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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> it was his passion project. remember, the oscars air right here on abc. live coverage starting at 7:00 sunday eastern time. kevin: a little of everything out there this morning with a lot of later this evening. the timeline is ahead. erin: these are live pictures along 89 in springfield. your morning drive could be tricky. sean: cleanup efforts are getting underway along the gulf coast after a line of storms tore across several states, destroying homes and killing at least three people. >> now, we are winning, winning, winning. erin: donald trump has scored another win in the race for the white house. all eyes are on super tuesday. >> no one covers new hampshire like we do.
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erin: good wednesday morning. we have snow out there. sean: yeah, we are dealing with winter weather out there. you can see several school delays and closings scrolling across the bottom. some schools are on and they have the day off today. already changing to rainfall closer to the shoreline. the snow is light enough that a lot of the main roads are accumulating very lightly in places. s ies in some areas. the transition will continue
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rain could make its way in later in the afternoon. we jump into the 40' s tonight and the 50' s tomorrow. let' s take a look at your morning ride. we' re joined live by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. deb: good morning, kevin. the dot is out plowing and treating the roads. we have some wet roads, snow-covered roads, and/-- and slush. the speed limit is down to a maximum of 45 miles per hour. 293 southbound has just been plowed. the everett turnpike is ok and moving well done into merrimack and nashua. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid.
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getting ready for this storm yesterday by pre-treating the roads. the transportation management center was buzzing. these are live pictures of interstate 93 in windham. erin: kristen carosa is keeping an eye on the roads for us. she joins us live along the highway in springfield. kristen: good morning. 89 in springfield. it is a chilly 25 degrees. the snow is really coming down. but give you a live look of the roads at this hour. there is a wintry mix, but you can see pavement on the roads. slow. from manchester, it was very
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the speed limit has been reduced to 45 miles per hour. in some spots, it was snowing very heavily. in others, it was a freezing rain mix. leave extra time for your commute. you just don' t know what you will see for your commute. it could be snowing heavily or it could be a freezing rain mix that could cause tricky conditions on the road. leave plenty of room between yourself and vehicle in front of you. the ice is the concern for dot officials. 5:30. sean: thanks. meantime, the weather is causing a big mess to our south.
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and dozens are heard after tornadoes and severe storms slammed the gulf coast. one of the hardest hit area is an rv park in louisiana. crews worked through the night looking for several people believed to be trapped. mississippi and louisiana are under states of emergency. there is also significant damage in the florida panhandle. crews will be assessing the damage. tens of thousands are without power. erin: a somersworth man accused of breaking into a home in hudson is due in court today. 36-year-old matthew felton entered a home yesterday morning. the homeowners were able to escape and call for help. after two hours, a swat team entered the home and took felton into custody. the driver involved in a deadly
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according to an indictment, 18-year-old benjamin cook led police on a high-speed chase from new boston into weare before crashing on route 114. 17-year-old trevor gonyer of dumbarton died in the crash. cook is charged with aggravated dwi and charged with driving a suspended license. sean: donald trump is celebrating a third win in a row after easily taking the nevada caucuses last night. turnout was incredibly high with ballots. he is writing a huge surge of week. kenneth: this morning, donald trump on a winning streak after nevada. we love nevada.
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the anger in washington and the desire for an outsider gave him an easy victory. >> if you listen to the pundits, we were not expected to win too much. kenneth: it is a fight for second between marco rubio and iowa caucus winner ted cruz. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. kenneth: ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. they vowed to march onto super tuesday. the democrats are also focused on tuesday, but first south carolina. >> hillary clinton was fired up during a cnn townhall after a federal judge ruled that her top aides should testify overuse of private e-mail. ahead of the democratic primary, the focus was on african-americans. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically
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>> racism, economic issues, educational issues have to be addressed. kenneth: clinton has campaign events in south carolina. sanders is in missouri and oklahoma. abc news, washington. erin: investigators say social media helps them arrest two unh students in connection with a stabbing over the weekend. 20-year-old matthew gibbons is charged with first-degree assault. 21-year-old eric denning faces second-degree assault and criminal liability charges. another student showed police a screenshot from snapchat showing them with bloody hands and a knife. unh said this type of behavior will not be tolerated.
