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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day
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favorite takes on a hotel and a stalker with a 7 $75 million lawsuit over invasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalker to spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphant return, the superstar singer proving her heart will go on taking the coliseum stage in las vegas for the first time since her beloved husband passed away. her powerful tribute this morning. oh, that was wonderful to see celine back on the stage last night. good morning, america. two big stories to get to, the big win for donald trump and those severe storms, sam, overnight. >> at least three dead, 27 tornadoes in 5 gulf coast states and we'll show you where they're going today. first the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote" and the biggest win yet for donald trump. more than 20-point victory in
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trump has won in the east, the south and now the west and join us live in a moment. runner-up marco rubio here too but first the latest from nevada from abc's tom llamas in las vegas, good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. [ audio problems [ [ can. >> reporter: last night he won by such a large margin he was in the victory stage hours before they could figure out second and third. >> thank you. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump winning the nevada caucuses and heading into super tuesday with real momentum. >> we won the evangelicals. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated.
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supporters late into the night. >> grab, grab, grab. you know, i get greedy. i want money, money. i'll tell you what we're going to do, right. we get greedy, right. now we're going to get greedy for the united states. we're going to grab and grab and grab. >> reporter: overnight senator cruz thanking his supporters. >> is that the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: trump taking his final shots before the caucuses at senator cruz. >> he's like a baby compared to some of the people i have to -- he is like a little baby. soft, weak little baby by comparison but for lying he's the best i've ever seen. he's the best. >> reporter: cruz firing back. all day tuesday making the case it's unclear what trump even stands for. >> and, frankly, i'm not willing to gamble my daughter's future with donald trump. the truth of the matter is
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knows what the heck he would do. would do. >> reporter: this as senator marco rubio continues to win endorsements but acknowledging the field is too splintered. >> first of all this choice remains multicandidate. myself. hard core of republicans who do nominee. as long as they're being divided up for three or four people, it's good for donald. >> reporter: they'll drop out then. trump predicting a rubio/trump rumble could be coming. >> yeah, rubio. who, by the way, i've been very nice to. i've been very nice -- people say why are you so nice, because he hasn't hit me. when he does, he will -- you'll see what happens. >> reporter: now, one good sign for senator marco rubio is that
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strongest against caucusgoers who made up their mind in the last week. one debris and less than six days of campaigning to make the argument he should be the nominee before super tuesday. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's bring it to donald trump. mr. trump, contemplations congratulations on your victory. the drudge report, want to show it to everyone. it says you are the nominee right now. are they right? we certainly have an advantage, george. it was a great night. it was a great day and we were looking pretty good, i think, by any standard. >> you know, you're winning despite the fact you have taken many positions at odds with the republican party, supported democrats in the past, even more you're winning -- it's remarkable winning against a united front of elected officials. want to show this chart from fivethirtyate. you have 0. will it make it harder to unite the party.
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i don't go out and seek them. now as of yesterday people were calling and a lot of people were endorsements but it's not something i want to work for to be honest with you because it's a waste of time. endorsements mean very little. we have as you know, we have some excellent endorsements and something i'm very proud of but it's a lot of work. you know, they want me to go to certain area, have a big news conference, i would rather be with the people and rather work with the people and get the kind of numbers we got yesterday because those numbers are amazing. we won with every single group, every single group. men, women, evangelicals, we won with all sorts of education, if you talk about education at the highest level to a lower level we won with everything, george. victory last night. you also heard ted cruz in that piece from tom llamas. marco rubio making the same point with robin coming up that nobody knows what you would do, how you would actually
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they're saying you haven't laid out the details. can you tell us right now what are the first three things you would do on day one in a trump white house? >> well, the first thing i'd do is knock out some of the executive orders signed by our president. especially the one on the border where people are allowed to come in and just pour into our country like swiss cheese. i'll work out immediately to knock out obamacare and start taking care of our vets and military. >> you haven't said how you'll replace it. >> our vets have been absolutely treated horribly and we're going to take care of our vets. that's been a very, very big part of my campaign, the vets. >> making the point you haven't laid out specifically how you're going to achieve those goals. how you'll build the wall or replace obamacare. >> i've been specific in terms of the wall and in terms of obamacare, what i'm doing is very specific, whether we use health care savings accounts and that could happen because a lot
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obamacare is falling out under its own weight dead by 2017. people are not signing up for it. it's a disasters. the rates and premiums going up by 45%, 55%, 65% and we'll have it at a fraction of the cost and i'm very specific on it, george. i'm a very specific person, believe me. >> finally, mr. trump, have you given any thought to who your vice president nominee might be if, indeed, you are the nominee and whether it would be an elected official or a more outside the box candidate. >> well, i have give n't given thought. i think we'll do fantastic and amazing what you're looking at and some states where already i'm very close in texas and, you know, you have a senator from texas, i'm leading in -- this will be the following week but florida is looking fantastically, ohio is looking great. you look at the different numbers and the different
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on georgia. doing fantastically well, arkansas, so we're looking very, very strong, i think, george and we look forward to it. it's going to be an interesting week. working, many of the states and week. >> we got to go. can you give me one name? >> of a vice president? >> uh-huh. >> too early, george. you'll be one of the first to know. maybe not the first but you'll be one of the first to know. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> as you alluded to earlier this morning i spoke with senator marco rubio and i began by asking him about his second place finish in nevada. >> we always want to do better. i lived there 25 years ago, 30 years ago and it was a great experience. we love coming back. we have a lot of family members there but always want to do better. we feel good about our second place finish. of course, you always want to be first but this is an unusual year and the nevada caucus is different than any other vote we'll see around the country, new experience and a lot of
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i congratulate donald. he had a good showing. we picked up significant number of delegates there and we move on to the other states. we have a big week next tuesday. >> it was another big victory for donald trump and he said that many are wondering why you haven't gone after him. even he has said that you haven't hit him and we know that the next debate is coming up. do you expect to be -- are you going to change your tactics and be more aggressive towards donald trump. >> yeah, i don't understand this. i know there's a craving in the media for people to attack each other but i've never been a campaign that attacks people. now if i've been attacked i responded and we set the record differences. but we'll have a debate tomorrow night and if there are policy those. if he says something i don't agree with like he did in the last debate about george bush being responsible for 9/11 i'll correct him on it. >> you did say the other day that it seems like voters are gravitating toward the one who
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you didn't mention any names but many people assumed that you were referring to donald trump. were you? >> well, sure, his rhetoric is one thatthats into that anger. i share in that anger. it's one of the reasons why i ran for the senate five years ago. i was really upset about the direction of our country and inability of the republican party to do anything about it but anger alone won't solve our problems. you also have to know what you're going to do about it. running for president voters need to know what you're going to do and donald hasn't outlined exactly what he'll do. he'll tell us what the result will be but refuses to explain how it's going to happen. >> there have been four contests so far across the state. various parts of the country. and you have yet to come out on top. with super tuesday coming out, what do you need to do. >> i think what people need to understand about these contests between now and march 15th, all are places that award delegates which is how the nomination is decided. it's not decided by how many states you win but how many delegates you have and awarding
