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tv   News 9 Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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p kevin: now at noon, early snow pnow over to a wintry mix, and peventually heavier rainfall. phow much we' ll see. ptrooper smith: the roads are pvery slippery. pwe have had quite a few vehicles poff the road. pamy: a slippery commute, and pright now, the wintry mix pcontinues. pin our team coverage, a live plook at road conditions. pand severe weather hits the psouth. pthe death and destruction left pbehind after a series of storms pand tornado touch downs. phome invasion in hudson. pwho police say the armed and p p[captioning performed by the pwhich is responsible for its p p>> no one covers new hampshire plike we do.
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pamy: we are on the storm watch pthis noon. psnow, rain, and a slushy mix are pmaking for some slick road pconditions. pcrews have been working all pnight to treat the roads. pgood afternoon. pi' m amy coveno. pthe concern this afternoon is pfocused on rain. pwe have live team coverage pbeginning this noon with pmeteorologist kevin skarupa. pkevin: we have been slowly pedging up the temperatures, a pmix of rain and freezing rain, pour reality especially in the pnorthern half of the state. pwith that, we have winter pweather advisory' s remain posted pthrough the afternoon and this pevening in the northern half of pthe state. pthe precipitation has wind -- phas wound down, but there is pmore activity coming from the psouthwest. peventually, that is in the form pof rain with heavier downpours, pa couple of rumbles of thunder plater on tonight. pit will be 30' s this afternoon pand for a lot of cases, it will pbe temperatures above the
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pthen we will jump into the 40' s plater on this evening. pafter the rain, up into the 50' s ptomorrow. pwe will talk about the big pchanges in your next 24 hours pwith your forecast coming up in pa few minutes. pamy: right now, there are still pslippery road conditions in arts of the state. pthis is just one of the paccidents on interstate 89 this pmorning. pas you can see in this case, a pminivan went off the road. pwmur' s kristen carosa joins us pfrom hopkinton with a live look pat the roads there. pgood afternoon kristen. p, kristen: amy, it' s raining pand hopping 10 -- in hopping hopkint pon at this it doesn' phour. ptrouble but black ice is causing pthis storm carries on. phampshire. pthe varying temperatures causing psnow, freezing rain, and rain pall within the early morning pcommute. polga: i was on my way to work plittle too fast. pkristen: this woman was driving pon i-89 when her van veered off
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pher car is totaled, but she made pit through without any injuries. polga: my car started swerving pback and forth, i tried to keep pit straight, and it just got pworse, and next thing i know i pwas off the road. ptrooper smith: the roads are pvery slippery. pwe have had quite a few vehicles poff the road. pkristen: by 8:00 a.m., state olice from troop-d had presponded to 25 calls due to pslippery conditions. ptrooper smith: the roads are pstill slick, there is black ice pand a snow patches, which if you phit those, people are going off. pkristen: this car got stuck on proute 103-a in newbury. pchief lee: this corner here is ptraditionally a pretty dangerous pcorner because it' s such a tight pturn. pit is icy conditions, they are pcurvy roads, we live in a pmountain, you have to pay pattention when you are driving. pkristen: and this wasn' t the pfirst accident that authorities presponded to. pchief lee: one young lady went poff the road, person that came pto pull her out, when off the proad pulling her out, so those ptwo got pulled out. pkristen: state police are pwarning drivers to be careful. pthey say if you see an accident
