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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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arrest in this case. in circuit court today, prosecutors describe the saf vanl attack on a clerk. >> the attack was almost eight minutes in duration, it was one of the most brutal assaults i've witnessed, judge, the clerk in this case was never given an opportunity to comply with any demands, he was beat with various objects to include fists, a bat. reporter: but they say the fact the beating lasted so long actually helped police get to the scene and arrest the suspect. >> it happened rapidly. once the officer showed up the male was running out of the store, he immediately deployed his k9 and the k9 caught him second after he left the store. reporter: 22-year-old gedeon karasi was charged with attempted murder, also first degree assault and robbery. >> i can tell you from personal experience that what i witnessed
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a scene as i've ever personally witnessed. i've seen videos of homicides and other things over the course of my 20 years. reporter: on february 9, an armed assailant entered the store, but a different clerk refused to has been over any money and that suspect ran away. the clerk assaulted yesterday is expected to recover. >> the clerk is in stable condition, he is at a local hospital, i believe they kept him overnight to monitor his progress based on the injuries he sustained. reporter: that's the good news. karasi's bail was set at $750,000. he'll be back in court in march. shelley walcott, wmur news 9. tom: tonight the salem finance director is oned aminute straight straightive leave after police say she was caught stealing from macey's and a town official tells us it allegedly happened during her lunch break. heather hamel is live tonight with this story for us.
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shocked by the news. jane savastano has worked as the finance director in salem for more than a decade, and just to be safe they are now taking a close look at their books. police say savastano walked out of the macy's friday with eleven items totaling just under $600, according to the town manager savastano has always been a good employee and she makes more than $118,000 a year. he says no one expected something like this and given her role as the town's finance director they will be doing a forensic audit just to be safe. >> we feel for her and her family, it's time, but again we need to do what's right for the organization and the community, the taxpayers. and we need to protect our trust. reporter: we stopped by savastano's home, her husband said they have no comment. she's out on bail with a court date in april. heather hamel, wmur news 9. jennifer: new tonight after its second propane emergency in two months, liberty utilities says it cannot guarantee the problem
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they have put into place a new monitoring system to respond quickly and now say they may move up their timeline to switch from propane to natural gas. suzanne roantree live with the details on this. >> this weekend's propane emergency in keene started with a power surge. and that caused an air blower to shut down and that affected the mix of pro point and air flowing into the distribution system. this is the second time a surge has caused an issue the the last two months. back in december, the propane emergency, which took at least 17 hours to fix affected more than 120 customers and at least five keene residents were exposure. on sunday, the problem was fixed in just seven minutes with only one customer reporting troubles. liberty utilities officials credit tim proved response time to new procedures where they now staff the facility 24-7.
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on sunday, the system did switch to what we call our low pressure mode, which allows the system to run without those blowers, safely. reporter: liberty utilities bought the keene plant a little over a year ago. that's time there were plans to convert the plant from propane to natural gas. >> this incident may allow us to accelerate those plans, and switch to a different fuel. a fuel that won't require a blower. reporter: the change would eliminate any chance of another pro point emergency to lubbity customers in keene. right now the company cannot guarantee the problem won't happen again, since they don't know why power surges are occurring that lead to the gas mixing issue. on sunday governor hassan said she wanted the p.u.c. to include sunday's events in keene, in its report looking at the events leading up to december's propane emergency. >> the investigation is ongoing, we'll incorporate this latest event into our investigation, and expect a report to be issued by march 31.
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p.u.c. say that liberty utilities has given them all the information they requested so they can complete their report, and no delays are expected. live in the newsroom, suzanne roantree, wmur news 9. tom: right now the search is on for what sparked that massive fire in goffstown over the weekend. this is exclusive video of the battle they fought and also what is left of that building today. mike cronin live at the scene tonight with more on the impact this fire is having on one nearby business. mike? reporter: that's right, tom. north garden chinese restaurant is right next-door and it may have looked like this, had firefighters not been successful in containing yesterday's fire. this afternoon eversource restored power to that restaurant, but the owner says she's waiting for her insurance company to assess the building's exterior damage. as for the fire, officials are still trying to determine a cause because of the extensive damage they say there probably won't be any physical evidence left.