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march 15th, you're in ohio and florida that award them all at once. that's where you have to start winning states and we feel very confident about where we'll be come march 15th. >> you picked up five delegates yesterday. and you really picked up many more key endorsements from the establishment. but we've seen with both republicans and democrats that voters aren't really embracing the establishment, politics as usual. are you concerned that being that type of backing may actually work against you and your campaign? >> in order for the republican nominee to become the president of the united states, it has to be someone that can bring the republican party together and then grow it, as well. and what we're showing is the ability to bring it together, to bring together all kinds of people within the republican party including some for whom i wasn't the first choice. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> and it should be another lively debate tomorrow night. >> super tuesday coming up. right now donald trump ahead in all those states with the possible exception of texas
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we move on to those severe storms slamming the south. at least 27 tornadoes reported and linzie janis is on the scene in pensacola, florida. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, george. the devastation here is incredible. a tornado ripping through this apartment complex throwing debris over these cars and look over here. the entire second floor of this apartment building sheared off. you can see right into people's living rooms. >> look up. look up. >> reporter: more than two dozen reported tornados tearing through parts of the gulf states. overnight pensacola, florida, taking a direct hit as lightning illuminates the sky, you can see this massive funnel cloud moving in before cutting a two-mile path of destruction. >> the tornado just touched down within 30 seconds two buildings are completely collapsed. >> reporter: how did the tornado come through? this morning the sheriff showing me these apartment buildings destroyed. >> this is where we lean heavily upon state and federal agencies and, of course, thank god for
7:14 am
>> reporter: and in st. james parish, louisiana. >> oh, my goodness. holy cow. >> reporter: watch as this enormous tornado completely obliterates this rv park. winds tossing nearly 200 rvs, ashley east stepping outside her camper as soon as it was safe. >> i just immediately took off running to help people. >> reporter: two people killed and dozens injured. first responders searching for those who may still be trapped in the mangled mess. >> we're hoping we can get down to find people. >> reporter: nearby another twister tearing into this gym filled with people. ripping the wall right off the side of the building. >> i started screaming everybody everybody get down. take cover. >> reporter: a reported tornado plowing through assumption parish, louisiana, too, winds picking up this parked pickup and slamming it to the ground. over. and check out these three tornadic waterspouts over lake
7:15 am
orleans. authorities are working to secure this site so that residents can come back and try to salvage some belongings. miraculously, no one died and no one was even seriously injured here. >> thank you for that. more now on those dangerous storms and new warnings are out this morning, right, sam? >> absolutely, robin. our hearts are with those people in pensacola. incredible damage and in louisiana, as well. where are those storms this morning? they're already alive and kicking and tornado watch out for a good part of florida and watch this into south georgia. now south georgia, i want to tell you that we've seen some tornado warnings out in the last hour in that line of storms. please pay particular attention to this and watch this. as that squall line fins to move east, some areas will see strong wupdzs and even some hail. raleigh-durham, all the way into southern virginia. i want you to watch that today. these storms are still strong as they move in at 6:00 p.m., d.c., philly, you're in line for that squall line. only good news, jersey, new york
7:16 am
connecticut and also western massachusetts, these storms weaken a little bit as they get to you by 10:00 p.m. but strong enough to make travel a nightmare. there are already delayed flights at many airports along the east coast and there will be today. robin, george, lara. >> all right. a lot for sam to track today. we move on to new developments in that michigan murder getting our first look at surveillance video from the gun shop that uber driver visited before going on a rampage that killed six people, injured two others. abc's alex perez has the latest from kalamazoo. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning we're learning a lot more about what the suspect was doing and the hours before the shootings and just how close some people came to getting into his uber. this morning our first glimpse at what's believed to be shooting suspect jason dalton in the hours before the deadly shootings. surveillance cameras capturing dalton checking out firearms at this kalamazoo gun shop. the owner says dalton didn't buy a gun but did buy a trackty cal jacket like this one.
7:17 am
friendly, talked to us, was smiling, joking around. >> reporter: less than three hours later prosecutors say the uber driver unleashed a rampage killing six. 14-year-old abigail kopf shot and injured in the parking lot of this restaurant, doctors say at one point her heart stopped. but she's now fighting for her life. >> actually she squeezed my hand. it was a miracle on its own. >> reporter: richard smith and his 17-year-old son tyler were killed in this car dealership parking lot. we've now turned tyler's teenage girlfriend was also there and 911. mallory lemieux and tory curtis were almost the 45-year-old driver's passengers that night until mallory's dead sent this text, multiple shootings with people dead. get home please. he also warned them police were looking for a suspect in a chevy. when the college student called an uber to go home her assigned driver was in a chevy. panicking, she canceled three
7:18 am
driver. jason, the last cancellation just four minutes before police arrested him. >> definitely just makes us feel really lucky that we followed our instincts and didn't get in that car. >> reporter: both of those young ladies saying it will take them some time for the shock of this to wear off. dalton who's been appointed a public defender is due back in court next week. robin, george. >> so good they were so aware. >> thank you, alex, for that. sam, we heard about the wind, now the snow. >> because behind the storm we showed you on the east coast we got some snow this morning. poplar bluff, missouri, you're in line for some of this. st. louis, just started for you now. watch this, springfield, gary. we told you south of the lake so gary, indiana very much in play to get some big snow all the way to lancing and flint, as well. look at the shades of pink. 6 to 12 inches. right there in northern indiana, gary near you, we're talking
7:19 am
kevin: snow continues in the northern half. we have transitioned from light snow to freezing rain as well as rain. it has lightened up across the area. it will be widely scattered through early afternoon before an area of heavy rainfall makes its way in. it will be around through tonight and we could see an inch
7:20 am
still to come on "gma," erin andrews' $75 million lawsuit. the "dancing with the stars" co-host taking on a stalker and a hotel over an invasion of her privacy. >> this is so humiliating to her and it continues and it's never going to stop. and celine dion's powerful tribute to her husband and triumphant aurn to the stage. the superstar's emotional performance overnight. that's coming up here on "gma." did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, including calcium bones. boost high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost high protein. available at these fine retailers. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me, and you're talking to a rheumatologist
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announcer: now, from wmur news 9. sean: welcome back. right now, we are seeing a wintry mix across the state. it is causing slick driving out there. crews are treating roadways and plowing. we are hearing of crashes right now on 93 in the bow area and 101 9 a.m. hearst, as well as cars sliding around. we are not aware of any serious injuries but if you are headed out slow down and allow extra time. let' s toss things over to kevin. kevin says we see warm air takeover is the day moves along. it will be gradual in the north country. the transition from the snow over the last few hours in the southern half of the state goes over to rain. a little bit of freezing rain mixing in. temperatures at below the freezing mark across a good portion of the state. roadways will be slick in spots,
7:27 am
bear that in mind and factor in next time. later this afternoon, temperatures jump into the 40' s later tonight. heavy rain tonight. we will go into the low and mid 50' s. it will start cooling things down. the wintry mix goes over the rainfall later today. i the evening commute, it could be heavy and wrapping up.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at one of the tornadoes tearing through louisiana overnight. 27 reported across the gulf states. damaging hundreds of hopes in the deadliest outbreak this year and there are new warnings this morning. also right now, look who joined us, michael strahan. yeah, donald trump cruises to victory in the nevada gop caucuses as hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle for the democrats' support in south vote. also this morning, the centers for disease control and prevention issuing a new health alert as they investigate at least 14 cases of sexually transmitted zika virus here in the u.s. and that is new. >> that is new. celine dion made a big
7:31 am
and a little bit more on that. >> you know, celine dion's known for her power ballads. last night she gave a powerful tribute to her late husband rene in her first performance back. we'll have more on that coming up. >> she has such a lew among goes heart. >> teary. it was emotional. >> thank you, michael. we'll begin with erin andrews' $75 million courtroom battle, the "dancing with the stars" co-host suing her stalker and the hotel who allowed him to book a room next to her and secretly record nude video of her through a peephole. ryan smith has the latest for us. >> reporter: erin andrews suffered through an unthinkable crime. her stalker filming her changing this a hotel disseminating them online and now she's fighting back saying the hotel's failings caused her emotional distress.