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for the hillsborough deering high school jv basketball team. he has had to overcome long on stu got on the floor, but has big aspirations. sean: carrie underwood wowed fans in boston, but also had a big surprise for a local military family. erin: a man swallowed several bags of heroin during your recent traffic stop and drugs
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kevin: we start out with light snow in central and northern areas. plain rain red at the coastline -- right at the coastline. everyone will switch over to rain, which will be heavy at times. we will talk about the weekend
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sean: this morning, you could see some slick spots. a freshman at hillsboro high school is making a name for himself. erin: 14-year-old tristan wilmott is just three feet five inches tall. he was born with a rare disorder called mulibrey nanism. he is not letting that slow down his love of sports. >> its energetic. it' s fun. >> we' ve been in some blowout games. when you are on a team like that , toward the end of the game you stop caring. but our team is rooting for tristan to get a basket. play professional basketball, but he says he would like to out.
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special surprise before her show at td garden last night. she spent some time with a military family from massachusetts. aaron van huysen has been in the coast guard for 17 years and his family has moved all around the country. he has -- underwood has teamed up with carnival cruise lines to honor families like his. >> this is awesome. this is one of the best experience of our lives. >> is easy for me. i might as well help out wherever i can. sean: she is also helping raise money for operation homefront, a nonprofit that helps military families and wounded warriors. they were also surprised with a carnival cruise. they will be among hundreds of travel to new york city for a private concert, as well. erin: it is wonderful. she has had so much fame, it is nice she is giving back. coming up, the city of
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when and where chunky' s plans to open a new location. sean: the controversial idea is
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sean: lawmakers have approved a controversial idea to allow children of any age to use handguns in iowa. it requires that children under 14 to be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. >> we do not need a militia of toddlers. we do not have handguns, that i' m aware of, that fit the hands of a one or two-year-old. sean: supporters say the measure strengthens the second amendment, but the bill is not senate. erin: the city of manchester once again. chunky'
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open -- pub says it will open a 10-screen cinema in the old lowe' s building. it will feature reclining chairs, a full-service menu, beer, wine, and cocktails. c&j bus lines is adding two double-decker buses to their fleet to boston. the buses have 32 more seats than regular coach buses and are highly energy efficient. sean: get ready to parody. weird al yankovic has scheduled a concert at the bank of new hampshire center in guilford. erin, get your tickets. erin: i can' t wait. sean: he has won four grammys in his career.
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"eat it." erin: he has been everywhere lately. sean: he has done well for himself. kevin: what started out as kind of a circus act back in the 1980' s has seemingly wound up being pretty professional. erin: he has not aged either. what' s going on? sean: he has found the fountain of youth. kevin: and neither has sean. [laughter] sean: i was only born in 1995. kevin: of course. you did not live through the 1980' s. you will likely be seeing rain closer to the shoreline. we go all the way to the monadnock region and we have temperatures in the 20' s. snow is likely a good possibility for the state away
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we have already started to see the transition play out in extreme southern new hampshire. out ahead of that, we are looking at a light coating of accumulation. you can see how southern new hampshire goes from rain to snow in places depending on elevation and a little bit more of a wintry mix. further north, it is snow for the time being. with temperatures below freezing, that means roadways will be slick. you will notice a lot of what we are seeing is in the form of rain. everything we are seeing well to our south is going to be eventually in rain form. a few more hours below the freezing mark. these highs are expected to be by 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. it will be a slow climb to get above freezing in the north country.
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continuing to head northward. by 1:00, it is in western areas. it is all rain by later tonight. some of the rain will be heavy at times. could be a couple of rumbles of thunder around. southwest winds are going to push temperatures up into the 50' s tomorrow afternoon. we switch back over to snow showers as cooler air rushes in. fair skies developing for friday afternoon. getting into the weekend, partly cloudy and a mix. the last of the mix in the north country. the warmest of the days will be tomorrow. otherwise, it is 30' s for the most part. another cold front comes in on monday.
