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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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stephanie:stephanie: a massive blaze in goffstown. firefighters say this is the in years. a warning to gas customers in keene after the second problem for liberty in the past two months. hayley: clearing skies means bright sunshine for monday, but midweek looks nasty with the messy mix and rain. stephanie: a store clerk is recovering after attempting to fight off a robber. what charges the suspect is facing. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 tonight. stephanie: wmur has exclusive video of a massive fire in goffstown that sent flames and
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investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. thanks for joining us. i am stephanie woods. the fire broke out this afternoon, forcing a restaurant to evacuate. mike cronin joins us with an update. mike: mast road is back open, and firefighters have gone home for the night after a long day of fighting these flames. witnesses say fire went up within minutes, and there were several explosions inside the building, but at this point, officials don' t know what they were. crews took down what was left of an empty building that burned for hours in goffstown while investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the blaze. >> being a vacant building and nobody in the building, we will deem it suspicious. mike: it was built on mast road more than 100 years ago. it has seen several businesses,
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>> this building was used as a trolley recharging system when they had trolleys in manchester. mike: around 1:30 flames engulfed the building, and smoke could be seen miles away. >> it was probably double the height of the north garden at its highest point. mike: next door, a full house and north garden chinese restaurant had to be evacuated. >> it was not panicky at all. be the fire that it was. mike: the restaurant has smoke damage, but firefighters from about a dozen towns save the building. the business owner is grateful for their work and says she will reopen as soonish you can. >> at least a couple weeks. the power is gone. the gas was shut off. mike: no one was injured, but the chief says power lines created a danger for cruise. >> that pose an immediate hazard to firefighters. mike: the state fire marshal is investigating. the building has been abandoned for almost two years.
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and we will be contacting them. mike: flaming embers started those out. the chief said they received a report of falling ash at the verizon wireless arena, which is more than two miles away. mike cronin, wmur news 9. stephanie: a sprinkler system quickly put out another unrelated fire in manchester. around 5:30, firefighters were a second-floor apartment caught home. the sprinkler put out most of the flames. >> the first company unseen -- on scene saw smoke in the second floor. t yet know how the fire started accidental. right now, a warning to keene residence, it out of your house
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liberty utility says a power outage at its propane plant affected the mix of propane and air flowing to customers' houses. a similar problem happened on december 19, creating elevated levels of carbon monoxide in some homes. it took more than 17 hours to fix the problem. this time, it took just seven minutes. >> this time, the difference was we had processes in place that prevented this from becoming a dangerous situation. stephanie: firefighters don' t know how the fire started -- public utilities commission is investigating the problem that occurred. governor maggie hassan is calling for the puc to investigate today' s incident. a 22-year-old man is facing charges after allegedly robbing a convenient store and assaulting the clerk. police say gedeon demanded money, punched the store clerk, beat him with a baseball bat, and took off with the cash.
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s owner says the clerk hospital soon. this is the second time the month. the first time, the clerk was able to fight the robber off. [no audio] passengers were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. a cane and man is recovering from a snowmobile crash. new hampshire fish and game says 55-year-old michael stewart was riding his snowmobile in dorchester near of 11:00 when he took on a sharp turn, lost control, and drove his snowmobile into the woods. he was taken to speare memorial hospital in plymouth for non-life-threatening injuries. after a mild weekend, it looks like temperatures will be cooler to start the week. it' s 38 degrees in manchester
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meteorologist hayley lapoint tells us how chilly the temperatures will be. hayley: it will be a bit of a difference from what we had over the weekend. temperatures even today hit 50 degrees in a lot of these southern communities, and up north, we had temperatures in the upper 30' s, well above the average high temperatures for this time in february. tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler. tonight, we are seeing that' s the case. below freezing in berlin and white field. 34 degrees in plymouth. manchester at 37 degrees. we do have some clearing taking place, a few clouds in southern new hampshire, but overnight, the clouds will continue to clear away. look at the temperatures. in some places, a good 10 degrees colder than some places where we were today. stephanie: many of you got
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the seacoast was no exception. it' s also putting a damper on winter weather activities. >> 45 degrees in portsmouth, and the dog is loving it. >> the dog likes it. stephanie: this warm winter weather is for the dogs. people in portsmouth were out and about sunday enjoying the temperatures that felt like they were from another season. >> enjoying the summer today. stephanie: the seacoast city sunday, a drastic difference last weekend. we are out enjoying the weather. stephanie: some ski bums were bombed that they couldn' t hit the slopes. >> it' s beautiful weather. stephanie: puddle dock pond shut down for four hours saturday and warm for ice skating. the director of marketing says
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the carries are active skiers and snow sures, but they are behind climate change. it' s not good. it should be cold and snowy. i' m a little concerned. >> i' m concerned. i believe in global warming. i' ve lived in new england all my i like snow and cold weather. s concerning to us. stephanie: the new hampshire fast start due to the mild winter. trees are tapped and ready to go at tamarack farms in canterbury. season on president' s day. he says that is when he usually starts to tap his trees, but he says other sugar shacks started earlier this year. >> some people tapped really unusual. traditionally, we don' t cap
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i know some people made a lot of syrup in january, but we are just getting started. stephanie: snyder says at this point, he' s not sure how to warmer winter will affect the syrup. new hampshire' s heroin crisis is a big topic of discussion in the nation' s capital. right now, governor maggie hassan is in washington for a meeting with governors across the country. tomorrow, she is scheduled to meet with president obama regarding the deadly heroine problem. in the past month, manchester alone reported 42 drug overdoses. new hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow prisoners to vote. the proposed bill would let convicted felons vote while behind bars. vermont and maine are currently the only two states where felons never lose their right to vote. felons in the granite state can become eligible to vote once released.
