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tv   News 9 Daybreak  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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kevin: now on daybreak a little of everything out there this morning with a lot of rain by later this evening. the timeline of how much we' ll see. erin: these are live pictures along interstate 89 in springfield. your morning drive could be a little tricky we' ll have the latest conditions. sean: cleanup efforts are getting underway along the gulf coast this morning after a line of storms tore across several states, destroying homes, knocking out power, and killing at least three people. erin: donald trump has scored another win in the race for the
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super tuesday. announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: a mix falling from the skies. sean: wintry weather out there. it makes for slippery conditions. we have many closures and delays scrolling across the bottom of your screen. almost up to 80 at this point. kevin: precipitation likely not going to be all day long. colder version of this, a light coating to a few inches. rain, the closer you get to the shoreline. the trend will continue as we degrees into the afternoon. all rain in most locations. 20' 30'
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rainfall heaviest late this afternoon and tonight. a bit. let' there this morning. i look at your morning traffic. deb: 89 north and south on as you make your way from concord to the upper valley is a very slow go at this time. we are getting word that it is slow. especially on the southbound side into concord and as you get into bow junction with 93 southbound. a very tough road. the tolls. there is a coal -- a car flipped over on its roof. is slow from bedford down to exit 10. allow plenty of extra time this
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reduced speed limits are on 93. sean: a busy morning out there this morning. state dot crews started getting ready for this storm yesterday by pre-treating the roads and the transportation management center in concord was buzzing. it is slow going out there this morning in many areas. these are live pictures of colebrook. you can see some snow. erin: wmur' s kristen carosa is also keeping an eye on the roads. she headed north up interstate 89 and joins us now live along the highway in springfield. have you seen anything change over in that direction? kristen: we have been here since 4:30 this morning. the snow has gotten lighter. when we first got here, it was
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there have not been too many people out on the roads so far. slow. slow going this morning. the speed than it has been reduced to 45 miles per hour. let' s have you look live here in springfield. the speed limit has been reduced to 45 miles or hour. it is all about the ice. we will hear from dot coming up.
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sean: the weather is causing a big mess to our south where at least 3 people are dead and dozens hurt after tornadoes and severe storms slammed the gulf coast. one of the hardest hit areas is an r.v. park in louisiana where crews worked through the night looking for several people believed to be trapped. and at least seven people are in critical condition. both louisiana and mississippi are under states of emergency this morning but there is also significant damage in parts of the florida panhandle, where a tornado touched down in pensacola. crews will be out this morning assessing the damage and tens of thousands of people are without power. erin: a somersworth man accused of breaking into a home in hudson and pulling a gun is due in court today. police say 36-year-old matthew felton entered a home on woodcrest drive yesterday morning. the homeowners were able to escape and call for help. after nearly two hours a swat team entered the home and took felton into custody. he is charged with burglary and criminal threatening. the driver involved in a deadly crash in weare last summer is
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homicide. according to a grand jury indictment 18-year-old benjamin cook of milford led police on a high speed chase last july from new boston into weare before crashing on route 114. 17-year-old trevor gonyer of dunbarton died in the crash. cook is also charged with aggravated dwi and driving with a suspended license. sean: turning to politics and donald trump is celebrating a third win in a row this morning, after easily taking the nevada caucuses last night. turnout was incredibly high with some locations running out of ballots. trump is now riding a huge surge of momentum heading into super tuesday next week. abc' s kenneth moton is following the campaigns. >> for the third time in a row, donald trump has shown why he' s the gop frontrunner. in nevada, he dominated winning across the board getting big support from evangelicals and even hispanics. this morning, donald trump on a winning streak after another
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nevada. >> we love nevada, we love nevada. >> love for trump but that anger at washington and a strong desire for an outsider gave the gop frontrunner an easy victory over his rivals. it' s a fight for second between republican establishment favorite marco rubio and iowa caucus winner ted cruz. ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. they' ve vowed to march on to super tuesday. the democrats are also focused on tuesday, but first south carolina. ahead of the democratic primary in the palmetto state, the focus was on african-americans who make up half of the electorate. clinton has campaign events in south carolina today, sanders is in missouri. the republicans are taking part in a voter summit hosted by trump' s fox news nemesis megyn kelly. trump declined the invite citing a scheduling conflict. kenneth moton, abc news washington. , erin: investigators now say