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a hold of oh reilly's auto parts which owns the property. >> to determine what exactly was in the building at the time of fire and the condition of the building at the time of the fire. and last time somebody could have been in the building. >> very lucky. all i can say the firefighter did very good job. and they really saved my place. reporter: according to town documents in january of 2015, they submitted plans to build a 7,000 square foot auto parts store. the town accepted the proposal, but construction never began. live in goffstown, mike cronin, wmur news 9. jennifer: governor hassan is calling the national governors meeting productive and constructive. and some of the discussion centered on the opioid epidemic we're battling here in new hampshire. president obama addressed the governors today as the meeting wrapped up. governor hassan says she had the chance to work with other new england governors to push for new protocols for doctors who
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>> we can't afford not to address this issue. we all as governors are faced with it, we are all very concerned about the impact it's having not only on our families, our, the individuals who are faced with addiction and their families, but it's having a significant impact on our work force and therefore on our economy. jennifer: the governors also discussed stopping the spread of the zika virus. tom: still to come tonight. >> she was compassionate and she was everywhere. tom: remembering a beloved figure in portsmouth politics. jennifer: and we look back at it a winter that wouldn't quit. mike: after a sunny cool monday, a clear and cold night will follow. jamie: and we take to you the red sox workout on a beautiful
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tom: tonight honoring the memory of a portsmouth ledge end whose name is synonymous with compassion and community service. jennifer: eileen foley passed away this morning, five days shy of her 98th birthday. she served eight terms as mayor, seven as state senator, but is remembered as so much more. jennifer crompton joins us now from portsmouth city hall. reporter: eileen foley is a name of great honor in new hampshire, but especially in these parts. the city council chambers are named for her, and the
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her a woman of impeccable character who devoted her life to the people of portsmouth with great love, dignity, respect and compassion. the footage is vintage portsmouth. little eileen dondero at 5 years old, cutting the ribbon on the memorial bridge in portsmouth in 1923, and again in 2013 at 95. spanning the years, eileen foley lived a life of public service that is legendary. city hall chambers named in her honor where foley served 16 years as mayor, 12 on the school board and seven materials as state senator. >> you can't sum her up in a few words. she was funny, compassionate, and she was everywhere. reporter: jack is a close family friend and the new mayor, who feels her spirit in their office overlooking her beloved city. >> she was always available, she
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having lunch, she was at your grandmother's funeral, she was singing irish songs at the press room, she was traveling. she was just almost like the mother superior of portsmouth. reporter: above all a loving mother and grandmother, and a deeply admired friend to so many. >> she was a gifted human being. she had an ability to connect with people, to understand their concerns, to empathize with them. reporter: city attorney bob sullivan calls her magical. >> the city is a better place and will always be a better place, because she was here. reporter: it wasn't just local people that sought out eileen foley's respect and advice. it was presidential contenders too and she treated them all
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had her family and the city are working on arrangements at this hour, so they're not complete yet. but it is very possible that calling hours for eileen foley will be held right here in the city council chambers that she blessed for so many years and that are named in her honor. jennifer crompton, wmur news 9. tom: a true icon. thanks for filling us in on that. weather wise, what's up? mike: here we go with the changes, we had a nice quiet
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tom: take a look at this video from one year ago, when we were buried under the snow. the concern was massive icicles like these, and the weight from the snow and ice on local rooftops. jennifer: so compare that to this year. we haven't even had a really big storm yet. josh: we all remember last year, of course, shoveling, snow blowing, waiting for the plows to get it plowed out on the road so you could get out and drive around. look at the big snow banks we had at this time last year. it was after january finally got going and february just wouldn't quit. the mountains of snow were everywhere.
