigan wolverine to the line. and he played there for two years, the national championship game. game. thanks for carrying me, fighting through my cold here today. much appreciate it. >> hubie: listen, we appreciate the fact you showed up today. because you're a gamer. like when you look at michael jordan, 82, 82, 82. that's you. >> mike: got to show up for
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great to see the cavaliers play so well. 115-92, thunder will inbound it here after the 24-second violation. love with 29 and 11. lebron, 25, 11 assists, 7 boards. durant, 26, westbrook, 20. but the cavaliers sweep the season series from the thunder. so long from oklahoma city. remember the lakers and bulls tonight. for many of you, local news or world news coming up on abc. ot chicken. only available for a limited time by me... ahhhhhhh!!! same dream? some fake colonel, kfc's delicious, with a spicy, smoky flavor, only available for a limited time, by me, colonel sanders. i know dear. [gasp]
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stephanie: damages multiple 6:00 damages multiple buildings , in goffstown. gene grant: it was black and thick and pretty wild. stephanie: police are asking people to avoid the area. this exclusive video you' ll only see on news 9. >> the response was very quick, and there was no danger to any of the customers in keene. stephanie: a gas emergency in keene, why authorities say it could have been much worse. hayley: colder air and sunshine return for the start of the work week. then, tracking a messy mid-week storm. stephanie: a manchester store targeted for robbery for the second time this month. the clerk injured after attempting to fight off the suspect. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at 6:00. stephanie: video you' ll only see on news 9 of a massive fire in
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they were able to say parts of the restaurant. the fire is under control. thanks for joining us. i am stephanie woods. mike cronin is live at the scene. tell us about the effort to fight the flames. mike: crews have been fighting this fire for hours. it is under control as firefighters continue to put water on hotspots. this is all that remains of the smoldering structure. the chief says it was one of the biggest fires goffstown has had in years. a massive three-alarm fire tore through an old, abandoned building in goffstown. smoke billowed above and could be seen miles away. gene grant: it was black and thick and pretty wild. haley lindh: i' ve never seen anything like it in my life. mike: around 1:30 sunday afternoon, it was a full house inside of north garden chinese restaurant on mast road. brenda gagnon was having lunch when she smelled smoke coming in from next door. the restaurant was evacuated. brenda gagnon: it was not panicky at all. nobody thought it was going to
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broke through the roof of the former sign printing shop. it' years. there were several explosions inside. chief richard o' brien: again not knowing exactly what was in this fire, we' re not sure what type of explosions they were. mike no one was injured. : the building was destroyed, but firefighters from 12 towns chief richard o' brien: i commend the firefighters for doing a great job in maintaining the fire to just that one location. winnie zeng, owner: whoa, big fire, big fire. the wind went almost on this side of my building. have been worse but will take winnie zeng: at least a couple weeks because the power is gone and the gas, i bet they shut off. investigating the cause. witnesses are thankful the damage was contained. brenda gagnon: it'
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s safe. right: crews put out a couple of small fires about a block away started by flaming embers. the chief says if you live by and smell smoke in your home, call 911. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. if you live in keene and smell your house immediately. a problem this morning with the liberty utilities gas system is triggering the warning. but tonight, the company is saying that the problem has been fixed. kristen carosa has more on what happened. kristen: this morning' s emergency lasted for 45 minutes, and only one customer was affected thanks to new safety procedures. a similar incident happened back in december. and since then, the utility company made some changes. a problem at this liberty utilities production plant caused an emergency response sunday morning. >> we believe there was a brief power outage at our production plant in keene and that caused one of our air blowers to shut
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kristen: the company says it affected the mix of propane and air flowing into the distribution system. on december 19, the same thing happened. more than 120 customers were affected. it took more than 17 hours to fix the problem. this time, it took just seven minutes. >> this time, the difference was we have processes in place that prevented this from becoming a dangerous situation. kristen: now, liberty utilities staffs the production plant 24 hours a day in case of a problem. this morning, the company rectified the issue immediately. >> as a precaution, we did contact the fire department to let them know what happened. kristen: keene fire as well as swanzey and marlborough crews assisted. only one customer reported a problem. the courtyard marriot had an issue with their burners. keene fire chief mark howard says there were no elevated levels inside. chief howard: based on our protocols, we started to go
