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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mike: snow, eventually goes over to ice and rain, as the latest system moves through. a timeline ahead. >> soon as we get precip detected by the weather station or see it on the camera we call out the crews. tom: as the storm moves into new hampshire. we show you what it takes to safe for drivers. shelley: plus, this man accused of breaking into a hudson home. why swat was called in to help get him out of the home. tom: also, this man is accused of running a meth lab inside a danville home. the dangers state police say they found inside. shelley: and, the remaining republican presidential candidates awaiting results in the nevada caucus. why frontrunner donald trump is
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new hampshire. >> it is 11:00 and now the snow is falling in parts of new hampshire. good evening, everyone. as the night goes on, the snow will change over to sleet and then rain. with a look at the timeline here is mike. mike: it looks like the snow that is falling is fairly spotty when we look at doppler radar. we'll look at the advisory that is in effect now all over new hampshire except for the coast. not a whole lot of heavy snow but just enough along with a light coating of ice to make it slick on area road ways through early morning. notice on doppler radar, a couple of bands of light snow showers building through parts of the state. you notice more snow and even mixed sleet and freezing rain
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southern new england poised to move in here during the overnight stretch. occasional snow. a dusting. possibly an inch and we have had everything falling out of the cloud cover in the commute to the north. rain along the coast. what about the rest of wednesday and more big changes to follow? we'll look at all of that straight ahead. tom: this could be a tricky storm for road crews to handle. tonight we're taking you behind the scenes to see how the state deals with storms like this one with some high-tech help jean mackin joins us live along the everett turnpike in bedford hows it looking out there jean? jean: well, tom, just a few light flurries at this hour. traffic is moving fine but the state d.o. stmbings warning drivers. this storm could pack a wide range of weather over the next two days. long before the storm arrives, they're watching for it inside the state's transportation
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this is where the call is made to send out the road crews. so you make the call? >> we do. jean:the bank of cameras and radar covering interstates statewide is monitored 24/7. >> as soon as we get precip detected by the weather station or see it on the camera we call out the crews. jean:and roadside weather stations are sending back updates on what's known as the grip factor. >> they view the pavement with a camera and optically will tell us whether the road is dry, wet, if there's ice on there, even tell us if they have salt on the road way. jean:for this type of storm, roads are pre-treated but the state cautions conditions will change and they want drivers on alert through thursday >> you're going to see a whole spectrum of winter weather starting with 1 to 2 inches overnight, freezing rain, sleet, rain and heavy rain into thursday.
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are going to be impacted when they're driving. jean: the d.o. stmbings warning drivers that even when the rain arrives consider the pavement temperature could still be below freezing they're concerned about ice out here. live in bedford jean mackin wmur news9 shelley: despite the rollercoaster temperatures recently, the meredith ice fishing derby is still on for this weekend, but fish and game is warning anglers to use extreme caution on the ice on lake winnipesaukee. they say smaller lakes are likely safer because they freeze faster and thicker and still offer good fishing spots. new tonight, a somersworth man is in jail, accused of breaking into a hudson home with a gun. hudson police say 36-year-old matthew felton went into a home on woodcrest drive with a gun this morning. the homeowner escaped safely. about two hours later swat crews entered the home and took felton into custody. right now felton is charged with burglary and criminal threatening.
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active investigation. tom: a danville man is in jail tonight, after police searched his home for chemicals used to make methamphetamine and found a whole lot more. the tip came from neighbors, and what police found posed a possible explosive threat to the neighborhood. >> initially it was chemicals that could be used for a meth lab that was the concern but upon more investigating there were more chemcials that could be of the explosive type. tom: it happened at the cotton farm mobile home park. 32-year-old mathew starble who lives in the home with his mother and sister was arrested, he faced a judge tuesday. investigators say they found two devices, as well as chemicals that if mixed had the potential to explode. in court prosecutors said starble has a record dating back to 2003 including drug arrests and assault and battery charges. >> we've dealt with him for other issues in the past this is something new though regardingthsi type of activity.
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didn't know what his intent may have been with these chemicals but they are glad they got to his house when they did. >> these homes are situated relatively close. people generally look out for each other, but this family did not associate with the others very much so that was pretty much undetected that kind of activity. tom: starble is being held on $50,000 bail. he will be back in court next month. shelley: the driver involved in a deadly crash in weare last summer is now charged with negligent homicide. a grand jury indictment says 18-year-old benjamin cook of milford was involved in a high-speed chase with new boston police on july 3. it continued into weare and where cook allegedly crashed the truck killing 17-year-old trevor gonyer of dunbarton. cook is also accused of driving drunk and with a suspended license. shelley: on to commitment 2016 coverage now. tonight voters in nevada are making their choice for the republican race for president.