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in commitment 2016 coverage, candidates are back on the campaign trail after donald trump claimed victory in south carolina, and hillary clinton beat out senator bernie sanders in the nevada caucus. mary bruce is in nevada with how a new controversy is brewing. mary: from victory rally -- >> when you win, it' s beautiful. mary: two campaign rally -- >> are we going to win georgia? mary: donald trump -- [no audio] he tweeted suggesting that ted cruz and now marco rubio are both ineligible to be president. >> i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram, and i retweet things. mary: rubio finished second in south carolina and responded -- >> this is a pattern he plays. mary: the florida senator went after the gop front runner on foreign policy.
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mary: ted cruz took attack at donald trump' s attack strategy. >> donald devotes all of his money to attacking me. mary: the south carolina race claimed one campaign, jeb bush calling it quits, but john kasich and ben carson, both avowing to stay in. >> thank you, nevada. mary: for the democrats, hillary clinton, hoping to gain ground after her big win in nevada, gave her victory speech and flew to texas. >> is this a great night or what? mary: bernie sanders went straight to south carolina after coming in a strong second. today, he told "face the nation" he is looking to super tuesday. >> we are in this race to win, and on super tuesday, you are going to see some major victories. mary: sanders touted his support among latinos, but clinton won with african-american voters, a portion of the voters in south carolina. mary bruce, abc news, las vegas.
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will caucus this tuesday, and february 27 is the democratic primary in south carolina. more voters head to the polls on march 1, also known as super tuesday. 13 states, including massachusetts and vermont, will choose their nominees. the smith college is the latest school to tell its students to leave hoverboards at home. the school sent an e-mail to students telling them about the new policy. dartmouth says hoverboards are a safety concern, and they will be prohibited on all college properties. the ban is intended to be temporary until safety concerns are addressed. a man is behind bars after a deadly shooting in michigan. >> once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. stephanie: next, we are hearing from the passenger inside the uber hours before the driver allegedly started shooting people. rattlesnakes could soon get their own island in massachusetts.
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to new england. hayley: early this week, we are going to have sunshine, but by midweek, and messy system with
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stephanie: welcome back. tonight, in the bus driver is being hailed a hero after his quick actions saved dozens. almost 40 people were on the bus in illinois when it caught fire. the driver managed to get every win out moments before it was engulfed by flames. most of the passengers lost their luggage. the cause of the fire is unknown. a teenage girl is in critical condition after a shooting in kalamazoo, michigan. the suspect is in custody, but there is no motive in the series of random shootings that left six dead. elizabeth hur has new details on the alleged gunman. elizabeth: -- [no audio] also, the alleged gunman is now in jail. >> we are very relieved that we have someone in custody. >> shots fired. elizabeth: the shootings --
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the second, four hours later at a car dealership. a father and son were killed here. the third, minutes later outside a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed in their cars, including 60-year-old mary jo nye, a retired teacher. >> we have no reason to believe there was more than one person involved in any of these incidents. elizabeth: the suspect, jason doll, was taken into custody hours after the final shooting. matt said he was one of dalton' s frightening he called 911. >> we were driving through lawn, and once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. elizabeth: in a statement, uber says it' s a crime not just
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>> it' s very unexpected. he was a quiet guy who stuck to himself, never had any problems. elizabeth: also baffling because uber says the suspect passed their background check, and police confirm he has no criminal history. we are told he could be in court as early as tomorrow. elizabeth hur, abc news. stephanie: believe it or not, rattlesnakes could soon have their own island in massachusetts. the state is planning to establish a colony of rattlesnakes on an island. the state division of fisheries and wildlife say the snakes would have enough space to stay on the island. the snakes are indigenous to massachusetts at have been nearly wiped out by humans. most of the island of fiji is without electricity. cyclone winston tore through the pacific island chain this weekend, killing at least 17. the prime minister says many people are without drinking water and power.