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customers that we are familiar with and where we have had problems before to check for elevated gas readings or possibly elevated carbon monoxide readings, and we found none. kristen: the public utilities commission is investigating the problem that occurred in december. meantime, liberty utilities has a message for their 1200 customers in keene. >> they can be confident the system is safe. we are there 24/7. if there is an issue, we do have an emergency number for customers to call. kristen: governor maggie hassan is calling for the p.u.c. to investigate the two recent gas problems in keene. she' s also encouraging residents to invest in carbon monoxide detectors. live in studio, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. stephanie: thank you. a 22-year-old man is facing charges and recovering from a. by after robbing a convenience store and robbing the clerk. they say he beat him with a
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the cash. officers chased him with the police stopped taking him down. the clerk was treated for concussions. this is the second time the market has been robbed this month. the first time, the clerk was able to fight the robber off. a woman is facing d.w.i. charges after crashing her car on washington street in seabrook last night. officers say 22-year-old maria preston was driving northbound and flagpole, rolling her car. preston and a passenger were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. a canaan man is recovering tonight after crashing his snowmobile in dorchester last night. new hampshire fish and game says 55-year-old michael stewart was riding his snowmobile near clough road at 11:00 when he took a sharp turn, lost control, and drove his snowmobile into the woods. he was taken to spear memorial hospital in plymouth for non-life-threatening injuries.
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check out this time-lapse from hampton beach. some people enjoying a nice day at the beach. meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us if the warm weather is sticking around for the start of the work week. hayley: it will feel chillier as we get into the workweek. take a look at the highs. 50 in manchester and nashua. 52 in portsmouth. this is very warm air for this time in february. here is a look at the temperatures now. 39 in lebanon. 45 in manchester. we have had a lot of clouds. at times, you could see the sunshine breaking through. today was a good mix of clouds and sunshine. overnight tonight, the clouds will break apart. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, lots of sunshine,
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i will have more on the forecast in a few minutes. stephanie: thank you. new hampshire' s heroin crisis is a big topic of discussion in the nation' s capital this weekend. right now, governor maggie hassan is in washington for a meeting with governors from across the country. tomorrow, she is scheduled to meet with president obama regarding the deadly heroin problem. in just the past month, manchester alone reported 40 -- drug overdoses. 42state lawmakers are considering a bill that would let felons vote behind bars. felons in the granite state can vote once they are released. it now heads to the house for a full vote. the mild weather is slowing down winter activities, but it is good for maple syrup production. farmers are able to tap trees
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hayley: over the next couple of
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stephanie: the new hampshire maple syrup season is off to a fast start due to the mild winter. as you can see, trees are tapped and ready to go at tamarack farms in canterbury. owner jim snyder began the process on president' s day. he says that' s when he usually begins his season, that many started even earlier. >> some people tapped in really early in january, which is very unusual. traditionally, we don' t tap until mid february or even late february. and i know some people made a lot of syrup in january, but we are just getting started now. stephanie: snyder says at this point he isn' t sure how the warmer temperatures this winter will affect the syrup. that is interesting. maybe it will taste sweeter. hayley: i always associate sap running with march.
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in my backyard, we have some flowers trying to make it through. it has been a wild and mild winter. talk about how long the mild temperatures stick around, ahead. stephanie: in sports, the
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announcer: now, meteorologist hayley lapoint and your stormwatch 9 forecast. hayley: good evening, everyone. here is a live look in claremont, drive payment -- pavement after a dry day. you can see a bit of the sky. the clouds are trying to break apart. that will happen overnight as the skies will clear out. you will have a brighter day tomorrow. temperatures will be cooler. we have been treated to a spring type weekend with temperatures quite mild. 49 was the high in concord. 50 in manchester and nashua. 52 in portsmouth. makes. last weekend on this day, valentine' temperatures in the single
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compare that today to temperatures in the upper 40' s and 50' s. it was easy a 40-50 degree difference across the state. that just goes to show how wild this winter has been with ups and downs with temperatures. it has been so mild overall and continues to be as we look forward. here are the temperatures now. we have fallen into the 40' s across the state, even 30' s in laconia, plymouth, lower 30' s in whitefield and berlin. the winds have been coming out of the northwest today. that means cooler air is starting to come down. that is why temperatures were cooler today as opposed to yesterday' s high temperatures well into the 50' s in southern new hampshire. tomorrow will be colder than today. lots of clouds overhead. there have been a few spots of white. maybe a few snow showers in the higher elevations. but none of that has been making it to central or southern new hampshire.