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two unh students in connection with a stabbing over the weekend near the campus in durham. 20-year-old matthew gibbons is charged with first degree assault. 21-year-old eric denning faces second degree assault and criminal liability charges. according to court documents another student showed police a , screen shot from snapchat showing gibbons and denning with bloody hands and a knife. unh says this type of behavior will not be tolerated and the school has launched its own investigation. still ahead, there is a new star for the hillsborough deering high school j.v. basketball team and he has overcome long odds just to get on the floor but he has big aspirations. sean: country music star carrie underwood wowed fans in boston last night. but she also had a big surprise for a local military family. erin: and in the next half hour state police say a man swallowed several bags of heroin during a recent traffic stop and that drugs are creating a daily
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kevin: light snow in the northern half of the state. we continue to see a transition to a wintry mix and rain and then fill in northern areas through this evening. i will have the details in your forecast. sean: a freshman at hillsboro-deering high school is making quite a name for himself on the basketball court even , though he is always the smallest player in the game. erin: 14-year-old tristan wilmott is just 3' 5" tall. he was born with a rare genetic disorder called mulibrey nanism there are only 115 known cases in the world. but he' s not letting that slow
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>> it' s energetic. i like running and making points and stuff. it' s fun and all my friends play. >> we' ve been in some blowout games. and usually when you' re on a team like that, towards the end of the game they stop caring a little bit, they' re just waiting for the clock to run out. but our team is rooting for tristan to go in and get a basket. erin: tristan says he would love to play professional basketball but if that doesn' t work out he' d like to snowboard. his final game of the season is this friday. sean: country music star carrie underwood provided a special surprise before her show at the t.d. garden last night. the 7-time grammy award winner spent some time with a military family from mashpee, massachusetts. aaron van huysen has been in the coast guard for 17 years and his family has moved all around the country. underwood has teamed up with carnival cruise lines to honor families like the van huysens. >> this is awesome, this is the best experience of our lives, and especially theirs. >> it' s easy for me, while i' m
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might as well help out wherever i can. sean: underwood is also helping raise money for operation homefront. it is a nonprofit that helps military families and wounded warriors. the van huysens were also surprised with a carnival cruise. they' ll be among hundreds of military families who will travel to nyc next november for a private carrie underwood concert. the have a lot going on there. erin: coming up the city of manchester is getting a movie theater once again. when and where chunky' s plans to open a new location. sean: plus a controversial idea is moving forward in iowa to
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sean: lawmakers in the iowa house have approved a controversial bill that would allow children of any age to use handguns.
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children be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian. right now iowa law bans children under the age of 14 from handling guns. >> we do not need a militia of toddlers. we do not have handguns that i am aware of that fit the hands of a one-year-old or a two-year-old. sean: supporters say the measure strengthens the second amendment but the bill is not expected to pass in the iowa state senate. firefighters in new york city rescued two window washers who got stuck outside the 62nd floor of a high-rise building yesterday. the workers were pulled in through a window after about an hour, but the operator of the scaffolding says firefighters acted too quickly and that they should have waited. he says the scaffold simply stalled due to a breaker issue and he already had it fixed. erin: the city of manchester will soon have a movie theater again for the first time in years. chunky' s cinema pub says it will open a 10 screen theater next year in the old lowe' s building on huse road.
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reclining chairs and a full menu with table service plus beer, wine, and cocktails. chunky' s currently has locations in nashua, pelham and haverhill , massachusetts. c and j bus lines is adding two double decker busses to their fleet providing service to boston. the first double deckers used for commuter operations in the country. the busses have 32 more seats than regular coach busses and are highly energy efficient. sean: get ready to parody. singer comedian weird al yankovic has scheduled a concert at the bank of new hampshire pavilion in gilford for friday, september 2. tickets go on sale to the general public this friday after a presale tomorrow. weird al has won 4 grammy' s in his career, which started in 1976. erin: i am not a card-carrying member.
