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tv   News 9 at Five  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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director is on leave after being arrested for shoplifting. good evening, i'm jean mackin. tom: and i'm tom griffith. police say that jane savastano was caught with nearly a dozen items take friend the mall at rockingham park. jean: heather hamel is live now with more on how the town is tonight moving to check its own accounts just in case. reporter: you the items that she allegedly stole totaled about $600, and news of her arrest really did shock the town manager and he says it prompted him to start an investigation of his own. >> devastating. it's not news you want to get on a friday afternoon. reporter: the town administrator is talking about the call he received about jane savastano, the town finance director. goodwin says she was an her lunch break when police arrested her and charged her with shoplifting, she was caught outside the macy's at rockingham park, with nearly a dozen items
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>> we moved swiftly to place her on leave. >> she's not available. reporter: do you have anything you'd like to say? according to the town manager, savastano has been the finance director since april 2005 and makes approximately $118 a year. goodwin says to his knowledge she's always been a good employee. she manages accounts, monitors revenue and spending, so he says they will be doing an audit. >> it's a public job, and we want to make sure that the public has their trust in us. reporter: savastano was released on bail and will in court in april. tom: right now a robbery suspect who police say beat a manchester convenience store clerk for eight minute is in jail being held on high bail. police say the length of the
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they were able to catch up to him. shelley walcott arrive from circuit court where the suspect and before a judge today. shelley: in court today police testified that this is one of the most vicious attacks that they've ever seen. 22-year-old gedeon karasi faces several charges including attempted second degree murder. he savagely attackedded a clerk at a convenience store, police showed up while the suspect was running out. a k9 was deployed and caught up to him several minutes later. the attack was caught on surveillance. prosecutors say it is deeply disturbing. >> the attack in this case was almost eight minutes in duration, sir, it was one of the most brutal assaults that i've personally witnessed, judge. the clerk in this case was never even given an opportunity to comply with any of the demands, he was instantaneously attacked
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include fists, a bat. shelley: and karasi, bail was set at $750,000. the good news is the clerk is expected to survive his injuries. i'm shelley walcott, wmur news 9. jean: thanks. we do have new developments tonight in the investigation of a natural gas scare in keene. the report ordered by governor hassan now has to take into account a second incident this weekend. suzanne roantree is joining us live with that story. reporter: liberty utility officials say a power surge caused an air blower to shut down, causing an improper mixture of propane to enter the system. it the second time this has happened and right now, although they've added a 24-7 monitoring system, they cannot guarantee it won't happen again. back in december the propane emergency affected more than 120 customers, at least five keene residents were treated for carbon monoxide, and it took at
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on sunday the problem affected only one customer and it was fixed in just seven minutes. but tonight they say plans to convert the keene plant from propane to natural gas may be put on the fast track to eliminate this issue altogether. >> this incident may allow us to accelerate those plans, and switch to a different fuel. a foul that won't require a blower. reporter: the state public utilities commission has already begun investigating the december incident. another new development tonight, they say they'll add this weekend's problems to the investigation and report. live in the studio, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: tonight investigators still trying to determine what started that massive fire in goffstown yesterday. earlier today smoke was still rising from the building. mike cronin live from goffstown with an update on the investigation for us tonight. mike? reporter: that old building on mass road is now a pile of
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spots early this porn, but firefighter put them out quickly. tonight there is no visible damage inside of the chinese restaurant. but it's a different story on the outside. on sunday this massive fire came within feet of destroying north garden, which has been in goffstown for 23 years. >> when you were standing outside and you're watching this right next to your business, what's going through your mind? >> scary, of course. reporter: an eversource crew restored power to the restaurant, she's waiting for a quote from her insurance company to fix the damage. >> very lucky. the firefighters did a very good job. they really saved my place. reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked the three-alarm fire. >> with the magnitude of damage physical evidence left. reporter: the chief believes old fuel and row pain tanks caused
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he's trying to reach oh reilly auto parts. >> to determine the condition of the building at the time of the fire and the last time somebody could have been in the building. reporter: the building was most reasonly a sign company but has been vacant for two years. according to town documents in january of 2015 o'reilly submitted plans to build a 7,000 square foot auto parts store. the town accepted the proposal, but construction never began. as, she's thankful for the support. >> we got e-mail, phone calls to say hey, how are you, so a very nice community. we're very happy to stay here. reporter: the chs restaurant had to be evacuated expwreft one of the workers there is also a goffstown firefighters, so he quickly put on his gear along with the other firefighters and helped to keep that fire from spreading to the chinese restaurant.
