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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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experience. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday. us for "good morning america." have a gre sean: now on "daybreak," investigators say this massive fire at a vacant building is being considered suspicious right now. and astrand is closed. erin: a robbery in manchester turned violent when the suspect started beating the clerk with a baseball bat, seabedding him to the hospital. kevin: after a mild weekend we start cooling off today. what that means is the next system approaches midweek ahead. sean: liberty utilities is reacting to another problem with the gas deliberation plan in keene. the governor is pointing to an investigation. >> no one covers new
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now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm erin fehlau. sean: good morning. i'm sean mcdonald. an unusual but beautiful weekend. i've got to tell you i started the weekend with a decent amount of snow in my yard. most of it is gone at this point. kevin: yeah. 50's on saturday. 40's to near 50 degrees yesterday. we start to fall back today. still close to the averages for this time of year, which means 30's. it is a fairly mild start for this time of year. partly cloudy skies. there's still the occasional overcast in parts of the state early this morning. that should wither away to partial sunshine. a lot of other areas, it will be a good deal of sunshine. highs in the mountains up in to the 30's. cooler air with the next system. let's look at your morning ride. we're joined live by deb davidson. good monday morning,
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deb: good monday morning, kevin. we're starting off with a nice, quiet commute at this time. the skies are bright and the roads are nice and dry. it is making for a very nice commute on 93 southbound from the northern part of the state to the stateline with massachusetts. 293 is up to speed. 101 is trouble free from bedford to the seacoast. on 95 we're not seeing any delays through the hampton tolls or through the construction zone between exit the two and one. this report is brought to you by dunkin' donuts. from the traffic network, i'm deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: all right. deb, thanks. investigators plan to speak with the owner of a large building in goffstown this morning that went up in flames yesterday as they try to pin point an exact cause. erin: intense fire. it sent huge plumes of smoke high in to the air. ash was spotted miles away.
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from the scene. the building has been demolished; right? reporter: yes, good morning. crews used an excavator. we have video of the massive three-alarm fire minutes after it broke out around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say there were several explosions inside the building which had been vacant for almost two years. china restaurant next door was evacuated. there's some damage to that building. the owner says she will likely be closed for a investigators are still trying to fig your out started. >> we'll deem it suspicious until we know otherwise. >> it was diagnostic the height of the north garden. there was black smoke way higher than that. sparked several nearby roof fires. they were quickly put
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they received reports of ash falling at the verizon wireless arena, which is more than two miles away. there were no injuries. erin: andy, thank you. maggie mast -- hassan is urging to investigation with a gas distribution in keene. a power outage yesterday morning briefly caused a problem with the mix of gas and air flowing to customers. officials say it was fixed in just seven minutes thanks to new measures. liberty dealt with a similar problem in december. that issue lasted for more than 17 hours. a report from the puc is due by the end of next month. sean: we expect to learn more details about a robbery in manchester that resulted in
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fedon karsai, 22, beat the clerk. the clerk was taken to the hospital. the store owner says he will be okay. this is the second time the store has been robbed this month. two u.n.h. students charge in connection with a stabbing are due in court today. the victim, who is also a student, was stabbed twice but is stable. 20-year-old matthew gibbons of salem is charged with first-degree assault, eric denning is charged with second-degree assault with criminal liability. erin: donald trump and hillary clinton are riding new waves of support after picking up wins. both face favorable votes over the next couple of weeks. bernie sanders, marco rubio, ted cruz, they are all scrambling to make up grounds. they are following the campaigns. >> this week it is the early presidential contest switch. it is the in thes tun in the deep south and the republicans are out west