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ull over, call 911. ptrooper smith: the best thing pyou can do is call because the pmore people that stop, you are utting yourself at risk for pgetting hit on the side. pif you call, we can get out pthere and check it as soon as pkristen: back here live in phopkinton, you can see the rain pdrivers should be careful of pblack ice that could form. plive in hopkinton, kristen pcarosa, wmur news 9. pamy: kristen, thank you. pfor the latest on all our storm pwatch details including current pconditions, the futurecast pforecast, and closings and pdelays, download our wmur app. pit' s free for i-phone and pandroid devices. pthis noon, the cleanup begins in pthe south after severe storms pand tornadoes left behind a ptrail of destruction. pat least three people are dead pand dozens are hurt. pofficials say at least 27 ptornadoes were reported in five pdifferent states. pabc' s elizabeth hur has more on pthe damage caused. p>> look up. plook up. pelizabeth: a monster storm
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peast coast. pelizabeth: along the way leaving pa path of destruction. pthis rv park in st. james arish, louisiana obliterated. p>> i just immediately took off prunning to help people. pelizabeth: and entire pneighborhoods in pensacola, pflorida decimated. pall of this the work of 27 preported tornadoes in 24 hours pacross five states. paaron: it sounded like a train pthat was coming through here. pelizabeth: people were inside pthis gold' s gym in prairieville, plouisiana when a twister ripped pthe wall right off the side of pthe building. paaron: working employees and pjust people working out and they phad about eight kids in the pdaycare, so definitely a scary psituation. pelizabeth: amazingly, no one was pseriously hurt here, but pelsewhere, the heavy wind and prain, powerful enough to flip pthis tractor trailer over, roved to be deadly. pand with dozens injured, the psearch is continuing for anyone pwho may still be strapped in the
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psheriff martin: we are hoping pthat' pthose debris piles and try to pfind people. pelizabeth: looking ahead, pmaryland, they could be hit with pdamaging winds and hail today, pfurther from d.c. to where we pare here in new york, we' re pbeing told to brace for heavy pelizabeth hur, abc news, new pyork. pamy: new details this noon about pan home invasion in hudson. olice now say 36-year-old pmatthew felton was actually ptargeting his father' s home on pwoodcrest drive. phe was masked and armed with pwhat looked like a gun and was pcarrying a back pack with a pknife and duct tape inside. pthe residents were able to pescape and call for help. pafter nearly two hours, a swat pteam entered the home and took pfelton into custody. pthe weapon he was carrying pturned out to pellet gun. pthis noon, a driver is now pcharged with negligent homicide pin a deadly crash that happened pin weare last summer. pthe indictment says 18-year-old pbenjamin cook led police on a phigh-speed chase last july from pnew boston into weare before
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pone of his passengers, p17-year-old trevor gonyer, of pdunbarton died in the crash. pcook is also facing charges of paggravated dwi and driving with pa suspended license. pright now, a danville man is pbeing held on $50,000 bail after olice say they discovered some pdangerous materials inside his phome. pofficials say it all started on pmonday when they got a report pthat 32-year-old mathew starble pwas allegedly using a chemistry pset to make methamphetamines at pthe cotton farm mobile home ark. pwhen authorities searched a home pthere, they discovered two pdevices as well as chemicals pthat, if mixed, had the otential to explode. pnew this noon, derry police are pwarning people to lock their car pdoors after a string of thefts. pthis week, several unlocked cars pwere rummaged through and small pitems were stolen. pyesterday alone, 17 cars were ptargeted. pearly this morning, police say pseveral other vehicles were gone pthrough.