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tom: the candia man accused of setting his house on fire will be back in court next week. today a judge ordered him held on $50,000 cash bail, charged with felony arson after his home on hook road caught fire on friday. jean: in commitment 2016 coverage, two republican rivals are turning on each other. and today one of them fired a top campaign aide. let's go to sally kidd in our washington bureau. reporter: a cruz campaign shakeup. >> skied for rick timer's resignation. reporter: ted cruz says his national spokesman tweeted out a misleading video about marco rubio sunday, falsely accusing rubio of making a negative comment with the bible. >> turned out the news story he sent around was false. but even if it was true, we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. reporter: earlier rubio blasted
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>> it's every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that is deceptive and untrue. reporter: after his win in south carolina -- >> let's put this thing away. reporter: polls show trumps favored to win nevada where republicans caucus tuesday. ohio governor john kasich won the endorsement of former homeland security director tom ridge. >> i'm in the john kasich lane. reporter: next up for the democrats, the south carolina primary. >> i am so thrilled. reporter: hillary clinton fresh off a win in nevada has a strong lead in palmetto state polls. meantime bernie sanders campaigned in sumter, south carolina before heading to massachusetts where a new emerson poll shows a dead heat between sanders and clinton ahead of the state's super tuesday primary.
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moving out there in traffic. tom: peggy james joins us live with a look at the evening commute. >> hi, tom and jean. a lot of families on vacation this week, we're seeing lighter volume. it is very busy on 93 northbound coming up from massachusetts. once you get across the border it's a good ride, you're cruising all the way to manchester on 93. no trouble on 293 in either direct. the bow junction is getting a bit congested on 89 south. also 93 north from the time you get to 393 and then you start moving again past that stretch in concord. nothing unusual on 101 west bound or the everett turnpike and it's an easy ride to and from the seacoast. from the wzid traffic network, i'm peggy james. tom: we have much more ahead tonight, including the latest on the tram that stranded skiers high above the ground, when it
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mike: a classic winter chill tonight. jean: also ahead, apple's c.e.o. reaches out to employees in the tech company's fight against a court order to unlock a terrorist's iphone. tom: at 5:30, a mayor wants a safe space for hoirn users to inject the drug, how he plans to get around the state legislature. jean: and governor hassan shares her conversation with president obama about how to address the
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tom: the supreme court is back in session for the first time since the death of justice scalia. the late justice's chair remains draped in black, that will stay in place until next month when justices will switch seats based on their seniority. today chief justice robert shared some brief remarks about scalia saying he will be missed beyond measure. the justices heard arguments in two cases today, one having to do with v.a. contracts, the other examining ways of collecting police evidence. jean: jury selection is under way in the trial involving sport reporter erin andrews, from a case in 2008 where a man admitted to rigging peep holes at a national hotel and filming
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andrews is suing the franchise owner and the manager for $ 75 million. she accuses the luxury hotel of negligence. barrett plead guilty to a stalking charge in 2009. the clock is ticking for appear tomorrow respond to a mandated court order. the tech giant has until friday to help the f.b.i. hack into a locked iphone as part of the san bernardino terrorism investigation. apple's c.e.o. tim cook says it violates customer privacy. he sent an e-mail to staff this morning thanking them for their support. tom: six counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder, those are the charges against a michigan man tonight who police say admitted to a string of of deadly shootings. elizabeth hur reports that jason dalton continued working as an unioner driver in between the attacks. reporter: jason dat on the, a 45-year-old man with no previous
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with six murders. the uber driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge by video. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time? >> i would prefer to remain silent. >> there was a search warrant executed at his house, there was evidence recovered there. reporter: for the victims' families, condolences from president obama. president obama: you've got families who are shattered today. reporter: uber confirming dalton passed a background check. in all, dalton stand accused of shooting eight people at three different locations in kalamazoo, michigan on saturday, killing six and injuring two. dalton reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings. >> driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. reporter: matt says he called