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caucuses. >> we're going to keep winning. we're going to make america great again. reporter: donald trump is still riding high after his big win. he scored all 50 of the delegates winning all of the evangelical voters. >> i didn't know we were much. we won by a lot. out. the two freshman senators left to battle it out to become the trump alternative. >> donald trump has demonstrated he has a relatively high support, but he's also got a secret. reporter: hillary clinton is focused on super tuesday states, like texas, where she weekend. us. we never doubted each other. reporter: it is a big rally for bernie sanders in south carolina. sanders is working to court the black vote which lead to an awkward
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the predominantly african-american church. tomorrow night sanders and clinton will hit the stage for a democratic town hall at the university of south carolina. the republicans are spend today rallying in nevada. the latest poll has trump leading by 26 points. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. erin: governor hassan is scheduled to meet with president obama in washington, d.c. today to discuss the drug and opioid crisis facing new hampshire and the country. today is the final day of the national governors association winter meeting. drugs have been a major topic of discussion here. hassan is vice chair of the groups health and human services committee highlighting the problem there have been over 41 overdoses in manchester alone. over the last month with 11 deaths. the supreme court will be back in session this morning for the first time since the passing scalia. oral arguments begin at 10:00. chief justice john
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mention scalia's death from the bench. sean: a man accused of running a meth lab is due in court after he was overcome by the fumes from his own operation. robert acheson spilled some of the chemicals prompting nearby evacuations. caseworker who was concerned for his well being. drugs weren't found until the police tried to lock up the house. he tried to jump off of his stretcher and keep officers from going inside. erin: still to come, it may sound leak a nightmare to some people. officials in massachusetts are considering creating a massive colony of rattle snake on a local io ran. sean: this is the damage caused to the train. amazingly the driver of the van walked away without a scratch. erin: should prisoners be allowed to vote?
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kevin: monday morning. we start out with clouds. much closer to the averages this time of year. highs in the 30's in most places. we'll look at the next system coming up. sean: thanks. a massachusetts woman has quite a story to tell after a train slammed in to her van in andover. >> while i was thinking what to do, i didn't have time to get out of the car. the train just -- boom. erin: cora harder says the gates game down while she was on the tracks trapping her. an amtrak train hit her van at 60 miles per hour. incredibly she walked abay without a scratch. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. i'm going to guy a lottery ticket. erin: i hope she did that. the mbta is still trying to figure out if there's a problem with the
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sean: a new plan to colonized in massachusetts has some people rattled. pun intended. that's because it would be venomous timber a rattlesnakes. they want to use the island on mount zion in the quabbin reservoir. there's a public meeting set for tomorrow evening. as you might imagine, a lot of people are talking about it on the facebook page. the reaction is mixed. tim says he thinks it is a great idea. timber rattlesnakes need all the help. dan agrees. others aren't so sold on the idea. lisa calls it her worst nightmare. jason says it is the snake version of jurassic park. what could go wrong? erin: it is not the exotic
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a vacation on. sean: eventually nature will take hold. they will escape at some point. just like in the movie. erin: snakes on an island. coming up a pile of rubble is all that's left after a gas explosion. a person who was stepping away managed to escape.