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psomething stolen. pthe race for the white house pis heating up. pcoming up, all eyes are now on psuper tuesday following donald ptrump' s big win in nevada. pwhat his win means for the rest pof the race. lus, new developments in the pencryption controversy between pthe fbi and apple continues. pnext, who apple is expected to pcall on. pkevin: a battle between the rain pand freezing rain. pwe will have all the details on pwhat to expect going forward pcoming up. pamy: plus in today' s cook' s pcorner, we' re making gluten-free ptiramisu cupcakes. pyou don' t want to miss this
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pamy: welcome back. pdevelopments now in the search pa wreckage site has been found pin the mountains. pinvestigators say all 23 people pon board were killed. pthe flight was supposed to be pjust 18 minutes long, but pcontact was lost after takeoff. pauthorities say it appears the lane flew directly into a pmountain. pto commitment 2016 now. prepublican candidates are plooking to super tuesday pfollowing donald trump' s big win pin nevada. pmeanwhile, democrats are pthey get closer to the south pabc'
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pthe campaign trail. pmargin, donald trump celebrates phours before the runners-up in pnevada were even declared. pmr. trump: i grab and grab, and pi get greedy. pnow we' re going to get greedy pfor the united states and grab pand grab and grab. pbazi: for the second time in a prow, marco rubio just barely lace. psen. rubio: we feel good about pour showing. pnumber of delegates. pbazi: senator rubio is racking pup the most endorsements from pgovernors and members of pcongress. ptrump, now with just two, pbrushes off their importance. pmr. trump: i would rather work pwith the people and get the pnumbers that we had yesterday. pbazi: senator ted cruz hoping to pregain momentum in the coming pcontests. psen. cruz: this is the only pcampaign that has beaten donald ptrump and that can beat donald ptrump is this campaign. pbazi: trump keeping up his
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pmr. trump: he' s like a little pbaby. ptarget. pway, i' ve been very nice. eople say, "why are you so t hit me. pwhen he does, you will see what pbazi: rubio says he won' pattack but won' t back down from pa policy debate. psen. rubio: anger alone is not palso have to know what you are pgoing to do about it. pdonald has not outlined what he pbazi: for the republicans, there pis one debate and just six days pto go before super tuesday, when pvoters in 12 states and one pterritory head to the polls. pbazi kanani, abc news, pwashington. pamy: a new chapter in the pcontroversy between the fbi and papple. papple is expected to tell a pfederal judge that the impasse pwith the fbi over encryption pshould be decided by congress prather than the courts. papple is refusing to help unlock pa phone used by the gunmen in pthe san bernardino attack. pthe company claims a backdoor pinto the iphone could jeopardize
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pusers. pthis noon, concerns about the pzika virus are on the rise. ptoday, lawmakers on capitol hill pare hearing from top health pofficials about the federal presponse to the mosquito-borne pvirus. pthis comes as 14 cases are being pinvestigated here in u.s. that pmay have been spread through psex. pthe virus has been linked to psevere birth defects. pwhat a soggy day out there. pkevin: yeah, not the greatest of pdays. p. p for some, the winter lovers, pthey were excited initially, but pthen the rain. pit looks like the heavy sort of prain yet to come. pamy: ok. plooking for a gluten-free pdessert?
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p>> now, meteorologist kevin pskarupa with your stormwatch 9 pforecast. pkevin: one of those classic psystems that we usually get in pstart out cold enough and then pthe warmer air wins out. pcertainly this is a situation pwhere we have that light coating
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pswitchover, freezing rain in laces, and it was plain rain as pquickly as 7:00 and earlier this pmorning out along the seacoast. pheaded inland, there was a eriod of freezing rain. pthat continues to navigate pnorthward while it has been pmainly rain southward. pbill boynton from new hampshire pd.o.t. was saying that even pthough the air temperatures are pin the mid to upper 30' s, the pground is so cold at this point pthat even though it is reading pthat at six feet, where a lot of pthe gauges are reporting from, pyou get closer to the ground or peven a slightly elevated surface plike your porch or back pdeck, you can have a situation pwhere things could be slick panyway with temperatures around p38, 39. pthe last of the light snow for pvery far northern areas. ponly to lighten things up a bit, pit is down to a drizzle and poccasional lighter rain showers pin southern areas. pthe heaviest of the rain awaits