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frontrunner donald strump the favorite. the question is can he hold off ted cruz and mark owe rubio. >> the we'll see if donald trump can maintain his moment numb the west after two consecutive wins in the west. g.o.p choosing who should represented republicans. >> the reason i'm for trump, he is saying what everyone is thinking. >> ted cruz. >> yes, sir. >> well, there is only one. trump, of course. >> back in 2012, it took three days to find out who won. this year they hope for a faster verdict. donald trump mae made his final
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insults at ted cruz. >> he is the biggest liar i have ever met. >> cruz responded. >> frankly i'm not willing to gamble my daughter's future with donald trump. >> telling abc news he thinks trump's insults are a barometer of how rattled he is. >> the truth of the matter is if donald became president, no one know what is the heck he would do. >> markso rubio escaped trump's attacks but he launched a few. >> ben carson and john kasich both still in the race too despite low poll numbers. kasich looking toward super tuesday campaigning in georgia. there are just 30 delegates at
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abc news, las vegas. shelley: pushback tonight from new hampshire lawmakers after president obama's new call for the closure of guantanamo bay in cuba. the president submitted a plan to transfer midwest detainees. the plan does not protect national security. ayott's challenger said she is skeptical the plan does enough to prevent dangerous terrors from returning to the battlefield. he can start preparing to question whether she deliberately tried to avoid open record laws by using a private email server. all of her emails should be
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>> we're today we're learning health details about antonin scalia. he had a number of ailments that could have affected his health. his long list of health problems made an autopsy unnecessary. eileen foley will be laid to rest on saturday. her wake will be held on friday from 3 to 8:00 p.m. at city council chambers. funeral services will be on saturday at 10:00 a.m. at immaculate conception church. her funeral procession will go through city hall for a final salute from the police and fire honor guard before heading to calvary cemetery. coming up next at 11:00:00, shelley: movie producers want to recreate the watertown shootout with the boston marathon bombers. why the neighborhood say they have concerns. tom: plus, chunky's is coming to manchester. the vacant building that will soon become the first movie theater in the city in years. >> after a chilly wednesday with a wrirnt mix, temperatures take off on thursday.
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one new hampshire coming up, we introduce you to tristan wilmott and tell you why his story is melting the
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shelley: tonight, at least three people are dead after a violent storm system ripped through parts of the south. a suspected tornado went through a small town in louisiana about 50 miles west of new orleans. the saint james parish sheriff says two people were killed and at least 30 were hurt. and in mississippi, officials believe one person was killed in a possible tornado. new tonight, producers of a movie based off the boston marathon bombings want to recreate the watertown shootout. tom: the film titled patriots day sent fliers to resident of laurel street. the filming will include simulated gunfire and explosions during several nights of filming in may. many residents we talked with are ok with hollywood coming to town but they have concerns. i don't know who is going to be playing the tsarnaev brothers and you just, you really hope anybody with a big name or anybody who is going to draw too much attention to their character. tom: the shooting ended one homeowner's boat. where dzhokhar tsarnaev was shot and arrested. he says producers can make any
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property. tom: for the first time in years manchester will soon have a movie theater again. chunky's cinema pub announced it will open a new location in the old lowe's on huse road. the new theater isn't set to open until 2017 but will feature reclining chairs and a full menu with table service. it will also offer a selection of beer, wine and cocktails. chunky's currently has locations in nashua, pelham and haverhill massachusetts. shelley: a freshman in hillsboro is a standout on the basketball court. but it's not because of his size or ability. it's the way he's not letting a rare condition that limited his growth, stop him from becoming a key member of his team. he's number one on the court. and in the hearts of basketball fans in hillsboro. >> i'm very confident. i'm not nervous about being out there. >> at just 3'5" and 42 pounds, 14-year-old tristan wilmott is a towering presence on
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team. tristan was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called mulibrey nanism. there are only 115 cases worldwide including just one other here in the united states. >> so you know, we've kind of been on our own. he's kind of a medical we really don't know what to do. i mean, obviously his stature people. he doesn't have the muscle and so most people just look at him and think he's 5 or 6. >> at birth, doctors said tristan might live to be 2 or 3 years old. now the tiny teen is a high school freshman who loves high impact sports. >> it's energetic. i like running and making points and stuff. it's fun and all my friends play. >> and those friends, are protective of tristan and in awe of him, >> it's fun that he overcomes the odds. how everyone's like four feet taller than him. his coach says tristan has injected fun, into a nearly winless season.
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games. and usually when you're on a team like that, towards the end of the game they stop caring a little bit, they're just waiting for the clock to run out. but our team is rooting for tristan to go in and get a basket. and that support has given tristan confidence for the future. >> shelley, what do you think you want to do in your life? tristan, go pro on basketball. shelley, and if the basketball think doesn't work out, what else would you like to do? >> snowboarding. shelley: he has some kind of confidence. the hills bro hill cats will play their final game this season this friday. he is a great kid. tom: our weather a little bit rough out there. >> not a big storm. i like to file them under it doesn't take much, a dusting inch, maybe two in spots and you'll be slip sliding away if you don't watch out in spots. during afternoon, it started to big up and the clouds started
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now just a scattering of very light snow or snow showers. not a blockbuster snow event by any stretch. a few flurries. a few more flurries building in on southern parts of new england. just enough to dampen area road ways. not all that bad of shape now but that could change in the coming hours. here is the reason why. notice what's happening over southern and central parts. connecticut, rhode island, steadier precipitation lifting due north bumping into that cold air. that means aing to an inch of snow. the predawn hours, enough warm air mixes in, we see a change overto rain. the the temperature just cold enough that it freezes with light freezing rain. all of this heavy rain down to the south has to move on in here.