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sean: a natural gas explosion leveled a home and damaged other homes as well. a person was checking on the sprinkler system and smelled gas when he opened the garage door. he only took five steps away before the home exploded. incredibly though no one was hurt despite the massive damage. isis is claiming responsibility for bombings in syria that killed 130 people and wounded more than is 70. five bombs went off between damascus and the city of holmes,
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nailed near schools. the attacks come as secretary of state kerry says there's an agreement for temporary ceasefire. all parties might not comply right away. erin: "deadpool "continues to rule at the box office. it hauled in $55 million. it is now poised to become one of the most successful r-rated movies ever. "kung fu panda" came this second place. we're spending less and less money to fill up the cars with gas. the national average is now $1.71. that's $2 less than three years ago. here in new hampshire prices have dropped more than 50 cents in the last year. sean: an army dog tag lost in world war ii will finally be returned to the family it belongs to. private thomas davis was
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island of saipan. his dog tag was 2014. they just manage to track down davis' family. the tag will be returned soon, likely to davis' texas. easter is just over a month away. hershey's has a new treat. the carrot cake kisses are wrapped in orange foil with green lettering on the paper flag known as a plume. they have a cream cheese filling. in case you are wondering, one serving is nine kisses and about 220 call rays. you are to pay a price. erin: flavor like carrot cake. you are making faces. kevin: we try some different things in the chocolate festival. sean: sacrifice your body. kevin: we'll have to figure out
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we start off early this morning with fairly quiet conditions. we have clear skies in some spots. other areas the occasional overcast which should give way to the afternoon. nice day. bear in mind it is going to be more of a classic mid winter day than what we had over the course of the weekend. we had patchy clouds up north and a few spots in the southwest. we should be giving way to sunshine in to the afternoon. a weak area of high pressure. area of low pressure just starting to get gathered through texas. it will be the next system which starts to roll in here on wednesday. temperatures in the teens up north. lower 30's in southern areas. it is the beginnings of the cooler air. there will be a lot of areas that will likely be at or below zero later on tonight. maybe near ten below zero in parts of the north country. southern areas will be in the single digits to lower teens thanks to the flow coming directly out of canada. the wind will not be strong. it will continue to put
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air. temperatures aren't going to move up. notice the different in air mass this morning from yesterday morning. we're running 10-25 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. we get a glancing blow from the cold air out of canada. the coldest will be tonight. the chilliest of the afternoons will be tomorrow with high in the upper 20's to mid 30's. it comes with a light wind and sunshine for the most part tomorrow. high temperatures today not moving much. here in the teens up north. southern areas near the freezing mark get in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. not a bad day. there will be a northwest wind which will put a little bit of extra bite in to the air. clear skies, light winds tonight, tomorrow starting with sunshine and adding clouds through the afternoon. ahead of the next system it comes at us in two parts. the first part will be a snow or wintry mix moving in during the daylight hours on wednesday. then it warms up enough wednesday night that everything we see from wednesday night through thursday afternoon would
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as the system makes an inland track and keep us on the warmer side of the system as it continues to make its way northward. we could be looking at over an inch of rainfall out of the system after a small accumulation sometime wednesday for later wednesday night and in to early thursday where the system pulls away thursday afternoon and thursday evening. quiet for the time being. temperatures in most locations will be up in to the 30's. a few southern spots could reach 40. then the bottom really falls out on temperatures. clear skies and light winds later tonight. we're talking teens in south eastern areas of the state. single digits above and below zero in most cases otherwise. sunshine and clouds tomorrow. light snow or light wintry mix on wednesday. small accumulation. thursday looks like rain and wind for the first half of the day. you'll notice the temperatures responding in to the 40's to lower 50's before cooling off again at the end of the week. the roller coaster continues with the one warm day. it figures heavy precipitation. it is in the form of
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it is tracked to the west. erin: whenever we get the snow, we get the rain. sean: it seems that way. the tracks have been inland more than off shore. erin: thank you. we want to check in on the top stories. hershberger. andy: investigators on the scene in the massive fire. i'm andy hershberger with the story coming up. erin: a man is charge with attempted murder and robbery. a canine was able to track down 22-year-old robbery. maggie hassan is urging the state public utilities commission to investigation another issue with liberty utilities gas distribution in keene. a power outage of the company's propane plant briefly caused a problem with the mix of gas and air flowing to customers. sean: it seems the lure of outer
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kevin: monday morning, february 22nd. temperatures in the teen and 20's across the area. it will be a much cooler day than over the weekend. with a good deal of sunshine. all is quiet for the next couple of days ahead of the next system. we'll have the details coming up. erin: all right. it is interesting. it seems that john lennon's air is worth more than experts thought. sean: a four-inch lock sold this weekend for $35,000 to a british collector. officials have predicted it would only fetch about $10,000. the hair was cut in 1966
5:26 am
a movie. expensive locks. erin: collector of hair or beatle memorabilia? sean: i hope beatle memorabilia. erin: all right. it appears more and more people want to go to space. sean: nasa received 35,000 applications, nearly three times the number that applied for the last class. only between eight and 14 people will be selected. then they face two years of basic training to learn everything from space walking to russian. you have to learn russian because you are going up with a lot of russian astronauts. i'm glad your application is in. erin: i thought i was headed to mars. sean: isn't that part of it? erin: i guess so. one of the most dramatic wins. we're going to show you the photo finish. sean: a woman in iowa is fighting to keep her therapy animals. we're not talking about dogs or horses here.