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kevin: they set up a segway for me and they need to put something in there that sets up -- sean: a parity? -- parody? kevin: know, me. sorry, that took a while to explain. temperatures around the freezing mark. a wintry mix right now. that has gone from a light coating to an inch of snow and over to sleet and freezing rain. central state seeing light snow. we have not seen a tremendous amount accumulate on roadways. that will continue. you will notice that we do not
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we get later into the afternoon and the second part of the system makes its way in and that is when it starts to pick up. during the daylight, temperatures near the freezing mark this morning. it should start to gradually improve later this morning. the afternoon not that bad in most locations. moisture that runs up against the cool air still could produce freezing rain into the afternoon. this spotty and scattered and nature. this could have heavier downpour with it and maybe rumbles of thunder. temperatures right now at or below freezing in most locations.
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inland, sleet and freezing rain mixing in. temperatures have jumped from the levels we had yesterday. not white above the freezing mark. we are going to watch the warmer air come north is just the warmer air come north. tomorrow, likely into the 50' s. spotty in nature. light for a good part of the day. we will see the line continuing to navigate northward. it is rainfall-heavy at times. southwest wind behind that will push temperatures into the 50' s tomorrow, only to see those drop back. we are talking fairly skies, warm enough by monday anything we see could be a passing rain shower.
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out there this morning. it depends on the region of the state you are in. erin: with more on the road conditions this morning we now check in with kristen carosa. kristen: there is a wintry mix coming down. you will be greeted by slick roads. dot asks you drive slow and leave room between you and other ours. the concern with the storm is ice. erin: a somersworth man accused of breaking into a home in hudson and pulling a gun on the homeowners is due in court today. police say 36-year-old matthew felton was arrested by a swat team after about two hours. the driver involved in a deadly crash in weare last summer is now charged with negligent homicide. according to a grand jury indictment 18-year-old benjamin cook of milford led police on a high speed chase from new boston into weare before crashing on route 114 killing a passenger. sean: coming up on daybreak.
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just a few days but crews are already rolling out the red
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kevin: rain with temperatures around the freezing mark. over to freezing rain while in central and northern areas. light snow to go. heavy rain will be the focus tonight. we will have the details, coming up. erin: the oscars aren' t until this weekend in hollywood but crews are already hard at work getting everything ready. sean: the red carpet was officially rolled out yesterday , at least part of it and the lights, stages and decorations are starting to take shape. most of the people involved in the setup have been doing it for years and say they look forward to it.
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here on wmur on sunday evening. some big movies up. erin: i think leonardo dicaprio. sean: i am more interested in the fashions, the shoes and dresses and stuff. erin: you are into that. sean: yes. erin: speaking of movies a new store in north carolina is selling some unique movie props along with many other odd and random items. sean: kenyata sullivan has been a collector since he was a child and has just opened whatever wilmington. he describes it as a pop culture curiosity shop. he is selling everything from props to comic books, posters and toys. he has ninja turtle trading cards an original jaws poster , cam newton' s pants, even 3 hairs from george washington.
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coming up in the next half hour
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announcer: no one covers new hampshire like we do. now, wmur news 9 daybreak. erin: as we look out onto meredith, temperatures in the 20' s and being falling. seeing freezing rain in some areas and rain in psalm mothers. sean: let' s get right to our top stories, the results from the nevada republican caucus are now in.