7:32 am
abc's "dancing with the stars." but this morning, erin andrews taking on a very personal challenge. a $75 million courtroom battle against a stalker and a tennessee marriott claiming the hotel made it easy for him to film her in the nude. >> this is so humiliating to her and it continues and it's never going to stop. >> reporter: the tv star fighting back tears in a nashville court tuesday as her lawyers describe how michael david barrett found her room number, telling the jury barrett called the marriott of vanderbilt university with a strange request. >> i'm michael barrett, want a room next to erin andrews. that's my request. >> reporter: and the hotel did nothing to prevent him from finding the room number. then failed to notice he removed and altered the peephole on her door to do it. >> he stands there for 4 and a half minutes and videos her. >> reporter: but the hotel's lawyers saying barrett pulled a fast one on them. >> he deceived.
7:33 am
>> reporter: claiming his criminal behavior was his responsibility, not theirs adding he tried to film andrews in three different hotels over nine months in 2008, always with the same m.o. >> picks up the phone, calls the hotel here, this is jeff, scott and erin andrews, i need to confirm our reservation. >> reporter: barrett later post posting them online eventually pleading guilty to stalking in 2010 sentenced to 30 months in prison. for andrews the ordeal shaking her to the core revealing as a "gma" contributor her difficulty in coping. >> i would go through putting my head down because i felt like everywhere i looked everybody was look even if they -- nobody was looking at me at all. >> reporter: but ee merging to be a key advocate in strengthening anti-stalking legislation even telling congress in 2010 -- >> i had no idea just how serious this crime was until it affected my life. >> reporter: michael barrett
7:34 am
expected to testify in the trial. the hotel's franchise owner tells us they look forward to showing that nashville marriott acted reasonably and appropriately and andrews' attorneys could call witnesses to talk about the emotional distress that she suffered. the trial is expected to last nearly two week, robin. >> all right, ryan, thank you. we bring in abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams. we know the stalker already convicted in criminal court. how strong is this civil suit? >> it's a very strong civil suit against him but he doesn't have money so the question is going to be, how strong a case is it against the franchise owner, et cetera. that's where you're talking about the potential for deep pockets and the potential of a payout. this is really a case where we're going to talk about how much and who pays it more than was there any wrongdoing. >> when we say how much, she's asking for 7 $75 million. >> $75 million. she had been asking for 10 million and increased it to 675 million. keep in mind for context here on
7:35 am
cases in civil court pay out $3 million to $5 million so when you're asking for $75 million in a case like this, it's an enormous number. and certainly i would think more than she's going to get but, again, the question is going to be who has to pay it and do they have to all pay it together even though there's no question that he, the stalker is the person who is primarily responsible. >> which the hotel said this is terrible what happened. put it all on him. what is their defense. >> the question is was it negligent. did they do something. the defense says, look, he fooled us. he was an insurance executive. he knew how to play the game and ask the right room. her position is going to be, no, no, no, they should never have allowed had him to be in that room next to me and they should have found that peephole a lot earlier. >> as ryan said a couple more >> absolutely. >> thank you, dan. we move on to that florida woman behind bars for hiring a hit man to kill her husband. dalia dippolito is serving 20 years for the crime but now she's back this court taking the
7:36 am
new bid for freedom. the case. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. dippolito claims she was not trying to kill her husband. she says she was simply caught on tape discussing it because job. her lawyer claims she was set up and the police department only cared about being on the reality tv show "cops." dalia dippolito is taking a stand for the first time facing a retrial for hiring a hit man months. >> i was afraid. >> reporter: her 2011 guilty verdict was overturned due to a tainted jury pool. >> he threatened me. he threatened to hurt me. he threatened to hurt my family. >> you know, he gets two in the head. >> i'm positive like 5,000 percent sure. >> reporter: dalia says she was acting during had video from a script that dalia, her then husband michael dippolito and former lover mohamed shihadeh had written for an acting project they planned to post 0 on social media. >> this is something to be
7:37 am
put on line -- >> on social media, right, so we can try to get an acting job from it. >> so this is acting? >> yes. >> reporter: but prosecutors say that was no act and alleged she paid an under undercover cop posing as a hit man $3,000 to kill her husband. >> is your husband michael? >> reporter: the real act investigators say was dippolito's reaction to these south florida police officers telling her this lie. >> i'm sorry to tell you, ma'am, he's been killed. >> no. >> reporter: but her lawyer claims the police were setting her up for an appearance on the reality show "cops." >> whether you like dalia dippolito or not, she's entitled to the same constitutional rights as you and i and this case is about a police department that tossed her under the bus for purposes of getting fame on a "cops" tv show. >> reporter: the boynton police say we are confident we have given the state attorney's office sufficient evidence to meet the state's burden and
7:38 am
said in that undercover video her ex-husband told police that he is 5,000% sure she was trying to kill him but she's sticking to her story. >> she is. >> it was just an acting job. >> she was convicted. okay, linsey, thanks very much. fame. one of the teens behind a popular sensation becomes the target of a dangerous hoax. a big lawsuit over a favorite talcum powder. dr. ashton coming up. scanner: rescan item. rescan, rescan. rescan item. vo: it happens so often you almost get used to it. phone voice: main menu representative. representative. representative. vo: which is why being put first... relax, we got this. vo: ...takes some getting used to. join the nation. nationwide is on your side representative. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain,
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it is 7:42. back with a cautionary tale of what could happen if your videos go viral. you may get more than 15 minutes of fame. one of the kids behind damn, daniel, the latest internet sensation falling victim to a s.w.a.t.'ing prank. abc's paula faris is here with the details. >> good morning, lara. you know, the call came in claiming that a boy had shot his mother with an assault rifle. turns out it was all a hoax.
