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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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accused of beating a store clerk with a baseball bat faces a judge. investigators are calling it one they' ve ever seen. plus, new details in that massive fire at a vacant building in goffstown, where just hours ago smoke was seen coming from the building again. kevin: cooler air with the sunshine and what that means when the next system approaches. erin: and six lives lost in michigan. what we are learning about the random shooting spree, allegedly by an uber driver. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 at noon.
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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] erin: right now this 22-year-old man is behind bars after police say he savagely beat a store clerk early sunday morning. good afternoon to you. i' m erin fehlau. police say the attack came during a robbery. and what shocked law enforcement was the brutality of the assault. wmur' s andy hershberger joins us now live from manchester with our top story this noon. andy: the prosecutor today said he has been in law enforcement for two decades and has rarely witnessed anything this violent good the 22-year-old faces several charges, including attended second-degree murder. police say it happened during a robbery at a store on maple street sunday morning. police say the clerk with savagely attacked, and assault reviewed by police on store surveillance that prosecutors called it deeply disturbing. >> the attack in this case was almost eight minutes in duration
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assault i personally witnessed. the clerk in this case was never comply with any of the demands. he was instantaneously attacked and beat with various objects, including fists, of a bat. andy: police say the victim suffered injuries to his head but is expected to recover bit the fact that the beating lasted so long helped police get to the scene and take the man into custody. >> it happened rapidly. once the officers showed up, the man was running out of the store and he immediately deployed his canine and the canine caught him seconds after he left the store. andy: he also faces charges of first-degree assault and robbery. >> i can tell you from personal experience that i witnessed on the video was as compelling a ve ever personally witnessed, and i' of homicides and other things career. andy: they' ll was set at three
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ll was set at three quarters of $1 million. andy hershberger, wmur news 9. erin: a derry man is under arrest, accused of assaulting a manchester police officer. dillon coleman from mcgarvey' s bar sunday night. coleman allegedly walked outside and stood in the middle of the street, swearing at officers. approach coleman, he was struck in the face. he faces several charges including disorderly conduct. also new today, a driver was caught driving north in the southbound lanes of the everett turnpike in nashua. with his two small children in the car. state police say 55-year-old angel rodriguez was driving close to 90 miles per hour last night, and troopers were finally able to stop him near exit 10 in merrimack. he refused to get out of the vehicle before allegedly assaulting officers and resisted arrest. this noon he is being held without bail. happening now, the investigation
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at a vacant building in goffstown is underway. again this morning smoke was rising from the building on mast road. wmur' s mike cronin spoke with investigators and joins us live from the scene with an update. mike? mike: almost 24 hours after the fire started, this afternoon the building is a pile of rubble. the fire was not active this morning but there were hotspots crews had to take care of. since then there have not been any issues could three-alarm blaze level the building. a chinese restaurant next door was damaged but firefighters saved the business. investigators reached out to the property owner, o' reilly auto parts. officials are trying to figure out what was inside the building and went the last time someone could have been inside. there were several explosions yesterday. the chief believes they were old
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s office come up with a cause. with of the magnitude of damage, it is unlikely we will have is a go evidence -- physical evidence left. >> very nice community. happy to stay here to open business. mike: the chinese restaurant is still without power and is waiting for a quote from the insurance company. as for the property of this one, o' reilly auto parts plant of to that' s my cronin, wmur -- mike cronin, wmur news 9. erin: a candia man, charged with arson, is facing a judge. is accused of setting fire to his home on hook road in candia last week. he is being held on $50,000 cash bail, pending his arraignment. this just into our newsroom, the salem is currently on administrative leave. police say 48-year-old jane
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mall at rockingham park friday. she was allegedly caught shoplifting nearly $600 worth of s. to avoid any potential conflicts, the salem police deparmtnet is seeking assistance from outside prosecutors. two unh students charged in a stabbing will face a judge. durham police say the victim was stabbed twice, but is stable. matthew gibbons of salem is charged with first degree charged with second degree assault and criminal liability. to our nation' s capital we go now, where governor maggie hassan is meeting with president obama to discuss the drug and opioid crisis. today is the final day of the national governor' s association winter meetings, where drugs have been a major topic of discussion. now, this is a live look from the white house. there have been 41 overdoses in manchester alone over the last