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winner making this the third contest the gop candidate has won in a row. a danville man is in jail this morning after police say they found devices and chemicals inside his home that could have and as you' re heading out on your commute you' ll want to be snow, rain and a slushy mix could make for some tricky travel conditions. erin: we did have speeds reduced. dot has made the decision to lift those speed reductions. kevin: the precipitation falling is fairly light. falling lightly enough it has not been quickly accumulating on area roads. temperatures are below freezing. everything we see from late this afternoon into the evening in the form of heavier rains all, maybe even thunder overnight. gradual improvement from the
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erin: we have had some problems on the road. we want to check in with deb davidson and get a look at 93. it does not appear there are problems out there. deb: we are seeing the speed limit reduction has been lifted on 293 and the everett turnpike. it is still a tricky ride out there. 89 is a tough ride through the bow junction heading into new warner. use plenty of extra time. if you' re commuting on the everett turnpike southbound, it is slow going between the head for tolls and exit 10. crews are taking care of the roads. use extra caution. from the traffic network, i am deb davidson. erin: kristen carosa is monitoring the roads.
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along i 89. kristen: we are a long interstate 89. was heavy snow. light snow. the roads are snow covered, but you can see pavement. a slushy mix. the speed limit was reduced to 45 miles per hour. it was very slow going. in some spots, it was snowing. commute. you want to have a lot of room behind you, in front of you. the concern is ice. even the rain by itself can make
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>> even with rain, you can have ground temperatures below freezing. so they' ve got to respond according to the conditions. don' t use cruise control. wednesday would be a bad time for that. and take more time to get to your destination. kristen: these commissions are expected to stick around. live in springfield, kristen carosa, wmur news 9. sean: in commitment 2016. a victory in vegas. this morning, donald trump is celebrating his win in the nevada caucus while democrats get ready for their next contest in south carolina. nikole killion is in washington with the latest on the race and the results. nikole: this was one of his biggest winds. he seemed to savor it. in nevada. a trump trifecta. >> we' re winning, winning, winning. nikole: the real estate mogul hit the jackpot in vegas with his third win in a row.
6:35 am
we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. nikole: trump trounced rivals argue they' re still viable. >> the only campaign that has campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. super tuesday, where about a dozen states are up for grabs. democrats concentrated on the upcoming primary in south carolina, participating in a town hall where hillary clinton reiterated a pledge to release transcripts of her paid speeches to wall street. >> sure, if everybody does it, and that includes the republicans. >> secretary clinton said i will do it if other people do it. i am very happy to release all of my paid speeches to wall street. here it is chris, there ain' t none. nikole: democrats vote in south carolina saturday, while republicans return to the debate in washington, i'
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killion, wmur news 9. erin: a danville man is waking up behind bars after police say they found some potentially dangerous materials inside his home. officers say it all started on monday. they got a report that 32-year-old mathew starble was allegedly using a chemistry set to make methamphetamines at the cotton farm mobile home park. when authorities searched his home they say they found two devices, as well as chemicals that, if mixed, had the potential to explode. >> i don' t know why they would be doing that. >> is it frightening to hear that? >> yes. i don' t want them to be blowing my place up. >> these homes are situated relatively close. people generally look out for each other over there. this particular did not associate with the others very .