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various types of precipitation eventually going to rain and that could wake you up as we are expecting thunder and wind. erin: thunder in february. kevin: you could say we would be surprised, but there were no surprises. sean: touche . erin: with more on the road conditions, we want to check in with kristen carosa. kristen: good morning. we are live at a rest stop in springfield on i-89 weather is a wintry mix coming down. you will be greeted by slick roads. dot officials are asking that you drive slow and leave plenty of room between you and other cars. sean: a somersworth man accused of breaking into a home in hudson is due in court today. 36-year-old matthew felton was arrested by a swat team after about two hours. the driver involved in this
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summer is now charged with negligent homicide. 18-year-old benjamin cook of milford led police on a high-speed chase from new boston into weare before crashing on route 114, killing a passenger. sean: the oscars will be handed out in just a few days. crews are already rolling out the famous red carpet getting
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erin: the oscars or not until this weekend in hollywood, but crews are hard at work getting things ready. sean: the red carpet was rolled of it was. most of the people involved in
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years and say they look forward to it. you can watch the oscars right here on wmur on sunday evening. a lot of people tune in early to watch the red carpet. ve actually seen a lot of movies this time around. speaking of the movies. a new store in north carolina is selling unique movie props and other unique items. sean: kenyata sullivan has been and has just opened whatever wilmington, what he describes as a pop-culture curiosity shop. he has ninja turtle trading cards, i know erin has a collection of those. cam newton' s pants. even three hairs from george washington -- really? erin: come on. for $300? sean: 100 dollars per hair. we can do math.
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a man lost his wallet more than 70 years ago, but it just turned up again. sean: if you are heading up --
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>> no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: good morning to you on this wednesday, february 24. we are seeing snow falling right now. it is all going to change over. we have a little bit of everything. sean: let' s get to our top stories. the results from the nevada republican caucus are now in.
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winner, making this the third contest he has won in a row. a danville man is in prison after they found devices and chemicals in his home that could have set off a next lotion. -- and aches lotion. -- an explosion. kevin: we have a light coating of accumulation in central and northern areas, which will likely get washed away as heavier rainfall is expected to move in starting late this afternoon and continuing on and off early through midmorning. it is going to be a slow climb back into the mid and upper 30' s. some light icing is a possibility in northern new hampshire.
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the 40' s and tomorrow into the 50' s. erin: a lot of kids are on vacation, but some schools were supposed to be in session and are not due to the weather. they are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. kevin: for a look at the morning drive, we are joined by 95.7 wzid' s deb davidson. good wednesday morning. deb: good wednesday morning. the dot crews are out salting, sanding, and clouding the roads. -- plowing the roads. we don' t have any accidents to report on, which is great news. but there are reduced speed limits. 101 is reduced to bedford. all of 293 and the everett turnpike are at reduced speed limits.
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but be alert to the flashing dot boards. from the wzid traffic network, i' m deb davidson for 95.7 wzid. erin: thank you so much. we do want to check in on the roads with kristen carosa. she is monitoring conditions of this morning. sean: she joins us live along i-89 in springfield. good morning. kristen: good morning. we are live along route i-89 in springfield at this rest stop, where it is a chilly 25 degrees. since we' ve gotten here, the snow has already started to let up. there is a wintry mix coming down, which is sticking to the roads, but you can definitely see pavement. there were not too many people on the roads. it was definitely slow going this morning.
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to 45 miles per hour. in some spots, it is snowing. in others, it is freezing rain. be sure to leave plenty of room between you and other cars. for dot officials, the concern is ice area -- ice. even the rain can make for dangerous driving conditions. >> people do need to keep in mind that even with rain coming you could have ground temperatures below freezing. they' ve got to respond according to conditions. don' t use cruise control. take more time. kristen: again, this be limit has been reduced to 45 miles per hour on the highways. leave extra time for that. sean: you can hear that rain coming down out there. a victory in vegas this morning
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win in the nevada caucus while democrats are getting ready for their next contest in south carolina. nikole killion as the latest. nikole: this was one of donald trump' s biggest wins and he seemed to savor it. in nevada, a trump trifecta. >> we are winning, winning, winning. nikole: he hit the jackpot in vegas with his word win in a row. >> we won with young, old, highly educated, poorly educated -- i love the poorly educated. and ted cruz. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can be donald trump is this campaign. nikole: as the focus turns to super tuesday where a dozen states are up for grabs, democrats concentrated on south carolina, participating in a
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reiterated a pledge to release transcripts of her pages. >> secretary clinton' s that i will do it if other people do it. i' m very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is. there a non-. -- eight -- ain' t none. >> republicans return to the debate stage tomorrow night. erin: a danville man is waking up behind bars after police found dangerous materials inside his home. it all started on monday when they got a report that 32-year-old mathew starble was allegedly using a chemistry set to make methamphetamine at cotton mobile home park. >> i don' t know why they would be doing that. >> is that kind of frightening?