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with dalton, that was about an hour before the first shooting. and this man, who asked that we don't identify him, says he was one of dalton's customers during the rampage. >> half heartedly got in and are you? and he said no. reporter: dalton's family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they affected. march 3. jean: new details on the tram at cannon mountain that got stuck, repairs are under way. cannon now hopes to have the trams working again by this saturday. eight days ago those two trams got stuck and dozens of passenger has to repel to the -- rappel to the ground. this year's snow sculpting competition in jackson is now canceled because of a lack of snow. it was already postponed once this winter. the local chamber of commerce
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cross country and alpine skiing. tom: the weather is also challenging ice fishermen. men traditional spots for fishing aren't safe right now. it's a far cry from this time last winter. josh judge has the dramatic comparisons. josh: we all remember last winter, it was snow after snow after more snow and lots of cold as well. check out these scenes from a year ago. we were having to shovel snow off roofs, there were icicles, it was very cold and there was snow everywhere, and that's still fresh in our memories. the numbers from last year, here's a timeline of january and february, and all the snow that we saw. storm after storm, sometimes day after day, three, four, five, six, seven inches in one day and another the next day. january and february were very full of snow. now we'll compare that to this
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february, sure, there have been a number of events, but a lot less and each of those events a lot less snow than what we saw last year. so when we take the numbers and compile them, last year on this date we had had 84.2 inches of snow. this year on this date be 23.8. and that is not only below last year, it's also below the average of 44.6 for this date and time. of course now everybody wants to know will there be any more snow and there's a few chances for some things going on, right? mike: that's right. our live web cam network, you see where that snow is right now, a top mount washington, this is our view from conway, and overall it a quiet day again, we saw lots of sunshine and why not head up over 6,000 feet up and take a look at mount washington from the summit, there you can see quite a bit of no there. a lot of the valleys have seen that as to melting in a big way over the past few days.
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last four, we've seen temperatures not only above average but way above the norm. but the cooler air is beginning to roll in and that does give us a snow chance beginning later tomorrow and tomorrow night. very light. dusting, maybe an inch at best, but you get the idea we are cooling down. zero over 6,000 feet up atop mount washington, 20's up north, then you get into the 30's, anywhere from the lakes region points south, running right at the average for this time of year. but much cooler than it was at this hour last night. on other of about 8 to 13, 14 degrees colder. so we certainly feel that chill out there, but again it's seasonably so. later on tonight, however, it gets mighty chilly, sub-zero in the great north woods. 10 or 11 around the lakes region, 7 or 2348 tupper valley and about 10 to 15 degrees elsewhere. maybe a little above that along the immediate coastline. we do have the cold air building in, it will be stubborn to leave later tomorrow night into wednesday and thursday, so when
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hitting the south, looks like we'll go through that transition from snow over to freezing rain and eventually over to rain. mostly on the light side through early wednesday, but as we go through the day on wednesday, that cold air may not retreat out of here quickly enough, so we could see light freezing rain on and off into wednesday night. tonight, clear skies, patchy low clouds try to build in along the coast in southern parts of the state, towards the morning commute tomorrow, but it should be dry. thicker clouds in the afternoon with a few flurries for the evening commute. the first wave of moisture should scoot off to our south but then more light snow and snow shower activity develops later tomorrow evening through morning. then after that time graham -- build. freezing rain could continue on and off through wednesday morning, even through the daylight hours of wednesday, and wednesday evening. that's when the heavier rain
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stop this at about 10 or 11:00, still some elements of pink here on radar, on future cast, that means that potential for more freezing rain in a few spots before it's all over to rain and those temperatures jump, for one day, on thursday. chilly tonight. sub-zero north. teens along the coast. single dinl toits near 10, 11, 12 elsewhere. tomorrow night into wednesday morning any light snow will change to light freezing rain. it's on and off like that for wednesday and then heavier rain wednesday night, thursday morning. 50 on thursday. then right back into the cool air. jean: thanks, mike. there's a stern warning tonight for anyone selling hoverboards. tom: up next, there's no such thing as a safe model.