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to melt away as well, compare that to this year. first we have to take a look at the numbers from last year, to remind you how often the snow was. it's almost hard to fathom. looking at some of these numbers almost makes your back hurt. january got going, especially by january 27 of last year. by february it was every couple of days, and then compare that to this year when, wow, what a difference between last year and this year. just a storm or two here and there with much smaller amounts. 84.2 inches last year at this time, compare that with 23.8 inches so far this year. that's only half of what we get on average. and only a quarter of what was we had last year at this time. but of course the winter is not over yet. mike haddad is here to talk about whether there's any in store. mike: another 27 days. four weeks from yesterday is when spring officially arrives, but we feel like we've been in
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three of the last four weekends amazingly warm for this time of year. and some open water up at the weirs, the nice is not that thick and certainly not safe to venture out there. as we go closer into the next few weeks we're going to see the stronger sun angle beginning to break up that ice. temperatures today did cool down from yesterday, 38 the official high, the normal at 37, so close to parchl for this time of year. record high 67 set back in 1997. we gained quite a bit of daylight over the last couple months. temperatures right now coasting back below freezing in northern and central new hampshire. 0 to 35 on average southern parts of the state. overnight tonight it latest be seasonably chilly, but very cold up north, sub-zero in many parts of the great north woods, about seven, eight nine in the upper valley and higher than that
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the merrimack valley. the cold air will drift overhead for tomorrow and into wednesday and wednesday night. that means when the next storm down in the deep south begins to move in, we'll see frozen precipitation, possibly lingering into early on thursday morning. but for tonight mostly clear skies, you will notice the clouds beginning to creep in tomorrow and with those clouds a few flurries can't be ruled out for the afternoon, especially late day into the early evening. steadier snow not too far away, that may struggle to get in here the early evening. a dusting to an inch possible. then it begins to warm up in the upper atmosphere, while staying cold at the surface, that means pockets of freezing rain especially tomorrow night to wednesday morning. plain old rain at the coast. but notice a little light rain on and off for wednesday, but
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then precipitation gets the heaviest wednesday night into early on thursday. pockets of heavy downpours could see over an inch of rain, but also notice still some areas near or below freezing, that's the pink you see, meaning there still could be pockets of freezing rain, not anticipating a major ice event here, but we'll watch the temperatures closely, because after wednesday night they jump for one day on thursday into the upper 40's and lower 50's. then we cool down thursday night with snow thundershowers, they'll end by midday on friday after a light accumulation. back to season my chilly for friday, saturday, sunday. and on into monday very quiet later friday through a good part of the weekend into early next week. tom: play hooky on thursday, all right. jamie: spring training, let's warm things up, plus the
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jamie: spring training 2016, red sox in florida getting the arms loosened up. as nice as it is here in new hampshire, it's really nice in fort myers. it was 81 degrees this afternoon, a 40 yes difference over portsmouth at the same time. the first full squad workout is on wednesday, but the team is already together. david ortiz the final player to show up in fort myers, ready for
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>> he looks great, he's ready. right after the season, me and my wife went to italy and he went so we overlapped and went to dinner and were talking about a lot of things, so i'm definitely excited, you know, a little upset at this last year, but it will be cool to see, just see him go through everything and what he's done in his career, it's pretty special. >> a big monday for boston sports, two teams in action and the starting times are spaced out, bruins host the blue jackets at 7:00, celtics are at the timberwolves with an 8:00 start time. both the b's and c's coming off wins over the weekend. >> they're actually really a team. i think if you take their start away they're a tough team to play against and they've been playing a lot better lately. it's always the hard game, they play hard, they compete and i think we just try to play a similar game and they've been
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>> manchester monarchs wrapped up their weekend with a come from behind win against the jack ales on sunday. manchester scored two third period goals to erase a deficit and earn its 33 d win of the season. monarchs are the top team in the eastern conference and the second best team in the league, they host adirondack on wednesday night. >> again, we weren't as simple as we'd like to be, made it more difficult than ourselves, but toward the end started to get momentum. it was nice enough to get the third one there late in the game to get the win. >> one of the nice things, you know where all the guys are going to be and if we're working hard i think that's one of the things, the skill can take care of itself. >> one of the best coaching jobs in women's college hockey is now open, at dartmouth. she led the green to eight
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frozen four. tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" that follows "world
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the major resignation. also, donald trump, is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with both of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, please, please mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror. the alleged uber gunman in court. six dead. and you will hear from the passengers who got into his uber car before and after the shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes,


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