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yes. i don' place up. situated relatively close. each other. this particular family did not neighbors. erin: right now, starble is being held on $50,000 bail. fire officials in barrington are trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire on michael drive. when crews arrived, they say flames were coming out of the windows. the home was undergoing renovations and no one was inside. sean: the red cross is helping out a family of four that was displaced by a fire in bridgewater. the fire broke out on dick brown road. a man accused of swallowing several baggies of heroin during
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26-year-old noah grassey of maine was pulled over. the trooper was patted him down. grassey got into a struggle with the trooper trying to retrieve bags of heroin. he put them into his mouth and swallowed them. the same trooper had an almost identical experience with another driver two weeks ago. >> we see it almost on a daily basis at this point. lately, it has been a little bit worse, as far as the aggression we have faced with these individuals attempting to evade or hide this evidence. sean: he will be taken to jail once he is released from the hospital. he was out on bail for pending drug charges when he was stopped. erin: two weare police officers
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suspect. he sued the weare police department and two officers saying they were too rough during his arrest. the jury heard four days of testimony before finding that the actions were necessary and reasonable. sean: funeral arrangements have been announced for portsmouth mayor eileen foley. a funeral service will take place on saturday at 10:00 a.m. at immaculate conception church. her procession will go through the city hall for a final salute from the police and fire honor guard before heading to calvary cemetery. erin: people in hooksett are invited to attend a meeting about the future of the lilac bridge.
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options being considered and the hooksett town council wants the public' s insight. you can give your thoughts at a meeting that begins at 6:00. sean: fish and game is sharing exciting photos. conservation officers say a remote camera captured these images of a canada lynx in pittsburg. animals, as well as the american martin. canada lynx are considered rare in new england. they are roaming the woods of new hampshire. erin: you never know what the the plan to capture. the plaintiff film a movie scene in massachusetts is being met with concerns. >> they are going to be setting gunshots. erin: producers want to re-create the watertown shootout involving the boston marathon bombers.
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their toddlers off the hook after being sentenced to life behind bars. kevin: the switch to a wintry mix in southern areas. we will have the details coming
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kevin: they live look at manchester early on a wednesday morning. we have switched over to freezing rain in southern spots. we will continue to see the transition move farther north. there could be icing continuing into this evening. we will look ahead for the evening commute and beyond with your forecast coming up. sean: we are following breaking news out of nepal. wreckage of a plane that vanished last night has been found. erin: all 23 people on board that plane were killed. the flight was supposed to be just 18 minutes long, but they lost contact with it after weather. the crash was discovered early mountains. it appears the plane flew
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sean: a three-year-old boy in egypt is off the hook after being sentenced to life in prison. he was accused of various crimes committed during a protest in 2014 when he was 16 months old. authorities aren' t knowledge and that this was a case of mistaken identity. erin: producers of a movie based on the boston marathon bombings want to re-create the watertown shootout between the bombers and police. flyers were sent to residents of laurel street informing them about the film entitled "patriot' s day." the scenes will include simulated gunfire and explosions during several nights. many residents say they are ok with hollywood coming to town, but do have concerns. >> who was going to be playing the tsarnaev brothers. you hope it is not anybody with a big name. >> to hear all the gunshots and do all that again. it' s a little traumatizing.
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the first thing you think of. erin: they want to shoot this movie right where it took place. the shooting ended in one homeowner' s boat. dzhokhar tsarnaev was arrested there. he said the producers can make a movie if they want, but not on his property. sean: turning to sports, and incredible basketball game played out in new hampshire last night. saint anselm college -- it all came down to this play at the end of double overtime. the lay-up was hit at the butter -- buzzer for snm hu to win the game. the could meet again in the postseason. erin: the fisher cats enter their 13th season. the field looks like it is ready for baseball right now. at this time last year, it was a much different scene.