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here in the mid-atlantic states. this is going to continue to pass toward the south, not affecting our weather over the next couple of days. it is going to continue to move away from us and not have an impact on us. tomorrow, we are back to full sunshine. it is going to be nice. by 11:00 tonight, the clouds start to break apart. monday morning 7:00, the kids have a school vacation week. for the parents heading back to work, bright and sunny with temperatures getting into the 30' s even in southern new hampshire. tuesday, more sunshine. clouds will start to work in late in the day on tuesday as our next storm system approaches. here' s what you can expect tonight. clouds will break apart and move out. it will be chilly. temperatures in the teens in the northern part of the state. 27 in the southern part of the state.
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there' s your forecast for southeastern new hampshire tomorrow. 40 degrees and exit or -- in exeter. bright and sunny. temperatures around freezing. up north is where our cold spots will be with temperatures in the 20' s, but still lots of sunshine. if you have plans to do skiing, the pick day tomorrow with bright sunshine. you cannot go wrong the first three days of the week. wednesday, we have snow arriving. it will quickly change over to rain. it will pour on thursday across the state as temperatures warm up into the 40' s. maybe a couple of smaller chances for light snow next weekend. another storm system that is bringing in mild air and it won' t be exclusively snow again. stephanie: you can go skiing and go to the beach in the same week. hayley: it is a weird winter. jason: just bring spring.
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stephanie: she is holding out on us. jason: the celtics are on the court as we speak. the celtics have lost two of the last three but still sit in third place in the conference. in the first half, early highlights. boston off to an early lead. that puts the celtics up three. thomas will kick out to bradley. boston built in 18-point lead in the first quarter. they led 64-49 at halftime. the second half is just underway. complete highlights at 11:00. top-25 college hoops, michigan and number-six maryland. first half, mark donnal wide open for a three-pointer and game. second half, maryland up two. jake layman misses the three, but robert carter is there for the put-back slam. duncan robinson of new castle had 10 points and nine rebounds for the wolverines, but maryland
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s an off day for the bruins. boston rallied to beat the stars in dallas last night 7-3. the bees are back at home on monday night to host columbus. how about some outdoor hockey? part of the nhl' s stadium series, the chicago blackhawks and the minnesota wild at the university of minnesota. over 52,000 fans on hand. in the first, on the breakaway. minnesota takes a 1-0 lead. still in the first, the power play. the slap shot makes it 2-0. that is all they needed. the wild beat the blackhawks. afternoon hosting the elmira jackals. just over two minutes into the game, nice speed for his 22nd of this season. the jackals respond. the monarchs turn it over. 1-1 after one.
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2-1 a myra after two. monarchs take control in the third. he got his seventh of the season to tie it 2-2. alex got the game-winner, a power-play goal to give the monarchs a three-to -- 3-2 win. >> we don' t want to be in that position, but it is nice to have the guys -- to know the guys have the confidence to get the results we want. it comes down to believe and having confidence. >> i think it was a good team effort all around. we struggled with penalties. we stuck to our game plan and been having some comeback wins. jason pablo sandoval reported to : spring training today, looking as plump as ever. despite red sox brass saying they mandated that sandoval lose weight in the offseason, the sox third baseman says nobody ever told him he had to slim down. in fact, sandoval said he hasn' t
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october. last season was sandoval' s worst of his career offensively, and he was also the lowest-ranked defensive third baseman in the league. >> no disappointment. it is a surprise. you' re going to have some ups and downs. you have to prepare yourself to be ready when those down moments come. shake it off, keep working hard to do everything you can do to prove next year you are better than that. jason: still to come tonight,
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jason: chase elliot in the number 24, the youngest pole-sitter in daytona 500 history. but he gets in some trouble on lap 19. gets loose and finds the infield. he avoids the wall, but the


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