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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@buildup off of the roadways that @could lead to scattered power @outages. @the 12-hour loop showing at the @beginning some snow, then a @changeover to sleet and freezing @rain and now mostly rain. @but because of pockets of @freezing rain, winter weather @advisories remain in effect. @temperatures for the most part @just before freezing, but in and @around the lake sunapee zone, @parts of the lakes region in @through the mount washington @valley, notice little dashes of @pink there on the radar scopes, @that indicates more ice buildup, @especially in the wires and @trees. @so again scattered outages not @out of the question. @to our south and west big @changes, thunderstorms, heavier @rain, and spring-like @temperatures all going to be @moving in just over the next 12 @to 15 hours. @how warm does it get by morning, @we'll look at that straight @ahead. @jennifer: the department of @transportation is keeping a @close eye on those roads @tonight. @a live look now at i-93 where @roads are wet but traffic is @moving spootly.
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@hooksett with how this mild @winter is saving the state some @cash. @reporter: take a look at all of @the salt they have here at the @d.o.t. shed in hooksett. @they are a long way from @scraping the bottom of the @barrel here. @in fact salt could be where some @of the current surplus ends up @going. @so far this winter season the @stay has plowed through @24.5 million of its snow budget. @at the same time lastier they @had already spent 36.5 million. @right now things are on track @for a surplus coming out of the @cold weather months and that's @something the state hasn't had @in that particular line item @since 2012. @p>> we certainly haven't had the @luxury of surpluses in recent @years, but that's something we'd @have to take a look at. @we have an aging fleet and @that's one area we've already @been talking about. @reporter: in addition to much @needed repairs the state also @spent some of the possible @surplus on buying salt in the
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@than buying it in the fall. @but the state does tell us not @so fast, there is potentially a @lot. @plowing that can still be done @in march, april and yes may. @tom: a somersworth man behind @bars facing charges related to a @hole invasion in hudson. @police found several items in @matthew felton's backpack when @he was arrested including duct @tape and a knife. @andy hershberger was in court @when he was arraigned and joins @reporter: prosecutors say the @target of the break-in appears @to be the suspects father, but @police say a motive is still @under investigation. @36-year-old matthew felton faces @charges of burglary and criminal @threatening after authorities @say he broke into his estranged @father's home tuesday in hudson. @police say james felton was home @with his wife when his son came @in through the rear.
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@mask and carrying a firearm. @p>> they're inside the house, the @female encountered a male inside @the house, wearing a mask and @the male had pointed a silver @firearm at her head or at her @face. @reporter: police say the man and @woman were able to run to @safety. @the swat team was called and the @house was surrounded for about @two hours, they found felton @hiding in a bedroom closet. @p>> they took custody of the @defendant and they also found @his personal belongings a @backpack containing duct tape, @ropes, zip ties, electrical tape @and a knife. @reporter: there were in yurs and @police say the firearm used @turned out to be a spell it gun. @police later interviewed felton. @p>> he also mentioned to @detectives that his intent of @breaking in was to tie up his @father, james, to make him @listen to him. @reporter: felton is being held @on $100,000 cash only bail.
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@ride sharing services are how in @the spotlight after the arrest @of an uber driver following a @michigan. @state and local lawmakers are @considering new rules for the @service. @but as heather hamel reports @now, uber feels that its service @is already a safer approach. @reporter: uber points to @background checks and @technology. @they are agreeable to screening @but say since many of the new @hampshire drivers only work @about 0 hours a week, the entry @process shouldn't be too @stringent. @since arriving in manchester @about a year and a half ago, @uber's ride sharing service now @has about 500 drivers in new @hampshire. @p>> there's no anonymity, you're @not hailing a car late at night. @you know who the driver is @through their license plate, the @driver knows who the rider is, @the entire ride is tracked by @g.p.s. @reporter: although driver jason @dalton has been linked to a @deadly shooting spree in @michigan, he stand by their
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@p>> like so many of these @instances we see around the @country in terms of this heinous @gun violence, it's a deranged @individual and you cannot @predict future behavioral. @p>> you can get get a 100% secure @safe ride. @however i believe the city @should do their due diligence. @reporter:ed aer man long would @like drug and alcohol testing @for drivers, it's included in an @ordinance that the city is @working on. @while he passed the background @check, he says it wasn't clear @what it covered. @p>> i understand they're saying @that they're doing their due @diligence on background checks, @but i'm not 100% confident that @that is happening. @reporter: a bill pending in the @house would include local and @national back brownld checks and @registered sex offenders would @be denied. @but long says cities and towns @should have input too, much like @they do for taxis. @p>> the business model is go into