7:43 am
of taxpayer dollars but it is dangerous. he's the internet sensation in those white vans sneakers. >> damn, daniel, back at it again with the white vans. >> reporter: this seemingly mundane of a california high schooler walking while his friends comment on his outfits has been blowing up on twitter. the viral post dubbed what else, the damn daniel video. >> damn, daniel. >> reporter: the snapchat montage already has been retweeted over 300,000 times and liked by over 400,000 followers since it was first posted last monday. but while daniel is gaining internet fame. >> back at it again with the white vans. >> reporter: josh holtz his friend who posted it became a target of s.w.a.t.'ing. someone calling 911 early tuesday morning reporting a hoax homicide causing armed officers to swarm the home home in what
7:44 am
trolling. this prank is just another example of the dark side of internet stardom. in another case, alex lee aka alex from target became an internet sensation in 2014 when he was photographed bagging items at his local target. the picture earning him the adoration of many female fans but leading to countless online attacks. >> they would be sending death threats like saying they were going to kill me. people would like draw pictures of burning my house down. >> reporter: then david devore dealing with backlash after posting this video of his son following a visit to the dentist. >> is this real life? >> it's just ridiculous the negative comments that came my way. >> reporter: this reaction, all too common. >> when people become famous, some people feel a desire to violate their privacy and some people are drawn to doing that in a very hostile and negative way. >> reporter: but according to alex from target the trade-off
7:45 am
>> i'm happy. >> damn daniel or dom daniel hasn't commented publicly but it could be a clue as to how he's really feeling about all this. it is morning tv. we'll keep it clean but clearly i have no idea what makes a video viral these days. >> none of us do apparently. thank you very much. coming up on "good morning america," the power of love. superstar celine dion's emotional return to the stage last night and what she had to say about her beloved late husband. also later this morning, lara, the big reunion, the cast of "fuller house." they're here live. come on back. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be
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hi. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum
7:49 am
showing her heart will go on with another powerhouse performance in vegas last night taking the coliseum stage for the first time since her husband rene passed away. take a look. >> i only had eyes for my husband
7:50 am
night after night. people thought that i was looking at him actually, but i did not. i didn't need to because every time i closed my eyes i felt rene on stage with me, whether he was seated in the balcony, kid s kids, he's always been on stage change that. [ applause ] >> she called her career his masterpiece. >> just the audience, how they were so respectful. coming up the women of "fuller house" taking over times square. d.j., stephanie and kimmy all
7:51 am
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7:55 am
th "good morning america" is
7:56 am
office max. gear up for great. max. gear up for great. announcer: now, from wmur news 9. sean: snow, rain, and a slushy mix are making for tricky driving conditions. there have been numerous accidents, but no reports of serious injuries. this accident, a minivan went off the road. bill blatant says -- bill boy nton says the rain can make for dangerous conditions. >> they have to return -- respond to conditions. do not use cruise control. take more time to get to your
7:57 am
schools issued delays or closures due to the conditions. kevin: what we saw was not heavy. even though it accumulated on some roads, it did not last long. temperatures at or below freezing. we have changed over to liquid precipitation. still some light snow, a light coating to a few inches up north. light precipitation between now and new in. into the afternoon, the rain will start to pick up. temperatures will slowly climb from their current levels. it is -- as the southerly wind picks up, we will jump into the 40' s. tomorrow, as the rain winds down, we go into the 50' s.
7:58 am
cooler air starts to arrive later tomorrow. lingering rain showers will go over to snow showers before wrapping up. a little bit of a warming trend as we get into next week. kevin says it will not feel like midwinter tomorrow. what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusive "auto-locking rear differential" let's do this. so, if a rear wheel starts to slip, the axle automatically locks to provide better traction. feels like a beast. grips great. dude, that was awesome. current qualified competitiver lessees can get this silverado all star v8 forr around $269 a month. silverado, the #1 selling
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good morning, america it's 8:00 a.m. are the secret lives of your teens putting them in danger? inside the brand-new book exposing the troubling issues your kids could be facing, how social media could be destroying their self-esteem. and a jury blaming johnson & johnson and the company's talcum powder for a mom's ovarian cancer. so many questions now about the case and what women should be concerned about. dr. jen ashton here live to break it down for us. and we're counting down to oscar sunday. our red carpet dream team showing you how to steal secrets right off the runway. >> no different for the celebrities than the rest of us.
8:01 am
>> how you can borrow the bold looks from sofia, kerry and alicia vikander. everywhere you look the tanners are back. >> we all still look good. >> the stars of "fuller house" are alive in times square. d.j., stephanie and kimmy in our house dishing all about the reunion you've waited 21 years for plus an exclusive sneak peek of america's favorite family back in action and the surprise guest you don't want to miss as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. everywhere you look >> that's not all. a very full mustang with the women from "fuller house" and here they are coming in. along with our dog this morning, so great to have candace cameron bure, jodie sweetin and andrea barber all here live this morning. cannot wait for their new show. >> tail wagging.
8:02 am
was like, wow. who knew. >> very nice car. we have a big announcement as we count down to oscar sunday, you know, we are excited for the oscar preshow on the red carpet and an electrifying night and abc is the only place you can see the red carpet live in the last hour before the show starts and we're thrilled. you can't get rid of us. lara and michael are back together again this year and amy will join us flying all the way from africa but she'll be with us. jess cagle and joe zee will be there, as well. i know you'll be backstage. >> yes. >> we have the big show on monday as well. >> george has his show to do then to get to l.a. no pressure. the biggest night in hollywood. we have brand-new surprises this year. we'll be live backstage with incredible behind-the-scenes access as well as live inside the green room, a first, with the biggest stars as they're getting ready to go on stage
8:03 am
please join us if you will for our huge oscar after-party which it just never stops on "gma." >> everybody asks about our dress. are you ready? >> i know we're doing oscar tips how to get red carpet ready. they're not including us men, george. i'm actually a little hurt by that. >> oh, no. >> you know what, because i know you've been working hard on this. i know because, look, look -- they look carpet ready. look at george -- >> i mean, he could wear that and look like a million bucks. >> you know what, i love your flattery. it's working. it's working. it's really working. >> thank you, sam. we appreciate that. right now let's go to paula faris. she has the morning rundown. >> i predict you all will look dapper. >> yes. >> let's jump into the political ring. we begin with donald trump's overwhelming win in the nevada caucuses. his widest margin of victory yet in his third straight getting more than 40% of the vote even winning among hispanics and evangelicals. finishing a distant second was
8:04 am
points ahead of ted cruz who finished in third place. trump is promising similar results next week. he leads in the polls in nearly every super tuesday state. and at least three people have been killed after dozens of reported tornadoes touched down from louisiana to florida overnight. hardest hit, a trailer park near baton rouge. reporter michael vinsanau have abc station wbrz is there. michael. >> reporter: just sheer destruction here. if you take a look, you can see these trailers are just ripped apart. twisted, torn in every which fashion. air-conditioning units, anything you can imagine. the pieces. as you look off into the scattered. shattered. like i said before these families are just trying to pick up the pieces, everything they can do to get their lives back in order. >> sheer devastation, thank you, michael. families.
