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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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have a great tuesday. sean: new efforts to fight the opioid crisis are getting mixed reactions even though leaders in every state say they are a step in the right direction. erin: officials in salem are taking a closer look at the town financial records after the finance director was placed on administrative leave. kevin: chilly start to the day ahead of the next system arriving tonight. sean: donald trump is eyeing another win in the race for the white house, while the battle between his chief rivals picks up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good morning, new hampshire. thanks for starting your day with us. i' m erin fehlau. sean: i' m sean mcdonald. mother nature left the lights on last night. gorgeous, gorgeous moon. kevin: that will give way to clouds today and varying types of precipitation. we will see temperatures start off chilly, eventually getting back through the low and mid 30' s in the afternoon. eventually, what you see is rain down through the mid-atlantic and snow later on today. the light snow pushes in this evening. much more in just a bit. we are joined live by 95.7 wzid'
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good morning. deb: good morning, kevin. we are seeing very light volume throughout the state and the bright moon is adding to the pleasantness of the morning commute. 293 is up to speed from the upper split in hooksett to the lower split in manchester. 101 is a great ride all the way out to the seacoast. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you. local drug treatment experts are applauding and moved by the nation' s governors to address the drug and opioid crisis in america. sean: the national governors association has endorsed a plan that monitors prescription drugs.
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joined chief executives from every other state in the country to sponsor national standards for the prescription of opioid painkillers. experts at serenity place in manchester estimate that 70% of the people who come in their doors started their path to addiction with prescription from a doctor. >> we know that this is probably one of the main sources of the epidemic we are seeing right now , the over prescription of opioids. expressed skepticism about limits for pain killer prescriptions, saying that problem. the senate could vote as soon as today to confirm a new
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nominee dr. robert k left -- califf has pledged to change how the government looks that opioids and painkillers. erin: the salem finance director was arrested for shoplifting. jane savastano is on paid administrative leave. she stole nearly $600 worth of merchandise from macy' s at the mall at rockingham park during her lunch break on friday. >> devastating news. we are all shocked and disappointed. we feel for her and her family at this time. we need to do what is right for the community and the taxpayers. erin: she has been salem' s finance director since 2005, but does not write checks for the town. salem will launch a forensic
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sean: the state supreme court is set to rule on the appeal of a durham woman accused of starving a little boy living in her home. christina thomas is serving 10-30 years in prison for her conviction on first-degree assault. she held -- without food from her boy and sometimes forced him to stay in a dog cage in her house. he was later adopted by another family. erin: the nevada republican caucuses are today and donald trump is the heavy favorite to pick up a third win in a row. the battle for second between ted cruz of marco rubio is ramping up. democrats are focused on this weekend' s primary in south carolina. kenneth: it is caucus time in nevada. >> we are going to make america great again and we are going to keep winning, winning, winning.
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vegas. he is banking on a hot streak that will carry him through super tuesday. >> this guy ted cruz lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with. nasty. ted cruz fired his communications director for spreading a false rumor that bible. >> we will conduct this campaign with a high level of integrity. s rise has the establishment rallying around marco rubio. the democratic contenders were on opposite sides of the country in front of more than 8000 people at the university of massachusetts, amherst, bernie the wall street connection. >> we don' america. kenneth: speaking of money,
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she was in the middle of "scandal" -- the set. she has a comfortable lead against sanders in south carolina as they work to court the black vote in the state. morgan freeman' s voice is being used in a clinton tv ad. sanders answered with an endorsement from spike lee. abc news, washington. erin: liberty utilities may speed up plans to convert a facility in keene from propane to natural gas. this comes after a second emergency caused the wrong mixture to flow in the distribution system. there are new procedures in place to improve safety. switching to natural gas would reduce the risks. a report will be issued on both recent incidents of and of next month. sean: a nashua man is accused of
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everett turnpike with two young children in his vehicle. 55-year-old angel rodriguez was heading north in the southbound lanes sunday night. police finally stopped them near exit 10 and say that is when he tried to confront them and then got back behind the wheel. >> a second officer arrived and noted that there were two small children in the vehicle. they became concerned that he might try to start the car again. they eventually used physical force to remove him from the vehicle. sean: he faces a list of charges , but police say there was no evidence he had been drinking. erin: belmont police hope to arrest a 26-year-old man after he set a car on fire as part of a domestic dispute. he threw a flaming container of gasoline at his desk out his car window in belmont yet -- out his
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morning. officers also have surveillance video of the men filling the container with gas. sean: a problem with a glove or jacket caused a woman to crash her snowmobile up in pittsburg. she was just setting up from a rental cabin when she suddenly accelerated and crashed into some trees. she was flown to dartmouth hitchcock with severe, but nonlife threatening injuries. erin: still to come, recreational pot is a step closer to reality in vermont and it seems that support for the idea is growing. sean: the popular sculpture in england could be a safety threat for people who were texting. erin: dinner next half hour, we remember the former portsmouth