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur "news 9 daybreak." erin: good morning to you. it is monday, february 22nd. a lot of people are on vacation this week. in meredith we're waking up to temperatures in the 20's. it is cooler out there. we have snow and rain. sean: that's right. more standard winter fare. we'll talk about that in a moment. first the top stories. firefighters are trying to determine what sparked a massive fire that destroyed a vacant building on mass road. a somersworth man is set to face a judge after he crashed in to a car while allegedly driving drunk as he tried to escape an officer. dartmouth college is
5:31 am
schools in banning hover boards due to concern they may be a fire hazard. erin: logging on to facebook. there are a lot of people in tropical locations. kevin: i've noticed a lot less traffic. maybe parents of kids who aren't necessarily up at this hour like they normally are on certain mornings. a fairly quiet day. a cooler day than the warmer air we had over the weekend. starting off in the teens, 20's, and lower 0's. about five to seven degrees warmer than the current levels by later this afternoon. could push 40. 30's for most with a breeze out of the northwest this afternoon. erin: all right. i know you have some news about snow and rain coming up. kevin: midweek. erin: stay tuned for that. we want to check the roads this morning. here's a live look on how things are moving out there. this is from the hooksett camera. kevin: we're joined live by deb davidson. good monday morning, deb. deforming good monday
5:32 am
it is a nice, quiet ride. 93 south we're seeing some building volume south of the 293 split in manchester. that goes right through to derry. after that it eases out. it is a good ride in to salem. the spaulding turnpike is okay through ports mow. as you make your way up, we see some delays forming on 95 south and getting off of the ramp as well now that the morning commute is starting to pick up. 101 web site is up to speed heading back in to manchester. this report is brought to you by dunkin doe naughts. i'm deb davidson for wzid. sean: topping our news an investigation is underway in to what sparked a massive fire. erin: exclusive video shows the fire burning at a vacant building on mass road. the flames broke out yesterday forcing a nearby restaurant to evacuate. andy hershberger live at scene with the latest information.
5:33 am
it took just minutes for flames to engulf this building here on mass road. they say that there were several explosions inside. at this time, officials do not know what set off those blasts. around 1:30 sunday afternoon flames engulfed the vacant building on mass road in goffstown. smoke could be seen miles away. >> it was double the height of the north garden at its highest point. there was black smoke way higher than that. reporter: next door a china restaurant had to be evacuated. >> it was not panicking. nobody thought it was going to be the fire that it was. reporter: the restaurant has smoke damage and the vinyl siding melted. firefighters from about a dozen towns saved the building. business owner is grateful for their work and says she will re-open as soon as she can. >> at least a couple of weeks. at least. because the power is gone and the gas is off. reporter: sunday night crews took down what was
5:34 am
building that burned for hours. they are trying to figure out what sparked the three-alarm blaze. the building has been abandoned for almost two years. >> a vacant building. nobody was in the building. we'll deem it suspicious until we know otherwise. erin: the building was built more than 100 years ago and has seen several businesses come and go. >> it was a trolley re-charging station when they had trolleys. reporter: no one was injured. the state fire marshal is also investigating. flaming embers started several minor roof fires nearby. they were quickly put out. the chief says that some ash from the fire could be seen at the verizon wireless arena which is about two miles away. live in goffstown, i'm andy hershberger. sean: all right. andy, thanks. a somersworth man accused of crashing in to a car while trying to escape an officer is due in court today.