8:05 am
pensacola where a tornado blazed a trail of destruction two miles long. sam's forecast coming up momentarily. new details in the battle between apple and the fbi whether to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino's killers. apple is expected to tell a federal judge this week that congress not the courts should decide this case. apple will also argue that the government is improperly using an 18th century law to enforce -- to force, rather, the company to cooperate. and some startling video to show you from minnesota where this driver ignores the flashing lights at this railroad crossing and slams into the truck dragging it a quarter mile down the tracks but the driver miraculously walked away without serious injuries. and it's being called the most life-like robot ever created. we want you to take a look at the newest creation from boston dynamic dynamics, it walks on two legs. put it out in the snow, right.
8:06 am
pick up ten-pound boxes with ease. if it falls down, i don't know if that's falling down. i think that's getting knocked down, it gets back up. no human assistance required. i feel like this is a lesson in posture for all of us how to pick up a ten-pound box, just a little reminder, up and down and when you get that just follow the robot. >> well done. >> very lifelike. >> i actually am a robot. i bring the news to you. >> that robot was pushed. >> our investigation. >> that was pretty amazing. >> to be able to get up. a major verdict that we want to tell you about. a big health battle. a st. louis jury awarding $72 million in damages to a woman's family after she claimed using talcum powder contributed to her development of ovarian cancer. abc's deborah roberts has the latest. >> reporter: it's a stunning judgment. the jury blaming giant johnson & johnson for a 62-year-old
8:07 am
>> johnson & johnson spent a lot of time keeping this information from the public. and so this verdict allows other women to make informed choices about the products that they buy. >> reporter: in court documents jackie fox said for over 35 years she used the company's shower to shower powder which contains talcum for her personal hygiene. the lawsuit linking it to her cancer. fox didn't live to claim her legal victory. she died last october after a 2 1/2-year battle with the disease. her son marvin stepped in as plaintiff. >> continuing with this trial was, indeed, you know, painful. but at the end of the day, it is, you know, it was what she wanted. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, johnson & johnson said the verdict goes against decades of sound science proving the safety of talc as a cosmetic ingredient in multiple products. the company plans to appeal the verdict while facing 1,200
8:08 am
for "good morning america," deborah roberts, abc news, new york. and dr. jen ashton can't wait to weigh in. getting a lot of attention. i was seeing lara's reaction. what has been known in medical literature about the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer. >> some historical cancer, in 2000 i was an intern in the gyn world and we knew that there were studies that showed a link between the genital use of talc powder and increased risk of ovarian cancer. the data is all over the place, kind of inconclusive. some show a doubling of the risk, some show 20% and some show no link. the theory is the pathway goes up into the uterus to the fallopian tubes and ovaries and causes damage there. and we don't really know. is it talc or another chemical in the powder that's doing this. >> is there anything -- you told us about how that -- anything to do to reduce your risk? >> look, ovarian cancer, there are some things that we know are
8:09 am
number one, women who take birth control pills being on the pill conclusively known to drop the risk of ovarian cancer, having had children, breast-feeding also tying the fallopian tube, getting a tube al ligation, all the buzz in the gyn cancer world is about the fact that the majority of ovarian cancer is now known to actually start in the fallopian tubes. >> so, you have got the attention of a lot of people at home right now who are listening to you and are there symptoms? a lot of people are going to be thinking, possibly something with them. >> you can control because about 1 in 70 will get diagnosed with ovarian cancer, symptoms, bloating, pelvic pain and pressure, increase in urination, these are vague and common symptoms that affect a lot of women. if you notice a difference and feel those every day for two weeks call your gynecologist. >> i think people will be shocked this has been known for some time. >> suspected, yes. >> but not in the mainstream knowing it but they do now know.
8:10 am
thank you, robin. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." a parenting alert. how social media could hurt your teenage girls and i need to pay attention to that myself. our oscars red carpet challenge is under way right now. rachel with samsung's 837 building with our beauty dream team. we can't wait to see the transformations she'll come with. i'm here with "fuller house" stars, candace cameron bure and jodie sweetin but we're missing somebody. >> hola, michael. >> we got all that coming up live on "gma" here in times square. we got a real full house, it's fuller than it used to be. "gma's morning menu" is it brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief that makes pain a distant memory. th me, what you see is what you get. and i expect the same from my mascara. now, revlon introduces a new collection of mascaras that makes getting the lash look you want easy. so whether you choose ultra volume,
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welcome back to "gma." we'll turn now to an eye-opening new look at a topic so many parents are worried about. in "american girls: social media and the secret lives of teenagers" nancy jo sales digs into the real dangers they can encounter online and talked about it with katie couric from yahoo! >> tammy weeks was facing the unimaginable. her 13-year-old daughter had been found dead. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> reporter: according to investigators nicole had secretly been messaging with this virginia tech student. 18-year-old david eisenhauer on kik and snuck out of her parents' how to meet up with him and never returned home. nicole's story now stands as a reminder to parents of the dangers lurking on social media.
8:16 am
impossible if you have a teenage daughter right now that she doesn't know what kik is. it's known for a place where you s evacuate sext. that's how kis use it. >> reporter: the new book "american girls: social media and the secret lives of teenagers" by journalist nancy jo sales explores the lives of girls who are coming of age in a world ruled by social media. tell me about the role this is playing in the life of the average teenage girl in this country. >> one of the first conversations that i had with some girls in los angeles really set the tone for the whole book to me. she said social media is destroying our lives. and i said, so why don't you just go off it and she said then we would have no life. >> she said she discovered young lives playing out on various platforms that promote negative self-esteem, instant and sometimes harsh judgment and harmful behavior like
8:17 am
something that 13-year-old carrie has experienced. >> i got a message on instagram from this guy, he seemed like he was my age, so i thought i could trust him. >> reporter: but after ending the friendship she says the boy and one of his friends began writing hurtful things. >> i started getting messages from his friends and they were saying these things like you're ugly and cursing me out. >> reporter: her mom decided to do something about it. >> i spoke to this woman and i said, you know, your daughter is cyberbullying my child. she was shocked, embarrassed, made her own child get on the phone and apologize profusely. >> reporter: sales says it's having a major impact on how teenage girls socialize. >> something about the technology, though, does make it easier to relinquish responsibility for another person's feelings and the lives of girls, this is incredibly damaging and challenging sometimes. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:18 am