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jean: one day after dartmouth became the latest university to ban hoverboards, government officials are now telling retailers to pull them off the shelves. tom: none of of the devices may% actually meet safety standards.
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hottest gift be headed toward extinction? major retailers are responding to the stunning announcement that no hoverboard is certified as safe. and they are out there in droves. at one point e bay said it was sell a hoverboard every 12 second. but we all saw those videos, dozens of injuries coast to coast, and those fires. the cpsc citing 52 hoverboard fires in over 24 states, totaling some $2 million in damages. this home burned to the ground flames. some flaming those lithium ion batteries from china, but still no firm proof. >> it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know do not comply with the standard. reporter: the cpsc telling retailers hoverboards currently on the market may be subject to recalls, and consumers should ask for full refunds for those already sold. if the boards are not certified
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toys r us now taking hoverboards completely off its website. amazon had already been offering full refunds. and stopping all sales. tom: the hoverboards are sceked to dozens -- connected to dozens of injuries and 52 fires, those incidents are still under investigation. jean: straight ahead tonight, getting red carpet ready require is a lot more than fashion advice, what the stars are doing right now to make sure they look their best for sunday's academy awards. tom: could coffee really balance out the damage that alcohol does to your liver? you'll want to hear about in new study. jean: now to our u local hot shot, this is a beautiful photograph of golden glow when the sunshine breaks through the
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>> wrong way driving, now at 5:30 police say a man was speeding up the wrong lanes of a busy interstate, with children in the car. mike: quiet for now, but the
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starting tomorrow night. tom: camille cosby faces lawyers for the first time in a case against her husband. jean: a wrong way driver on the everett turnpike reportedly swerving at the vehicles, trying to get out of his way. welcome back, i'm jean mackin. tom: i'm tom griffith. some harrowing moments last night for drivers as police say they tried to get a van traveling at a high rate of speed to pull over. jean: adam sexton is live tonight in the area where they made the stop and the arrest. reporter: yes, jean and tom, the state police made not too far from exit 10 here in merrimack. but it wasn't over even then as police say the suspect began fighting them.
