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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it is relatively dry right now. they begin at 8:00 and last through tomorrow morning. those advisories extend to a good portion of the day wednesday elsewhere in the state. right now it is nice and quiet. outside of a few flurries, it should be mainly dry. steadier snow, over central ports of new york state will move in through the evening. region by region, for when that here is josh. josh: we are dealing with snow and a changeover on the way dependent on temperatures. we are zooming in to see where they will be as the snow begins to push and. look at those temperatures.
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mark above and below. warmer air starts to push in through the overnight. notice the coast, we are starting to notice mixing in the higher terrain which will be very different through the day. eventually turning to rain everywhere. some of the temperatures will linger cold enough for freezing rain and ice. more details coming up. anchor: a danville man is in jail after police searched his house for chemicals to make methamphetamine. heather now has details. heather: police say this all started monday when they got a report that a man in the cotton farm mobile home park was using a chemistry set to make
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much more than drugs. acting on tip from a neighbor, police converged on a trailer in the cotton farm mobile home park, they thought they were looking for drug activity. >> chemicals that could be use in a methamphetamine lab was the concern. other chemicals were more explosive. heather: 32-year-old mathew starble who lives in the home with his mother and sister was arrested, and faced a judge tuesday. investigators say they found two devices, as well as chemicals that if mixed had the potential to explode. however police say they didn' t feel there was a need to evacuate those who lived nearby but news of their findings was still surprising to residents, -- to residents. >> i don' t know why they would be doing that. >> is that frightening? >> yeah. i don' t want them blowing my place up. >> we' ve dealt with him for other issues in the past this is something new though
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reporter in court prosecutors : said starble has a record dating back to 2003, including drug arrests and assault and battery charges. >> he is a danger to himself and others. reporter: the sheriff and chief say they didn' t know what his intent may have been with these chemicals but they are glad they got to his house when they did. >> these homes are situated relatively close everyone watches out for each other but this family did not associate with the others very much so that was pretty much undetected , that type of activity. heather: starble was held 50,000 bail and will be back in court dollars next month. live in danville hh wmur news 9. tom: tonight a man accused of swallowing several baggies of heroin during a police traffic stop, is in an exeter hospital and authorities call the struggle that happened on the side of the road an increasingly frustrating, and frightening pattern. wmur' s jennifer crompton is live
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jennifer? jennifer: in this case, the suspect was out on bail for pending drug charges, under the supervision of strafford county community corrections when he was stopped, he had a nearly identical situation with another driver two weeks ago. 26-year-old noah grassie of maine, faces felony drug charges, arraigned by telephone from inside exeter hospital tuesday afternoon. taken there after what started with a routine traffic stop by a state trooper along busy route 101 in hampton on monday. >> he initiated the stop, briefly spoke to the driver and the passenger and immediately noticed that something was wrong with the driver. reporter: according to court paperwork, the officer patted grassie down, finding several baggies containing what appeared to be heroin, that fell to the ground. >> the driver attempted to retrieve the bags, a brief struggle ensued when he did this at that point, that'
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put them in his mouth and ingested them. reporter: his passenger demetrius ball also arraigned on felony drug possession, police say grassie has a previous drug conviction, and is free on bail from drug charges in rochester. >> the fact that he' s facing other charges for almost identical situations wasn' t enough to dissuade him from doing the exact same thing a couple months later, its extremely frustrating to us. reporter: the trooper of the stop had an almost identical experience two weeks ago. >> we see it almost on a daily basis at this point, lately its been a little bit worse as far as the aggression we face with the individuals who are attempting to evade or hide this evidence that they have on them. reporter: noah grassie is expected to be here at exeter hospital for another day or two, then he' ll be taken to jail, his
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jennifer crompton, wmur newsnine. anchor: new developments tonight, in a stabbing over the weekend near the university of new hampshire. court documents saying a social media app played a role in the arrests of two students. wmur' s mike cronin joins us live to explain. mike: police returned to the apartment building to interview witnesses. both suspects and the victim are unh students. 20-year-old matthew gibbons was charged with first degree assault. 21-year-old eric denning was arraigned on second degree assault and criminal liability charges. police found 20-year-old dean skelley lying in a hallway of an apartment building on madbury road suffering from two stab he' s in stable condition. student showed police a screen shot he took which showed gibbons and denning with bloody hands and a knife. it came from snapchat an app which allows people to
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>> now in almost every case, you have the capability of accessing information, sometimes volunteered to us and sometimes through search warrants of what truly occurred. mike: gibbons will be arraigned next month. denning was released into the his attorney says court documents show his client did not stab anyone. unh is also investigating and t be tolerated. live in durham, mc, wmur news9. tom: the driver involved in a deadly crash in weare last summer has been indicted for negligent homicide. 18-year-old benjamin cook of milford was involved in a high-speed chase with new boston police on july 3. that is where cook allegedly crashed the truck telling trevor gonyer of dunbarton. cook is also facing aggravated driving while intoxicated and with a suspended license charges. tom: next on news 9 at 6, funeral plans for former portsmouth mayor eileen foley have been announced.