angeles. >> real eye opening. >> yeah. >> we've had a conversation with this a lot with our girls. all the girls know you're not supposed to go on kik. >> stay off it. >> stay off it. >> so telling they feel like if they're not on social media they don't have a life. that's the big part. it is, it is. another topic people are talking about, oscar sunday and our big "gma" after-party show is on monday and this morning, we've got secrets to getting red carpet ready. sam loves this. abc's rachel smith is at samsung 837 right now. before we get to her here's a look at the dream team that's helping real women get red carpet glam. >> reporter: it's hollywood's red hot oscar runway. >> beautiful. >> reporter: we assembled a red carpet dream team to make over three women with this season's award winning beauty trends. charlotte tilbury is the makeup artist to stars like pierre knell pierre cruz, demi moore
8:19 am
>> no difference in a celebrity and the rest of us. we're all just as gorgeous. >> reporter: glam squad's creative director giovanni vaccaro is the pro at recreating celeb hairstyles. >> people come to us all the time with these red carpet photos. >> reporter: 23-year-old aditi vyas is tempted to try sofia vergara's lip. rachel ellicott keeps her hair straight but wants to test out alicia vikander's twisted updo. >> i love it has a twist to that kind of looks like a braid. >> reporter: 27-year-old christa aiken keeps things natural but loves kerry washington's lob look. >> i feel like whatever she can do with her hair i can. >> reporter: will our makeover mavens deliver? this red carpet challenge is on. all right. so we are here live with the samsung 837 building with our
8:20 am
tilbury and vaccaro zach giovanni vaccaro vaccaro giovanni vaccaro and they're all viewers of "gma" and friends and family to our staff and these two will give us great tips we can all use to get glam at home so thank you very much for being here and working with us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> let's get right to it. first up we have aditi. this is what she looked like before. and this is what aditi looks like now. transforming aditi into sofia vergara's red carpet look and she is looking mighty stunning so, charlotte, tell us about aditi's makeup. what trend did you use. >> aditi has the statement matte lip and is a gorgeous sort of bright berry and it really lifts her entire face and is trending at the moment. and she's also got it on her cheeks and a little bit of a
8:21 am
bit of eye to wing it out and lift it. >> stunning. giovanni what about her hair. >> such a hot trend seeing all over the red carpet. this sort of textured style. this beachy look, very simple to re-create at home. all you need to do is blow it out with a round brush, get in with a curling iron and make sure the ends are not uniform. >> stunning. thank you very much, aditi and next up, thanks, aditi, next up our model rachel. here's what rachel looked like before. and rachel, come on out. we have transformeds her into alicia vikander, oscar nominated actress. wow, gorgeous. right to it, charlotte. how did you give her this glow like one of your clients, alicia. >> on alicia today what i wanted to create today was literally i always felt the skin with this fabulous magic moisturizer which really lifts and gives that luminous skin then we use a wonder glow on top which is an amazing primer which reflects the light all over and gives you
8:22 am
is amazing on the red carpet. >> wonderful. >> then we use a kind of demi matte foundation which gives you flawless skin, a little dusting of an air brush powder. >> quickly let's go to giovanni for the hair. we love that look. >> so difficult, seems to create but so, so easy create a twist in the front which i love. it gives this casual elegance. >> and a great bun in the back. perfect, fiemently let's wrap things up with miss christa. here is christa's before look and let's see christa now. so, christa, we have transformed her into kerry washington's red carpet look and as she makes her way down, charlotte, jump into how you translated her look. >> the eyes are smoky look and what we've done is like a little pale prime so soft prime shade all over the lids and then we did that great hollywood trick where we use the highlights in the corners to open up the eyes. >> giovanni. so sorry, charlotte. can we get the hair? >> longer hair, faux lob.
8:23 am
very simple. pin those ends under and leave some out in the front for softness. >> awesome, ladies, come join us. robin, they are looking so red hot and very red carpet ready, don't you think? >> all look incredible. wonderful. thank you, rachel, for that and apparently michael had a makeover. it looks likes jesse palmer. >> much less athletic. much smaller. higher hair. >> outside to sam. >> we figured out the dewy look is stand in the rain. hello, times square. how are you. where are you from. >> bloomfield, new jersey. >> upstate new york. >> los angeles. >> you have an accent, young lady. >> london. >> that's what the accent is. welcome in. let's talk about it. let's show you what's going on in orlando. in come the clouds. ftv has you handled. here's another area that gets rain, take a look at where the flood watches are. this is soaking rain. i got to tell you from d.c. to
8:24 am
be prepared for the heavy rain kevin: raindrops and freezing rain. accumulating snow continues up north. roadways are sloppy. temperatures near the freezing mark in southern parts of the state. not a tremendous amount of accumulation, but enough to make things slick. temperatures will make their way into the mid and upper 30' s. they will jump into the 40' s as the heavy rain kicks in late in the day. rainingout side. we don't care. back inside to -- >> all: lara. >> thank you. sam, get in here. we are counting down to oscar sunday. host chris rock's highly anticipated monologue has everybody wondering, talking and his plans for the show have been shrouded in secrecy until now and tweeted a couple of hints tweeted this picture you're
8:25 am
kristen wiig along with j.j. abrams, fans assuming a possible space adventure ready for liftoff and then the comedian confirming those guesses with this picture of himself in an astronaut suit. i think i smell a "the martian" spoof. great mines think alike. check this out, everybody. you know what i'm saying? this is my sneak peek for our annual "gma" oscar trailer spoof that we do but the big question is. >> who wore it best. >> who wore it better? >> not even close. >> who would re it better. >> you look great. you look like a better astronaut. >> yeah. very science minded. up next if you thought grumpy cat was in a foul mood, sam, get over here for this. if you thought grumpy cat was in way foul mood you need do check out this kitty who puts the fer in ferocious. we think her name means stone cold. her nasty side eye has earned her a major following on instagram.
8:26 am
>> just like seriously angry. >> that's serial killer cat. that's not grumpy cat. serial -- what it means in japanese is sear kwlal killer. >> there you go. grumpy cat, you've got competition from serial killer cat. finally we are all getting red carpet ready working out for oscar sunday. i think i found a genius fitness instructor who has the grapest idea i've ever seen. >> nice. get the deltoids. >> april storey, working out can make you whine. >> a long straw in the top. >> and push-ups. >> by
8:27 am
announcer: now, from wmur news 9. sean: snow, rain and a slushy , mix are making for tricky driving conditions out there. police say there have been numerous accidents. this accident was spotted on i-89. as you can see a minivan went off the road in the eastman area. so far there are no reports of any serious crashes or injuries. kevin, what started as snow has changed to rain? kevin: rain and freezing rain, depending on your temperature. it is still a little bit of light snow.
8:28 am
most of the state will have rain later this afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 30' s today and continue to climb above the freezing mark. it goes into the 40' s later tonight. i jump into the 50' s tomorrow. there will be some improvement. into the afternoon, in the 30' s. the rain will be heavy at times. it winds down, give or take a morning. tuesday. to figure out what sparked an overnight fire on michael drive. when crews arrived, they found the windows. the home was undergoing
8:29 am
slick conditions out there.
8:30 am
everywhere you look everywhere you go there's a face of somebody >> you know that song. you love that song and you know these beautiful faces, not here, over there. "fuller house" stars. we're looking over at you ladies and it's just taking us back in time. >> look out. you can see each one of the younger girls in these ladies. you can see them. >> yeah. >> you know, they're bringing a whole new generation. my girls are addicted to "full house" reruns. we were just geeks. we went to san francisco for christmas and went to the house. >> you did? >> yeah. >> big reunion coming up. >> another guest coming up.