5:35 am
when a rochester police officer tried to pull over a buick. the driver fled and crashed in to a kia. three people in the kia suffered non-life threatening injuries. the driver of the buick, 32-year-old timothy sprague, was arrested on multiple charges. erin: a candia man is scheduled to face a judge today. 59-year-old stephen gracy-alny is accused of setting fire. he's being held on $50,000 cash bail pending arraignment. the investigation in to the fire is ongoing. a pittsfield man is accused of fleeing the scene of an accident. he crashed a stolen suv in to a guardrail on friday morning and then left the scene. he was arrested after being spotted hitchhiking in the area. chambers is set to be arraigned on a variety
5:36 am
sean: dartmouth college is the latest school to tell the students to leave the hover boards at home. they sent out an e-mail. hover boards are a safety concern. they, prohibited on all dartmouth owned properties. the ban is intended to be temporary until safety concerns are addressed. there have been a number of reports across the country of hover boards catching fires. you can see the video here. more than 30 universities, including u.n.h., have banned hover boards. erin: state lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow prisoners to vote. the proposed measure would let convicted felons vote behind bars. vermont and maine are the only two states where they never lose their privileges to vote. they can become eligible once they are released. the bill heads to the house for a full vote. sean: maple syrup season is off to an early start. the trees are tapped and ready to go at tamarack
5:37 am
he began the seasons on presidents day. he says that's when he usually starts to tap his trees. other sugar shacks started earlier. >> some people tapped in really early in january, which is very unusual. traditionally we don't tap in until february or later february. some people made a lot of syrup. we're just getting started now. sean: at this point he's not sure how the warmer winter will affect the syrup. the trees have been confused. erin: you are not going to be able to have the syrup on the snow. coming up, good news for people who earn a good living. a new study shows the higher your income the better your chances of living a long life. sean: a woman in iowa is on a mission to have the pets deemed service animals. the pets are snaked, and they are not aloud in her city. kevin: an area is going through texas. that's the one system
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something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. kevin: starting off early this morning with temperatures in the 20's to 30's. we continue to bring in the cooler air. highs this afternoon up this to the north country only in the 20's. the rest of us will be up in to the 30's with a breeze.
5:41 am
after some early clouds. we'll talk about the next system that arrive on wednesday with your forecast coming up. sean: thanks. we're learning more details about the horrific shooting spree over the weekend. six people were killed and two others wounded. today the suspected gunman is due in court to face murder charges. police have not yet commented on a motive. >> these were very deliberate killings. reporter: prosecutor describing the man in which uber driver carried out a shooting spree. >> this wasn't hurried in any way, shape, or form. they are on video. reporter: his alleged rampage played out over the court of seven hours starting at an apartment complex late saturday where he gunned down a woman in the parking lot. the victim is hospitalized and her neighbors describe the horrifying attack. >> he was here to kill. reporter: more than four hours later, another
5:42 am
a father and son shot at a car dealership. he killed four and injured another. a passenger who rode with dalton described his troubling behavior. >> he got a mile from the house. after the telephone he started driving erratically. once he came to the stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. reporter: a source of knowledge says he picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. they think he was looking for more after the final attack. wmur news 9. erin: the death toll from a vicious cyclone in fiji has climbed to 18. authorities are still struggling to communicate with some islands that suffered the worst damage. more than 16,000 people are staying in emergency shelters.