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tom: and, snow may be moving in tonight but some golf courses are ready for spring. the courses taking advantage of this swinging weather. mike: the next system moves in as snow, but eventually it goes over to a wintry mix and rain. >> let' s head south where we
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tom: former portsmouth city mayor, eileen foley will be laid to rest on saturday. her wake will be held on friday from 3 to 8:00 p.m. at city council chambers. funeral services will be on saturday at 10:00 a.m.
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her funeral procession will go through city hall for a final salute from the police and fire honor guard before heading to calvary cemetery. new hampshire uber drivers hearing from the company' s top advisors at the first work on demand event today. anchor: ubers david plouffe hosted dozens of current and potential uber drivers at saint anselm college. plouffe highlighted the flexibility and income potentials involved with being an uber driver. >> your unemployment rate is very low, but as i just talked to drivers here today, mosto fthem that i have talked to have full-time work or their spouse does but they are lookig for extra money. in some cases that' s because you know theyhaven' t had a wage increases and they are under a lopt of pressure, some people use it more aspirationally as a way to pay for vacation. anchor: there has been some
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exactly how to regulate uber. >> some of us will not be here traveling through the early part of the morning. watch out for slick roads. a timeline is ahead. >> now to our u-local hot shot. check out this great antique store find. a fritz wetherbee bobble head. you can submit your pictures and video, and join the thousands of u-local members, by logging onto
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>> snow may be moving in tonight but the temperatures we' ve had has many of us confuse about what season it really is. anchor: early spring may be a reality. live in bedford with more. suzanne: while the lack of snow maybe hurting some businesses in new hampshire others are enjoying the warm temperatures. >> certainly unseasonably warmer than it usually is, but we' ll take it. reporter: with no snow on the course and weeks ahead of schedule amherst country club has opened 9 holes to golfers .
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links. >> well if they let me play i i play. >> no crowds. hard to put a t in the ground. >> we have the pen sent from earlier this season. some are frozen. that' s ok. >> it beats working on the house. >> customers are beginning to come through. >> we have no snow outside. we had a base of about three feet. >> the one inch of a flower is so hopeful and optimistic. reporter: with the snow forecast overnight the folks here say blooming flowers will be just fine. >> now mike with your storm watch nine forecast.
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you have seen sunshine giving way to increase in clouds. sick or cloud cover producing a few widely scattered flurries. that will move on in. snow will arrive this evening from south and north. a dusting to an inch in many spots. that is enough to make the roads slick out there. warm air makes it to freezing rain. occasional freezing rain tomorrow. downpours, may be a rumble of thunder as temperatures take off. we could be heading into the mid-upper 50' s. a couple of spots near 60. a lot of whether to get through between now and then. outside of a few flurries in the next couple of hours you notice
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across southern new england. it will struggle to do so. you can' t rule out light snow showers until 8:00. it will begin to develop. once that happens warm air will chase in. interior parts of the state will all of this has to move through. a lot of energy, heavy-duty storms, even though we will not see tornadic thunderstorms, you cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm. 20' s and 30' s. by thursday it will be in the 50' s to around 60. 20' s and lower 30' s. not a big temperature fall.
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it is still drive. shortly after 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 the snow spreads to the north reaching the white mountains. the warm air changes to rain aloft but it will be cold enough , rain freezes on contact. just enough to glaze things over. rain at the coast. later tomorrow heavier rain begins to bunch in and it could be a few pockets near 30 to win the icing could accumulate more and result in scattered power outages. notice the heavy downpour as they come through. once that clears sunshine develops. temperatures had way up into the 50' s.
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then it settles down. notice the snow before any changeover. a coding to an inch or two. that is basically it. snow arrives south to north. tomorrow light freezing rain. the better chance to hang on to freezing rain. we can looking pretty good. anchor: thank you. >> we get to hear from david
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>> now news nine sports. anchor: it is a big year for the big guy big papi. , david ortiz arrived at red sox spring training yesterday, and has been getting all sorts of attention. 2016 will be his final season, and then he retires. the red sox will be hoping he can continue to post the numbers from his last 3 seasons. in all of them, he hit at least 30 homers and drove in over 100 runs. last year he slugged 37 homers with 108 rbi. but what' s different this year? the emotions of his farewell
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>> i think i' m ready. way. we have a long season. hopefully this is not a distraction. and going to focus on what i do. and then go from there. >> let' s check in at the ballpark with the fisher cats. fishers are entering their 13th year of baseball. we' ve never seen this before. a ballpark free of snow. the field at northeast delta dental stadium looks like it is ready. let' s go back to march 9 of last year.
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a major project. they were able to get the field ready to go. we were forced to postpone. another day before they could play baseball. a huge difference from last winter to this winter. >> we hope that carries out. it has a lot more to look forward to on a day like today. we are getting excited. quite spring sports are under women' s lacrosse at home. the wildcats scored first. that made it 1-0. well. dartmouth wins a tight one.
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five straight wins for dartmouth. anchor: tune in after world news.
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? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted.


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