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that kind of activity. erin: starble is being held on $50,000 bail. he is due back in court next month. fire officials in barrington are trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire that destroyed a home on michael drive. a neighbor reported the fire shortly before two this morning. when crews arrived, they say flames were coming out of the windows. the home was undergoing renovations and no one was inside when the fire started. sean: a man accused of swallowing several baggies of heroin during a traffic stop on route 101 is in the hospital this morning. 26-year-old noah grassie, of maine, was pulled in hampton on monday. according to court paperwork. the state trooper suspected that grassie was under the influence, so he patted grassie down and several baggies, containing what appeared to be heroin, fell to the ground. police say grassie got into a struggle with the trooper as he tried to retrieve the bags. then he finally put them in his mouth and swallowed them. the same trooper had an almost identical experience with another driver on i-95 two weeks ago. >> we see it almost on a daily basis at this point, lately its been a little bit worse as far as the aggression we face with
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attempting to evade or hide this evidence that they have on them. sean: grassie will be taken to jail once he is released from the hospital. police say he was out on bail for pending drug charges, when he was stopped. erin: a jury has determined that two weare police officers did not use excessive force while arresting a burglary suspect. shane st. onge was convicted of breaking into route 77 motors in 2012. after serving out his sentence, he sued the weare police department and two of its officers, claiming they were too rough with him during his arrest. st. onge' s attorney says his client was tazed at least four times. the jury heard four days of testimony before deciding that the officers' actions were reasonable and necessary. sean: funeral arrangements have been announced for former portsmouth mayor eileen foley. the 8-term mayor died monday at the age of 97. calling hours will be held this friday from nine -- from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. a funeral service will take
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at immaculate conception church. foley' s funeral procession will go through city hall for a final salute from the police and fire honor guard before heading to calvary cemetery. erin: people in hooksett are invited to attend a meeting tonight, regarding the future of the lilac bridge. right now the plan is to remove the bridge and replace it with a pedestrian bridge. there are a number of design options being considered and the hooksett town council wants the public' s insight. you give your thoughts at a meeting that starts at 6:00 at the hooksett town offices. sean: the fish and game department is sharing some exciting photos. conservation officers say a this canada lynx up in the department' s non-game and endangered wildlife program has been monitoring these animals. canada lynx are considered rare in new england. very neat to see that. erin: it is great. coming up on daybreak. a plan to film a movie scene in massachusetts is being met with
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>> being right there knowing all the explosives and gunshots it' s a little much to relive. erin: producers want to recreate the watertown shootout involving the boston marathon bombers. sean: and a huge relief for a family in egypt. their toddler is now off the hook after being sentenced to life behind bars. kevin: snow into a wintry mix transitions to reign as the day
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kevin: starting off with a little light snow, giving way to a wintry mix. temperatures at or below freezing across a good part of the state early this morning away from the shoreline. we will see the transition to a wintry mix and rain, heavy at times. details, coming up. sean: we are following breaking news out of nepal. the wreckage of a plane that vanished last night has been found. erin: officials are confirming that all 23 people on board that plane were killed. they say the flight was supposed to be just 18 minutes long but , they lost contact with it
6:44 am
bad weather. the crash was discovered early this morning in the nepal mountains. police say it appears that the plane flew directly into a mountain. sean: a three-year-old boy in egypt is apparently off the hook this morning after being sentenced to life in prison last week. the little boy was accused of various crimes committed during a protest in 2014, when he was just sixteen months old. authorities are now acknowledging that this was a case of mistaken identity. erin: producers of a movie, based on the boston marathon bombings, want to recreate the watertown shootout between the bombers and police where it actually happened. fliers were sent to residents of laurel street, informing them about the film, titled patriots day. the scenes in watertown, massachusetts, will include simulated gunfire and explosions during several nights of filming in may. many residents say they are ok with hollywood coming to town but they do have some concerns. >> i don' t know who is going to be playing the tsarnaev brothers and you just, you really hope anybody with a big name or anybody who is going to draw too
6:45 am
character. >> to hear the gunshots again, i traumatizing. years after and you hear a bang and think is that a gun shot? erin: the shooting ended in one homeowner' s boat where convicted bomber, dzhokar tsarnaev, was found and arrested. the man who owns that boat says producers can make a movie if they want, but just not on his property. sean: turning now to sports. an incredible basketball game played out here in new hampshire last night. saint anselm college took on the snhu penmen. it all came down to this play. it was the end of double-overtime when senior b.j. cardarelli drove and hit the layup at the buzzer to win the game for snhu 70-68. both teams are now looking ahead to the conference tournament and they could meet again in the postseason. david ortiz is taking his swings with his red sox teammates at spring training in florida. but this is the final year we' ll see that happen. this year there are two
6:46 am
ortiz, and ace pitcher david price. the two are former rivals, but they are now ready to work together. >> his a good guy, a good person. people tell you. everybody has their moment. we are playing together now. we are here. they brought him into try and win the championship. in my case, i am going to be has number-one supporter. sean: the red sox play their first spring training game on march second against minnesota. now to a reunion, seven decades in the making. erin: a man in iowa got his wallet back 71 years after he lost it. >> i thought at first it might be some sort of a joke and i thought i couldn' t be. erin: 85-year-old clare mcintosh says he lost wallet at a movie
6:47 am
back in 1944. a construction crew was recently renovating the theater when they found the wallet buried beneath the floorboards. the builder, who is a former investigator, managed to track down its rightful owner. the wallet contained a boy scout card, world war ii-era ration stamps and an id. a woman in washington state got quite a surprise while eating at a restaurant. sean: she bit down on something inside a clam and it turned out to be a pearl. the woman and her husband brought the dark purple pearl home with them and later learned that is was very rare and of gem quality. experts say just one in a couple million pearls is of gem quality. one expert valued this pearl at about $600. erin: your meal was paid for.