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@get our own drivers and @everybody lives happily ever @after. @unfortunately that's not where @manchester is coming from. @reporter: manchester's ordinance @still has two committees to go @through and then should be ready @by april. @but if the state law passes, @then long says it would be moot. @heather hamel, wmur news 9. @jennifer: a warning from derry @police tonight. @lock your car. @officers are investigating a @series of car thefts. @thieves appear to be targeting @cars with loose change, cell @phone chargers, and imvment p.s. @devices. @yesterday alone, 17 cars were @targeted. @derry police are asking @residents to report any @suspicious activity. @are the tonight senator shaheen @is are urging her senate @colleagues to do their duty and @hear president obama's supreme @court nominee. @one seat on the court is now @vacant, following the death of @conservative justice antonin @scalia. @stephanie woods is live with @more. @reporter: on the senate floor @today shaheen had strong words
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@aisle, including fellow new @hampshire senator kelly ayotte @who insists that the next @elected president should @nominate the next justice. @this as sources they that obama @is considering nominating nevada @governor brian sandoval, a @republican, as a concession to @the g.o.p. @but on tuesday senate majority @leader mcconnell said the 54 @republican senators will not @hold confirmation hearings or @vote on obama's pick regardless @of whom that may be. @shaheen today argued that @article 2 of the constitution @spells it out. @p>> every senator here has sworn @to support and defend the @constitution, full stop, that's @the oath that we have taken. @and our oath doesn't say uphold @the constitution most of the @time, or only when it's not a @presidential election year, or @only when it's convenient for @us, or only when we like the @ideology that's being presented
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@reporter: in response, ayotte's @spokeswoman says senator ayotte @believes the people of new @hampshire deserve an opportunity @to weigh in on the next supreme @court nominee, and that the @confirmation process should wait @until after the american people @have spoken in the presidential @election. @as for nevada governor sandoval, @he says he hasn't been contacted @about any potential nomination. @tom: a manchester restaurant is @closed after a pipe burst, @forcing people to evacuate. @new tonight, how other local @restaurants are helping the wait @staff while they're out of work. @p>> i'm not breaking even, i'm @losing money. @jennifer: local fishermen say a @new fee could mean the end of @ground fishing, an industry that @has already taken a big hit. @ @hayley: i'm hayley lapoint for @weather wednesday i'm live in @soggy meredith previewing the @big ice fishing derby that's @going on up here over the @weekend. @what officials are saying about
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@this rain and warm weather. @jamie: and the red sox owner
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@ @josh: several local restaurants @are pulling together to help the @staff of mit's bistro because @they've been out of business @since a pipe burst. @the owner is holding a drawing @for would baskets with the @proceeds going to two employees. @the pee stro hopes to reopen -- @the bistro hopes to reopen but @march 7. @tonight new hampshire fishermen @vowing to fight a looming cost @shift they believe could mean @the end of ground fishing. @tom: the industry is heavily
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@2000 the quotas have reduced the @number of ground fishermen in @new hampshire from about 100 to @just about 9 people and as of @march 1, the national marine @fisheries service is making them @pick up the $600 tab for a sea @machine for. @p>> as i like to tell people, @imagine that when you go to work @this the morning you had to pay @$600 for your own private state @trooper to ride along with you @on 95 to make sure you don't go @66 miles per hour, and that's @essentially when all this is. @tom: a judge recently denied a @request to stop the action, but @a motion has been filed in @response. @meantime new hampshire's @governor and the delegation @continue to fight on behalf of @our fishermen. @wet and soggy out there tonight. @mike: in parts of the state @right now just cold enough for a @little icing to continue. @we're talking about big changes
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@ @jennifer: warm temperatures @originally postponed the rotary @ice fishing derby, but @organizers say it us a go for @this weekend. @tom: that's where we find @meteorologist hayley lapoint for @this week's weather wednesday. @haley, how are they preparing @for the big derby up there? @hayley: good evening, they're
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@tonight, because it is @absolutely pouring. @but we're outside, they have @actually got the rack set up @behind me ready for the boards, @friday. @i'm joined by ted, he's from the @rotary club here in meredith. @and can you tell us a little @about the preparation and what's @been going in to prepare the @ice. @p>> we hope the ice will be here @safe. @but we start preparing really as @soon as the derby is over we @start preparing for next year. @there's a lot to be done between @closing out the current derby @and getting ready for next year. @hayley: what are you hoping for @this year? @p>> this year we just hope for a @good turnout, they hope that @everybody is cautious, know @their surroundings and take care @of themselves. @hayley: we want to show you a @few tips for when you're going @out on the ice, because of how @mild it will be tomorrow and @certainly with this rain on top @you want to definitely pay
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@they say that about 6 inches of @ice is the best amount for at @least foot traffic. @you need more than that for say @an ice shack or to bring any @type of vehicle like a @snowmobile out there. @and they also say if you do @happen to fall into the ice not @to panic, of course, to go over @to where the ice is still solid @and give it a big bear hug and @then try to use your legs to @kick you out. @those are the tips that they're @providing tonight. @thank you, ted, for your time @and we wish you luck for the big @ice derby this weekend. @live in meredith. @mike: all right, get dry. @it's amazing to see the rain out @there. @unfortunately in some cases it's @actually freezing on contact, so @buildup. @none at the coast today, we did @see light snow and sleet in the @rain. @now we have some fog and the @rain falling at various @intensities, varying @intensities, i should say.