5:43 am
winston reached 177 miles per hour, making it the strongest storm on record in the southern hemisphere. sean: frightening moments for some megabus passengers in illinois. they had to evacuate when the bus caught fire. it was traveling on a busy road after the driver pulled over and saw smoke coming from a fire. they got off of the bus and moved about 50 feet back before the bus exploded and burst in to flames. no one was hurt. >> when i heard the first boom i was in the bathroom. i came out to a lot of smoke. i could hardly get off of the bus. as i got off to catch my breath, i started walking down the highway. the bus blew up again and fire came from everywhere. >> a bus taking my breathing machine. it is burnt up. my suitcases and everything. we lost everything. sean: no word on what caused the explosion. megabus issued a
5:44 am
is our top priority. they are fully cooperating. erin: bill cosby's wire, camille, is scheduled to give her deposition today. it is expected to go ahead at 9:00 a.m. eight women have sued him after they publicly accused him of sexually assaulting them. sean: pope francis is speaking out against capital punishment. the pope is proposing that leaders who are catholic suspend executions during the holy year of mercy which runs through november. the pontiff is throwing his support behind a conference set to begin today that he hopes will bring an end to the death penalty. erin: turning now to sports, it was an exciting sunday on the racetrack as nascar drivers hit the gas for the daytona 500.
5:45 am
youngest driver to start from the pole. his number 24 car ran in to trouble. elliot got lose. he avoices the wall. the grass tore up the front of his car. on the final lap it was quite the finish. matt kenseth tried to hold off the charging. there was contact but both cars were able to hold on. martin truex jr. at the fine was bypassed. denny hamlin gets his first 500 win. >> i remember cutting low on matt. i was hoping he knew i was there before he closed the door. i hated that he got a bad finish, especially leading the daytona 500 on the last lap. you know, toyota is four of the top five. what an awesome day for toyota. erin: truex jr. finished the race second followed by kyle
5:46 am
sean: got to get the sponsor in there; right? boston took on the nuggets. boston had lost two of the last three games. isaiah thomas lead with a double-double. avery helped boston build a lead. the nuggets made a run in the second half. they were able to pull away in the fourth quarter winning 121-101. boston plays in minnesota tonight. erin: the amount of money that you make can apparently impact how long you live. that's according to a new study by the brookings institute. studies says that men who earn in the bottom 10% of income can expect to die about 12 years earlier than men who earn in the top 10% of income. researchers say one reason for this is that people are retiring at a much later age. the longer a person works the more money they receive from social security which enables them to live a much longer life. sean: a woman in iowa wants her pet snakes to be considered a
5:47 am
there's one major issue, the city she lives in bans people from owning snakes. darla mcguiness says she suffering from anxiety. medication has never helped. her only relief has been her pet pythons. they have to stay at a friends house due to the city's ordinance that bans them. if things do not change, she will consider moving so she can be with her pets. >> it is crazy being able to hold them. it is like seeing your kids again. sean: emotional support animals are not considered service animals. they don't get the same legal protections like a guide dog. to each its own. the python give her comfort. erin: i think it would cause anxiety for others. kevin: having a python near me
5:48 am
e that would be the only problem? kevin: that would be it. it would all be focused on that. like when you have the hiccups and someone tries to scare you. it is going to work. me too. let's go on record there. start off temperatures near 30 out in portsmouth early this morning. beautiful sunrise setting up for us early this morning for most locations. any clouds early giving way to sunshine and what will be a cooler afternoon than anything we had over the weekend. 50's on saturday. 40's to near 50 degrees yesterday. today we're back in to the 30's to near 40. high clouds will start building in tomorrow ahead of the next system. it comes at us in two parts. light snow or mixed showers on wednesday. then rain and wind late wednesday night and in to thursday with a warmer temperatures coming with that. in the 40's and 50's. just not a winter's type situation for us out there through the cures of the last few months. you'll notice early this morning the last of the clouds for the north country and quite a few in south eastern areas. eventually giving way to
5:49 am