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kevin: a cold start to the day. some places are in the single-digit' s below zero. some spots in coos county are double-digits below zero. we will have the details coming up. sean: colden colebrook. the vermont senate will start debating a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. erin: the appropriations yesterday. adults would have an ounce of pot and the state would track and tax sales. the governor is solidly behind this measure. police in boston are working to fingerprint all 6000 cap drivers
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that process started yesterday. the goal is to conduct more thorough background checks and keep riders safe. require fingerprinting for rideshare companies. sean: put this under first world problems. a cathedral near london has moved a massive sculpture because people keep walking into it while texting. this sculpture in question called "the kiss" is the one in question. it has been moved to the long because people were walking through while texting and then bumping their heads on the hands. erin: seriously? they have to move it because too many people are walking through it texting? that is not going to be an easy feat. sean: then you could text, "i just bumped my head #ouch." [laughter] erin: starbucks is changing its
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a lot of customers are not too happy. sean: tracking zika.
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erin: the united states and russia have agreed on a new cease-fire in syria. there are still many questions. the syrian government and rebels stilly to agree on the plan, which does not cover isis or any other terrorist group. teams of u.s. and brazilian health workers will spread out across one of the poorest states in brazil looking for mothers and infants as they try to determine the impact of the zika virus. brazil' s health minister says he is sure the virus is responsible for babies with small heads and
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some doctors say there is not enough proof. the faa is investigating after a small plane crashed into a city street just outside downtown l.a. the plane hit several parked cars and then broke into pieces. the pilot walked away without any injuries and no one on the ground was hurt. sean: shares of lumber liquidators plunged more than 20% yesterday after a new health warning. the cdc says people exposed to some of the companies more laminate flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than previously thought. the flooring contains high levels of formaldehyde. starbucks customers are little frothy this morning because of changes to the coffee chain' s reward program. i'
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they will learn star is based on the number of the number of transactions. people who typically get coffee will have to buy a lot more cups to start getting freebies. they say the chain will encourage customers to spend more money, which they will be happy with. kevin: what is the main thing people go in there for? erin: lattes. sean: coffee. erin: they want you to get the fancy coffee now. sean: the stuff that is whipped in there and you have to twist it and turn it. erin: and froth it. kevin: it is caffeine. you shall pull it down and you become awake -- shovel it down and you become awake for the morning. sean: you are not in the core. [laughter] kevin: we start off with clear skies across the area. we are about as chilly as we
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will turn to the east and southeast. clouds will increase head of the next system which brings us various types of precipitation. it does not come at us all at once. this is the first portion of the system that starts to ride in here later on this evening. most of this occurs before the evening commute. as cold as -10 in northern parts of the state this morning. -1 in berlin. yesterday, we were about 15 degrees colder and this morning we are another 10-15 degrees colder than the day before. the cooldown continues head of the next system.
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s to the mid-30' s across the region. 26-36 is our range this afternoon. sunshine fades behind clouds in the afternoon. a little bit of light snow is a possibility. not expecting any accumulation before 6:00. that should happen after dark. a light coating to maybe a few inches in spots. tomorrow, we try to transition to an inch or two of snow to a wintry mix. closer to the coast, it would be mainly rain shower activity. as you will notice by later in the day, temperatures up into the 30' s. it should be mild with a
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scattered rain showers will eventually go back to scattered snow showers by friday. that eventually all pulls away in time for the weekend. there will be a quick moving front by sunday. maybe a rain shower by monday. things much quieter, but right after this afternoon, the next 36 hours brings us light snow initially, a mix tomorrow morning, and then heavier rainfall on thursday. something for everybody. erin: the town of salem plans to review accounts after the financed erector was arrested for shoplifting. jane savastano is on paid administrative leave after police say she stole merchandise from macy' s during her lunch break. the state supreme court is set to rule on an appeal of a new durham woman accused of starving
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she is serving 10-30 years in prison for her 2013 conviction on first-degree assault. liberty utilities may speed up plans to change a facility in keene from propane to natural gas. sean: all right. coming up, no was arc is taking shape -- noah'
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erin: a state trooper and father in west virginia is getting ready to cite --try to set a new world record. sean: he hoped to complete 2200
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that is a pace of 37 per minute. is daughter has diabetes and he is hoping to help send kids with diabetes to summer camp. erin: wow. what a great cause. sean: burning arms. erin: 37 in a minute? sean: good luck. erin: noah' s arc is taking shape in kentucky. sean: the $100 million life-size arc is part of a new exhibit set to open this july called the arc encounter. there will be 132 bays with fake animals. erin: coming up, you probably don' t need it, but we have another reason for why you should eat chocolate.