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can't rule out a passing thunderstorm tomorrow night. temperatures take off after that on thursday as when he had off possibly into the upper 50's in some spots. but on the cold side right now 20's and very low 30's. notice mount washington. really not all that frinled for 6,000 feet up at 14 degrees. indicating that the air mass is not all that cold. during overnight into tomorrow morning we'll start to see it warming up a little bit cheaninging the snow into light rain that freezes on contact. we drop back into the upper 20's. a light glazing of ice after a dusting to an inch or two of snow. man chester to the coast, around 32-33 so it could be just plain rain but you have to watch it. northwest of manchester and concorde, a little bit of sleet and freezing rain glazing over the surfaces.
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afternoon and early evening it may be just enough of an ice build-up tomorrow evening that there are power outages then. notice the change tomorrow night. bands of rain and a tropical downpour lifting through. any one of these may contain a scattered thunderstorm. winds pick up out of the south. tomorrow night temperatures may climb into the 40's in between rain and a scatteringor mix and rain and snow showers. we get back into the 50's for one day on thursday. once that happens, notice here comes the snow and mix showers as it really cools back down. gusty winds take over on friday. we're back into the 30's. here is the projection of snow into the freezing rain. only a coating to an oifrpbl two at most. light freezing rain. quickly over to rain southeast. but occasional bouts of freezing rain elsewhere. rain heavy at times wednesday
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up out of the south and temperatures jump into the 50's. much cooler on friday. an early morning snow shower. windy and 30's. the weekend looking fairly nice. maybe a couple of snow or mix sd showers on monday. winter still hanging on a little bit but so many changes up until thursday. tom: a great basketball rival april. >> we're talking about a game
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>> their rivalry began in the mid 1980's. coach stan spirou at what was keith dickson. tonight, quite possibly the rivals, at least in division 2 saint anselm college may be moving to division 3 next year. so tonight, we may have been looking at the end of an era. they have had some memorable games and they were at it again tonight. saint a's trying to clinch the regular season title in their division snhu trying to finish in the top 4 for the postseason tournament. lets see how it went down at penmen fieldhouse. what a game it was. chris walters with a steal and he takes it in and will throw it down. a big dunk. big crowd on hand loving that throwdown slam. victor joshua had 16 for saint a's. they took a six-point lead late.
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the penmen. they were tied 62-62 through regulation. so it goes to overtime. chris ties game at 66-66. ultimately forces double overtime. we go to o.t. joshua, brently grabs the rebound and scores. the freshman andrews drives the baseline up and under to score and tie it up 68-68. so this is how it ends. take a listen. [buzzer] >> clearly a buzzer beater. the layup by senior b.j. karateli. coach spiro with the victory. both teams looking ahead to the conference tournament.
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postseason. tournaments begin. this is girls division 3. belmont at the kearsarge cougars. the belmont red raiders are in red belmont wins 38-35. they advance to play top seeded conant on thursday night spring sports are underway womens lacrosse this afternoon. unh at dartmouth all first half. 0-0. unh marissa gurello all alone for the first goal of the game 1-0 unh. unh laura mchoul to krissy schafer goal 2-0 unh dartmouth kierra sweeney penalty shot goal 2-1 unh. dartmouth kathryn giroux to taryn deck to jaclyn leto goal 4-3 unh. dartmouth wins a tight one, 11-10. five straight wins for the big
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in the last 21 games david ortiz taking his swings with his red sox teammates at spring training always a great sight to see, but this is the final year it will happen. this year there are two superstars named david. ortiz, and ace pitcher david price former rivals, heated at times, but they are teammates now. >> i know he is a good person. you ask around and that's what people tell you. we're playing together now. we're here to -- they brought me in to try win the championship here. and in my case, i'm going to be the number one supporter. >> all right. david ortiz. before we go, we want to take a look at northeast dental stalmt. usually it is under snow. this video taken on monday.
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it looks like they could host a game now if they needed to. green grass and everything. hardly a snow bank to be found. last year at this time they had over 100 inches of snow at the ballpark. i say let's the baseball season now. >> yes, indeed. they don't look a day over than they did 25 years ago. shelley: a rare site in
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tom: researchers watching the populations of small carnivores in northern new england are excited to share these photos. shelley: fish and game says remote camera captured images of this canada lynx up in pittsburg. the agency's non-game and endangered wildlife program is working with the northeast climate science center and umass amherst to monitor lynxes and american martens. canada lynx are considered rare in new england. >> snow tonight and then we have to change. tomorrow a little freezing rain
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on thursday. shelley: thanks for joining us for news at 11.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker,


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