weak area of high pressure settling in. next system going through texas. temperatures this morning have slipped back. we're running about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. while temperatures early this morning are within a few degrees of the normal highs, we're certainly cooler than we have been the last couple of days. a lot of 20's on the maps early this morning. teens up north. it will be a lot colder by this time tomorrow morning. these areas that are in the single digits above zero like by down near ten below zero by this time tomorrow morning. a lot of single digits above and below zero later on tonight after highs today getting back in to the 30's. there will be a bit of a breeze out of the northwest. exposed areas over 10-15 miles an hour. that will put a little bit of an extra bite to the air. you'll notice any clouds early giving way to sunshine before temperatures really start to fall off later on this evening. clear skies, light winds, allowing temperatures to drop back. this a little bit underplayed for northern areas. it will get down in the single digits and down
5:50 am
southern areas we'll get down between 10-15. as far as tomorrow is concerned, early sun to afternoon clouds. really no moisture. then we get in to early wednesday. temperatures just cold enough. as the moisture starts to run in, there's the potential of light wintry mix or snow for the first few hours. from there, we should be warm enough mt. afternoon with highs above the freezing mac. it should be rain showers wednesday afternoon. then you'll notice a push of rainmaking its way toward us which will likely be heavy rain late wednesday night and early thursday. that could give us over an inch of rainfall along with some wind gusting over 30 miles an hour as it continues to blow on shore. high temperatures today in most areas up in to the 30's before eventually tonight dropping back in to the single digits above and below zero. as cold as ten below in parts of the north country. maybe near 15 at the coast. extended forecast shows temperatures falling back. chilly day tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 30's. we'll see the light mix or light snow on wednesday give way to
5:51 am
wednesday night and thursday. temperatures will jump thursday afternoon only to fall back. next weekend looking partly sunny. there could be a few snow showers trying to slide in on sunday. erin: seems like the rain follows the snow. kevin: any time there's heavy precipitation it has been mostly in the rain form. erin: nasa is giving you a chance to send your artwork to outer space. things like drawings, photos, songs, and poems can be submitted to an asteroid on the new spacecraft. the probe will be the first to collect a sample of an asteroid and bring it back to earth in 2023. the artwork must be submitted by march 20th. to learn more head to if you are interested in sending your artwork out to space, see how people -- you know, what aliens think about it. sean: i don't know which one to pick. so many good poems. all right.
5:52 am
still to come, a winter tradition meets a spring sport. what people are taking part in snowmobile softball. that's going to be interesting. time for our u local hot shots. apparently the fox is not a big fan of having its picture take opinion it is a solitary fox.
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sean: a special event in mongolia is celebrating all things camel. the 14th neal annual camel festival is being held in the gobi desert. 300 camels and their owners turned out for the festival. this is where erin, i'm pretty sure, spent her weekend competing in the events like the 13.6 mile camel race. erin: they really go fast, don't they? kevin: that hat might be the only thing that would mess up her hair. sean: you are right.
5:56 am
go? erin: i arrived back from mongolia earlier today. an interesting competition that blended a popular spring sport with a winter tradition. snow and slush were flying in every direction at the snowmobile softball tournament. kevin: they describe the game as slow-pitched softball played on a snowmobile. >> as long as you don't smack your sled up. some of these have $10,000 sleds. you do that, you are in trouble. no strategy. same as softball, you run the bases with sleds. >> it is awesome. you've got to try it once. you'll get addicted to it. >> it is just a good time. people get out here, cabin fever, and get out and enjoy winter. kevin: there are fuels. people stay in the fields on the sleds turned off until the ball is hit. you have to wear a coat
5:57 am
this is akin to donkey basketball. erin: this is a new way to slide home. kevin: don't be the catcher getting in the way of that. sean: i have many questions about this. coming up, it is a proposal that's making a lot of people's skin crawl. officials in massachusetts want to make an island home to a particular species of rattlesnake. reporter: firefighters expected to be back here later today to try to figure out how that started. i'm andy hershberger with the story coming up.
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sean: now on "daybreak," investigators say the massive fire is being suspicious right now. a instrument is closed. erin: a robbery turned violent when the suspect started beating the clerk with a baseball bat. kevin: after a mild weekend we start cooling off today. the next system approaches ahead. sean: liberty utilities is reacting to another problem with a gas distribution plant in keene. the governor is pointing to an investigation. >> no one covers new


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