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drivers heading south on the everett turnpike in nashua and merrimack last night, as a van came barreling toward them at a high rate of speed. >> at times the vehicle appeared to swerve at other vehicles as northbound. reporter: state and local police moved quickly to intercept the mercury villager van calling the situation extremely dangerous. they managed to stop the driver, angel rodriguez. >> officers were able to position themselves in front of the vehicle as it traveled northbound and he did stop for them. reporter: but that wasn't the end of it, as rodriguez jumped out of the van to confront the first officer on scene, then got back behind the wheel. >> a second officer arrived and noted that there were two small children in the vehicle. at one point they became concerned that he might try and start the car again. they eventually used physical force to remove him from the vehicle. reporter: while rodriguez was combative, police say there was
5:32 pm
charges. officers credit the quick arrest to team work. >> it's a case of all the local agencies, state police, ourselves, all working together, all being able to communicate and avoiding what could have been a tragedy. reporter: mr. row trying easy is charged with felony reckless conduct, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, assault on a police officer and other charges. jean: a suspicious device someone saw on a londonderry street today turned out the be part a toy. they noticed something odd and called police, the area was shut down for about 20 minutes as a precaution. a bomb squad member realized the object posed no danger. and this man is facing burglary charges after the homeowner
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they found tobiah scott of manchester hiding in his home and called 911. scott tried to escape, but the homeowner tried to stop him from leaving. police say they were wrestling when they arrived. tom: a mayor in upstate new york wants to create the first super advised heroin injection facility in the u.s. let's en to this, already being tried in canada and europe. the sites provide trained nurses to watch over drug users without fear of getting arrested, it's ithaca's mayor says if new york state declares a heroin epidemic and they declare it a health crisis, city leaders won't need the legislature's approval to test ideas like this. an atkinson couple arrested for growing marijuana now facing fewer charges. prosecutors are dropping all charges against valerie zarada and a charge that her husband robert intended to sell the pot. he has tongue cancer and says he was growing the plants to ease his pain.
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charge to go forward, so we appreciate the state's consideration of the facts of the indication. we appreciate too their consideration of his medical condition, and we're looking forward to continuing conversations in superior court to resolve the manufacturing charge, in an appropriate way, based on his medical condition. tom: he told news 9 he had seven pounds of marijuana in his home because he planned on cooking it rather than smoking it. jean: right now camille cosby is
5:35 pm
lawyers argue that camille cosby do not have, does not have any information in the case. the women alleged that bill cosby defamed them as liars. he has filed a countersuit. today another attempt was made to obtain the case fire from a pennsylvania lawsuit involving former temple university employee andrea constand. the argument is that bill cosby shouldn't be allowed to keep a secret veil over the civil case which ended in a confidential settlement. constand's complaint is the only one that has led to criminal charges. cosby is due for a preliminary hearing in this case on march 8. jennifer vaughn, wmur news 9. jean: there's an urgent warning tonight over certain types of flooring. tom: up next why people who bought certain materials at lumber liquidators are more at risk than they thought. mike:
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tom: there's your video of the closing bell provided by the new york stock exchange. look at that, another update for a monday on wall street, dow jones average up 228. things moving along on the markets pretty good. and gas prices nationwide now at a buck 71. i paid 1.58 today. jean: i knew that was coming. how about this, low gas prices are fueling a driving record in the u.s. americans covered 3.1 trillion miles in their vehicles last year. that beats the previous record of 3 trillion, that was set back in 2007 before the recession led to a dropoff in driving. a new health warning sent the price of lumber liquidators stock plummeting today.
5:40 pm
kind of laminate flooring were three times more likely to get estimated. the changes come from a correction to the measure motor for the homes with the flooring this them which had high levels of formaldehyde. they are offering free air quality tests. you'll soon have to spend more at starbucks to wrack up your reward points. in april they won't give as many reward points to people who buy inexpensive drinks. right now you get one star for each transaction, but the new system will based reward on how much money you spend. jean: india's newest automobile will now be talled the tiago, the car was originally dubbed the zica, but the outbreak of the zika virus prompted them to look for a new name. tom: there are plenty of reasons
5:41 pm
but one woman couldn't hold back when her dream came true. jean: it's great video, you need to see the rest of this white house visit when we come back. tom: a pair of track star have solid races at a huge meet. then at 6:00. >> you can't sum her up in a few words. jean: portsmouth says good-bye to a woman who represented the seacoast city her entire life.