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new this noon, we are remembering former portsmouth mayor eileen foley, a highly respected and beloved member of the seacoast community, who passed away early this morning at the age of 97. foley was just five years old when she cut the ribbon on the memorial bridge, alongside her mother, who was mayor at the time. she cut it again 90 years later, when it was rebuilt. eileen foley had a long career as a public servant, serving eight terms as portsmouth' s mayor, and 7 as a state senator. portsmouth' s current mayor says city leaders are meeting to discuss how to best remember a woman who he calls the closest thing portsmouth has to royalty. she will be missed. coming up, random acts of violence. what we' ve learned about the michigan shooting suspect today. and the miracle behind one teen' s survival. encryption fight -- apple ceo tim cook' s latest message to his employees, and why thousands
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kevin: good deal with sunshine out there and the cooler air continuing to drain in, but the next storm system on the maps. what it brings with it, ahead. erin: in today' s "cook' s corner," we' ll show you how to cook up a tasty dish using ingredients from your local
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erin: the uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree in michigan is set to face a judge investigators won' t say what set him off, but we are hearing from the passengers he picked up between the alleged hits. here is abc' s elizabeth hur. elizabeth: six people dead, 2 injured, one suspect in custody, but so far no motive. according to police, the mayhem in michigan started f before 6:00 in the evening. a woman was shot several times. she survived it four hours later in his car dealership parking and killed. minutes later outside this cracker barrel restaurant, five people were shot, 4 of them died, including retired teacher
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selected at random. >> this is your worst nightmare. elizabeth: hours later, the custody without incident. police are looking into reports that she was working between shootings. this man who wish to remain anonymous said he was one of the customers. >> i jokingly said at him, "you are in the shooter, are you?" he said no. he said "i' m just really tired." elizabeth: this man spoke to him in our for the first shooting. >> coming through medians, speeding along, and once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> nothing in his background to indicate he was a problem. elizabeth: today police say they have new hope for the youngest victim, a 14-year-old girl initially believed to be brain-dead, but eventually managed to doctors two thumbs up. erin: remarkable.
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coverage, donald trump and hillary clinton are riding new waves of support this morning after picking up wins over the weekend. the gop pack is down to 5 contenders after jeb bush dropped out of the race on saturday. the republicans are spending today rallying in nevada, where the latest poll has trump leading by 26 points. tomorrow night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will hit the stage for a democratic town hall at the university of south carolina. apple ceo tim cook says the u.s. government should withdraw its demand that apple help the fbi hack a locked iphone used by a shooter in the san bernardino attack. in an early morning email to employees and an online post government' s claims that the company is acting out of business interests. right now, protestors are planning to rally in more than 30 cities to back apple tomorrow.
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fiji has increased to 18. winds from cyclone winston, which tore through fiji over the weekend, reached 177 miles per hour, making it the strongest storm in the southern hemisphere. right now, more than 6,000 residents are staying in emergency shelters. devastating with the weather has done out there. kevin: those types of storms in the pacific eventually have ramifications for our upper-level patterns going over, but they take about a week to 10 days to kick in around here. we will talk about the pattern come after it. erin: a lot going on in the it all coming up. idea? how you can make this tasty dish using local ingredients. and our u local hot shot. a sign of spring in meredith. looks like some flowers are trying to peak through the snow. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u local members by logging onto
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skarupa with your storm watch 9 forecast. kevin: temperatures jumping quickly. back into the upper range of the 30' s, closer to the shoreline the mid-30' s. upper 20' s as you go through the foothills hit low and mid 20' s through the north country. a lot of sunshine across the area. breeze. all in all, a nice afternoon out there. above zero. the wind chill at 25 below zero at the present time. bright sunshine for the afternoon. winds will lighten later on this evening and that will eventually will cooling. allows temperatures to freefall as heating from the date escapes directly up to space. that allows temperatures to drop back and a lot of locations. from there, the system increases cloud cover during the afternoon tomorrow.