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pand it will be arriving as pquickly as 3:00 this afternoon pin some southern areas. pyou will notice it is not a huge pwall of water but these pockets pof rain, which will have locally pheavy downpours. pmaybe overnight, a couple of prumbles of thunder with poccasional gusts over 30, 40 pmiles an hour. ptemperatures continue to warm pup. pthe sheltered valleys and pcentral new hampshire, not much pof a wind to warm up your date pof the case from laconia, pfranklin, bristol up through lymouth. pabove the freezing mark, which pagain helps, but it does not ptell the complete tale. pnortheast eventually later ptonight come out of the south. pto show you futurecast along pwith the temperatures, you can psee the pockets of heavier prainfall making their way to the parea. pwhile it was a slick morning pcommute, it will be a tricky pevening commute for a different preason -- heavier rainfall, plower visibility at times, ptemperatures start to edge pupward. pby later on this evening,
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p40' s, and yes, maybe even just pabove 50 in manchester around pmidnight tonight. pmore pockets of rain through pearly tomorrow morning, i think ast 7:00, 9:00, rain is to our peast, and temperatures warm up pwith maybe one or two breaks of psunshine. pwe are anywhere from the upper p40' s to mid 50' s tomorrow pafternoon with that southwest pwent. pyou will notice any scattered prain showers left over later ptomorrow evening going over as psnow showers as this starts to pwind down here to cooler air pcomes back in. pthat might be around starting of pthe weekend. pit will come with fair skies. s later on pthis evening as the southerly pwind kicks in. pthat is when the heaviest rain pwill be around from the evening pmorning. pmilder tomorrow afternoon before pthe cooler air arrives. s to mid-30' s for highs pstarting friday. pthat will continue before panother warm-up begins gradually pover the weekend. plet' s head to get owner -- let'
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pamy: you know when do is hear re pdelicious. pthat' s what we talk about. pyou know i have got celiac pdisease. pthis way. pthis is truly evil, but that is pwhat you miss with celiac pdisease. pyou miss good, baked goods. pevery day. pi have done it better in advance pbecause it will not work with pthe mixing going on, so really p-- and it is the same for wheat pflour -- it was the and whites pwith sugar, just like a pmeringue, and it was the egg pyolks mixed with powdered sugar, pwhisked until creamy. pi use king arthur gluten-free pflour. pyou have to check the w peight, but i think it would be pthe 40 ordinary king arthur pwheat flour. pfulton together gently, and you pcan see it is a really fluffy
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ut in the cupcake pan, 375 o pven, 8 to 12 minutes depending pon the oven and whether you put pin a lot. pthese are very rich and pdelicate. pamy: they feel very delicate. poonagh: when it comes out of the poven, because i was doing this pfor st. patrick' s, it is coffee psyrup with some sugar, and i put pcarolyn ine' s irish cream in. pbailey' s says to ask your pdoctor. pcaroline' s says it. pit is incredibly strong and pharrison, just to warn you. pthe topping is cream, and then pthe mars capone -- marscipone pwhipped in, cocoa on top.
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pi keep saying gluten-free israel pflue-cured i will do the cooking pgirls, the couples because it is preal food. pamy: just slightly modified. poonagh: only really baking. pi want to go back to this pbatter. pare you doing room temperature? p-- pamy: are you doing room ptemperature? poonagh: yes. pyou do not do a rainy day or psnowy day because of the pmoisture in the kitchen. pit has got to be totally clean pbowl, so do not do it in a lastic bowl because the grease pwill stick in the egg whites. pyou' ve got to do the real stuff. pand this real stuff is naturally pgluten-free. pthis is one of my recipes for pwhat was the national foundation pfor celiac awareness for march. pit is online. pit is delicious, and it is easy. pwouldn' t you like to service to
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pkevin: rain and freezing rain pwill be picking up. pthat rainfall will be heavy at ptimes latest afternoon for the pevening commute, and then again ptonight before wrapping up early ptomorrow morning. pa warm day. pamy: that is kind of nice. pkevin: at least for february i pguess. pamy: thanks, kevin. pstarting tonight at 5:00, a ptough government report on the psecurity of its own healthcare psystem. pwhat you need to know about your ersonal information. pand the envelope goes to -- pwe take you behind the scenes of pthe extraordinary security for pthis weekend' s oscar ballots. ponly two people in the whole pworld know who the winners will
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>> hey, everybody. with the oscars just around the corner, all this week, we' re playing our game with some of the most rabid movie buffs in the country. can they turn their film fanaticism into piles of cold, hard cash? we' re about to find out. it' s movie week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for more movie week? [cheers and applause] it' s been a lot of fun, and we' re gonna continue today. our first contestant used to skip school to go to the movie let' s see if that alternative today. from denver, colorado, please welcome tim davids. [cheers and applause] hey, tim. >> how you doing?


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