8:31 am
>> a secret the girls don't know. we're about to speak with the stars and learn behind-the-scenes secrets. before that jess on the "fuller house" phenomenal. >> it's been 21 years since we said good-bye to one of america's all-time tv favorite family, the tanners from "full house," well, they're back and this time the women are in charge. look out, folks. the tanners are back. >> again? >> yes, again. >> reporter: we first met the "full house" gang in 1987 when they moved into friday nights with three kids. >> how rude. >> you've got it, dude. >> reporter: and three dudes. dad danny. >> i'd like to get the girls to bed before "good morning >> reporter: uncle jesse. and who doesn't love joey. so many growing up with d.j., stephanie and michelle. it may have gone off the air in
8:32 am
popular reruns. now fast forward two decades. the tanner girls and that pestering next-door neighbor. >> home, sweet home. >> reporter: are all grown up. >> talk to the hand, loser. oh, snap. you go, girl. >> reporter: set to bring down the house, this time around in the netflix sequel, "fuller house." >> we all still look good. so many great memories. my family and i used to watch this all the time. there is still so much laughter ahead and lara and sam, they're with the stars right now. >> so excited. we have goose bumps sitting in this set with three of the stars, candace, jodie, andrea for our exclusive reunion. guy, welcome back. >> thank you. together on camera. >> so awesome. >> we're loving it. >> asked you before. did we get this right? is this very similar to home? >> it is. very similar color scheme. the couch is a little bit bigger. >> too big. >> the couch is too big because
8:33 am
is the original "full house" couch, it's been in storage for 20 years, it's actually a love seat. so how you fit four adults on that thing i have no idea. >> was it always this small? then we realized we've grown. >> yes. >> smaller in those day. >> we dug this up. we found video, john stamos posted. do we have it? can we roll this video john posted. look at that. total throwback of the twins when they were very, very little. mary-kate and ashley. so what was it like for you guys? we love john stamos. he's always so fun when he comes. what is it like to work with uncle jesse? >> he's great. he's uncle j. to us. >> yeah. >> and he's -- you know, he's the executive producer on the show. >> oh, is that weird to see him boss man? >> he doesn't really act like a bossman. >> no. >> he's like family so i don't think we'd have that -- >> he loves to eat the craft
8:34 am
>> i got to ask you this, we were talking about this as we were getting out of the car. forsome reason we were in a car this morning. >> to look cool. >> 18 million people have just watched the trailer. this has got to be a sure sign that this show is already a hit, so how does that feel? >> oh, goodness, i'm like don't -- >> the couch, that was -- 18 million people watched a couch. so excited about it like i mean i don't think that any of us have ever seen anything like this for any television show let alone something that we're involved in and it's been such a huge part of our life. it's an incredible compliment and testament to the loyalty of "full house" fans. >> and what george said is so true also for my kids, what do you think about this show that we loved it growing up, now our kids have found it in reruns? i mean, is it your chemistry? is the premise? >> it's a combination. the chemistry is real, obviously, if you can't tell how
8:35 am
love each other, i mean it's all true and real and i think the show is classic and timeless in the sense that it's about family and it's about love and those stories carry through to any and every generation. >> yeah, well said. so, should we binge-watch or should we watch it like a normal -- because now you guys have taken a classic and modernized it for the new audience. can you stream the whole season. >> well, you know, i think there's some fun stuff we were able to go like with carlying through some story lines that didn't have to be neatly tied up within 28 minutes like the old show so you can kind of watch a few episodes at a time but parents are also talking about that they're going to dole it out. you finish your homework and do your chores you can watch an episode of "fuller house" ." >> can we mention this guy. you're traveling with a big furry dog. there was a big furry dog in the show. the dog is plow everywhere.
8:36 am
>> well, could it not be the same dog. time has passed. >> he's aged even better than john tame moss. >> all right. i don't mean to bring everybody down. let's go to the clip. >> we planned this whole night for you. you have to go out and have some fun. >> i have fun. >> yeah, just last night i stuck my tongue out at tommy and he stuck his ton out at me. it was hilarious. >> come on, deej, let yourself have adult fun. i'm officially naming the three of us the she wolfpack. ow! >> don't ever do that in public. >> ow! >> first time i did that it scared the little baby in the scene. they had to take it off the set. >> make her cry. we have a surprise for you guys. >> okay. >> do you recognize this voice. hello, are you out there. >> hello, caller.
8:37 am
>> hey. >> hi. >> you're a good man, bob saget. thanks for skyping in with us. >> he's skyping. >> my pleasure. i love skyping. i'm in a bunker in northern california. >> location unknown. >> just because you can, of course, bob, just because you can. so, really -- what's the feeling like on the set. this feels like family here to us. did it feel that way when you guys all got back together? >> yeah, we all have said this in the press. we've never really spent time apart. it'll be a year maybe that goes by at the most over the past 25 years. we go to dinner. we see each other and we're good friends. we all help each other. god knows they've helped me over the years. >> that's so nice. bob, what's the biggest difference on the set, obviously the age but tell me about what it feels like, just give us a sampling of what it's like, a day in the life. >> well, i have the same acting method that i used to have on "full house" which is candace
8:38 am
with my lines. >> that's true. >> what dos es that mean? you forget them and they help you. >> he hides scripts. >> you walk in a room and say what's going on, sometimes you can't remember that -- i would write it down on a pencil. you know, anywhere. i'd write it on a note. >> sometimes we just say, bob, just stand here. stand here. this is where you are. >> i love it. >> they're always there for you. >> my spot walking over there. come back here. >> i'm going to look for that from now on because he's reading it off the plate. that's something i'll look for. >> not anymore. i did a couple episodes and i think i got my act back as danny tanner. trying to get back into that character. i took a departure from that kind of pious man. he's a good man. >> he is -- >> he is a good man. >> he is. >> you are too, bob. >> we love you. >> ah, the girls love you. >> so do we, bob saget. we have viewer questions too.
8:39 am
do you think that your characters turned out the way you thought they would when "full house" ended >> that's good actually. >> yes, i think mine has. d.j. is the oldest daughter so always responsible and nurturing and she's kind of the head of this family and she's a veterinarian and i think that was a cool job for her. so, yeah. >> kimmy gibbler is just as zany as she was back in the '90s. she he's matured a little and i think her wardrobe has improved. >> i love the skirt -- i don't know if it's a dress but love it. you look great today. >> yeah, stephanie is still kind of fun and wild and edgy hasn't lost her really sharp wit and, you know, comedic timing so she's a lot of fun to play all these years later. >> so what's great about that older fans will recognize all of you and think this is appropriate when they see the show. all right, so katrina on twitter asks what is your favorite thing about actually being back on the set?