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like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. sean: welcome back. good morning, everybody. a live look at meredith. much colder out there. we have snow in the forecast. erin: some areas are below zero this morning. first, our top stories. as new hampshire continues to face a major opioid epidemic, governors across the country are endorsing a plan to bolster prescription drug monitoring. a manchester man is facing a charge of burglary after a
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his home and wrestled with him until officers arrived. people in portsmouth are remembering the life of eileen the age of 97. huge 1980' s music star. howard jones. don' t live your life in one day. [laughter] sean: we have snow in the forecast. erin: we start off -- kevin: we start off with clear skies in the area. the next system comes at us with a little bit of light snow. it transitions to rain, heavy at times, late tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night before wrapping up early on thursday. sean: i' m going to have to find where my shovel is. let' s take a look at our roads. erin:/ /
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kevin: for a look at the morning live by 95.7 wzid' . deb: good morning. with school vacation this week, we are seeing light volume for the morning commute. we are not seeing any delays through the mill yard or the construction zone between exits 4 and the everett turnpike. the everett turnpike is moving well. we are not seeing any delays through the bedford tolls. 111 is a great ride. seacoast. i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. sean: governors across the toward combating the ongoing opioid epidemic. erin: chief executives from all 50 states are endorsing a plan to boost prescription drug
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overprescribing. tell us a local treatment providers are reacting. andy: serenity place in manchester estimates that 70% of the people who seek treatment there started their past to addiction with a prescription from a doctor. they say it makes more sense to focus on that part of the problem. first responders and the treatment community are working harder than ever to combat the heroin and fentanyl epidemic. >> it is getting worse. in new hampshire, in manchester, specifically. andy: stephane bergeron is encouraged by consensus coming out of the national governors association meetings in washington. the top state leaders are backing the adoption of national of opioid painkillers. >> we know that this is probably
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epidemic, the over prescription of opioids. this could make a difference. andy: in a phone interview from washington, governor maggie hassan set national standards would naturally limit the supply of painkillers being handed out to the public. >> particularly how many days -- are prescribed for a particular type of procedure. while there has been pushed back -- andy: weather has been pushed back, people on the treatment site see it as a positive step. >> it is going to be all hands on deck at the federal and local level. andy: president obama has expressed skepticism about limits for pain killer prescriptions, saying that won' t solve the problem. reporting live, andy hershberger.
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york wants to create the first supervised heroin injection facility in the u.s. the idea is already being tried in canada and europe. they provide trained nurses to watch over drug users without them having to worry about getting arrested. sean: a man got into a wrestling match with a suspected burglary. -- suspected burglar hiding in his home. officers found the resident fighting with tobiah scott, the suspected burglar. the resident tackled scott and wrestled with him until officers arrived. scott is charged with burglary. erin: a tip from the internet crime against children task force led to the arrest of a man from troy. 29-year-old henry stebbins was using the website meetme to
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he was charged with one felony count of falsifying evidence. the case remains under investigation and more felony charges are expected. an at kitson couple arrested for growing marijuana is now facing fewer charges. prosecutors are dropping all charges against the woman and her husband. the 65-year-old has to cancer and says he was growing the plants to ease his pain. >> there just was not a basis for the church to go forward so we appreciate the state' s consideration of the facts of the state. we are looking forward to continuing conversations in superior court to resolve the manufacturing charge in an appropriate way. erin: he had seven pounds of marijuana in his home because he
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sean: people love remembering the life of their beloved former mayor eileen foley. she passed away early monday five days before her 95th birthday. she was a seven term state senator and served seven terms on the school board. the a comic footage of for cutting the ribbon on the memorial bridge is eclipsed only by her cutting it on the new bridge 90 years later. she is remembered as someone who treated everyone with dignity. >> she was always available. she was downtown in a restaurant having lunch. she was at your grandmother' s funeral. she was singing irish songs at the press room. she was almost like the mother superior of portsmouth. sean: funeral arrangements are being worked on. erin: coming up, another good
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chocolate a new study shows the sweet treat can improve your brain function. sean: tough news for some canadians. why they are no longer allowed to compete on "jeopardy."