6:48 am
to be like the lottery. kevin: we start off with rainfall closer to the shoreline. temperatures near the freezing mark. we have had light snow in the evening and overnight hours. in southern new hampshire, a wintry mix in some places. some places, it is sleep and freezing rain. as that continues to wander northward through the morning and into the afternoon, it will be down to rain and a wintry mix. we will see rain heavy at times later tonight as temperatures worked their way back from the 30' s to the 40' s and eventually 50' s tomorrow. it will be scattered precipitation. the wall of moisture coming in
6:49 am
more widely scattered early to mid afternoon. a lot of what is falling in a northern half of the state is in the form of light snow. it has been lightning greatly from what we have seen going on. the trend continues. scattered precipitation, rain, freezing rain for the morning commute. rain will be around here late tomorrow morning. temperatures are below freezing. a few spots are as cold as 26 or snow in the north country. a light coating to a few inches. mostly rain with a few pockets of freezing rain left over.
6:50 am
inch and a half of rain. southwest wind pushes the s. cooler air will win out. eventually, any rain showers are back over the snow showers as we temperatures closer to where we should be this time of year. temperatures back into the 30' s 30 -- back into the 30' s, thursday, friday, and saturday. we start to warm up again. by sunday, into monday, looks like we were on -- looks like we will see the next system approaching. a big thank you to the folks at salem haven who i visited yesterday. the computers we used to forecast the weather and present the weather were some of the things we talked about, as well
6:51 am
they showered me with gifts, including the wall with my picture from the last several years. a big thanks to them. they gave me gifts for you, ray. my little guy are ready got into the cookies and says they have -- and says they are delicious. erin: thank you. sean: if you ever dreamed of owning your own amusement park ride, you are now getting your chance. a park in the u.k., called dreamland is auctioning off its log flume ride. it has a starting price of about $35,000. the carts are being sold separately for a starting bid of $324 each.
6:52 am
hoping to sell the ride to raise money. erin: still ahead, a final check on your top stories, including another check of the road
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6:55 am
erin: updating our top stories. sean: people heading out on the roads this morning are urged to caution, due to those tricky driving conditions. here' s kristen carosa. kristen: a light snow continues to fall. you will be greeted by slick roads. dot officials asking you to slow down and leave room between other cars. the concern is ice. erin: a somersworth man, accused of breaking into a home in hudson and pulling a gun on the homeowners, is due in court today. police say 36-year-old matthew felton was arrested by a swat team is now charged with burglary and criminal threatening. sean: a danville man is behind bars after police say they found some potentially dangerous
6:56 am
responding to a report that he was allegedly making meth. authorities say they found two devices in mathew stable' s home as well as chemicals that, if mixed, had the potential to explode. erin: the driver involved in a deadly crash in weare last summer is now charged with negligent homicide. according to an indictment 18-year-old benjamin cook led police on a high speed chase, before crashing on route 114, killing a passenger. kevin: rainfall for southern and southeastern areas of the state as the day wears on. light snow in the north country, going over to a wintry mix. times. there may be a couple of rumbles of thunder to wake you up. we start cooling off. temperatures at or below
6:57 am
erin: take care on the roads. coming up next on good morning america. they will have the latest on the race for the white house. look at what the candidates will be doing next. sean: will have the latest on the severe weather that slip -- that swept through the south.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day


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