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tom: when it comes to your liver, coffee could offset the damage done by too much alcohol. a new study says two cups of coffee a day could cut your chances of alcohol letted cirrhosis nearly in half. cirrhosis blocks blood flow tour liver. this study indicates that coffee could help restore that circulation. in the u.s., alcoholism is the second most common cause of cirrhosis. jean: the oscars air this sunday here on wmur. tonight celebrities are counting calories and sweating through workouts designed to make them picture perfect on the red carpet. abby takes us inside one of those exercise sessions. reporter: stars sizzling on the red carpet. and what's the secret behind our
5:45 pm
hollywood trainer jeannette knows. >> the hollywood trainer. reporter: training some of nottest bods in hollywood. pushing her a-list clientele to tone up fast. >> we hit everything, we do cardio, we do sculpting and we take everything up a level. really reach through those arms. reporter: in the three to six weeks leading up to the red carpet, her celebrity clients work out every day for an average of two hours. >> most of the time the women under gowns and their arms are open, so i make sure that i hit those arms and the upper body. reporter: like this exercise targeting the appears and upper back. jeannette says the row and fly is a celebrity favorite and it works. >> does pink do this? >> she sure does. she does whatever i tell her. reporter: another secret, nutrition.
5:46 pm
so no more processed foods, no sugars. reporter: but her best advice beyond hitting the gym, confidence. >> my number one thing is absolutely never no self hate. you have to love yourself. mike: weather wise fairly nice today, temperatures a little lower than yesterday but dry, a lot of sun and temperatures still running a couple notches above the norm. right now to our live web cam network in dublin where skies are mostly fair, a few high quiet. quite a few changes are coming in over the next few days, as an unsettled stretch does develop. tomorrow night. not a lot, but just enough to make it slick on area roads and that will develop during the
5:47 pm
through the overnight, and untreated surfaces will be slick right through later tomorrow night and wednesday. once we go over to steadier light rain at the coast on wednesday, it mate be a struggle to get much above temperatures you see right now during the daylight hours of wednesday. so a little light rain will continue and you may see a few spots hanging onto a touch of freezing rain. right now it's dry, between 0 and 35 in many spots. colder in the monadnock region. lake sunapee stretch, upper 20's and low 30's. good part of the lakes region showing similar temperatures as well from northfield to franklin. farther north it is mighty cold, upper teens, lower 20's, but notice along the canadian border down to 9. pittsburg heading for sub-zero during the overnight stretch. so maybe as much as eight, nine,
5:48 pm
north woods. elsewhere below zero. 10 or 11 above at the shore of the lakes. seven on average the the upper valley. you get closer to the coast, about 16 or 17 will do it. speaking of the coast, we'll be watching early tomorrow as the wind begin to turn more on shore, for some patchy low cloud to develop. that could trigger a few scattered flurries during the day. a good part of tuesday should be dry. most of the storminess remains to our south, so most of the precipitation holds off until tomorrow night. the clouds begin to creep in from south to north during the day tomorrow. but it should be mostly dry, a few flurries can't be ruled out by the evening commute. steadier light snow will begin to develop tuesday night, a dusting, inch, inch and a half, and notice as warm air moves in it goes over to rain at the
5:49 pm
primarily snow showers up north on wednesday. then occasional light rain and freezing rain, and heavier rain for wednesday night into early thursday. could still be pockets of freezing rain, we're going to watch out for that, i'm not anticipating a major icing event. however we'll be watching the temperatures closely later wednesday night into early thursday. snow showers in the wake of that thursday night early friday and a fairly quiet saturday and sunday. so a lot of changes. jean: thanks, mike. a visit to the white house will make you smile almost as much as the woman did in this video. 106-year-old virginia was so excited to meet president obama and the first lady, she started dancing, they joined in. she says she has waited her entire life to see an african-american president in the white house.
5:50 pm
>> we are happy to have you. (inaudible) tom: she was at the white house for a black history month event. jean: she is great. tom: yes. an interesting competition was held in wisconsin over the weekend that blended a popular spring sport with a winter tradition. jean: it is the snowmobile softball tournament. organizers describe the game as slow pitch softball while you maneuver a snowmobile. fielders turn their sleds off, that is until the ball is hit. then there is an all out race to get on base. >> no strategy, same as softball, you just run the bases. jean: there are some rules here, fielders have to keep their sleds turned off and all the participants have to wear some hats and gloves. jamie: bruins and celtics coming off weekend wins and they are night.