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@pink popping up around the mount @washington valley, great north @woods, parts of the lakes region @and the newport area, those @areas have seen at least a @quarter inch of ice. @so with more rain building @through over the next few hours @before temperatures jump @overnight, we could see @additional ice buildup and @scattered power outages. @just be aware of that. @steady rain lifting into the @lakes region as we just saw from @that live shot, but it is @tapering off a little bit in @parts of southern new hampshire. @but to our south and west the @scattered showers that are @picking up at times really give @way to heavier downpours through @portions of the mid atlantic @region. @this line, even though it will @weaken just a built later on @tonight and during the overnight @as it swings on through, that @will be moving through during @the overnight stretch with gusty @win and a big temperature climb @during the overnight. @so heavy band of rain lifting to @the north in the next few hours, @a little break.
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@through midnight, then scattered @downpours and thunderstorms @cannot be ruled out anywhere in @the state during the overnight @stretch. @but it's all out of here by @early morning and the winds turn @around to the south and @southwest. @by later in the afternoon they @turn around to the west @beginning to cool us down, @scattered showers in the @afternoon. @and then believe it or not it @cools down quickly tomorrow @night for snow showers in parts @of northern and western new @hampshire. @in terms of rain tallies, @anywhere from an inch to inch @and a half statewide and @unfortunately that means some @ice buildup again in parts of @hampshire. @so watch out for possibility of @scattered outages. @notice temperatures, not going @to fall tonight, they're @up. @how warm does it get? @we're heading for the 40's and @lower, even mid 50's during the @overnight stretch. @you wake up to spring-like @weather across new hampshire and @then tomorrow it cools late in @the day. @rain showers scattered about in @the afternoon especially western
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@northern, then snow showers take @over tomorrow night, early @friday as it cools down and then @we're dry for most of the @weekend in southern and central @new hampshire. @a few flurries up north late @saturday interest early sunday. @monday not that bad, relatively @mild, couple snow or mixed @showers far north. @tonight. @jamie: bruins and monarchs both @play tonight, we're going to red @sox camp and dartmouth big green @will check in on their hockey
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@ @jamie: in case you missed it @last night, a great finish to an @incredible game. @the snhu penn men, came down to @the end of double joseph time. @the penn men win 70-68 in two @overtimes. @snhu will host aic on friday @night. @st. a's will host st. rose on @sunday afternoon. @penguins and browns on the ice @tonight in boston. @a win has extra value tonight. @the b's won't have to deal with @star pittsburgh center malkin @who is out with with an injury. @monarchs skate against the
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@game time 7:00. @and now we head to south florida @for the first official full @squad workout by the boston red @sox. @the team is together now and @will stay that way until the @last day of the season. @john henry was there as well and @talked about his wanting the @team to win the a.l. east @division in year and the key to @getting that done. @p>> the team has got to go out @and play and produce, and it's @very important to get off to a @good start because we have one @goal and that is to win the @division. @and that's not an easy thing to @do, especially if you, what is @it, like 16 of the first 19 @games against the american @league east, can't afford to get @into a hole at the beginning of @the season. @p>> dartmouth hockey practice, @they have two road games left to @finish their regular season and @they have a lot to play for.
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@st. lawrence in fourth place. @the top four teams get a buy in @the fours round and dartmouth @plays at st. lawrence friday and @clarkson saturday. @p>> it's a great time for us, @it's a fun time to be playing @hockey with meaningful games @coming up, and that's what we @like this time of year. @now it's just a chance to go up @and play the best hockey we can. @p>> final weeks always the best @week even after playoffs, gives @the guys a chance to build @momentum going in. @p>> tonight at 11:00 we'll have @highlight as u.n.h. plays at @vermont in men's basketball, two @games to go in the regular @season, they're heating up at @the right time, nine wins in @their last eleven games. @they will host a conference @tournament game one week from @tonight no matter how these last @two games go. @tom: thank you. @right now on, social @media play is a big role in @every day life. @find out the 10 ways facebook @has changed how we take.
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@country's oldest quadruplets,
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p breaking news tonight. pwe're on the scene of a deadly ptornado outbreak. pseveral states, homes destroyed. pa dangerous night ahead from psouth carolina all the way up pthrough new york. p also breaking tonight, the prace for president, and donald ptrump, now marching to super ptuesday. phis landslide win in nevada. pand the major republican now redicting a trump surprise. p the abc news exclusive ptonight. pmy one-on-one interview with papple's ceo, tim cook. pfor the first time, cook on why papple is refusing to help the pfbi break into the iphone used pby the san bernardino killer. p new details tonight on the ilot in that deadly chopper pcrash. pwhat he was trying to do. p and the famous sports


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