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inches of snow. i remember that. sean: it does not seem to be a concern this year. now to a reunion seven decades in the making. erin: a man in iowa got his wallet back 71 years after it was lost. i thought it must be -- >> i thought it must be some sort of a joke. erin: 85 euros claire mcintosh says he lost his quality movie theater when he was a teenager. a construction crew was renovating the theater when they found the wallet buried beneath floorboards. the builder managed to track down its rightful owner. the wallet contained a boy scout card, world war ii ration stamps , and also an id. it is quite amazing that he got it back 71 years later. sean: i' m surprised he remembered it. i wouldn' t remember two weeks ago. kevin: is that can of like when the kids are in the back seat
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seats and you know you are never going to find it? sean: you never take the car seats out. you don' t want to know what is under there. kevin: dicey at best. sean: scariest thing in the world. [laughter] kevin: this is one of those days with temperatures near the freezing mark that it really depends on where you are across the state as far as the timeline of when the switch overs are going to occur. it has changed over to a wintry mix in southern new hampshire and rain closer to the shoreline. that will all continue to navigate northward as the rainfall starts to pick up later this evening. it will be around overnight tonight and will be happy. there could be a couple of rumbles of thunder with the 1-2 inches of rain. we are looking at temperatures continuing to slide back.
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light snow, a light coating to a few inches. a lot of that boat -- will be washed away by the rain later today. there will be a couple of hours of freezing rain or sleet before eventually going over to plain rain, which we have seen play out closer to the shoreline. even though you may be seeing a little bit of rain, temperatures are still near the freezing mark earlier this morning. it has been light enough that it has not been accumulating quickly on area roadways. there has been accumulation out there. this reality continues to navigate northward and this is the line of rain we will see later on this evening. pockets of heavier rainfall are a possibility. near the freezing mark, manchester to the shoreline. just below the freezing mark in
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a light coating to an inch or two. it is going to take a good part of the day to get back near the freezing mark in the north country. for central and southern areas, near the freezing marlee -- mark late this morning. in the 30' s by the evening commute. once that southerly wind gets going, we jump into the 40' s. it it gets to the 40' s and the 50' s wants the downpour winds down. any leftover rain showers will go over to scattered snow showers, which eventually winds down early on friday. temperatures today in the 30' s making their way above the freezing mark in southern new hampshire first and then in the north country later this evening. notice the temperatures by early tomorrow morning -- we are up in the 40' s to lower range of the 50'
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your extended forecast has it in the 40' s and 50' s tomorrow. there skies into the weekend. it does look like there will be another quick moving system on wednesday. we are kind of up, down, all over the place. today, it depends where you are. erin: thank you so much. despite the roller coaster temperatures, the meredith ice fishing derby is still on for this weekend. warning anglers to use extreme caution on the ice on lake winnipesaukee. smaller lakes are likely safer still offer good fishing spots. heading to that event. nine-year-old in new jersey is making a name for herself in an inspirational way.
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kevin: changing over to a wintry mix and rein in seven new hampshire first and then navigating northward, a light coating to an inch or two. rain could be heavy at times later tonight. sean: we aregetting a new look at three of saturn' s moons. 62 moons have been discovered in orbits around saturn. we only have one. 53 have been officially named. the other nine are sean 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. [laughter]
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not just for adults. she faces a lack of opponents. sparse with the boys. kevin: she has been boxing since she was seven. her debt to the sport to lose weight. he says her talent was instantly apparent. >> i noticed it when she started picking up things quicker than me. i was surprised. to be a good boxer. if you don' re not going to be that good. will make it. you have to like believe in point in life. kevin: she works out at the gym hours at a time. she is now training for the golden gloves in march. erin: that is awesome. i love when kids find some things are really passionate about. sean: she has the eye of the
5:57 am
a local high school basketball player is gaining attention on the court and it is not just because he is three foot five. he also has serious skills. kristen: as you head out this morning, you will be greeted by slick roads. leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles. kenneth: gop front donald trump is a winner in nevada. coming up, how big was his win? what hillary clinton has to say about new developments regarding her e-mails.
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kevin: now on daybreak a little of everything out there this morning with a lot of rain by later this evening. the timeline of how much we' ll see. erin: these are live pictures along interstate 89 in springfield. your morning drive could be a little tricky we' ll have the latest conditions. sean: cleanup efforts are getting underway along the gulf coast this morning after a line of storms tore across several states, destroying homes, knocking out power, and killing at least three people. erin: donald trump has scored another win in the race for the


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