5:51 pm
at the minnesota towards. bruins are on their home ice ready to play the blue jackets at 7:00. >> after the second or third period of the dallas game looked like a different team out there. we played a heavy game, and i think if we bring that to the next game it will be huge for us. >> at 6:00 we'll take to you fort myers, great baseball weather from the exprks we'll hear from dustin pedroia at 6:00. a couple of track stars competing in new york, portsmouth's eric jenkins ran a place. he graduated from oregon last spring, runs professionally in oregon for nike. abby d'agostino finished 60'sth in the 5k, they both have a great chance at making the u.s. olympic team this summer. good to see them on national tv. tom: up next, service dogs to
5:52 pm
jean: but people taking advantage of service dog laws have some states reconsidering. there is some snow in the forecast. also a store clerk is hospitalized after a brutal beating during an attempted robbery. the suspect is in custody, but why you won't see the surveillance video. and a salem town official on administrative leave tonight, we'll tell you what she was allegedly caught doing at the
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tom: several states are reviewing proposals to require certification for service animals. the current rules make it too easy to sneak untrained animals into places where they don't belong, creating a backlash that hurts people with real disabilities. maine is one of the states reviewing the laws. panicked moments for an ohio woman who realized her dog wandered onto the pond and fell through the ice. jean: that was the moment that they were loaded into an ambulance. body cams on the rescue workers showed the whole thing. the dogs were treading water for
5:56 pm
could reach them. their owner now plans to put up an electric fence to keep her pets from getting into the pond. tom: and a familiar face is on the list of the favorite dog breeds, labrador retrievers are null one for the 25th year in a row. german shepherd second, followed by golden retrievers. other breeds are becoming more popular, particularly the french bulldog, now the sixth most popular breed. face. we love them all, though. tom: yes, we do. thank you for joining us tonight. what's all this nonsense
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it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals? well, they come with a lot of deal breakers. like when you leave the city the signal goes weak. u.s. cellular built a network to give you a stronger signal where the other guys don't. and as for deals? how's $300 back for every line you switch? $300! no ball nonsense. get $300 per line and a stronger signal,
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>> he was instantaneously attacked and beat with various objects. tom: tonight this man is charged with beating a local clerk and
5:59 pm
the most brutal assaults they've ever seen. >> arrested and off the job, the charges this fbs director faces right now after a trip to the mall. mike: dry for now, but eventually snow, ice and rain move in, a timeline ahead. tom: massive flames and smoke seen from miles away. tonight we go inside the business next-door that firefighters in goffstown saved. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now wmur news 9 at 6:00. tom: right now the man accused of savagely beating a manchester store clerk is behind bars. facing an attempted murder charge. good evening, new hampshire, i'm tom griffith him jennifer: i'm jennifer vaughn. police say this was one of the worst attacks they've ever seen. it is our top story tonight at 6:00. shelley walcott is live with more. reporter: jen and tom, this store clerk's beating was actually captured on surveillance video, but it's so graphic that police decided not to share it.
6:00 pm
arrest in this case. in circuit court today, prosecutors describe the saf vanl attack on a clerk. >> the attack was almost eight minutes in duration, it was one of the most brutal assaults i've witnessed, judge, the clerk in this case was never given an opportunity to comply with any demands, he was beat with various objects to include fists, a bat. reporter: but they say the fact the beating lasted so long actually helped police get to the scene and arrest the suspect. >> it happened rapidly. once the officer showed up the male was running out of the store, he immediately deployed his k9 and the k9 caught him second after he left the store. reporter: 22-year-old gedeon karasi was charged with attempted murder, also first degree assault and robbery. >> i can tell you from personal experience that what i witnessed


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