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debris. >> now meteorologist hayley lapoint and your storm watch 9 forecast. hayley: thankfully, nothing like that across the area here. this is a time lapse from weirs beach today. you can see the duckies and join the open water at weirs beach, not frozen over. we even got some sunshine throughout the day, but today was definitely one of those days where we were in and out of the clouds. some peaks of sunshine, but that was about it. temperatures were incredibly mild. the average high for this time of february, 37 degrees. 49 degrees ended up being the high in concord. 50 degrees in manchester. it has been a huge difference this weekend compared to last weekend. i' m sure you remember last sunday night. we had high temperatures on sunday only in the single digits. compare that to the high
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difference in many locations. here is where we stand. we have all fallen into the 30' s, even a few places in the 20' s, and most of us are falling below freezing. a lot of us haven' t done that over the past couple nights. any areas where we' ve done melting, and there is going to be re-freezing on the roadways. heads up early tomorrow morning heading off to work, there could be black ice at intersections where there was some melting that took place. we also have some clouds overhead. certainly in southern new hampshire, that' s the case because we are missing out on a storm system. last week when we had been watching the system, we thought maybe it would bring snow showers to southern new hampshire, but at this point, the high pressure building and across the area is keeping the system at a, keeping it to the
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by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, we are all bright and sunny, may be a few passing clouds up north, but tomorrow is going to be one of those days where it is crystal clear, blue sky. a great day for skiing or anything outdoors. we will continue on with the sunshine even into tuesday, as well, though there will be increased clouds as we get to the afternoon tuesday. there' s even the possibility of a couple flurries coming off the ocean late in the day tuesday in southeastern new hampshire. what i am most concerned about is wednesday and thursday. those are our two days this week where it looks nasty. we are going to start out with some snow and freezing rain initially on wednesday since temperatures will be cold enough, but warm air surges in and changes everything over terrain.
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temperatures will be chillier tonight and tomorrow. 42 degrees in exeter and plaistow. 38 degrees in hooksett. in the lakes region, temperatures right around freezing. 31 in plymouth. about 25 degrees in bethlehem, and in the lower 30' s in jackson. temperatures do warm-up by wednesday, and that is why we have problems with the rain. close to 50 on thursday. a chance for snow showers friday and into next weekend. here we go again, another temperature roller coaster ride. stephanie: it seems like a soggy, spring stretch in the middle. hayley: it definitely is. stephanie: jason king is here with sports.
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>> now jason king and news 9 sports. jason: the celtics were back on the court in denver, hoping to bounce back from friday' s loss in utah, and did they ever appeared the celtics had lost two of their last three, still in third place in the conference. isaiah thomas in transition knocks down a three. he had a double-double. thomas kicks it out to avery bradley. boston built an 18-point lead in the first quarter. they led by 15 at halftime. third quarter, nuggets make a run. nicole lego kitsch buries the three. that made it a five-point game. celtics up 11. evan turner drives, he had 17. boston forces the turnover, and
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boston went 4-2 under six-game road trip. the bees, back at home monday night to host columbus. quite a scene at the university of minnesota, the chicago blackhawks and minnesota wild playing an outdoor hockey game, part of the nhl' s stadium series. over 52,000 were able to take this one in. couple of wax at it. power play. and the goal. he makes it 2-0. the wild win it 6-1. monarchs were home this afternoon hosting the jackals. in the first, 2:00 into the game, nice feed from joey dimon
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the jackals respond. their own zone. tyler currier makes them pay. second period, jackals on the power play. 2-1, almira. third. two special teams goals. boivin' s shorthanded goal made it 2-2. a power-play goal. monarchs win 3-2. wednesday. >> we don' t want to be in that nice to know the guys have the confidence and belief that the guys in the room are playing their best and working hard. that' it comes down to believe and having confidence. >> >> i think it was a good team effort all around. we struggled with penalties, but i think we stuck to our game plan. comeback wins. jason: chase elliott, the
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500 history, but he gets into trouble on lap 19. he gets loose and finds the infield, he would avoid the wall, but the grass tears up his car pretty well. he finished 37th. what a finish it was. that, trying to hold off denny hamlin. there was contact between the two. hamlin, now racing to the line. the closest daytona 500 finish in history. denny hamlin gets his first daytona 500 win. >> i do remember cutting low on matt, and i was hoping that he knew i was there before he closed the door. i hated that he got a bad finish, especially leading the daytona 500 on the last lap. toyota, four of the top five.
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jason: for all you nascar fans, here you go. they come to new hampshire for the 24th consecutive year the summer. the first race, july 17. still to come tonight, position players are showing up in fort myers, including kung fu panda.
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jason: pablo sandoval was the talk of spring training, but less for his baseball and more for his weight, which wouldn' t be an issue if he performed last year. instead, it was the worst offensive season of his career. sandoval says nobody ever told him he had to slim down, and he hasn' t weighed himself since october. >> i don' t weigh in at all. i just do my work. i do everything i can. i don' t weigh in. i just try to get better and be in a better position. >> there was the need for public to come back into camp in better overall condition. i will say, typically, when you come back in better shape, you are probably going to lose weight, but to give a specific
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jason: hopefully this year, he earns that big paycheck. stephanie: that does it for news
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