8:40 am
>> the three of us, andrea had us all made -- had coffee cups made for us that had our character names on them so we walk around with deej, stephanie and kimmy gibbler, coffee cups and such a pleasure i can't even express to work with your best unbelievable. >> we truly know that. >> ah. you're right. it's a joy that so many people about. so when you talk about it and it feels real everybody knows it. ladies, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> this girl has to get to work. >> i got to go to "the view." >> watch her on "the view." great to see you. we'll be watching. please come back to "gma" any time in thank you. >> hang on. we'll do a little weather. i actually feel like we might start out west and do a little san francisco weather. why not. so hang out and jump in if you want. >> read read this. very important. >> thanks to pour our sponsor
8:41 am
replicate the living room. it premieres this friday. >> whoo. >> how did i do on a cold read? now to the boards and show you a little about san francisco. feel free to jump in if you like. 69 degree. 70, i'd say let's go to 70. 61 is normal. this is warm from san diego all the way to portland, seattle today. >> why are we in new york then? 83 at home. >> i knew you would feel that way. kevin: rain and freezing rain. up north, we see light snow transitioning to a wintry mix for the afternoon. >> the fun number ends. that was brought to you by weight watchers. let's go to rachel smith. she's at samsung's 837 building. you look gorg, by the way. >> i've had a glam squad helping
8:42 am
we've been hanging out at samsung 837 all morning long, glamorous, high tech. so many fun experiences like the social galaxy experience at the photo mosaic booth so let's nap a selfie, guys. can we do that? okay, there we go. bam. looking good. okay, so let's take a walk over here. our selfie is going to be posted to this three-story screen, incredible. if you look closely to the ones that are set up, a mosaic of instagram photos. cool photography experience personalized for each individual that comes out here. the future of technology is right here. sam, lara. >> amazing because i can tell that picture is made up of little other pictures, that is so -- there are. >> there i am. look great, right? >> it is fantastic. coming up next bill and melinda gates are talking to robin. here's a question. they'll share some insights on their mission but now what superpower do you think they
8:43 am
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tt2w`t3n`1$' bt@qw+d tt2w`t3n`1$' "a@qg' tt2w`t3n`1$' bm@ql,, tt4w`t3n`1$'" dztq 6&$ tt4w`t3n`1$'" entq f"d tt4w`t3n`1$'" gzt& _%< tt4w`t3n`1$'" hnt& o+p tt4w`t3n`1$'" iztq %b( tt4w`t3n`1$'" jntq 72h tt4w`t3n`1$'" lzt& /_4 bill gates is on a mission, the microsoft co-founder turned philanthropist is speaking out about the fbi's encryption battle against apple saying he
8:46 am
striking a balance between civil liberties and governmental safeguards but when bill and his wife melinda stopped by earlier this week, they had something else on their minds and had a chance to speak with them about their foundation's annual letter and the issues they care deeply about. a delight to have you both with us. thank you. [ applause ] and there's no applause sign. that came from the heart. so appreciate the letter that you all put out every year and, bill, you decided to do something different this year to direct it to teens like we have now. what was the purpose behind that. >> well, the initial inspiration came from high school newspaper where they interviewed us and asked us what superpower would we like to have? and we were kind of surprised when melinda talked about time and i talked about energy, that
8:47 am
inequity that we've got to solve in the world, and so it's the young generation that's got the innovation and perspective that will help drive what probably will take a generation or more to fully achieve? that's the purpose of having these teens here the next generation, more energy. your superpower, more time as it applies to women around the world. >> if you poll young teens today, they think that women are going to be different in the home 15 years from now, different than their grandmother's generation but it's actually not true especially when you look at this unpaid work that women do at home. >> and that disparity in time impacts all of us, doesn't it? >> it absolutely does. and when i talk about unpaid work, it's some of the caring things we want to do at home like care for our children and the elderly but things like chores and if you are spending your time particularly in the developing world carrying water, chopping wood or even in the u.s. doing laundry or chores it
8:48 am
>> we want to get some of the solutions you are suggesting but first, bill, more energy. tells why that is your superpower you want. >> well, energy is probably more fundamental than people realize. life started really improving a few hundred years ago when we got energy and so the idea that you can just flip that light switch, that's pretty magical. we all take that for granted and yet there's several billion people who don't have it. >> for you both let's lay out some ideas and solutions especially as the next generation is here in front and happening on every single word that you're saying, so when it comes to more time, what are some of the things you're proposing. >> well, first of all recognize the amount of time women are paying on unpaid work then reduce it and redistribute it inside of the household. if we do those three things both at a policy level and directly in our homes, it fundamentally trance fors society because you open up women's potential. >> so where is gabe? okay, gabe, what's your question.
8:49 am
so, we all know about wind and solar technologies. but i'm wondering, what other technologies are you excited about that are less well known. question. wind and solar, if we could bring the price down even more dramatically and be able to store that energy because it's intermittent that's one path to a solution, another path is instead of taking the sun and making electricity which is hard to store, to directly make gasoline, so it may come in a form that we don't recognize as one of our key sources right now. >> as i'm a citizen of a developing country, pakistan, i've seen girls go through a lot of obstacles this their careers so i wanted to ask how do you suggest them to overcome this problem of energy and how do you think that would help them succeed? >> first, recognizing this is a problem and using your voice and political participation.
8:50 am
this inequity, go into stem fields whether it's science, math, technology. innovations that help women spend less time cooking or less time gathering water or washing machine that works more efficiently and lastly, i would say redistribute the workload in your own home. you need to talk with your partner even before you're married about whose roles and responsibilities, what are the hidden expectations of this work. >> you saw her husband was looking at her as she was responding, nodding. >> we've had that conversation. >> thank you very much for your question. nolan, you'll have the final question. >> so how can the simple act of turning off the faucet or even the lights greatly affect how we save our energy on a larger scale? >> well, i think it's important we're aware that americans use twice as much energy per person than even the other well-to-do countries and so if you get that mind-set of how do we conserve
8:51 am
you save money, so awareness is where it all begins and conservation is a piece of what we need to do. gates, thank you very much. thank you all. the students were just, i mean, leaning in. >> great conversation. >> had a very good conversation like that and it's just, boy, what would your superpower be? just think about it. you can read bill and melinda gates' full letter at our on yahoo!
8:52 am
8:53 am
this week "gma" is going prime time. as robin roberts joins the cast of "last man standing." >> "last man standing." >> uh-huh. >> we've got your exclusive backstage pass. >> let's do it. >> friday on -- >> both: good morning, america. >> we saw you with the muppets last night. >> we'll see you on your acting on "last man standing."
8:54 am
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8:56 am
l.a., here i come. >> all right. safe travels s travels. we'll see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow.
8:57 am
sean: snow, rain and a slushy mix are making for tricky driving conditions out there. police say there have been numerous accidents. so far there are no reports of any serious crashes or injuries. this accident was spotted on i-89. as you can see a minivan went off the road in the eastman area. bill boynton says the rain by conditions. bill: even with rain, you can have ground temperatures below freezing. they have to respond according do not use cruise control. take more time to get to your destination. sean: dozens of schools have issued delays or cancellations. this sums it up here. out there. kevin: a lot of the rain we have
8:58 am
the catch has been temperatures at or below freezing. that should gradually improve. it is not one huge wall of moisture. phase two of the storm system moves towards us. there will be more periods of rain developing. ahead of that, temperatures in the low-to-mid 30' s working their way upward. we will be in the mid to upper 30' s by later today. in the north country, any light snow that is hanging on, eventually over to a wintry mix. that may hold on into the evening while heavier rainfall makes its way in. a quick inch of rainfall early tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow go up into the 40' s. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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