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kevin: chilly start to your morning. we have temperatures anywhere from the single digits and teens to lower 20' s at the coast. even below zero in some spots. in some cases it is -7 to -10 in some parts of coos county. the next system moves in this evening. we will have the details on where it heads from their coming up. sean: we are following a developing story out of the netherlands. dutch emergency officials services say one person was killed and several were injured when a passenger train slammed into a crane and derailed. investigators are making their way to the scene to figure out what caused the accident. erin: another gop contest on the line today. voters in nevada will weigh in
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aixa diaz explains. aixa: donald trump hopes to solidify his position as the gop front-runner as ted cruz and marco rubio look to break through and come out on top. hoping to hit the jackpot, the top three republican presidential candidates stump in nevada. >> you' ve got to vote, vote, vote. aixa: after wins in new hampshire and south carolina, donald trump seeks more momentum ahead of super tuesday. >> georgia, tennessee, we have so many great ones. in texas. making changes to his campaign staff. he has asked for the resignation after he tweeted a story that bible. >> i have made clear that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. that has been how we have
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aixa: rubio says that ted cruz' s staffer was executing a culture that exists in that campaign. >> every single day, something comes out of that campaign. aixa: polls out of nevada shows trump with a commanding lead ahead of today' s caucuses. sean: there has been a major break in a 22-year-old cold case in massachusetts. a woman found murdered in hyde park has been identified as a missing mother from fitchburg. milagros alvarado vanished leaving behind a two-year-old daughter. dna tests recently confirmed that it was her body that was found. her family want to see the person responsible brought to justice. >> she was this big, beautiful woman with a big gold heart. >> the main question is who killed her?
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>> why did you do this to someone so beautiful? sean: investigators from several agencies are working on the case. erin: bill cosby' s wife took the hot seat in springville, massachusetts, answering questions about her husband. she testified under oath in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who say the comedian sexually assaulted them, including christina r uhel -- christina ruhle. attorneys say that cosby' s wife could provide crucial testimony in the case. >> she is his wife. she has the ability to live with him, be with him, understand the nature and the extent of his relationships -- i don' t mean that in a nefarious way, i just mean who he associates with.
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about 2.5 hours testifying at her deposition will resume on march 14. sean: the white house will submit plans to congress for shutting down the guanta namo bay prison. they say it is used as a recruiting tool for terrorists and is too costly to maintain. the current proposal involves transferring most detainees to other countries. those deemed too dangerous will be sent to a detention facility in the u.s. erin: days before the oscars, a new study is shining a harsh light on the lack of diversity in hollywood. the report found that out of more than 11,000 speaking roles studied in movies and series, 66% were male, 33% were female. 71% of speaking roles were white black. only 2% were gay, lesbian, or bisexual characters. few moments ahead of last
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s game to honor first responders. one was transit sergeant dick goddard you, who got to drop -- dick donohue, who was wounded in the shootout following the boston marathon bombing. the blue jackets took a 1-0 lead, but boston answered back 15 seconds later to tie the game. columbus won 6-4. a lot of goalscoring. erin: the celtics were also in action, taking on the timberwolves in minnesota. karl-anthony towns spun off the turnaround jumper, putting the timberwolves up. jae crowder missed a layup later in transition, but marcus smart was there for the putback dunk.
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game, but minnesota won it. sean: you can check all the boxes. all of the red sox are now in florida taking their swings and getting their arms loosened up. the first full squad workout is today. david ortiz was the final player to show up in fort myers ready for his final season in the majors. erin: jeopardy host alex trebek will not be seeing any fellow canadians on his game show anytime soon. the show says canadians were not allowed to take last month' s online test because of a change in the country' s online privacy laws. producers say they are working to clear up the issue for future tests. canadian contestants are still appearing this season because they were drawn from results given a year ago. no more can ask on jeopardy for the time being. sean: that will be a future question no doubt.