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the first week see developer now in the mid-atlantic states. the rain itself comes as the second part of the system. temperatures warming nicely in a few spots. 40 degrees in southeastern areas. in the north country, likely into the mid-20' s. there were a few spots down into the single digits overnight. likely their five and 10, 12 below overnight. is noticeable going at 15 miles an hour. temperatures are ranging anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. the cooling process continues. this time of year. glancing blow from the arctic air which will continue to shove northeast and every thing with the next weather system skews eventually milder as it comes through. 2 pieces to the system. the first is after the clearer skies tonight and increasing
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and then the system approaches later on probably during the evening hours tomorrow. marginally cold enough. starts a little bit of snow. could be a light coating. a lot of that falling during the evening and overnight hours before wrapping up early wednesday morning. from there, little bit of a break during the daylight hours wednesday. this area of rain makes its way in late wednesday night and early thursday. heavier downpours are a possibility unlikely i' ll is in the form of rain, maybe in parts of the north country, little bit the lion share of this is rain s s. heavier rainfall pulls away. s for most. lots of sunshine. 20' s in the north country. cooler afternoon. cooler tomorrow after a chilly night tonight. in the warming trend with light mix showers snow showers on wednesday. especially thursday morning, before pulling away, temperatures fading back close to the average and a good-looking weekend with a
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s head to "cook' s corner." erin: even though it is winter time you can find farmers markets out there and there is one in concord and you can find harry weiser from hackleboro orchards. you were paying attention to kevin' s forecast. how is looking for the orchards? harry: nice, good weather to be outside. erin: you have all these apples. how do keep the apples? harry: cold storage and we keep them in there and hopefully as the season progresses, they deteriorate more and more. some varieties keep their firmness. erin: which ones do it the best? harry: the honey crisp and the of the best. salad today. what are you making a second apples? harry: date and sliced almonds and california addressing. worcestershire sauce, olive oil, lime juice.
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we should mention you are located in canterbury. harry: yes, off orchard road in canterbury. erin: can people pick their own there? harry: oh, yesterday mid august, -- oh, yes. mid-august, pick your own. and we do blueberries and field crops because nowadays we have to they were is right to stay alive --we have to diversify to stay alive. erin: i see. tell us about the farmers market. harry: open every saturday, 10:00 to 2:00. it is really nice market. a whole bunch of vendors -- just going to put these in here. meets, greens -- the greenhouse growers this year are hitting it are so warm. beautiful green spinaches, the market. about half a cup of sliced almonds there. about a cup of dates.
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harry: so, yeah, you can get fresh breads, cheeses. erin: just everything. harry: all kinds of artisans with great local new hampshire products. the special california addressing. erin: what is in there beside the little bit of oil, you said? harry: worcestershire sauce, oil, lime juice, rated line to go in there. erin: that is great. up. platter right there. erin: as you say, there was work to be done there any orchards this time of year. harry: all the orchards, looking for the nice, sunny days to get out and enjoy it and clean the trees of and get them ready for another year, something that should be done every year. we try to get everything done, but doesn' t always work. [laughter] erin: well, harry, thank you so much. you can find him at the farmers market their in concord. thanks so much. alex great.
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erin: here' s one way to wake up. the toronto zoo posted this adorable video of giant panda da . according to the zoo, he woke up to see the snow and got excited. decided to do a little rolling around in it. pandas liking the snow. snow. we are getting is mainly rain. as the at times wednesday night into thursday. bill cosby' s wife is expected to answer questions today in a defamation lawsuit against the comedian, filed by women who say
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>> hey, everybody. you are in for a treat today, because we' ve scoured the country to find the biggest film buffs alive and brought them here to play a special all-movie version of our game. that' s right. it' s movie week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] hello, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for movie week? [cheers and applause] this is gonna be a lot of fun. our first contestant says his religion is movies and having been to the movie theater 250 times in the past year alone, he needs the million just so he can keep worshipping the art. from coventry, rhode island, please welcome devon decker.


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