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eating chocolate regularly can improve your brain' s cognitive ability. sean: the study found a regular chocolate consumption improved visual spatial memory and abstract reasoning. it has been used to reduce fevers, treat childhood area -- diarrhea, and the darker chocolate is better for you than the milk chocolate. erin: right. kevin: i think i need to start reading the journal "appetite" a little more. erin: regularly? how often? sean: i just assumed each hour. [laughter] erin: every hour on the hour. kevin: they say frequently. sean: should i not assume that? erin: how much improvement are you looking to make? kevin: it is a good point. we start off early this morning with early sun giving way to clouds. temperatures in the mid-20' s to the mid-30' s.
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be this time of year. i think we may see a few flakes fly in southern new hampshire. we are not expecting any impact for the evening commute. the light snow continues to move south to north during the evening. a light coating is a possibility. that accumulation is not necessarily all that important because you won' t have to do much to that snow that accumulates. rain will be heavy at times. temperatures warm up into the 40' s and 50' s on thursday afternoon. you probably don' t have to do much to that snow at all after it accumulates later on tonight. we do have the clearer skies overhead. it is marginally cold as the system moves on -- in later on this evening.
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where we will be cold enough for snow later tonight. a lot of teens and even some lower teens near new london. lower teens in the lakes region. single-digit' s above and below zero up north. -9 below in errol today. a huge range in temperature from -9 to the lower 20' s. this afternoon, highs level off between the 20' s and 30' s. may be a few flakes late in the day, but i think that holds off past the evening commute. a light coating to a few inches of snow. the band lifts northward during the overnight hours. there could be a few hours of a wintry mix of freezing rain and rain tomorrow morning before things warm up into the afternoon. that is going to mean rainfall will be heavy at times tomorrow night and early on thursday. couple of heavier downpours are
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winds will be out of the southwest. highs in the 40' s and 50' s on thursday afternoon. any rain shower activity goes over to snow showers before wrapping up on friday morning. it is a huge rise in temperature. the sun out there this morning, high clouds this afternoon. flakes late in the day in southern new hampshire. it does look like we could see a few inches of accumulation. by morning, we will be switching over to freezing rain. we go over to all rain showers tomorrow afternoon. the rainfall becomes heavy tomorrow afternoon and thursday. we cool off again on friday. get all that? erin: i think so. sean: snow, freezing rain. kevin: we will be repeating this several times.
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s snow sculpting competition is now canceled due to a lack of snow. the event was postponed once this winter and it has been called off entirely. in order to hold the competition, at least 20,000 pounds of snow was lead it. there is still plenty of snow for skiing and snowshoeing. they won' t be doing the sculptures. sean: you need a lot more for those.
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what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these.
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the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitiver silverado all star v8 forr silverado, the #1 selling full size truck in new england. sean: laconia, new hampshire is well known for its motorcycle week. there was a similar event held in india each year called india bike week. it is the largest motorbike show of its kind in asia. participants came from as far away as australia.
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different. kevin: it does not always rain there during bike week? [laughter] kevin: just making sure. sean: it follow spike weeks all over the world. erin: a fiery crash in tennessee is restoring a lot of people' s faith. the only item that came out of the wreckage in one piece is a holy bible. the car was sideswiped by another car and that it burst into flames. erin: witnesses were able to rescue the driver and carry him to safety. kevin: crews made a fascinating discovery. the only thing left was a burned -- was a bible sitting unscathed on the front seat. sean: that is amazing. coming up, and important warning for customers of lumber liquidators.
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flooring run a higher risk of getting cancer. andy: governor smead in washington to discuss the opioid crisis. aixa: it is the republicans' turn in nevada. caucus-goers way in today on the gop presidential race. sean: a big statue in england has been moved to a new home for an interesting reason. too many people were walking into it. erin: a pair of identical sisters keep the twin tradition going. they each had two sets of twins
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sean: new efforts to fight the drug and opioid crisis are getting mixed reactions. erin: officials in salem are taking a closer look at the town financial records after the finance director was arrested for shoplifting. kevin: chilly start to the day as we go from sunshine to clouds ahead of the next system arriving tonight with different types of precipitation. sean: donald trump is eyeing another win in the race for the white house today while the battle between his chief rivals picks up. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.


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